Valley back at it against Flyers


Stephen Valiquette will again get the nod against the Flyers — owing not to Henrik’s Lundqvist poor showing last night but because the Rangers had already mapped out as much.

Thanks to Zipay for the update since I was otherwise occupied.

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  1. Incase anyone cares, Redden was asked to waive his no-trade to go to San Jose and he declined. He said he wants to stay in Ott and make a run for the cup this year. Looking more like he’s going to be added to the UFA list.

  2. (repost)

    ‘94 a distant memory – Hey, LA allegedly wanted Malik over the summer, so maybe they will help us again. Brian Boyle sounds like a nice player who could augment Strudwick because he an play forward and defense.

    It’s hard to believe that we are better at this point than last season, but I guess we feel worse because the Rangers are playing whole games badly rather than whole periods.

  3. Bring back Lohan on

    Hey fellow DURDS, how about this for a pre-game Montage.

    No music backround, just the sounds of the highlights. Starts off with Kamisarek roughing up Jagr. Then Rozival gets plastered into the boards by Kovalchuk. Then Lundqvist gets plowed into as the Ducks plow into our net. Then Gomez gets plastered from behind. Then he gets elbowed, and then so does Hollweg by Kovalev. AND then the courus of a Brittney song plays loudly, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”! Darkness follows.

    What do ya think???

  4. Look we all know that a deal or two has to be made one way or the other. Sather has to make a move(s) because this team needs a shakeup, needs help in certain areas and also becuase there are some guys who’ll just walk after this season reguardless and he’ll want to get “something” for them.

    It’s not gonna be a “stay pat” end to the season.

  5. Bring back Lohan on

    Riche I thought I was the only one who sat here hitting Refresh. Pretty EFFIN sad, its a problem!

  6. I know what everyone means by needing a ‘shake-up’ But I think it’s more than just that. We need HELP. Shaking things up is one thing, bringing in the ‘right’ players that need to fill our holes is the key. Slats is the only guy that can do that for us.

    God help us all.

  7. Lohan… yeah… I’m sad.

    Nice idea for the open by the way. How about something using Pink Floyd’s “Money”

    and a sped up shot of the merchandise areas and vendors?

    Whatta ya think?

  8. so because I sit here and hit the refresh button I have another syndrome
    DURD’s and RS (refresh syndrome) actually sounds healthy if you ask me.

  9. I don’t know what’s wrong with Lundqvist but it sure is SOMETHING. I know they’re all playing poorly but he just isn’t the same netminder right now. He’s letting things in that he probably hasn’t let in since he was in Sweden. I know this doesn’t matter much but even in the pre-game warmups he has been letting in a lot more goals. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a confidence builder for the Rangers crappy scorers or just that he isn’t anywhere any kind of zone that he used to be in. He may not be “blowing” games but he sure isn’t saving them either. Maybe he set the bar too high for himself and now everything is a letdown for us fans? Who knows. 2 words- AL MONTOYA! ; )

  10. just went back to read some of the posts from the last thread after my ‘devils analogy’.

    pete – coaching had nothing to do with the post. neither do specific players.

    salt – I don’t mean this personally, but I’m finding it real hard to communicate with someone who refuses to look at things in a different perspective. You’ve made up your mind on the season, and nothing points to you changing your opinion next year, or the year after…and you don’t have to, but I can’t really see responding to any of your posts unless you show willingness to get out of the box you view things from.

  11. Maybe in the pre game montage they could show the Ducks fan getting beat up at the 8th Ave Taxi stand.

  12. if the Flyers, who have played very poorly at home the last couple of games, are able to beat the Rangers, then the slump is in full swing.

    but I think the Rangers will play better because with the backup goalie in they seem to pay a little more attention to details and fundamentals

  13. oops – had to go back again to the prev thread.

    salt – at the end of the day, it’s 2 teams looking for 1 of 8 spots in the playoffs. For that matter all 30 teams are the same.

