Valiquette start shows needed flexibility


The great knock against Tom Renney is that he is loyal to a fault, which is why his decision to start Stephen Valiquette over Henrik Lundqvist can be considered a departure from the norm.

Again, no one is saying that Valiquette is ready to challenge for the No. 1 job. He’s a career backup who hasn’t started back-to-back games in four years. But he was unquestionably the right choice given the run he’s on, and the fact that Lundqvist has been less than King-like recently.

Sometimes you play your gut, and Renney did that today. It may mean bruising a young goaltender’s ego. But part of being a good coach is knowing you can’t make everyone happy.

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  1. That delay of game was called for Valiquette not playing the puck after he caught it because there was nobody around. A Capital skated through, then maybe he just didn’t want to put the puck in play. That’s kinda bogus.

  2. The good news is that Kolzig is on the downside of his career.

    Nice goal by Umberger on the power play for Philly. 1-0
    I’ll just be peachy if that game ends in regulation.

  3. Not only is Avery costing us goals (hopefully not right now), he is costing himself money with all his complaining to the officials leading to penalties and penalty shots. Let Renney do it if it’s necessary. It’s less likely that a call will be made on him. Or leave it for the C or A’s to do, since they’re “allowed” to talk to the refs.

  4. They’re replaying the Super Bowl on NFL Network right now if you wanna be inspired all over again, since the end will be on during the intermission, as they’re in the fourth quarter already; just had the play where Manning got away and threw it a bit too far for an open Burress.

  5. In case they have the Pittsburgh feed on YouTube, the Flyers announcers said that Downie told the refs to not break it up, then he got a few good punches in, then he decided the fight was over and skated away. What a strange and a-hole-ish dude!

  6. Ah, they just had the Manning to Tyree play on NFL Network. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that! I must have seen it at least 50 times already, since every time they show it, they show at least three replays.

  7. Yea, I love that catch, I was about to change and put it on, but now that I missed the pay it won’t be as great. But one time when they replay it I need to record it. Maybe I will buy the dvd when it comes out, but I want the whole game. Damn I wish I had taped it live…

  8. I was actually considering buying the subscription to SI even though I have ESPN already because they are giving you a DVD, football, and book.

  9. So if MSG has the ability to use that above-goal camera for replays, how come they never use it during live action on the power play. It’s good to show the shooting lanes.

  10. Bring back Lohan on

    wow, i just watched some of downie’s videos. Holy SHIT what an asshole. He is really the dirtiest player I have ever seen. I really am disgusted. Between the hit leaving his feet, the clawing of Clarkson, sucker punching Blake, swinging his stick and putting it near the throat of a guy in Juniors. Holy shit, i hate him!

  11. i notice they really arent setting up jagr as much as they did the last couple of seasons….that really shows how much confidence they have lost in him

  12. i know a lot of people wont agree with me but i have to make a case that malkin is a better player than crosby, just look what he is doing with the penguins right now, basically carrying the team on his back

  13. Playing Rozival with Jagr on powerplay has to stop. Rozy WILL NOT SHOOT even though he has a great shot…might as well have strugs out there

  14. Poor Prucha. Well, at least the next game the Rangers play Shanny will be there so Renney doens’t have to call up another forward.

  15. Jagr is so lost his teammates have given up on him. Avery and Gomex passed on several chances to give him the puck in the neutral zone

  16. Okay, if this b.s. Washington feed on Center Ice goes to the Redksins coaching press conference again, I’m gonna freak out.

  17. Spiderwig,

    Handsowood missed two goals tonight. And takes crap penalties at crap times. And intimidates no one.

    Okay, that sucked, see? He should be benched for a long time.

  18. The rest of his day was terrible, I thought that was unlucky, and Mike Green kills us again. Too bad we couldn’t keep ’em off the scoreboard at the end of the second period. Hopefully, Prucha is healthy for next game, so Renney can consider sitting out Hollweg. Unfortunate for Staal, who had a good game otherwise. Now let’s sit back and see how many teams pass us. Even Buffalo has a chance! :( My jersey recently is now 4-0-1, but it still got us a point. I’ll be wearing it next weekend.

