Lundqvist deal official


The worst kept secret in hockey is now out in the open. Terms are six years,  $41.25 million. No truth to the rumor team employees also have to bow and say, “Anything you wish, your highness.”

Here’s the release:


New York, February 14, 2008 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has signed goaltender Henrik Lundqvist to a contract extension.

Lundqvist, 25, has appeared in 50 games with the Rangers this season, posting a record of 24-21-5, along with a 2.37 goals against average, a .906 save percentage and seven shutouts. He currently ranks among the league leaders in several goaltending categories including wins (T-6th), goals against average (13th) and shutouts (2nd). He also ranks sixth in the NHL with 2,989:49 of icetime and ranks 11th in the league with 1,144 saves. On January 16 vs. Buffalo, he turned aside 23 shots in a 2-1 win to record his third consecutive 20-win season. In addition, Lundqvist became the first Ranger to post seven shutouts in a season since Ed Giacomin (1970-71) when he shutout Atlanta in a 4-0 win at Madison Square Garden on January 22. He was awarded Second Star honors by the NHL for the week ending November 4, posting a 3-0-0 record, 0.65 goals against average, .976 save percentage and one shutout during the span.

Now in his third NHL season, the two-time Vezina Trophy finalist has appeared in 173 career NHL games, posting a record of 91-55-22, along with a 2.32 goals against average, a .916 save percentage and 14 shutouts. Lundqvist ranks among the league leaders in several goaltending categories since his rookie season in 2005-06, including wins (6th), goals against average (2nd), save percentage (T-5th), and shutouts (T-6th). He has earned 30 or more wins in each of his first two NHL seasons, becoming only the second goalie in franchise history to win 30 games in back-to-back seasons (Ed Giacomin did it four straight years, 1966-67 through 1969-70).

The 6-1, 195-pounder has also appeared in 13 career playoff contests with the Rangers, posting a record of 6-7, along with a 2.58 goals against average, a .905 save percentage and one shutout. He appeared in 10 games during the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs, registering a 6-4 record, a 2.07 goals against average, a .924 save percentage and one shutout. He ranked fifth in post-season goals against average and tied for fifth in save percentage. Lundqvist has also appeared in several international tournaments for Sweden over the course of his career. In 2006, he captured a Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, posting a 5-1 record along with a 2.33 goals against average and a .907 save percentage.

The Are, Sweden native was originally the Rangers seventh round selection, 205th overall, in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft.

Please refer to page two of the attached document for Henrik Lundqvist’s complete amateur and professional record.

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  1. I suppose all that talk about how much he loved New York was only because we are the ones with the largest bank accounts. Outrageously greedy on Henrik’s part. He better pull his head out of his and carry this team to the promised land now.

  2. Good. Now find someone who is a threat to take his job. Seriously.

    And, if that’s Vally, keep playing him.

  3. I put it more on Sather. No doubt Henrick was going to take what he could get, Slats crumbled like a bitch in my opinion. The old Glen Sather could/would have easily worked Henke down to under $6M with how in consistant he’s been here.

    “You’ll get nothing, and like it.”

    Let’s also remember Vezina nominations aren’t Vezina trophies. And I bet my dollars to your donuts he’s not nominated this year.

  4. Let’s also recognize that there is *zero* hometown discount involved here, we might as well have signed him as a UFA at that price. The best part about Henke for me was that we drafted him and that we’d hopefully won the lottery on a cheap priced miracle goalie, so much for that idea.

  5. “In 173 career NHL games, posting a record of 91-55-22, along with a 2.32 goals against average, a .916 save percentage and 14 shutouts.”

    Those are some gawdy numbers…we all wish he worked pro bono so we could sign big name FAs, but he’s earned his contract, he’s pretty damn good…

    Does anyone remember the last time we gave a player WE drafted a big time contract?…

  6. czechthemout!!!!! on

    The King IS a franchise goalie who will one day backstop our team to the stanley cup!That being said,we now have three players and 21Million committed to the payroll,all the more reason to move Jagr to a team like the Sharks and try to get someone like Steve Bernier,Jonathan Cheecho,and a Number one in return.We may need to add someone like Prucha and Malik and ask for Ehrhoff as well.

