Gomez takes a slapper off the foot


UPDATE, 3:01 p.m.: Sounds like Stephen Valiquette is a possibility for Sunday. What, Henrik Lundqvist gets paid $41 million and he can’t work back-to-back games? You don’t hear me complaining and I make…well, slightly less than that.

A few quick notes from practice. I was there briefly, but my colleague Brian Heyman was there for the whole thing. He’ll fill me in later on updates:

<li>Scott Gomez took a shot off the left foot and seemed hampered by it for a while. He never left the ice, though, so I’m assuming it’s not serious.

<li>Marc Staal returned to the ice, but it’s doubtful he’ll return tomorrow after already missing two days of practice.

<li>Martin Straka has thankfully replaced Fedor Tyutin on the point on the Gomez-Drury-Dawes power play unit. He’ll be on the back line with Dan Girardi.

More in a bit…

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  1. Well Staal just might still have the flu. Better have him not play and not spread the flu to the rest of the players.

  2. This is the start of the “big playoff push” boys!
    Staal being separated from the rest of the team now will do nothing, he’s been around the team for the last few weeks. He’s probably weak from fighting the flu.

  3. CML – I saw that. I forgot to mention it here this a.m. That was NOT a good display of fighting.

  4. Someone mentioned we are starting to look like TBL and thier “Big 3” and look at thier stats…. exactly. Magic 8-balls says: “Signs point to suck”

    Another poster mentioned $3M for Avery. I think that’s absurd for an easily injured agitator. I like Avery, but after this year I think even $1.9M is a bit high. He brings an certain element to the team, for sure, but let’s not get carried away over this absolute *character*.

    C mentioned he’d rather stop watching than stop using his brain and concede that “the highly paid owners and managers obviously know what they’re doing”. The record books called, and they beg to differ. Good stuff, C.

    Lastly, hockeymanrangers said

    Salty Sorry I am not a english major, just a crazed Ranger fan.

    I was being dead serious! I *absolutley love* “goaly”!

    Lets Go Rangers

  5. Yeah reposting again. Wanna know how much you guys would sign Avery for?

    3M is too much. He’s good, but not that good, but most fans have this thing where they see him as the player that makes us go. I’d say thats true, but he’s been in the lineup for awhile and we haven’t gone anywhere. I won’t go as far to say he does more harm than good like he did in LA and Detroit, but I’d say at most 2.5 mil and if he wants more let him walk.

  6. Question: How can Colton Orr be -14, Hollweg -8, and Betts -4? When would Orr have gotten a minus that the other two wouldn’t? For that matter, when would Hollweg or Betts be on the ice for a plus that Colton wouldn’t have been out there for?

    Must be a hold over from the faild Strudwick, Drury, Orr line.

  7. CML, Ortmeyer didn’t get beat that bad. His stats are pretty poor, though. 4-3-7 in 48 games.

  8. Bring back Lohan on

    Yeah Newman, I mean when I comment I like to think they are edumacated (That is a joke grammar police) comments based on my observations of a given game. If I dont know everything (and I mean everything) going on behind the scenes I just dont comment or I will preface that I dont really know for sure. There is so much we simply do not know. If I made decisions with limited knowledge at work Id lose my client’s money. Now that wouldnt be too good. So for now I will either comment about a game and what occurred or just make fun of others on this blog and/or make others laugh. Let’s go Rangers. ANd seriously, where the eff is Lindsay Lohan?

  9. Bring back Lohan on

    zg, does a player get a plus for a shorthanded goal when on ice? I think they might, not sure. That could explain Betts being a little higher maybe???? But how many SHGs do we have, like 3 or 4?

  10. CML-That was pretty bad, he did handle himself “okay” besides that. You’re right, he never was a fighter but he would do anything asked of him by his coach and needed of him by the rest of his teammates. We could use him and a few more just like him this year.

  11. I bring up the +/- statistics for a reason. It measures the difference between how many goals were scored for and how many were scored against when a player is on the ice at even strength, with the strange addition of awarding a plus for a shorthanded goal for and a minus for a shorthanded goal against.

    What I found most interesting, however, is that a team’s EV goal differential is so much more important to winning than a teams specialty team differential.

