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During our brief media session with Tom Renney outside the Rangers dressing room just now, at least one inquirer seemed out of place — perhaps because he was wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt.

I will give Sean Avery credit, though. He had the reporter-speak down perfectly, and even had a clipboard in hand for effect.

“Tom, do you feel like you’re getting the most of your new line of Dubinsky, Shanahan and Avery?” the left wing chimed in from the back of the scrum.

Renney laughed.

“Two thirds of it are really measuring up to exactly what I was looking for,” the coach said. “So as not to bury anybody in the media, I won’t mention any names.”

And with that, Avery disappeared behind the dressing room doors.

So the mood is at least a little lighter given the win last night against the Flyers, although the Rangers are readily aware of their penchant for letdown games. How do you avoid against another? At this point in the season, you would think they don’t have much of a choice.

“What we’ve got to do is string games together, complete games together,” Renney said. “It’s such a crappy cliche but it is a period of time, and for us it is as much a shift at a time. We have to maintain a level of performance that suggests we get it.”

Whether they get it, I suppose we’ll find out tonight.

In other news:

<li>Marek Malik has a contusion above his knee thanks to the hit from Mike Richards and is day-to-day because of limited mobility. Try to contain your tears. This means Paul Mara comes back in the lineup and Marc Staal returns to a pairing alongside Michal Rozsival.

<li>Malik’s situation and the revelation that Marcel Hossa is indeed on injured reserve has the Rangers now without any reserves. Renney said a 13th forward, most likely Ryan Callahan, is a consideration, but if the team hasn’t made that move already, they’re obviously not in a hurry.

<li>Curiously, Renney said a 13th forward is of greater importance than a seventh defenseman, although if a backliner was to be recalled, it may be long-forgotten Andrew Hutchinson. What’s interesting about that is Hutchinson would be a claim risk if the Rangers were to recall him. The coach also mentioned Ivan Baranka as a possibility, but alas, not a word about Thomas Pock.<li>Nice touch here at The Rock: even the urinals sport Devils logos. I guess a picture of Lou Lamoriello there might be misinterpreted.

OK, more later…

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  1. classic avery.

    A note on Marc Staal – It is forgotton that Marc Staal has been a relatively decent rookie defenseman, for the reasons that are easily observed. Sure there’s the rookie mistakes, and he’s probably not as quick as he will be. But he does a pretty decent of changing partners every few games. And it’ll be that way at least until the deadline(maybe further). Anyway, thought it was a notable observation.

    I believe Pock would have to clear waivers as well, and the few years Hutch has on him could make Pock a better steal.
    Baranka has a two-way deal.

    The reason to have an extra forward may be because Avery’s hands, or Shanny’s legs, or Jagr’s groin may need a rest here or there? Just thinkin.

  2. Seamus O Riley on

    did we play better because Malik was in the line up last night?

    Before you stone me, give a thought…it may have some logical follow through if you add in who the goalie was….

    perhaps the other defensemen, realizing that with malik in, they must be more conservative, stay at home, clear the puck fundamentally, finish checks, etc. They cannot afford much risk taking to make up for malik’s tepid efficaciousness.

    Also, knowing that it is NOT King Henrik in goal, they may also have the same mindset.

    Could Malik have, in such a way, contributed to the victory?


  3. I love the Avery deadpan during the intermission – Canada would talk about hockey, not the starving children in Africa *LMAO*

    Dubinsky, mmmmmm: toasty. That is all.

  4. All I can say is all the ranger fans that have killed drury on this blog is, He must have heard you guys because he has scored another power play goal.

  5. This game is starting to remind me of the Carolina game. The devils are starting to skate circles around the rangers. I feel like this game is starting to slip away.

  6. I never trust “rumors” but someone told me they signed Forsberg….can anyone confirm or (hopefully) deny that?

  7. Shanahan looks atrocious. The guy can’t move his feet. He sat and watched the Devil’s goal because he either can’t breathe or he is afraid he’s going to break his hip is he tries to make a sudden move. The Strangers look beyond slow. They better wake up and fast or this game is going to be 5-2 Devils by the end.

