Is losing what you really want?


I meant to post this before the game last night, but it may apply even more now.

Some of you have made the point that the best thing the Rangers could do right now is descend into the toilet as quickly as possible, which would make easier the decision to become sellers, which would in turn expedite the process of tooling up for next season.

I’m not going to question your loyalty as fans. Truth is, that sort of long-term global view may be of the most sophisticated supporters of all (I liken it to the guy who takes his horse out back to shoot him because he doesn’t want to see him suffer).

And yet having said all that, I don’t see where the fun is.

Look, I don’t think anyone here is misguided enough to think this team right now is much of a Cup contender. The Rangers are maddeningly inconsistent, might well miss the playoffs, and would be, in my view at least, foolish to make any dramatic deadline deals that might compromise their future (sorry, Foppa).

And yet, here’s the other side to consider: other than Ottawa, which also looks vulnerable on occasion, what teams in the Eastern Conference really scare you? The Flyers team that the Rangers dismantled last night? The Devils team that is winless thus far against the Rangers and Islanders combined?

Sure, Pittsburgh has crazy talent, but as devoted as I am to my fellow UNH Wildcats, how long can Ty Conklin keep up his Patrick Roy imitation?

The point isn’t that the Rangers are superior to any of those teams, because clearly right now they’re not. The point is, however, is that they’re not all far behind those teams, either. And given the late season resurgence we witnessed last season, I think it’s a bit premature to start swearing off the season.

More later…

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  1. Steve Schwartz on

    How can anyone seriously suggest that it is time for the Rangers to put the season into the tank. It is pretty clear that some of the gambles that went into this season did not pan out. Malik has not played well enough to justify his cap hit. Roszival has been up and down, etc. We have been through all of these laments. But, this team is now in the playoffs, 5 points out of the conference lead and just powdered the red hot team at the top of the conference. Why give up now? I wouldn’t recommend mortgaging the future for some aging has-been in an effort to get the Cup. That is probably not happening either. But, if this team gets on a bit of a roll and wins a series or two, I will not be unhappy. Realistically, that is all this team appears to be capable of.

    Besides, a lot of people paid a lot of money to see this team. My tickets cost me a bloody fortune; they owe it to me not to go into the tank, certainly not at this juncture.

  2. that’s just what i was saying, sam. good post.

    i’m probably going to the game tonight, i can’t wait to check out the rock and be amongst 8k + rangers fans.

  3. I am as frustrated & disappointed by the this team’s inconsistent effort as everyone else, but you are 100% right. No team in the NHL has the potential to improve, without making a move, more than the Rangers in a league full of non dominant teams (except Detroit).
    Great effort & skating back hard on defense, men in front of the net on offense, others going hard to the net. Such a simple game got great results.
    Once again though, what team will show up next game, & for how many minutes?
    If the joy they displayed by yesterday’s performance does not motivate to them to play like that all the time then no more preaching by Renney ever will.
    In spite of their flaws we all know this is easily a top 5 NHL team when they play & cover for each other & give the 60 minute effort. That’s why they have become so hard to watch this year, for the fans, themselves, & their coaches.
    This is the crossroads right now. Sustain this kind of play & go far in the playoffs, or miss out of, or barely squeak into the playoffs, past the numerous other flawed teams, & get slaughtered in the first round.
    This team, as is, is good enough. Do they want it desparately enough is the only question?
    Go Rangers (& GIANTS)

  4. Signing Forsberg is zero-risk, potential high-reward. He’ll have a pro-rated salary, it won’t cost any players or picks to get him, and he’s a playoff performer. If he tanks, we’ve still got the same team we have now, and we’re not on the hook for anything past this season. I don’t see the downside.

  5. I admit I was one of those stating several times that this team should sell and build for the future but because of the circumstances of the eastern conference that’s not going to happen. At this point if I was sather I would go with the team he has now for the rest of the year and what ever happens, happens.

  6. I wish you wouldn’t have brought up the fact the Devils are winless against the Rangers and Islanders so far this season on the night when the Rangers visit the Rock.

