It’s good to be the King


And even more so today.

John Dellapina “is reporting the Rangers have agreed to the long-awaited contract with Henrik Lundqvist”:

While the deal is not official, the terms are believed to be in the six-year, $6.5 million-per ballpark.

Whether this is a load off Lundqvist’s shoulders, we’ll see, although it’s safe to say the contract is more a reflection of Lundqvist’s overall body of work, and not the uneven play of the past couple of months.

More later….

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  1. I’m going to have to agree that this is a little too much for a little too long. Just gotta keep reminding ourselves that he’s a Champion where it counts.

  2. onecupin67years on

    Back to Montoya..drafting a goalie #1 is usually a bone head waste of a pick…goalies take a bit longer to mature and usually the team that drafts them #1 gives up on them sooner rather than later.Ask the Isles,they drafted Luongo and where is he now?

  3. salt – do you hold out until june and wait until he tests the rfa market, when kevin lowe offers up a 3-year, 9m per offer sheet?

    this isn’t quite luongo money and is a perfect deal, in my opinion. 5.5 or 6 per would have been more ideal for his performance, but don’t let the last couple of months sway you. if not for the last 15 games he would have got at least 7.

  4. onecup, mike milbury happened. and are you questioning luongo’s abilities? seems like a pretty good #1 to me.

  5. Well I guess that about seals it for Montoya. I think the Rangers gave him time to prove himself in the AHL and maybe he didn’t get enough time to show what he truly can be, but IMO, Henrik is the King and I’m glad he’s ours for a long time.

    Time to move Montoya for another 1st round draft pick.

    When this season is over Malik, Mara, Jagr, Shanahan, Vally, Straka and Rozival will most likey not be here.

    Which means the Rangers rotate the “C” through the team next season. Although I could still see Straka being with the team for leadership purposes. I rotate the “C” through the team next season, Drury, Gomez, Dubi, Staal, Avery, Straka, Tyutin, Betts all get the “C” on their sweater for part of the season.

    Callahan, Dawes, Sauer, Hossa, Byers, Sanguetti, Hollweg, Orr, Prucha, Moore and maybe even Strudwick are the other roster position players.

    In the offseason we sign a rugged dman like Orpik or J. Smith plus a veteran right winger and a backup goalie and the team is much quicker, younger and more in-tune to play with Gomez and Drury.

    The “Jagr Factor” of whether he is just having a slump or he is just done or whatever the reason is removed from the lockeroom and the team can move forward with Callahan, Dawes, Dubinsky, Lundqvist, Gomez, Drury, Staal, Sanguetti, Tyutin, Girardi as it’s “next generation”.

  6. I dunno, lets just say Lundqvist still has plenty to prove to New York. I’m glad he’s signed, and while I recognize the signifigance of the Vezina nominations, he hasn’t won one, and he’s yet to have 1 “killer NHL season”…just sayin’.

    Is -Forsburg- Hossa a Ranger yet?

  7. hockeymanrangers on

    Is it Saturday yet??? This long break is killing me. Then Saturday I am going out of town so I may miss the game anyway. THIS 5 DAYS WITH OUT A GAME REALY SUCKS.

  8. I think its a good deal. A little high but to be quite honest the team in front of him hasn’t exactly been stellar, and on many occasions has hung him out to dry. That being said its no excuse for the soft goals he has given up of late. His confidence has obviously been down. This deal will hopefully solidify the Rangers trust in him.

    Who knows even the stress of landing the contract may have caused his mind to be elsewhere. Now he can refocus and we can make this playoff push.

    and LGHank!

  9. Good, maybe now his swedish ass can get his act together. sorry for the language folks. Actually this was a good time to get the deal done. If We get the real Hank I dont mind him staying that long. I’m glad they didnt pull no DP deal.

  10. I like the 5 days without a game. I also needed a vacation from the Rollercoaster year we are having. Maybe after this break they can finally get on a roll…
    Ya think?

  11. hockeymanrangers on

    You would think that when and during the negotiations started he would have been at the top of his game. I just think he is slipping away for some reason. Can’t imagine why but that’s my thought. Maybe we need to play Valli more often. Throw Renny’s written in stone schedule out the window. Is it Saturday yet???

  12. to be honest im just curious to see if he comes back and playes like the henrick we use to know.. he will not bring us the cup alone everyone needs to come back and play like a playoff team. i want to be able to come back to this blog and not have to see or make comments ripping anyone. we need the entire team to come back and play like a team. the truth is they have the talent to win 85% of the rest of the season they just need to get it together…..

