And they said there would be no math..


Proving once again that arithmetic is not my strong point, Henrik Lundqvist made 33 saves last night against the Debbies, not 34 as I wrote in my game story.

In other news, the Rangers practiced at noon today before jetting to Montreal at 2:30. Curiously, Corey Potter was called up from Hartford just for the practice before being sent back.

Can the Rangers make it three in a row on the road (not to mention three in a row against the Canadiens)?

We shall see. More later….

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  1. Rangers called up Corey Potter…just a little fyi Sam when you notice someone extra on the ice.

  2. Drury technically scored two power play goals last night, right? Because I didn’t see the game, and I think the boxscores are lying. says the empty-et was power play, Yahoo says neither, but they clearly both were based on when the penalties were taken, and what people have been saying here.

  3. Bring back Lohan on

    The empty netter was definitely a PP Goal, during the Post Game Mick gave Sam crap for not saying it. Sam Rosen was like, I was more wrapped up in Drury’s 500th point.

  4. It’s about time this team started winning games like that. Two weeks ago it would have gone the other way for sure.

    Not the best played game all year but important.

    Positionally I thought they did a really good job… the problem was with so many guys back nobody was agressive (defensively). I saw at least 3 or 4 rushes where 1 Devil was entering the zone against 4 Rangers. WHY WON’T ANYONE FORCE THESE GUYS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER?!! I mean take the friggin’ body! Even if you miss, there are 3 other guys there to handle it and now the Devil player will be on one side or the other. Jeez.

  5. I should have said I didn’t see the game after the first period. Wish I woulda see the third, but no Rangers in 60 today due to college basketball. BOO!

    Thanks for the responses. Just curious, also – what was the trivia, if anyone remembers?

  6. Who was the last to score their 500th NHL point in a rangers uniform…Gomez and Drury did it last night…the asnwer..hmm…I think the answer was STraka bu tnow I can’t remember

  7. “Now everyone is Drury’s biggest fan…”

    I’m personally not completely sold myself, but I’m not very far off…All anyone ever wanted was to see him play like he has the last two nights…if he keeps it up I’ll love him, especially since hes here 4 more seasons min.

    Now if JAGR starts lighting it up, I will be actually upset. It will show he’s been holding something in the whole time. Whatever needs to happen for us to shake Jagr NEEDS to happen, losing him is infinitely more important then losing Renney IMO because Jagr *makes* Renney weak…

    and the beat goes on….

  8. Salty, I still don’t know what your problem is with Jagr. I understand his rep before coming here, but he’s played well these last couple of games. Like I said before, just because he isn’t getting points doesn’t mean hes not trying. I mean the last two games he was all around the ice and crashing the net, something I haven’t seen him do since he’s been here. He’s not the player he was in Pittsburgh because he much older and not as fast and able to do some of those things he used to.

    He’s changed his game a bit and wants to help out the guys around him, which he’s done. And the few times you don’t see Jagr on the ice when hes out there, hes not taking a shift off, hes trying to get away from the play to either A) open himself up to get the puck or B) drag defenders to him to open up the ice for other guys. He’s getting many chances so the goals will eventually come, but people can’t say hes not playing well/trying because hes getting the chances and doing everything he’s supposed to be doing on both sides of the puck.

  9. “Like I said before, just because he isn’t getting points doesn’t mean hes not trying.”

    Jonny D, short answer:

    My issues with Jagr are more about the way things tend to need to revolve around him, on and off the ice. I happen to like him, a lot. But the future of this team -does- *SHOULD* not involve him. If he’d have swallowed his ego earlier in the year the team would have been much better off. If he suddenly scrambles to save his spot in NY, and we embrace it I’ll be pretty upset. A team Captained by the likes of Jagr does not win cups.

  10. I’m sick of talking about Jagr, like the Rangers should do…look to the future, lets do the same thing and talk about how Dubinski is going to be an absolute STUD on this Ranger team for years to come. He is starting to play incredible, he has confidence with the puck, throws big hits, crashes the net and is really starting to be a difference maker.
    Dawes, another player who is playing smart, has good hockey sense, a great shot, a great passer, and really works hard. Since his stint in Hartford, I do notice a difference in his play away from the puck.
    Staal, though not as noticeable has had a good year and is going to get better. Once he puts on a little weight and gains some more speed he is going to be on our #1 D pairing.
    Prucha, always works hard and lately it seems Renney has started to play him in the same role he fit perfectly into in his rookie year.
    Any other observations on the youth…
    Keep it coming.