  14. “bringing in the ‘right’ players that need to fill our holes is the key.”

    IMO that needs to be addressed in the off season, not now.

  15. The season is over. Too many things wrong with this team. There aren’t a lot of guys coming back, Slats should really be working the phones here trying to get younger, hungrier, tougher talent. I just see them overpaying for Lundqvist, just like Shanny, Drury, and Gomez. I’m starting to get flashbacks of the teams after 97′. I’m grabbing me some Pepto.

  16. montoya can’t even keep the #1 job in the AHL. wikman has been playing more than him lately

    and Henrik made the key great saves at the right time to win that Mtl game comeback. too many here are forgetting that.

    is he on top of his game consistently? no

    but with one of the lowest scoring teams in the nhl in front of him, he has no margin for error, and that takes a toll over the long haul.

  17. beer me!!,
    I understand it never stops but what we need is not available unless Sather is willing to give up our young players or prospects for players who will become ufa’s which would be suicide. At this point the best moves would be no moves or minor moves where the rangers won’t give up youth and just let the season ride it self out. In the off season sather than can
    see what the cap is after signing our rfa’s and than fill in the holes through free agency and our farm system.

  18. In my last post I left out trades which in the off season would be easier to do than at the trading dead line.

  19. tomg – right, but who says you can only trade for ufa’s (to be)? Why can’t you go out and get a guy with years left on his contract? They’re out there. We went over all this the other day. not trying to be a jerk, or anything, but it’s be beating a dead horse to go over that.

  20. Beer Me, I look at things from other perspectives and something goes off in my brain that says “Nope, this doesn’t add up enough for me to agree with it”. That’s how I know how I feel about something, when I read every post here and I can no longer find other views that I’d agree with. From time to time theres a nugget or view that strikes a chord with me and that it can totally have an effect on me. But for the most part, I’m past the denial stage of grief and I’ve been stuck in “Bargaining” stage for a while (google: 5 stages of grief… we are all in there somehwere)

    The bottom line is that I am not proud of this team at all, and I do not see how anyone could be.

  21. I stated that I’m looking forward to next season. But I never hope the Rangers loose. That is not a fan that is a looser. I want my Rangers to win every night. However to this point of the season this team could probably get rid of all the old players ie Jagr, Shanny, Mara, Strudwick, Straka etc, and still be in the hunt for the playoffs. Honestly what have the above players done this season that makes you think that keeping them is going to be the difference between making or missing the playoffs?

  22. I guess what I’m trying to say is from what I’ve read in the rumor mill the only players available are ufa’s. Why in the world would a organization trade there youth for rental players. The only teams I can see doing that are teams that think they are teams that have a real shot to win the stanely cup. The rangers are not one of those teams unfortunately.

  23. beer me!!,
    ok, I see what your saying but I haven’t heard anybody on the block that has years left on there contract. That’s why it appeared we were beating a dead horse.

  24. also since the new cba it appears that trading players with years left on there contract is allot harder to do now because of the cap.

  25. tomg, I said in the other post that if they let all the guys go and the cap grows by 3 mil again, (Jagr, Straka, Shanny, Malik, Mara, Struds, Rosy) they’ll have around 22 million to spend. I’d say they maybe spend 5 of that on upgrading contracts to RFA’s, Avery, and Valiquette, most of which goes to Lundqvist.

    After that there is about 17 mil, unless Monty doesn’t come up next year, then its 18 or 19 mil. That can get us Hossa and Brian Campbell, maybe Liles as well although thats pushing it. If Liles is not a possiblity, then we get Orpik because hes a d-man that can hit and clear out the net. I’d like Liles though just because hes a solid puck moving defenseman.

    Now that being said we don’t have to wait until the summer to get guys, but if thats the route we’re going, then I think those would be the best choices for UFA signings for the team. Also there are a couple of decent RFA’s out there like Vermette who we can go after if we want to give up some draft picks.

