Fireworks at practice


If I hadn’t seen Sean Avery and Marek Malik throwing punches at one another during practice today, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But what had been a mere one-on-one battle during drills today quickly escalated into shoves and then an all-out fight between the 6-foot-6 Malik and the 5-10 Avery, lasting maybe 30 seconds before it eventually ended. For those scoring at home, we’ll call it Malik by TKO.

Words were exchanged after that. At one point, Avery could be heard saying, “What are you,a tough guy? Why don’t you play like that in a game?”

In the awkward aftermath, Tom Renney skated over to Malik and said, “Good job, big guy,” and it seemed like a number of observers were impressed with how Malik more than held his ground against Avery.

The practice continued without incident after that, with Avery and Malik even taking part in the same in-zone drills. Afterwards, the prevailing theme throughout the dressing was it was the sort of intense display the team needed after such a listless showing against L.A.

“Things happen,” Malik said. “There’s nothing between us. That’s hockey. It’s a contact sport. Even if it’s practice, you want to play hard. If somebody doesn’t feel like he’s been hit right, he might step up. It happens. It’s not the first time or the last time it’s going to happen.”

“You guys gotta love it,” Martin Straka joked. “Thank God it wasn’t me. I’d have another black eye.”

Although Malik hung around to answer questions, Avery, just as he did last night, bolted before we could even enter the dressing room.

According to a couple of veteran writers and even Tom Renney, it was the first fight the Rangers had in a regular season practice in a number of years. But Renney didn’t have a problem with it.

“I like it,” he said. “It wasn’t malicious. It wasn’t stick swinging. It was within the rules of the game. We have to step up, so maybe this is the sign of a team saying, ‘That’s it. We have to be better every night.'”

I asked Renney if he had concerns about lingering repercussions between Avery and Malik.

“Zero,” he said. “We’re a team. If someone was to hammer Sean Avery from behind and Harry was in the vicinity, he’d be all over the guy and vice versa. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is dead and gone.”

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  1. wow,
    maybe that was Avery taking out his frustration from last nights game but also hopefully this will make malik a tougher player even though I doubt it. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

  2. A little too late for Avery to show his frustration. The way I see it he tried to do too much and took stupid penalties, turnovers and cost us the game last night. Yes he did score one lucky goal, but he caused for 3 to be scored against us.

  3. It’s a shame that this team needs something like this to light a fire under their colelctive backside. With this line up, they shouldn’t have to have brawls break out among team personelle to want to win.

    Hopefully now they’ll be able to crawl out of that whole that the put themselves in by getting one point our of 7 games vs. West coast teams and losing home and homes to Boston and things of that nature.

    This season’s been frustrating to say the least.

  4. HOL Y SHIT…

    And “Good Job, Big Guy”….. awkward doesnt even begin to decribe the levels of uncomfortableness that makes me feel in regards to the team… so that about does it for Avery IMO… I don’t see him getting signed up here for anything more than he’s getting now… “detriment” will be pretty hard to shake at this point, especially with Renney siding against you in favor of Malik…


    Malik answered questions? *What were these questions and what were his answers???*

  5. Good to see Avery run and hide from the media after his worst game as a Ranger. I guess he’s taking a page out of the Carlos Delgado book. Can they Rangers please ship Jason Strudwick to the Echl where he belongs? Michal Rozsival could use a lobotomy stat! UIs there a dman more cl;ueless in his own end? Is there a dman that takes more lazy and careless penalties? Jagr could use an exorcism. My God he had a half dozen unbelievable scoring chances and couldn’t score. I don’t know how in the word anyone could make a worse play on a clear than Avery did lasty night. Kudos to Jason Strudwick for not even being able to stickhandle quite a talent no? Tyutin had a rough one as well. He has been a pretty big disapointment imo. He has played more Nhl games than Staal and Girardi combined but they seem to be higher on the learning curve. I expected Tyutin to be a better than average dman by now. You just can’t give team a lead like that and dominate you and expect to come back on a nightly basis. The Kings are unbelievably skilled up front on most night their d and goaltender cost em. Betts could be a tough loss as he’s a tremendous pker and a strong defensive player. Byers looked fine last night but imo the team would have been better off recalling a dman and playing him instead of being to subjected to Strudwick playing d. With Selanne returning and the all wortld d the Ducks sport it will be a very tough game tomorrow.

