Shanahan out, Callahan in


The Rangers are substituting one Irish surname for another as a result of Brendan Shanahan’s continued struggles with an assortment of hip and knee injuries, and Ryan Callahan’s return from Hartford.

All this courtesy of my fantasy league co-owner Zipay, who is in Montreal while I await the broadcast on NBC.

Callahan had impressive numbers in 11 games back with the Wolf Pack (7-8-15), so we’ll see whether the time on the farm indeed helped pump up his confidence. One game might not be the best measure, but you never know.

As for Shanahan, it’s obvious that he hasn’t been 100 percent for a while now, although I actually thought he showed better mobility since the All-Star break. No word yet on whether his absence will be longer than today.


One positive about not making the trip north was I was able to make my own long-awaited return to the ice after a month on the sidelines.

Having a new baby in my life is only a blessing, so you’ll never hear me complain. But let’s just men’s league glory has taken a backseat. But getting back today reminded me how much I love playing, even if the legs felt a tad heavy.


My Super Bowl prediction: Pats 38, Giants 20.

So what if Tom Brady is banged up? With all that time back there, even I could get a couple off to Moss and Co., too….

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  1. My prediction: In the next 10 games (counting this one) the Rangers will go on an 8-2 run. Hello first place in the division. Then will probably drop the next 5 after that…

  2. the rangers play 5 games in the next 8 days then they only play 3 in the following 12 days, so if they do get on a streak hopefully that doesnt slow them down

  3. Pats 41 Giants 17 The stagecoach finally turns into a pumpkin. Great effort by the Giants last half of the season. Poor Tiki. Everyone should be proud of the players & coach. Hope Callahan plays with Avery & Dubinsky this afternoon. Lunquist needs to play his A game and we can’t tke stupid penalties.

  4. Sam. I love ya man.
    BUT, don’t ever go against the family (Giants) again !
    Rangers win 3-1
    Giants win 27-21

  5. What a day this will be after the Rangers beat Montreal its’ on to the Superbowl. What could be better…..well maybe an afternoon as Chez Paris….

    Sam stick to hockey……Go BIG BLUE!!!

  6. Back from a rough friday and saturday, but hearing the Rangers played like they are supposed to on friday eased the pain somewhat. Shanny has not been Shanny so Give him some rest, and lets see what Cally can do. Heres hoping for another “W” today.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!
    GO G-MENNNN!!!!!

  7. I live in the Phoenix area.
    This town is Giant crazy
    Everyone rooting for the under dog & predicting a Giant upset.
    Not like our boy Sammy.

  8. Wow, Paul Mara misses the clear, then the shot goes through his five-hole. That was pretty weak. Why isn’t Malik in there? lol, He’s still injured, right?

  9. Seamus O Riley on

    long term jets fan….

    but how can you root against good guy Eli?

    Tom Brady has too much….

    much, much too much

  10. And I’m a Giants fan but realistic. I think Pats 34, Giants 23, but I of course hope for the opposite result. I’m really surprised how many people on ESPN with no ties to either team have been picking the Giants this week.

  11. a psychic,
    “Hello first place in the division”, even if the rangers went on that tear it would be impossible because the flyers, devils and penguins keep winning. IMO the rangers will be fortunate to make the 8th spot and with no power play what so ever it’s going to be difficult to win consistently.

  12. I’m not surprised the rangers are losing 2-0, this has been there season all year win some lose some. I think in the next few weeks you will see in the eastern conference who are the pretenders and the contenders.

  13. I personally think the rangers are the pretenders, you cannot win consistently in the nhl without a power play and god knows they have no power play.

  14. I know I’m going to get killed here but I’m starting to think lundqvist isn’t as good as we all as ranger fans thought we were getting. I’m not sold on giving this guy a long and expensive contract. He gives up way to many rebounds, can’t handle the puck and flops way to much before the shot is even taking.

  15. Strudwick, Rozival, and Mara

    Stinky Le Pew!!

    Thought we had a team–apparently not–Montreal plays yesterday and all we have to do is play smart defensive game today and we are playing the opposite-


  16. nice clear by mara he is so average it is scary. the 1st penalty on Roszival was very questionable, Koivu was holding his stick.. are the announcers on NBC morons??They talk about everything about what is going on…

    Roszival 2nd penalty was pathetic.. Our PP looks as energeti as ever!!!!

    Terrible period, hit these jerks…….

    now i get to hear milbury the moron for a few minutes.. milbury is a mega boston jerk..

  17. tomg – God, you’re such a downer, I don’t think you were even excited about those two wins that looked so good. Rozsival with a couple stupid penalties. Only 1/3 of the game is over. We should know watching the Rangers how teams can turn on a dime during the first intermission. Time for us to come out strong. Montreal played yesterday – give it some time. If you’re so not surprised, why didn’t you predict they would be losing by two at the end of one? Give it a rest. At least you’ve turned positive on the Mets now.

