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For a team that doesn’t play a game for three more days, there was still ample activity around the Rangers today.

For instance:

<li>Neither Henrik Lundqvist nor the Rangers would confirm that the goaltender’s contract is done, although Lundqvist did say “it’s down to the details.”

I think a lot of this is t-crossing and i-dotting, and even Lundqvist went on to touch on his happiness with staying in New York.

There was also this exchange with Sean Avery when the left wing was told by a reporter that Lundqvist had signed a new deal.

“Hank, you don’t even tell your own teammates?” Avery said.

“It’s not done yet,” Lundqvist said.

With that in mind, it doesn’t sound like a formal announcement will come today.

<li>Brendan Shanahan skated and said he had no doubt he’d be ready to play Saturday. This led to yet another recnofiguration of lines. Note that Petr Prucha is still out with a sprained shoulder.

The lines:




Hollweg (Hossa) — Betts — Orr

<li>Marc Staal skipped practice with the flu.

<li>If Jaromir Jagr is set to play in Russia anytime soon, it’s news to the Rangers captain. Told of the story circulating that he is set to return to Omsk, where he played during the lockout season, Jagr replied, “This year? When’s the flight?”

<li>Shanahan was doing an on-camera interview and answering a question about the passion and knowledge of Rangers fans. Just then, Marek Malik cut in front of the camera.

Said one observer: “It shows what he thinks of Rangers fans.”

<li>The George Parros influence has extended to Jason Strudwick, whose new mustache could qualify him for either a) a cameo in a certain genre of cinema, or b) a job as a relief pitcher on the 1975 Oakland A’s.

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  1. Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers strike 6-year deal at around $6.5M per year


    Wednesday, February 13th 2008, 4:00 AM

    The Rangers have locked up their franchise goaltender for the foreseeable future.

    Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers have agreed upon a contract that will keep the 25-year-old netminder between the Garden’s pipes well past his 30th birthday.

    While the length and value of the deal – believed to be for six years at more than $6.5 million per – have been set, there is language in the contract that is still being hashed out. So the Rangers are not expected to make a formal announcement until tomorrow at the earliest.

    However, when the Rangers return to practice Wednesday morning in Greenburgh, they will do so with their No. 1 goalie armed with peace of mind that has been missing ever since GM Glen Sather and agent Don Meehan began negotiating a new deal after Jan.1, as permitted by the collecting bargaining agreement.

    Lundqvist has been playing this season on a one-year contract worth $4.25 million that acted as a bridge that enabled the Rangers to get through a 2007-08 season in which they had little cap room. Were he to have played out the contract and made it to July 1 without a new deal in place, Lundqvist would have become a restricted free agent.

    While the Rangers would have been due steep compensation from any rival that signed him, no number of draft picks would equal the value of a young goaltender who already has two Vezina Trophy finalist nominations.

    Lundqvist roared out of the gate this season seemingly headed toward a third straight such designation – if not his first Vezina Trophy. But he has stumbled since Dec. 1.

    He has insisted that his play has not been affected by the uncertainty regarding his contract and concerns about his father, who underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm in Sweden in mid-December.

  2. longtimerangersfan on

    I hope Lundqvist can get his head out of he “poop chute” now and play like we all know he can.

    Did they trade Malikenstein yet?

  3. atleast he kept our AMAZING “shutdown” line together, dont want to split up that great chemistry…

    by the way, shouldnt this practice JUST be working on the PP? or maybe fundamentals like getting the puck out of your own zone, or getting the puck deep, or keeping a guy high, or not turning the puck over in your own zone, etc? changing the lines wont stop you from making the SAME mistakes every game.

  4. Why don’t we put all the aging guys on one line together and keep the youth and future together to build chemistry.

    Dawes Gomez Prucha
    Avery Drury Callahan
    Shanahan Straka Jagr
    Hollweg Betts Orr

    Maybe even sit Hollweg in favor of Hossa? Anyone agree with this?

