It’s got to be more than the press room food


There will be, it’s worth noting, scouts from nine different teams in attendance tonight.

Now, some of those are probably just advance scouts. The Rangers face the Flyers on Saturday, so they’re here. And with Detroit and Anaheim set to clash this weekend as well, that would explain the Red Wings’ presence.

But when it comes to Tampa Bay, which may be looking to unload some talent before the deadline — paging Dan Boyle — one has to wonder.

Of course, the list in the press room here also notes a representative from the San Antonio Spurs will be on hand as well.

No truth to the rumor they’re interested in Marek Malik as a backup for Tim Duncan…

<li>And speaking of Malik, Tom Renney again dismissed the idea that yesterday’s altercation with Sean Avery was anything more than fleeting frustration.

“It was fine afterwards,” Renney said. “A high-five in the hallway. A chuckle and a laugh and that was it….It was good.”

Wait a second, a high-five? Do people give high-fives anymore? And wait, wouldn’t a high-five from Malik be out of Avery’s reach?

These are important questions….

<li>The Rangers are, thanks to our crack research staff — OK, Zipay just said the stat out loud — a dismal 0-6-2 against Western Conference teams this year. Is there a common thread?

<li>Mustache update on George Parros, since he just passed me in the hallway: Impressive, very impressive. By the way, if Colton Orr was banged up yesterday, a day off tonight wouldn’t have been a terrible idea. Parros is enormous.

<li>Greg Moore was sent back down. If I had a dime for every time I wrote that sentence this season….

<li>For more golden wisdom, I’ll be on after the first period with Dave Maloney.

More later….

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  1. Bring back Lohan on

    Hey Sam if you read my post earlier, people probably arent coming for the food up there. I was afraid they would close the Garden!!!

  2. Sam’s gonna get it on with Dave Maloney after the first period ?
    Hang in there Sam, your old lady should be back in action soon.
    Dave Maloney ??

  3. Sam with some camera time…give a “SHOUT OUT” to us here! LOL

    Thanks for the trash-stache update.

  4. I am in LA so I have the duck telecast. why does Mara Pinch? The guy has 1 goal for the yr. tie game why gamblewhen you cannot score??

    2 on 1 Tyutin has to take a hook, they give up alot of odd man rushes because they gamble for no FRIGGIN REASON.

    now they have to gamble……stupid

  5. I would think by now that my fellow ranger fans would be used to this type of play. Win some, lose some, maybe will make the playoffs, maybe not. That will sum up this ranger season unfortunately.

  6. and the more balanced schedule next year=more games vs the west. they are oh for the west so far this season

  7. This team is HORRIBLE.
    The one thing that gets me is after every win they all say “I hope” this turns it around “maybe” this will be our turning point…can’t live on maybe’s and hopes…THEY have to make it happen and they just dont perform…they are too pampered…look at the devils (sorry)…they bust their butts EVERY shift no matter who is in the lineup…their Defense for crying out loud has 2 ex rangers that did nothing with us…stop with the country club and start playing as a team…

  8. Soft tonight? Lol. He has sucked since Christmas, One good game here and there. Wow He is pathetic to watch. Paging Al Montoya.

  9. This team is sooooo FRUSTRATING to watch. I swear I get heartburn every game I watch. I had to get that Huge bottle of TUMS at the beginning of the season and its almost gone!

    Speaking of Lundqvist, whats going on with his contract?
    IMO he has lost alot of value since Christmas.
    Not that its all his fault…but we already know all the underperformers this season.

  10. Apparently Montoya has sucked also. Valli in his one game has played better than both.

  11. Please don’t sign Lundquist yet!!!!!

    This team was hoping a fight amoungst themselves would push them tonight? How pathetic. Tonight’s Patrick Roy is Ciguerre–pathetic.

    LA King game is looking really big now–a big loss?

  12. Staal Wart,
    It would shock me more if the rangers won the next two games
    rather than lose the next two games. I personally think the rangers are going to lose the next two games in Philadelphia and Washington.

  13. To me the montreal game was the telling point. That was a signature game. It was either going to make the rangers take off and if it didn’t, than they are what they are, mediocre. We now have our answer, this team is what we have seen all year, I am totally convinced.

  14. I think it will be a big mistake if sather gives Lundvquist big bucks for allot of years. I am starting to think that new yorkers over rated him, we tend to do these things in new york.

  15. anaheim is just playing rope a dope hockey. they are not even giving a top effort. LA showed more hustle the other night

  16. that explains the miss calls, Frazier is refereeing tonight, he sucks, he always has screwed the rangers.

