It hit me a few minutes ago that I wrote that Dan Girardi is making “just” $550,000 this season. If you’d like to donate a warm coat or hot meal, let me know.

Obviously, what I meant is what Girardi makes now is only a fraction of the $1.5 million he’ll make next year.


Meanwhile, a quick thought on Sean Avery. I’m not sure what’s going on there, although judging by Glen Sather’s comments a few days ago in the Post, the left wing has been down on his game and perhaps worried about his looming free agency.

Naturally, it’s never good for business when an athlete declines to speak to the media, but I will give Avery a little credit. If he didn’t want to talk after a nightmarish game in a loss to L.A., he at least didn’t bust out of his shell as soon as he pumped in a couple of goals today.

Like I said, not that I condone it. But at least he’s being consistent.

Now, back to the TV. “Miracle” is on…

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    I have a DVD of Miracle and have watched it at least 20 times and still don’t grow tired of it.

    I hope Giradi can make it on his meager salary. Seriously, I think he deserves it. He’s doing quite well for an un-drafted player.

  2. Thank goodness they didn’t call that a goal in the Flyers game becuase it likely would have gone into overtime. Apparantly the Flyers got a non-goal earlier in the game, too. On this later one, it definitely had to cross the line, but Price was probably pushed in, as the announcers said,

  3. Haha, I’m watching Miracle for the billionth time as well — if billionth is even a word. It truly does not get old. It’s sad that I can practically recite the entire movie!

    Wow, I’m so curious of how tomorrow’s game is going to go. Will the Rangers keep up the good work from tonights game into tomorrow’s? Will the Rangers lose yet another game to a Western Conference team? How many boos will Ozolinsh get? Will Strudwick ever shave his moustache? …okay I’m getting carried away, but seriously, I’m excited to go to tomorrow’s game to see how it all pans out.

    Anyone else catch replay of 1996 World Cup Finals On NHL Network (USA/Canada)..Richter played on his head that final game. I remember that like it was yesterday.

  5. According to Spectors website, Avery is in talks with the Rangers over an extension, I hope that gets done soon.

  6. I don’t think #3 million is really worth it for Avery, seeing how much he has caused extra penalties to himself and how much he has been injured this season. Obviously, I wouldn’t care if there was no cap, but I don’t think he has done anything to raise his value this year. He should only get a little over $2 million.

  7. I would say no more than 3. I like Sean. I think his value is overlooked, Hes an agitator, a catalyst, has plenty of skill and gets the crowd going. If He wanted 3 for 4years, I’d give it to him without a doubt.

  8. I would like to throw out a guess on Avery. As a self proclaimed Avery-fanatic (see my youtube- Abev107), I have noticed some very subtle changes in Avery’s on-ice demeanor. Complimenting Kolzig and less boisterous goal celebrations are just a couple examples. I feel Avery is maturing as a person- he’s trying to clean up his act and trying not to be a complete side show.

    Maybe it’s just temporary. I wouldn’t rule out a partial melt down any time soon. But maybe the contract situation/Malik altercation has given Avery some perspective? It’s definitely not out of the question that someone is actually coaching Avery to be less of a “distraction”.

    Sam, one thing I noticed today very interesting was on ice before the National Anthem, Avery “squared up” to Malik. Not that he had an intention to fight or was in disagreement, but more like he wanted to have Malik’s complete attention while they had a short 20 second conversation. I could guess the conversation could have went in any of 10 different directions, but I wonder if it was Avery reminding Malik that he may not get this chance again (to play) and Avery was trying to support him to make it count.

  9. Yo Sam

    Actually Girardi has a cap number of 750,000 for this season because he also has a bonus of 200,00.

  10. I don’t know man. It’s hard to say Avery is worth $3mil a season. IF I were to pay him $3mil, it’d be another 1 year deal. Any more than 1 yr, and I’d drop it to $2mil/per. IMO. The unpredictablility (?) could end up being the ‘detriment’ that slats is afraid of. And I’m sure some of us are too. We haven’t seen it too much yet, but lock him up long term and give him time to relax, and you just may see it. I don’t think that it’s worth the risk. And that’s a hard thing to say given his on-ice play. But if you factor in the said unpredictibility, and repeated injuries, and I just don’t see a long-term deal being the best move.