  5. That’s not a bad idea, Nasty. Although I can feel my brain grinding to a sluggish halt as I read the names “Shanahan Straka Jagr” right in a row, maybe the half speed thing catches the opposition off guard like a Johan Santana changeup.

  6. Straka is one of the fastest skaters in the league still. I think he is better away from Jagr. He was one of the best signings Glen ever made….

  7. Nasty… one of the better ideas posted here in a while.

    cue the idiots crying about putting supestar jagr on the 3rd line.

  8. Nasty-those line combos are certainly better than what was practiced today.
    And the idea of letting Hossa play instead of Hollweg is also a very good idea. However, Renney just loves to love that 4th line.

  9. I mean it makes sense. And let’s just say that Straka, Jagr, and Shanahan are not going to be with us next year and the rest are, at least it develops some consistency and some familiarity amongst the rest of the team. And it will let the kids be creative and not feel that they have to pass to Jagr or Shanahan. And if playing with Dubi doesn’t get some goals for Jagr or Shanny I don’t know what will work. If Dubi can carry the puck in to the zone like he does so well and play the boards and dish off to Jagr or Shanny for one timers it should be as easy as scoring goals in the EA Sports classics NHL 94, 95, 96.

  10. Yea when is that flight? We can put Salty and Malik on it.

    Anyway 1 down 1 to go. Time to sign Avery. Cue the idiots talkin about what he is worth..One word…Tikkanen

  11. Beer me- “Alex, it seems to me like Gomez learned a lot from Scott Stevens, an equally good captain as Sakic. Try again.”

    Drury has some similarities to Sakic, his play on the ice and professionalism are his best leadership qualities…Gomez is nothing like Stevens anywhere…I tried and I scored

    I don’t know about anybody elese but I don’t want to see Dubi centering Jagr ever again…there’s too much pressure for him to give the puck to JAgr so he forces it too much

    I’d like to see Shanny on a line with Jagr, Shanny’s only good letting off his one-timers which Jagr should be setting up…Renney seems to always split them…put Drury or Straka between them to do the dirty work to get the puck out of the corners

  12. Dawes Gomez Prucha
    Avery Drury Callahan
    Shanahan Dubi Jagr
    Straka Betts Orr/Hossa

    Nasty- I’d slide Cally down to 4. Slide Dubi up Drury over and put Straka as you had originally intended. I like your overall idea for sure. I’d keep Orr in the lineup because he’s the only one who fights on a regular basis and well I love that.

  13. Good calls, Alex.


    :smoochez RonZ:

    You buy me a ticket to Russia, I’ll go. I could use some Russian style “stick handling”.


  14. Alex,
    that’s why I think drury struggles when Renney puts him on a line with shanahan and that is why you now see drury scoring more recently and playing better because he hasn’t been playing with shanahan.

  15. It makes you wonder if Renney really has the final say on this team and lines and such. Maybe Sather is back to his old ways and is forcing Tom’s hand.

  16. We have talked about line ups on this blog so many times before….I thought we voted against everyone putting their favorite line combos together?

    My view is that we should speculate on the thought process behind it. That would be more interesting. That being said, it’s hard to speculate on the thought process of someone who has no rhyme or reason to their thoughts.

    I didn’t see the last two games, I was away. Maybe Avery and Dubi are on with Jagr now to provide a little more toughness and grittiness to take some physical pressure off Jags? I mean Dubi’s puck skills have progressed tremendously (dare I say he has become Nylander-esque lately?) and he cleary is a good hitter. Avery always stirs shite up.

    Dawes-SHanny-Gomer clicked very well in preseason, that I remember.

    Straka-Drury-Cally is actually our speedline now and they are grinders.

    The 4th line, Hollweg should be seated in place of Hossa to provide at least a chance of a goal with that line on the ice.

    That’s all I got right now.