  17. the ducks love to fight. and it wins the cup. maybe renney and sather can learn something. fancy hockey goes nowhere

  18. I think I know why the rangers power play is the way it is. It’s because they think there on the penalty kill so they pass it around to kill the clock.

  19. I can’t believe that puck didn’t go in when it was in front of the open net on the power play, then Jagr goes into a crwod and loses the puck = goal for Anaheim. See you Saturday!

  20. Apparently our “captain” is the most explosive dangerous player we have BUT…he never explodes and he is no longer dangerous.
    Oh but he works hard…

  21. All I can say is I know my teams very well. Earlier on this blog Beer Me asked for predictions and I said the rangers would lose 4-1, well, there you have it.

  22. Jagr did not screw up idiot. roszival threw the puck at his feet. man your hatred blinds you.


    they cannot get a break on the PP…Again the KING game is the problem, you need to beat the crappy teams the Devils have been doing it for 10 yrs.

    spiderpig you ever play hockey?? I doubt it…

  23. yeah dave scholar the ducks won the cup because selanne and neidermayer fight!!

    another buffoon fan, join the club you have many people with your accumen(not much)..

  24. Jagr has been pretty damn bad all season WTF are you talking about. That fact that you still stick up for him makes me wonder if you have ever played hockey.
    He’s the freaking captain and he SUCKS!!!
    get over yourself and get over him…HES DONE!!!

  25. Hmmm…put Avery on Jagr’s line and the Rangers win four of five.

    Take him off and they lose to the Kings and Ducks.


  26. stuart – That’s what the Ducks announcers said. I can’t really see the puck watching on about 1/4 of a computer screen on Yahoo, so I’m just basing it off what they said, having his head down. I know you’re watching that telecast. If it wasn’t Jagr’s fault, then I take it back, but I’m just frustrated.

  27. Jagr Jagr Jagr Triple Triple Triple sucks sucks sucks! on

    Raise you one more…Stuart’s gonna be pissed.

  28. Jagr double sucks Stuart on

    apparently stuart smalley escaped from a mental institution.

    take your meds and go back to the facility, little stewie

  29. Bring back lohan – bring back the runs! MAybe you got them from watching the Rangers play on Tuesday, rather than from the chicken fingers.

  30. I’m sick of Jagr’s PP unit. It sucks and doesn’t work against physical teams. IMO him, Straka, and Rozi are all done. I’d take that money along with the money they’ll save on Lundquvist and Avery’s contracts and please sign Brian Campbell.

    Honestly, Rozi, Jagr, Mara, Malik, Strudwick, and Shanny should all be gone next year.

  31. The 6 on 4 at the end really solidified my disgust of this game. To have a two man advantage and not even be able to gain the blue line?

  32. sam you might have to put in policies to deal with the 12 yr. old morons posting..

    yeah it was Jagr s fault that Perry scored thru the kings pads… Or on the 2nd goal Jagr tripped Mara that is why he pinched..

    honestly they will probably be gone the only guys with the chance to be bck are roszival or jagr and the odds are less then 50% on both of them…

  33. Well, if you think they suck tonight wait until they lose in philly and washington before they go on there 5 day vacation.

  34. Can we please trade Jagr? Can we try to get something for him before he becomes a UFA this summer? We might be able to get some young guys or picks.

    Right now if you look at our team, our best players are our young guys – DuBinsky, Callahan, Prucha, and Dawes. This means, don’t trade any of them Sather. Instead, trade some of the old, dead weight – namely Malik, Jagr, etc. I think it may be worthwhile to see what Straka or Shanny could get us at the deadline – although I know that Sather won’t trade them. They are both UFAs after this season and I don’t think they will be back next year.

    Also, after Henrik’s recent performances, I wouldn’t trade Montoya at the deadline until you have Lundqvist wrapped up. I would keep him and go with the King and Montoya next season, so we can see what we have got.

    Only a few weeks till the deadlines and there are some big decisions to be made as to who to keep and who to trade. Hopefully, Sather will be smart about this…

  35. The “deadline” moves the Rangers should make are have Malik and Shanny come back in the lineup and keep Cally in there.

    That’s it. It’s a transition team with Jagr and the older guys leaving and the younger guys just beginning. They’re not gonna win the Cup this year. Maybe they can make the playoffs and get a 6th or 7th seed and do some damage to the Flyers or whoever they play as long as it’s not the Sens.

    If they REALLY have to make a move, then try and see if they can move someone like a Korpikoski who is not really panning out so far or a Jessiman. I know, little interest, but maybe someone will take a risk.

  36. Jagr double sucks Stuart on

    “sam you might have to put in policies to deal with the 12 yr. old morons posting..”

    but then we would lose you, little stewie.

    what’s your beef stu?

