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Judging by how he pummeled Fedor Tyutin in their fight today, Blair Betts looks like he’ll be fit to play tonight against the Ducks,

OK, bad joke. There was no fight, but there was a healthy Betts on the ice and preparing to play tonight against the reigning Cup champions.

“I felt pretty good,” said Betts, who scored the best goal of his NHL career last season in Anaheim. “I think everything will be all right.”

In other news:

<li>It appears Greg Moore has made another futile trip down the Greg Moore Highway. He will sit. So will Marek Malik and Marcel Hossa, although both are possibilities for the weekend.

<li>Brendan Shanahan, meanwhile, is unlikely for any of these next three games, although he is skating on his own as I write.

I asked Shanahan about his visit, alongside Hossa, Michal Rozsival, and Martin Straka, to a hospital in the city yesterday, and the wing deadpanned frustration. “Aw, a bunch of sick kids,” Shanahan said. “I wanted to make it a ‘Me Day’.

Jokes aside, Lynn Zinser of the Times “chronicles the hospital visit on her blog”:

<li>Ryan Hollweg is back in the lineup after serving his suspension and having a talk with Tom Renney.

“It’s nice to have their support, but at the same time, I have to be smart,” Hollweg said.

<li>The meeting with the Ducks will be the first time that Jason Strudwick will skate against both of his cousins, Scott and Rob Niedermayer. The three were supposed to get together for dinner last night, but the Ducks’ trip to the White House took longer than expected.

“We’ll get together tonight,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll be laughing.”

<li>Meanwhile, it’s a big night for Zipay and I seeing how Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer, and Teemu Selanne are all on our fantasy team.

Would it be inappropriate to offer those three a pep talk before the game?

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  1. Sam – get Pronger to score a ‘trick tonight, I have him too! But while you’re at it, make sure we score at least 4!

  2. Beer Me-
    Did someone say in the last post that you are a tool for me? What the hell does that even mean?

  3. From previous thread…

    I love all the people who talk about Prucha’s durability and how he’s a walking concussion, etc. None of you have any idea what you’re talking about. The list of players who’ve missed more time than Prucha due to injury over three years is long: Rucinsky, Rucchin, Shanahan, Straka, Avery, Malik, Callahan, Betts, Ortmeyer…

    For 3 years I’ve been hearing the same story, yet the only time he got hurt was on a knee to knee hit. If he was going to get concussed, it would would have happened by now. The only player who’s the recipient of more dirty hits than Prucha is Jagr.

    A note on Renney: He may have been the right coach for 05-06, and maybe even 06-07. But the roster has turned over a great deal and he may not be the right coach for this group.

    Whoever thought the Malik/Avery incident was planned is a complete conspiracy theorist. If it was, it’s an even bigger indictment of Renney that he needs Avery to do the dirty work for him, and I just don’t buy that.

  4. I was like HOLY S*&^! All this team does now is kick the crap out of each other…Yes Sam you got me! :)

  5. nasty – I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s some new ‘nasty lingo’ or if he was referencing you. But let me tell you this. I’m and nobody’s tool! haha

  6. Prucha27

    unfortunately becasue of his size Prucha is always going to be questioned or marked as an injur waiting to happen, especially becasue of the hits he takes. Luckily the kid has seemed to bounce thus far, but that just means people will come back harder next time.

    I love Prucha for the fact that he drives tot he net and works hard, but I admit, every time I see him get hit I fear that he may be hurt. Then he gets u and I relax of course but still…

    That said, I don’t want any big trades becasue, as others have pointed out, we have to give up something to get something, and I don’t want to give up any of these kids, from Pru and Lundquist down.

  7. Yeah, I wasn’t sure either. I mean, we definitely do share the same point of view on many things, but that has been going on for a while now. If it was a jab at either of us I say we invite him for a drink at the Blarney Stone. While you are talking to him I will get down behind him and you can push him backwards and he will fall over me old school style. Ha.