    Why would that be?

  12. The fourth line’s plus/minus is off probably because of line changes, the couple of SHG we have and some general line juggling due to penalties or injuries.

  13. Sam’s last line is so telling … Straka will be paired with Dan Girardi … the Rangers point men are sad … they really need a powerplay qb or 2 … Girardi should NOT be on the powerplay as consistently as he is .. he does not excel in keeping the puck in and moving it quickly to the open man … The powerplay is why the Rangers are where they are … and their point-men are the reason.

  14. Anthony M. … The fourth-lines +/- is off because NO ONE CAN SCORE goals on that line … so any goal scored against them adds to the negative side of the ledger for +/-

  15. He has played 1 game in a week and a half, what gives? Brodeur has played 70 games a season for 15 years. Henrik is soft and this money will not motivate him.

  16. It’s comments like this about Ortmeyer that make me really wonder what the heck people on this blog are thinking:

    “..he never was a fighter but he would do anything asked of him by his coach and needed of him by the rest of his teammates. We could use him and a few more just like him this year.”

    For a second, everyone re-read the last line.


    I am frickin speechless.

    Ortmeyer is a good kid. But he can’t score. He can’t fight. He hits a little bit. He kills penalties a little bit. Big deal! Hossa hits a little bit, kills penalties, can’t fight, and can actually possess the puck and score (more than Ortmeyer). He can barely crack the lineup. I don’t think we need any more Hossa’s and this guy thinks we need more Ortmeyers. Holy S.

    Orr, Hollweg, Betts…those guys do everything the coach asks them. I think HBO does it’s job. That does not mean I think we need a few more players like them.

    Does anyone else out there think we need more Ortmeyers? Because we need more than 1 4th line?

  17. Koffy, I misspoke, make it the top 5 PP goal scorers. Giaradi has 5 pp goals, 1 more than Jagr. Yeah, he gets too much powerplay time.

  18. newman – my thoughts exactly on the orty thing. I read that before, but I’m finding it better to just leave those comments alone and not go down to that level to dispute it.

  19. Newman, I was simply stating that his effort and hard work are missed on this team because guys like Jagr and Malik, etc sure as hell show neither when theyre on the ice lately at all. Not his numbers but his effort. You can’t win on talent alone and this seasons version of Jaromir Jagr is a prime example of that.

  20. Beer Me!…you are probably right. A slow Friday in the office ahead of a 3d wkend and I am watching the clock…..

  21. ESPN’s Scott Burnside has an article on ESPN’s website about potential sellers…for Tampa Bay, he thinks this:

    “The deal we’d make: Dan Boyle to New York Rangers for goaltender Al Montoya, a first-round draft pick and defenseman Dan Girardi. (Hey, we said it’s the deal we’d make, not the one Rangers GM Glen Sather would make).”

    I’d be surprised if one Ranger fan would want to do that deal…It got me nervous though, if an NHL writer could come up with this as a good trade…could Slats?

  22. Jason your point is understood about trying and effort, but results do matter. Look at Hollweg (stupid plays aside). The guy hustles his arse off and works like a dog. But I think if he didn’t have hands of stone we might have won that game against the Caps last weekend. He missed like 2 wide open nets. Ortmeyer is basically Hollweg. The difference might be that Orts plays PK better, Holly hits better. Both work very hard and both have hands of stone. We don’t need another Hollweg and we don’t need Ortmeyer if we have Hollweg.

  23. Newman, I think Orty is a bit more of a team player and smarter than Hollweg but I completely agree with you. It is either one of them, not both.

  24. Remember folks, if you want an established, quality blueliner, you’re going to have to give something up.

    I think what burnside is missing is the fact that TB already has a ‘project goalie’ in Ramo. Why would they want another one?