  19. Valli did, gotta say Hollweg had no reason to be on the ice at that pint, that penalty really stings. And Girradi was way ut of postion on the first two goals. Renney needs to use this week to practice hard…

  20. Blue Clue

    Amen. The fear coming off Renney, the desperation not to lose rather than to win is pitiful.

    How many games has the beneath-contempt PP cost this team so far this season?

  21. Why does Renney love the 4th line with a minute left. It’s like he never wants to see us go for the win with under a minute left.

    Why is Hollweg on this team?

  22. is it just me, or is Jagr done lately….if it weren’t for his efficient handling of the puck in the corners, he would really be useless

  23. give me another Chris Drury….he hits, he scores and he is the best defensive center we have…always on his belly blocking something in front of net….i was a huge defender of Jagr, but one demensional lately

  24. onecupin67years on

    Hollewig is a major liability..seldom scores or sets up a score..seldom fights when needed ,he just skates around the ice trailing the play…play someone else.

  25. Bring back Lohan on

    My post game thoughts (not that you asked for them)
    1) Rozi is awful. He turns it over sooooooo much. I mean think about this one and the one at the end of the game yesterday. I mean he really just suck.
    2) Remember Chateau BowWow as JD used to call it? I think Jagr really needs to be benched. There have been moments (and I mean moments) where Jagr has shown bursts, but he just doesnt even try now.
    3) What will it take for Renney to not play Hollweg at the end of periods? I dont think he should play at all, but he only can hurt us at times like these….
    4) PP is awful. Pearn should be fired IMO. Jagr should be considered for the Penalty Killing unit. He is always the opposition’s best player on the Penalty Kill on NYR PPs. Its like they are trying to run out the PP clock. I hate watching Rozi and Jagr, w/ Straka not far behind. Is it bad if I say I hate the Chech Republic???
    5) There is nothing more obnoxious and irritating than Ovechkin after a goal he is on the ice for. The fast skate away from the net towards center, sometimes the on the knee fist pump. FUCK him! He is more of a bitch than Crosby. Someone will go Dale Hunter on his ass sometime soon. Its like throwing your bat in the air after a no doubter home run. He’ll get his due in time….

  26. onecupin67years on

    nymig- in renney’s mind they almost won or tied. so all is well. they have a week plan the cup drive.

  27. Last season he would play for the win, he would put our top line out against other teams top lines, and let them change their game, not us. Now he is timid. I don’t know when he lost his confidence in the team, but how can he expect them to have confidecne when he doesn’t have any in them himself??

  28. vally gave us a chance to win the game. I think it was the right choice to play him.

    Those 2 saves/missed opportunities by Avery/Drury could have been the difference.

    Staal played well against the Gr8 one. It’s tough to stop the guy.

    It’s still a point, and it’s better than a loss. I think if you looked at it Friday and said vally is starting both, 3pts would have seemed like a longshot. At least we took 2 from the div team.

    It’s all about the divisional games here on out.

    Gonna be tough to sit and watch the next 5 days.

  29. one point is actually huge. i personally thought they played hard. the comment about lacking backbone was horrible whoever said it. u have guys like tyutin and Doobs fighting they are def sticking up for each other 7 fights in 2 games. Hollweg is just not disciplined he is an asshole and when everyone is healthy he should def be sat. anyway they need the extra point but hopefully they use this break wisely.

  30. hey, come on Mark!…he scored a goal once this year…actually though, he plays a huge part as long as he’s not taking bad penalties and turning the puck over..but don’t know why he is on the ice with 1 min left

  31. Bring back Lohan on

    He is an effin weasel, If I were Dolan I would walk down during this interview and FIRE HIM! In response to the question of how he will use this week off he said “We’ll be watching the other teams this week ro pick up on some things they do technically” Is he kidding. How bout we will work on our PP? We will learn not to turn it over constantly. We will keep in shape and work on our offense. NOOOO, instead he will be watching videotape naturally, eh! Naturally? what the hell is that word always used for. From now on I think I will use that word on a daily basis, maybe everytime I speak like our fearless leader. Lets see how long it take someone to punch me in the face. That would hurt naturally! I wasnt that upset after this game, but then I watched that weasel talking and I am mad naturally, eh!

