Did I say Patriots? I meant Giants by three


OK, so my second career as a football prognosticator is not off to a promising start.

But then, I also thought the Rangers were bound to pack it in after a self-defeating first period yesterday.

Consider me officially impressed. I have long pointed to a come-from-behind win against St. Louis last year as the game that saved the Rangers season. Yesterday may have been a similar type of turning point, a game that could conceivably launch them into contention for not just a playoff spot, but even the Eastern Conference crown.

I know, I know: it’s way too early. There is too much hockey in front of the Rangers, and as good as they’ve been the last three games, it has only been three games.

Let’s see if they can get past what could be a potential letdown game against a mediocre Kings team tomorrrow before we start booking our hotel rooms for the finals.


Meanwhile, could there be a better microcosm for Michal Rozsival’s season so far than yesterday? Two awful first period penalties and a handful of giveaways followed by….a huge goal.

You take the good with the bad, I guess. Rozsival wasn’t scoring goals at this rate last year, but he also wasn’t such a liability in his own zone. Is there a correlation? I don’t know. You’re asking me to explain defensemen, who are a strange breed to begin with.

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    Sam, like you I picked the Pats to win and when the Rangers were down by three I went in to pay bills. Great game for the Blueshirts!

  2. GoCaptainClutch! on

    Rozsival is a total mystery to me…he’s got a great shot–why doesn’t he use it!??! Half the game his head is completely up his ass and then he goes and lets one rip–and sinks it! It’s aggravating as hell. Rozi–shoot the puck!!!

  3. Rozy looks confused. And doesn’t adjust well to changing partners. Which was something I said about staal the other day. He plays HIS game, regardless of his partner. Maybe Staalzy needs to take Rozy under his wing.

    Normally I would look at the games in hand that the rest of the div teams have on us as a problem. Not as much in this case since we finish the season playing them over and over and over again.

  4. Not for nothing, but I would like to give credit where credit is due. To myself :) It is way too early to start guaranteeing anything, but my predictions for the most part are coming true right before our eyes. Starting back before the All Star Break. I have only been wrong in not getting one win against Boston. Needless to say I am going to keep being optimistic, and I think this team is definitely capable of really nice run here. And I did say that a lot of our success this season has come against division rivals and we have continued that success as this past weekend proves. I am just as excited that we have won three on the road. You are not going to go anywhere if you can’t win on the road. Let’s hope this teams keeps up the good work and doesn’t make and dumb deadline moves. Unless it makes absolute sense to do so.

  5. 5 to 10 games for Hollweg? I’m kind of glad he won’t be in the line-up.
    Kovalev should get 2 games for that elbow.

  6. The reality (and brace yourselves, for I am about to say something with a tinge of positive tone) is that the Rangers have woefully underachieved all season. Have played some pretty awful hockey for most of the season. (Wait for the positive) But still find themselves in a position to make the post season. Truely unbelieveable. If they can just keep playing solid hockey and find a way to minimize periods like yesterday’s first. They might find a way in.

    I hope this is the “traction” they needed so desperately. I’d still like to see one or two moves by the deadline. Even if they are largely “addition by subtraction” moves.

    I’d like to see us get some help defensively first. That should be the priority.

  7. Sam,
    Yes it has only been 3 games but…they have won all 3 against solid teams. I too thought the game over after the first period (just another letdown so characteristic of this season)
    However they came out in the second and started to show some heart. They weren’t burying the puck but where getting stronger and starting to gain the momentum, winning the battles in the O zone. I think in the last 3 games they have shown all of us a little more heart and passion.

    As for the Giants. All I can say is I’m a jet fan (notice the lack of capitalization). Yeah I know…
    but the Giants won me over, I really enjoyed watching them and you can’t help but be behind them. Its a great story! Oh and there is nothing outside of Ranger Hockey of course that is as fun as watching Brady get hit and hit again.

