Hello ninth place!


Don’t look now, but that late night men’s league team you’ve been playing on could be in contention for a playoff spot in the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

Why not? Everybody else is.

The seven teams between 6th and 13th place are now within eight points of each other.


Meanwhile, the dumb question of the week goes to me, when I asked Brendan Shanahan yesterday, “Where are you physically?”

Shanahan smiled. “Standing right in front of you,” he said. “Emotionally I’m on a beach

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  1. I feel as if the NHL in general this year has been a farce. The officiating, the scheduling (what team gets a week off), and the amount of inconsistency with teams such as the rangers and pretty much every other team as well…Rangers are still in GREAT position with 3 games left against BUF(HUGE), 1 left against BOS (HUGE), and a bunch of wacky divisional play which we have dominated this year!!!

  2. How much you guys thing Henkes contract would be for if he was on fire all season? Scary how much pull we let him have… Sather is seriously not cut out for this job any longer.

  3. Salty, you are discounting everything Hank has done for his entire career over 2 months of bad play. That is unfair.

  4. So are the rangers going to make any moves? It always seems like every year they wait too long…

  5. Doodie,

    You posted this ealry in the AM on the other thread. What were you talking about??

    “February 14th, 2008 at 2:55 am
    I hope that the info posted on TSN is incorrect. That’s terrible news.”

  6. Sure hes cut out for the job….with the peace of mind that HENRIK now has he will step up and play wayyy better….hank is a primmadonna who drives around in his mazzeratti pretty much saying “SHOW ME THE MONEY”…..now that hes go it, hell step up for sure….every athlete knows that when they come to NY all they hear is “CHA-CHING” and 50 cents song ” IM goin straight to the bank with this, hahahahah”……

  7. Richard,
    TSN reported that the deal is worth almost 7 mil a year, that is what Doodie was referring about.

  8. Hmmm,

    Henrik is our own. We drafted him. We didn’t trade for him. The guy took a 1 year deal so we could try and make this year an amazing one. It didn’t work. I think he is only asking for what was probably agreed upon or promised to him when he signed the 1 year deal. I am not going to shit all over him for this. And I really don’t think that it is as big a deal as some are making it out to be. The salary cap increases each year. So in 2-3 years from now this will probably look like a bargain. Calm down. Of anything, Henrik, aside from two months of bad play, has been a huge bright spot for this organization and a HUGE reason for our success.

  9. Salty, you are discounting everything Hank has done for his entire career over 2 months of bad play. That is unfair.


    Do me a hot favor, and go read back all the *facts* posted over the last two days.

    Bottom line: Lundqvist has never had a solid season and now he is one of the highest paid goalies in the league.

    I can’t believe Sather has the nerve to nickle and dime Sean Avery without a leg to stand on (at that point), and then he goes and let Henke walk all over him when he has all sorts of bargaining leverage with the streaky play.

    All we can hope is that it’s incentive based and he has to work for it.

  10. I agree. Too much money. If there was no cap, no problem but paying HL that much means the Rangers have that much less to pay other players and in the long run, that hurts the team.

  11. hockeymanrangers on

    They should work in his contract that if his save percentage goes down so does his money. Ok maybe to much pressure but they coould somehow work it out that after so long of crappy play he doesn’t get paid.

  12. KRIS, The NYR shcedule has always been against us. The last few years the Rangers always played more games in the first 3/4 of the season. Everyone plays catch up this week.

    I believe this 5 day break will set us up nicely for the final 23 games. Everyone is rested and they realize what it will take to make the playoffs. A good run will get us into 1st in the Division with a lot of games left against Atlantic teams. LGR!!!

  13. If its 7 million then thats a little too much. Its not like He has won anything yet other than a Gold Medal.

  14. I think all contracts in sports should be performace based. Pay each player a base salary based on time in the league. This will make each player play hard and want win every night (Jagr ahem). For example the Shanny deal, he gets paid on performance for the most part. They will still live like all stars with the endorsements.

    Just my thoughts on HL’s contracts and others in sports.

    Would it work??