  32. I would have loved 2 points, but I will take 3. We played hard in both games and we are getting chances and sticking up for each other. I have no problem with that at all. I only wish we started to play like this a little earlier in the season. Now, unfortunately, it is scoreboard watching time. Hopefully it doesn’t get too boring on this blog here.

  33. Lohan – take a break from your computer man! haha

    glad you pointed out pearn on the pp, it’s his job.

    I actually like that ovy gets fired up after goals like that. Sure it sux that this one was against us, but I’d rather see that than ‘big-lipped cindy’ in my face.

    I think I’m going to be on hiadus myself this week. Too much ‘this guy sux, that guy sux’ here lately. Kinda lame. There’s still a 1/4 of the season left and we’ve played well vs. our div and this break will hopefully help us. I’m really hoping it’ll help Shanny rest up for a big run. A healthy shanny and Drury finding his hands could give life to the 2nd line. Now we just have to figure out how to dump Jags in the Hudson without anyone seeing.

    Have a good week everyone.

  34. reginald dunlop on

    hopefully that was hollweg’s last chance to show he could be relied on…….just a lazy play……..hope there is someone in hartford who could do his job….next, trade rozsival who has been terrible since thanksgiving…..defensive liability who now doesnt score enough to cover up dzone mistakes…..over the next five days, Girardi should be sent down to hartford—so he can remember how much better it is in the nhl… excuse for his lazy lackluster play……wake up danny boy your job is not all that secure……..

  35. Bring back Lohan – I like AO a lot more than Sid. I think AO just has more fun, whines less, and takes the body. I don’t know where you found so much contempt of him.

    Hopefully Malik comes back next game in place of Strudwick, though Strudwick played much better these last two games than the two losses to the West. I’m glad that Renney put Mara on Jagr’s PP unit because he likes to sit back and fire the puck towards the net.

  36. Bring back Lohan on

    Yeah Beer, sorry bout that. Im fired up naturally!!! The team did play better. I just cant stand the post game interviews.

  37. I am sure someone on here will find something to bitch about during the week. P.S. Valli is more than an adequate back up goalie. I hope we hang on to him.

  38. Everyone’s making far too big an issue of the layoff. Just close your eyes and pretend there’s a game Wednesday at MSG against a Western Conference team —- no points anyhow under that scenario.

  39. Bring back Lohan on

    I dont mind the reaction for a game winner or huge goal. He just does it EVERY time. Yeah, I hate Crosby, I was just frustrated. Im going to go watch my favorite player, George Parros

  40. I am going to take responsibility for the loss. I was drinking Dr. Pepper before the game started, and I spilled some on my jersey. I took it off and my wife grabbed it and stain sticked it and put it in the wash while I was in the bathroom. I had a chicken cheese steak talking back at me, if you know what I am saying. I told her it was bad luck and she just laughed. But in the end I think that is what cost us the game. I am 5-0 when I wear the jersey at home when they play. Sorry guys.

  41. beer me….spoken like a grounded fan…we are not the Red Wings…though we might be after getting Drury and Gomez but it is what it is. We will make the playoffs! The kids are totally stepping up..
    Now, who is a student of the game?? What should be happening on PP? peppering the net or waiting for the one perfect shot?? PP drives me crazy…why do we have all these stars if no one shoots?

  42. Hollweg is saying now that,” sometimes things just happen.”

    Instead of apologizing and taking responsibility for his dumb ass penalty, he blames it on chance.

    He should never get another CHANCE to wear the blue sweater again-

  43. i can’t listen to the post game stuff unless they win…i had golf on before they even left the ice!