  8. F-in Paul Martin of all people just blew by 5 Rangers like they were standing in mud. Is it possible for one Ranger D-man to step up and smash somebody at the blue line when a forward is back checking and the Devil is worried about said back checker? All I see is Ranger D-men skating backwards, scared sh_tless. When you have a 2 goal lead and one of your forwards is back checking on a single Devil breaking in, isn’t it a great time to send a message to the opposing team with a big check? To his credit, I saw Rosy do this once in this game. If I’m off base, please give me another perspective. Go Rangers !!!

  9. Pock has another year on his contract, so the Rangers would be hit up big time if they recalled him. H’s also not having as good a year as Hutchinson is, (Hutch was just named Pack Captain).

  10. “Stats don’t lie … last 2 games Malik was in … 2 shutouts …”

    that stat lies as much as the phony + – bs

    yeah, they sure missed him tonight. NOT !!

    he bwused his widdle knee.

    oh poor little Marek, the selfish pouting team quitter.

    Gomez put that big prick in his place.

  11. Are things finally clicking? Do we have a team here… I loved how Lundquist just laid it down that we are not a high scoring team as much as we’d love to think we were (and with the players we have you’d think we would be a high scoring team)…and said that we have to play like a low scoring team…come to think of it…remember those all those games when Jagr would have 3-5points by the end of the game? Now he’s just good at protecting the puck…oh well, two straight well-played games…enthusiasm is up….let’s jump on Montreal early

  12. GoCaptainClutch! on

    dru and dubi lookin great again tonight! and jagr’s been makin some old school jagr moves…really skating out there. it’s nice to see.

    on the other hand–shanny asleep on his feet again. mara is so soft it makes me ill. rozi’s just been sloppy.

    thought the game was gonna get real physical but it died down after the first.

    great game though…somethings workin!

  13. Good game, with a little bit of a let down in the second period but overall the team played well.
    Dubinski is gonna be a rock star and both him and Dawes are making big strides every night.
    For all you Drury haters…how was that? He’s had a tough season but of late he is starting to look pretty darn good, and even the empty netter tonight was a big goal.
    Now Montreal…gonna be a tough game, but they the Rangers just beat two good teams and hopefully have some confidence.

  14. and Phee,
    Shanny is obviously hurt, but feels he has to play. I don’t blame him, he’s a warrior. But I do agree he is not himself and looks apprehesive out there

  15. Thanks Staal, that’s why I was asking for another person’s perspective. I know he’s banged up but I didn’t take that into account when I was ranting. I disagree with captain clutch about Jags though. He drives me nuts with his apathy, although he’s banged up too. He loafs out there and double shifts all the time and it’s killing this team. If he isn’t scoring goals, he’s a F-in liability. He floats around center ice waiting for something to come to him when he could put his head down and work(which he did a FEW times tonight, but not enough for my liking). By the way, this Sabre-Thrasher game is nuts. I’m very pleased about the W but the Rangers looked aprehensive the entire 2nd period. I’ll stop bit__ing now because this was a huge win. I look forward to Sunday to see if the Rangers can com out with some urgency. Go Rangers!!!!!

  16. GoCaptainClutch! on

    phee–i totally agree with you about jags being apathetic the past month or so (i call him capt. mopey pants)BUT i do think he’s been coming out with aLOT more energy the past few games. maybe i’m blinded by my desperate need to feel that this team is finally turning themselves around, though, who knows?

  17. great game alot more work to do but i will say its the first time all season that they played the same type of game two times in a row. yes they have had back to back wins put its the first time they played with the same energy they did the previous game.

    also i will say DEVIL fans are pathetic losers and should never try to talk hockey. they say some of the dumbest crap. and did anyone else see the moron fan with the Ref clothes on.

  18. I just read this quote from the rodent:

    “Despite Martin Brodeur’s public badmouthing of Henke”

    What is this? I will be very upset with brodeur if he really badmouthed henk. I tried to google it but to no avail. Will somebody please enlighten me before I attack the next devils fan I see.