  8. Agravaine – I don’t even want to get into the pros and cons of trading the guy, obviously he’s my favorite Ranger, so I’m biased.

    But to say he’s going to get hurt one day…I mean, it’s been 2.5 years. How many more injury free seasons before people get it? He’s just durable. It seems like people label him as a potential injury and put it as a mark against him, when it hasn’t even happened.

  9. Prucha 27

    Yea, I know, and I like the kid too, he is one of my favorites, beleive me. I just mean that his size is a factor. And MArtin St Louis still gets mentions of his size after all he’s done, so you and I and all fans of Pru are going to have to get used to the talk of him being hurt, because unless he puts on some weight and someone else on the team starts to defend him when he takes those hits it isn’t gonna get any better for him.

  10. Beer me!

    If Malik were in I would be a lot more positive about tonight, I think he would have taken the kick in the pants for what it was. Since there is no lineup change I don’t know. I think the players were embarassed (rightfully so) I think they will play better, I hope they stop taking BS penalties.

    SO actually I am predicting a win, but its a pessimistic one…

  11. I was actually hoping for Malik to return tonight after his scuffle, especially because of the way Strudwick has been playing recnetly.

    I didn’t know Strudwick was a cousin of the Niedermeyers. That’s cool!

    Bring back lohan – Do you have a link to that Harris Poll you referenced earlier?

    Salty – I think a few people actually predicted Toronto to make the playofs, even if it was only 7th or 8th, because of their pick-up of Toskala. Obviously, it hasn’t worked out because of their crappy defensive play.

    Well, I have to head off to my last class of the week. (Beer Me! – I’m sorry to make you feel worse!) To anybody not in the NYC area, the game is being broadcast live on Yahoo tonight.

  12. Tony, I disagree. I think it’ll be 2-1 Rangers.

    I want Drury to have a PP goal too.

    0-0 after the 1st.

  13. Beer me !
    Ok, 2-1 is fine with me.
    But, if ya wanna fight, I’ll make you my “tool”
    That the hell does that mean anyway ??

  14. Ha. Yeah, I will make you all my tool. Mark my words. All of you will bow down to the Nasty 1 and be my tool and agree with everything I say.

    If that was to mean what I took it as, it was one of the dumbest things I have seen on here in a while.

  15. Rangers 17 – Ducks 14 !
    oh wait, that was the Giants score.
    I’m STILL on my Big Blue high !

  16. LOL!! ah…finally a bright spot in an otherwise horrible day. I’ve had the kind of day that when you think it’s all over you fall down the stairs, somehow ruin a good shirt, and get home to find the dog sh-t on the couch.

    I have the kind of motive that Sam does. Just based on my fantasy team tonight. Giguere & Pronger vs. Drury & (if he were healthy) Shanny.

  17. 2-0 Ducks.

    Rangers play well, but not well enough.

    Avery ejected in the 2nd period.

    (Hoping I’m wrong)

  18. Bring back Lohan on

    I just dont see us playing well enough in the D zone, but maybe Struds will have a lil pep in his step and look like his skates are only covered in 2 inches of molasses instead of the usual 4. I say we play well enough though and grab a point, Im gonna be “A TOOL FOR SALTY” and agree with his 4-3 Ana in a shootout.

  19. just so there everyone is on the same page here’s one of the 17 definitions that I found for the word tool. I think this one applies to this situation.

    “a person manipulated by another for the latter’s own ends.”

  20. This poll was on Good for a laugh if you can visualize….

    Pregame Poll

    What fight would you like to see in Rangers practice?
    Brooks vs Dellapina vs Weinman vs Zipay
    Prucha vs Straka (midget fight!)
    Lundqvist vs the defense
    Hollweg vs himself
    Gomez vs Trautwig

  21. I don’t think the real concern about Prucha’s size is his durability, but it’s his ability to be effective enough when he spends half his shift on his ass.

  22. I don’t think the real concern about Prucha’s size is his durability, but it’s his ability to be effective enough when he spends half his shift on his ass.

