Hollweg suspended, out for tomorrow night


As expected, Ryan Hollweg was suspended one game for his hit yesterday on Sergei Kostitsyn.

This potentially leaves the Rangers shorthanded tomorrow against the Kings since Brendan Shanahan, Marcel Hossa, and Marek Malik are all still day-to-day. Should none of those players be ready to play tomorrow, the Rangers would summon a body from Hartford.

It can be a defenseman or a forward since Jason Strudwick can be used at either position as well.


Tom Renney made today’s on-ice session optional. Only Hossa, Michal Rozsival, Jaromir Jagr, Brandon Dubinsky, and Petr Prucha decided to skate.


A big topic of discussion today: Jagr, the abuse he’s taking on (and off) the ice, and his lack of productivity of late. In the Rangers last five games, of which they’ve won four, Jagr has just one assist.

“Of course I would like to score goals, I understand that,” Jagr said. “And you never know, maybe it’s going to happen. But when we accomplish something as a team three years later, one year later, nobody’s going to care. Nobody’s going to know I score.

“Eveything is happening just right now, and of course I would like to help. But if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I got to do other stuff to help the team….I’m doing my best, that’s all I can tell you.”


While Jagr has been quiet of late, Chris Drury was named the NHL’s Third Star of the Week. The release:


Drury tallied six points (four goals, two assists) in four games as the Rangers posted a 3-1-0 record. He recorded one goal and one assist in a 4-0 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers Jan. 31, tallied two goals, including the game-winner, in a 3-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils Feb. 1 and finished the week by scoring the game-winning goal and adding one assist in a 5-3 victory over the Montreal Canadiens Feb. 3. Druryvranks third among Rangers in scoring with 38 points (16 goals, 22 assists) in 55 games.


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  1. Hopefully a dman is called up. Pylon Strudwick does less damage and is less of an albatross playing forward.

  2. it’s nice to see jagr saying all the right things and doing all the right things. i wasn’t sure if he was the right choice for captain as sometimes he’s lazy on the backcheck and not really the hardest skater. but he is saying all the right things, all of the younger players are looking up to him and learning from him, he’s partcipating in optional skates (huh?!), and even sticking up for his teammates and getting involved physically. he really took a beating yesterday but sacrificed his body to make the play everytime. he’s not having the best year but i’m not with anyone who says to get rid of him. as renney says, as he goes, the team goes. i don’t think it just means his scoring, i think it’s his leadership more. and we’re getting that….

  3. Sam, does anyone ever address the ravaging Jagr takes game in and game out? I’m not one for excuses or any of that, but it does seem like he is dragging Walton and Lanier up and down the court every night.

  4. 1 game for hollweg sound right. If ‘doc’ was right in his reading of the rule book, it’s in there that it’s a standard suspension. I guess we’re lucky for it to be 1 game.

    I’d believe that shanny will play tomorrow night. An out of conference game, an extra 2 days of rest, at home….I’d think we’d see him back.

    jags….It seems like for every game the effort is noticable there’s one of the opposite. Just like his quotes….”team this, team that” then it’s the infamous “I don’t know what to say.”

  5. Sam: Your comment yesterday Rozsival wasn’t scoring goals at this rate last year, but he also wasn’t such a liability in his own zone. Is there a correlation? … No the correlation is he is not playing with Malik. I have stated several times Rosival plays way better with Malik as his partner. They just work well together. Chemistry.

    Also, I would put Avery in Hollweg’s spot … then the energy line might get a touch of offense …

    Is it me, or do others see – Tyutin and Strudwick are really struggling … and Mara is not on top of things either … Is there anyone down on the farm that can help? .. I sure hope they can get Rob Blake and give up very little.

  6. is there a reason that amidst all the line shuffling this year, with big names being tried and retried, one combination never makes it? To me it is at least worth a shot: Jagr and Shanahan. Why not have them as opposite wings? It makes a decent amount of sense. Neither of them have exceptional speed anymore and theres nothing wrong with that. What made Jagr and Nylander click as well as they did was Nylander’s ability to slow the game down. Why not try straka centering jagr and shanahan? Then you have the corner presence to dig the puck out and set up two lethal shots. granted, then what do you do with the 4 OTHER centers? try one at wing, or maybe try a straka-less jagr. It just makes no sense to me considering the obvious respect that they have for each other. It would also give them a little incentive with something to prove like “can the two aging stars still contribute significantly?” Sam, do me a favor. try to nonchalantly slip it in with renney. ranger fans everywhere will be indebted to you if it clicks. (haha it was worth a shot…)

  7. And to follow up on Chris F’s point, I understand the game was tight and the Rangers couldn’t afford to take a penalty, but can someone stand up for Jagr and hit Komisarek or whoever it might be who take way too many liberties against Jagr? (Or, otherwise the Rangers should get just as rough with Kovalev/Koivu.)

