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And now back to hockey….

Blair Betts’ MRI on his left knee revealed no tears, which is a welcome sign for the Rangers. He is considered day-to-day, although he told me he will try to skate tomorrow.

Either way, the Rangers have Greg Moore in town in case Betts can’t play.

Dane Byers, who looked energetic if not a little jittery in his NHL debut, was returned to Hartford.

However misguided he might be, you have to give credit to Brandon Dubinsky, who after practice said to myself and others, “I challenge you guys to not write about what happened today in practice.”

It was a stab in the dark and Dubinsky knew it.

“Only if you give me something better to write,” I said. “And I can’t write another ‘Dubinsky is good,’ story.”

“Definitely not after last night,” the rookie said.

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  1. Just to respond to some were saying about trading Dubi or Artie, all i can say is LOL !!

    Trading Dubi or Artie…You guys are pathetic. Are you the same Ranger fans who wanted the youth over the Vets. Now your quick to dump the future.
    Lol, thats phenominal, thanks for the laugh.

  2. If they were to trade Dubi, I would do as I have said recently. I would take a dump on the front steps of the garden and while doing it scream GGGGLLLLLEEEEENNNNNNNNN!

  3. Amen guys, totally agree. JOEJOE was correct when he stated bi-polar. Glad to hear that Betts is day to day, we need his defensive skills, specially killing penalties.

  4. Seriously though we all knew that last night was a letdown game. The whole freaking team knew it was a let down game. With that said now that I am tired and worn out and exhausted having gotten home from my own game late last night thanks to the twenty something penalties handed out (14 minutes thanks to yours truly) I can say lets just continue to get behind our boys cheer them on. No matter what any of us say we are all way to passionate to ever stop cheering for this team. we live and die for it and look forward to everything involving them even if it were a fashion show. Uh oh Slapshot scene coming

    “I look like some c*&k$#%n’ f@#$%t.
    Joe, I don’t care. Enough is enough.
    Nowhere in my contract does it say I gotta make a fool outta myself. Am I right?
    I’m gonna flash ’em, Joe.
    I’m gonna open this f@#$%t robe and wiggle my #$%k.
    You will not. – Yes I am, Joe, and you know why?
    I want you to have a heart attack and die so we never have to do this again. “

  5. koffy, i don’t think if we had boyle our powerplay would be that much better as the main problem I see is with the style of our powerplay. If Rosival consistently shot from the point and we had prucha and drury camped in front of the net our powerplay would be a lot better. But instead they still cater to Jagr and most of our shots come from the side of the net. And Boyle wouldn’t be cheap, so we’d have to give up a young wing and a pick at least, for a guy who is gonna be a free agent.

    blake has a broken angle and is old and foote is old, those two guys are not worth it.

    id rather see one of our young defenseman get called up like baranka, sauer or potter.

    And it is absurd that Pock was sent down to keep Strudwick on as the extra defenseman. I would much rather have Pock playing now, but of course if we try and call him up he will be taken by another team

  6. (cont’d from last post) re: phaneuf – sutter confirmed reports that the contract averages $6.5 million per season for a total of $39 million. he’ll be the ripe old age of 28 when the contract expires.

    also, trading dubi simply can’t happen, nor do i think it will. he’s shown his potential and is really coming into his own as a legitimate second line center.

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion after last night that Avery is the Rangers version of Shockey. For as much good as he’s done, he’s a time bomb and long term he’s not the answer.

    I just really hope they don’t do anything dumb by the deadline. It looks like one of the three (Cally/Prucha/Dawes) are the ducks being lined up. Dawes looks like he’s untouchable now. Trading Cally will be like Mike Ridley all over again.

    Strudwick is fine but as a once in a while d-man, not as a 6th.

    Is Jagr’s PP unit worthless or what?

    I really like Prucha, but he’s really beginning to remind me of Radek Dvorak.

  8. Misguided in to thinking there was a chance in hell that the media would lay off something that juicy-

  9. GoCaptainClutch! on

    Ahhhh we need Betts!! Hope he’s back on the ice real soon. Greg Moore up…great. Cause he’s been so effective the past few times, right?