  17. Alex, That wasn’t me that said that. I don’t think Drury is as good Sakic anyday, anytime of his career.

    You guys need to chill worrying about what the lines were today. Shanny & Hossa just came back from a long break, and prucha’s hurt. Of course they’re going to be juggled. Further, it’s the first day of practice in 3 days. There’s still 2 more practices before saturday’s game. I’d have to believe they’ll look different again tomorrow. You guys and your lines. Makes me want one.

    nasty – I hope sather’s hand doesn’t reach that far, but I can garuntee you its a big factor with moving guys back n forth to Htfd.

  18. Why doesn’t Drury get paired with Jagr … don’t tell me that was tried before — when? for 2 games in the exhibition season … Put Drury and Jagr together … don’t pull away Dubinsky from his line .. grrrr …

  19. Hockeypuckz also has intriguing line of Dubi-Shanahan-Jagr … Dubi skating the puck in, fighting for it … Jagr keeping it along the boards and feeding Shanahan … that could work …

  20. Drury has shown recently that he excels with faster skaters…Shanny is too slow, and Jagr and Drury’s game do NOT match. Gomez and Dubi were the only ones who ‘worked’.

  21. Repost:

    “zg, your description is awfully close to Jose Theodore’s resume from about 5-6 years back.”

    exactly what I was going to say. haha. plus Henke hasn’t proved his ability to do it consistently. year long stats don’t matter since he played really well for one half and sub par in the other half. if you look at the splits it will show that.

    “Dubinsky’s stock has skyrocket this year, albeit he has come down to earth recently, but if he continues to develop like he has this season, why would he not be in contention for the “C”? ”

    He’s too young. thats why. Can he be a captain in the future? Sure. But its too early to tell if him and Staal are natural born leaders. Unlike Drury, who has led a team at every level, and Gomez, who grew up playing with one of the best captains out there (even though I hate Stevens), Dubi hasn’t really shown signs yet of being that natural born leader either in the locker room or on the ice. It doesn’t mean he can’t do it down the road, but your captain usually isn’t a 21 or 22 year old kid that just got into the league a season ago.

  22. JD:

    I said Dubinksy might be ready after next season, not for next season. How do you know his maturity level? How do any of us? Maybe he is a mature kid and blossoms, it’s merely discussion and speculation, none of us know what will really happen.

    All I hope is the Rangers choose the right captain and not merely because someone makes more money or has a name, but for someone who genuinely loves the sweater, like Messier, Leetch and even Jagr to an extent.

  23. vogs,

    i’m not saying he couldn’t be captain in the long run, I’m just saying for any player that is his age to be captain, he really has to show leadership at all levels. now we haven’t seen it, but we also haven’t seen him be destructive to the club too. maybe if he shows a drastic spike in speaking out and maturity in the locker room next season, then i’d consider giving him an A. I just don’t like it when players are made captain that early because it puts a lot of additional pressure on a guy who isn’t fully established in the NHL yet. give him maybe 4-5 years and I’d say sure, but not before that.

  24. yes, ok, new rule… one must be able to shave before becoming the Captain. Dubi might have to wait for 5 more seasons!

  25. “Anyway 1 down 1 to go. Time to sign Avery. Cue the idiots talkin about what he is worth..One word…Tikkanen”

    Exactly, and I sure as hell wouldn’t pay Tikkanen more than 3 million to agitate. We should sign him only if he doesn’t ask for that much more money than he gets now. I’d say he wants maybe around 3, so at most I’d give him 2.5 and even thats a stretch.

    “Why doesn’t Drury get paired with Jagr … don’t tell me that was tried before—- when? for 2 games in the exhibition season … Put Drury and Jagr together … don’t pull away Dubinsky from his line .. grrrr …”

    And whats funny is that the line combo worked when it was together. They had it opening night with Drury, Jagr and Straka and it clicked for those first couple of games until Marty got hurt. Then they tried them together again with Dawes I think and they had some success. It was never put together though with Marty on the wing again. Either way no matter who is together, some line should be scoring at this point and its not happening (except for the Dawes-Dubi-Prucha line that had success for a decent amount of time). That was still not enough to try to win with though.