  6. HO-LY SHIZ! I barely believe it. I don’t think it will make Maoik step up and deliver hits, though.

    I can also barely believe that we haven’t won against the western conference yet this season.

    At least the game on Saturday is at the Flyers, since that probably means we have a better chance to win. I would bet on Vally coming back for that one.

  7. If Malik and Avery were to get in to a fight with each other during an actual game, would there be any penalties assessed?


  8. Avery walking away from the media was probably the best thing he could have done. We know that guy gets fired up prety quick. Good to let him go cool off. Good thing too, cause the wrong question and maybe Sam woulda got laid out!

  9. I don’t think this really says anything about either players standing on the team or with the coach. Avery had a bad game. Big deal. The guy does not have many bad games. Avery is not a superstar player, but he is a player this team needs. I will stand by that. I don’t care who agrees or who doesn’t. Malik, well, if he had a physical element to his game we would all like him much more. Well, a physical element and also less penalties.

  10. It’s 1:25 has Jason Strudwick been waived yet? Oh wait Renney loves him more than he loves Hossa, Sorry. but Hopefully Malik returns vs the Ducks.

  11. This is something I have been wanting to hear for a long time.

    Now the only thing that could make this better is when Jagr is getting shoved all over the place that he finally drops the gloves and makes history with his first fight here.
    But not in practice.. hehe In a GAME!

    Either this will make a pain in the locker room between some players if they takes sides, or this will be the best thing they could have asked for and Malik is either traded, or comes out and plays with the size he has for once.

  12. The only beef I have with Avery last night is when he went back with the puck and didn’t clear it. He was like 4 feet away from the line and could have easily got it out of the zone. It was a bad decision and it got shoved down his throat. It seemed last night, whether it was because it was his old team or whatever, he put himself before the team a little bit. We can’t have people doing that, but I am sure he learned his lesson. I don’t think this is going to divide a locker room.

  13. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse already ran away….WTF!

    Avery getting excited after the game in practice, when he had his head up his sphincter on the drop pass to no one and when he took at least two stupid penalties?

    Then you have Malik, a lifeless, emotionless putz, finally showing some aggression and energy when he has all but been rendered useless?

    This team is a bunch of directionless dopes.

    They have no leader on the ice or behind the bench. Plain and simple.

    That is about the only way I can explain the Keystone Kops behavior we are witnessing.

  14. -This team is a bunch of directionless dopes.

    I wouldn’t go that far. Not at all. It was a let down game. If we drop the next three, then we can talk. This team has turned a corner IMO. I think we will see a much better effort tomorrow night. I feel your pain, I really do, but I don’t think we are going to go on another losing streak.

  15. Did anyone see that last night during the worm ups right before the game with Hollweg out of the line up Jagr took his place on passing the puck around for the one timers.
    I guess he got too tired doing that (since he usually leaves the ice half way into worm ups) and could score on any of the chances he had during the game.

  16. I don’t think so. Valiquette in my opinion is a good back up. Especially considering the salary cap NYR will be facing next season.

  17. hockeymanrangers on

    I sure hope Avery isn’t showing his true colors here. He has been such a stand up player on and off the ice. We need Av’s to play and act the way he has over the last year. Hoepfully he was just putting on a show for his old team. And I have said this before he and a lot of Ranger players get a lot shots on goal and not to many find the net. I swear if they look just for a split second to find a whole they would be more succesful, isn’t it called placement??? But I am no coach and havn’t played that much so I could very well be worng??

  18. I think this could be the catalyst we’ve been looking for. We may or may not see a trade before the 26th hopefully for a Dman because I think this team has the talent at forward to win, I wish they were a little grittier all around but maybe this is what Avery was trying to do. There is no doubt this guy has the goods to be a complete all around player but to be a leader as well and I think this is his way of doing it. He made a huge mistake last night and he took out his frustrations in practice, I agree with beer Me about him leaving before the media, he loves it to much here to make a stink in the media and look like “a detriment”. Maybe Malik will play better we wont know but I wouldn’t mind seeing Struds sit in favor of him, he definitely needs a rest.