  10. Glad to hear about Betts. Get well.

    Now onto business. I don’t know if I’ve ever stirred such a large pot before. Jeez, I’m away for like 4hrs and everyone ran out to by Brandon Dubinsky jerseys! Allow me to expand…. He’s really the only guy worth trading, for someone WORTH trading FOR! I actually forgot about Dawes before which isn’t a surprise cause sometimes I forget about him when he’s ON the ice. And don’t say it doesn’t happen to you either, cause it’s true. There’s a lot of potential, but still a very one-way player. I’d love to see Dubinsky be the captain of this team one day. I don’t WANT to trade the guy, but if you think you’re getting anything back for Malik or Mara or Prucha or Montoya, I think I’ll restate my thought on Tyutin and say that you’re overestimating the talent that is really there. There are better players to come.

    Hope that clarifies that I’m not asking for it to happen, I’m telling you you’re not getting anything good back from those other guys.

  11. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me, half this blog wants to trade Malik and Mara for Boyle and Vinny La. Do you think they would have to throw in a second rounder???

  12. What? Are you referring to Vinny LeCavalier?…I mean you can’t be, for one they don’t play on the same team, for the other…Malik and Mara for Boyle and Vinny? They’d have to throw in a little bit more than a 2nd rounder to get that trade to go through

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I see a lot of people are making something out of what I said about trading Dubinsky or Anisimov, but I think I’m being misunderstood. I’m not suggesting they trade for a rental player. I’m suggesting we just swap assets with someone. We trade our young, promising center, for another team’s young, promising defenseman. We have enough centers, and other teams (San Jose, for instance) have enough defensemen.

  14. I see Alex doesn’t pick up on the sarcasm too quickly.

    Maybe at this point we should just try to call up Pöck and see what happens. Do other teams really want to pick up a guy that couldn’t make this team over Strudwick, Malik, and Mara?

  15. If Renney puts Malik back in, he better be hitting opponents instead of what he’s been doing. At least Avery is trying to stir up his team, but he & them shouldn’t really need it at this time of the season. If they’re not inspired to make the playoffs, Renney should make reservations for tee times in April & hand them out . How many wake up calls can this group sleep thru? It’s Sather’s job to get rid of the dead wood. So far he’s asleep too.

  16. bklynblue , I agree. Malik waits 10 years to finally get physical… and it’s not even in a game! Avery won’t make him disappear, but Sather will.

  17. Doodie – At least you and I understood what the thought process entailed. That is, if you want something good, you have to give up something good. And it’s funny how a lot of Ranger fans associate a trade at this point of the season with rental players. Something I’m opposed to unless you’re sitting atop the conference.

    Vinny? Unless you’re prepared to deal Hank, there’s no chance. Or something like, Prucha, Dubi, Sanguinetti. Don’t overestimate the talent.

    We not only need to come out skating tonight, but we need to come out smart.

  18. Beer me – i’m with you. I don’t think people understand the whole negotiation process. Some of the trades and names mentioned are hilarious. If you want to acquire a Phaneuf/Lecavalier type player you’ll have to give up the farm and multiple 1st rounders. To get anyone good this deadline Glen’s going to have to give up a player(Malik?), a prospect(Ansimov?) and a high draft pick this year and/or next.

    On Malik, if he plays with that sort of aggression every game then he’s a huge asset, but all too regularly we’ve seen the guy play like a pylon and when he’s not making big hits to off-set his risky outlet passes he’s going to be a target on fan criticism and boos.

  19. Bring back Lohan on

    Spider- as you picked up I was kidding. I think most of you guys are dreaming of the 70s Porn Stache coming into our building tonight.
    Alex- are you serious man? You really think we would need to send more over to Tampa than THAT?
    Beer Me- I thought you were better than that. JK bro…

  20. Bring back Lohan on

    So an update from the rafters from Tuesday Night’s game. First off I knew the game was a lost cause when I got up to hte luxury box and the 1939-40 SC banner was right in my face. Brutal. And to make matters worse the Chix Fingers had a nasty taste to them. The beer wasnt cold enough and the blimp view was a bit far for my taste. The fans in the building Tues night were worse than the Rangers played. I think you had some hungover Giants fans and just some people who said hey why not go to the NYR game while we are in the city…. To make matters worse I got the runs from the fingers. And you thought the Rangers play stunk???? Just awful. Ill think twice next time I do something solely based on free Chix Fingers. Oh and did anyone see that Hockey passed NBA and NCAA basketball in a Harris popularity poll? I almsot dont know what to make of that

  21. UK – exactly. Ok, so others can pick up on that. Thank god.

    lohan – I know you were kidding, but better than what? I really don’t want to be misunderstood about players I WANT to see traded and players that could fetch what we’re after.

