Flyers get physical. In other news, hockey still played on ice.


As if you couldn’t see this coming with the Flyers down a couple.

The Rangers handled themselves well enough, although we’ll see if Fedor Tyutin is still coherent after the game…

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  1. (repost)

    I like your MySpace page, Agravine. Is that Blackburn’s mask or just a general made-up one that has Rangers logos on it?

  2. Agravine – I see your answer to my question on the last post. As for your *Avery* question, it was the Montreal game, and I think the referee was influenced by Avery complaining because he didn’t call a penalty shot right away. I didn’t think it should be a penalty *at all* because he got the stick rather than the hands.

  3. Brandon “Dubi” Dubinsky- the next great hockey fighter…

    compared the the other night we’re shooting, but this time we’re scoring too.

  4. I think the answer is that I have to wear my Rangers jersey when I am watching. I haven’t been wearing it much this season, but I wore it during the three wins, then didn’t wear it the last two games, and remembered to wear it today!

  5. tomg – Quite simply, the closest ref missed the call on the last Dubinsky high stick. He was swinging at the puck, and his stick traveled up the Flyer’s stick to hit him in the face.

  6. Well I look forward to seeing Valli in net tomorrow, I hope. Have to go with the hot goaltender, even if he is streaky ride the good streak.

  7. Tom Renney can you hear me
    Please keep playing Vali,
    Tom Renney can you hear me,
    Please keep playing Vali!!!!!

  8. I liked Jagr beating flyers twice and going for the goal. No finish, but I like it. Prucha also displayed some nice skills. Good game all around.

  9. Vali made some excellent close in point blank shot saves. I like Vali, he’s tall, stands up, can handle the puck to help the defense and doesn’t give up rebounds. Lundqvist on the other hand, flops down, can’t handle the puck, gives up rebounds. I actually now think they new yporkers over rated lundqvist, call me nuts but that is what I see and I ain’t no pinball wizard.

    Tom Renney can you hear me
    Please keep playing Vali,
    Tom Renney can you hear me,
    Please keep playing Vali!!!!!

    Oh Tommy, Oh Tommy!!!!!

  10. Let’s see if Renney has the guts to make Valiquette the starter for A WHILE or if he runs back to Lundqvist the first time the Rangers lose in front of Vali.

  11. Where are all those preseason Vally-haters now?! I hope you guys praising him were not part of it; I know I wasn’t. I gave him a chance, and hopefully Renney gives him the chance to start again. It’s not like he’s gonna be tired for tomorrow’s game, since these are both played at the same time.

  12. Now I know Vali is hot, look at the steam flowing off his back. He’s the hot goalie, gotta play the hot goalie.

  13. spiderpig,
    I never once bad mouthed vali, I could never understand why bloggers consistently kept wanting to get a back up goalie.

  14. I like Vali allot because he is tall, can handle the puck and doesn’t give up rebounds. What more could you want from a goaltender.

  15. i never thought players actually did what Vali said they were doing. when he was talking about the flyers calling for the puck trying to get a ranger to pass it to them. i did that when i was 12 playing street hockey

  16. I am very happy to say that my prediction that the rangers were going to lose today 5-3 was completely wrong and I am a moron and I have vali to thanks for it, than you vali. I also want a shout out to good old wheelzy!!!

  17. This team is enough to drive you e-fffing crazy. But if thet are going to win a game I’m glad it’s against the flyers because i hate the flyers and i am in flyer country. There was alot of good today , the pp scorted they stuck up for each other and Vali played great again. He should get the start tomorrow too. But there were some negatives also the d does not move anyone in front of the net , rosi made some real bad plays as did mara and toots got his ass kicked by a guy alot smaller than him. He should be traded too. Lets see what team shows up in wash. Can you believe nosen and mcshitty are making exscuses for a bad game tomorrow already by saying this physical game will take it’s toll on the team , boy do they suck the big one.

  18. reginald dunlop on

    boy that downie and richards are sure tough with their shields on…………gutless pukes……..both pick their spots to be tough guys……….more respect for cote who takes his beating like a man………..ha ha…….duck riley……..ooooooooooooppppppppsssssss too late

  19. I was definitely one of the voices calling for a different backup keeper. And I’m thrilled that Valli has done a great job. He’s played great.

    But until Renney starts treating him like a guy that can takes more than one game every once in a while away from Lundqvist, than he’s not doing what I think our backup goalie needs to do: focusing Hank by competing with him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Valli has earned the right to a shot at getting more games. But if Renney won’t give it to him, then we need a guy Renney will feel confident using.

  20. Is it Valiquette, or that the Rangers are not nearly as confident with him back there, that they play better defensively?

    Years ago was the same thing with Villemure and Giacomin…

    Whatever…Keep playing him…Until he isn’t hot (or they stop playing responsibly)…

  21. Haven’t posted here in a while, but figured this was a good day to ask all the “oh my god the Rangers will never win with Valiquette as their back up” folks if they’ve changed their opinion since last summer. Great game by the netminder. He’s shown his ability and how much of a waste of space Weekes really was…

  22. Bring back Lohan on

    I was one of the Anti-Valiquettes, I admit it. He played great again. Hey but look who the last back to back shoutout goalie was….Dunham, and he sucked too!!! Everyone has a couple where they play out of their minds. Nah, Im only kidding, he is better than I gave him credit for being. Do I think he can be an everyday goalie? still really dont. I agree with Chris F though. Yur backup has to push your everyday guy so he better play against Washington. I also still believe there is a lot of truth to the NYR playing a better smarter Defensive game in front of Vali. I dont know if its trust or what it is, but they have been a different team in those two games.

  23. I have to agree with tomg – and it worries me – that if Hank had played this game they easily could have lost.

  24. Chris F. – I think the real issue is that Renney doesn’t want to give *anybody* a significat amount of starts in place of Lundqvist. So even if we had a more veteran presence, Renney would still probably shoulder this much load on Lundqvist. He has to change his own theory, not his backup goaltender.

    Renney _has_ to go back to Valiquette tomorrow, right?

  25. Sure… why not?

    If the team plays better in front of him… and it looks like they do.

    Go for it. Maybe that makes Hank hungrier… maybe not… but wins are wins right now and then need those 2 points.

  26. You people jumping off of the Henrik bandwagon really make me laugh. You are the same people who weren’t showing up at the Garden when the team wasn’t making the playoffs. Its a thing called FAIRWEATHER FANDOM.

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