    But he does deserve more time, if only to settle the matter once and for all whether that would turn him into a real scorer.

  23. Tonight is another one of those games that we can’t move anywhere in the standings. Boston, 1pt behind is off, and we’re 3 pts behind the 6th place pens.

  24. Prucha27,

    As I said in the other thread Orts was out for a serious health issue that happened off the ice so technically he wasn’t injured. Prucha is a good hockey player, problem with his durability is that he has his head down a lot and one of these days is going to get rocked and not get up. Sometimes I think he’s staying down but he really does have a head made of metal. However I’m not sure if he runs into a Hatcher or Phaneuf, if he’ll get right back up.

    And I forgot Struds was cousins with Rob and Scott. Its pretty cool. I wonder if he’ll pick up his game today because of it. I mean he hasn’t played terrible, but he has been far from being a good defenseman.

  25. Sam no need to give pep talks to Ducks players on your fantasty squad just ask Renney to play Strudwick over 15 minutes today.

  26. Jonny D – So far “one day” has been 2 years and counting.

    Also, RE: Ortmeyer, an injury is an injruy, whether it results form play or not. Leetch broke an ankle “getting out of a cab”, but he was still hurt. Missed games are missed games, and Prucha just hasn’t missed that many.

  27. Bring back Lohan on

    First we talk porn staches, now we’re talkin bout midgits (well kinda). Thank god we have a game tonight!

  28. Yeah man, it was taken from last post. Someone said that someone was being a tool. Now we are all having a little fun with it. Not to be taken serious though.

  29. Oh I am all about Porn Staches. I got a alot a love for George Parros. He played high school hockey in my town so hometown peeps with Porn Stache = Hockeypuckz love.

    Blueshirts 3 Ducklings 0.

  30. Bring back Lohan on

    when asked about the stache in an article last season…

    “The ‘stache demands respect,” Parros says. “People have laughed at it, but the mustache does demand respect.”

    I may start the Eastern Conference unit of the Fan CLub

  31. Lohan I’m with you if you do. Serously Orr doesn’t stand a chance against the stache and we all love orrsie.

  32. Strudwick must be a distant cousin of the Niedermayers. Rangers 4 Ducks 2. I still believe.

  33. This guy Parrish can fight. Not only do I predict that the rangers lose 4-1 but I predict Parish will knock down orr with
    a right hand.

  34. Why is Hollweg back in the lineup? This guy contributes nothing but stupidity.

    I would also much rather see Malik in than Strudwick and I’m certainly no Malik fan. After that horrible turnover->goal the other night, Strudwick deserves to sit.

  35. My friends and I all had a stache growing contest. I came in second. My one friend really got creative and had his long enough to twist the ends and it was just awesome. I am a teacher, and nothing says “Welcome Back Kotter” like a shitty porn stache.

  36. So many funny things going on here today, I can noly imagine what will happen during the five off-days next week. Unfortunately, it seems to take a bad game to turn sarcastic and funny, so hopefully we have a terrible game against Washington and still win after taking these next two easily. (I have hope, YaY)

    Bring back lohan – I would not have believed it unless I saw it. I guess people are getting tired of the thugs and possible (now definite) referee bias in basketball. It’s such a boring game on during the same time as the hockey season that I can’t believe it was ever more popular. Somehow, though, I find the NBA playoffs usually enjoyable because crazy stuff happens, but only watch them if there is no hockey available at the same time. Someone should show those stats to the bozos at ESPN to get more discussion (stand strong Cowlishaw!) and highlights (one on _SportsCenter_ with Melrose last night, fawning, rightly, over Ovechkin!) on there, and to the MSG bozos to make them sur the Knicks are less popular and put them on MSG2 instead.

    P.S. – I wanna be the monkey wrench because it has the word *monkey* in it! Does it have anything to do with an actual monkey? :)

  37. I think this blog has hit a new high (or is it low) when the posts are about porn staches, tools, and midgets rather than our beloved rangers.

