If only to avoid a lifetime of chicken nuggets


In addition to a fitting game against the Kings on the one-year anniversary of Sean Avery’s arrival from L.A., today is a chance for those of us in the tri-state area to vote in the presidential primaries.

We will steer clear of politics here on the blog seeing how we argue too much as it is, but I will urge everyone to vote one way or the other today. And I’ll use the same argument I just gave to my 2-year-old when I took him to the polling place just now.

I told him that just like he gets to choose between chicken nuggets and grilled cheese for dinner, we get to choose our president.

“Because in some countries, it’s like they have to eat chicken nuggets every night,” I said.

This was at first a compelling argument to him, although the whole food analogy was quickly complicated when, after we voted, one of the nice old ladies there offered Charlie a cookie.

So there you have it, democracy at its best: You get to choose your party’s nominee, and you might even get a cookie out of the whole deal.

More from the skate in a bit….

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  1. Powerful stuff Sam.

    Lohan – (from prev thread). Totally. Funny story…We ran into his sidekick, Chico, in Penn Station towards the end of last season and he was asking about what train he needed to be on and so forth. I only travel NJtransit, but he didn’t know that. haha I’ll never know if he made it home that night, but I hope he enjoyed his ride on the NJcoast line. doosh.


    Somewhat of an understatement but I can’t recall the Rangers ever winning a game (or 3) and then facing a “beatable” oponent and winning this season.

    It would be a huge stp back if after all this effort on the road they came home and lost to the worst team in the NHL.

    Go Get ’em Boys!!! Here’s the opportunity for TRACTION.

  3. Great post Sam and I couldn’t agree with you more!

    I urge everyone to get out and vote as well. Our country is the best. I hope you all vote for the right one ;)

  4. Lets keep the blogs to Rangers related…no im j/k Sam you do a great job!!! I am stuck as to who i should vote for…

  5. gotta watch the potential let down in this game, the kings have speed and can convert on missed opportunities in the offensive zone. however they are pathetic in their own zone, so we need to slow the game down and cycle as much as possible.

  6. Re: Drury/goals/clutch/blah….

    Has anyone ever seen Vanilla Sky? In the movie, when the main character is recollecting his lowest points, there’s a line that goes something like “Doc, After what I’ve been through, somehow you don’t invite happiness in without a full body search”

    I mean I’ve learned (actually, still learning) to never get too excited with this team.

    So excuse me for being one of these kind of people, but I don’t think the skepticism of Drury is unwarranted. It’s no secret that he’s been a shell of himself for the better part of the season. But it’s also no secret that Rangers fans just want to see production. I don’t come on here and smack around Jagr, Drury, Malik, Renney, etc. because I hate these people and want to see them fail. I want to see success out of this team just as deperately as anyone. So good, for Drury especially. Would I still move him for the right players? *Very possibly*. But that’s not up to me, and he’s here long term, I absolutely want him to do well, and expect him to. If he consistantly doesn’t, I will indeed bash him, until he does something special here and develops a little bit of leeway.

  7. Excellent post, Sam. My mom used to take me into the voting booth every election and I got a huge kick out of it- still do. Nice to see young Charlie fulfilling his civic responsibility and getting handsomely rewarded for it!

  8. Salty – I see what you’re saying (never saw the movie though). But the rise and fall are part of the fun. Don’t deny yourself the joy when we win, and only look at it as ‘well, we haven’t done anything yet’ kinda thing. Cup or not, I’d rather see the Rangers lose every game than wait for the eternal summer to pass by to see them back on the ice. See what I’m tryin to say?

    As far as moving Drury…and whether I agree or not…in a league that the greatest player in the history of the game was traded in his prime…anything is possible. They won another cup when he was gone, so yes, for the right players and the right timing, you do what you think is best for the team. Unfortunately every trade is a gamble. We’re only scratching the surface of what he will provide the Rangers. I hope ;)

  9. Sam – who’d you vote for?
    Republicans: The vietnam vet, the mormon or the preacher?
    Democrats: The woman or the black guy?

    Our next election will be simple:
    Gordon “tax you to death” Brown or
    David “down with the kids” Cameron

    I pray every day for the 2nd coming of Margaret Thatcher..!!

    Thats why i like All-Star voting you can choose the whole team and even a write-in..