    And, Sam, what is the consensus among the writers about the officiating in this league? Honestly, I think this has been the worst officiating year since the lockout/rule changes and the officiating is no where near what it should be for a league like the NHL. It is so inconsistent, for example, yesterday a Canadian ran into Lundqvist, no penalty called, and the announcers explained the Ranger defenseman pushed him into the goalie. Yet, when Jagr is totally shoved into the goalie (I can’t remember which team), in overtime, they call goalie interference. It’s just ridiculous.

  8. Any word on Kovalev getting a suspension for the blatant elbow to Hollwegs face that basically drove him to the point of insanity. With regards to Jagr we may need to let Orr ride shotgun on a couple of shifts with him the rest of the way just to let the other team know they can’t touch him like that. He has to be the one “superstar” who I have never seen get any respect from the officials or other players.

  9. Jagr is taking a lot of abuse, therefore, Avery/Orr/anyoneelsewiththestones needs to send a message to whoever is taking liberties with our captain!

  10. YA know, I wouldn’t be opposed, in fact it would be interesting, to have Jessiman in there for Hollweg. I think he has the same level of intensity, hopefully with just less propensity to go insane. If it’s a fourth line spot we need to fill, call up a fourth line player, which, unfortunately, Jessiman is at this point.

  11. I guess I was wondering if it had been definitively stated that it was a 1 game suspension, or if it’s the automatic 1, and the possibility of more. Just looking for some clarification.

  12. One can’t and shouldn’t whine about the referees so here is a relevant article by one of the best hockey writers – Red Fisher in today’s Montreal Gazette where he takes to task the ridiculous refs the NHL employs to the detriment of the game. More and more, skating is what the new My NHL 3 is all about and up until Sergei Kostitsyn’s successful penalty shot, the Canadiens, combined with probably their best passing of the season, appeared to have this one locked up. And then … poof! … sadly on an afternoon during which the NHL once again demonstrated that it is burdened with the worst officiating in professional sport.
    What were Messrs Mike Leggo and Chris Lee thinking of when they allowed Kovalev to escape without at least an interference penalty when he elbowed Ryan Hollweg in the face? Or late in the second period when Mike Komisarek wasn’t called for clutching Jaromir Jagr in a loveless embrace with a smidgen of cross-checking along the latter’s broad back. Maybe the officials didn’t notice it, but at the time, the puck was at least eight feet away from the players.
    As you’d expect, on his next shift Hollweg delivered a hit from behind on the Canadien closest to him – in this case the younger Kostitsyn – which led to a scrum among all of the players on the ice that almost got out of control. However, the proper call was made on Hollweg when he was assessed a major for boarding and a game misconduct, which probably means he’ll be getting a call sooner rather than later from the hanging judges in Toronto.
    “Nothing would have happened if Kovalev had been penalized,” an exercised Rangers GM Glen Sather suggested after this near-explosive situation. “But the NHL says the refereeing has been very good,” he added with a shrug, “so there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.”
    Did Hollweg deserve a suspension? Absolutely. What everyone fails to see in most cases is the context in which things happen and the non calls on Jagr or Kovalev’s elbow to Hollweg’s face? Renney doesn’t complain enough compared to other coaches in my opinion and it’s unfortunate because someone will get injured again because of crappy non calls and then the inevitable results. But thank goodness, it sparked the team and you have to love the way Jagr is playing again – not scoring goalsl but really playing as if his season means something. Makes me proud to watch this team again after a couple of games when I was ready to throw it in….

  13. don’t even mention Jessiman’s name ever again – please – the only person I think of is Zach Parise who our Garden geniuses thought wasn’t good enough and instead took some Dartmouth player named Hooie. It still pains me after all these years and will for years to come as Parise becomes one of the league’s superstars and Hooie disappears from the hockey world,

  14. hockeymanrangers on

    Does any body else agree that something has to be done with Hollwegs hits from behind?? I mean come on, I know he got elbowed earlier in the game but Hollweg is going to cripple someone at the rate he does this. Why does the coaching staff allow him to do this??? I really like Hollwegs 100% hustle every time he gets on the ice, but the Rangers or me as a fan do need Hollweg to cripple another player with these stupid A__ hits.

  15. your boy Malik on

    I agree – if the Kovalev hit was called, Hollweg doesn’t go ballistic – the officiating is a disgrace.