    Oh good, Milbury ragging on Jagr again. I have to admit, I only saw him do well for a couple shifts, but nothing really came of it.

  18. stuart,
    believe me I know, I’ve been watching this game with the sound off because I can’t tolerate nbc and there broadcast of hockey.

  19. Bring back Lohan on

    My rants for Period 1
    1. I hate Canada
    2. More specifically I hate French Canadians
    3. First penalty that led to the first call was a bad call. Canadian player grabbed the stick and held it at his waste to look like a hook. Players should be fined for having that little respect for the game IMO. Cheating is offensive.
    4. Strudwick is the worst defenseman in the NHL. You can not and most would not argue that.
    5. Someone needs to hurt Alex Kovalev. I just cant look at him.
    6. The Rangers look like they are stuck in mud. As Sam would say, call the Montreal Police, someone stole the Rangers legs.
    7. Rozi is a schmuck, but they got a lil carried away with the “selfish” talk…
    8. NHL of NBC should be banned. They are terrible. If it wasnt for my TiVo id miss half of what happened in that period.

  20. spiderpig,
    it’s not that I’m trying to be a downer. I just state my opinion like everybody else and what I’ve seen and see now is the same thing I’ve seen all year. Don’t get mad at me because this team is just not that good. I remember getting killed back in november and one posted called me names and said not to post here when the rangers were in first place by the end of december, well, how has that worked out.

  21. It’s just that your posts sound a lot more depressing because instead of actually pointing things out, you just flat out state how bad they are, and usually not how well they’re doing.

  22. Milbury is such a baby.
    And NBC should be ashamed for giving him an open mic to bash the rangers…….

  23. spiderpig,
    what I meant to say in the last post was I stated the other day that I’m not convinced that this team has all of a sudden turned things around because of the two wins the other day. I said something like, can i see them win 10 in a row before we get excited.

  24. I hope people flipped over to FOX during the intermission to get some cheap laughs watching Frank Caliendo do his first skit of the day, impersonating Dr. Phil, then the real one comes on stage with him. It’s too bad he’s doing so many at different times, so you have to guess when he will be on, though if this game turns more sour, it will be easier to keep flipping back and forth.

    “How come Terry Bradshaw never finishes a book? He runs out of crayons!”

  25. “but I’m starting to think lundqvist isn’t as good as we all as ranger fans thought we were getting”

    I’ve been thinking it since December. He is too streaky. He has yet to put together a full season. Let’s examine:

    Year 1: Great until the Olympics. Disappears during the playoffs.

    Year 2: Starts poorly enough that it was worth contemplating giving Weekes a few starts. Finishes the season and playoffs like a man possessed.

    Year 3: Starts where he left off, only to completely vanish 30 games in.

    He needs a vet backup, like a real one.

    I said it after both of the two wins: big deal. They are still the same lousy team they were before the break. THEY SCHTINK!

  26. spiderpig, I hear you what your saying, I guess I’m frustrated like the rest of the ranger fans. At least now I can look forward to the baseball season thanks to omar and the wilpon’s because before that trade for Johan I don’t think I would have been able to watch baseball for a while after that horrific collaspe that the mets pulled off.

  27. No, I definitely understand where you’re coming from on that. I don’t necessarily need to see them win ten in a row, but at least play well, having close games, winning 7-8 of 10, allowing for maybe one stinker. So far, the Rangers have won 4 out of 5, though they looked bad in the second Atlanta game.

    I guess I, like Beer Me!, tend to look at the more positive side of things when it involves my team.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, that Tom Renney was actually me. I had posted a question to Sam as TR and forgot to change the handle.

    Go Blue! (Both Blue)

  29. spiderpig,
    OK, I’ll point things out (not trying to be a wise guy here).
    There defense is slow and small mostly because of mara and strudgwig, malik. The veteran players are past there prime. They have no power play and to be a good team you need a power play, the rangers have no power play. The goal tending has been erratic and not consistent for the most part thanks to lundqvist.

  30. This is the worst game I’ve seen Strudwick play all year. Two or three turnovers and a couple other bad plays already. He’s not usually this bad, or as bad people make him out to be, though he is not good.

  31. This game is downright painful to watch.

    Was it Montreal or the Rangers that played last night?

  32. Seamus O Riley on

    milbury cannot stop himself from projecting….
    he has got some serious issues….

    wasn’t he the guy that kept trading or giving away all the Islander young stars?

  33. BlueClue – That’s what I’m saying. Since the Canadiens were already on the power play, I thought that even if someone scores for them on a penalty shot that the power play would end, since it was a power play goal.