  26. oh and btw, Drury and Dawes are pretty much the same player. Watching them on the ice is so funny because of how similar they look, just Dawes is a lefty. But they both have the same tendencies. Its almost like Gomez is training Dubi and Drury is training Dawes. Maybe Malik is training Staal…ok maybe not.

  27. This is from Zip @ practice today…
    Jason Strudwick has grown a moustache, and several writers joked that it made him look a bit like the Ducks’ George Parros. “I don’t know, that’s impressive,” he said of Parros’ distinctive stash.”I think he puts a lot of time into it.”

  28. I’d like to see more grit out of the Defense. Thats what I want both Girardi and Rozi have stepped up offensively but regressed Defensively as we have all noted recently. Toots is lost. Mara shows glimpses but his damn shot can’t hit the nets. he’s like the fulton guy in the Mighty Ducks movies, what was it 1 out of 10 pucks hit the net. Strudwick as much as he is an awesome team guy should start his coaching career and the other guy well we should not even talk about that useless dman anymore. Stall is the only Dman that looks like he knows what he is doing and he’s the rookie. We could also give Girardi a pass because he is only in his firt FULL year.

    We need to make other teams afraid to go past our blueline. We need a Mike Komisarek or a Jovo type player. We might have that in Sauer but we need more of it. 5’9 158lbs and I’d would beat the crap out of out D. I mean Toots has 4 inches on Downie and he got his ass handed to him.

    Just trying to veer away from the line combos and captains etc.

  29. I just realized I’ve spelled Staal wrong yet again. I think it’s because this team aggravates me sometimes and I need to go to the bathroom stall.

  30. no matter what # you put on a line 1 2 3 or 4 what the hell is the difference with renney as coach and playing the “4th” line as much as he does with him they are all just #s

  31. Mara and Toots shoot wide because they have no shooting lane. A lot of fans don’t seem to realize this. A lot of d-men around the league are doing it. It catches the goalie off guard if they shoot it off the back boards and it comes out in front. Goalies were saying it makes them play deeper in the net so they dont get caught.

  32. Johnny D thats part of the problem to the have no shooting lane. But the other half of that problem is how stationary some of the players are in the offensive zone. Certain players cycle better than others but if they created more of a cycle it would open up better shooting lanes for the D when they pass the puck back. What do you think?

  33. I agree 100%. Actually most of our lines don’t cycle the puck down low. Only when Dubi, Dawes, and Prucha play together do I see cycling. The other lines kinda overload and crash the net but dont really move. As soon as Gomez get in the zone he stops and looks for a pass across ice. Its another reason why they aren’t scoring because they are easy to predict for the defense and the goalie.

  34. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me, for a guy that said he was taking the week off right after telling me I should lay off the computer a bit, you certainly have had your fair share of things to say, havent you??? Actually had a busy day at work today so it made day 3 of 5 a bit easier to swallow. Got my tixx sqared away for sat afternoon so im pumped. May have to bring out my Bure jersey since Im a bit ashamed of my #68!Im only effin with you BeerMe. Although it is kinda true…..

  35. Washington @ Atlanta
    Ottawa @ New Jersey
    Montreal @ Florida
    Toronto @ Buffalo
    Boston @ Pittsburgh

    As Rangers fans I would say we obviously cheer for ottawa toronto pittsburgh Florida and I guess just hope Washington Atlanta ends in regulation.

  36. newman it would be nice if SAM would question where the coach comes up with these combos & why, but the answer would be turned into an epic. I have to admit Renney comes up with some no fan had the nerve to suggest. Maybe Renney would give Sam the ok on a fan poll their pick of the lines & he has to play them. They’d probably win 6-1.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Does anyone remember the Prucha to Chicago for Seabrook rumors from last year? Tell me you wouldn’t LOVE that trade right now.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Dawes-Gomez-Shanahan was amazing during the preseason and I’m [not] surprised it has taken 60 games for him to give it another shot. I think that if Shanahan is going to be useful at all, that’s the kind of linemates he needs: fast, fast, fast.