  11. salty, exactly. the PP should be run the right way. screen the G, shoot and rebound.

    it should not be a perimeter fancy show for jagr’s pleasure and ego.

    and the team personnel should not be getting ice time and line favoritism and D pair favoritism according to their buddy buddy chumminess with, and willingness to subordinate to and feed jagr.

    I hope for a day soon when the team is mostly homegrown young Rangers with a captain like Dan Girardi.

  12. Salty,

    Valid point and I agree. I just think we shouldn’t trade him this year since we technically have an older team. Sure we might be able to get some players for him, but I think between the young guys up with the big club and the other guys down in hartford like byers, bourret, baranaka, moore, etc., we’ve got enough to do well without them. At the end of the year we can let him, shanny, straka, and the older guys go and let the young guys come in and take over as we prepare for the next generation of Rangers to play.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I was one of the first people here to call for Dubinsky to play over Cullen and I’m glad that he is showing all the doubters that he is the real deal.I expect him to finish with around 40 pts this year and increase that number by 50% next year and 50% the year after that.

  14. I watched the canadiens today beat the Islanders 4-1. The canadiens looked good but I’m not sure how much of that was how bad the Islanders are or how good the canadiens are, I guess it’s a little of both. I’m glad to see the islanders are finally coming down to earth since I’ve been surprise for most of the year how they played.

  15. NYCWickedWrister on

    Jagr was absolute garbage last nite and Pandolfo wasn’t even playing. But the point of this team now is that they can be successful even when Jagr plays as poorly as he did last night. In the new NHL, you need a) multiple lines that can score and b) a power play that can score. Last night showed both. Plus Lundqvist actually played like a franchise goaltender.

    Without a win tomorrow, I still say this is all for naught. Especially with a winnable game like the Kings following suit (no pun intended).

  16. I agree on the Jagr front. He’s playin’ better (mostly ‘cus it couldn’t get worse) but it still amazes me how many players (and how often) defer to him. Last night Gomez gianed the zone and button-hooked. Looked for someone to pass to and threw it to Jagr who had a defender all over him. I couldn’t believe it. Gomer had tons of space and could have held the puck but he had to make a bad play to get Jagr the puck. Horrible.

    There was a time when Jagr mdae those around him better… now he makes them WORSE.

  17. If you wanted to actually be smart about it, you would look to see the distribution of Power Play time. The point here, is that there is a number one unit, and it isn’t Jagrs.

    What is the point of having a Jagr on your team if he his not running the power play? Well, perhaps this Jagr isn’t just the scoring machine of days of yore. Yet, he still receives the most coverage from the best defensive players. I am sure that no opposing coach wants to test whether Jagr is a threat to score or not.

    If you look at the numbers lately, the “second” and “third” units have produced all the even strength points. But, do you really want to take the Chara on your team off the ice and put him out there against Dawes and Prucha?

    Jagr would, I am confident, just walk around people, be impossible to nock off the puck, and create points at a two a game clip, and then Chara will be back in his face.

    Having a Jagr on this team is so important. Having him at a cap hit of less than the whole amount is an absolute recking ball in the world of a salary cap.

    Food for thought: The Caps pay around four million of his salary, and it counts against THEIR cap. We pay around five million. If I am not mistaken, the 264 points he has scored so far in the two and two third seasons since the lockout, compared to the price that was paid, is close to the biggest steal outside of paying entry level contracts to Sid, Alex, Dion, and Henrik.

    Saying you want to get rid of Jagr, is like saying you would like to decline your winning lottery ticket, and redraw the numbers.

    He should be back. He should, hopefully, sign for around the same amount that we pay him already. I can’t wait for number 1600, which will happen in between 15 and 25 games. I want to watch Sam annouce his 700th goal as a ranger captain. In at most three seasons, (and that is a long shot, it is probably closer to the season after next) Jagr will pass almost everyone in the all time goals, assists, and points list. By the end of his career, he will be second all time. He will retire a ranger. Like the other two in the top three. And New York, like the true cosmopolitan center of this global world, will celebrate him as their own. He may win a cup, he may not, but between now and at most five years from now, he will play in at least one conference final, and probably, a Cup final as well.

    Why trade that away?