  34. haha, so true. Like you were saying about people ragging on Drury, then he gets hot, so now it’s Jagr’s time, like you said. Let’s see if he does anything.

    I think they could have called boarding on Avery just now, especially the way the Canadien went down against the boards.

  35. Spiderpig

    I think the rules are just like a 5-3 PP.
    If someone scores, then the first PP ends and the second
    one resumes.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    no. the PS is for the penalty taken during the PP. Think of it this way. suppose they had taken just a regular penalty, not a PS penalty, and the team scored before the Rangers touched the puck. It would just cancel out the penalty that was taken. Same principle for the ps penalty.

  37. Doodie – that’s what I was thinking, although in that case, a new power play would start with 2:00 on it, though they obviously can’t do that on a penalty shot.

    What the hell was that elbow doing up in Hollweg’s face from Kovalev? And no call! I guess Kovy is pissed about giving up the last goal off his turnover.

  38. NYCWickedWrister on

    I’m leaning to agree on the Lundqvist comment regarding an extension. I’m against what’s going on in the league with these ridiculous extensions because you’re afraid of losing a player in a few years. Give him a reasonable 4 year deal at a reasonable price and if he has a good two years, then you can give him another extension. Look at what the Mets did with Reyes and Wright (Sure different sport, but you’ll notice if you lock them up to solid deals early on, they become more affordable comparatively). Sports is so unpredictable, you’re better off not mortgaging your future based on what we’ve seem from Lundqvist. He hasn’t even played a good full season. It’s a few good months here and there.

    And agreed on a veteran backup. At the very least, someone he could lean on mentally. No matter how good a guy the Reports say Valiquette is in the locker room.


  39. Kovalev was pissed because 5 seconds before he elbowed him, Hollweg lightly bumped him (legally) in mid-ice.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “that’s what I was thinking, although in that case, a new power play would start with 2:00 on it, though they obviously can’t do that on a penalty shot.”

    No, it wouldn’t. Forget the existence of the PP. Suppose it’s 5 on 5. Team A takes a penalty, and Team B scores before Team A touches up. The penalty is nullified; there is no resulting PP. Same principle here, except it was a 5 on 4 situation instead of 5 on 5.

  41. I definitely think there is something to the truth about the refs being canadien and favoring certain teams and players. How can the refs miss that elbow kovalev took on hollweg and than another canadien running orr and he left his feet to hit or, those are obvious penalties but no call. how can two refs miss those calls.

  42. Doodie – If I understand correctly what you are talking about, I’ve had it happen in my video game and saw it happen for the first time in real life during a Rangers game recently, either Carolina or one of the Atlantas. Let’s say the Rangers are called for a penalty while they are on the PK, then their opponent scores before the Rangers touch up, that ends the first penalty, and a new one resumes for the opponent, at 2:00. I know somebody else saw that game.

  43. Bee-oo-tiful play by Staal. Jagr was working hard on that one, the stick was broken off him. Gomez waiting perfectly for the rebound.


  44. Doodie Machetto on


    Thank God Gomez was there to tap it in, because that was such a good move by Staal.

    Staal is the next great Rangers Defenseman.

    And Hollweg should get suspended now, too.

  45. Wow, Hollweg is kinda dumb, but I don’t think that was as bad a hit as it looked, since he came in from the side, because I think he was trying to hit him on his left side. Oh well.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    We’re fucked by the way if it’s a major because of Montreal’s PP. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bury 2.

  47. NYCWickedWrister on

    Hollweg is an absolute MORON. Wait til the third period and make it less obvious…

  48. These nbc guys are making me sick, What about when gomez was driven in to the boards in carolina and there was no call at all. That was the same thing, as usual the rangers get screwed by the refs, I can’t take this crap anymore. The NHL refs and league truly suck.

  49. I’ve hated Ryan Hollweg for awhile and this is pretty much why. Hes an idiot. We had the momentum and he does something stupid like that because he can’t take being elbowed and having it not called. He should be sent down to the AHL because hes a no skill stupid player. I know most of you hate Hossa, but at least he doesn’t take a stupid penalty like that and risk blowing the game for us.

  50. That’s gotta be a late hit on Komisarek. At least 2 seconds after the horn and whistle. Did you see Avery grab Kovalev by the chin in the scrum?! Haha.

  51. I actually think this is good for the rangers, there finally playing with passion, it’s good to see.

  52. If nothing else, this game has had great excitement, and it’s a much better pregame show than the one on FOX, save for Frank Caliendo.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, Milbury can talk about draft picks. How’s that DiPi over Heatley thing working out for him? Oh, and trading Chara and the picks that selected Spezza for Yashin? Oh and trading Luongo and Jokinen for Kvasha and Parrish. Good stuff!