  15. I don’t know if his poor play this year is him or the league figuring out that Lundqvist flops all the time so the league has figured out to shoot high on lundqvist. Also for 7 mill can lundqvist learn how to handle the puck to help out his d-men, he is terrible at handling the puck. I noticed even Vali can handle the puck ok and pass to his d-men.

  16. Richard

    actually a cool idea… like goals are worth certain amounts, etc? Like the game winning goal is work $30k or something?

  17. “Salty, you are discounting everything Hank has done for his entire career over 2 months of bad play. That is unfair.”

    Seriously check his splits, not full season stats. His rookie year he started out great then played like shit down the stretch, although that was apparently due to migranes, fatigue, and an injury. Last year he started out like crap then after the all-star break was the best goalie in the league. This year he started out hot and has sucked since december. It’s not the last 2 months, its the last 2 1/2 seasons. If he would string together a full season where he is at least more consistent over the whole thing, then I’d say pay him that, possibly even 7. But when he has the some of the best stats in the league in one half but is a sub-par or average goalie in the 2nd half, then you don’t pay him like hes the 2nd best goalie in the league.

  18. “Also for 7 mill can lundqvist learn how to handle the puck to help out his d-men, he is terrible at handling the puck. I noticed even Vali can handle the puck ok and pass to his d-men.”

    What’s funny is that in warmups his shoots the puck and hits the crossbar just about every time. yet he gets in the game and its almost like hes confused. haha.

  19. I’m so bored of contract talks, what the team will look like next year, draft picks, etc. Can we play already?

  20. Salty, EVERY goaltender goes through ups and downs during a season but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a solid season. You don’t get nominated for the Vezina trophy 2 years in a row without having a solid season.

    Have you looked at some of the defenseman that play and have played in front of this guy? Kasparaitis, Ozolinsh, Rachunek, Ward, Malik, & Strudwick just to name a few. The only reason our goals against has been so low the last 3 years has been because of Hank.

  21. hockeymanrangers on

    AMEN for Henrik learning how to play the puck. It seems like he would be better off leaving it alone rather than trying to help. He gets himself in more trouble when he tries to sweep it up the bds.

    Geez is it Saturday yet, I have meade special arrangment to see the game even though I am going out of town.

  22. Salty,

    I was not looking at it like that but that is interesting as well.

    I was more thinking around the lines like 10 goals gets you X dollars, 20 gives you X more dollars etc. Of course you would have to be other type bonuses for D men like hits, blocked shots, assisits and goals of course. Goalie bonuses would be shutouts, wins, GAA etc…Awards and playoff advancement bonuses as well.

  23. The last time I made special arrangements a lot of very bad things happened. I hope you are careful.

  24. You don’t get nominated for the Vezina trophy 2 years in a row without having a solid season.

    Apparently you do. Obviously, you’re not a golfer. I’m not going to describe it to you, but Lundqvist is either unreal, or *below average*. I’d have been happier giving this contract to a goalie who is *very good* 85% of the time, rather than a goalie who is *unbeatable* 50% of the time. Hendgry has been verrrry soft lately. He’s streaky. He’s been nominated because he *can be* so ridiculous *sometimes*… but this is his 3rd season and he’s 3 for 3 in not playing well for an entire season.

    But then again I don’t own a number 30 jersey, so I’m not personally invested in him either….

  25. Maybe the people who post on this site, the regular posters, and preferably the men, can all have a mustache growing contest. And we can have some site to post them on. Or we can all meet at the blarney stone for one of the last few games of the season and raise a glass in honor of the stache. Who is in?

  26. Henrik is worth the money – he has been a Vezina finalist in his first 2 years playing behind worse defences than the other nominees and there’s no reason to think he won’t be again this year if he has a solid finish to the season.
    Besides that, the cap should rise each year which will not make that look such a big figure in years to come. Plus it forces ownership to use more young players as there will be less in the pot to pay for UFA’s or take on big contracts through trade.

  27. Wow! Lanny McDonald. That is a very well respected stasche. I think I either going for a Mr. Belvedere or completely in the other direction with a Frank Zappa including the soul patch underneath. Or would that disqualify me?

  28. Nasty1, I would love to grow one and join the fun however, I am 35 and only shave 2x a week. If someone said grow a stash or I will kill you, I would be screwed.