  7. Sather overpaid for a guy that showed he did not have the team loyalty that Marty Broduer has to the Devils.

  8. I hope the Rangers know what they are doing … since December he has played like a player worth $650k, not 6.5 million

  9. Hank should get a great ovation Saturday afternoon. Shanny will be back in the lineup, let’s hope the boys can string a few together.

  10. did someone up there say you’d rather sign him as a UFA?

    that’s not possible, he’d have been an RFA and would have definitely commanded an offer sheet that would have made all of the pessimists on this blog cry for months about how sather should have signed the king during the season.

    keep bitching, we have a franchise goalie – how many teams can say that? and furthermore, if your dad’s brain almost exploded, i can guarantee your work would have suffered as well.

    long live the king, baby.

  11. It’s a signing that HAD to happen.

    But if over the next two months things don’t imrove and next season he’s inconsitent again…


    I don’t wanna think about that. Forget I said anything.

  12. On an unrelated note, I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now. I find it fascinating that despite the fact the calendar keeps rolling over, the Bios of Sam and Josh still depict the same ages. Are the Rangers an eternal fountain of youth? Insert witty comment here…

  13. I had the unfortunate ‘opportunity’ to drive by the Nassau Moselium(I know it’s spelled wrong, sorry spelling police). What a friggin sh-t hole. I’ve taken bigger dumps than that place. It made me want to throw up. The building, not the dump. The only reason for the trip from nj was business. If I had to look at that place all day I would jump out my f-ckin window.

    only 40hrs to go. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  14. This schedule is frigging crazy, we got these 5 days off, then we play 3 in 4 days then off for 3…WTF?

  15. Gold medal Goaltender ….glad his contract is in place

    now he is Hen -rich..lets he gets back to form quickly.

    Go Henrik !

  16. Salty, seriously…this is worse than no hometown discount – it’s like he made us pay a hometown premium. What kind of bids was Sather expecting to be forced to match?

    I’ll say it again – not a team first move by Lundquist with this contract. He obviously doesn’t want to put together a winner here as much as he says he does.

    He better earn his paycheck or the fans will get on him fast. Expectations are now sky high.

  17. Earned this contract? Hardly.

    What big game has Lundqvist ever stolen? He was terrible against the Devils in 2006 and was badly outplayed by Miller in 2007. He even looked barely average in the gold medal game at the Olympics.

    Awful job by Sather giving this kid such a long, expensive contract when he has only proven himself to be a slightly better-than-average goaltender. And in the day of the salary cap, contracts like this one are killers.

    Let’s see how much Lundqvist loves NYC now when the fans hold him responsible for earning his salary.

  18. Why do people think we NEED to sign Avery. I’d like him back, but its almost a guarantee that hes going to ask for a lot more money than he deserves. Hes probably going to ask for 3 mil when he should be lucky to get 2.5 mil. Its great that he cares so much and can sometimes get the team going with stuff he does, but its not like hes a great talent. If he wants more than 2.5 mil then we let him walk because hes not worth that much.

  19. Badly outplayed by Miller? Are you out of your mind!? He was the SOLE reason we won 2 games in that series and the sole reason we were 7.7 seconds away from taking it back to the Garden up 3-2. Go look on youtube and check out the saves he made against buffalo. He stopped Vanek, Briere, Drury, anyone you name it, henrik deserves this contract and is the best goalie since Richter, jesus christ, the negativity on this board is absolutely just stupid.

  20. He was good in the playoffs last year. He was really good. But I dont see how he deserves this contract still. Its not being negative, its saying he still has a decent amount to prove for him to be the 2nd highest paid goalie in the league (I think its the 2nd). If people don’t see the inconsistency then whatever, but just look at the stats and it proves the point.