  39. i remember and i was pissed the trade didnt happen, last year for some reason chicago was willing to part with seabrook, i wish we would have jumped on the oppurtunity

  40. Watchig the Devils game now–nothing else to do–no Rangers game–
    I am having sadistic visions of checking Chico Reche into the boards as he comes out of the net behind the goal and in his squeaky Mr. Bill voice as his head smashes into glass he squeals–“OOOOOOOOO-NOOOOOOOO!.”

  41. Why I distrust Ranger management. Saw this on another site:

    I just thought peeps would enjoy. These are The Rangers 1st round draft picks and the players they passed over for them. It’s pretty interesting.

    James Patrick – passed over Al MacInnis & Chris Chelios
    Chris Kontos- passed over Ken Daneyko, Pat Flatley, Pat Verbeek, Ulf Samuelsson, Ray Ferraro
    Dave Gagner- passed over Jeff Beukeboom, Claude Lemieux, Bob Probert, Petr Klima, Joe Kocur, Kevin Stevens, Rick Tocchet, Dominik Hasek, Uwe Krupp
    Terry Carkner – passed over Kevin Hatcher, Scott Mellanby, Stephane Richer, Patrick Roy, Michal Pivonka, Kirk McLean, Brett Hull, Cliff Ronning, Gary Suter, Mike Peluso
    Ulf Dahlen – passed over Sean Burke, Joe Nieuwendyk, Benoit Hogue
    Brian Leetch
    Jayson More – passed over Joe Sakic, Stephane Matteau, John LeClair, Mathieu Schneider
    Nordiques received 1st round 5th pick from Rangers as compensation for head coach Michel Bergeron. Could have had a shot at 8th pick Jeremy Roenick, 9th pick Rod Brind’Amour & 10th pick Teemu Selanne, 3rd rounders Mark Recchi, Joe Juneau & Rob Blake. 4th rounder Alexander Mogilny. 7th rounder Valeri Kamensky
    Steven Rice – passed over Adam Foote, Nicklas Lidstrom, Sergei Fedorov, Pavel Bure, Dallas Drake, Vladimir Konstantinov
    Michael Stewart – passed over Martin Brodeur, Brad May, Keith Tkachuk, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Valeri Zelepukin
    Alexei Kovalev – passed over Markus Naslund, Martin Rucinsky, Dean McAmmond, Chris Osgood, Michael Nylander, Mike Knuble
    Peter Ferraro – passed over Valeri Bure, Mike Peca, Matthew Barnaby,
    Niklas Sundstrom – passed over Jocelyn Thibault, Todd Bertuzzi, Saku Koivu, Jay Pandolfo, Jamie Langenbrunner
    Dan Cloutier – passed over Patrik Elias, Richard Zednik, Evgeny Nabokov
    Whalers traded Pat Verbeek to Rangers for Glen Featherstone, Michael Stewart, 1995 first round pick which was #13-Jean-Sebastien Giguere.
    Jeff Brown – passed over Daniel Briere, Matt Cullen, Zdeno Chara
    Stefan Cherneski – passed over Joe Corvo, Brian Campbell
    Manny Malhotra – passed over Nikolai Antropov, Alex Tanguay, Simon Gagne, Scott Gomez, Jonathan Cheechoo, Jarkko Ruutu, Erik Cole, Brian Gionta, Shawn Horcoff, Trent Hunter, Pavel Datsyuk, Michael Ryder
    Pavel Brendl– passed over Mike Commodore, Mike Comrie, Brian McGrattan, Ryan Malone, Ryan Miller, Radim Vrbata
    8th pick – Lightning traded 1999 first round pick (#4-Pavel Brendl) to Rangers for Dan Cloutier, Niklas Sundstrom, 2000 first round pick (#8-Nikita Alexeev), 2000 third round pick (#74-Igor Radulov) ….passed over Alexander Frolov, Jarret Stoll, Mike Rupp
    Dan Blackburn – passed over R.J. Umberger, Derek Roy, Mike Cammalleri, Jason Pominville, Ray Emery, Cory Stillman, Derek Boogaard, Cristobal Huet, Martin Gerber
    10th pick – Panthers traded Pavel Bure, 2002 second round pick (#33-Lee Falardeau) to Rangers for Igor Ulanov, Filip Novak, 2002 first round pick (#10-Eric Nystrom) 2002 second round pick (#40-Rob Globke), 2003 fourth round pick (#116-Guillaume Desbiens) …passing over Alexander Semin, Chris Higgins, Alexander Steen, Cam Ward, Jarret Stoll
    Hugh Jessiman – passing over Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Mike Richards, Corey Perry, Patrick Eaves, Patrice Bergeron
    Al Montoya – passing over Mike Green