  16. I agree the hit was from behind and as a result of the non-call from Kovalev.

    The response needs to physical – moreso than the original hit but it needs to be clean. Why can’t someone (doesn’t need to be Hollweg) go out and level a canadien in open ice?

    I mean level like R. J. Umberger head-down, never-saw-it-coming, still seeing blurry level.

    Clean and punishing…

  17. hockeymanrangers on

    Come on guys Hollweg has hit form behind all year like that. It wasn’t only b/c he got the elbow from Kovy. He does this way to often. And if he continues one day somewhere he might get the same hit and cripple himself. I hate to ANYBODY GET HIT LIKE THAT. And don’t telll me his hits like that are not intentional, he does this way way to often.

  18. Don’t worry, it won’t be Jessiman and it probably won’t be Baranka. Both players are still recovering from injuries are not yet ready to see action.

    Interestingly enough, they did dress for Hartford’s game against Bridgeport because the Wolf Pack were a bit shorthanded. However, they did not see any action.

  19. Even though Jagr hasn’t put up the numbers, he looks alot stronger on the puck since the break. I don’t see any Drury bashing lately. I hope this team has turned on its switch. I thought they needed a trade but they seem to turn it on when they want to. I hope my presence at tomorrows game (riding a 4 game losing streak) doesn’t break the run.

  20. You know…for all the attention Campbell gets and the $ he’ll have thrown at him…he only has 4 goals this season. And his #’s aren’t too different from rozy. Just sayin.

  21. Some notes I wanted to post in the last thread:

    The “winning” of the recent games means less to me than the very visible and tangiable effort and cohesion that has been displayed. It’s tough to argue against that when it’s clearly there, finally. In November when they were “winning”, there was a sense that they were just barely slipping by, and getting lucky, and bailed out by Henke. *These* have been well played team games featuring passion and dedication and educated decision making (MOSTLY) by our talent. Worlds of difference.

  22. I have the feeling we’ll be hanging onto Rozy. He’s gonna get some offers but, depending on the Jagr situation, etc, I think we’ll make him a pretty good 2-3 year offer. He’s a great player, he was huge in the playoffs for us, and I think the best is yet to come with him. He may be having a more offensive oriented year, but we’ve also needed him to do that as well. Perhaps with our offense sparking up he’ll tighten himself up to where he was around this time last year.

  23. I’ll also say this:

    If we play *convincingly* in our next 3, (KINGS, DUCKS,FLYERS), I’ll officially be very impressed and have a taste of my foot. Not even neccessarily winning all those games, but playing at least 9 full periods of good smart/talented hockey, I will stand up and really take some lumps. And I’ll be happy to do so, if it means I get to see this team running on all cylinders.

  24. Newman… I’m definitely lightening up on Drury a lot, but thats yet another skewed stat, because it seems like a lot of those goals Drury was scoring earlier in the year were pile on goals, or goals in games that we ended up not “needing”….

    Not trying to shoot it down, but it’s defnitely a skewed statistic, for any player.

  25. Now that Drury is being productive I’m actually concerned about his wrists… gotta covers those up Johhny!

    His gloves have *zero* cuff on them, and he hikes his sleeves up to his elbow pags, totally exposing his bare arm… dude… gotta be careful especially being a “net grind” type of player

  26. salty – you love drury, don’t lie.

    I think they said the other day that that was his 4th GWG. Nothing too special about 4, but with 2 GWG’s in the last 3 games, that just so happen to have been enormous ones, that’s pretty clutch. Just like with rozy, we haven’t seen even 1/2 of what Drury has to offer, but we’re getting close I think. Once he relaxes, and takes the pressure off of himself of actually living the dream of being a Rangers, it’ll be just in time for the playoffs.

    And another thing…I’m going to be first in line to offer a few lumps! Hopefully for all of our sakes we have that chance. ya know?

    I just hope that the fans don’t start booing a team that’s headed in the right direction if we don’t score on the PP’s.

    Speaking of booing…what the hell do hab fans have to boo Jags about? stupid french canadian a-holes. That game on the 19th is one to circle.

  27. WTF?!? We have 5 days off next week? That’s gonna suck.

    At least all of the teams with games in hand will make them up. So come the 16th, we’ll have a real good idea of what we need to do down the stretch. We could very well be in 1st on the 10th, and 4th on the 16th.

  28. You know when I saw Jagr getting beat down by the Montreal D-man, I can’t recall his name…I was just ewaiting for JAgr to do something stupid, like the sissy punches he’ll do when he gets frustrated…but to his credit he took it and moved the puck and skated away…nice to see him at the optional skate…can’t help but imagining how good we’d be if he’d start scoring…He’s Jagr, the Captain, and that’s his job I don’t care what else he does, each game for him is not a success unless he does his job…scare

  29. And another thing…I’m going to be first in line to offer a few lumps! Hopefully for all of our sakes we have that chance. ya know?