  21. He’s now the 3rd highest paid a goalie better than Lundquist…you may agree Luongo and Kiprussof, throw Brodeur in there…but that’s it…I wouldn’t prefer any goalie over him, he’s the 3rd highest paid goalie, and he’s the top 3 or 4 goalie in the leauge…makes sense to me

  22. I love how the armchair accountants pull on their green eye shade and #2 pencil and then take a #2 dump on the franchise goalie.

    yes, he has the best Ranger goalie stats since Eddie Giacomin. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie

    but that is not good enough for the payroll pinchers. he gave them the 2 best seasons in over a decade for low pay, and then now that is totally ignored.

    in the eyes of these scrooge mcPucks, he will never be able to EARN his pay, because one bad game and they will be clamoring for the big Vally to ride in on his white horse.

    but know your place, big Vally, don’t get on your high horse, or the blog GMs will rip you a new one, and I don’t mean a new contract.

  23. I just looked it up and Kipper’s got a GAA of 2.73…not sure what’ sup with that, I was surprised…

  24. Mile Richards = 12 years at nearly $6 million per
    Dion Phaneuf = 6 years at $6 million per

    I don’t know, for a guy who clearly has been and can be, going forward, the best goaltender in the league, and let’s face it, goaltending wins championships, much more than a solid forward or a greta defenseman. I( think it’s exactly where it should be. Ultimately, goaltending is everything in this league. A hot goalie can carry his team to the playoffs and to the Stanley Cup. no other player can make such a huge impact by himself.

    It’s totally worth it.

  25. Andrew, go back and watch the games. The Rangers lost to the Sabres because Miller outplayed Lundqvist. Miller stole a few wins and Lundqvist couldn’t steal any. Overall, the Rangers skaters outplayed the Sabres but Lundqvist couldn’t seal the deal. It’s as simple as that.

  26. Alex, Lundqvist is not the 3rd or 4th best goaltender in the league.

    Try 13th in GAA and tied for 29th in Save%.

  27. I love Henrik and think he’s an excellent goaltender, but to really be a top 3 netminder in the NHL, all aspects of goaltending must be superb.

    Lundqvist for an NHL goalie can’t handle the puck for sh*t, makes bad decisions behind the goal, doesn’t have a great catching glove and is not too strong up high.

    When he’s hot, he manages to get the job done with his great reflexes and acrobatics. But it would be nice to see more consistency out of him as well as an improvement on his puck handling skills.

    Valiquette seems to have that part down atleast-

  28. hahhahaahhaaaaa holy shit, i don’t know what some of have been watching, but saying Lundqvist is the best goalie in the league is about as ignorant as possible.

    just because you really believe in him does not make him “the best”. being the best in a league for a month here or there does *not* make you the best. *being the best goalie the rangers have had in a while means jack shit.* some of you dont think with all of your brain. just because lundqvist is alot better than fuckin dan cloutier or whoever else has come through does not necessarily make him worth $7M/per. blame yourselves when we are scraping the bottom the barrel paying up to these ridiculous contracts. its people like you, that glen sather and jim dolan are trying to appease with moves like this.

    this nightmare just keeps going and going.

  29. To clarify, I’m glad we have him long term, but we’re paying him waaay too much, at this point…if you dont think so…it leads me to believe you just have a crush on him and dont ever want to see him anywhere else no matter how he plays.

  30. salty, just a question…what do you think the market would have dictated his salary at?

    if you say anything less than 6.5 you’re sick in the head. look at what thomas vanek was offered as an RFA last year.

  31. I just want this team to be smart, go in the right direction, and maybe chase a cup for real in a couple of years. I hate feeling like the fans are getting taken for a ride, year after year. The most loyal and forgiving fans are exactly who I feel scumlords like Sather and Dolan aim to take advantage of with their decisions. I know thats a shitty thing to think about…but I believe it.

    I’m sorry that I’m a perpetual downer, asshole, and generally miserable about nearly everything. I’m not saying I’m going to stop anytime soon (it’s probably only gonna get worse baby!), but I am saying that I am sorry.

    Go Rangers, I’m looking forward to Saturday.

    :free hugs:

  32. tim i just saw your post.

    I think Henriq could have taken a lot less, and i think sather buckled on this big time. You could make a *killer* argument against Lundqvist’s ability to be consistent. In fact doing such things is supposed to be *Glen Sather’s specialty*.