  29. LIz, if you are still here

    The fans say Goal for the most part, but the lyric to the song if you ever here it are whoa…. so I hope that helps!

  30. Ha, I see. I am 30 and if I want to keep clean I have to shave every day, but I don’t. I can grow a decent mustache in about a week or so. I have tried to do it and it is really hard to stay with it, only because it usually just looks so damn stupid. But it is all in good fun right?

  31. Bring back Lohan on

    Liza, I too was at that game and had a life altering event. For years I have been singing Whooooooaaaaaaaoooooooo. I even have my wife sing the song sometimes! Well on 2/5 after Avery’s goal I looked up and the big scoreboard said GOAL!!!!! and then Hey! They are actually giving us the lyrics!!!

  32. Hey Sam, you’re not the first to sound stupid…
    Citizen of New Orleans: betcha $20 I can tell you where you got your shoes
    Citizen of Maryland: Sure [he has no idea where I purchased these fine shoes]
    Citizen of New Orleans: On your feet. Now pay up.
    Citizen of Maryland: [hands over $20] nice.

  33. You boys have fun with your staches, I just have to say, Parros was impressive and I would love to see what Strud is doing, because last game I thought he needed a shave in the worst way, if he was growing it into somehting thats one thing but as it was it was unrecognizable…

  34. Hey Sam, now that Henrik is all signed up, any chance that we could now trade Montoya? I know that he has seemed to regress, but im sure he would still have value to some team like Tampa Bay, although I would rather see him relocating out west.

  35. Plus it forces ownership to use more young players as there will be less in the pot to pay for UFA’s or take on big contracts through trade.

    Quality point.

    I’m sorry, but I do think the collective Ranger country got giddy with Henke. I really hope I’m wrong, because lets *face it* Ranger fans: This signing makes or breaks us for the next 6 years.

    The new motto, wether you like it or not

    “As Hank goes, so go we.”

  36. We are only 3 games out of first place in our division.
    We’ll have 5 total days of rest for the entire team leading up to Saturday, with Shanny having two weeks plus for himself.
    With 23 games left in the season, I really feel like were about to come into our own.

    Jagr, who everyone loves to hate, has been at every optional skate, and from one of my high school buddies who works for the Rangers (where I get all my juicy tidbits of info) says he’s been doing extra workouts to get his skating back up to a level where he can be dominant again.
    Add this to the line changes (ok not sure how I feel about it at this point in the season) and Dubi coming back to center him, I see JAg’s going down the stretch hard and getting some serious points. Hank has been getting drilled by Benoit, in a good way, and is from what I hear back into his groove of trying to get his King Mantle back (we’ll see on Saturday) Supposedly, and even though he loves Vally, sitting for those two games really put a fire under his ass, but again in a good way, especially with Vally getting another shutout.

    This is what I see for the remainder of the season:

    Hank – Playing at least 20 games, and needs to win a hell of alot of them, Vally playing in the remainder and continuing his great play this year as the back up of back up’s
    Jagr & Shanny – 10 – 15 goals each or more over the last 23 games (is that so hard to imagine with these two?
    Dubi, Dawes, Cally, Prucha – The youth must step up. I see Dubi and Dawes continuing there succesful seasons, And Cally’s first goal back I think has given him some confidence. So we’ll see what that equates to. Prucha when he comes back, shoudl be put on the power play.
    Straka – He’ll start scoring, period.
    Avery – Sather wil resign him for a year, put his mind at ease, let him be the buzzing mouth he always is and that we love, with 5-10 goals to close out the season
    Drury & Gomer – The two most consistent rangers all season. We’ll have to see but I think Mr. Clutch and Mr. Speed will remain on par for there respective points for the season and making some huge plays in the process.
    Hossa – I see Renney bringing him to the Fourth line to give it some scoring chances and sitting Hollweg for at least 5-10 games. Hossa hasn’t played that much this year, and can score. So since Hollwegs been a liability as of late, let him ride the press box pine and give Marcel a chance to get some points. Plus he digs and wins the battles along the boards, something Hollweg doesn’t do.
    Malik – He may gone at the trade deadline, we shall see.
    Staal, Rosi, Tyutin, Girardi, Mara, Strudwick – Doing there respective D men things. Stall on PP will make a huge improvement as he can actually shoot and hit the freaking target. Struds needs some speed sessions on the ice to get his legs going a little faster. Tyutin needs some boxing lessons, and is it so much to ask for Girardi and MAra to step up and not let Orr do all the fighting.
    Orr & Betts – the other two most consistent Rangers all year. Yeah no goals or points, but Orr fights, and he fights well, Betts kills every power play and is crazy about getting in front of shots. They do there job, there the fourth line, its what they do, enough said.

