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I’m rushing out the door, but first:

<li>Henrik Lundqvist will start again tomorrow.

<li>Jaromir Jagr, tongue-in-cheek, on Sean Avery’s opening goal: “That wasn’t the plan. The plan was to pass to me.”

<li>Avery had two goals but declined to speak to the media, continuing his odd behavior of late. He was sharp enough, however, to throw his Second Star puck to two attractive women in the crowd.

I half-expected to see his phone number on the puck as well, but it was just an autograph.

<li>Strange bedfellows, Feb. 16 edition (teams you should be rooting for):

Toronto over Boston; Tampa Bay over Washington; Ottawa over New Jersey.

Philly-Montreal is a wash, and so is Islanders-Atlanta.

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  1. repost

    February 16th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    I am never one to believe in any of Eklund’s rumors, but I will admit that I do visit the site. I just went there now, and this is hilarious. You must check it out. I am pretty sure you will all get a kick out of it. It isn’t a rumor, it is a funny recap of today’s game.


  2. I’ll take Philly and Atlanta since we have more games against Philly and Atlanta doesn’t really seem like a threat to me. The Phi-Mon game, it doesn’t really matter, I guess. A Philly win is better for us long-term if we want to get into fourth, if we don’t win the division.

  3. My feeling is that the Rangers are capable of winning the division, so basically I root against the Atlantic, so I hope the Habs beat Philly. Philly can’t lose enough for me. As for the Isles, I feel as though they’re far enough behind that the Rangers should be able to bury them themselves, and Atlanta could try to sneak in as a second Southwest team down the road. That one truly is a toss-up.

  4. According to the Hockey Rodent-

    I can’t reveal specifically what I’m hearing on the trade front. But this much I will say: Nobody on NYR’s roster is safe except Henrik Lundqvist. Previously-unthinkable stuff is no longer unthinkable. Glen is listening to any and every pitch which doesn’t include Henke. And if Ken Holland would accept Stan Fischler’s bloated contract as part of the deal…

    -I guess we will have to wait and see folks. My question is this. Say, just say we play as dominant as we did today up until the trade deadline. Who then do you want to move? Just curious.

  5. If you didn’t check out the link I first posted on this new post you are really missing out. I will almost guarantee you will laugh out loud. The picture is hilarious and it involves the Karate Kid. If that doesn’t get your attention I just don’t know what this world is coming to. Ha.

  6. Sam,

    Any word if Avery is talking contract with Sather? It definitely seems odd that he isn’t talking to the media around the same time fellow RFAs are getting locked up. Possible there’s still lingering resentment on both sides from the summer arbitration that could affect things come trade deadline time? I’d hate to be the one to start rumors, but all in all, just seems weird. Or it could just be, to paraphrase what they say in Boston, “Avery being Avery.”

  7. I don’t know if Rodent suddenly thinks he is Eklund or what. But I have to believe that Sather is not going to do anything. Trades are so difficult nowadays. Just look back at Malik, when Sather tried to trade him. Sather wanted a top 4 d-man in return? That doesn’t sound like a guy that wants to really trade anyone. No matter who they trade or trade for, the Rangers aren’t gonna win a cup. I think they will target UFA’s And Hossa, Boyle, Shultz, SUNDIN, etc. all come for nothing but $$$$ in July.

  8. . . . .my next question to Rodent would be:

    Do you really think that ANYONE in the Ranger organization is untradeable? Is that supposed to be surprising?

  9. Just ‘cus Sather is listening doesn’t mean he’ll do anything.

    I would think that he’d be interested in just “hearing” what others are offering… if something really makes sense then he might pull the trigger. Otherwise I think he’s stayin’ pat.

  10. The only player that could net an interesting return would be Jagr. . . . . and possibly Dubinsky.

  11. I would hope Staal, Dubi, and even Gomez would fit in the “untradeable” category. Not that they couldn’t be traded… obviously… just that he wouldn’t.

  12. Wow, the Flyers are the only Atlantic team losing tonight; Devils and Isles are both up 3-0. I’m surprised at both of those scores. (Pittsburgh not playing)

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