    Do you realize that the Isles could have Heatley, Spezza, Chara, Jokinen, and Luongo? They would be in first in the East!

    I’m glad that he’s their “expert” commentary on draft picks. Even Charles Wang knew he sucked. I mean, his GM is GARTH SNOW! That’s how much Milbury sucks.

    Go find a shoe and beat yourself over the head you piece of garbage.

  54. Bring back Lohan on

    Hollweg had one thing in mind, hurt someone. He should be suspended 5-10 games, and I really dont want to see his neanderthal ass on this team anymore

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny D, I’m with you. When Shanahan returns, Callahan should take Hollweg’s job. He’ll throw hits, he forechecks, grinds hard, and isn’t afraid to throw down, not to mention the fact that he remotely stands a chance to score every now and then.

  56. Bring back Lohan on

    On the Penalty shot
    a)that wasnt even a penalty he got the stick.
    b)he got a shot off so why the penalty shot
    c)doesnt he have to point to center right away?
    d)can you make a call based on your opinion of the player?

  57. Hollweg will probably be suspended five games because of his past. Otherwise, it would be one or two. I’d say anything from five to seven is correct.

  58. Are the refs watching the same game. They miss the Kovalev elbow and then just before the scramble in front of the net at the end, a Ranger (think but not sure it was Avery) got picked off and wasn’t near the puck. Hollweg could have screwed us in this game, and the fault goes to the coaches. They knew what happened, that we just got back in the game, you would think they would talk with him and keep him out a shift to make sure he understood. That’s coaching mistakes to allow your players to be undisciplined. Rozy was undisciplined in the first and should answer for it by sitting the next game. Bring up Baranaka, Pock or Hutchison for a game and let Rozy watch from the rafters to learn how to play.

  59. All I can say is that bald headed alien looking freak on nbc (pirre the d##k) is the biggest A-hole on the planet. This is the same guy who made fun of the rangers for years and how they were the laughing stock of hockey. That bald headed idiot can stick it you no where.

  60. A wonderful racist, xenophobic rant by Milbury on Russian players just now. That’s a great feature for the NHL.

  61. he will not be suspended for the season. this is 3 games or less.

    kovalev needs to be suspended also, his hit was actually dirtier and the morons did not even call a penalty….

    The NBC telecast is beyond bad, Millbury is a friggin bozo.

  62. Bring back Lohan – *Thank you!*
    *a)* I agree
    *b)* I agree
    *c)/d)* I agree. I think he was upset because Avery was arguing with him about it not even being a penalty. Then, as the announcers said, maybe he didn’t want Canadiens arguing with him. I can’t believe Emrick (I think) called him out like that.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    “A wonderful racist, xenophobic rant by Milbury on Russian players just now. That’s a great feature for the NHL.”

    HA! I was thinking the same thing! I hope he has a heart attack on the air.

  64. How can they play so well against Philly and NJ and then so careless today? They have leader issues. This wouldn’t happen when Messier had the C, or some of the other leadership players. The best reason to make sure Jagr does not come back next year is to pick a real leader to wear the Ranger C and talk to teammates to tell them how to act on the ice and off. A few games back, Henrik questioned a Renny decision publically and Shanny pulled him aside and told him not to do that again if he wanted a long career in the NHL.

  65. My mouth was on the floor when I hear with Milbury was saying.

    How can he say that on live national tv? making HUGE generalizations about an entire nation of players.

    not surprising from him though, given the way he seems to hate european players (like jagr).

    Sam, any idea why the league would want a guy like this representing it on national tv?

  66. Good, Komisarek did get a penalty. Makes “Doc” look stupid for saying “41 seconds of carryover power play time.” DOIY!

    What did Milbury say?!

  67. Kovalev should be suspended too. the league can hand out suspensions even if there is no call, but THEY WON’T

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Emerick pointed out a veyr interesting stat: first time this season the Rangers have battled back from a 3 goal defecit

  69. NYCWickedWrister on

    They’ve had so much trouble scoring three in a game that making up a three goal deficit hasn’t even been a question…

  70. OK, I think that was McGuire’s stupidest statement of the day. Jagr was on the ice with Dubsinky and Avery because Prucha was the first one to change after the icing; Jagr was not “on with different players” per se.

  71. all i can say is it’s about time this team started playing with a little heart. the comeback was quite nice. we have to finish this one off…

    also, i dont know what renny was thinking. everyone saw hollweg’s face on the bench and knew exactly what he was gunna do when he got back out on the ice. you have to talk 2 him and calm him down…

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Spiderpig, he basically said that Russians were unemotional and passionless, wimpy, and weren’t good players as a result.