    Cant wait for the Saturday Matinee!

  37. I am excited about locking him up. But I am very curious to see him have a full season on a team with a real 1 and 2 D pairing, and a team that can play a solid defensive game in front of him for 60 minutes a game and all season long. Obviously there will be some off nights, but you know what I mean.

    Look at Brodeur, he sucked moose c*ck in the beginning of the year before the Devils found their game.

  38. MikeyNJ- That’s a positive outlook you have…

    Not that it’s even worth saying because it doesn’t really do or help anything…but why on earth can’t we get an Ovechkin? It’d be the best for the NHL to a superstar like that not in washington but in NYC…What are the chances that Cherepanov can be that? I haven’t heard his name mentioned in a long time, what’s up to?

  39. Alex:
    I have to stay positive, waht else is there?
    This could either be a story book year, or one of the worst in Rangers history over the next 23 games.
    It’s in there hands now.
    PS Imagine Ovechkin as a Ranger, I dont even want to entertain that fantasy.

    PSS Im in for the mustache growing contest, meet at Blarney stone prior to each game, compare stash legnth and girth over the rest of the season. Most 70’s-ish fantastic Burt Reynolds Porn star stash wins!

  40. Liza – I have the same answer as Bring back Lohan. I always thought it was like “oh-oh-oh” until this season when the have the “lyrics” for *goal* and *hey* on the new LCD ring.

  41. “Have you looked at some of the defenseman that play and have played in front of this guy? Kasparaitis, Ozolinsh, Rachunek, Ward, Malik, & Strudwick just to name a few. The only reason our goals against has been so low the last 3 years has been because of Hank.”

    Kaspar was a pretty good defenseman before he got hurt. Racoon wasn’t that bad, Malik was actually pretty solid up until the end of last season and Struds aint all that bad. Plus the point isn’t about their defensemen, its the team defensive system. You could say the Rangers give up more goals when they aren’t playing 5 deep in the d-zone with all 5 guys around the net blocking shots. Defenseman have a small part of that. In Renney’s system, their team defense has been pretty good for the most part, but there are still times when Henrik gives up some easy ones on an all too regular basis (Western Canada road trip).

    We’re not saying hes a bad goalie, we’re just saying to pay him that much considering how streaky he is probably isn’t all that worth it. Plus he gets beat high on a regular basis when he goes back to crouching down since he is so deep in his net. If he can have one season where hes relatively consistent, then I have no problem with that. Even if he hits a couple of different streaks during the season its ok. But you can’t play one half amazing then the other have average.

    And no he won’t turn into another Jose Theodore…at least I hope not.

    “Look at Brodeur, he sucked moose c*ck in the beginning of the year before the Devils found their game.”

    Valid point, but you can look back at Brodeurs career and see that he was pretty consistent over time, even after Stevens and Nieds and Daneyko. Plus he sucked for like 2 or 3 weeks, not 2 months.

  42. SPider the lyrics to the song are whoa, I will try and get a cpy of it you can hear it. But everyone yells Goal!

    Thats because it says goal on the scoreboard, but the true fans know what to yell.

  43. Do people not understand economics or capitalism?

    Hank got not just what Sather wanted, or was willing, to give him, but what the market would have given him. If you think there wouldn’t be 15 teams chomping at the bit to pay Henrik — single, solid season or not — 6.5 million per, you’re crazy.

    Paying professional athletes a base salary and then wacky incentives? What?