  19. Great defensive positional team play the last two games, but particularly tonite. Aggressive backchecking and finally standing up at the blue line make a difference. Power play line of Drury, Gomez & Dawes looked fantasic around the 17:00 mark of the 2nd period. Callahan should be brought up to spell Shanahan at right wing as he’s really hurting & needs rest. Besides we’ll need Shanny healthy for later on. It really doesn’t get any better watching Dubinsky play. He’s the complete package. What a keeper.

  20. Anyone ever sense some real tension between Gomez and Gianonne? I saw it early in the year when John kinda said something to the effect of of “so what do you need to do to start being a more effective player” and Gomez looked at him like “fuck you”… and then tonight it seemed like Gomez got upset that Gianonne interrupted him… totally awkward. It’s like Gomez pretends he’s kidding but he’s not smiling. I know more of you had to notice that was not completely playful…

  21. good win gents. anyone know where a fella could get his hands on that brown nyr logo/apple tee drury was wearing in the post-game interview with jg? much obliged.

  22. I think Gomer has a twisted sense of humor, that leaves most interviewers guessing. You never know what your going to get. He was always like that in Jersey too.

  23. I dont know who bitches more Broduer or Lindy Ruff. Marty was complaining last night that rangers were doing too much clutch & grab. Messsage to Marty: You’re beatable.
    Did I really see Mara and Strudwick on the ice at the same time w/ under 5 mins left in the 3rd. TR – are you crazy. Why not get Jerad Lorenzen and Sean Gilbert out there on the wing as well.

  24. I wonder how Shanny is gonna take the “2/3 of the Avery/Dubi/Shanny line is living up to expectations. . . .”

    and to phee,
    I am glad you finally got to see a game this year. Yes, Shanny is aging in dog years now, but at 53 ,what more could you expect? Expect a Rodent rant on what I have been saying since the Knuble incident.

  25. Funny Brodeur talking of clutch and grab hockey.
    His team came up with clutch and grab hockey…leading us to the “new NHL”
    What a dope!

  26. Nice effort to back up the Philly win. Yes the Devils outplayed us in the 2nd and 1st half of the 3rd, but Hank held steady and we got the needed points. We all know this team has the talent to be challengers, lets see the effort in Montreal. Dubinsky is quickly becoming one of our best players.

  27. Sam are they allowed to call up Hutchinson on an emergency basis and not have to clear waivers?

  28. GoCaptainClutch! on

    “I wonder how Shanny is gonna take the “2/3 of the Avery/Dubi/Shanny line is living up to expectations. . . .””

    that wasn’t TR taking a dig at shanny–that was him being a wiseass to avery. clearly.

  29. Bring back Lohan on

    Salty there definiteley is something there. I felt like they were taunting each other the whole time. Id love to see them drop the gloves!!! HAHA. Gomer does have a bit of a strange sense of humor. Probably why he is still on the top eligible bachelor list!

  30. “I wonder how Shanny is gonna take the “2/3 of the Avery/Dubi/Shanny line is living up to expectations. . . .””

    that wasn’t TR taking a dig at shanny—that was him being a wiseass to avery. clearly.

    I understand, Capt. That is me spinning the quote to what Tom Renney really means. . . . .

  31. I know yesterday there were some post on here talking about peter forsberg. In today’s spector’s report, Stan fishler last night on the rangers pre-game said he talk to a reliable source stating that the rangers were on the top of his list as one of the teams he wanted to sign with and that the rangers organization
    was also interested in forsberg. All I can say is of course forsberg has the rangers on top of the list because the rangers love throwing money at over the hill once a super star player.

  32. I don’t want them to sign Forsberg, but it won’t be too hard to do so. I figure he only wants $2-2.5 million for the rest of the season, which might barely fit under the cap if they want to push all of Shanny’s bonus to next season. I doubt they want to do that, so it would necessitate trading/demoting Malik or Mara, or of course anyone higher paid than them. So with one bad thing comes a good thing. Unfortunately, if nobody is injured, it will also mean demotion of Dawes or trading of Prucha, along with Dubinsky back on the third line.