  44. Games this week for Buffalo and Boston
    Tonight Florida @ Buffalo
    Tuesday Buffalo @ Ottawa
    Wednesday Toronto @ Buffalo

    Tuesday Carolina @ Boston
    Wednesday Boson @ Pittsburgh

  45. Fucking asshole Renney defends his teams performance instead of blasting them. Renney’s gem quote:

    “Back to back one o’clock games with the home team being ready for you, we didn’t do so bad.”

    Any other coach would not make such a lame excuse.

  46. Another unwatchable end to a game the Rangers should have won. Tom Renney has got to go. He is a very smart, dedicated and well prepared coach. But his bench coaching is so bad that it erases everything else. When is he going to stop this crap with the fourth line. We are not the Buffalo Sabres of 2007. We can’t roll four lines equally.
    Our fourth line is supposed to be our “checking” line. They are a combined -26. How can you justify THAT as a checking line against the other teams best players. In the 60s and 70s when we had the Tkachuk line checking, they could actually score goals as well. So at the end of every period when the other team uses it’s most talented players, the Rangers continually use their least talented players. No chance of scoring a goal to win and giving up goals (end of second to tie) and power plays (end of third).
    In addition our other players can’t get any flow to their game because they don’t get enough ice.
    WAKE THE F UP RENNEY OR THIS SEASON IS OVER! A coach is supposed to give his team the best chance to win. You are not.
    And just sit down the Jagr PP unit. No shots, no chances. Isn’t it time Perry Pearn starts taking a little heat. His responsibilities are defense and power play. When the power play has been this bad for two years, it’s time to get another PP coach.

  47. enginecap – I guess you’re new around here?? There’s only a few of us that think this team can be successful this year. You one of them?

    nasty – how could you do that!!?? That’s why I waited until the 1st to have my uncles famous chili!! I almost had it last night… haha

    I don’t think you can look at the PP as pepper the goalie or wait for the perfect shot. A good PP knows no difference. We saw today what LOTS of people were looking for for a while, to start the ‘2nd’ pp unit. But you still find something to bitch about anyway.

  48. lenny – thanks for adding that there. you are truly one of those f’n idiots. they just took 3 out of 4 pts with a back-up goalie in net cause our #1 has been plyaing like sh-t and…. forget it. did you even watch the game? they played hard stupid.

    see you guys later in the week.

  49. How many freaking times has the pathetic pp cost this team the game? I’d like to list em all but there aren’t enough hours in the day. It seems like groundhog day Rangers have a one goal lead and have a pp that kills their own momentum and give up the tying goal minutes later. Well that happened again as the team slept walked the last few minutes of the second period. The team did a good job of controlling the play the first half of the game but the pp wouldn’t allow em to pull away. After a bad start due to a bogus call and an Ovie goal. The Dubinsky line was solid imo. Straka even showed some life and Cally and Drury played well. Avery as all over the place and Jagr showed some life yet continues not to be able to finish. They say that hands are the first thing to go. The Caps d other than Green and Schultz is pretty terrible. I wish the Rangers had a dman like Green. He reminds me of a young Scott Niedermeyer. Kolzig to his credit staved off father time and made some incredible saves. How Drury(off an amazing pass by Dawes) and Avery didn’t score I’ll never know. Valley as fairly solid imo. Tyutin and Girardi had a sleepy game and at times seems intimidated by Oveckin Tyutin espicially. It seemed like Ovexchkin had the puck on his stick the entire second half of the game. There is not a player that can match his skill. He is too big and strong along with being too fast and has to great of a shot to be stopped some total package huh? Late in the third it seemed like the Rangers were playing for the point on the other hand the Caps were going for the kill. On an offensive zone faceoff Renney kept the Betts out there. What in the world was Hollweg doing on the ice late against guys like Green and Ovechkin? If you wanna play conservative and look for a defensive conscience there get the Drury line out there not a guy that takes alot of penalties. I think Green had twenty feet of room to wire the puck before he decided to shoot. The stretch run will be tough you hope there it will be a trade for a dman that can help this defense and the pp. They need Shanny and Jagr to turn the clock back the last 6 weeks of the season and that likely isn’t possible. At least Gomez, Drury and the young players are playing well. They more than anything need Hank to kick it in gear the next 6 weeks.