  37. Newsflash for you Nick: Montoya sucks! Wiikman is the backup to Hank as the starter in Hartford now. Who cares if we trade him at this point? Hopefully we don’t so he can somehow start playing better first.

  38. It isn’t good. Let’s face it.

    After using the Ducks as a benchmark, the Rangers simply don’t measure up.

    Too many small/soft forwards, the Defense is lacking, and King Henrik has lost his touch. The power play is an embarassment.

    This is not going to magically reverse itself. The Team was conceived around the notion that Jagr would be an offensive force, and those days are long since gone. It is time to officially look ahead, and attempt to sell assets. There will still be plenty of building blocks.

    See if anyone will take Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Roszival, Malik, Mara, and Avery. These guys are all going to be unrestricted free agents at seasons end. Without them, the team would still be competitive, perhaps just as competitive as they are now. Here’s what the lineup would likely be without them:

    Dawes- Drury-Prucha

    Try to get Hutchinson back through re-entry waivers, along with Thomas Pock..If you can’t your Defensive lineup looks like this:


    With several prospects fighting for forward positions (not even considering what you would net in the purge), spend a few dollars over the summer on a Defensive stud (Wade Redden ?) to pair with Marc Staal for the next 5 years. Tighten up the ship and bring in somebody that can run a Power Play….

  39. Jagr double sucks Stuart on

    what’s the connection between the captain of the Rangers and the captain of the Titanic ?

    A- they both suck when they hit the ice

  40. Bring back Lohan on

    I cant even speak about all the reason the Rangers suck right now. I am more interested in asking a very important question. Did Scott Neidermeyer get a special grandfather clause when they issued the pst lock-out rules??? He has his stick parallel to the ice the entire game. Anytime the NYR dump the puck he hooks. Anytime a Ranger was see approachin the net there he was with a stick in the midsection. Did anyone else notice this? Is he grandfathered? Am I crazy? Is it still 2000?

  41. the LA Kings got 4 goals in the 3rd period to beat the Red Wings 5-3 in det.

    It’s wild and wacky this season.

  42. Bring back Lohan on

    Spiderpig, my wife thinks its pretty sad on my part that I shared that info with you guys. She keeps calling me a loser, pretty funny!

  43. Bring back Lohan on

    More importantly how friigin cool is “Big” George Parros (original nickname guys). He is like Dirk Diggler on skates with a stache. He was better than I thought he would be. I was impressed, fighting was just ok. Good work Orr….

  44. the Rangers will still likely make the playoffs, mainly because the southeast div is so poor, and no one in the east is that great.

    that is why sather is more likely to be a buyer than a seller.

    I wish he would sell and end the jagr era once and for all, and go with the kids. but that is just dreaming.

  45. on Henrik –

    regardless of the hot streak he hit at the end of last season and the start of this season – in my opinion he hasn’t been the same since he got hurt in 2005-2006 with his headache problems after the Olympic break. He lost his focus…his speed…he just looks like a different goalie since then. He has had amazing games since then…and hes still one of the best in the league..i just think he looks different.

    Whoever made the comparison of Jagr to the Titanic captain – excellent stuff… lol

  46. rick,
    I agree with on the small forwards. Tonight it seemed as though our forwards where tiny, and the Ducks forwards were huge. They have so many big guys. I don’t know but I hope we have some size in Hartford, cause our liitle guy seem to get swallowed

  47. Was there tonight. The Ducks are much better, no question. Their top four on defense are Pronger, Niedermayer, Beauchemin and Schneider. We don’t have a single defenseman that even comes close to cracking their top five. which is rather unfortunate, because at least you can make an argument that Jagr and Shanny are at least teaching guys like Dubinsky and Dawes how to hone their craft. Girardi and Staal have to do their best to ignore Roszival and Mara.

    Team isn’t going far this year. Whoever said it above is 100% on the mark, they’re om transition and paying now for drafting nobody of any consequence from 1998 until 2005. Right now, between the ages of 25-35, the Rangers have Scott Gomez and Chris Drury, who were basically duped into coming here by a good late season run last year; Sean Avery, who is a serviceable THIRD line wing at best; and then Malik, Rozival, Mara, Struwick and maybe 1 or 2 of the guys on the fourth line. Instead of having a Beauchemin we have Montoya in Hartford; instead of Perry or Getzlaf (or Parise, all of whom could have been Rangers) we have Hugh Jessiman (what a complete joke, Maloney should be retroactively fired for that move). Dubinsky and Dawes are top nine forwards, Callahan a very solid third line wing who hopefully regains some scoring touch; Prucha still an unknown. Straka, Shanny and Jagr are all done. They just don’t have anything left.