  18. Hey guys,
    Keep killing Jagr today because I’ve seen a pattern developing on this blog when people kill a ranger player that player all of a sudden scores goals. First I remember people were killing hollweg, he goes out and scores two goals, recently it’s been drury, he has three in two games and now if we keep killing Jagr today, he will get the hat trick tomorrow….LOL

  19. zg – You are definitely overly optimistic, haha. What makes you think Jagr will actually play three more seasons in the NHL?

    tomg – I’m glad to see the Canadiens playing today. Maybe part of why we were a little worse last night was the b2b game, so that will work in our favor tomorrow.

    czechthemout – You really expect Dubinsky to score 90 points in his third season? I would be happy with 70. He looks like a good player, but not over a point per game, probably ever. I would guess 80 points to be his cap for a season during his career, but we have a long time to see how he develops.

  20. prucha hoo-hah! on

    Can someone please explain to me why Prucha got the least time on ice (09:24) in the Devils game? Sheesh, even Holleweg got more time!?

  21. I notice zg says nothing about the undue influence, mostly negative, jagr has on the running of the team. how the PP is run, who plays with him, how they have to pass up a shot or a better option to feed him the puck to placate him from pouting, etc.

    and if he gets signed for 3 more seasons on the rangers, sather should get his ass canned

  22. Callahan just got recalled after Potter was returned. Here’s to hoping he stays with the Rangers for good!

  23. if callahan was recalled then who sits? there is no way they call him up to be a healthy scratch. With the way they played the last two games i dont see any lineup changes for tomorrow night? Something has to give though

  24. Matt, I think Callahan will sit. With Hossa on IR they have no extra forwards so someone has to be called up in case of an injury during warm-ups or practice. Renney is in love with Hollweg and Orr so they won’t sit. Dawes really is the only other guy who could sit and he’s really starting to play well. I think Cally is going to be the extra forward..

  25. yea i know that could be an option but it doesnt make sense. If he is just going to sit call up someone else. Allow callahan to keep playing. Also does anyone know if blake is hurt for LA? he is listed as a scratch? trade possibly?

  26. Perhaps Dawes’ knee is acting up, or Renney wants to give Shanahan a few games off. I doubt they call him up to sit him down. If they were gonna do that, they would call up Moore.

  27. Maybe Renney thinks with so many players having wonky body parts, that there’s a better chance of someone not playing than other times when he has called Moore up. Plus, every time Moore was called up, it was when Callahan was already here, so maybe Callahan is in Moore’s position of emergency call-up. Either way, I think Callahan will be a healthy scratch.

  28. mikeA – got a link?

    A note from Howlings…
    “Ryan Callahan is on a torrid pace. In 11 games since being sent back to Hartford from the Rangers on January 7th, the Rochester, NY native has posted 7 gals and 8 assists and is +7.”

  29. You know zg has a great point. Consider the following:

    1. First look at the numbers. Jagr is currently 13th all time in goals and were he to crack 700, he’d be 7th on that list.

    2. He is 16th in assists, but with 126 more assists (probably attainable for him in the next 2+ years) he passes Lemieux and moves into slot #10.

    3. That alone would give him 100 more points which would make him 7th all-time behind Mario. Currently he is 12th all-time.

    4. He is currently 5th all time in points per game. Only Gretzky, Lemieux, Bossy and Dionne were better.

    5. Nobody with those numbers has been nearly as maligned as Jagr. every place he has played now hates him, and NOT with good reason. The fans in Pittsburgh are ridiculous. He accomplished a ton for them. MAybe not as much with the Caps, who misused him. Here, he basically along with Lundqvist put this franchise back on the map 2 years ago, set the team record for goals scored in a season, and was basically cheated out of the Hart Trophy. Are his best years behind him? Probably. But he hasn’t been some total washup here by any stretch of the imagination.

    6. Not to mention, the guy bleeds Ranger blue. He loves this team, he loves this franchise, and if anything, his biggest fault is that he gets too down on himself when he doesn’t play well. He’s grown into a great captain and understands how to work with Shanny to provide the best leadership.

    Honestly, he’s one of the 10 best players ever to play the game, he’s had a significant effect on the success this franchise has had over the last several years, he’s the team Captain, and he’d love nothing more than to be embraced by this city. I understand the problems with how Renney chooses to use him, and the argument about the friends of Jagr. but in and of himself, how can you not be happy this guy is a Ranger?

  30. i haven’t read that callahan has been recalled either but he isnt playing for hartford tonight

  31. Callahan has been recalled..He did NOT play tonight, and if you look at his stats from the Wolfpack site , it shows that he’s been recalled….

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Cally is back because I think Dawes may be hurt his knee and won’t be able to go tomorrow,just a guess.Cally has nothing left to prove in the ahl,having him there for a long period of time will ultimatly ruin him.


