Hossa to Hartford


Inactive since Jan. 14 — first as a healthy scratch and then because of a disc problem in his back — Marcel Hossa has accepted a conditioning assignment to Hartford.

The move is voluntary, but since it’s only a conditioning assignment, Hossa does not have to pass through waivers. Inexplicably, Hossa’s plus-7 rating is tops on the Rangers (Nigel Dawes is next at plus-5).

“He’s down to get some games in,” Tom Renney said. “It’s been five weeks (since he’s played), and when we’re scrambling like we are and really pushing, it’s important for him to be playing…so eventually he can step in and help us. Under the circumstances it would be a tall order.”

In other news:

<li>Marc Staal and Petr Prucha are definitely out, and are both day-to-day. Both did, however, skate at the Training Center this morning.

Staal’s absence means Marek Malik will play for the first time since he injured his knee Jan. 31 in Philadelphia. The lanky one mostly likely will skate alongside Michal Rozsival.

<li>A couple of you e-mailed me to ask why Tom Renney doesn’t try Chris Drury back with Jaromir Jagr. The answer can be found in what has already become apparent this year. On the offensive end at least, Drury is less of a playmaker and more of a finisher, and thus needs to be with someone who can deliver him the puck and not the other way around. That’s why Martin Straka and Drury seem to work, and why more puck possession centers like Scott Gomez and yes, even Brandon Dubinsky, seem to mesh better with Jagr.

That at least is the working theory. Give it a couple of days and I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong.

<li>Great story in the New York Times today by Charles McGrath on the “vanishing pastime of pond hockey”:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/17/nyregion/nyregionspecial2/17RPond.html?_r=1&oref=slogin.

This one hits close to home. I grew up learning to skate on what was essentially a frozen over swamp in our backyard, complete with tree roots jutting out from the ice. When I got older, we played on a bigger pond just around the block, and even into high school, we used to sneak onto a pond on a private country club.

As much as I’ve admittedly enjoyed the fact that we haven’t been holed up inside this winter because of the cold, I keep telling my little boy that as soon as the ponds freeze, we’re there. We’re still waiting.

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  1. I myself have a theory and it goes like this, gomez and dubinsky, drury are north and south players while jagr is an east to west player. This is why i think jagr has struggle this year offensively compared to the last two years when he had a fellow center in nylander who played jagr’s style.

  2. Sam,
    speaking of pond hockey. I was living at the time in lindenhurst long island and I was around 10 years old. Across the street was the canal leading out to the great south bay and the canals were frozen solid for months. We played pond hockey all the time. I can actually say that there must be some truth to global warming because my parents used to tell me how they, living in brooklyn, would get snow from thanksgiving to march. Those days are over for sure. If you want pond hockey you will have to re-locate up north.

  3. Bring back Lohan on

    I dont buy any of that crap. The late 90’s through 05 had some of the snowiest winters on record in this area. Im sure they had to walk to school uphill both ways in waist high snow right?

  4. Unfortunately for Rangers no one seems to see that Jagr is now a “set-up” GUY….all last year that was true as well. So this “search” for a guy to set him up seems ludicrous at this point. On PP he circles around looking for a pass..he makes one to (pick one; Rozy, Gomer et al) and what do they do? they look to pass it back to Jagr to set him up for a shot..but then he makes a nice pass and the circle continuessssssssss…

  5. Bring back Lohan,
    the point is that it was colder and snowier for a longer period of time back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

  6. Lotsa outdoor rinks here.. town of 8000 and about 8 outdoor rinks including on the size of a football field on the lake.. All municipality maintained!

    I lived in Peterborough a few years ago and there was a outdoor rink on every street it semed like.

    In both cases you could barely get on them they were so well used.. Guess that’s why we’re #1 :)

  7. Hey Ranger fans…

    game time chatting, if you have a computer while you watch, an judging by how often y’all post here… :^)

    the chat room is in the first post!!

    come by its free just put in name and enter without a password.

    Its all Ranger fans, so it would be just liek being here, only wihtout needing to refresh. Not much fun now cause no one is in the chat room but myself really, when we get a bunch though its awesome… day games are harder sometimes.

  8. I know this is sac-religious but…I watched Isles this week…(slow week ya know) two guys on that team that I absolutely love ( and happen to be UFA’s) are Trent Hunter and Freddy Meyer..or Myer.Hunter I already knew but Freddy!! That kid can hit

  9. Kaspar – I agree, said something to the affect earlier in the week. They need to shoot the puck not fancy pass. It either gets knocked out of the zone or they spend all the time passing it back and forth without even taking a half way decent shot.
    they need to “Shoot the puck” ! how’s it ever gonna get to the back of the net with all their passing?

  10. Kaspar #6 ready to go!!
    Recent record 3W 0L 1OTL (didnt wear it vs Ducks and Kings)
    Has large Nacho Cheese Dorito smear on left arm..do you capitalize “Nacho?”

  11. Sam, do you have time to look into statistics of the Rangers’ performance the game after a major line reshuffling? It seems like they win every time Renney changes the lines up, and like they score a lot of goals in those games too.

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