    I still have mixed feelings, but I’m enough of a Rangers
    -whoreslut-, ahem, FAN, that I won’t be able to stay “upset about the future” if they are stringing together convincing wins down the stretch.

    I know I keep adjusting my story, but the thing that would currently most upset me is if Jagr doesn’t trigger his option and yet we still end up signing him at $6-8M or something like that.

  30. Komisarek. And he should be a friggin marked man next time the Rangers come to town (Feb 19th). Orr, Strudwick, Hollweg, Dubinsky, should all be taking runs at him and Orr and Struds (our two best fighters in my opinion) should drop the gloves with him at some point.

    Salty, remember the highlight reel goal Drury scored where he caught the puck in the gut from Jagr, threw it on the ground and batted it in with like 19 secs to go? It was Washington or Boston maybe, I can’t remember.

    I challenge your statement about his goals being “not important.” I don’t have the proof and I could be wrong….But I would venture to say that is goals more often than not DO matter.

    In fact, the NYR record of 10-2-2 when he scores leads me to believe that when he is playing his best, the Rangers are playing their best. Again, that is just an opinion, but one I gaining some confidence in.

    To take it one step further, maybe he sucks because the Rangers are 17-20-4 when he doesn’t score so he needs to do that more or else the Rangers are not playing well together.

    Who knows? I think it is all TBD with him really. Get to the playoffs and let’s see how he does before we decide to crown him or can him.

    What I find ironic is that everytime this blog is about to crucify someone, they spit in our faces and rally hard.

    Tomorrow night is so winnable it’s the perfect trap game…Don’t ya think?

    BTW, I read the Thrasher blog link….things are the same all over. Fans hate the player. They blame the coach or the system. Then they battle amongst themselves with stats and the like and basically just end up saying, “Do something, because this currently sucks.” LOL.

    Wonder what the Ottawa or Detroit blog looks like?

  31. good point. Can anyone get clarification on that please? I don’t see him getting the 85 points, but the playoff round is a possibility. Does it have to be BOTH to trigger it? Or just one or the other?

  32. I think i remember it having to be both, but don’t quote me on it…just what i’ve heard…

  33. In Ottawa there’s lots of tears. They’re facing injuries to too many good players. The Emery thing is a mess. They’ve won just 3 of their last 10. They play MTL back to back this week and MTL is just 3 pts behind. We could be chasing a new Conf leader pretty soon.

  34. Newman,

    That amazin pass Drury took and then scored was the only point we got out West against Edmonton. The pass was from Jagr by the way.

    I love Drury and think he’ll be an asset going down the stretch

  35. That record we have when drury scores a goal is a little misleading…we don’t score many goals…in fact we have the fewest goals score din the league…so choose any player and see what our record is when they score a goal and it’s always a good one…Drury is finally coming into his own, let’s leave it at that…Has anybody else noticed that every friggin year at anygiven point in the season other teams have games in hand of us…it’s never we 3 points behind so-and-so but we have 2 games at hand…it’s always teams have games at hand over us…so when you check the standing, yeah we’re what 5 points out of 1st? But wait until those games are played and we could be 11…it’s really annoying and it’s always been like that

  36. Answering my own question here. But even this source can’t confirm it.


    “The Rangers’ captain can trigger an option year if any of the following scenarios occur:

    If the Rangers win a playoff round this season and Jagr scores 40 goals during the regular season.

    If they win a playoff round and he scores 84 points during the regular season.

    If he wins the Hart (MVP), Art Ross (scoring title) or Conn Smythe (playoff MVP) trophies.”

  37. Wrong, Alex. It doesn’t matter who scores or how often. It matters if we win, and winning is what Jagr cares about. So if he has to get beat up the whole game to make room for someone else to score, he’ll do it. That’s why he’s the captain. He doesn’t need to make any made-for-tv speeches about it either. And that’s what Tom Renney was talking about today.

  38. Newman: Not to go head to head, but in a way, I’m also seeing it like this:

    Drury might be “playing more valuable” if he’d have been scoring goals in games we lost (yes, like the one in EDM that forced OT), meaning that at least he was putting pucks in when other players werent getting it done, at least he was stepping up where everyone else was failing. I know that could be skewed as well… but I hope at least you’re understanding that perspective as well. bUt scoring in games we win, unless we win 1-0, *could* also translate into Drury only scoring when other people are scoring as well. Just another angle.