  7. Well said Sam. A fellow season ticket holder who sits near me skipped five games in a row, came back for Leetch night and swore he would sell all of the games in February and likely March because he couldn’t take the team – “They suck, they suck, dude … they suck!!” I basically replied with all of the arguments you made (altho a tad less articulate thanks to the influence of alcohol at the time) but could not sway him. It’s his loss as this season is far from over thanks to the parity in the league so it should make for some great games down the stretch …

  8. After a skittish first five minutes of the game it ended up being the Rangers most complete game of the year. The Rangers won every single one on one battle. They were much hungrier than the Flyers. They got a great all around game from Chris Drury who has struggled mightily. While the top line was a non factor the other three lines were fantastic. Dawes and Prucha not only were a fit with Drury but they were flat out terrific. They skated hard drew penalties and played with lots of tenacity. That was a gorgeous goal by Dawes(He had tried that move before but had missed the net in the past) Prucha’s goal was all set up by what looked like a fire drill by the Flyers good job by Girardi getting the puck on net unlike Tyutin a couple of days earlier. Tyutin and Girardi rebounded nicely from horrid games on tuesday. They were both strong in their own zone and with the puck. Drury was fantastic hitting driving to the net backchecking and dominating on faceoffs. He has had good games and gone back into his malaise in the past though. Dubinsky continues to get better and better. He was all over the place throwing the body creating offense and seemingly waking Shanny and Avery and they both had their best games in a while. Valiquette was very sharp early calming the team down. He didn’t face much till the third when he faced some tough shots and was able to keep the shutout. It does take two to tango and the Flyers d and goaltening was wretched. Jim Vandermeer must be Marek Malik and Jason Strudwick’s love child. Good lord he combines both guys worst qualities. Hatcher and Smith are competely shot neither guy can move abit. The Rangers played with desperation and came up with a big win. The question is can they keep it up? They have been so inconsistant it’s very hard to say. They need to come out hard vs a flu ridden and struggling Devs team.

  9. This team does have 8 of a possible 14 points in the last 7 games. Not exactly awful. I definitely do not what this team to tank. I am still here, hopeful, and wanting them to make it. Sam said something that is so true. The Rangers are superior simply because they are not. It definitely makes sense, and I hope that is right.

  10. We’re in the 8th slot, playing terrible hockey. I can see a decent run getting into 5th or 6th. Now’s not the time to tear it down, anything can happen.Hank should give Foppa a call.

  11. It all depends on our standing in the conference a couple of days before the trade deadline.. if the playoffs seems out of reach, then sell mode is fine.. look what it did for the flyers… granted we destroyed them yesterday, but they also did not play like they usually do.

  12. Scott

    Funny thing I bet is that tool sitting near you would be at every single playoff games if the Rangers do make it.

  13. Forsberg is too injury prone to be counted on. Let’s say the Rangers sign him and he gets hurt right away(highly likely) what then? Btb in my previous post I forgot to mention how well the 4th line played. They got a good forecheck going got scoring chances and were strong in their own end. Couple that with the Flyers 4th line of a washed up Kapanen, Dowd and a untalented lunkhead who can’t even stickhandle in Cote.

  14. Sam – Excellent post. Larry Brooks said in a radio interview with Don Maloney last night that “you very rarely see a game these days where both teams are playing very well – especially in the East”

  15. (REPOST)

    At least if you get in and don’t get very far, you can identify the reasons. If you don’t make it, you have no idea how the players on your team will react. right? I don’t know.


    Prime example of this not working = Picking up Drury/Gomez and thinking that was “the missing pieces” to a cup. I don’t know how to explain it any further, I mean it’s so blatantly obvious in my mind, it pains me to see people either not getting it or in denial of it. You (I) don’t want to get into the playoffs just for the hell of it with a team like this. Suppose we go in, Jagr plays “decent enough” suddenly the move continues to be “how do we make Jagr happy for next year”? “How do we add more pieces to this squad? We COULD HAVE GONE A LITTLE FURTHER IF WE JUST HAD XYZ…” Thats what Gomez and Drury were supposed to be, and we’re now worse and we’re still trying to revolve around Jaromir Jagr.

    I’ve nearly lost my mind here. I feel like I’m having a bad psychedelic trip and I’m the only one seeing the uncomfortable truth around me and everyone else is buying into the illusions. More Ranger fans ready to embrace Peter “the cripple” Forsburg…. I mean, that says it all about the state of the union right there. Desperate. Is it friday yet? I need to sleep.

    I MISS YENNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. You hit the nail right on the head. I agree this team is terribly inconsistant but they are also withing five points of the division lead. At the same time the are only that many points from dead last in the conference but my opinion is to look only at whats ahead and not behind. Go Rangers and paste the Devils tonight.