  25. Hmm, Don’t know much about Ramo…Montoya is NHL ready, or you’d have to assume so anyways…is Ramo?…Boyle is an UFA right? I wouldn’t trade a #1 pick unless we could sign him to a multiyear deal..I wouldn’t be willing to give up Girardi, or any young player we have except Prucha, …so a First Rounder, Montya, and Prucha for Boyle with a 3 year contract at 5 mil a year and I’d sign it

  26. Ramo has already played a handful(or more) of games this year vs. Montoya’s big fat 0 games in the nhl.

  27. Just peeked at the Wolfpack’s stats…and Andrew Hutchinson is 12-30-42 in 47 games with a +14…he’s got NHL experience, I wonder why he doesn’t get a least a look in Manhattan

  28. No way Alex, that is way too much to give up for a small defenseman who has had wrist surgery twice in the past year. A good point man on the powerplay will certainly help the team, but that alone is not what this team is missing. I’d rather get a big stay at home defenseman to pair with Staal and let the kid try the point on the powerplay

  29. New Newman — there is a reason our D have goals on the PP … the defense collapses … they are not intimidated by any of the Rangers pointmen so they collapse … hence the Rangers D score some goals … but the big picture is the Rangers are 19th on the PP … hence the defense will give up the odd goal by the defense but they stop the Rangers forwards …

  30. Boyle scored 20 goals last years, he’s got a booming shot…Stall could learn alot about how to play on the Point from Boyle rather than him learning, and not that quickly, from whoever we throw out there…He’s a veteran, with good offense, he’s 31 so he’s got some years left and I think could do some wonders for our team…right now Stall is our only offensive Defensemen…and while he shows glimpses of what he could do with the puck, he’s not there yet…yeah Rosival has some goals but the reason why any of our D has put in goals is because our forwards couldn’t and they’ve been pressed to produce…

    Girardi-Tyutin… that’s not a bad top 6

  31. Alex those wouldn’t be bad if they didn’t include Rosi ,Mara and Tyutin. Toots has flat lined and Rosi just sucks defensively and Mara he just isn’t very good.

  32. first, to go way back, orts didn’t get his ass kicked. he actually landed a great shot before he fell to the ice. i don’t know what you were watching. second, would people stop talking about boyle being injury prone or two surgeries, etc. a friggin skate fell off and sliced a tendon in his wrist. he’s never been out to any great extent except for that. i think the cost will be too much for us to get him, tho. that proferred trade above is interesting but too much. monty and girardi and i would do it in a heartbeat. sauer could be a better girardi.

    hutchinson? you don’t want him here, trust me. he’ll make you yearn for the days of poti and make malik look like larry robinson.

  33. Dan Boyle is a nice player, but he’s certainly not worth Montoya and a 1st round pick. That’s two first round picks plus Prucha?

    No way Tampa gets Montoya and a first.

  34. BTW, was watching the dish last night and saw Boozalinsh (Ozolinsh) on San Jose. I couldn’t believe the guy was still in the league. They also have Jeremy Roenick on their team, I thought he retired.

  35. Beer Me!

    Just so you know, I was rolling yesterday, absolutely in stiches, regarding your trip to Long Island and getting a gander at the Mossoleum.

    Classic stuff.

  36. If Valiquette plays Sunday I will personally go down behind the bench on Sunday and verbally abuse Renney. Are you f..ing kidding me? Enough already with Valiquette!!!!!
    Henrik hasn’t played in about 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Sam, are you actually serious about Lundqvist maybe not playing Sunday? Why? What gives? Is Renney trying not to make the playoffs? The last thing he should do is put Valiquette in against a goaltender like Nabokov, and against a dominant road team like San Jose to boot. Might as well just hand them the two points and not even play the game. No reason at all Henrik can’t play back-to-back games, the guy hasn’t played in like a week and half? What is he, a little bitch? If you’ve noticed, Valiquettes wins have all come against mediocre goaltenders, namely Toskala & Biron. Look what happened in Vancouver.

    Seriously, I (and a lot of other fans) are gonna be pissed if Henrik doesn’t play both games. Tell him not to be such a pussy and step up to the plate. Least he can do for $40+ million.

  38. Why Valiquette playing Sunday actually makes some sense: Playing Valiquette against a western conference team where the points don’t “matter” as much, lets Henrik focus on the two eastern conference games Saturday (Buffalo) and Tuesday (Montreal)

    Why Valiquette playing Sunday doesn’t make any sense: Lundqvist is well rested after this break, has one less alleged “distraction”, and can handle 3 games in nights, especially with another 2 days off before the next game.

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