    We need a game…

  44. Salty – Lundqvist’s contract can’t be performance-based because it is not an entry-level contract, he is not 35-years-old, and he did not have a long-term injury this season.

    Richard – The players would never go for your plan because of injuries. They need guaranteed money based on past performance, not past years of service. Also, you’d have to adjust base salary for past performance, as well, so Betts in his 10th year doesn’t make the same amount as Jagr in his 10th year. Otherwise, the owners won’t go for it.

  45. Bring back Lohan on

    Johnny D, why would they put the words goal and hey up there then? I mean, I have the CD at home, they definitely sing OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh, but the scoreboard says GOAL!. That alone kinda tells the story. But then to add to it, they say Hey! when people are singing Hey Hey, so explain that one to me. Dont get me wrong I always thought it was oooooohhhhhh and I like it better that way. At least we arent sing WHEW WHEW WHEW like the ahole Fishstick fans……

  46. Jonny D – I don’t believe it said anything in the arena before this year because I always said *Oh* and would have noticed if something said *Goal* so it’s very confusing why they would put *Goal* up there now.

  47. Well, becuase I haven’t been to many games this year… does it go back to goal after doign one set of Hey’s? Maybe it initially says Goal and then goes to the hey? I don’t know maybe we should write in and ask… but who would we ask? LOL I’m no help…

  48. Bring back Lohan on

    They go right back to GOAL. WHen I saw this I was really shocked. You know we are hurtin when on Day 4 we are talking about the Goal song. Maybe it has affected the players too. Then dont like the new lyrics either so they decide just not to score. Its a thought……

  49. One thing that always gets missed in the discussion on Rangers team defense is Jagr. He averages the most time on ice per game of any forward and frequently stays out for shifts that are too long, doesn’t hussle to play defense and makes slow changes.

    I lived in PA for a number of years and watched plenty of Penguins games in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. One thing hasn’t changed about Jagr, he didn’ play defense then and he doesn’t now.

    In the past his defensive sins were washed away by solid offensive numbers. In this off year, it isn’t the case.

  50. While we are discussing chants and such I will tell a funny sotry about the Potvin whistle. Ever since this happened whenver I bring someone to games I make sure to explaint he whole history of the Potvin whistle to them before the game starts…

    OK my sister and I had just bought day of tickets and so we were sitting in the 200 section I think. We wanted to see what it was like since we never sit up there!! OK in front of us was an older couple. The game progressed and everything was going fine, we had done a few Potvin whitlse already by the end of the first period. I noticed that the couple kept looking around each time the corwd yelled. In the second period they continued seeming confused. Finally in the third period the woman leaned over and began discussing with the man about the cheer.

    Woman What are they saying?
    Man I’m not sure, someone sucks.
    WOman But who?
    Man Must be someone on the other team.
    Woman Well how do they know when to do it?
    Man I don’t know. Its differnt players with the puck,a dn differnt players on the ice. It doesn’t even seem to matter who has the puck. SOmetimes the clock is at an even minute or second and someitmes an odd. I haven’t seen anything on the tv screen or any change in the out of town scores

    He listed a bunch of other things that he was watching to try and understand the cheer.

    My sister and I leaned forward and told them it was the whislte. And then we taped them on the shoulder next time somone started whistling. But they couldn’t hear it very well (perhaps hearing loss) ANyway they asked us how the whistler knows to start it and we told them its just something that hapens in the game. ANd then they asked us why fans did it. We explained them the story and they just shook there heads smiling. THey were laughing they said “that had to be before you were born.” We said yes but ebing a Ranger fan is in the blood so it doesn’t matter!!

  51. JJP

    Not to start a war here but Jagr does play defense this year. In the past he waited by the blue line, but as of late he has been coming allt he way back into his own zone to retrieve the puck, he has musceled it away form players quite often and gotten it clear. Yea he dogs it to the bench quite a bit… several times I was yelling at the tv for where is our fifth man!! but still that was in one stretch just before it came out that his feet were hurt.

    Not realy making excuses because he does change slow plenty of times, but it isn’t true that he doesn’t play defense.. and that is new this year, part of Renney’s defensive system I suppose.