    Porn stache tonight! Yessssss

  22. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me,
    I mean how bad ass is that guy. I honestly see him and I want to be him. HAH! I would assume that Orr will go with him but I honestly fear for him cause that guy can fight with the best of ’em. I think the stache is a distraction devioe… very effective

  23. UKRanger, the Lightning are rumored to be wanting to unload one of their big three forwards who are grossly overpaid right now since they are going to be cap strapped for awhile due to those deals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to take 50 cents or 75 cents on the dollar in a trade for either Lecavalier, St. Louis, Richards, or even Prospal.

    While our cap situation isn’t without small problems, lets not forget that we are unloading big contracts like Malik and possibly mara by this offseason at the latest, as well Jagr possibly won’t be back if triggers aren’t hit in his contract and that would unload 4.9 million. You then have Shanny in all likelihood done after this season which is another 4 million, I believe. With the young guys getting valuable playing time, etc. it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we could take on one of those Tampa salaries.

  24. Bring back Lohan on

    Id imagine others have more in the way of young talent to offer than we do, no?

  25. Rob – the only problem with 2 of those guys is that they have no-trade clauses. Not that I don’t believe they would waive them to come to NY, but it adds to the complexity to the deal taking place. I think it’s St. Louis & Richards with the clauses. I’d like to grab Prospal, he’s got 1 more year on his deal (i think), so they may not want to deal him.

  26. the only move this teams needs to make is to trade Jagr. He’s not producing and he still has great value to a cup contender. Trade him for prospects and a 1st round pick.

  27. Rob L., really? the only move we need to make is trading Jagr? He’s the only one not producing? I wasn’t aware of that. What does that mean Shanny, Avery, Prucha, the fourth line, etc. are doing? If what you call what they are doing producing, then by all means keep saying that Jagr is the only problem.

  28. Lohan, I don’t necessarily think what is offered is the problem. I believe the problem for most teams is not wanting to take on big salaries because of the salary cap.

    Beer Me, I don’t necessarily think that the no-trade clause would be a problem. I’m not sure that St. Louis or Richards are married to Tampa Bay. Now if the rangers could get one of the other two, then that would make it easier. It all depends on what Tampa would want for one of them or one of them and Boyle.

  29. any deal involving Richards or St. Louis would start with Staal, Dubinsky, & Montoya. That’s what Tampa would ask for. If we also want Boyle then throw in Sanguinetti also. Why not just blow up the team for another over the hill superstar. Didn’t the late 90’s teach us anything?

  30. Bring back Lohan on

    Too many Robs, I am getting confused. This is almost as bad as Tuesday afternoon’s Marian and Marcel debacle!!!

  31. Rob L, you are totally overestimating what the Lightning would ask for. They are looking to dump salary and they aren’t going to maximize who they trade by as much as you are saying. Over the hill stars? Lecavalier is 28 and Richards is 28. They are not over the hill.

  32. Vinny over the hill!!! What? This is one of the top scorers in the league. The Rangers would have to give up way too much to get him. Not Gonna happen.

  33. Yeah all three of them are relatively young. Boyle is the oldest I think at 31. Only problem with them is that you know if we try to get Vinny, he’s going to want to cash in. So now we’d have 3 centers all with contract over 7 million. Pointless because either Drury would be a wing or we’d have 3 1st/2nd line centers and there no room for Dubi and Betts.

    Richards is overrated although hes the best defensive player out of the three, but once again he’s also a center. Personally I’d want St. Louis because I can see him and Gomez working well due to their speed plus he can come in off the opposite boards and Gomez can feed him the puck cross ice.

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