I hate to say I told you so….


So I can’t pick a football game to save my life, but I can sense the consummate trap game when I see one.

For all the Rangers accomplished in their three-game winning streak, it’s still apparent they look a certain killer instinct.

I  think back to what Brendan Shanahan told me earlier in the year: the best teams think of winning as their drug, as an addiction they can’t get enough of. This team isn’t there yet.

More from practice, specifically on the status of Blair Betts, later. Fourth-line center and all, that would be a big loss….

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  1. Salty, what I meant was that after the three impressive wins in a row, I hope that last nights game will want to get them right back to that winning feeling. No idea why you call me bi-polar?

  2. Yeah, that sucks ass about Blair Betts. Can Hossa play that position?

    By the way, still not blown away by Ryan Callahan. Anyone else?

  3. Chris F.,
    not for nothing but I heard the same thing about dubinsky and dawes and look how they are playing now. it takes time for young players to learn the nhl game, some faster than others. I like that callahan shows grit. Give him a chance, you might be surprised.

  4. What is it with this team against Western Conference teams? I just don’t get it. I don’t watch teams in the West and think that they look so great or so dominant. The Red Wings are the only team that I watch that are down right amazing. Other than that I just don’t get it.

  5. I like Callahan. I can’t say I’m “blown away”, but noone currently is ‘blowing me away’. The thing I’m a little fearful of is that all these guys that are coming up lack one important thing. Size. Byers is listed @ 6’3″ & Dubi @ 6’1″. The rest of those guys, and throw Avery into that group are all south of 6ft. I’m not saying that they can’t be effective, but I hate to see those games where it looks like we get pushed around or out-manned.

  6. Beer Me!,
    it’ ironic you mention about size because I always wanted the rangers organization to draft big players but they never do. If you look back in ranger history they never draft big players up front.

  7. I like Callahan too. I think he has looked pretty good since coming back from Hartford. I would definitely like to see him score some more goals. I do like that he stands up to anyone and stick up for his team mates on every shift. The problem with the Rangers last night is that they were standing around waiting for LA to make a mistake. The only problem with that is that LA was not making any mistakes. They shoved the first period straight up our ass. Then after the time up, we had a wake up call and started to play better. And I thought for the rest of the game we played decent hockey. Good enough to win if it had not been for the first period. But once we were already down by 2 it was over. Every other mistake we made was in our net. Avery, aside from his goal, did not have a very good game and constantly did the wrong thing with the puck. Strudwick……well that was just awful. It used to be the 2 period that killed us. The last two games it has been the first. The first period in Montreal was ugly too. And we really need to stay out of the box. It is as simple as that. I am angry about this loss, but I am not up in arms, because except for up until the time out we played a decent game.

  8. Yeah, the calls against us didn’t help us out any. Not that they ever do, but when your down like that, you have got to stay out of the box. Sure, there’s good penalties to take sometimes, but there’s only been a handful of them the entire season.

    Avery looked like the bi-polar one last night. He had 1 good shift for every 1 or 2 bad shifts.

  9. IMO the turning point in the game was Avery’s beautiful back pass to nobody except the kings player along the boards when he had a clear path 10 feet from the blue line to clear the puck but instead the kings player grabs the puck and skates in two on one down low and they scored to make it 3-1. That killed the momentum the rangers were building and got the kings going again.

  10. This team NEVER goes for the throat. I just don’t get it. You know LA is gonna come out strong but the NYR are a better squad. Why not bring it right out of the gates and jump all over them? I mean really rip into them and put them back on their heels. Good teams take the game away from teams like that before any momentum can be built.

    Our defense looked horrendous… Strudwick, what can you say? Staal, blown coverage on the second goal. Ughhhhh. This squad needs help.

    Same old story… 1 step forward, two back.

    By this time next week we’re gonna really be looking at that game as the one that took us out of it (again).

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