  48. This team reminds me a lot of the Rangers circa like 87/88. Which is when i first became interested in hockey a little before I became a hardcore. They had these aging vets/castaways like Ogrodnick/Kissio/Poddubny/Dionne etc that were a transitional team before Leetch/Granato/Richter/Turcotte and then later the Russian dudes and Amonte and Weight arrived. HOPEFULLY some of these guys like Sanguinetti/Sauer/Cherepanov/Anisimov and maybe Bourret and Byers can turn into useful players. We’re still in 80s throwback phase and in the next decade you know everything is gonna be throwback 90s (Democrat in office, kids wearing ripped jeans, Nirvana retro CDs selling, etc.) so hopefully the 2010 Rangers can be like the 90s Rangers. (Yeah, looneey post eh).

  49. Just got back from the game. This team stinks. I am at the point where I am rooting for a tank job so we don’t make a ridiculously bad deal to help us sneak in the playoffs and get bounced in 4 to 5 games. We are still very much in the hunt for a top 5 draft pick.

  50. joe – so that means we are better than the Red Wings, right?

    What’s wrong with us vs. the West? Hopefully we’ll keep our East winning streak alive over the weekend. As Beer Me! pointed out after Tuesday night’s game, at least we’re not giving up points to conference opponents in these past two games.

  51. obviously not, spider. what I said was, it is wacky. the Leafs beat ottawa and habs, but lose 8-0 at home to panthers. wacky

  52. Anyone notice how bad Straka is playing also? Good Lord, He looks like hes playing with a field hockey stick instead of an ice hockey stick. They should think about getting something for him, Mara, Malik and Prucha.

  53. it hurts to go to games this season. Gomez and drury are solid players we can build a team around. Dubi, Dawes, and crew need to play. We shoulda kept immonen based on their great chemistry in Hartford and he did well when called up.

    Today is the day I’m turning to say let’s rebuild. Its sad when I dont even wanna go to games anymore.

    And let’s not blame henke. I think vally should get a couple more starts, but henke hasn’t looked his best cuz he’s been left out to dry by our soft dmen. Anaheim has it perfect. One puck moving defenseman with a bruiser. We have 6 d men that can’t or won’t do either.

  54. oh and we overrated drury and gomez a lot. They are both career 50-65 point scorers on average and not these offensive dynamos.

    Plus its time to bring up baranka and if we can still get him up without losing him, pock. I just want baranka up so people at the garden stop asking me who’s on the back of my jersey. Haha.

  55. Jonny

    I thought I was the only one with a Baranka jesey..haha.

    I have a game worh Wolf Pack Jersey of his and get question about it all the time.

    Tonight’s game really stunk up the Garden. The crowd never go in to it and for good reason.

    Just painful to watch the total lack of effort-

  56. '94 a distant memory on

    hey sather. I thought your goal was to win the stanley cup, not the eastern conf.

    well, you can’t even win one game vs a western team, so you are far, far away from a cup.

    so, end the failed jagr era, and sell, sell, sell.

  57. Just had a beer with Parros after the game… damn is he huge and damn is that mustache off the freakin charts! What a nice guy too… a gental behemoth if you will!

    Anyway back to the broadway boneheads – Agree the young guns have been the only bright spot on this team for the past few months. Dawes and Dubi have been crushing it. Staal has been great but got way outplayed vs the Kings… which is pretty lame considering they are the worst team in the NHL. Prucha is a waste of space though. Damn was he good his first year but he hasn’t done a thing since he blew out his knee. To be honest he looks as pathetic as Jagr looks – hustles but you could knock him off the puck with a feather! 17 points this season…. that’s two more than Mara has – weak pruuuu, very weak.

    The other thing i think is weak is Renney… He has become the team Dad (funny that – seeing all the recent Ranger Dad nights they’ve shown on MSG)… He’s like – Don’t make fun of my son Jags… he has been playing his guts out… it’s not his fault. Leave him alone! Give me a break Renney… the guy is useless out there. It pains me to watch him play. What kind of inspiration if this to the young guys – its zero inspiration.

    I think its time for the triple D’s line – Dawes/Drury/Dubi…. (Gomer could be there instead of Drury buy triple d sounds much cooler than DGD line). Anyway i’m going to bed. Come on NYR – wake up!

  58. And enough from Jagr about how hard he’s trying. Good players always find a way to score.

    Jagr’s dry spell is just not acceptable.
    I can’t see Jagr ever scoring over 35 goals in the NHL again.