    Oh and Guys, wtf is up with Hollwegg? Is he the next Chris Simon? He looked possessed. I’m afraid, this guy is going to go AWOL. He looked out of control after that hit he took, then he went out and just looked for revenge. Pretty pathetic in my book. Why didn’t they just keep Ortmeyer? LOL
    Anyway LGR!

  8. hell yea Nasty – there’s only a handful of us here that have remained positive, sometimes blindly, but positive none the less.

    I’ll give myself credit for yesterday. When my fiance left the room when it was 3-0 and said ‘its over’, I was like: ‘over? it’s only the 1st!’. yay me!

    I do think a move or two is necessary at or before the deadline. Not so much for this season, but we can’t have guys just walking away. The FA pool is not deep enough to replace everyone, and it’s a huge chance to take thinking our youth can fill the lineup next season. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul here, but something.

  9. I just watch the highlights again…
    and that move by Dawes and pass to Drury was just one of the prettiest plays I’ve seen this season.
    For all you Drury knockers… I think he’s coming around.

  10. longtimerangersfan on

    Sorry guys…I don’t know how anyone from NY can root for the Giants when they fled NY for the Meadowlands! I go back to the time when the “bums” left for L.A. and to me they were dead. If the Rangers ever move out of NY they too will be dead to me.

  11. Hollweg’s hit should have been on AK27 not on Kostitsyn.

    But I am glad he took it out on someone. It seemed to energize the Rangers, not deflate them.

    Komisarek should have been killed for the way he was manhandling Jags.

    I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. But when Komisarek starts hitting Jags like he did, Kovy gives a huge elbow to Hollweg, etc. I cannot think that the Canadiens aren’t expecting some sort of backlash.

    This is hockey, not knitting. Again, I am not saying Holly’s hit was justified, smart, or anything like that. But it did send a message, rally the team, and the team went on to crush the Habs in the 3rd period.

    If we had given up a few goals after and went on to lose the game, I might be singing a different tune. But results are results.

    3 wins against 3 playoff bound teams. We won 5 of the last 6! Let’s keep it up.

  12. There is NO WAY the Rangers would every leave NY.
    Teams usually leave and area because of lack of $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    The only teams who have any chance of leaving would be the Devils and Islanders.

  13. I agree with you Newman, but that was just stupid…it resulted in a PP for the best PP in the league and up to that point the Habs PP was clicking.

  14. Newman, Holly hit was AFTER the Rangers had already rallied for 3 goals, but I do agree with you about Komasarek. he should pay a steep price next time we are around. I think Alexi learned alot from The Captain when he played in NYC. You could never Mess with he The Captain like Komasarek did.

  15. Yes I realize that they had come back with 3 goals to tie. It was not a smart time or place for it. But fortunately his 5 min penalty was offset with 2 min from the Habs.

    Net net it sparked us and we won the game. If we had fallen apart and lost, I would be singing a different tune.

    But we won. So, Hollweg gets a little reprieve. And for those who want to make a statement, put Cally in there on the Betts Orr line when Shanny comes back if you want to teach Holly a lesson. But, in this instance he sparked the team.

    Again I don’t condone hurting people, but I am all for showing the other team that they cannot keep f-ing with the NYR with no repercussions.

  16. I think there will ve a team that gives Rozsival 5 mill because they’ll look at all the goals he scored. I hope it won’t be the Rangers. He has been beyond wretched on defense and is a terrible point man on the pp. Dawes and Prucha deserve a great deal of credit for Drury’s revival as well. I like the forwards lines. I still would like to see the Rangers pick up either a Barret Jackman or a Dan Boyle for the defense.

  17. I think we got lucky on Hollywood’s hit – it gave the Habs a 5 minute powerplay, just after we’d tied it at 3. He owes his team-mates a big thankyou as they responded brilliantly to go on and win. Yes he can get some credit for firing them up a bit, but their PP has a very good reputation and it was a major, not a minor penalty.
    If he’d got his revenge on AK27 and got called for interference or elbowing or roughhing i wouldn’t be so critical (i can’t believe they missed that elbow – they must have had their french canadian tinted spectacles on?).