  13. vogs: Why in God’s name would you want to rotate the “C” through all those players next season?? Dubinsky? Staal? Tyutin? BETTS?! AVERY?! Are you slightly retarded, or just not too intelligent? Yeah, great idea, look how well it’s worked out for Buffalo this season. Here’s a crazy idea, if Shanahan & Straka are both gone, give it to Drury or to Gomez. You don’t rotate the captaincy, all that says is “We don’t have a good enough leader to be Captain”. Jesus..

  14. “Drury, Gomez, Dubi, Staal, Avery, Straka, Tyutin, Betts all get the “C” on their sweater for part of the season.”

    What? A new captain every month? ok first off Dubi, Staal, Avery, and Tyutin have shown nothing to think that they are leaders, let alone captains of any sort. Plus for the Rangers and most NHL teams, being a captain means a lot. you don’t just rotate it around. for all I care, maybe we should go with 3 A’s next year like we had the year after the lockout.

    “I dunno, lets just say Lundqvist still has plenty to prove to New York. ”

    Agreed. lets not get all giddy about this. its cool that hes locked up, but at the same time he hasn’t shown too much if you think about it. I mean at times he’s played amazing, then other times he looks like crap. if he’d put one full solid season together, then I would say he deserved a bit more, but the inconsistent play kinda makes me wonder if we should given him another 1 year deal around 5-5.5 mil just to see if he can have a great season instead of only playing well for half of it.

  15. We could’ve given him another 1 year deal at 5.5, but if he did great with that, then with the cap going up, we’d be paying 8m/y instead of 6.5m.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, I have to disagree with you about it being over his entire body of work. It is based purely on his good stretches. His entire body of work paints him as an inconsistent goaltender who easily loses focus. He has yet to put together a solid season and this is his third try.

    The deal is too long and for too much money. 5 Years for 5 mil a year. He’ll be 31 when it ends, and if he’s shown he is worth it, we can sign him for another 5 at 8 or 9 mil, or whatever the going rate would be on starters.

    Kipprusoff just signed a deal this year that pays him just under 6 million per for 6 years. Giguere’s deal is for 6 million a year, and he’s won a cup! Marty Turco is 5.7 per. Luongo is only 6.75 per!

    We are going to be making Lundqvist the second highest paid goaltender in the league (not counting massive flop Khabibulin). Does anyone really think he is the second best goaltender in the league right now?

    The more I think about it, the worse it is. Based on his play this season AND in season’s past, he isn’t worth more than 5.5 million a year, and that’s based purely on the fact that he is young and still developing.

    I still don’t think the DP contract is good, because he’s always one game away from getting injured, needing surgery, and becoming Dan Cloutier for 12 more years.

    And where is the hometown discount? Brodeur get 5.2 million per (although this will be a burden in 4 years when he is 40 and his body is falling apart from playing 70 games a season for 15 years). Giguere took less money to stay with the team he won a cup with, even though he could’ve cashed in, big time. Same for Kipper. Why didn’t Hank say, “you know what guys, I want us to win, so you can pay me a million less per year so we can afford to pay for some more talent, or a backup for me.” That’s just selfish.

    5 Years, 5-5.5 million. Sather has made a mistake.

  17. Well for one when Mark Messier comes into the locker room you give him the “C”, and when a Jaromir Jagr leaves the team you don’t just simply hand over the “C” to anyone.

    Sorry you can’t see it but I see some leadership in Dubinksy and Staal, both of whom will be here longer than Drury will.

    There isn’t one player on this roster, other than Jagr, who deserves the “C”. On my team I don’t give out captain “C’s” to the guy who’s been here one season while the rest have been wearing the sweater for much longer.

    Until someone emerges, like Messier, like Leetch, Like Jagr, with the talent and the drive to be a captain in NYC, then it rotates and see who shines brightest with it.

    Regardless, I can’t belive I even responded to the mental midgets who use the web to name call. Grow up already.

  18. Here is a question….did Ottawa just make the best deal of the year so far with the Commodore and Stillman pickup for Corvo and Eaves? What am I missing?

  19. what you guys are all forgetting is that lundqvist had the leverage here. remember we took him to arbitration last year, and that option would not be available this season. henrik had no reason but to hold out for what he wanted, other than small (and i do believe it is minute) incentive to remain in new york.

    sather made a mistake in not signing henrik to the 4.25 one/year deal before july 1 last year. trust me when i say that this played out exactly as it should have, or we would have all been bitching about paying lundqvist far too much come summer time.