  33. i wonder what kind of money would have been offered by needy teams if henrik wasn’t signed. seems to me rival gm’s desperately needing a quality goalie would offer alot more than he got. sather i think payed what the market calls for. the salaries are totally ridiculous but you cant play draft picks. an offer sheet by a team like tampa bay might have been well over 7 million.besides, without a no movement clause as well as a limited no-trade clause he can be dealt if the need arises in the future. we might not like the salaries these days but the players are following the rules the greedy teams have made. look at vanek in buffalo, is he worth that kind of money? lowe changed the game by using ridiculous offer sheets all within the rules.who knows what kind of offer sheet he would offer if henrik remained a restricted free agent.

  34. I think the offer sheet system is helping RFA’s negotiate big money contracts earlier in their career which is good for the younger players but bad if you are a GM, you can’t keep relying on arbitration hearings to keep salaries more manageable.

    At least we have a team making long-term plans and trying to build a team around a nucleus of players. 2 years time we’ll need to lock up Staal to a long-term deal and between now and then will be decisions about Avery, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, Girardi, Tyutin, plus the usual end-of-season speculation about which of our UFA’s will return.

  35. UK, what we are going to see in the coming years is a growing number of franchises that will be unable to keep up with the financial growth of this league. That will either lead to either relocation, contraction, or contraction-expansion.

    Maybe then, Bettman will see that this whole ‘bring hockey to non-hockey markets’ idea was shitty.

  36. andrew – the negativity here will never end. after a while, you’ll figure out how to ignore those posts, responding to them is the worst thing you can do man.

    Looks like Rod the Bod down in carolina is done for the year. That should help drop carolina out of the race, but I guess it just made them more active before the deadline. Hard to replace that kind of experience.

    29hrs to go!

  37. I think people are misinterpreting some of us fans who are expressing disappointment over the amount of Lundquist’s contract. If he had signed this deal before the salary cap was put in place, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But now, a player’s individual pay affects the team’s ability to build/maintain a winner so much more.

    There’s also plenty of us fans who pay for this guy’s salary with our tickets, and who will have to endure more ticket increases to keep the cap going up to allow for these hefty contracts). So we have more of a right than ever to express concern. It’s not like hockey is broadening their revenue base – they’re just mining from the core.

    I’m happy Lundquist is still here, just disappointed over how much we had to give up to keep a guy who says he loves it here and wants to stay here. I cannot stand the Icelanders, but DP followed thru with his words better than Lundquist in my opinion. He at least left the Islanders with plenty of maneuvering power for the long-haul. Lundquist cashed in now, and is still planning on raising the bar in 6 years…

    Anyone who doesn’t even consider that the cap could handcuff us if Sather continues with these long, high-dollar contracts is still thinking in pre-lockout style.

  38. Some of you act like you’re paying his contract. If the salary cap was 1 mil, Dolan will still raise ticket prices. That’s what he does and part of the reason why I got Directv 11 years ago. Hank is our goalie for the next 6 years, I like having the stability. Remember Dunham was our #1 a few years ago. As far as how Lundqvist handles the puck, I could care less as long as he stops it from going in. I would like his decisions, with the puck, to be better. Richter wasn’t a great puck handler either. Anyway, the run has to start tomorrow. Let’s go Rangers!

  39. if you say anything less than 6.5 you’re sick in the head. look at what thomas vanek was offered as an RFA last year.

    Thats because Kevin Lowe is an idiot scum bag of a GM (wasn’t so much as a player) and with one RFA offer nearly ruined the Sabres. That and the Penner offer is why him and Burke hate each other. BTW, if the cap goes up 3 mil every year, then this deal isn’t as bad as it looks right now. However, if it doesn’t go up as much as it has in the past 2 seasons, then this might come back to bite us when we need to re-sign dubi and dawes to longer contracts.

    And Lundqvist overall might be a top-5 goalie when you look at his stats for the whole season, but he’s #1 in one half and #15-20 in the next. I don’t mind streaky goalies, as long as its short streaks.