  10. The game tonight is going to be a test. Especially given our track record against lesser opponents. We have to come out of the gate and play a solid 60 minutes. We seem to get up for teams that are better than us, or higher than us in the standings, but fall apart against the cellar dwellers. LA has a pretty fast team and a few guys that can make us look stupid. A smart 60 minute effort is what we need. Let’s Go Rangers! I want first in the division by weeks end. And let’s face it, it is definitely attainable. The game against the flyers on saturday could very well be for the division lead.

  11. Roberto Tallega on

    salty r u retarded? Drury is exactly on par for what he is: a 55 point player. Trade him, aint gonna happen, he’s here long term. ANd why do you and everyone else expect that because he puts on our blue sweater he’s going to be a huge goal scorer. He’s here to kill penalties, make plays and be MR. CLUTCH, which he is. Nough Said

    And Mike Milbury can go blow a goat. This guys is on eof the worst GM’s in NHL History and he has the balls to say JAgr is playing with no heart? I’d like to see him take the beating JAg’s does every night and still be a positive patient captain. I hope he comes to NYC to watch a game soon, so he can get mugged outside the garden.

  12. longtimerangersfan on

    Nasty, calm down…everyone ahead of us has games in hand except Carolina and they won’t lose them all. Even last night the Devils got two and the Penguins got one. I was hoping that it wouldn’t go to over-time.

  13. nasty – yeah man!! Saturday night is going to be for a four way tie atop the atlantic div!!! wooooohoooooooo

    I was trying not to comment on Milbury. The less we talk about him, the better. Who gives a sh-t what he thinks? I was upset to even see Zip and Dellapina giving him ‘print time’. Ignore that A-hole.

  14. Hey man, you calm down. I think it is possible, and anything can happen. Here’s to being optimistic. I don’t care who has games at hand. I am concerned with what the Rangers do. I understand that other teams have to lose, but the Rangers only have control over what the Rangers do. If we take these next 4 games it is definitely a possibility. And who is to say that one of the teams ahead of us can’t go on a little losing streak. That is all it takes. So why don’t you take the next left off of negative boulevard and steer straight on to positive parkway. There is a lot of traffic ahead but visibility is good and there is plenty of room to maneuver from lane to lane.

  15. No to Forsberg, no to any deals now that would cost us picks or prospects and lose players other than Malik, Mara, Hossa, Hollweg or Orr. If Rangers look like they are out of the playoff picture by the trade deadline, trade for picks but hopefully, they’ll be right in there and trade nobody.

    At the end of the season, consider signing Hossa and either Boyle or Campbell. Pass on Rozsival (too putrid in defensive zone), Avery (his fiery play just does not overcome his small frame and frequent injuries), and Shanny (he’s done, might make a good coach). Straka said he’s returning to Europe, Jagr looks like he is not going to make his numbers and isn’t guaranteed a contract with the Rangers next season. I would consider signing Jagr at a reduced pay for one year if that’s what it takes to get Cherapanov to come to North America. He had indicated that he would love to play with Jagr. A line of Cherapanov, Jagr and Gomez would be prety awesome. Hossa could play with Callahan and Dubinsky while Dawes, Drury and Prucha stay together.

    Love to get Chris Neil for the 4th line if it doesn’t take too much to get him. Let Anisimov and Betts battle for 4th line center making the 4th line one of them playing with Byers/Dupont and Neil. Neil is better than Orr. If we don’t get Neil then it’s Orr’s spot.

    Our goaltending will be in pretty good shape thanks to Wikiman. He’s the Dan Girardi of this season. The Rangers struck gold signing him. Saw him in Albany a couple of weeks ago and he’s outstanding. He will be more than a capable backup for HL next season and just might play about 30 games making HL even better. If they re-sign Valiquette, that will give them pretty good protection in goal. At this point, Montoya and Jessiman are first round busts and maybe another team can give them a second chance.

    If we get Boyle or Campbell, adding one of them to Staal, Girardi, Tyutin, and two of Baranka, Suignetti, Potter, Liffiton, Sauer would make a good defense except for that big hitter unless Liffiton makes it and provides that.

    If the team is constructed as above, should be a top 5 team next year. If they get that big banger on defense plus one big offensive forward (hopefully Cherapanov will fill that role as he gets bigger), we just might be the team to beat not so far away!!

    Let’s hope Cherapanov comes to North America. If I was in Sather’s shoes, I would have gambled that he will come here since he was a top talent in the draft. Different story when Maloney was in charge. Montoya, Jessiman, Korpokinski??? Thank’s Don. Why don’t you acquire them for Phoenix!!!!

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