    Not sure if anyone saw this on but John Buccigross has this to say about Tyutin, I agree with all of you who have commented on him lately and he has sucked. But with that said ..
    “Let’s face it: When Michal Rozsival is your No. 1 defenseman, you’ve got issues. I think the Rangers need an upgrade at D via trade or accelerated play from the likes of Fedor Tyutin. I talked to an AHL coach last spring who coached against Tyutin and observed him in the NHL and was convinced Tyutin is a horse. A possible No. 1 defenseman. So far, that hasn’t happened.”

    I remember hearing so much about him in 04 when he came around before the purge and we had such high hopes. I think someone needs to remind him how hot a prospect he was and that he has the talent to be huge. I think he might be intimidated by Stall and Girardi being younger and making waves in the NHL already. With that said we still need a puck moving dman who can be gritty as well.

  19. You know what I think the thing is with toots? Nothing. It’s the same thing that’s wrong with all of our prospects. We went so long with no youth to look forward to bringing up, that as soon as we see some guys with 1/2 the talent that other teams are bringing up we expect too much. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with toots, though I don’t think he’s playing to the utmost of his ability, I think it’s pretty close. Its the player he is. I also don’t think his scouting report ever looked at him as a #1 guy. I like the guy, as I do a lot of our youth. But be cautious of your expectations.

  20. Nice posts guys … I have been harking for awhile over Tyutin’s play … in ’04 they were even calling him the successor to Leetch … they just need to sit him down a game or two or three … that would hopefully wake him up ..

    Avery stunk out the joint last night with his selfish play –he held onto the puck too long — gave up turnovers, foolish penalties … hopefully this is an aberation ..

    Rangers need to look hard in trading for Boyle, Foote, Blake someone on D — otherwise they will get overmatched like they have been.

  21. Ok, it was that said this, so make of it what you will. But they said Shanny could be out up to 2 weeks.

  22. I think the idea of Boyle or Kaberle is great but I’d really like to see the backline fast and mean. Mara, Staal, Girardi, Toots and Strudwick hit but I don’t think any of them scare anyone, I want Jeff Beukeboom with a better set of wheels.

  23. I read something this a.m. that said Kaberle could be the 1st guy moved out of Tor due to his contract. He’s making 4.5mil and is truly a top 2 dman.

  24. Pretty much the entire team, with their mistakes, mental lapses and penalties (although the refs were particularly bad), left Henrik out to dry last night. At least Avery partially made up for it by scoring a goal.
    Just a thought… Is it possible that this fracas today was masterminded by Renney to 1) allow Avery to blow off steam and 2) get Malik back on track and make him at least tradeable?
    I only throw that out based on Renney’s reaction. Or am I giving too much credit there?

  25. I read over at the Daily News blog that “…Avery was driving down the right wing with the puck in a one-on-one drill when he lost his stick trying to cut in on Malik. The big defenseman rode the stickless and hunched-over winger to the backboards, where he administered an extra hit.”

    So, Avery was right, why is that Malik can’t make the extra hit when he’s, oh, I don’t know, playing against another team?

  26. I loved Avery’s comment…I just wish that Renney asked Malik to stop fighting and answer the question

  27. Shut up !

    Everyone going semi against Avery, out of the fuggin blue. I want him re signed more then i did at the beginning of the season. He gives this team balls, not Shanny, not Orr, not that waste of a roster spot who stole Ortmeyers job, Hollweg. Its Aves.

    Aves played a bad game, the whole mother fuggin team played like shit. Hank was the only one who tried to keep this team in it, and in my opinion Dru as well. He has been stepping up.

    Hopefully this gives Malik some balls cause he doesnt have any, and hopefully the fireworks at practice fires this team up. They got outplayed and outworked by the 2 worst teams in the NHL this season.

    We suck against the West…now we have to play the two best teams of the west. This team needs to show they can hang around with the best in the league. Cause im not convinced yet.

  28. hey – anybody catch the Tor/Fla highlights last night? When Fla scored the 6th, 7th, & 8th goals against Tor, the crowd IN Tor started chearing. THAT’S rock-bottom.