  40. regardless of who is an idiot scum bag, henrik would have been offered more than 7 million on the RFA market. remember the player still has to sign the offer sheet, and multiple teams can compete for him to do just that.

    frankly we’re lucky that he didn’t sign one in the first two weeks of july last year.

  41. frankly we’re lucky that he didn’t sign one in the first two weeks of july last year.


    (this is yet to be proven)

    Is Montoya a Coyote yet?

  42. All this talk of Hank giving the Rangers some cap room is funny. How many of you guys would take less money from your employer? Go to your boss today and tell them that you want your salary cut in half so they can hire another person. That’s insane. He made the best deal he could have and you can’t fault him for that.

  43. That reminds me of something I was thinking about last night… Sather does kind of have a tough argument there with Hank…. “take less so we can bring in more talent”, Henke did play along with that game for this season and they brought in the obvious 2 ” big guys” and Henkes job has been harder than ever… so that is another way to see things.

    Still, I think ~$6.5M is a lot to be paying Henrik Lundqvist at this point, because of the cap, and also the *fact* that no one really knows what we’re going to get with him. I obviously hope for the best, but stranger things have happened than a rockstar goalie crumbling after few really impressive seasons. Henke just sets off major red flags with me in that respect. Always something up, some excuse, and some pretty soft play.

    We need a serious business back up to play a SOLID 20 games, if not more.

  44. If a team is stupid enough to give Lundqvist a $7MM per offer sheet, Sather should have said goodbye and taken the 5 first round picks. Then take the $6.8MM saved and go sign a good UFA replacement.

  45. If a team is stupid enough to give Lundqvist a $7MM per offer sheet, Sather should have said goodbye and taken the 5 first round picks. Then take the $6.8MM saved and go sign a good UFA replacement.


    See, thats the rational thought in my opinion over headcase Henriq. (“You think you DESERVE that much?? GTFO.”) However, “typical NYR fan” KILLS Sather over that. So ironic how it works, and how that move could have actually brought much closer to a monster team down the road.

    Then again, this team would probably waste the picks.

  46. This team needs to SHOOT THE PUCK !!! all the fancy passing only ends up on the other teams stick! Get down to the net – shoot the damn puck – if it doesn’t go in go for the RE-BOUND !!! Wake up people hockey 101 here.

  47. I love Hank, but he hasnt shown a consistent enough season in order to get that kind of money. Plain and simple.

  48. Salty, you are absolutely correct. Hank already gave the Rangers the discount by only signing for 4+ million this past offseason. Had he not signed and demanded a multi year deal then they wouldn’t have been able to sign Gomez and Drury.

    I think Sather is banking on low salary young players like Dubinsky, Staal, Dawes, Prucha, Callahan, Sauer, Anisimov etc… to play big roles on the team in the next couple of years. These young players will be plugged in and expected to contribute. They are going to have to contribute because there won’t be enough cap room to sign any big name guys.
    I think it’s a model that the Devils have been using for years and it’s obviously been working for them.

  49. The vitriol being thrown Henrik’s way is astounding to me. The guy is a brilliant goaltender, an absolute workhorse, and is classy off the ice. He deserves every dollar of this contract.

  50. The team shoots the puck enough but not efficient shooting. They shoot from bad angles, way out, into traffic etc. They need to drive to the net, get more shots from the paint, not outside. The quality of their shots have been bad, that’s the problem.

  51. lennynyr – have you watched their power plays? they spend 1:45 passing back and forth and 15 sec (hopefully) going for the net – they do not shoot enough

  52. Hossa says his chance of signing in ATL is “very slim”. If it’s not us, he better go out west.

  53. Then again, this team would probably waste the picks.


    Exactly, I don’t have faith in a system that selected Hugh Jessiman in the top half of the first round.

    Let’s all remember the past couple of months, when the horrendous defensive play of Rozsival, Tyutin, and Malik have led to countless 2 on 1’s and breakdowns in the defensive zone.

  54. hockeymanrangers on


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  56. “All this talk of Hank giving the Rangers some cap room is funny. How many of you guys would take less money from your employer? Go to your boss today and tell them that you want your salary cut in half so they can hire another person. That’s insane. He made the best deal he could have and you can’t fault him for that.”