    That said, Alex is right: He’s coming into his own, and thats all that matters. Chris Drury is one player that I would absolutely *love* to feed me my own words, being that he is locked in into the next decade. Jagr showing up suddenly will be a little bit more bittersweet as I know that means the Czech Regime likely gets to slow things down a bit longer.

    I just want cut throat hockey. I want that Rangers sweater to intimidate the rest of the league. As of right now it seems that we’re “that team” that teams get to have higlight games against.

  39. Jagr is the Captain because a.) he was here before Shanahan b.)he ‘was’ our best and most experienced player and c.) he’s kind of a baby who you need to constantly worry about making sure he feels important… I’m not saying take the C away from him but he is on the team and he has the ‘C’ because of ability to score and that alone…we didnt’ trade for Jagr to say “Phew, finally a good two-way player willing to sacrifice his body so we can feel more win those playoff like 2-1 regular season games”…I mean c’mon…he’s not entirely useless when he doesn’t score say like Pavel Bure, but this season has been a failure thus far for Jagr and we greatly suffer because of it

  40. i also don’t agree with sather that hollweig would have been more controlled if a penalty was called on kovalev. no need for that kind of play in hockey. hollweig looked like he was going to kill someone on the bench, thats when the coaches need to say if we put you on the ice and you do something stupid then u are gone. but hollweig is one of renneys guys, so nothing will happen.

    and jessiman has actually playing better of late, not playing like a first rounder, but on another team he could maybe be on the 3rd line (could do it on ours prob too if we didnt have jagr, straka and shanny ) but i think he could definitely handle the fourth line and he could give that line a little offense

  41. Can anyone speak about the Harford D-men? I was thinking the one thing our defensemen is lacking is the Scott Stevens kind of attitude, and our best prospect is Sanguinetti who isn’t of that ilk…is Sauer gritty? We could really use a real son of a bitch on the blueline, nobody is scared of our 6, not at all

  42. Sure Jagr is not scoring

    but here is what he IS doing

    attracting all the attention from the other team’s best D-men

    Making the other coach match up against him

    And look at what is happening… the rest of the team is pounding goals in now. Even Straka and Gomez…guys on his line are racking up points.

    All eyes are on Jagr so that means everyone can shine… and finally that is what is happening!!!!!!!!

  43. Alex, Vinny Lecavelier scores a lot — his team is in last place. Ovechkin scores a lot — they’re in 12th place. I will reiterate my point. Jagr doesn’t care how much he scores as long as the team wins. It’s a team game. Goaltending and defense win games. The more spread out the scoring, the better. It’s great if he scores 40 goals, but that guarantees nothing. And obviously, no one who plays in the NHL is a “baby” — that’s just ignorant on your part.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    “Byers and Baranka instead of Hollweg and Struds.. plz!”

    Amen brother!

    Does anyone know what the cap situation is if his option year gets triggered, meaning, are the Caps on the hook for half of the option year?

  45. Baranka is once again hurt. I would figure Potter is most likely to be recalled if anybody. Hutch would need to go through re-entry waivers.

  46. If any of the Rangers have to be injured or suspended, it couldn’t have happened any better to the right guys. Malik and Hossa are not missed and neither will Hollweg be if he is suspended.

    Would like to see Byers brought up to play in Hollweg’s spot.

  47. So tomorrow night’s game against the last-place Kings is also Sean Avery’s first game against his former team (coincidentally a year to the day after he was traded). Being a Kings fan, Avery fan, and L.A. native, I’ll be there in my purple and black Avery (#19) jersey. I hope that MSG lives up to its reputation of being one of the greatest arenas to see a game in and I hope you New York fans are able to dish out the insults, in good nature of course, when you see an opposing jersey. So maybe I’ll see some of you tomorrow night for the true test of the Rangers’ offense against one horrible defense. Best outcome? Avery hat trick, Kings win 4-3.

    – Liza

  48. Bring back Lohan on

    Hey guys, I think some of you are way out of line complaining about Komisarek. He hit Avery late and he got called for it. When he roughed up Jagr he kept it relatively clean (so maybe it could have been a penalty but so what). In fact that whole game watching him I thought nothing but “wouldn’t it be nice to have him on our team” or “that is exactly the type of D-Man we need”. He plays TOUGH, so why should he be a marked man? Yeah, maybe it would be nice for someone to hit him, and hard but jeez make it CLEAN! For all we know Ryan Hollweg reads these posts and will try to decapitate him. I guess my point is, I was impressed (VERY) with Komisarek’s play