  29. All you gotta do is look what is happening in toronto and realize being a ranger fan today isn’t that bad.

  30. I don’t wanna rip into Avery like some of u have. Yes, he had an awful giveaway to lead to a goal, but he got it right back for us. His first penalty was a phantom “cross-check.” He barely shoved the guy with double fists. Bad Call. They lost because they had 24 shots in the 2nd & even missed the net several times, yet only Avery found the net. Pathetic…(They should’ve had 30 shots & 3 or 4 goals scored in the 2nd, they were that dominant.)And I think they would’ve continued the play into the 3rd, but that goal they gave up a minute into the 3rd was ridiculous. Our Dmen NEVER take the body… Only Mara… Girardi & Stall sometimes. Is it me or doesn’t it seem like they always shy away from taking or throwing hits. The D is always poking at the puck trying to stick check. It’s pitiful to watch. They definitely need a physical Dman that can handle the puck. There are plenty of ’em available. Rob Blake would be perfect. They have to land somebody. Anybody can see we need help on D. The forwards are coming around finally. But it’s asking too much of them to keep scoring & coming from behind when it’s like we are guaranteeing 1 or 2 bad goals against every night.

  31. Ibister Shot Survivor on

    the Sean Avery sideshow has just about run its course in NY. Next stop; the southeast division!

  32. Maybe the leafs should also work on fighting in practice, then they wouldn’t be so useless when it comes to game time.

  33. Prucha Hoo-Hah! on

    Wonder if the Rangers will post video of the Malik v. Avery brawl on Rangers on Demand?

    OT: I just love the way Malik’s teammates call him “Harry.” LOL.

  34. Avery needs his clock cleaned, he is the thorn that prevents a team from getting to the top. No one likes his style of play, not even his own team. He better chicken out from meeting me at center ice the next time we play.!!

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery was just awful last night. Sure, he scored a garbage goal, but he cost us at least 2. He’s fallen in love with his own legend and actually thinks he is a skilled offensive player and can carry a team, but neither of those are true and it cost us. As such, he gets the first anti-star of last night’s game.

    Second Anti-star goes to Tyutin. He was just lost on every single play. I mean, just AWFUL. I used to say that he would never be more than a 3-4 defenseman, but in truth, he’s shaping up to be more of a 5-6. He has been just lousy for most of the season. He doesn’t deserve Girardi as his partner.

    Third Anti-star of the game goes to Strudwick. It was a close call to give Tyutin #2 because of how bad Struwick was (first goal, anyone?), but the thing is, we expect Strudwick to be awful, but not Toots. But, he was so bad last night that I wondered when Malik could come back. Ouch.

    Honorable mention goes to Jagr, who didn’t do anything blatantly wrong, per se, but he just cannot BUY a goal right now. Man, it’s painful to watch.

    So, in watching last night’s game from 426 (an OK section, a few too may people who yell shoot at the worst times-more on that later), I’ve determined that our defense is notld press with three guys and nearly as good as some of us have thought it is. The two biggest things we need are a shut down defenseman (no surprise) but we desperately need a puck moving defenseman as well. We have no breakout because of it. A defender holds the puck behind the goal waiting for a forward to take it and try and carry. Meanwhile, the Kings would press with three guys and we would get pinned in our own zone, turn it over, and give up scoring opportunities. If we had a defender that could carry the puck out, it would not only remove the time that the opposing teams have to press in our zone, but it would also make the carry out easier because there would be more forwards to pass it to when breaking out of the zone. So, as I see it, we have 3 guys who fit a 2nd pairing skill level (Staal, Roszival for his scoring abilitiy, and Girargi), 2 guys who are 3rd pairing skill level (Tyutin and Mara), and two guys who are fringe NHL skill level (Strudwick and Malik). Of those guys, only Staal has the potential to be a number 1 guy. And we do not have anyone in our farm system that is going to be a #1 guy either (don’t even get me started on Sanguinetti: he should switch to forward because he is the worst defender around).

    I told you that I wasn’t impressed after those three wins and I stand by it. This team sucks. End of story. They should have a firesale, and they should listen to offers for every player over 24. They should trade all impending UFAs except possibly Rozsival, depending on which players they are getting in return, simply because we’ll need at least one vet on our blueline. Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Avery, Strudwick, Mara, Malik: gone. Stockpile picks for this year’s deep draft. Sign Hank to 5 years at 5 mil. Sign him a vet backup that will force him to play well (Lalime or Thibeault maybe?) or even better: get Montoya up and let him start taking work from Hank. Shit, as soon as it’s clear to management that we’re out of the hunt, Montoya should get the bulk of the starts. But will any of that happen? Of course not.


