Rangers re-sign Dan Girardi (Updated)


Amidst a four-goal first period, the Rangers announced they signed Dan Girardi to a two-year contract extension.

Girardi, who would have been a restricted free agent this summer, will make $1.5 million in 2008-09, and $1.6 million the year after that. He made just $550,000 this season.

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  1. It makes me so happy to see the Rangers playing this well, with an obvious passion in their game(something we haven’t seen that much of) to bring it to 4-0 lead. I can only pray that the gang can keep it consistent and play this way for the remainder of the season!


  2. great. but what is absolutely disgusting is that the star of this game so far has been Dubi, but all we hear from MSG the whole period is jagr, jagr jagr. that is all they talk about.

    it is pathetically unfair to the other players. never will it be said at MSG that “the shill is gone”

  3. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Fantastic. I am hoping this is one of those long tern cap friendly deals. 7 years, 2 million per type of thing.

  4. So in between periods Fischler shows the hi-lites of the goals then says “after these messages Sam and? Joe are coming back with the hi-lites”


  5. That’s a pretty good deal for Girardi. To steal a phrase from _Mike and the Mad Dog_, bad job outta Campbell and Spacek to have -4 that period.

  6. Wow, I dropped Avery in a fantasy league because my RWs were better, but I have 5 RWs for two spots a night, and I traded Avery in another league along with Semin for Gomez and Byfuglien. Anyway, Avery is really showing me!

  7. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Ahh well. Still pretty cap friendly. It does mean that in 2 years both Griardi and Staal will be up for new deals.

  8. Miller let in 2 soft goals, can’t have that for your team to win.

    Henrik still looks like he’s fighting the puck

    Game could easily have been 7-1 or 8-1, Thiebeult (sp) keeps this from being a complete blow out.

    The dreaded west coast team tomorrow. Ozolinsh will be back at the Garden.

  9. Ok,
    Jersey with Nacho Cheese Dorito stain now 4-0-1; tempted to smear Cool Ranch on opposite sleeve.

    Rangers winning is only thing that makes watching a game with Micheletti doing commentary watchable. Sam is great, that guy has to go.

    Hey! Finally watched a game with no stupid referee calls..anyone see Klee get his face sliced last night against Devs…with Ref watching from 8 ft away and there was no call??

  10. They went to the net had had many quality shots. Keep that up and they have a better chance of winning than the defensive style they played earlier in the season. They got the forwards with speed and all three centers, unlike Nylander in the past, go to the net. Also puts less pressure on your goaltender and defense. Hope they keep this style of play going.

  11. GO RANGERS!!!

    Need to beat a western team tomorrow. We REALLY need to break that winless streak.

    Hank in tomorrow?

  12. Saw that swat to the face by White, Kaspar, that was nasty, if that were us we would have gotten 10 penalites.

  13. Rust what rust? The Rangers need to petition the league for more 5 day breaks.The team buzzed the Sabres net from the drop of the puck. The top three lines were fantastic and the 4th line created good energy. The Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr line looked like a dominant top line. Avery used his terrific speed , Dubi used his speed and creativity and Jagr played a dominant power forward type game. Dubinsky just gets better and better. The line got down low won every battle in the corners an in front of the next. Dubi is just a revelation bulling his way to the net making Campbell look like an Echl dman. Avery and Dubi created room for Jagr who took advantage of it. Yes it’s one game but they showed an inate feel for each other and had the puck in the offensive zone nearly every shift. Lundqvist looked really sharp. When it was only 1-0 he made some big saved and he was terrific in the third when the Rangers were abit sloppy. Ryan Callahan continues to impress since returning. He looked real good on the pk diving all over the place and really set up his own goal with a good forecheck. The way Cally and Dawes are playing does make Prucha a bit expendable (maybe traded for a puck moving or stay at home dman?) Straka looked like he had more jump than he has lately. I think Drury has good chemistry with Straka and Cally. Can Shanny ever shot huh? Good game by Malik imo he not only was sharp in his own zone but he seemed to have settled down the skittish Rozsival. The pp wasn’t as stagnant as it usually is but they need production out of it. They got some shots but the level of intenstity and momentum didn’t translate to the pp. It was still too many overpassing or bad passes. Campbell imo is no way worth 5 million a year and he showed why today. Avery’s skill sets are really somewhat a surprise I’m shocked how good of a skater he is. He imo is a perfect component to Jagr. It is too bad Jagr didn’t score because he deserved too. Lately it seemed like the Rangers were getting the worse of the goalie matchups not today. We’ve seen way too much the Rangers follow up a game like this with a clunker. SJ has struggled lately but they are a big gritty team that create alot of things down low. Nabokov imo should be the favorite for the Vezina. He has been terrific. If the Ranger bring the same kind of effort and straighten out the pp they could be in good shape.

  14. Couple offensive lessons from that first period:

    -Rangers need to come at the opposing net head-on, not from behind or the corners.
    -Gotta hit the net. In the opening minutes of the 2nd they had more chances, shots were sent wide, no goals.

    Anyone know why NHL Center Ice doesn’t have a listing for the San Jose game, at least out here in LA?

  15. Nice games by Girardi and Tyutin too. Kudos to however scouted Dubinsky. Whatta player he is already and will be.

  16. Chris F

    San Jose game is an NBC game…I have online center-ice package and those games are blacked out….

  17. Sorry Chris F
    game was originally going to be an NBC game but they switched to another game ( Flexible schedule) so center ice may not have updated their schedule…I hope they do

  18. Kaspar

    Sam is THE WORST Ranger Broadcaster
    he is horrible, Joe aint much better, but at least calls the game instead of talking about where he went to dinner last week.

    Great game Rangers, no faults at all!

  19. Bring back Lohan on

    Was at the game, snoozer after the first period but not complaining. Should bode well for tomorrow’s game since not much energy expended. 3 hot chicks behind my buddy and I made for a better overall experience!!!! Id still challenge that it was not any colder in the 40s 50s and 60s. Thats just a myth your parents liked to tell you. By the way was with a buddy who knows nothing about hockey at all. He took one look at Malik and said who is that oaf. See its not just us guys….

  20. Kaspar,

    Thanks. Does that mean the game may simply fall through the Center Ice cracks? What BS.

  21. Wow! What a difference it makes when all 3 scoring lines are set up to funnel to the net! Leave that “1-4 clear it out” style somewhere in Jersey. Brandon Dubinsky will not be denied. He is the brightest young star the Rangers have seen in 18 years ! Even when we lose, Dubinsky just plays and plays the same way every night. What I mean is , Dubinsky drives the through defenders or around them right for the goal all the time. And how about his passes! A thing of beauty. Dubinsky will only get better.

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