    I expect Dubi to be an 80 to 90 pt a year guy and I’m very optimistic about him being that.His goal Yesterday is reminissint of an elite player.

  33. peter, pardon me while I barf.

    are you his agent, or a devoted idol worshipper?

    he bleeds ranger blue my ass. if he wasn’t traded here because of financial reasons, he would be pouting on some other team.

    the ONLY reason he was sent to the rangers is that at that time they were the ONLY team with the financial resources and the desperation to take a guy who wash wanted to dump so bad they were willing to take garbage in return, and to pay almost half his salary for years to get rid of him.

  34. zg…. that is incredibly optimistic! I can’t even hate on you for that, I would actually hug anyone that truly has that much faith in JJ… cheers.

    That said…I was thinking today how cool it would be for the rangers to start playing really good hockey right now. I’ve been so pissed about how this season has been such a joke, and I still contend that it has, and that it is mostly the fault of Tom Renney running the show around Jagr and Lunq. But to able to actually see the “Dream Team” we were all expecting come to life…would be a treat. I guess we’ll see.

  35. Peter–zg-I agree with alot of what you both said about Jagr. It’s nice to see that there are some fans who are’t blinded by euro-hatred and see what he brings to this team.

  36. LOL @ “euro hatred”

    don’t act like youre seeing a hidden gem or diamond in the rough with Jagr. Everyone knows Jagr’s deal… he wants to be the man. That’s fine as long as he’s filling the shoes, but when he’s not, he should be playing other roles, such as decoy/diversion… thats fine too, but players shouldn’t be going out of their way to get him the pill in that circumstance.

  37. Seamus O Riley on

    Prucha hoo-ha,

    Petr Prucha gets limited minutes because when he had lots of power play minutes he scored 30 goals. So, Renney cut him the following year to score less. This year, his third, Renney cut more, to have Prucha score less. It is simple math.

    Callahan is back? One slip and Renney will dog him back to Hartford.

    Yet….well, you know the mantra.

  38. I think Callihan will be in for Shanahan or Dawes, according to which ones is further away from 100%.

  39. Shanahan is running on E. He looks like a skating spasm, there is little to no jump, he barely makes an effort probably because he hurts so much. I give him credit he just wants to help. Don’t get me wrong a healthy Shanny is a big lift just like a producing Jagr is a big lift. But he needs to sit for a few

  40. I have a feeling that Dawes’s knee must have gotten worse after the game and that is why they called up callahan. When I first saw that knee on knee hit I thought he blew his knee out.

  41. Staal – right on, on shanny. Love the guy, and when healthy, he’s a big help. But we’re gonna need him down the stretch and further. But he’s going to have to step up and say ‘I can’t play’ or ‘I shouldn’t play’. Kinda impressive that his age in sub-par shape, he can still put up a point or two by playing a simple game. As long as his line-mates recognize that he can’t get back in a hurry to backcheck.

    Looking forward to the game today. The Ranger game that is, at least first. MTL and NYR are both hot teams right now. Once again…a big test to see if the team has the mindset to play a 60min game. I HATE AFTERNOON GAMES.

  42. “The Habs have 65 points and are now just three points away from Ottawa for first place in the Northeast Division and the top seed in the Eastern Conference.” – TSN

    Looks like the entire conf is goig to be tightening up. OTT can’t keep up with their injuries. Speaking of that…anyone see that Svatos went down last night too? Sakic, Smyth, Stastny, Svatos…ouch.

  43. I’m glad the Rangers are playing this afternoon.
    Something to watch until the Giants win the Super Bowl !!

  44. “peter, pardon me while I barf.
    are you his agent, or a devoted idol worshipper?
    he bleeds ranger blue my ass. if he wasn’t traded here because of financial reasons, he would be pouting on some other team.
    the ONLY reason he was sent to the rangers is that at that time they were the ONLY team with the financial resources and the desperation to take a guy who wash wanted to dump so bad they were willing to take garbage in return, and to pay almost half his salary for years to get rid of him.”

    Funny response, and I completely respect your opinion. I just think this guy is clearly one of the 10 best players ever to play the game, and frankly, has put forth effort here and at times been unstoppable in a Ranger uniform. He’s no Lafleur, he’s more like Gretzky at the worst in that sense. I do agree that the Rangers need to use him as a piece and not “the guy.” But I’m not sure he cares if he’s “the guy” or not – I think if they start winning and he starts to feel as though it doesn’t all deoend on him producing, then ironically he’ll probably start to produce more.

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