  26. I’d say at this point it is all on Sather. The cards are on the table and it’s up to him to make things happen. I think I’m done blaming the players AND the coaches because they are what they are- garbage.

    How come no one gets on Renney? Could he PLAY the 4th line any more than he already does? I understand that he wants them to defend against the opposition’s top line but at home HE has the last change. Why can’t HIS TEAM be the aggressor once in a while and force the OTHER team to match up? I like the 4th line a lot but they ought not be on the ice more than the other lines.

    Dave Maloney actually made a great point after the game last night. He actually got on Renney in an indirect way… finally. He said “Whenever the Rangers are down and they pull the goalie they alwys put the same guys on the ice- Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Straka, etc. Meanwhile a lot of nights the best players have been Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, etc. Why wouldn;t you put THEM on the ice when the final minutes come a knockin’? They deserve it. I agree wholeheartedly!

  27. Hossa is a lazy dog, a playoff flop, a loser

    ott stole dany heatley from the trash

    hossa means first round exit for any team

    he is poison to the young players on a team. he sets a poor example all the way

  28. “How come no one gets on Renney?” DUDE! everyone does!

    salt – “That’s how I know how I feel about something, when I read every post here and I can no longer find other views that I’d agree with.”

    So everyone else is wrong?

    tomg – Off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you who those guys might be. But there’s also guys out there with no-trade clauses that won’t waive them unless they’re going to be resigned be that team.

    That’s all for me for the day Ranger Fans! Outta work and on to the Hibachi!!! mmmmm

  29. totally agree Staal, trim the fat and you would have a young team that is just as hungry and probably can outperform the current group. Without Jagr we could have two powerplays that put the puck on the net (and not from a rediculous side angle where most of our shots seem to come from.)

    Beer, I know you didn’t mention coaches, but if you are going to compare the rangers and devils, that should be a point of comparison, b.c. just as lou won’t throw games, he also wont let underperforming players and coaches stick around. He has definitely made his share of bad signings, but he will hold all of his players accountable regardless of their salary and contract. thats what we need here.

    maybe ottowa would give us something (corvo/vermette) for jagr, he would probably do fine on their second line.

    as far as free agents, i think we should pass on hossa and campbell. campbell reportedly wants 6 or 7 years at 6 million per. he has a few more points than rozsival and cannot play defense very well. no thanks. and while hossa may put up goals, he has a terrible attitude. maybe he can change but do we want to pay him 6 or 7 million a year

  30. “So everyone else is wrong?”

    In my *opinion*, absolutely, yes. And I always back up my opinion.

    But like I said, from time to time, a nugget of truth rings true with me, and I will credit you in that you said you want to see the team make the playoffs if not only to get the younger players experience. You’ve got a great point there and it sounds good, but when I think about it, the cons of the situation still outweigh the pro’s in my *opinion*, if we need to go over the pros and cons, we can do that too….not today though.

    I’m going to follow in your name sake and pick up some heady beers myself after work, I’m in desperate need of some sort of chill pill.

  31. I dunno I’ve heard Hossa has been better in Atlanta than he was in Ottawa. Plus playing with Marcel might make him feel better about the situation.

    And how could you say Campbell isn’t good defensively. Is he the best? probably not but he doesn’t get beat much one and one and is positionally sound. I actually think he’s a pretty good defensive player and better offensively than Rosy since he can actually move the puck up ice much better.

    There really aren’t any other guys out there that jump out and say “wow we need that guy” unless you want a Dan Boyle or Wade Redden, both of which are older than Campbell and Liles. If we wanted younger talent, we’d have to go get some RFA’s and give up draft picks for guys like Vermette and Corey Perry (who Anaheim is probably keeping).

    If you wanna check the RFA’s and UFA’s go to It’s pretty accurate.

  32. Hossa’s one of those guys I love to watch, specifically on another team. Signing that guy is just begging begging begging for another big name UFA garden bust scapegoat disaster. In fact, I couldn’t think of of a bigger one that has any legitimacy.