  73. therrrrrrrre we go…..drury with 6 points in 3 games…wow. i mean we knew he’d come along but it’s crazy how good he is when he plays at his level. so this is why he had 37 goals last year!

  74. NYCWickedWrister on

    Dawes has played like this through his minors and juniors. He just needed some experience, confidence, and time on the ice.

  75. Wow, that’s a horrible thing to say. We’ll have to go back and see which Russian wronged him during his career, as a player or GM. Maybe Miroslav Satan? He signed him for the Isles, right? He hasn’t been as good as he was in Buffalo.

  76. TR – Please do not pair Mara / Struds down the stretch. Is there a cinder block in Mara skates?

  77. Doodie, you are reading way too much into Milbury’s comments. I don’t think anyone here can actually effectively argue that the Russians showed any emotion or passion when they played. They had faces made of stone. No emotion or anything was ever displayed. that’s how it was in Russia at the time. They were in barracks for 10 months out of the year and not allowed to see their families. It was a national travesty if they lost.

  78. If you go back and look at the players who were on the Russian teams and then went on to play in the NHL, you see a completely different attitude and there was passion and emotion displayed on the ice, celebrating goals, etc when they were in the NHL.

  79. milbury is a jackass. satan is a slovak but he may still be bitter about yashin but that was an idiotic trade. and how can none of the announcers pronounce huet’s name right. really sad

    and i agree hollweig shouldnt be on this team anymore. u got elbowed deal with it. its bad enough he was bawling on the bench

  80. For all the Drury bashers this year, only Shanahan leads him in goals scored this year. (by one goal)

    Drury now has 16 and has been playing his heart out-

  81. Milbury is a douche rocket.

    Look at Ovechkin.

    Who with talent like that plays with more heart and passion than him?

  82. This Rangers team just embarassed a very proud, hot and talented team.

    Great Win and second half of the game!

    LET’S GO GIANTS!!!!!

  83. this is the way it should have been all season, as far as the passion goes. it is too bad it took threats and warnings of trades and demotions to get something out of them.

  84. pete- apparently huet had told them of a “name change”, meaning everyone has been pronouncing it wrongly. what i dont understand though is why? the t should be silent in french, but yet again the french canadians have to butcher everything

  85. 3-1 road trip – not that’s what we need to see! Don’t let down against the weakest of the West next game.

    What time is the game against Washington next Sunday now that it is not on NBC? Is it still on at the same time, but just on MSG (or My9)?

  86. i know renney isn’t gonna criticize hollweig but he was looking to hurt someone. kovalevs play was bad should have been a penalty but only a 2 minute one. for someone that almost got killed by a cheap shot u would think hollweig wouldnt play like such an ass.

    blue clue, milbury was saying that ovechkin was an example of the new breed of russians who now have character. nbc should fine him, no place for those kinda of comments, but he, like some canadians ie colin campbell, have never seemed to like russian players.

    most exciting players to watch in my opinion, kovalev included (despite the

  87. SO maybe I bought my Dawes jersey a season too early (I got it before last season), but I knew he was going to be good. Him and Dubinsky have been doing this for a long time and now its starting to show at the NHL level.

    Let’s keep it going…

    Now if i could only hit one of the dozen pools i am in for super bowl I will be happy.

  89. Kovalev probably will get a pass from the league, but he clearly went after Hollweg with absolutely zero regard for the puck and with the intent to injure him. A hit to the head like that is certainly a five minute major.

    Lundqvist’s stopping that shorthanded 3-on-1 when it was 3-0 midway through the second was arguably the play of the game.

  90. Funny that the ad under Sam’s post says, “High Blood Pressure?” Well, if I didn’t have it before the game, I certainly do now! What a win!

  91. Henrik made a lot of key saves after it got to 3-0, to make the comeback possible. I think the criticism of him here is off base.

    put weekes or Valli, or Montoya in there full time, and then you will see what I mean.

  92. amen.. huge win and great 3 games. Henrik played very well.

    great pass by Dawes, everyone enjoy the great VICTORY….

  93. What a great last two periods. I love dubs more and more every game. Great to see henk play well. The goal threw his legs was a little suspect, but it was a lot of traffic and he made some pretty sensational plays including the previously mentioned 3-1 short handed stop.

    I think there is no excuse for Hollweg’s hit. He deserves a suspension given his history and circumstance. You just can’t have a player take a bad hit and come out the next shift and the first thing he does is shove a mans face into the boards in a potentially badly injuring play. I love Hollweg and will defend him to death, but at the same time you have to own up to your mistakes.