  50. beer me stop defaming people already. My god if you disagree with someone try to do it without blowing a gasket. Is it that hard?

  51. For Beer me it is. Any coach worth his salt wouldn’t accept anything less than 2 points in as important a game as this, especially when it was his inept coaching that was responsible.

    Speaking of Beer Me, we are all entitled to our ideas and can argue back and forth defending our points but when I see name calling and personal insults, tells me the other guy got nothing intelligent to argue back with and his argument is finished.

  52. I went to the game today at Washingtion and I know we blew today, but warmups were pretty funny.

    I was standing where the Rangers warmup and right next to the glass was a Caps fan with his girlfriend. The Cap fan had a sign that said:

    “Avery 4 AHL”

    Well Avery was warming up and suddenly saw the sign. He skates over, starts jabbing away at this guy, and the guy jabs back. Not sure what they said. So Avery skates away.

    He comes back after he takes a few shots, looks at the girlfriend, says “Call Me” while making a phone with his fingers. He skates away again, this time to the bench.

    He comes back with a puck in his hand and flips it over to the glass to the girl and has a grin on his face. The puck said:

    “Dump that loser”

    The Cap fan was pissed, stunned; Avery saw the reaction, laughed and skated off.

    Meanwhile all the Rangers fans right next to this were laughing their asses off.

  53. Name that Song? on

    Does anyone know the name of the song they play during game intermissions that is a slow-motion montage and goes “oh oh oh ohhhhhhh ….”?

    Can’t find ANYONE who knows, and of course since the NHL forced the team to give up control of their website, the music lists are no longer posted online.

    Thanks —

  54. This team has never embraced playing to win, because of Renney, I believe. The whole “system” is about trying not to lose, including playing for overtime. I am starting to think this attitude is the poison in every element of the Rangers’ game, and the reason for their season long underachievement.

    The one person who seems to have realized it’s crap and quietly begun playing to win, which is his historical mode: Chris Drury.

    And we’ve all seen what the shift has done to his game, his confidence, and his stats.

  55. i really don’t get the negativity, especially over renney. washington has been one of the better teams in the league over the past two months, and we had played a hard fought battle the day before. renney put us in a position to win.

    we controlled the puck for most of the game, although key turnovers did put washington in a position to score. valiquette, however, was very good once again.

    it comes down to execution – we had a number of quality scoring chances late in the game, and kolzig came up big…but it’s the same old story for this team. the rangers try to play perimeter hockey and fail to get that needed sustained pressure on a rebound or secondary scoring chance.

    today was a better effort than that very trend we have seen all season, but you still have to finish.

  56. and chris f., great point about drury. he’s playing his ass off and finally feels comfortable in our offense.

  57. Few thoughts. Renney sucks with his “roll-the-lines”, even with game on the edge and need to win he OVERPLAYS his fourth line, so how many goals combined Hollweg/Betts/Orr scored this year? You know the answer. Stupid Renney’s tactics lost the game for us, no doubt about it. Why don’t put Gomez, Drury, Jagr, Avery and Mara for the last shifts? Do you want to WIN, Renney??? Yes, you do but you don’t know how… another thing is that Sather really SHOULD TRADE JAGR before Trade Deadline. Trade him for draft picks, come on! Before it’s too late! TRADE JAGR!!! TRADE HIM!!!

  58. Can this defense be any softer. Ok – we cant make a good break out pass or get the puck out when there is pressure, but just once I’d like to see Girardi or Tyutin stand up at the blue line and take the eff’in body. Also, that penalty at the end is on totally on Rozival who had an easy chance to clear just prior to Hollweg’s penalty. Hope we get a good look at Sanguinetti in March. This is starting to feel like 92-93.

  59. tim,

    to be honest, i think drury’s playing well because he’s removed himself from the system a bit. now he’s playing to win, his style, not clampdown Renney style.