  52. I have a CD in my office from the NYR organization that we got with my families season tickets a few years. It has the goal song on it circa 1994 and the victory song circa 1940.

    The words to the goal song on the CD are as follows:

    about 20 Hey hey heys and then a whoa whoa whoa “lets go rangers!!!” then it repeats. it could have changed but I doubt it. Does this answer all questions and thoughts?

  53. Just like the fishsticks using our tradition after the game to salute the crowd after a win now the devil fans are copying the whistle and than the chant. I was watching the devils game last night and the fans did it several times but I couldn’t make out who they were saying who sucked. Geez, pathetic, could the islanders and the devil fans come up with there own original stuff.

  54. Speaking of Potvin..I flipped on the Devils v. Sen. game last night. The “rock” has taken the whistle and now chants Rangers suck. That, guys, is pathetic.

  55. TOMG,

    The Debbie fans whistle and chant “Rangers Suck.” Happens every game no matter who they are playing. Went to game when they were playing th Habs and heard the whistle and chant. Have a friend who has season to the Debbies and he confirmed it.

  56. Well while we are coplainign about the other local teams. I was at a game at the Colliseum. The Rangers were not playing that night at al… so there wasn’t any Ranger prompting going on at all. But atleast once every five minutes the Isle fans had some other chant about the Rangers. And this punk kid in fornt of us complained about Ranger fans the whole game. Now I need to be honest. It was just my sister and I, so we didn’t say anything because we have seen some crazy shenanigans go on, if we had a guy friend with us we might hve, but as it stood we were heavily outnumbered by many drunk fans… but the two of us were amazed at how much time the Islae fans spend complaingin about Rangers and their fans while watching a game… with the Rangers not playing, so it couldn’t een be a score update or anythign that intiiated the chants…

  57. Bring back Lohan on

    Yeah but now when the Debs play the Rangers they say “Rangers Suck, Gomez Swallows”. Its actually quite funny!

  58. Agravaine,
    That has been going on since I could remember. I could never understand why islander fans worry more about the rangers than what there team is doing.

  59. Actually the “Debbies” chant is something that has been going on since the Continental Arena days- What tools!!!

  60. One of my friedns, an Islander fan, came to my sister and I at the beginning of the season and apologized for his team shamelessly stealing our stick salute, becuase we constantly told him about it and how awesome it was that the players saluted the fans (after the ride they’ve given us this seaosn they better salute the fans!!)

  61. I love having The King in net.

    If the King is having such a horrible season, then why are the Rangers one of the lowest goals against in the league?

    The Rangers have the LOWEST GOALS PER GAME in the league at 2.37 goals per game.

    Hank has a goals against average of 2.37.

    So basically you are asking your goaltender to win every game for you, which is not fair at all.

    In comparison:

    Broduer has a 2.19 goals against average
    And the Devils as a team have an average of 2.56 Goals Per Game.

    This means the Devils will have a few more wins than the Rangers and subsequently are ahead of us in the standings.

    That being said, the Rangers are 6th in the league in goals against as a team.

    To me, this means that the Rangers are relying far too much on Hank to win them games. When I see these stats I say to myself the reason why the Rangers were good last season was because Nylander, Straka, Jagr, Shanny, Prucha and Callahan and others were putting the puck in the net, this year it’s not happening like it did last year and the team is struggling. If the Rangers can begin to put the puck in the net with a bit more frequency, Hank will be there to win us games.

    Lundqvist has 7 shutouts, 2nd in the league.

    You put a better offensive team/system in front of Hank and the W’s will mount for the Rangers.

  62. I can’t believe what I am reading. the bottom line is this—if henrik was not the regular goalie, i.e. if Weekes had played 65 games 2 years ago, as renney tried to do before injury and reality set in, the rangers would NOT have even made the playoffs. THAT proves the key guy was henrik.

    don’t give that he had a bad month here and there etc. ALL players have bad spells. brodeur had a terrible stretch the beginning of this season and last year as well. nabokov was the second string goalie behind toskala in the 06 playoffs after signing a huge contract.

    NOBODY is great all the time.

    but the fact remains, if henrik was not signed, there would be a long line of teams waiting to sign him

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