On the other hand, hold the euphoria


I love the renewed enthusiasm spurred by my previous post, but let’s also remember that last night’s win is quickly rendered irrelevant if the Rangers don’t build on it tonight here at The Rock.

Whatever impressive wins this team has had this year have more often than not been followed by complete clunkers. That’s OK in October and November, but a distressing sign when in the eighth place the first week of February.

And if you subscribe to the whole “They want it bad, too,” philosophy, bear in mind the Devils look at tonight as a huge one given their record of futility against the Rangers.

It’s a “Hummer Challenge” game, for crying out loud!

Meanwhile, the Rangers only had an optional skate today seeing how they played last night. The plan was for Henrik Lundqvist to start, but it’s at least worth asking if Tom Renney is tempted to go back with Stephen Valiquette given his tidy, efficient work last night.

I would be completely surprised, but we’ll see.

More when I have it….

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  1. “Meanwhile, the Rangers only had an optional skate today seeing how they played last night”

    I would do this if I were Renney:

    After last night, hold an “optional skate” and bench the ever living daylights out of the players who didn’t show up. Not really, but thats the kind of thing that needs to be done.

  2. henrik better be playing.

    and i’m going tonight, hopefully my ranger decal-laden car doesn’t get fucked up in the parking lot.

  3. Sam, you’re so used to this team losing that in your first paragraph you said after last nights loss they need to build on it tonight….

  4. NYCWickedWrister on

    I love the sarcasm from you this year Sam. Damn right it’s a Hummer Metro Challenge Game!!

  5. sorry for the digression off the NJT

    great blogging today from all-it got me through the day

    Hoping for a HUM-dinger tonight and a Ranger victory

  6. Bring back Lohan on

    So I’d like to make a public announcement of my apologies to Mr. Val. I did not give you enough credit. Didnt Valli look a lot like EVERY SINGLE GOALIE THE NYR PLAYS AGAINST??? I believe we give way too much credit to good goaltending. That last night was a product of good defense. The only difference between the Flyers last night and the NYR most nights is that they did not throw meaningless shots at the net like we do. So Sam couldnt claim that we were outshooting the opponent. I guess my point is, I agree with the fact that we just played better defensiveley cause of our lack of faith in Valli. Maybe he SHOULD start tonight?

  7. Lohan – dude – I disagree.

    Valiquette played a great game last night.

    He made some key saves early which went a LONG way in settling the team down so they could focus on the game plan.

    He hasn’t played in almost a month so coming off the bench could not have been an easy task.

    He hung tough during garbage time after a quiet period and half. Yes, the team played well defensively.

    Also – He lost his Uncle a few days ago.

    He played a great game considering all these variables.

  8. Bring back Lohan on

    Jay, you got me wrong. I agree he did play a good game. I just think that it was more about the defense. I think that Lunq would have shut them out as well if the sam shots were fired at him. On the other hand I think the quality of scoring chances may have been a bit better if Lunq was in goal. Its a chicken and egg thing. Cant win or lose this argument…..

  9. Bring back Lohan on

    Its kind of like the theory about pulling the goalie after he has given up 4 goals like last night for Philly. Those werent really Nitti’s fault. But look how much better the team played after Biron came in defensively. It wakes the team up. I dont know….

  10. Lohan – no argument

    I just think Valiquette deserves a lot of credit. Philly scores first last night and there is no telling where that game ends up.

  11. Being Ranger fans we get 2 teams for the price of one.
    The one that played the Canes & the one we say last night.
    They should give us 2 spots in our division.

  12. Kaspars Ranger ASG report card;

    Dawes;( garage Dawes) Doing great!Hopefully he’ll only be sent down 1 or 2 more times this year.

    Prucha:( little mister sunshine) Kid must have body odor for all the love he gets

    Dubinsky:(Blossom’s brother) Woe! Every day he gets better

    Avery;(Nailz) Does everything but fill the net. Team is better with him. Period.

    Shanahan;( Too old not to shoot) Oldest guy leads in Goals, PP goals, Shots

    Drury; ( The all American)This is what he is. HE NEEDS A PLAY MAKER HE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN A PLAYMAKER

    Straka; ( Lt. Straka ) This will be last year. Doin ok – stop back-passing all the way to blue line on odd man rushes

    Jagr; ( the x-file) I dont think he gets 8 mil. a year as free agent. That option payoff may require turning it up a notch. Don’t you think? Mulder should check him for green blood

    Gomez; ( Goofy)Every thing we expected and more! he even mugs for cameras during national anthems

    Orr; ( Comrade Orrknockshimout)tough guy, weak backhand shot -thats a joke don’t get mad

    Betts; ( Dickey) PK, faceoff, shutdown man. Everyone needs one.

    Hollwig ( stumblin-bumblin)Tough kid, I love him but he plays like he is holding stick upside down and skates are on wrong feet

    Hossa; (wrong hossa)has he played yet?

    callahan; ( would it kill us to have him instead of Hossa?)

    Girardi (joe) Good kid. Solid.
    Staal: ( Squeeky clean) This guys gonna be something
    Rozival; ( Julius) great and dominating to late and passive.
    Malik; ( plus/minus man)being there
    Tyutin; ( Darn)quietly becoming an uglier version of me
    Strudwick; (Sgt.)he is a platoon leader
    Mara; (???)????

    Valiquette ( wind him up and it plays) toughest kind of playing time

    Henrik ( The King) He can be one of the best

  13. As I said previously, you have to play Valiquette tonight with a quick hook … if he gives up two early goals pull him … if not ride him …

  14. Any chance this game is a sellout, count on one thing, will be hearing a few lets go rangers chant threw out the night.

  15. anyone have any idea where to find that brown rangers logo/big apple ringer tee drury was wearing in the post-game interview with jg?

  16. GoCaptainClutch! on

    >>>Hollwig ( stumblin-bumblin)Tough kid, I love him but he plays like he is holding stick upside down and skates are on wrong feet

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