  94. Great weekend! Great stretch right now! Coming back from 3 goals down feels great. That dreaded 3 goal lead got the best of the Habs today. It is usually the other way around. Drury finally has two line mates that are complimenting him. The pass by Dawes was amazing. I am glad to see Drury coming around FINALLY! I defended him for a while now and I hope he keeps it up makes me like good. Anyway, whether you want this team to make the playoffs or wither up and die, you have to admit that they look like a completely different team right now. A team that looks serious about making a run here. The first period was a disaster and you just can’t take penalties against that team. They are way too fast and their passes are way to perfect. Dubi’s hockey IQ goes up a little more every game. It is a joy to watch. Let’s go Giants!

  95. holy crap…that’s a lot of posts for 4 hours or so!

    A few thoughts before I go to the bar to get shitfaced and hopefully watch the cheaters get the piss beat out of them. Ok, I know it won’t happen, but it’d be nice. (though I’m a jets fan that hardly watches the nfl anyway.)

    So on with my thoughts of the more important Ranger/Habs game today….

    Excellent move/game by staal. I love to see him taking the body more often and getting involved physically, and the offensive ability is starting to show a bit. And he reminds me of Napolean Dynamite so it makes me laugh too.

    Jags got beat up today. He had it comin. ;)

    Don’t care about hollweg getting tossed and probably getting 1-3 games. I hate to see anyone hitting from behind, and I know he could have went about it another way(glad the hab is ok) but you gotta stand up for yourself and keep from getting pushed around. As an individual and a team. That’s been part of our I.D. post-lockout, and I like it. I’d like to see Alex get 1 game, and hollweg no more than 3. Hits like that have to be stopped.

    Hank played through a few tough ones in the 1st. Nice to see him hang in there and bring his ‘A’ game.

    I like Struds, but his speed and stick handling and…well, you get the point. We need D depth, and I don’t think what’s in htfd is what we need for the push. At this point, I want to see a D man brought in…not a rental…even a guy that has a year or two left. Someone.

    S.Pig –
    “I guess I, like Beer Me!, tend to look at the more positive side of things when it involves my team.”
    AMEN brother. Didn’t think anyone really paid attention. My fiance left the room in the 1st and said ‘it’s over’. She came back when Mr. Clutch put the game winner in …again.

    Have more thoughts, but gotta run. PATS SUCK!

    F’n Cheaters.

  96. What a great gut check win.After the way they played the last few games they should beat the Kings 6-1.the kids are playing great,penelty killing still one of the best in the league.
    The power play is showing some life..finilly.And if the ref’s call the elbow that Hollwig hit with his face NONE of that crap happens…….oh ya someone said there is a football game on later who’s playing. isn’t it hockey season????????????

  97. I dunno if there is enough superlatives to use when talking about the heart and the grit the Rangers showed today. They played like dreck in the first doing everything possible there is to do wrong. This was lead by Rozsival who’s first penalty was somehat ticky tack while his second penalty was utterly idiotic. I was this close to turning the game off after it was 3-0. The team showed us all somethng. This tops the terrific comeback win last year vs the Blues that started a great six week run to the playoffs. Lundqvist was sensational it is save to say he’s all the way back. As Bathgate mentioned his save on a odd man rush was huge. The team played with heart and grit. You have Jagr battling that man beast Komisarek all night long. Jagr played a very good game imo. He didn’t get any points but he had a big hand in two goals and set up countless other good chances. Jagr even backchecked really hard hopefully today’s game leads to him getting red hot. This turned into an old school game lots of hitting scrums even cheapshots. While the pk had a rough one that came up huge after Hollweg took a numbskull penalty. I bet ever Ranger fan though the Habs would score on that pp. Rozsival to his credit did rebound from a ugly first period getting a goal that started the comeback. While Lundqvist kept the Rangers in the game Huet gave up imo a weak one to Dubi that put the Habs back on their heels. Straka had a good game using his speed all game long creating offense for the first time in a while since returning from his concussion. While we talk about how Dubi has become don’t forget about Staal. He has become the Rangers best defensive dman. He imo is well on his way to becoming one of the best shutdown dmen around. He had a gorgeous rush as well setting up Gomez. Once he gets more comfortable we’ll see more of that. It has taken three months but Chris Drury has finally arrived. He has finally settled in with speedy linemates and his all around game has set in. He was all over the place diving to clear the puck diving to block shots. Drury again was at the right place at the right spot in a big spot. Dawes just made a fantastic play. I didn’t realize how good of a passer that he is. He has tremendous hands and vision. He has really become a big time asset. The Rangers just seemed to have more in the tank than the Habs in third. Henrik still had to make some great saves. What looked like a blowout loss that would set the team back 4-5 steps back instead in the best regular season win of the year. I would love to see these two teams faceoff in the playoffs. It would be a very fun series.