  36. Nasty no Valiquette is twice the goalie cloots is at this time. The Kings stupidly signed him to an extention before he ever played a game for em and got burnt big time.

  37. Adam Foote is one of the most underrated dmen of this generation. He hits, he has fought he moves the puck really well and nobody blocks more shots than him. I did though read in the Columbus Dispatch that he wants to re-sign with the Blue Jackets. He said he likes where the team is headed and doesn’t wanna move his family again.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    graves, point all of the blame for that signing on Marc Crawford, who basically brought Cloutier with him from Vancouver.

  39. Umm….headsup there Doodie, Montoya isn’t even a starter in the AHL and you want him to back up Hank? Very smart, it makes sense that you would be all over Avery. Last I checked he at least was one owning up to the bad plays. I’m not, in any way, saying his perfect, but the blame game should not go his way.

    Listen, everyone for a while bitched that we had too many old guys. Along come our young guys…and we wan’t them of a caliber they aren’t at yet.

    I know NY’rs aren’t a patient bunch, but cool down kids. There is still time.

    It’s quite possible the frustration level will lead to some sort of desperation level. Tomorrow night will go a long way in the speaking of where the team is.

  40. Want to know how we get our puck moving dman or our shut down guy? Deal Dubinsky OR Anisimov. Those guys have the value to get a deal done. They are both centers, and with Gomer and Dru taking the 1st two spots, there’s only room for one more. I wouldn’t think that either would play on the 4th line, but only time will tell that. Betts is under contract for next season and a UFA after that. So unless they feel that Anisimov won’t be ready next year, one of the 2 (dubi/anisimov) can be moved. Of course there is the stipulation that Malik or Mara have to go with them.

  41. What sense does it make for Columbus to trade Foote when they are only 4 points outside of a playoff spot? Even with a 4 game losing streak?
    I love the fight today and the hunger both Avery and Malik showed, now they just have to channel it when it’s game time on the opposition.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I want Montoya to get starts in order to either showcase him for a trade, or to light a fire under Hank’s ass by showing him that there is indeed another option besides him.
    I’d much rather prefer a veteran backup like Lalime or Thibeaut, as I had suggested.

    “Last I checked he at least was one owning up to the bad plays.”

    How do you figure that? By bolting out of the lockerroom before anyone can ask him about it? By fighting someone in practice that wasn’t even in the game he fucked up, then bolting again? yeah, that’s owning up all right.

    You want someone who is owning up, look at Jagr. The guy flat out says it: he’s not playing good enough and we are losing because of it.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, I don’t disagree with you on trading either Dubinsky or Anisimov. It’s clear for one of them, just as it is clear for Lundqvist/Montoya that there just aren’t enough spots. Although, if you want to make that deal this year, Dubsinky would be the one on the way out, because Anisimov doesn’t have much value since he hasn’t played an NHL game yet.

  44. Umm….headsup there Doodie, Montoya isn’t even a starter in the AHL and you want him to back up Hank?

    Uhh, yes. This season is *in the shitter*. Time to start getting Montoya some face time and pressuring Henke. If you still have dreams of making a legitimate run… you could probably use a heads up yourself.

  45. Doodie – if that’s what it takes, that what it takes.
    Staal(who could be our shutdown guy) and Sanguinetti(who will be our puck moving dman). Will hopefully make a nice combo a few years from now. So we’re really left with the choice, to try to bring one in now and mtg PART of the future, or wait till these guys are ready to fill those (respective) roles….2-3 years from now.

  46. I think if it were Anisimov, you have to send prucha with him. If it’s dubinsky, you may get away with sending someone like bourett. Also, Moore is an RFA on 7/1. Could be him.

  47. You can tell the Rangers aren’t football fans… if they so much as casually watched the super bowl, last night would have looked a lot different. They should be ashamed of themselves for playing like that, when another NY team with probably half the relative talent stormed their way victory, *refusing* to lose. I’m not even a football fan but the SB42 is the single most amazing and inspiring sporting event I’ve ever seen. Better than any movie you could write, and it makes the Rangers look *that much worse* at what they do. Team has no heart, and they do not deserve to win.

  48. I just don’t get how we should have a firesale when we’re in 7th place? I’m missing that part.

    “And I have said this before he and a lot of Ranger players get a lot shots on goal and not to many find the net. I swear if they look just for a split second to find a whole they would be more succesful, isn’t it called placement??? But I am no coach and havn’t played that much so I could very well be worng??”