  42. Lohan – I don’t know what’s worse. Not sticking to the week off, or you noticing. haha Two days was enough to regather my thoughts. More importantly focus on how to ignore those comments that it’s just so hard to and ‘pick battles’ so to speak. I think I have it figured out.

  43. lenny, most of those picks really weren’t that bad. plus at the time some of them were the best pick available. hindsight is 20/20. i’m sure had they known how some of those guys would’ve turned out, then they would’ve picked other players. the worst though by far was still hugh jessiman as nothing he showed before he was picked proved he was better than getz, perry, parise or most of the other guys picked after him.

  44. Lenny – you have too much time on yoiur hands. so how are all those picks Renney’s fault. and I looked quickly but Kovalev was not a mistake or 1994 never would have happened.

  45. Ouch. Even 6.5M was too high. What kind of bids was Sather expecting if Henrik got to RFA status?!? We now will have 37-40% of our cap for next year going to 3 players.

  46. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me- I dont even have the energy for arguing about lines/captains/draft picks this week. I am pissed that I cant really grow a mustache (it was my idea before Struds). Am sitting in Section 122 Sat, my buddy scored some good ones for us. Anyone ever take a look at any of those 70s brawls on YouTube I sent around? Or the soccer dives? Good Stuff….

  47. What all those other teams do this week is beside the point. If the Rangers play the way they’re capable of and win like they’re supposed to they’ll easily make the playoffs and could still win the division. The big question isn’t how Boston or Buffalo or the Devils or Flyers are doing. There are plenty of games left and the Rangers destiny is still in their own hands despite their best efforts to flush it all away up until this point. The big question is will the Rangers actually play like they’re capable of, or will they continue to play .500 hockey…

  48. lenny nyr with a claic lenny post.

    James patrick in 81, the guy played about 15 yrs. but Lenny thinks every yr. the rngers should draft the guy who has the best career . to lenny if it is the 24 th pick or the 2nd it does not matter. yeah they have many poor picks absolutely but lundqvist in the 7th round or marc staal with the 18th pick or girardi as a FA pickup or others don’t make Lenny’s list.

    Tyutin 24 yrs old 1st round pick(I think) how was that pick, that is right I forgot the Rangers could have gotten Phaneuf or someone else who was a igher pick. the whole post is moronic, yeah, Malhotra, blackburn, Jessimen, and others were bad picks but that occured over about 3 regimes and again the rangers had no oppty to draft crosby. malkin, oveschkin, etc………..

  49. I’m disappointed nobody has come up with a picture of Strudwick at today’s practice, even Sam on his cell phone.

    LI Joe – lenny said he found the stats elsewhere.
    stuart – You have to admit that’s a pretty bad track record. There’s a few years there that I can’t really see a problem, and obviously you expect some bad ones, but that’s a really bad run. Good thing they’ve been able to find late-round and undrafted talent or we wouldn’t have Henrik, Girardi, Dawes, Prucha today.

    I can’t see the justification, based on other goalies’ contracts, for this Lundqvist deal. He is only in his third year, winning six playoff games. I would guess that Meehan argued that he has been so good so early with the two Vezina noms and the Olympic gold medal that he can only get better, but I’m not sure how the value didn’t go lower than this seeing how he has played this year. I’m a bit ticked, especially since we’re in ninth now. Thankfully, we have three more games against Buffalo and all of our division opponents.