    Summary: It all doesn’t make sense to me, and I don’t believe the Rangers are even on Forsberg’s list, especially being in 8th still.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Marek Malik is day to day due to limited mobility?

    If that’s the case, how has he not been day to day for his entire career?

    I’m still not impressed. We’ve owned the Debbies all year.

  34. Rangers need to hire a good strength coach so that players like Staal, Dubinsky, Prucha, Callahan and others can gain some muscle in the off season. This team gets pushed around way too much.

  35. Doodie Machetto,
    I agree,
    I posted yesterday before I get excited I need to see this for at least 10 games. In the second and the first half of the third period the devils were skating circles around the rangers and the rangers were holding on for life. All I can say is two years ago when the Rangers played there first pre-season game and i saw dubinsky out of all there young players i remember raving about this guy on this blog and now look. He is one of there best players. I also admit i didn’t like dawes but I was wrong about him, dawes is starting to look good also.

  36. That was a good gritty win. The team wasn’t that much on top of it’s game but they were able to fight through. Lundqvist was flatout fantastic. If not for his big time goaltending specifically in the second period that was dominated by the Devs the Rangers no doubt lose this one. They looked alittle tired at times and didn’t win as many battles as they did the night prior. Parise was flying all night for the Devs like he usually does against the Rangers. When is Mike Milbury gonna bash Patrik Elias? The last two years there’s not been a bigger underachiever. Oh wait he’s not a Rangers so Dinglebury won’t say a word. Dubinsky was terrific again he drove to the net hard had some nice rushes and scored off a nice shot. The entire line played fairly well. Drury was terrific again as he played a real good all around game. Newsflash the pp at times looked good. The Drury-Gomez-Dawes pp unit was tremendous they got 5-6 great chances and ironically they ended up scoring on a weak shot from behind the net. From the Drury goal on the Devs dominated. Good job by Rozsival not rubbing Parise out after his first two shots why would you wanna take him out left him keep shooting no? To be fair Rozsival was better in his own end then he usually is. He even threw a couple of hits. The Mara-Strudwick pairing imo had a poor game. Even Mike Rupp was speeding past Strudwick. While everyone knows how I feel about Malik the sad fact is he’s a fat better dman than Strudwick. The Rangers d backed up the entire second period or so it seemed. I thought Dawes played a fairly solid gave. He gave us a health scare in the first but after that came back to play well. Dawes was hustling all over blocking shots hitting the post using his good speed. The Rangers coaches did a good job with adjustments in the third. The team played a smart displined defensive period. Jagr and Straka were fairly quiet again but they did have a couple of good shifts and one real good one late in the third killing a minute with a good forecheck. The refs did a good job no phantom penalties no trying to take control of the game. The Rangers next up play a very talent offensive team with a nearly unstoppable pp. They have to stay out of the box and get another big game from Henrik. It would help alot if Jagr and Straka wake up.

  37. Cliff Dubi imo does the pushes around he plays a rough and tumble game. Staal is pretty strong as well. While Dawes is a midget he’s not afraid to throw the body or play in traffic. Prucha more than anyone needs to get stronger and skate with his head up.

  38. Bring back Lohan on

    tomg, im still not in love with dawes, not sure what it is. Dubi is starting to look really good. He has some of Langenbrunner’s qualities actually, with probably more upside. Im starting to think that Prucha really is expendable here. His lack of size is just killing him. He gets thrown around like a cheap prostitute. Every hit on him looks high because he is like 5’4” on skates. I just think if we can bring in a 2nd pair D-man for him I would do it in a flash. I like the guy, he plays hard, but sometime you have to accept the fact that you just arent big enough. Speaking of strength coaches, did anyone see Drury’s arms (or lack thereof) during the interview. Try some weights dude….

  39. Drury sucks. Hang’em up Drury. He does nothing for this team. His ears must have burned off with all the bashing on the blog the last few days…HAHA LOL

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