  33. Jonny D, is Campbell worth 6 million a year for the next six years? He can play the point on the powerplay but thats about it. my friend who follows the sabres religiously said he is basically a forward playing defense. maybe id give him 4 million, but that is exactly the kind of player sanguetti is supposed to be.

    id rather we try and give our own kids a chance before we sign another big price free agent who wont be worth the contract we sign them to

  34. most guys will not be free agents anyway. they will either be signed soon or traded at the deadline.

  35. Valid point. I dunno who else we can get though. Maybe we should just leave the team as is, add a d-man and be done with it and hope the young guys can step up. Its a hard place to be in since we never actually rebuild.

  36. I don’t post much on these board I enjoying reading it more, I just have a few quick thoughts I’d like answered. I have the nhl center package, and 90% of the rangers game are never broadcasted in HD, I have HD Tv so that is not an issue, my only thinking is this may be the MSG Network dealings. Anyone else having these issue’s?

  37. I was looking over the stats of other teams and San jose was shocking…Cheechoo must be a fan of Jagrs because I just looked at his stats, and holy sh*t, this guy won the Richard trophy two years ago and he’s got 10 goals right now…also looking at the Sharks stats, Marleau is a minus 20!!…maybe we could monkey a deal for him, San Jose seems not to be too happy with him…still amazes me that the Bruins traded Thorton…hmmm, trading your captain….it’s fun to fantasize

  38. I do not want Hossa…period. A bad move…period.
    another failure waiting to happen…period.
    we would have to give to much…period.

  39. “I totally agree with this article”

    Espn article by Terry Frie on eliminating points and going to straight win-loss records

    I read it and added comments, I agree with you agreeing. Have you heard the GMs and pundits crying about “good teams missing the playoffs” they are saying this as a set-up for expanding playoffs to 18 or 20 teams–just you watch. The lobbying has already begun

    Hey..Rangers were 42-40 last year and finished 6th. Anybody want to see 3 or 4 more 40-42 or 38-44 teams in postseason?

    I was glad NYR made it last year but I would shed no tears if they were a 17th place team that fell “just short”

  40. kaspar, right. the big problem now is that teams are playing to just get the point and thus often the last half of the third period in tied games becomes a take-no-chances snoozer

  41. As I’ve said in many of my earlier posts, the Rangers will never win consistantly without exceptional play by Lunquist. He must bring his “A” game every game. Also, Jagr, Gomez, Straka & Drury must play with some desperation or it’s going to be a very short season. Excellent article by Larry Brooks in Saturday’s Post.

  42. I would go to a ten minute overtime still five on four and only award a point for a shootout loss since that is pretty much a tossup but that would still probably lead to conservaticve play in the OT period. Maybe make it twenty minutes maximum so there is an incentive to end earlier. It seems to work in the playoffs as a lot of games are decided in the first overtime. I always thought five minutes was too short for hockey, especially when it was five on five.

  43. Staal – there’s only one O in the word loser (not looser). As a Ranger fan it should be easy to remember that – just think of how many goals the Rangers score most games.

  44. I’ve been thinking about the free agents that might be available in the off season and I don’t like any of them. I don’t want Hossa for the money he will be asking and that also includes cambell. The last thing the rangers need is a small defensemen. It will be very interesting to see what the rangers team will look like next year.

  45. Spiderpig: I agree 5 min, even 4 on 4 is not enough time. It needs to be 10 at least…I say do 10 min 5 on 5 than if its still undecided goto the shootout…or maybe THAN do 4 on 4 for 5 min, than goto a shootout with 5 shooters instead of 3. I dont know about points though, when it was 2 for a win and nothing for an OT loss teams stopped taking chances with 10 min to go in the 3rd, now with points given for OT teams keep trying to win in regulation untill about 5 min left. maybe with a 3 point regulation win it would open up more…maybe not, but I dont think going back would help any, that would make the OT boring again, teams like the Rangers would be trying for the SO were they are better, and would play a defensive game in OT even more.

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