  49. kc…Zetterburg and Datsyuk score alot, they’re in 1st place…Alfredson scores alot, so is he…that doesn’t make an argument…are you trying to make the case that it’s better that Jagr doesn’t score because if he does we’d start losing?….weird analysis man…and really, Jagr isn’t scoring and we’re fighting for a playoff spot…by your account if he didn’t score at all we’d be atop the Conference?…listen I cheer Jagr on and hope he does great but he sulks when things aren’t going his way, when he gets frustrated he takes bad penalties or just does dumb things (see his attempted punch on Gomez in the playoffs two years ago)…these are very immature qualities and why I say “baby” i don’t actually mean he’s an infant…to be at our best, teamwise, means everyone does their job, Drury plays smart hockey, winning faceoffs, supplemental scoring, Gomez setsup people up, Shanny hits his one timers on the PP, etc…Jagr scores…if he does, we will be a hard team to beat…we used to win by taking the early lead because of Jagr then playing our game, forechecking, playing smart, etc…but you need goals to do that

  50. When I saw Komisarek maul Jagr in the corner, I was pissed (and thinking Jagr was gonna take a penalty), but I wasn’t thinking “Boy what a great player”…I was thinking someone from our team better lay him out…if you let players do that to your best player you’re asking the other team not to take you seriously…but the retaliation should’ve been done in that game…now that’s it over, it’s over he didnt’ do enough for anything to be carried over…that said the minute he tries to do it again, he should be put in his place

  51. Komisarek plays tough ?? I have not seen him play enough to really verify that statement … and you cannot take what you see versus the soft Rangers … how does he do vs. Anaheim or Ottawa or teams that would fight back … Rangers need to make a statement and see how tough he is … he might be like Brandan Witt — cheap shot phony player who only roughs up guys that won’t fight back ..

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Thank you graves. It’s pretty clear that he is coming back (opening games in CR *without* Jagr? Are they stupid?). So let’s hope he can trigger the option.

  53. Doodie – Graves is wrong. This season is the last season that the Caps are on the hook for their portion of Jagr’s contract. If the option year is triggered, it’s all on the Rangers. See the link from the Washington Post above.

  54. Why are you guys such haters on Hollweg…he’s the perfect 4th liner, minus some overzealous bonehead penalties here and there…everyone complains about how we don’t have any toughness and girt, which Hollweg obviously has, but alot of people want him gone…he’s got pretty good speed, he uses his body like a missle, the other teams are forced to notice him when he’s on the ice, he plays angry….granted he doesn’t score, but when you play 8-10 mins a game that’s not your job anyway…we need more players like Hollweg, just ones that have some hands and a little smarter on the ice, but I’d take Hollweg on my 4th on any club

  55. Byers=competent Hollweg.

    Wolfpack D-men? I like Baranka, but the guy is always hurt. Sauer is gritty and gonna be a stay at home, but he too must prove he can stay healthy over the course of a year.

  56. Bring back Lohan on

    Koffy koffy koffy. He is there Beukeboom. I have watched him play not just against the Rangers. He is a tough D-Man. Im not saying he is the best but I just think if he was on our team doing that to the Kovalev’s, Crosby’s, Kovalchuk’s etc. we would be blogging about how great he was. Thats all. And when and if we do test him, you watch, he will prove his toughness. I just like the guy, wouldnt mind him on my team. I always watch games with an open mind and always think if I’d like a certain player on NYR. Just something I do when I watch games…

  57. Beer Me, you’re wrong. From the article you linked: “Upon joining the Rangers, Jagr returned to his old form, amassing 123 points in 2005-06 and 96 last season. But here’s the real kicker for the Capitals: They might have to pay Jagr next year, too, according to sources with knowledge of his contract details.”

    So the Caps are in fact on the hook (of course they are – they’re the ones who created the entire deal). There also was originally a team option that the Rangers could have kept in there, and the Caps would have been on the hook for half, but because it’s an “option” year the full value of the option year would have been averaged into Jagr’s annual cap hit. So the Rangers dumped their option to keep the cap hit lower.

    Truly, if Jagr wants to continue to play here next year (and he has said that he does) he has EVERY reason to desparately want to hit those incentives. because pretty clearly, his choices are: 1. hit the incentives and stay here for another $8 plus million, half of it on the Caps, 2. miss the incentives and play here next year for $4-5 million, which is likely all he’ll be getting as an UFA, especially one that wants to play here and nowhere else next year.

    Like it or not, he’s a huge part of this team, and they do see him as their leader and if he isn’t scoring, he’s drawing an awful lot of attention that does leave the other players and lines freer to perform.

  58. I’m going to weigh in on yesterday’s “broadcast”.

    The NHL and NBC should be ashamed of how their commentator’s were calling the game.