  20. newman,

    that’s a great deal for both teams. eaves was buried on the ottawa depth chart and will get a chance to shine as a top 6 forward regularly, and corvo is a hell of a d-man as well.

    ottawa gets two cup winners and a solid leader in cory stillman.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    no tim, what should have been done is that we should’nt have given him that 4.25 million, 1 year deal. this was a complete clusterfuck by Sather, and Meehan played him for a fool.

  22. so what do you have done instead, with the cap situation being what it was? we couldn’t afford anything more than that, nylander was busy asking 4 years 21 million, and we needed the money to go after a big time center.

    take the hindsight glasses off if they are on, and please try to answer that question.

  23. also remember that if we take him to the arbitration hearing, and sign him for the $$ figure given, he becomes a UFA on july 1 2008.

    don’t think for one second that he won’t forget the things you said about his performance in the arbitration hearing.

  24. I am completely fine with the signing. I like 6 years and I don’t mind 6-6.5. It really isn’t that bad folks. When he has a team playing solid D in front of him he is one of the best goalies in the world and also he can steal some games on his own when he is in top form. I appreciate everyones concerns and beefs with the contract, but in the long run I think it will pan out. Nobody in the league is a SURE THING. But I feel that he is one of the best goalies in the league and I have no problem with the length of the contract or the dollar ammount.

  25. With the cap going up next year, would you really want to “wait it out” and then sign him at 7-8m/y?

  26. There isn’t one player on this roster, other than Jagr, who deserves the “C”.

    I disagree with nearly everything you seem to say, but you really lost me there.

    Please enlighten everyone and tell us what kind of “leadership” you see in Staal and Dubinsky? And, the fact that they may end up being here longer than a guy like Drury means that we should letter them now even thought DRury is still here. That is some effed up logic, and I’m glad I don’t think like that. I recognize the desire to give the letters to people who have come up through our system, but that can’t take precedent over much more qualified candidates.

    Fortuntately, I don’t think what you said holds any water at all, and no is giving fresh faced Brandon any letters anytime soon.

    Like it or not, Drury is being groomed as the next Captain of the New York Rangers. It’s my opinion that this is based largely on his reputation from the pats, which would be an awful way to decide on it.

    It’s also my opinion that much of Drury’s reputation comes from the fact that he’s a quiet guy that works hard and has never stepped on any toes. I’m sorry, but Captains sometimes need to step on toes. They need to be the leader of the pack, and not be worried about breaking any eggs when they want an omlette. I don’t think for a minute he has Captain’s blood, I think he falls just short of it, and lacks a certain personality trait to be a great leader and not just “a suitable captain”. Very sad that once again the future of the team is potentially impeded by the marketability of a player.

  27. the captaincy is decided based on the player’s reputation in the locker room and on the ice. the past may have something to do with that, but if the entire team respects drury’s work ethic and performance more than anybody else, he should get the C. however, you and i don’t know that to be the case, so it’s really a worthless topic to discuss.

  28. Most people think the contract was about 1 mill too high or one year too long, and personally I don’t mind the length but it does seem about a million too high…Doodie makes a good point, if this does make Lundquist the 2nd highest paid goaltender in the league, Sather did make a mistake, but was it a huge mistake, probably not… Lundquist had all the leverage anyways, who else do we have in the goalie position? Who else is directly responsible for getting us in the playoffs two straight years after 7 straight misses?

    Regardless, I’m happy we’ll the King for at least 6 years at Broadway…

  29. Salty- I have to disagree with you on that one…Drury could be a very good captain, his dedication to the game is obvious, and dedication to every aspect of the game which often sets him apart from other players…his ability to step it up in big games…his focus…these are all fantastic leadership abilities…you could tell anyone young player, just watch how Drury goes about his business and fall in line with that…

    I’m not sure where you get he doesn’t step on anyones toes…what do you mean by that and why do you feel that way…

    It seems to me Drury learned alot from Joe Sakic…you do think Sakic is a good Captain, right?

  30. good points tim.

    I just think if you can’t bring the 2007 Sabres to the cup finals, you’re not all you’re cracked up to be. You can say a lot of things, but to say the Sabres played their hearts out in the playoffs last year, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  31. zg – Danny Alfredsson is a huge bargain. And apparantly, starting in 2009-10, he will only be making $3.8 million a year. There’s your hometown discount, though he is making more next season, at $5,465,000.

