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Greg Moore is up with the Rangers and on the ice, suggesting that Blair Betts’ injury is serious enough to keep him out tomorrow night against the Ducks.

More on that in a bit….

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  1. Could be a whole new fourth line. I will say this though. The fourth line of Hollweg Betts Orr, although they don’t score goals for us, is missed when they are not on the ice. They do serve a purpose. And maybe, just maybe if they were in the lineup last night this would not have happened.

  2. I think ranger fans who were killing the HBO line are going to regret it now that that line is broken up.

  3. I agree. They have value to the team. If you can get past them not scoring goals. I can definitely live with them not scoring goals.

  4. No mo HBO. They will be missed for sure. They certainly served a purpose. Played their role and hardly ever faulterd.

    Who said byers went down already? link?

  5. Nasty someone said the blog was going to be bipolar today (everyone was all giddy yesterday, not gonna be that way today)

    And I was saying the actual team is bipolar, either real good or pure suck = polar opposites.

  6. hockeymanrangers on

    Nasty 1
    I agree I don’t mind the 4th line, I think they keep the puck at the oppisite end quite a bit. And usually when they (the 4th line) play well they keep pretty good possession of the puck. I really like Hollwegs energy. JUST AS LONG AS HE LEARNS NOT TO HIT FROM BEHIND. Well hopefully Betts will not be out long.

  7. Kings looked like the Harlem Globetrotters out there … Rangers went long spells without touching the puck … sad .. Rangers D is in trouble … Tyutin is soft on the puck … can’t make a pass out of the zone to save his life … chip, chip, chip is all he does — and the chipping usually results in a turnover ..

    Mara, Strudwick are getting exposed … Avery cannot keep up with Dubinsky and Callahan … move him down … or put him with Jagr … not with the young, fast skill guys …

    This was the worst team in the league they were playing yesterday without Rob Blake and their leading scorer Brown … bad …

  8. Salty-
    Thank you for clarifying. I wasn’t sure what you meant. I really am not that down on last nights game. If they played the whole game like the first period I would be more concerned. We need points now, but we are not going to win every game.

  9. If we’re losing games to out of conference teams, it’s much better than giving them to teams in our own division. Kinda strange the way those records look so far this year. I guess we’re acutally luck that we have so many div games left. If you gotta lose to someone, make it a western team.

    Makes me sad to think that the next game I’m going to is vs. SJ. ugh.

  10. And you can easily say that was a game we SHOULD have won. Well then would you say that the games against Philly, NJ, and Montreal are games we shouldn’t have won? I don’t look at games like that anymore. We should win every game. Obviously we won’t. But you can look around the league and see teams beat teams that they should “not” have beaten on any given night. It happens. So I guess if we keep winning games we “shouldn’t” win we will be in good shape.

  11. Face it everyone. This team is going nowhere this year. There are at least 10 teams better than the Rangers, and that’s being generous.

  12. Anyone else concerned that we haven’t called up any D men? I mean Strudwick looks like an AARP member out there, Mara is lost at points, Malik is still day to day… I’m not all down the team, but would common sense be to call up someone…?

  13. siobhan – thanks for the link. I’d like to see another D up too. Struds becomes more of a liability every game.

  14. another quick transition team that we had a problem with. does anybody else notice that those are the games we look worst?

  15. im the one who made the comment saying most of you people are bi polar in one of the previous blogs. and i am right yes they lost a game they should have won but after winning 5 out of 6 games and then loosing to a crappy team does not call for ripping them apart and saying the coach should be fired. No doubt that they should win games against teams like LA but look how we play teams like montreal and the devils those are the games that will matter in the next two months. Nothing is over yet. should the rangers be one thousand times better Yes they should not even be in this situation. But the fact is they are and they have been playing alot better then December…

  16. Absolutely! And if they had been playing like they did the last three games, last nights loss would have seemed like no big deal. Fact is this team is finally learning how to play as a team and learning how to win. So we should have won, we didn’t. Let’s play the next game. You can’t look back until you are mathematically out. It makes no sense to look back. You just have to look forward and focus on the next game.

  17. My last post should have started like this-

    Absolutely! And if they had been playing like they did the last three games all season long, last nights loss would have seemed like no big deal.

  18. i agree and i also think they have to HAVE to get five points out of the next three before a five day break …

  19. I can’t get too down about last night…yeah they sucked but it was definitely a letdown game that followed a few big wins. They didn’t suck it up all night like we were used to seeing just a few weeks ago.
    It sucks Betts is hurt,
    What’s up with Hollywood? Did he get more games?

  20. This team NEVER goes for the throat. I just don’t get it. You know LA is gonna come out strong but the NYR are a better squad. Why not bring it right out of the gates and jump all over them? I mean really rip into them and put them back on their heels. Good teams take the game away from teams like that before any momentum can be built.

    Our defense looked horrendous… Strudwick, what can you say? Staal, blown coverage on the second goal. Ughhhhh. This squad needs help.

    Same old story… 1 step forward, two back.

    By this time next week we’re gonna really be looking at that game as the one that took us out of it (again).

  21. I think we are going to be fine. The next three games are huge of course, but they are definitely winnable games. Ducks, Philly, Washington. The game that concerns me most is the game against Philly. They are going to want some revenge for that 4-0 beating we gave them last week. I wonder if Valli will start any of the upcoming three?

  22. We all know that the rangers can be as good as any team in this league when they play a smart 60 minute game.

  23. The next three are huge for sure, and the 5-day break is going to be nerve-racking. How the hell do you have a 5 day break when the A.S. break was only 4 days? That Philly game is for sure the most important.

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