    Thats not the problem. The problem is that the Rangers don’t score when they don’t crash the net. They shoot the puck from stupid angles (Gomez loves shooting it from the hashmarks on the outsides of the faceoff circle and thats not going in) plus they dont have traffic. The three games before they had guys crashing hard and blocking the goalies view. Last night it didn’t happen except the Drury goal.

    These guys know where they are shooting, the goalie is ready for it though because he can easily see the puck and follow it. If they wanna take point shots or shots from the outside then they need more traffic. And if the Rangers want to shoot from better angles then they need to cycle a hell of a lot more in the corners and crash the net so guys are setup in the slot with a better angle to shoot at. The games that they have done that, they’ve scored goals.

  49. Never said a cup run or contender at all. So, don’t twist words. Montoya is trade bait regardless of not playing at the NHL level yet. Read the reports, he’s brought up a lot. I seriously don’t think Montoya would put any kind of fire under Hank. But that’s MY opinion. I don’t want to start a fight, and I don’t want a quibble, but one minute people like Avery and the next they have huge problems with him. Don’t read so much into a comment.

    And Avery was complaining about the team and it’s behavior before. Specifically, I remember Avery being the one talking about his frustration with the team when we lossed to Boston. Again, I NEVER said he was perfect or doesn’t deserve the blame. I’m just making a comment/stating an opinion.

  50. everyone on this team should be forced to fight in practice so they can all learn what it feels like to be punched in the face. seriously it really doesn’t hurt that much while you’re fighting. i want to see the 1st line in a line brawl, I want to see Jagr center ice with some goon and he holds his own. That would change the season right there.

  51. This season is in the shitter? What place are we in? We’re not the Leafs and this isn’t the MSLE, maybe you’re confused.
    I’d like to see Montoya get a chance to but unless Hank goes down, it’s not gonna happen this year, simple as that.
    Salty, the Superbowl was a great game and inspirational but far from the most ever. That distinction has to go to The Miracle on Ice. Speaking of, maybe this team needs to see “Miracle” again and see what effort and playing within a system for a full 60 minutes can do for a hockey team.

  52. why would u trade Dubinsky or Anisimov now? Just because we have two other centers currently above them on the depth chart does not mean u get rid of one. Drury could be shifted to wing or Anisimov could be as well. Also one of the other guys could get injured. Absolutely no reason to trade either one unless you are getting an absolute marquee player back like a lecavalier or phaneuf (and those guys aren’t getting traded).

    Would a tough mobile defenseman help this team? Definitely, but as long as Jagr is not scoring and getting the same amount of ice time, this team is not going to go far in the playoffs (if they make it). I don’t care that he is getting double teamed, our number one winger is supposed to be able to still score goals.

    And Dan Boyle can carry the puck, but he is tiny, he is not going to help us that much and i for one do not want kaberle for the next three years and have to give up prospects and picks.

  53. The only thing this brings to mind is from the movie Miracle when O’Callahan fought w/ the guy from Minnesota, and Herb Brooks didn’t break it up and let them fight.

    Hockey is an intense sport and sometimes things just happen, even with teammates. I used to play on a travel team and it happens from time to time. Hopefully they can build from this and turn it into a positive, as it’s a huge game coming up tomorrow night.

    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on behind the scenes, Sam! Great reporting, as usual.

  54. I’d love to see Jagr kick the shit out of someone. Like when Gomez got hit from behind. He got involved but I’d like to see him drop gloves like a Messier!! Like Shanahan!

    How fired up would this team be then??

  55. He would’ve been an RFA anyway so we would’ve had to given up draft picks if we wanted him, plus Calgary would’ve matched whatever offer we gave.

  56. Carli,
    That was expected unless you’re eklund with his “rumor” from his “source” that Phaneuf was going to the Devils. How much did he get?
    Eklund doesn’t know what he’s talking about (FU)

  57. Siobhan:

    Montoya gets us more and more once he shows he can hang in the N. Now is the pefect time to start giving him games so we can dish him. Henke also needs to be pressured, that is certain, and ValliKat is NOT pressure.


    “I just don’t get how we should have a firesale when we’re in 7th place? I’m missing that part.”