    I bet the Lundqvist deal is so high because it doesn’t include a no-trade clause. I’m kind of unhappy that it is so high, but we probably only need one or two free agents next season. It doesn’t put our cap in too bad of a shape; hopefully Lundqvist will make it look like a bargain.

    joejoe315 – Maybe more people would believe you if you didn’t refer to him as *Henrick.*

  32. Those who don’t think there is a “C” on the team yet, maybe you think Dubi and Staal in the future, or can’t decide between GOmez and Drury now… well what about three A’s and only three A’s. THen it could be Gomez, Drury and Rozsival next year with A’s, no C, let someone, either Gomez or Drury emerge as the C over the season. Or wait for Dubi or Staal to grow intoit. WHen Jagr joined the Rangers Renney wanted him to wear the C but he didn’t he wanted to wait and see what it meant. I thinkJagr is a good captain for the players, but not the media, but you guys seem to know more about it then I do I guess. I have only heard good about him form the players (but I can’t put surces I don’t remmeber) Jagr doesn’t go to the refs to argue, but wth the disrespect he gets every game why would he, its pretty clear how they feel about him. Shanny called the officials out on it last year. I agree with whoever said Gomez is pretty bad in interviews, but he is no more frustrating then Jagr. I would forgive that if they seemed good for the players.

    Oh and Rozi with the A. I think he is the best of the veteran defencemen we have, since they are almost all up for unrestricted free agency he is the only one I think we should keep. LEt Girardi and Tyutin and Staal develop further next year without the pressure of a letter, I agree with Salt about having a lettered defenceman.

  33. rozsival will be gone next year, i think that’s pretty much a given. some team will give him at least 4m per.

  34. The fact that there is even a discussion about the Lundqvist signing being good or not strikes me as a little silly. Ignore the names. Ignore the hair cuts. Ignore the teams they have played for. Look at results.

    Judged one of the top 3 or 4 goalies past two years.
    Olympic Gold.
    Some playoff success, both in the NHL, and a championship (or is it two) outside the NHL.
    25 years old.
    Over sixty wins in the past two seasons.
    Likely to pass 100 wins over three latest seasons.

    There are not many goalies like this in the world. And if you need convincing that his assumed value around the league eclipses what he signed for, just remember that the Rangers were terified of him reaching even restricted free agency. He would have received an offer sheet, and he would have been gone.

  35. I agree with Doodie 100%.

    Sather operated out of fear. So much for fiscal responsibility. And the pressure is on Lundquist now more than ever. I sure hope he can handle it.

  36. Alex, that may be the best argument I’ve heard yet for Drury.

    Although everyone knows Drury is a quiet man. I find him to be exactly like a Brian Leetch.

    I truthfully have very little insight on Sackic’s leadership. I’ll assume and give him the bemefit of the doubt *for sure*, but I have seen or heard very little of him off ice. However, Sackic is also a 500 goal scorer. Sometimes you can be a silent leader when your numbers are *that good*. But Drury leaves a lot to be desired numberwise, I’d expect a player like that to be able to get his team ready for blood if nothing else.

    Again, all I can say is look at Buffalo 2007. That was a *poorly* led team. The only shadow of doubt is that Drury was sharing the C with Briere, perhaps that had something to do with it. But then again, if Drury is *such a great leader* why didn’t they give it to him soley?

  37. I can’t for the life of me understand what any of this has to do with Al Montoya. Forget him. The King is having a down year, but he’s a top 5 goalie in this league. It doesn’t help that he has a weak D-zone presence in front of him most nights. I don’t want to excuse the soft goals, but how quickly we forget his greatness last season.

    Montoya is just another example of a wasted early 1st round draft pick (see Brendl, Malhotra, Jessiman, etc.) for a franchise that’s had far too many of these blunders. There’s a lot of great youth on this team so the drafts haven’t been terrible. Maybe Montoya becomes a great pro. Who really cares? We have Henrik locked up for years to come, and I for one will be looking forward to watching him lead this team with his stellar play.

  38. Are people really saying the deal is *1* year too long, or *$1 million* too high? Come on…We have the cap room, and what’s one more year? He’ll still be in his prime, and by the time that contract ends, 6 million may be the going rate for a middle of the pack net-minder.