    That Parros dude looks like a young JD.

  38. Beer Me! – nice off-topic link. I thought it had something to do with our closer Sam at first. Just skimming over it, it’s too bad Rosen is buried on I think the fourth team on FOX, so he never does New York games, unless they’re really bad. It’s too bad Bryant Gumbel’s team rated higher than Greg because Collinsworth is so good. I think Nantz/Simms should be higher, like Ian Eagle’s use of the word “chicanery,” and hate that he’s ragging on Kornheiser. I read that column last season, and it’s a good read which I will devote more time to soon, but it’s a long read.

  39. Its funny, cause when you do catch a game that he’s calling, it’s not uncommon to hear him say ‘Rangers’ instead of the team he’s calling.

  40. instead of playoff beards this year maybe the porn stache is the way to go. Sam, try and make that happen.

  41. Bring back Lohan on

    You guys think Hollweg will try to legitimize his existence by challenging our boy George “The Stache” Parros tonight?

  42. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me, this one is for you….

    • Scientific research, commissioned by the Guinness Brewing Company, found that the average mustachioed Guinness drinker traps a pint and a half of the creamy nectar every year. Now that Guinness is UK 2.10 a pint, this is the equivalent of an annual moustache tax of UK 4.58.

    You now have good reason to hate George Parros. HE WASTES BEER!!!!!!!

  43. Parros is 6-5, Hollweig is 5-11, Hollweig would be an idiot to fight Parros

    on zipays page there is a longer quote from Hollweig and he basically says it wasn’t a dirty hit.

  44. If he doesn’t think it was a dirty hit, he’s dumber than I thought…and I think he’s pretty stupid.

  45. when has Hollweg every fought anyone of substance? He never drops his gloves and if he does he usually gets his ass kicked.
    He’s a weasel who hits from behind. I’m not sure what Renney infatuation with him is.

  46. Sam, I appreciate the insight on Rangers affairs that you’ve given us over the past two seasons, but most of your analysis involves sitting on the fence.

    The previous post (“Where do they go from here?”) was a perfect example of this. It followed a familiar formula:
    1) An event happened.
    2) This even could have bad consequences for the Rangers.
    3) On the other hand, this event could have a positive result for the team, but
    4) I don’t know where this will go and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    Sam, if you have a strong opinion on a matter or an educated prediction, we’d love to read about it! Don’t be afraid to rock the boat a little bit!

  47. I read today that Kevin Lowe thinks his Oilers have a shot at the playoffs, currently 10 points out of the 8th spot.

    The Eastern Conference from 1st to 8th is only separated by 9 points.

  48. Jordan —

    A very fair point, and not without merit.

    But what I will tell you is my wavering on occasion is not for fear of rocking the boat. More often it’s because I really see both sides of the equation.

    You call that sitting on the fence. I consider it a balanced perspective.

    And really, when it comes to something like what happened yesterday, I wouldn’t change what I wrote because I really don’t know what the fall-out may be, if in fact there is a fall-out.

    From a reader’s perspective, that may be frustrating. But I could just go out on a limb and be completely wrong. What happens then? I lose credibility.


  49. Amen Sam. That’s why I come here. ‘Rocking the boat’ only starts rumors. If I wanted to hear some idiot do that, I’d go read Brooks’

  50. Thanks for your fair response, Sam
    …but it’s a shame Super Tuesday has come and passed–you might have been able to win a bunch of votes and delegates with that kind of message! :)

  51. Beer Me! – Also, when football season had just ended about a week prior and the Rangers were playing the Lightning with Ramo playing (I know we don’t want to reminisce about that game), Rosen called him Romo a couple of times.

  52. Bring back Lohan on

    Sam, as long as the fence your sitting on isnt of the picket variety, you’ll be okay!!!!

  53. Sam if you write as an editorial, rather than a report, you can give your opinion like the rest here. ( but with some inside knowledge). If the NYR don’t hold it against you, when it’s not favorable.

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