    As far as speaking to the media, just like I said back when he bolted after his fight with Malik, it’s probably a good thing. As opposed to hanging around and saying something he may regret.

    I’m going to the game as well today. Hope it’s our only win vs. the west this season.

  11. Bring back Lohan on

    nice one Joe. For some reason I still do have a feeling about this team. Im not sure what it is,but I just see them getting their act together and making a serious run. Man I must have drank the MSG Kool-Aid yesterday while I was there. Cant go to the game today, have plans. Got the TiVo ready to roll so I wont know the outcome til early evening. I didnt love how Lundqvist played yesterday, thought he was real shaky with easy shots. I look for the adj line to have a big game. Get it like an abbreviation for adjective. Yeah I know, pretty lame….

  12. I would lock up Avery for $3 million per season for 4 years, get it done Slats.

    I would lock up Callahan, Staal, Dawes, Rozival, Tyutin, Dubinsky, Orr and Betts.

    Our team would be Drury, Gomez, Henrik, Girardi, Staal, Tyutin, Rozival, Orr, Betts, Dubinsky, Avery, Dawes and Callahan next season. Plus I would add a hitting defensman and goal scoring UFA forward. That’s 15 players.

    Sanguetti, Sauer, Baranka and Pock will fight it out for the two remaining three dman positions. Or sign another UFA if Sanguetti isn’t ready.

    Moore, Byers, Anisemov, Korpikoski, Hossa, Hollwegg, Jessiman, Bouret fight it out for the last three or four spots up front.

    Shanny Quote from today’s Post
    “Any team can win on any given night, but winners win consistently. We haven’t shown that we know how to do that.”

    I love it!

  13. In addition, I’ll go on to say that this team began to play “better”, 8-4-2 in the last month, once Chris Drury got his game together.

    I was all over the guy earlier in the season for his crap play but boy has he turned it up. (knock on wood)

  14. Lohan- Hope your right buddy.

    Beer Me- I dont know i think Avery being signed long term will be a good thing for us. I just dont see him as a detriment IMO. I watch every game with everyone else. I may have missed a few for circumstances out of my control, but I think his passion and his ability to get the crowd going is unmatched in the league. The cap is going to go up, so how much would we really feel the 3M for 4yrs? A bigger mistake would be letting Sean go.

  15. Zipay posted the rangers extended tyutin also… I do not know the details…

    the rangers cap # for next yr. should be fine they are losing; mara, malik,strudwick, probably shanny, maybe jagr and straka, and I assume vally. that must be close to $20 mill yeah they need to replace them I go with Marian Hossa, 1 decent D man, and many young guys form hartford and the minors…

    yes they will have less vet scoring but there young guys; dubi, dawes, cally, prucha, etc will love more responsibility and more minutes….

  16. Ok
    Its time for a list of available UFA’s for after the season. I need Slats to start hearing names…even subliminally…that are better then Hossa of Atlanta.

    Comrade Doodie, you’re good at this..where’s that list you had a few weeks ago? You know, the one you left me off of..

  17. Letting Avery go would be a huge mistake. Anyone who thinks he is a detriment to this team has been watching different games than me for the past year. Avery is a great teammate. He plays in the same vein as Claude Lemieux…the guy you HATE to play against, but love to have on your team.

    The thing that people overlook about Avery is his unbelievable hockey sense. Other than the LA game, he literally makes the right play ALL OF THE TIME. Whether it’s a heady little backpass to spring a breakout, or a perfectly weighted chip up the boards which enables him to fly past a defenseman and start the forecheck, this guy just knows how to play the sport. Add to that above-average skill, good speed and a great shot, and you have one hell of a hockey player who is passionate to boot. $3m for 4 years?! This is out of reason? You’ve gotta be kidding. Lock this man up.

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