    This team was supposed to be dominant in the conference, not fighting tooth and nail for playoff contention. We are obviously built very wrong. However, we do have some great loot to sell to the right teams that do have a legitimate shot.

    If this team was unskilled yet playing with heart, I’d feel one way, but it’s the *complete opposite*, and I’m ready to pull the trigger on losing a lot of our guys… actually more like rapid fire.

    Of course we’re going to hang in there *just enough* to keep people like Jonny D thinking *we’re sooooo close….don’t change anything!*

  58. The only good thing about last night was that teams right behind us like atlanta, carolina, isles & boston all lost. But when i’m keeping my eye on other teams & hoping they lose, I know that’s pretty pathetic and our hope is slipping. I’d like to see an all out brawl with the Ducks or like 4 fair fights. We have to make at least 1 statement against a western team. We would be in 1st place if they were at least decent against the west. I mean how do we let LA, PHX & EDM run us over. Also, They gotta get teams to hate playing in the Garden. If a guy scores a goal, drop ’em with an open ice hit on his next shift.

  59. Doodie Machetto,
    as you know I was one of those fans that was calling for the rangers to sell. I realized because the eastern conference is anemic the rangers are going to be in the playoff race by the trading dead line. Because of that sather will not sell. I do not agree with you wanting to trade dubinsky or Anisimov for aq d-men because the ones that probably are available will be UFA’S at the end of the year which means your going to mortgage the furture for a rental which is completely retarded. At this point if sather some how could trade some of our B youth with maybe prucha and malik or mara or both for a rented good d-men than I would make the trade. At this point the rangers would be better off just going with what they have and hope for the best. In the off season they can sign one of the ufa d-men in free agency and other spots they need in free agency.

  60. Salty, the Superbowl was a great game and inspirational but far from the most ever. That distinction has to go to The Miracle on Ice. Speaking of, maybe this team needs to see “Miracle” again and see what effort and playing within a system for a full 60 minutes can do for a hockey team.

    I didn’t say “ever”, I said that *I* have ever seen. I was nary a glimmer in my folks eyes when “The Miracle” happened. And, it’s sad that they call it that in my opinion. Winning an event should never be considered a “Miracle”. That implicates an external force having an effect on the game and steals credit from the victors.

    That said, maybe they should watch miracle again. Maybe Renney should watch it again.

  61. bi-polar is right. some of the same guys who were lauding Avery for rescuing the Rangers season last year are now ripping him because he had the audacity to make a bad Malik-like drop pass in his own zone. the fact that he scored a goal to even that out is ignored.

    AND because he had the audacity to fight that clueless piece of garbage malik and try to light a fire under his useless ass.

    I totally agree with Orr Talented on this one.

    Avery is one of the ONLY guys who can put life in this listless team.

    he has proved that since he got here last Feb

    the ranger record with him is way over .500. without him it is way below .500

    the fact that there has NOT been a fight in years here tells me the fire and desire is woefully weak under the Renney and jagr regime

  62. Oh by the way, do we really want to witness Dubinsky or Anisimov turn into 40 goal scorers for another team. And we only get to rent some Dman for 20 games for it. I DON’T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT SOME OF THE AWFUL TRADES THIS FRANCHISE MADE… (i.e. Segei Zubov & Petr Nedved for Ulf Samuelsson & Luc Robitaille) and of course… Robitaille turned back into the 40 goal scorer again once we sent ’em back to LA. And for who? You guessed it Kevin Stevens. I can’t handle another bust trade right now.

  63. Salty-I totally see where your coming from..but I just don’t think it will happen. I mean, we can’t even call up anyone of the D’men to let the current ones sit and spin for bad mistakes.. I just don’t see Montoya ever coming up. Which sucks for sure, because perhaps he would wake Hank up a little, OR make the team pay a little more attention.

  64. Pete: How can Boyle not help us ??? How many games have we lost because of our pitiful power play 5? 6? 10? … Boyle would help big time …

    Now that Drury seems to be back on track I would like to try Jagr with Drury … Jagr still seems unsure on what Gomez is going to do with the puck … Put Gomez with Prucha or Callahan and Shanahan …

  65. All this Anisimov talk today actually makes me want to see the big rusky up here. I’m sick of Greg Moore getting called up and sent back down torture some other young guy. I think Moore could be a good chip to use in the next couple of week btw.