    As for D-men bring in Boyle or Campbell and if we can get Marian Hossa for Malik, someone from Hartford and a draft pick – do it – and sign him up to an extension to replace Shanny and/or Jagr next year.

  18. The problem with trading for boyle or any of the UFA’s out there is gm’s want young talent. It’s not worth mortgaging your future for a rented player.

  19. Who would have thought that Dawes and Dubinsky would be the players to jump start the rangers and other players around them, amazing. Keep it up boys, rock on.

  20. tomg – we need a right winger too. jagr and shanny could both be gone next season. and of course we need a dman.

    Hey, I don’t want to give away the youth we’ve built up either. But that’s part of the reason you build that corp. To provide you with trading leverage.

  21. yea id stay away from hossa, don’t need his kind of attitude on the team. and id give shanny some more games off, and bring up byers, be nice to see him on the fourth line for a bit

  22. tomg – i did mention Boyle and Campbell first.
    I agree D-men should be Sather’s priority but you can’t ignore all other options, especially like Hossa but only if there is a possibilty to re-sign and not be a rental for 3 months.

  23. Beer Me!,
    I hear you, if we do have to give up youth it can’t be dawes, dubinsky, stall or any of the rangers blue chip prospects.

  24. Do you pull the trigger on Prucha and Malik for Hossa or Callahan and Malik for Hossa? I don’t know. Who do you want on this team for the future? Callahan or Prucha? I have a feeling it is going to be one of those two who gets shipped out if a trade does happen.

  25. From what I’ve seen is that Hossa doesn’t want to go anywhere as a rental. He wants a multi-year deal.

    Pete – what attitude? I don’t remember hearing much about it being a problem. I know that if I were in his position, it’d sound like an attitude to get the hell out of ATL too.

    Just looking at it as the basics.
    We need a RW.
    He’s the best one available.

    Even if it took a prospect or picks, it’s still not really ‘mortaging the future’. He’s only 29. It’s not like the Rob Blake rumor. THAT would be horrible. Esp now with a bad ankle.

    I think buffalo is going to throw a ton of cash at campbell and retain him. Boyle, Kubina, McCabe(doubtful to be avail), Redden(doubtful too), and others all have the potential to be moved. Slats will be able to pick up someone, but it ain’t gonna be free.

  26. tomg – oh, no way. But if it’s byers, sauer, montoya, pyatt, moore, jessiman(haha), etc…you gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t think slats is prepared to give up any youth on the current nhl roster. maybe prucha.

  27. Nasty 1,
    I would think gm’s would want prucha because he has been in the league now for a few years and has proven he can score.

  28. nasty – I think so too. but there seems to be more of a market for prucha than cally. I think teams still see cally as a ‘work in progress’. I know I do.

  29. There no doubt that I think prucha is the guy because in the past few years his name has come up in rumors.

  30. Yeah, I’m sure they’re gonna give us Boyle for some no-name prospect or a player who sucks…

  31. I’d pull the trigger, but only if they can sign Hossa long term. What is this about his attitude?
    I’d get ride of Callahan over Prucha, because we know what he is capable of and because he is an incredibly hard worker and of late is showing some good signs.
    and Malik would be bye bye!
    I would not accept any deal that would send Dubinski, Dawes, Staal, or any other young promising player

  32. First off:

    *Absolute props* to the boys who have stuck with the team through the thinnest, namely BeerMe and Nasty1, among many others. You deserve it all, no doubt at all, you guys are as Faithful as there ever were.

    However, as nice as this little surge has been…It’s exactly what I feared, and somewhat expected. That said, it’s incredibly hard to not appreciate and enjoy, as much as I promised myself I wouldn’t.

    Again though, props to the believers. Not that the Cup is on the horizon or anything, but really literally as I was flushing them down the toilet for real, they reached out of the bowl and grabbed the lid, splashing around, “Not yet! Not yet!”