  50. Yeah but the point is those guys were pretty good going into the draft so we can’t just say “wow how did they not see that coming?” At that point they couldn’t have known some of those guys were gonna turn out the way they did. Even Blackburn was a pretty highly touted prospect. We don’t even know what would’ve happened with him because his career ended too early. Thats why I say the only crappy picks on there were Jessiman, More, and Carkner. Other than that I’d say they wasn’t all that bad at the time.

  51. Off topic but being from Los Angeles, I’m not as well versed on Ranger and Madison Square Garden traditions so I thought I’d ask you guys:

    My friend and I attended the Los Angeles-New York game on February 5th and we’ve been having a friendly disagreement ever since. So here’s the question: After the Rangers score, during the celebration, does the crowd say “Whoaaaa” or “Goooaaal” repeatedly with the music? I watched my fair share of New York games and I’ve always thought it was “Whoaa”. My friend thinks that’s just dumb and that the fans are saying “Goooal” because that just makes sense. What’s the verdict? Thanks guys.

  52. spiderpig the reangers have had many many bad picks but the way Lenny shows it is very misleading..

    When is the last time the Rangers had the 1st pick??

    To compare the 27 th pick to the 1st is really hard to do..

    Yeah Jessiman looks like a disaster for sure but ; staal, tyutin, henrik, and others were good picks..

    to talk about there 1981 pick in 2008 is a joke. who was the GM? The rangers also blew it by not picking gretzky, yzerman, messier, scott stevens, and brodeur.. Sounds ridiculous huh!!!!!!

  53. Lunquist’s 6-year 6.5M deal far too much money, particularly the way he’s been playing lately. He sure as hell better start earning it as soon as possible.

  54. In 3 season’s time Lundqvist, Gomez and Drury will seem like good value. The cap next year should be 54m and if it continues at a similar rate will be at least 60m when we hit the mid point of Gomer and Hank’s contracts.
    A contract like that for Hank means we will be shopping Montoya, his cap hit of £1.8m is too much for a back-up given that Vally is doing a good job at a third of that money.
    Another thing about spening money locking up your best players means that we cannot sign too many vets or UFA’s and when Shanny, Straka and Jagr are gone they will be replaced with young talent from within, apart from maybe 1 big money free agent (or via trade) winger – bring on Marian Hossa i say.

  55. I really wish slats didn’t agree to that limited NTC. Hank really took us to the cleaners. If he thinks he had pressure on him before. Wait until he sees what happens after his next bad stretch of games.

    Not sure who mentioned Brodeur. He gave Lou a big hometown discount. It’s a way that successful teams STAY successful.

  56. I can’t understand why so many people are coming down so hard on Lundqvist for this contract. How can 2 months of bad play discount everything this guy has done for 2 1/2 years? In case you hadn’t noticed but the entire team has played like crap for 2 months. You can’t blame Lundqvist for this teams lack of scoring or for the countless 2 on 1’s he encounters every game.

  57. I am right there with you Rob. I mean if there is any position that you give a little more to, IMO it is your goalie, especially if you have a good goalie. They are definitely hard to come by, and even with his play this year I think he is still one of the best in the world. If you had to rank the top 5 in the world he is on that list.

  58. Bring back Lohan on

    Liza, I too was at that game and had a life altering event. For years I have been singing Whooooooaaaaaaaoooooooo. I even have my wife sing the song sometimes! Well on 2/5 after Avery’s goal I looked up and the big scoreboard said GOAL!!!!! and then Hey! They are actually giving us the lyrics!!!

  59. Rob L What have you done for us lately? Per UK Ranger post , when you tie up so much money how can you sign UFA’s after Shanahan, Jagr & Straka leave. Kind of risky.

  60. Furthermore, last year Lunquist stole many games for us. This year we’ve lost at least (6) games on soft goals and his inability to clear rebounds. He’s far off his game.

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