  60. crybaby Brian Burke must have released tears into Colin Camby’s soup bowl,so refs give Ducks a win….what a soft goalie interference call that was!!!

  61. Agravaine-If you read the comments here regularly it should be obvious. Now maybe i was to harsh, not everyone here is an asshole but most are. I know every one is entitled to their opinion,but some of the stuff you read here and other places is just dumb.

  62. Beer Me, still throwing insults and cursing?

    One of the great things about this forum is the exchange of ideas. When someone has no ideas, or simply cannot defend his own position, he resorts to insults.

    Beer Me, another bad day at work? Sunday?

    Why not withold the insults and attempt to present an argument and defend it with ideas, rather than “Did you even see the game??” statements which only project your own inability to express yourself.

    This is a great forum, but go easy on the insults. If you are having a “bad day” lay off people who just want to discuss Ranger games, coaches, players, strategy, etc.

    Find another venue to vent your frustration.

  63. Timmay – that is a priceless story, among my favorites of the year. I hope Sam sees that one.

    I’m honestly pretty surprised at how negative a reactiopn this game is drawing from people. They got 3 of 4 points this weekend, they showed up to play today, yeah 4 would have been better, but its not like they didn’t bother to show like the LA game or made terrible mistakes like against Anaheim.

  64. Cleary Hollweg has to go. Also, Renney cannot keep putting the HBO line out there with the game on the line. If we’re going to lose, I want to lose with my best out there.

  65. The future is bright for the Rangers…

    Trade Jagr for a d prospect
    Turn the team over to Gomez, with the C. No more Czech bullying.

    Dump and chase. “boring, defense first” devils-like hockey.

    We have lots of youth ready to fight for positions

    The hold the puck, pretty pass perimeter hockey is coming to an end.

    Too bad Shanny isn’t young enough to enjoy it. He loves that tough play that Jagr doesn’t.

    We are not going to be a .500 team next year watching Malik pass the puck in front of Lundqvst….we are not going to see all the pretty passes….

    Lundqvst will be back. He needs consistent d in front of him and will regain his form.

    We need a coach who will allow lines to develop and stay with them.

    A new coach that we WON’T be wondering, in February, which d man is out for Malik, or what line mate will have to get used to this new one or that new one…

  66. timmay

    sorry that story was wonderful I had to share it but I credited you I promise!!

    Yea it is good that they got three points. I think people are negative about this game because we did play well and it looked so good for so long, then the late second period goal, and the penalty….

    three out of four isn’t bad, but also you know its ok to step back and realize that but right away we should be angry that we lost it. Renney was making excuses immediately when he should have started by being angry at the late penalty and such. Everyone is reacting this way becasue of, in part, a lack of passion evidenced form the coach (which isn’t to say he doesn’t have it, we just dont see it)

  67. seamus – you of all should talk. You’ve fired away at people here, and above all I’m starting to see in a “seamus, doodie, salty way” that it’s hard to get your point through to people sometimes. We all have different opinions of what should be the course of action for our beloved blueshirts, unless sitting in the GM office, none of it means sh-t. But I know that at least you know sometimes you read such inane things here that its hard to even try to read. I think its finally got to me.

    I read things here months before I started the whole “BeerMe!” thing. And the insight that I thought I was joining was what drew me to post. I didn’t always read what I agreed with, and it often wasn’t positive, but it was comprehensible. The garbage that has been spewed since late in 2007 makes it hard to believe that I watch the same team. I guess its a matter of perception. And a matter of faith. The ‘Johnny come lately’s’ make us look like shumcks that used a big payroll to defy nhl stature.

    I want to post this link again. Not b/c I think anyone missed it, but b/c it’s that good. I hate Brooks’ column, but they guy spoke so clear on this one it should be ignored. This speaks indirectly to the ‘problem’ with the Rangers. And the return for such a piece of a puzzle could be huge.