    We don’t play professional hockey. I know its hard for me to say since I’m not in that position, but if I was playing for my favorite team in my new favorite city, I would take a bit of a discount to stay. There are a lot of players that have done it. Brodeur, Alfie, Dipi, and the list goes on.

    I think the way to keep Henke on his A-game is to bring up Monty, see if hes the real deal at the NHL level and have him get 25-30% of the games while Henke gets 70-75%. Not saying it would work, but if Montoya is just bored, then it’ll pay off for both of them.

    “The team shoots the puck enough but not efficient shooting. They shoot from bad angles, way out, into traffic etc. They need to drive to the net, get more shots from the paint, not outside. The quality of their shots have been bad, that’s the problem.”

    I’ve been saying that for the longest, which is why I’m confused that the team didn’t figure that out for the longest time.

  57. Too much money for Lunquist. When you tie up so much money how do you sign needed UFA’s after Jagr, Shanahan & Straka leave. Real risky. Furthermore, last year Lunquist stole many games for us. This year we’ve lost at least (6) games on soft goals due to poor positioning & his inability to clear rebounds. Not the same Lunquist that made our strong finish last year possible. Too much money. Re: Jagr when are we going to dump this lumbering waste of space so that that Gomez, Drury & Dubinsky can realize their true potential.

  58. Welp. Now that it’s all been said in caps, I think we can shut the blog down for good. Nothing more to say really. Thanks be to God that someone finally figured it all out.

    -play like game 7 of cup finals
    -bang hard for 60 minutse until time runs out in the 3rd

    kinda genious really.

    Thanks for the hard work Sam. So long everyone.

  59. hockeymanrangers on

    Jonny D I also have been saying the same thing about them just throwing the puck at the goaly. Yes there are times when you have to do just throw at the goaly but then there are other times when you take that split second to take a quality shot. I said this last year also, it seemd like they were aiming for the goaly’s chest. And then this season I also have said they shoot when they should pass and pass when they should shoot. But that part of it has been better it seems for the last 6 games or so.

  60. *genius

    and yeah, I’d like to see what rockstar Hank would have said to this option when sather layed it out to him real nice

    $5M/per in NYC remianing the “King” of MSG and banging out the finest in NYC on the regular

    $8M/per in EDM, NASH, COLUMBUS, Etc. and being better payed but stuck in some awful city.

    Henke loves the NYC perks, we should have played off that.

  61. I’m glad we have Lundqvist signed but WOW, that’s crazy money. When you total Drury, Gomez and now Lundqvist salary it’s almost like the Lightning with their Big 3 regarding the cap hit and look where they are standings wise.

    One other note to Sather….Don’t make any dumb trades or even think about trading Sanguetti (sp)!!!!”

  62. Both Drury and Gomez average out to 7 mill a year. Henrik had to get somewhere close to that, he’s the most important player on the team. He can’t be making less than either of those guys.

  63. hockeymanrangers on

    Sorry guys and gals I am pumped up just a little bit. Now I just hope they win. I’ll quit now.

  64. I’m with Rob L’s uncouth, but dead-on posting. This comments section is insane. Hank’s signing was never, ever a question nor should it have been and the fact that he would command league-high numbers was obvious and unavoidable.

    Let’s be thankful the Rangers have a goalie who is a possible franchise player and hope management does everything to help him achieve his focus and potential.

    Now, how much do we have to pay for a PP unit that has Power?

  65. This is from Brooksy over at the Post, so take it for whatever you want…

    “The Post has learned that Rob Blake has told the Kings he will not waive his no-trade clause to come to New York or any Eastern Conference team. At the same time, well-paced sources report that Dan Boyle appears far more likely than not to sign a long-term extension with Tampa Bay that would remove him from the rental market.

    The Rangers are keenly interested in Toronto’s Tomas Kaberle, whom The Post has been told would waive his no-trade to come to Broadway. There is, however, no indication the Maple Leafs would move the prime-time defenseman, who comes at a bargain $4.25M per through 2010-11. And even if Cliff Fletcher would trade the 29-year-old Kaberle in order to jump-start the organization’s rebuilding process, the price is likely to be steep-as in Bobby Sanguinetti, plus.