    Regardless of whether we are buyers or sellers at the deadline, Jagr should be dealt. I see no reason for him to be here if he can’t produce or provide any leadership. And if we can pick up a solid d-man for him, I say do it. Maybe the offense will come when Jagr isn’t out for 2/3 of every power play and people actually pass to the open man; not the doubled up Jagr.

    Everyone knows we’re not winning the cup this year, so why not start developing some cohesion for next year amongst the young guys?
    With Anisimov, Cherepanov, and a new young d-man or 2 (Sauer or Sanguinetti), I really am looking forward to a younger more promising team.

    Sorry for the rant…had one too many beers at the game and i’m pissed…

  59. I kinda laugh at anyone who still thinks this team is on the verge of finding it, “just in time”. its one thing to support, its another thing to be looking for this excuse of a team to pull out of this nosedive.

    please tank, please lose jagr & co. please fire renney. i’d rather have a consistantly mediocre team than this unthirsty band of shitstabbers.

    “lets go boys”
    shut up.

  60. “so why not start developing some cohesion for next year amongst the young guys”

    *because why not hold out for a miracle in the post season, as usual?*

  61. we are all p1ssed blueclue…. but you hit it dead on. only thing i think you are too quick on is this season is over. these guys could make the playoffs and surprise us all. i still say trade jags and get us some D….. our guys svck! all of them axcept staal and girardi. how scary is that! all our defense svcks!!! ughhh

  62. “these guys could make the playoffs and surprise us all.”

    no offense, but i loathe you and anyone else who has this idea prancing around in their head. its that little one in a million dream that costs us year after year after year. i dont want a lucky surprise i want this team gutted like fish. ohhh how i yearn for that so i can be the slightest bit proud of the blue again. im so ashamed that i am actually a rangers fan and i crawl back to the tv every game like an addicted whore. thank god i wasnt able to get tickets this year…i was ready to pull the trigger on a miniplan…. would have been awful..

  63. Parros

    I am not suggesting we can’t make the playoffs this year. I mean, if we are currently in a spot and we’ve played like crap, we might be able to sneak in. But we would not go far at all.

    Tonight’s game was a wake up call, a slap in the face, and it SHOULD serve the purpose of a bucket of ice water dumped on Renney’s head, but we all know all we’re gonna see is Renney play the same boring predictable style every game.

    I noticed how even after Anaheim took a 2 goal lead, they played as if they were a desperate team trailing by 1; never letting up their guard and always trying to gain the offensive zone.
    The Rangers, even on the power play, looked terrible and uncohesive. Just dumping the puck in to the o-zone seemed like a task.

    This team needs some form of change this year before the deadline. Last year it was Avery. Something needs to give.

  64. im so ashamed that i am actually a rangers fan and i crawl back to the tv every game like an addicted whore.


  65. joe is obviously in the slow class with Alex, not grasping sarcasm.

    I don’t even know what to make of anything in the NHL these days. I’m so confuzzled. It’s like individual players are more consistent than teams now. I understand you guys not wanting to make the playoffs, but we’re not gonna fall out of it enough by the trading deadline, unless we lose almost every game, to be sellers. Since I know that, I hope we do make the playoffs. Not that we will win more than a game, but I still remember last season, and now we have Drury!

    Again, I think my frustration leads to sarcasm as the paragraph werars on, well just the last line I guess.

  66. If there was ever a game that proved:

    -The team isn’t going to just suddenly become “fine” so “relax”
    -The problems that were there in week 1 (of pre-season) won’t fix themselves
    -That supposed talent doesn’t equal actual wins
    -That shots on goal doesn’t mean crap, and that pucks don’t just start going in
    -That a good PP doesn’t simply “click”
    -That Henrik isn’t franchise yet
    -That Hollywood doesn’t deserve a spot

    it was this one. Sad, but true. This isn’t a team, it’s a collection of players and a smattering of coaches. Too bad, and so frustrating.

    And, yes, I’m a hypocrite. If they win next game, I’l be happy as s–t.

    Go Rangers.

  67. Whats up CF. I’m in town and went to the game tonight. Oops. It was so bad that a group of Rangers fans who were sitting one section over from me who had been starting Lets go Rangers chants through the first two periods decided to try and start Lets Go Ducks chants throughout the third. Henrik also got the first Jeer Cheer that I have seen for an easy save in the third. At least I heard a weak Fire Renney chant. I am so ready for Jagr and the geriatrics to not be on this team anymore.

  68. BlueClue

    Thats funny. Mines not a wolfpack one though. I have this thing where I get jerseys of guys that will be good but I usually get them too early. Last season I got Dawes on the back of mine. Then I bought a new edge jersey and put Baranka on the back with the #21 that he wore when he played the 1 game. So you can be the only guy with a wolfpack one and i’ll be the only one with a rangers one. haha.