    I was sick to my stomach listening to Pierre, I couldn’t hold a job in the NHL, McGuire and Mike, I’m the worst GM in NHL history, Milbury, along with that other guy who couldn’t hack it as the Pens coach, Eddie Olchyk or however you spell his name, I know he won a cup with the Rangers, but shut up already, you never even played that season.

    In love with Komiserek and his punishment of Jagr, yet wouldn’t shut the eff up over Hollwegs “tap” on the back of that diving Hab, who btw was on the ice the next shift.

    Yet somehow managed to “forget” about Kovalev’s cheap shot, which IMO, was worse than what Hollweg did. Oh I’m sorry, they metnioned it twice.

    And zeroing in on how Hollwegg sholdn’t even been allowed on the ice. hey Pierr, you sucked as a GM, you’re an idiot, pipe down.

    Continuing with the rant… hey Mike, keep your football predictions to yourself you fool… what did he predict? 41 -17 Patriots? loser.

    Continuing… why does the NFL have Aikman, Simms, Bradshaw, Young, Marino, Carter, etc…and other sports have HOF’ers calling their games? Who does the NHL have? Darren, I played 3 SEASONS in the NHL Pang? And Ed Olchyk? Where are the greats? When the NHL has the best that played the game broadcasting their games, then people will take the NHL seriously.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Thank you for the correction, Beer. Cheers.

    On another note, I just got tickets for tomorrow’s game for face value. nice.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    And I agree with you, except that you downplay Hollweg’s hit too much. He drilled him, and he knew it would be illegal if he did. It was clearly from behind, even if Hollweg was sideways. Furthermore, it was clearly boarding. It doesn’t change shit about Kovalev and what he did and everything else you said, but Hollweg was also wrong.

    So I agree with you, for the most part.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Peter, thank you for the ultimate correction. And I’m sorry everyone for the quad post.

  62. Doodie:

    If the NHL is expected to grow, it needs credible people calling the games, not has beens and never was’s.

    Larry Robinson, Ron Francis, Mark Messier, Bobby Orr, Brett Hull, Adam Oates, Cam Neely, anyone! someone with some personality and some numbers to back up what they say.

    Darren Pang? I mean, come on already. he did the outdoor game in Buffalo for crying out loud. The guys was barely an NHL goaltender.

  63. ya know Doodie… I’ve watched the Hollwegg “hit” and it’s nothing. Barely a tap. The Montreal player knew it was coming and he embelished the play, sorry.

    Was it from behind? yes, but the guy never missed a shift. If it was so hard, why isn’t he hurt? I don’t bye it, I’ve watched it over and over, Kovalev’s was much worse. Hollwegg is being unfairly condemned for this.

    Eff Montreal and Komiserek running Jagr, eff em. They gave up 5 straight goals and got their a$$es whooped at home. Eff em!

  64. vogs-i agree 100%. more than that is emrick’s reaction to the goals. i swear that he was more vocal for the habs’ goals than the rangers’ goals. it’s not even their bcasts are unprofessional, led by a bunch of never-wases, but their lead play-by-play boy is a friggin’ devil dog. i can’t stand his whiny voice. just another example of the nhl’s ineptitude in trying to grow this sport.

  65. and another thing was rosy’s “crosscheck” in the first period. the guy was barely touched, went down like a ton of bricks, and the bald guy wouldn’t stop harping on how selfish rosy was by taking a penalty like that, the same refrain we heard about holly after his check. i can’t wait to see mcguire at msg. he usually passes by me when he is there. i’ll have a few things to say!

  66. Darren Pang…wasn’t he the Hawks netminder who let the OT goal in against the Debbies on the last game of the year which eliminated the NYR’s chance for a playoff seed? Man, that was a heartbreaker for sure….right dead smack in the 80’s when I was in high school….F Pang !

  67. Alan and Vogs;
    On Emerick ( and baby like sidekick Chico Resch) on Devils broadcast of NYR-NJ game. Lundquist made I believe 35 saves and only once all night did Emerick say “save by Lundquist” every other time it was “shot wide” “deflected wide” sometimes even on replays they refused to say it was a save. Meanwhile Marty gets hit in stomach by deflection and its “Save Brodeaur!!!”

    Bring bacl Lohan;

    I agree 100% Komisarek is one of my favorite D-men in NHL…in fact he is exactly what Rangers need/lack on the backline. A punishing presence. Maybe Staal one day

  68. Kaspar’s right about Komisarek…. He’s exactly the type of Player the Rangers need.

    Everyone is missing the point here about his roughing up Jagr. If the Rangers had a Power Play that teams feared, opponents would be less likely to run Jagr, Roszival, et al..Until that happens expect to see it. Oh and another thing, why is it that they don’t rough up Gomez?