  68. Beer Me,

    I express opinions, make jokes about malik’s play, but you don’t read me calling names. Eventually, Sam asks that no one does that when it gets bad enough. It is not my way. I don’t say, Well, I am insulting you, rather than answer you, because I am having a bad day. That is a cop out.

    I would respect your posts, whether or not I agree with them, if you simply made your point, attempted to back it up, and drew a conclusion.

    If you think I throw insults, you have me mixed up with someone else

    e-mail Sam and ask him who resorts to cursing and name calling. He tries to keep this board clean.

    You run out of ideas, or you disagree with someone and right away you start with the broad and nasty brush.

    Not my way…I have no idea what you mean about salty, doodie, etc.

    There are times where I simply post that I stand corrected, admit I am wrong, or dig in my heels on a position. But, I don’t dismiss someone as a “typical ****** Ranger fan” just for holding to a postion.

  69. Richard Zednick of the FLorida Panthers got his throat cut in today’s game. I have heard conflicting reports as to whether he is stable or critical, please pray for him.

  70. Beer me – stay with the postings which are usually insightfull. you’re not as alone in your thoughts as you think. for me it’s been very busy with work and a few, actually 3, really pi**ed me off to the point that it became more trouble than it’s worth.

    TSN is reporting Zednik is in stable condition and that was also announced to the crowd before the game was over.

  71. I’m glad he’s ok. Unfortunately, Buffalo won. Fortunately, we get to play them three more times.

    Agravine – I was thinking of the goalie interference call on Jagr, which was actually in a Boston game.

  72. Atta a boy Lenny don’t let beer nuts get away with that. Well a game that should have been won. Some good things by Calli.Dawes,Dubi,Drury. But some bad things that seem to be a recurring thing. Toots on the pp why? Toots ,Girardi and staal need to be more physical especially when a player hits our goalie they should be going after them instead of just looking at them.Toots bad mistakes and can’t hit the dam net. Of course we were playing one man down because i don’t remember seeing jagr out there, as usual. If freaking sather doesn’t dump this ahole he’s worse than I thought. If he doesn’t or can’t dump him he better let him walk along with rosi, martin and john oh wait that was a song. LMAO

  73. I’m very happy with 3 out of 4 points over the weekend. I thought the Rangers outplayed the Caps yesterday and deserved a better fate but I’ll take the point.

    Sather better be working the phones to get a defenseman in here by the weekend. We could use a point man for the powerplay or someone to replace Strudwick. He is being badly overused.

    Why is Tyutin on the powerplay? Staal is so much better with the puck and deserves a shot over Tyutin.

  74. I was at the game and agree with tim 100%. good game by valiquette. my main criticism right now is jagr not trying new things. his “old” game, sitting by the half boards and trying to get a shot off, coughing up the puck, well, its obviously not working. rangers played a good game and I am glad they are playing the “other” pp unit and rewarding players who are working hard.

  75. I liked playing Vali twice. Orr is a nice 4th line player, Hollweg is NOT. I’d take Jessiman at this point. I am so tired of watching the defensemen trying to stick away the 2nd and 3rd rebounds instead of planting somebody into the ice. 3/4 points is good but doesn’t seem enough after that crappy 2 game homestand.

  76. Good news on prucha. John Dellapina reported that prucha suffered a bruised shoulder but was told that prucha will be back in the lineup when the rangers play there next game.

  77. tomg – That’s only good news if Hollweg is going to be a healthy scratch because I don’t want to take Callahan out at this point. Or Prucha could be a healthy scratch, too.

    Rob L. – I can’t understand why Staal isn’t on the power play when he shows those moves like he did this weekend at even strength. He could probably be just as valuable as Mike Green if he was used with a man-advantage.

  78. It’s time Sather threw Jagr’s name out there and found out what he can get in return. This team is capable of playing great hockey without him in the lineup. He still has great value and a playoff team like Ottowa or Detroit would definitely have to listen if Sather came calling.

  79. Rob L,
    I’ve been saying trade Jagr and build this team around drury and gomez for a month now. This will be the last time I say it. I’m just going to sit back and wait and see what sather does at the trading dead line.

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