  39. Yeah, I always hate it when teams rotate Captaincy, what does it say about your lockerroom… I guess the argument is that it says that the team has a lot of leadership…but if the C represents the guy people look to, and it changes every month, it seems more divisive than anything else…plus it’s just one more thing to worry about or one more thing that takes the focus away from the game…

    Buffalo last year barely won each round and just kind of fell into the Conference finals, which was really disappointing after such a great regular season…and then the Senators showed that they were the only legitimate team from the East…we gave away our series to them, it would’ve been entirely different had we held off for those last 7.7 seconds

    Stats– Couldn’t help but notice that we’re 13/15 in the East in Power Play %…then quickly looked up what’s our record when we score a PPG (18-12) to when we score no PPGs (11-19)…a little startling isn’t it, perhaps that’s where our trading focus should be on…Dan Boyle???

  40. I for one hope he finds his stellar play. I keep having that Corey Perry slapshot beating him under his arm reoccuring in my mind. Say what you want about the D, but you know what earlier in the year when Hank looked like a Hart trophy finalist he was playing with the same D in front of him. When the game starts they should tell Hank we are down 3-1 or 4-1 because thats when he seems to wake up, watching the goals from the corners and having stuff tweak by him is getting annoying.

  41. Another reason youmay want Drury to have the “C” is that he plays all situations. PP, Even, PK. Same kinda goes for gomer who will see 4 on 4 time also. Just another important tangible you need in a captain. Similar to Straka, but with his constant struggle to decide on retirement or not, it’s a no-go. Length of contract would probably play into the decision too. It’s funny that we sound like we’ve totally given up on the idea that Jags could be back and retain the ‘C’.

    I think if the Hank deal was 7yrs/7mil we’d say the same thing…’one less year one less mil’. So 6yrs/6mil could be worse. And NO is’t not nearly as bad as the DP contract whoever said that. That guy’s a concussion/injury away from collecting that $ through an insurance company. I just hope that slats wasn’t stupid enough to put a NTC or no-movement clause in that deal.

  42. zg, your description is awfully close to Jose Theodore’s resume from about 5-6 years back. Granted, he didn’t win Olympic Gold, but he did win the Hart + Vezina (in the same season). Nobody calls him cream of the crop anymore, not even a few years removed from his “peak”.

    I agree that the Rangers operated out of fear, but teams need to stop hedging on a player’s future performance with such little history to draw from. It’s a sad but unavoidable dynamic in the NHL these days.

    Not to mention, the salary a player dictates in this cap era says more about their loyalty to the team than it did in the past. Which does Henrik want more: to win in NY, or get rich in NY? By looking at this contract (if reports are accurate), I’d say the latter.

  43. Ok, so maybe the rotating “C” isn’t the best idea, then you rotate “A’s”, my point was to not simply give the “C” to a player based on what he did in another uniform.

    Are Staal and Dubinksy young? Of course they are, which is why I give them another season without Malik, Mara and Rozival and even Strudwick back there to see if indeed he truly can step up. Dubinsky’s stock has skyrocket this year, albeit he has come down to earth recently, but if he continues to develop like he has this season, why would he not be in contention for the “C”?

    Cuz Drury had good season’s with Buffalo? Or because Gomez won two cups with NJ? To me that doesn’t equate to Captain of the Rangers. Dubinsky grew up a Rangers fan, he bleeds for the team and he drops the gloves for his teamates, that’s the kind of guy teams rally around. Take away Straka, Jagr and Shanahan and if he continues is development next season he might very well be our top centerman.

    Obviously these are all “ifs” and with Gomez and Drury you know what you’re getting, but one can cheer for the kid who loves the sweater before he loves the $$$.

  44. Top 10 goalies command $5-6 million per, and in NYC they command more.

    This is the best Rangers goalie since Richter, you don’t go cheap on your goalie, you give him what he wants, within reason, and then let him play. This way if he under performs it’s his fault, not management’s.

    Sign a decent backup next season.

    Look at the Flyers, they have not learned their lesson. They gave Biron all this money and he’s not even that good. Now they’re stuck with him. The Flyers have never paid for a #1 goalie and it comes back to bite them time and time again.

    Course you could look at a guy like Cam Ward, wins a Cup after 10 games in the AHL, or Osgood, plays his best hockey in Detroit. Or…. oh I’ll shut up.


    It’s all iced up in Northern VA and there’s nothing to do.

  45. “There isn’t one player on this roster, other than Jagr, who deserves the “C”.”

    Shanahan deserves to be captain more than Jagr.