  98. Great comeback effort. Amazing.

    Hollweg should sit. Kovalev’s penalty was nothing, a lame ass elbow. So what? Now’s what’s the sissy country? Boo hoo, an elbow. Hollweg sucks. His upside is so tiny.

    Drury looks great. You go dude. Prove everyone wrong. Dubi looks great.Jagr gets violated constantly. Who else could play for years with two or three guys draped on him like that? If Sally Crosby or even the truly badass AO was treated like that, they would call a jillion penalties. JJ’s tough.

    Hank kept em in it, no matter how much he needs a competitive backup.

    I think Olczyk’s not so bad. He says some things I’d like to hear during the MSG broadcasts.

    Go Rangers! Go Giants!

  99. Gordie Howe can come out of retirement and skate circles around Strudwick. He almost makes me pine for Malik…………. almost.

  100. My “comment is awaiting moderation,” so I’ll try it with one link.

    Seeing a UNC highlight on ESPNEWS reminds me of Dubinsky because of Tyler Hansbrough, who is actually older than Dubi. If you look at their faces, they look a lot younger than they are, with the short haircut, but they’re both really strong. Random, yes. Amusing, yes.

  101. from Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun,

    The talk is Atlanta RW Marian Hossa has made it clear he won’t return. The Habs, Rangers and Wings are considered the frontrunners to acquire Hossa at the Feb. 26 trade deadline. The Senators, Stars, Sharks and Bruins have also called Thrashers GM Don Waddell about Hossa.


    oh great. now that they are playing well, trade away a couple of good kids like dawes or dubi for that lazy dog playoff flop Hossa.

    dumbass sather had better not.

  102. Rangers have just made it really hard to hate on them. They love to torture my soul. They are like that bad girlfriend that when you finally stop thinking about they just come texting again… wtf.

    great game. i think there’s a team forming.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m still not impressed. Montreal ran out of gas from playing the night before.

    Welcome back Callahan, you were invisible.

    Dawes has been the best Ranger for a couple of weeks. It’s no surprise that both Dubinsky and Drury scored goals with him at their wing.

  104. What sucks is that NJ & PIT have three extra games to play, and PHI has four extra, so we look closer than we are. Of teams behind us, Boston has three extra, and Atlanta and Carolina have played the same amount of games.

  105. Doodie – I’m sorry, but I really don’t think they ran out of gas, or at least they didn’t show it, especially when they were still firing shots at us in the second and points of the third, and we scored to tie it up. How do you explain that?

  106. I can’t wait till the CRAP BOWL is over

    if the giants win keep the crap in NJ where it belongs

  107. People keep saying oh Phi NJ PIT has so maney games in hand, it doesn’t matter If they keep on winning, lets go rangers, forget all this negative stuff,

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Only one Southeast team will make the playoffs, and they will be third in the conference. Ridiculous. That whole division sucks. At Detroit had to compete with Nashville for a couple of seasons until the rest of the division caught up. The Southeast is a race to the bottom!

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, I didn’t think for once the Giants stood a chance of winning until they made it 10-7. And I thought for a second that they could, and as soon as I thought it, I knew that they would lose.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    That was pretty exciting, but it’s proof that I should leave my commentary to hockey.

    Figures, no one gives the Giants a chance all season and they win the Super Bowl. Everyone picks the Rangers to get to the finals and possibly win the cup, and they might not make the playoffs.

  111. What;s interesting about the South East is that they have some of the best players in the league: Kovalchuk, Hossa, Staal, St Louis, Richards, Lecavalier, Ovechkin. The problem: No goaltending.

  112. RANGERS WIN & GIANTS WIN I guess I didnt’t jinx myself see #6 comment….Driving to Montreal for Chez Paris now.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Johnny, missed the opening half of the 2nd, so I did miss that by Callahan. That’s great. Defensive play? yeah, I missed that from him, and pretty much every Ranger.

    Cliff, I think we should stand pat until the deadline rolls in. In no way should we be buyers, but its still possible that I would suggest sell. Playoffs would be nice to get some of our younger players’ ears wet, but let’s not fool ourselves: this team is *not* winning the cup.

  114. your boy malik on

    I’m not a football fan, but DO like to Party…ANYWAY…felt the Rangers karma today and it led to a GIANT victory – hope it’s also an omen for our ‘boys….in blue’….big win today…very impressed!

  115. Hey Sam,

    Just saw a spot on ESPN talking about Jagr’s crappy season. They said if he doesn’t hit 84 pts this season and the Rangers get one playoff win, his player option isnt re-upped. That leaves Jagr a free agent. They were talking about how the Rangers may want to go and build around Drury and Gomez now. It would free the Rangers of some major cap space and now they could use it for a free agent (perhaps Marian Hossa?). I think this is the way the Rangers will go – I don’t think he will hit 84 pts but I do think the Rangers will win a playoff round. They will let Jagr, Straka and Shanny walk more likely., Malik will be gone, too.! The Rangers should resign Roszival, though – he has proved his worth.