  69. BTW guys, the Fire Renney chants started tonight. People started booing Jagr. It was kinda funny to see. The funny thing is that as bad as this team has been, they are still in a playoff spot. Now IF, and its a huge IF, they could find a way to some how magically turn things around, A) I might have to play lotto and B) they could actually be in a decent position to challenge some of the other teams. The only problem is that this team has no heart or grit at all.

    People ask why if we outshoot people do we not score goals and lose. And yet the team hasn’t figured it out yet. Renney keeps talking about it, but the players never do it, which makes me wonder what kind of coach he is. They don’t cycle, and they never dump and chase no matter what the situation is.

    Dave Reid from NHL: On the Fly said it perfectly. This team plays from the outside, not from the inside and until they are willing to crash the net every shift and get the puck deep and cycle it down low, then they won’t have success. Its not rocket science, all they have to do is start cycling down low (even though it seems like they dont know what cycling is) and crashing the net hard getting screens and moving the puck deep in the zone. They never get goalies moving side to side ever and don’t put enough traffic. On the d-end they are soooooo soft and never clear anyone out of the net. Hopefully the fight with Avery turned Malik into SuperMalik and he’ll start destroying people and protecting Lundqvist…oh sorry I was dreaming there for a second.

  70. Glad I was messed up on cough medicine last night. I’m not even sure what I was watching. I remember the 1st period and thought that they were actually skating well. The passing looked ‘off’ to say the least. After that it’s a blur and I guess I was lucky to pass out 1/2 way through the 3rd.

  71. well, it’s been well documented that I’ve been on this blog saying basically the same thing everybody above has been saying. sather should sell as many vet ufa’s and get young players and draft picks to build around drury and gomez and the young ranger players. I still fear that sather is going to make a stupid trade and trade some of our youth which will make no sense because it’s not going to make a difference. I admit when they came back in the game against montrteal i thought that was a signature game to turn the team around and take off but it didn’t which now I am 100% convinced this team needs to sell. It is stupid for fans and sather to trade our young guys to try and improve this team because our vets won’t be here next year.

  72. all I care about at this point is that sather doesn’t trade our youth. I don’t care if he trades prucha but not dubinsky, dawes, callahan, stall, giraidi, tyutin, etc…

  73. Sam – has there been any mention of the Swedish player Fabian Brunnstrom? Most of the press seems to think that up to 25 NHL teams have been in touch with him. Does Hank know him?

    After last night we need some serious help if we are to stay in the play-offs. At least 1 top D-man and a Marian Hossa-type winger to beef up the top 2 lines. Apparently the Kings are getting rid of Stuart, Blake and Modry.

  74. like i said on thr NYR board

    watching this team is like being a participant in

    2 girls 1 cup

  75. DB Cooper,
    that’s another thing, I hope sather doesn’t give lundqvist to much money for to many years because I think new yorkers might have over rated him. We tend to do that here in new york.

  76. After watching last nights game, I’m sincerely hoping Vally gets the start Saturday..maybe, and I’ll admit I was wrong, Montoya needs to be brought up. That second goal, I just couldn’t believe it went in.

    And Straka was just totally off last night and didn’t seem to do anything to help our number “1” line. Was anyone else watching, scratching their head wondering why Gomer, Jagr and Straka were out 20+ min and Dru and Dubi’s lines weren’t out?

  77. And everyone looked nervous when they had the puck. Like it was a going to explode on their stick and kill them or something. Every “chance” we had was shot wide or fumbled. We had like 5 open nets last night and we could not have good control or get a clean chance.

  78. Chris G….nice way to get in a 2 girls 1 cup reference. That’s exactly what it’s like watching this team play. The vomit flows freely.

  79. Nasty – I think that was the size difference. That’s a well built team by a hell of a GM.

  80. I will say this. Although many of us disagree, and hell, let’s face it, many of us don’t even like each other. I definitely know without any doubt we all care a hell of a lot about this team. We all want what is best for them. In some cases what is best for them couldn’t be more different from one guy to the next, but we are all great fans.


  81. Henke is a very solid goalie, but how is he supposed to be confident with the garbage thats in front of him? I mean he gives up a soft goal here and there, but last night I wouldn’t blame him for some of those goals. Too many turnovers and awful defensive positioning. If we hold people to the outside like we did at the start of the year, then he makes the saves. Instead hes getting shots from right out front. Do you guys expect him to be a brick wall when its him against 5? I’m not the biggest Lundqvist fan, but how you guys can blame him for goals with the piss poor effort he is receiving in front of him is a joke. Should we pay him next year? Sure, maybe a shorter contract than before with a little less money, but hes still one of the best in the league when hes actually given a chance to play well instead of being left out to dry.