  46. Rangers goalies after Richter and before Lundqvist:

    Dan Blackburn
    Mike Dunham
    Jussi Markkanen
    Jaime McClennan
    Jason LaBarbera
    Steve Valiquette
    Kevin Weekes

    Still upset we have Hank locked up for the six years? I’m not.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    “take the hindsight glasses off if they are on, and please try to answer that question.”

    OK, here’s what I would have done: not resign Shanahan, and then use that money to sign him to a contract worth 5.5 million a year for 5 or 6 years, while still saving over 4 million in cap space for this year (5.3 million – 1.25 million, the difference between Hank’s current cap number and my proposed number = 4.05 million free cap space). Not to mention the extra million in cap space we would have this summer.

    And it’s not like I didnt suggest that during the summer, because I did. I never liked the Shanahan resigning, certainly not for that much money. Even if he took 4 million up front (his deal last year), we still could’ve signed that deal with Hank, BEFORE he was ever up for RFA status.

    Sather is a moron.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Alex, it seems to me like Gomez learned a lot from Scott Stevens, an equally good captain as Sakic. Try again.

  49. Yikes! This is a tough crowd. In response to Mr. Diggs, the thing is, in many ways, Lundqvist is being underpaid (per year).

    Playing in NY adds a little something to the math for calculating how much a player should be paid.

    A couple of examples:

    Patrik Elias is signed for a then max (approx) 7.8 million a year. Many teams wanted Patty, including the Rangers, and you better beleive that a portion that 7.8 million to prevent him from crossing the Hudson.

    Scott Gomez signs a front-loaded contract upwards of 7.something million a year. The front-loading is a neat trick, as the interest that Gomez earns on his big payout will easily push his yearly salary upwards and beyond what it says on paper (that is why it tails off so dramatically, the interest accumulates). Part of that 10 million is there because the rangers could afford it, and it made sure that Gomez wouldn’t center Gianta and Elias ever again.

    Henrik Lundqvist signs for more than six million for six years. We don’t know if it is front loaded or not. We don’t know what performance incentives are there or not. However, we know he is now one of the highest paid goaltenders in the league. This says something about how the ranger’s view his consistency. Last year, he won 37 games and six in the playoffs. The year before, over thirty wins (?) in the regular season as a rookie. The year before that, winning goaltender in the Swedish Elite League. I think the year before that (at 21) his team went to the finals. Four years in a row of high level success, showing improvement year over year, and the ability to play in the big games. He is being underpaid by several millions of dollars a year compared to markee players at other positions, has won more playoff series than Ovechkin and Crosby and Phanuf and Richards, all rookies in the same year, and all making the same or (much) more than Henrik.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m with you Salty. Hank had Slats by the balls because he waited too long. If he had made the deal last season, when Montoya was worth a shit, Slats could have said “We still have another option.” Now Montoya sucks, and Meehan said to Sather “what are you going to do without my client?” To which Slats grumbled and signed a 6.5 million contract.

    I’m also with you on the captaincy thing. Say no to Drury.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    zg, all you do is look at numbers on their face. You neglect to look at the fact that, sure he won 36 games last season, but his winning % was barely .500! His GAA and save % were both worse, and are even worse this season. He has yet to play an entire season in top form at the NHL level, and in a less statistically tangible area, is a LOUSY puck handler.

    And not only his he going to be “one of” the highest paid goaltenders in the league, he will be the *THIRD* highest paid goaltender in the league. Only Khabibulin (coming out of the lockout and on the tails of his stanley cup season) and Luongo get more. Do you really think he is the third best goaltender in the league? Ever since Conklin started playing for Pittsburgh, he hasn’t even been the third best goaltender in the Atlantic Division!

  52. “zg, your description is awfully close to Jose Theodore’s resume from about 5-6 years back.”

    exactly what I was going to say. haha. plus Henke hasn’t proved his ability to do it consistently. year long stats don’t matter since he played really well for one half and sub par in the other half. if you look at the splits it will show that.

    “Dubinsky’s stock has skyrocket this year, albeit he has come down to earth recently, but if he continues to develop like he has this season, why would he not be in contention for the “C”? ” He’s too young. thats why. Can he be a captain in the future? Sure. But its too early to tell if him and Staal are natural born leaders. Unlike Drury, who has led a team at every level, and Gomez, who grew up playing with one of the best captains out there (even though I hate Stevens), Dubi hasn’t really shown signs yet of being that natural born leader either in the locker room or on the ice. It doesn’t mean he can’t do it down the road, but your captain usually isn’t a 21 or 22 year old kid that just got into the league a season ago.

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