    This team will be built more North American with players like Dubinsky, Drury, Staal and Gomez leading the way. That is the team that Renney really wants and we can name someone else the captain – maybe Gomez or Drury.


  116. Doodie – be careful saying we won’t win the cup after what just happened today. I thought the Giants would lose in Dallas, Green Bay, and Arizona, but gave them a chance, at least, each time, thinking they would cover the double-digit spreads. I’m so angry I don’t have any Giants clothing to wear tomorrow. Made that order on Amazon just now for the hat. :D


  117. Stoopid hit by Hollywood…he’ll probably get 2-3 games for that and he might be the odd one out after the suspension if Callahan can take his chance. Kovalev should get a 1 game suspension for his blatant elbow to Hollywood’s chin.

    Great come back and good aggressive 2nd and 3rd periods by the Rangers.

    Well done Giants, at least we don’t have to hear about that perfect season cr8p for another year..!!

  118. I like the idea of building a more N American lineup, but if given the opportunity to obtain Marion Hossa, I don’t think there’s a choice.
    He just turned 29, has only missed a handful of games in his NHL career, averages around 35 goals, plays with speed, and a career ‘+’ player. You know what you’re getting in the guy. He plays the right side, and by the looks of it, Shanny’s in his last season, and Jags is up in the air at this point. We need a RW, and we need one for next season.

    The problem is, what you have to give up. ATL wants to build a team. They want young talent, picks and/or prospects. And I don’t think a goalie would hurt them, but I don’t know if they’re looking for it from us. So you’d have to draw the line somewhere. They don’t want Jags. If I were making my pitch… Malik, Prucha, and a prospect. The only 3 I don’t move are Bobby S., Chery, Anisimov. I’d entertain the idea of anyone else currently in htfd or int’l.

  119. GoCaptainClutch! on

    I think the hit by Hollweg was right on. That team was taking way too many liberties with our players, all over Jagr, roughing all over the place, throwing elbows–they were playing a dirty game and getting away with it because of obviously biased refs.

    Hollweg’s hit sent a message, and in my opinion, changed the flow of the game. After the game Drury said the hit pumped them up and kept them goin. I’m the first one to say to when Hollweg does something stupid, but I think this was the right move.

    AND I don’t think his intention was to hurt someone. Compare this hit to the one Kovalchuck threw on Rozi a few weeks ago–that got one game and you’re gonna tell me this hit was worse? Not a chance. It’s cause Hollweg’s got a bad rep.

    Should he get suspended? Even though it was a hit from the side, yeah probably. But I commend him for taking one for the team.

    Kovalov’s elbow should also get a suspension, but probably won’t since the refs missed it and suspending a guy on something the refs missed looks bad, doesn’t it?

    Another great game by Dru and Dawes; what a playmakes that kid is! Didn’t notice Callahan was even playing until the 2nd which is when he noticably picked his game up–I’m glad to have him back. Hopefully he’s gotten his confidence up and can be the fireball he was at the end of last season again.

  120. What a great Sunday. Thanks Rangers and Giants. Sam, stick to golf and hockey. We still love ya.

  121. captclutch – I completely agree that hollweg had to stand up for himself. Personally I think it should be when a guy is looking, cause if that was one of our players going face first into the boards, we’d be singin a different tune today. Those hits have to be eliminated from the game. But I do agree there has to be some type of retaliation/defense.

    We were lucky too that it was a turning point in the direction it took us. It could have very easily turned the other way. They already had scored 3 pp goals on us (well, 2 plus a pen shot).

    GREAT set-up by Dawes too. Recognizing that he couldn’t have made the pass on his backhand. And no matter what line it is, or which player…going to the net like that is working. The players see it working. Think they’ll abandon the idea, or stick with it?

    Don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to be in 7th place. haha But a win over the lowly Kings and a pitt/philthy loss, and we’re in 5th/conf and 2nd div 1 point behind the div lead. Then DOODIE can say its still over. ;)

  122. one thing is for sure – this team is going to look a lot different next year. we have 14 guys on the nhl roster that are scheduled to become free agents.

  123. GoCaptainClutch! on

    Beer Me! — I totally agree. Those are the types of hits that hurt people. Nevertheless, throwing elbows in people’s faces are also the types of things that get people hurt. That’s the refs fault though–if that elbow had been called the hit from behind wouldn’t have happened.

    It’ll be interesting to see how these guys handle the Ducks this week…especially if Holly’s out of the lineup.

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