    Answer: You can’t hit what you can’t catch…

    Jagr is way too slow.. He has no acceleration..That’s why he can’t score, he can’t get separation.

    For the most part, this Ranger team is tough. They finish checks, and they compete for loose pucks. They don’t need to protect their Captain. They need to win games……

  69. alex,
    i must disagree with your view on Jagr. He’s not the player he used to be, agreed. But to say he’s a baby and not worth anything is far from true. You try to do something when a 6’5 250 guy is shadowing you and killing you night in and night out. Be it Komisarek, Hal Gill, Chara, Brendan Witt, or whoever else, they all have on assignment when they play the rangers and that is to give jagr hell, which by the way creates room for other players as one person is always sticking to jagr. he’s also come into his own as a captain, recently i’ve seen him discussing in depth calls with the ref, and sticking up for his teammates, and for the most part saying the right things at the right time. give the guy a break! he’s playing his ass off on offense, giving up his body to make a play….he was never known for his defense and yes he takes stupid penalties. For other players who take a lot of penalties, see…jagr has 44 PIM, iginla has 38, kovalchuk has 38, crosby had 37, Lecavalier has 59. so it’s really not that bad….

  70. Richard S Still stand by your earlier post “Drury sucks. Hang’em up Drury. He does nothing for this team. His ears must have burned off with all the bashing on the blog the last few days…HAHA LOL” Just got NHL’s 3rd Star of the Week. Drury is not truly appreciated.

  71. loneranger – keep killing everyone that was bashing drury…I love it.

    I thought Komisarek was playing tough, nothing dirty at least. I though there should have been an INT call at one point b/c he was playing the body with his back to the puck, but I’m not even sure that was him…def shoulda been a hab penalty. But that was just one of many missed calls. At the end of the day, who cares? They had the benefit of most of the calls, and we won the game. Gotta play above the officiating.

    Emerick is a disgrace to hockey. I often watch on ‘mute’ or put the radio call on when he has to call our games. “You make me sick when you speak”.

    Doodie – my bad on the mis-read there. But it doesn’t count againt their cap, so really, it doesn’t make much of an impact on them.

  72. until Jagr has someone on his line to protect him or he stands up for himself, he’ll be treated to more and more punishment. Too bad the NYR D don’t give out the same treatment. That’s what the needed D man must do. Bring back Kaspar if he’s up to it.

  73. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me, I agree he is tough to listen to. I try to look at both sides of the coin. To you and me (Hockey Fans) he is a peckerhead who is hard to stomach, but I think they believe he will appeal to the masses and bring in watchers. You cant argue with the fact that he makes the most inconsequential plays sound like something exciting going on. So to the average sports fan he probably isnt so bad to listen to. But to you and me……uggggghhhhhh. If two people going to the puck “cancel out” one more friggin time I will scream!!!

  74. Kaspar is 100% correct, Komisarek is exactly what the Rangers need. We had Kaspar in the preseason but never gave him a chance. Emerick is indeed horrible. The good ole days, Jim Gordon and the Big Whistle. Let’s go Rangers!

  75. Bring back Lohan on

    Look at you Kaspar, taking credit for what I said first about Komisarek! Only kidding bro! No worries

  76. Salty,

    I regards to Drury’s goals. When have the Rangers piled it on anyone this season? All of the team’s and Drury’s goals are important when the team is last in the league in scoring.

    I have to agree with Newman and others that Drury is VERY important to this team but that is not in question here.

  77. Hell MF’n yeah. ‘cancel out’ is a bad one. And ‘pecker head’ is the right phrase. The guys head actually looks like a shlong with glasses. (Sorry ladies and children, don’t mean to be graphic.) But the real killer to me is when there’s 3:20 left in the game, he can’t say “just over 3 minutes left”, oh no, it’s gotta be “200 seconds to get it done”. He pisses me off so much I think it just ruined my day!

    fig8 and others speaking of kaspar….
    I’m a huge Kaspar fan, and actually paid quite a bit for a pair of auto’d game-worn gloves at a silent auction at gate 65 a few years back. Yes, I was HAMMERED, but I loved kaspar. That said, he looked sloooow in training camp. After that story that Fishler wrote in the summer about meeting him running in the park and being in tip-top shape, I was anxious to see if it was the real deal. But the speed of the game has passed him by. I think struds and mailk could out-skate him at this point.

  78. Bring back Lohan on

    Beer Me,
    Better yet how about with 2:15 left there are 2 1/4 minutes remaining. Eff you you peckerhead!!

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