    Toronto is engaged in attempting to get Bryan McCabe, who has three more years at $5.75M on his deal, to waive his no-trade. The Leafs are also looking to deal Pavel Kubina, who carries a price tag of $5M per over the next two seasons. The Rangers are not intrigued. “

  66. Bring back Lohan on

    My biggest question is how do some of you have time to post during the day about the team from a management perspective. I mean obviously you are so smart and educated, so therefore you have a very important job. Does your manager pay you all that money to help solve the Rangers financial issues? If only he knew what you were doing right now, shame on all of you! Obviously I am joking since I am doing the same thing right now, but seriously what the eff do you guys know about running a sports organization? Why dont we let the people in charge of that end do what they think is right and we’ll just worry about our end, which in case some of you guys forgot is to root passionately about our team. LET’S GO RANGERS

  67. This is what happens when we dont have a game in awhile we beat one subject to death. Sam, whats going on in practice? Any Dave Scatchard sightings? lol. Juggling Tom at it again?

  68. It also happens when you favorite team didn’t make the playoffs for eight years. We’re still scared that whole era of Rangers hockey might happen again.

    Just wondering, what would you guys sign Avery for?

  69. Does Avery have any value as a free agent? probably not, he’s burned many a bridge in the league.

    I’d offering him 2 million a year for 3 years.

  70. lohan – I know what you’re sayin, but there’s no point. It’s much easier to come here and skim over ‘those’ posts. Some people are just better at making their opinions sound like just that, opinions.

  71. Why dont we let the people in charge of that end do what they think is right and we’ll just worry about our end, which in case some of you guys forgot is to root passionately about our team. LET’S GO RANGERS


    Attitudes like that are why the morons in charge of MSG, and the Knicks and Rangers still have their jobs. I’ll stop watching long before I turn my brain off like you suggest. Your mileage may vary.

  72. Lohan…Beer Me and I have been on the same page with this issue for a long time. I mean about 3 mos ago we all decided no more “This is the lineup I would put on the ice.” Yet we see it almost every day. Total waste of time if you ask me.

    It’s one thing to say that Hollweg is good or bad for this reason. Prucha needs to do this more. Etcetera. But I laugh when I see guys talking out of their a$$es about what management decisions should be made. It is one thing to say, I think Jagr should be traded. It is another to say that Hank deserved 6.7mm or 6.2mm or 5.8mm. Who the F knows all the reasons (salary cap, comparative goalies, discussions behind closed doors) that these decisions are made? Certainly not the mamalukes on this blog, me included.

    Last year I became email buddies with Dellapina. We still exchange emails now and then. But I learned very fast that not all the things we see on TV, hear on the radio, and read in the papers (or on these blogs…GASP!), are exactly how things are. I cannot remember specifics, but there were times where JDP was like, “Actually, this is how it went down.” Then I was like, “Gee I feel dumb now having not known that and opining the way I did.”

    So I chuckle when guys on this blogs (or kids in some cases) spout off like they are the next Stanley Cup winning GM. Like you said, how does everyone have time?

    I am a good multi-tasker (comes with the job) and can do about 5 things at once. (My wife REALLY loves this when I am at home watching the Blueshirts, bathing one kid, putting the other to bed, making dinner, etc.) But some people on this blog have A LOT of time to spare it seems.

    Also, I like to write on this blog because it allows me to blow off steam when I am nearly ready to kill someone because of the stupidity I see when I watch this team. That being said, I know I am not the next GM after Sather.

    I also get enjoyment out of occasionally stomping on someone for an assinine comment when they are talking out of their rectum.

  73. It doesn’t take an MBA from Harvard to realize that if Lundqvist isn’t the best goaltender in the NHL, he shouldn’t be the highest paid at that position. Especially when he will be only a RESTRICTED free agent this summer.

  74. Lundy will HAVE to earn his contract, for sure. Next year, all we’ll be able to afford is inexperienced and mostly first-year defensemen in front of him. He’ll be working up a sweat for sure. So much for his looooove of New York.

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