  66. Ok a few things…I think if Tyutin played with tough rock solid Defensemen he’d have developed a little bit different…but he’s been influenced by the styles of Rosival and Malik as the “experienced” nhl d-men and he doesn’t seem to have the personality of an Ovechkin to not give a sh*t and play his style…Dan Boyle would be a nice addition to our power play and if we could trade Mara for him, do it…but no one else, because we don’t need tough son of a b**ch defensemen if we’re going to trade for them not rover types…but who are you gonna get? Foote? He’s old, and is he really as good as he was in the mid to late 90’s old rules now long gone? Jovo? He’s lost it a bit too…hopefully we’ll pick up someone to fit that role before the tradeline becuase if not, it’s gonna be tough…

  67. Beer Me!, you and I usually are on the same page but the Dubi comment really threw me for a loop.

    He has been our best player the last month and he is what, 20 yrs old.

    I have never seen much of Anisimov, other than the pre-season and I liked him, so I cannot say too much.

    But saying we need to trade Dubi, it is as if Sather jumped on the blog and stole your alias. Dubi is one of the most promising centers we have had in a long time.

    If you want someone to trade, take the Invisible Man Peter Prucha, package him with Malik for a big stud D. Prucha at least has some history of scoring in the league. Someone please tell me how he makes that pass last night while he is on the doorstep? The guy has just lost his touch and his confidence.

    And I don’t know enough about Montoya but hasn’t he been replaced by Wiikman as our #1 farmhand goalie? Who the F would want Montoya in a deal? Even when he was our #1 goalie down there (with how many NHL games under his belt), someone rightfully corrected me that he would barely garner a 1st round pick in a trade. Bringing him in to pressure Hank is a joke. For Pete’s sake, throw the ValleyCat back in there. The guy had a shutout last game. WTF!

    Would the real Rangers please standup? They are schizophrenic. The problem stems from them thinking they will just be given games because of their lineup. Like their opponents will just roll over.


  68. Wow. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I love the fire!!!

    Avery is the guy that says they don’t work on the PP enough and isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind (or what coaches are dumber than others).

    I dunno… hopefully it’s good and not the Avery that is a “lockeroom cancer” showing up.

  69. P.S. If we trade Dubi for anyone (some obvious/unrealistic ones aside) I may just have to move to Canada and become a curling fan.

  70. Salty,

    I’m just saying they’re in a tough spot. Sure they have underachieved all season, however last year around the same time we were in an even worse position and then ended up being probably the 2nd best team in the league behind ottawa in the 2nd half. There is plenty of time left where this team can get on a roll like they did last year and get hot before the playoffs and since we are a more “talented” team, they should go farther in the playoffs.

    My personal opinion is that its not going to happen because that desire and chemistry that guys like Cullen and Orts and Mike brought last year isn’t there. But if you try to tell your average Ranger fan that the team is selling everyone because we’re not winning the cup, then they aren’t going to handle it too well. Thats why I wouldn’t do it since they would start screaming at the team and saying they are worse than the Knicks…which btw is pretty much impossible.

  71. And why do you guys wanna trade off our young players? Thats how we get in a hole and miss the playoffs for 8 straight years. Trading the young guys like Dubi and Anisimov isn’t going to make this team better. If anything its gonna blow the chemistry we have going now, even though the chemistry sucks anyway. We’re not gonna get as much as people think for them and plus we’re going to be screwed in a few years when we should be relying on these guys.

    Right now the young guys like Dawes, Dubi, Cally, Moore, etc. are used to playing with each other. Thats why when you put Dawes and Dubi together, you notice that they make plays. In a year or two we are going to need that.

    And people dont want Montoya anymore. Maybe some teams, but hes been hurt way too much over the last couple of years and I’m not sure teams want to bank on him because of that injury risk.

  72. there is less than 3 weeks to the deadline, and the trade front has been quiet.

    supposedly it is now starting to heat up, but there may be fewer trades because with the parity, there are few sellers to dance with. we’ll see

  73. “the fact that there has NOT been a fight in years here tells me the fire and desire is woefully weak under the Renney and jagr regime”

    Right, except there was one just now, so given your logic, the fire and desire is back, right? So what you’re saying is, kudos to Jagr and Renney for bringing it back.

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