    Should be interesting to see how things pan out, and how the resilient this team can be once they come across some stiffer competition.

  33. Yeah, I hear you. I love Prucha’s willingness to never give up and take hits and when he is playing well you really notice him. But the way Dawes has developed and Callahan is developing I see Prucha as being expendable. Especially with the russians on the way. And Hossa is definitely a proven player and would look nice on a first line with Gomez. I mean I know it was only an all star game, but I thought that they clicked pretty well.

  34. I will be the first to admit that I’m not totally convinced yet but if there ever was a signature game that could turn your season around, yesterday was that game. I still need to see more of this because they had a nice run in November and than it came to a halt.

  35. Yeah Hossa would be nice but, do we have the money to throw at him, don’t forget Dubinski, Dawes, Staal etc are going to get good money in just a few years, as well as Hank.

    Just a crazy thought…Renney putting Marian and Marcel on the same line…I just puked!

  36. By the way, how is Callahan developing? He really has only proved he can score at the AHL level. Don’t get me wrong, I love em, he’s gritty and seems to have good hands at least in Hartford, but is he as good as Prucha? Prucha could have been pretty damn good all along if only Renney had catered to his strengths.

  37. Stall it is funny you just said that, but I remember reading an article a while back and he said it has always been a dream of his to play on the same NHL team as his brother. Could be a draw for him to want to come to New York.

  38. I like callahan more than prucha myself. I give prucha all the credit in the world they way he plays for his size but he is to small and gets knock all around the ice.

  39. Hossa’s sweet. He really is a great player. But I’d rather roll the dice on our Russian kids than start giving away the farm to get him.

  40. We need to add some muscle at the deadline so that punks like Komasarek stop taking liberties with Jagr and others. Hollweg needs to go – there is no excuse for his constant running opposing players from behind. That and he can’t put the puck in the ocean.

  41. Girardi can be just as dangerous offensively as Rozsival… but Rozsival is going to be a UFA looking for 5m+.. I say trade him :D

  42. Hossa has some good size to him and is rarely hurt. He can use the body very well and always gets scoring chances. If we traded for him and signed him to a 3 year I would not have a problem with it.

  43. Chris F.,
    I agree, if we want boyle or hossa or any of these ufa’s just be patient and wait until the off season to sign these guys because it’s not worth mortgaging the future for rental players. Next year there are allot of ranger players coming off the books.

  44. I think Hossa is gonna stay in Atlanta. Imo there is no worse big game player than him. He was invisible in the playoffs for Ottawa year after year and last year his own untalented brother out played him in the playoffs. As far as Boyle you would hope to lock him up for 3-4 years after you deal for him. I would offer up a package like Prucha or Callahan and Montaya for him. It might not be enough but it’s a starting offer.

  45. salty – i’ll always take props. And if it weren’t those 3 teams that we just beat, I could see some hesitation of saying ‘they’re coming around’, but those were big wins in a big way.

    If Marcel is the draw that brings Marion here, then I guess we all see what the purpose of having him here this long was huh? lol

    And you know, strange enough, but the kings coming in tomorrow night is a big test also. They know that the kings are cellar dwellers and kinda just going through the motions till the offseason. So the way they react to playing a ‘lesser’ opponent will tell us if we will actually see the same effort for the remainder of the season.

  46. Tampa needs an established goalie. They have Ramo coming up in a year or two. And montoya’s value is probably at it’s lowest ever. He even lost the starting job in htfd to Wiikman. I could see Mara going (back) to Tampa. I don’t think they’re going to send boyle anywhere without some type of D replacement.

  47. tomg – I don’t know if some of these ufa’s would ever make it to the market 7/1. We could miss the chance.

  48. I don’t think a team that already had an underachieving Mara would want him back. They might ask for Sanguenetti in the deal. You would hope the Rangers could talk em into Baranka or Sauer instead.

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