  82. Someone above mentioned that last night was a wake up call for this squad.

    COME ON!!!

    How many friggin wake up calls does this team need?!! Seriously. They’ve hit the damn snooze button since game 1 against the Pathers. They pulled it out in the 3rd and went right back to where they were the next game.

    This team is done. And I’m friggin done worrying about it (this season anyway). “Let’s win just enough to keep it interesting as long as we can.” BS!!!

    Time to shed the dead weight and bring up some guys from the Pack to get them some big club experience.

    If Sather doesn’t have 3 or more of these guys out of Ranger blue by this time next week… bigger issues will be evident.

    No play-offs this season. Time to start building towards next and thereafter.

  83. hockeymanrangers,
    that’s the wrong attitude to take. There has to be direction to do something. The question is do you trade your young players to try and make the playoffs and make a run at the stanely cup this year


    Do you trade away as many vet ufa’s on the team and build for the future around drury and gomez and the young players that are on the team now and coming up to make the team good for years to come and hopefully win a stanely cup.

    I myself like the latter, build for the future, not for a one year run.

  84. hockeymanrangers on

    Well I was thinking something a little less drastic at least at this point. We still are in the running here but we need some kind of shake up, I am not willing to give this season up yet. And I have said thius before if Renny can’t at least make the palyoffs with this team then my thoughts are he isn’t ever going to do anything. But yes a prefer your second choice, I definitely DO NOT, DO NOT want to trade any of our young players. At this point just a little shake up.

  85. I am for a shake up too. Nothing drastic. But what is that shake up? Who do you move to cause such a shake up? Or more important, who do you bring in?

  86. The hardest part is I have this gut wrenching feeling that nothing signifigant changes this season, a handful of superficial moves in the offseason, Renney stays, and it’s another test tube baby in october. The 08-09 season should start Saturday vs Philly.

    If I’m in the East I’m absolutely licking my chops over a chance at playing the Rangers in the first round. Anyone ever hit golf balls with a baseball bat? Thats what it would be like.

  87. Bring back Lohan on

    2 Girls 1 Cup, You guys are just awesome. I may need to change my name to that now!!!
    Jonny D, he was responsible solely for goals 2 and 3.
    I guess we still would have lost by one then, huh

  88. Nasty, I guess you mean do it for me. They better do something for me. I shelled out too much money on tickets. haha. Really though, I dont understand how NHL players and coaches don’t know what wrong with the team when its so obvious. Then again nobody ever said we had smart players. We lost Dominic Moore who apparently was a genius.

  89. On the brighter side, Dubi, Orr, Hollweg did a decent job holding their own in their respective scrums.

  90. “Jonny D, he was responsible solely for goals 2 and 3.
    I guess we still would have lost by one then, huh”

    Yeah i’ll agree they were soft, but since december they’ve been giving up so many chances from right in front, that I’m sure Henrik has been rattled since then. He clearly doesn’t trust the defense. Vally should play more to shake him up a bit though because I’m pretty sure that based on what he says and his reactions, he has no fear of being benched or losing his job. Putting Vally in for a few starts wouldn’t be a bad idea to wake up the team and possibly wake up Henke. Maybe it’ll cause him to focus more so he doesn’t let up soft ones too.

  91. Bring back Lohan on

    Guys, you can sit and argue sell vs. buy all you want. Fact of the matter is, that in the city of New York, you dont sell unless you are out of it completely and even then its rare. So as long as we are nearby look for us to do a lil something and try to sneak in. God forbid we win a series or two, then we will suffer more in 08-09 and 09-10. Bottom line is, we are small. Some of you guys are fasinated by our youth, but for the most part they are too small and too weak (i.e Prucha/Dawes/Callahan). Personally I am a seller. The goal should be to win a Cup not get into the playoffs. This team could not win the Cup. Therefore I dont care about this season, I need to look more long term. We need some size and toughness. Either way, our opinions are worthless, its up to Glen Sather to make some changes. Maybe watching last night will help him open his eyes….

  92. Bring back Lohan ,
    the rangers definitely need size. IMO next year allot of our vets are coming off the books so we should be able to bring in via free agency some size and a d-men or two.

    Since we are near a playoff spot and I do agree sather will not sell than the only thing sather should do is make minor deals and see what happens.

  93. This team was good last season because Jagr, Nylander and Shanny had good years and Avery gave us some steam, enough to beat an Atlanta team that imploded in the playoffs and enough to hang on against a decent Buffalo team, and that’s what we did against Buffalo, we hung on.

    If Jagr could put the puck in the net once a game like he did down the stretch last season we would not be having this discussion, we’d be thinking about the playoffs.

    But the fact is this team plays good hockey 50% of the time. I honestly can’t stand Renney’s “system” anymore, because it works 50% of the time and the PP stinks.

    Sather has been with this organization for how long now and the team is still mediocre. And you can say that corporate ownership may cause these issues, but look at Anaheim, aren’t they owned by Disney? And they win.

    I’d rather have Neil Smith as our GM. At least the guy drafted Kovalev, Weight, York, Johnnson, Sundstrom, Nordstrom, Karpotsev, Malhotra, Cloutier, Marchant, Zubov, Nemchinov, LaBarbera, Savard and his last year Lundqvist was drafted. Sure he had some duds as well, but not duds like Sather has had duds. And the Rangers were a good team under him, for most of his career. Sather has not been close to what Neil Smith was as GM.

  94. I’m not blaming the loss last night on Hank(cause you have to score more than 1 goal to beat the ducks), but a serious question. And I honestly don’t remember… When was the last game that you can say that Hank CLEARY won the game for us, or bailed us out, or stole the win? Whenever it was, it’s definitely been a while. It would be easier to pick out a game or two, or three that he certainly didn’t help the cause. If your goalie can’t steal a win here or there you’re not going anywhere. And if your best player can’t score any goals, likewise.

    That first scoring chance that jags had early on when he turned and fired a wrister, 2 years ago that puck is in the net. Why not now?

  95. vogs – disney doesn’t own the ducks anymore. I see what your point was though. Their team was built by Burke, the best GM in the game today. And quite possibly the next commish.

  96. “This team could not win the Cup”

    This team should not even be allowed to see pictures of the Cup. They should be forced to drink out of plates and bowls as a reminder of their stature in the league. They are so far behind where they could and should be that they should have to win the cup *twice* before getting to drink from it once. I hate this organization. I hate the our “traditions”. Potvin never sucked nearly as much as that moronic chant does.

    Stop buying jerseys. Stop buying tickets,shirts, hats, pucks, foam fingers, doctor seuss hats filled with cotton candy, $9 beers, crackerjacks, etc.

    This year was the harshest reality check that the organization has extrememly little interest in winning. It is the reality here. Selling shit to idiot fans will always be more important than actually winning. We’ve been looking for moves to be made since NOV/DEC…and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. THIS FUCK MALIK IS STILL HERE. It’s not even about Malik, it’s about the fact that a real organization would have addressed that problem in another way than having Renney massage his balls for him a little more. Make a change at all costs when you have a cancer like him around. If you had cancer in your body would you let it live and grow there or would you do everything you could to remove it? (THATS THE ANALOGY for anyone from LI) Fuck the Rangers, and fuck the fans who facilitate this business model. Fuck you for still *buying into it* this late in the season that we’re still in it to win it.

    If you haven’t realized, the players are actually pulling out of it. Guys who have been busting tail all year trying to make it work, you can see it in thier eyes now, they’re done scrambing for answers. Expect to see less and less from them as they 1 by 1 realize it’s a lost cause and that they have boarded a sinking ship. Enjoy Staal/Dubinsky/Dawes while you can while they are still dumb eager kids, soon enough that will change, and they will become either greedy or disgruntled or both. The New York way.

    Putting on the game at home for me has become as much of a charade as playing has for this team. I go and put it on and now its just kinda on, i don’t feel anything one way or the other when either team scores. I know hockey enough to know that the Rangers are just not a team despite the W’s they have. They have won games but they have very very very rarely “beaten” teams. More often than not its the other team having an off night.

    I need a hug.

  97. '94 a distant memory on

    they have won only 27 out of 57 games.

    and there is ZERO chance that they could beat any western team in a finals (ducks, det)

    so the negative vibes here are more than legitimate and necessary.

    will the la kings bail Sather out again this year with a trade ?

  98. Renneys statement that the last 2 stinkers haven’t hurt us after the 3 wins last week.Does anybody else think thats the problem with renney everything is through rose colored glasses. He should be in shut down mode and be all over the players about playing with desperation. But he is lost as is cigarpuss sather so I don’t expect a deal but if one does happen it will be the total opposite of what is good for the team. Be sellers not buyers but a-hole sather will probably give up the farm for a over the hill rental who will walk after the season which will end after 82 games I am sorry to say

  99. Thanks Rob L…

    the vommit and the doo doo flows freely watching this team..

    Maybe a video can be made called “5 girls no cup “

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