  17. The only reason people want the team to tank is because they think, past on past results, that Sather will make some stupid trade that gets rid of a good player under 25. Well, guess what? He only traded Cliche last season, and he isn’t even playing with the Kings yet, the worst team in the league. The rest of the players traded last season were Ward, Ward, Hall/Dupuis, and Marek (not Malik, haha). Sather is hopefully smart enough to know that the roster is full already, along with the cap, so we don’t need anybody else, unless it is replacing Malik on defense, which might require a youngster being traded, but I think everyboy would go for that. If a forward goes down, we have Callahan and others sitting in reserve in the A.

    It’s too bad the stupid Philthadelphia writers didn’t even make Valicat a star of the game, since he actually made good saves to weather the Flyers’ early storm, but then he was made a 2nd star of the night in the league (which I didn’t even know existed). He probably should have been first star of the game because no offensive players were that outstanding. How embarassing for those writers.
    (I’ve got to complain about something, lol)

  18. Graves- if he gets hurt right away, it’s a wash. If he doesn’t get hurt, he’s a damn good hockey player.

  19. YAY SAM! Very well said. Even got tomg to change his tune(slightly).

    adamz – I agree. I could develop multiple personalities by disputing the Foppa thing over and over. I almost want to see him in Det, just to see the best team of the decade assembled in front of my eyes.

    salty – the only way I can really respond to that is that it takes time. The puzzle is never really complete. You’ll never win anything without a little luck here and there too. I don’t care what team you put on the ice.

  20. A top player not at 100%

    “Despite sustaining a lower body injury during Tuesday’s game, forward Brian Gionta plans on being in the lineup Friday when the Devils face the Rangers.” – Bergen Record

  21. Agreed Sam. I’ve always been someone who has wanted to sell in the past (before the resurgence I was praying that they’d trade Jagr) but this team is not in such dire straights as some might profess. Certain people need to step up and maybe some people should be playing less but if they can get any sort of momentum going or Lundqvist just realizes that he isn’t Joel, a very different picture can be painted of this team relatively quickly.

  22. As injury prone as Forsberg is.. he had 55 points in 57 games last year. If he’s healthy, even if for the rest of this season and *crosses fingers* playoffs, then please, Slats, for the love of God, sign him.

  23. Interesting stat by today’s ‘rodent’

    “Of all people, it was Ryan Hollweg who led his team in shots with four. You want more craziness? Dubinsky delivered five hits – more than Hollweg, Colton Orr, Blair Betts and Marc Staal put together.”

  24. Good point Sam, the Eastern Conference is weak team wise…the individual best players, at least offensively, are all in the East (Ovechkin, Crosby, LeCavelier,etc) but team wise, the top 4 teams of the West are arguably better than the best team in the East…so the question is, why are we 8th overall in a crummy conference?…but yes, optimism suggests we could shoot on up in the standings if we could actually get some consistency…We do need a trade of somekind to kick start things, no blockbuster though…

  25. All I can say is if the rangers come out tonight flat and lose this game than nothing has changed. One game doesn’t mean anything to me. Can we atleast see this team play like this for 10 games, not asking allot here. Was last night win because the Flyers were due for a bad game since they were on a tear or was it that the rangers played like a team? or was it a little of both, tonight we will get some answers.

  26. Sam, on this post I wholly agree with you 100%. In fact, I have been on the roller coaster in where I stand with this team but you are right. I even mentioned a little while back about the parity and that any team can win it.

    If the playoffs started today, we’d face Ottawa (understanding that most teams have a game or two in hand on us, so it’s not realistic, but work with me….)

    Facing Ottawa would be tough but we split games with them in December. But any of the other teams, just don’t scare me in a 7 game series.

    At the end of the day (or season), the teams in the East playing the best hockey in the final 15 games will be the team to beat come the playoffs, Ottawa or otherwise.

    So we walk a fine line of being totally p.o.’d with the gutless, heartless losses and then we are riding high with one win over the hottest team in the East. Annoying, but this is your NHL (tks Buttman) and this is your NYR (tks Hyena).

  27. Sam, Thank you! for the conklin comment. My best friend is a raging pens fan and that is what I keep asking him…How long can the guy hang on really??

  28. I think if you want to talk about the future, it’d be much better to give dubinsky, dawes, and staal the chance to gain NHL playoff experience than it would be to get hit or miss draft picks….

    Shanny, Straka, and Jagr all might retire by seasons end and have to be replaced anyway…. Malik and Mara will be gone and have to be replaced… maybe roszival…. these spots will be filled mostly by the farm.

    IF they tank they should sell, no doubt. But to hope for such a thing is nuts!

  29. It is interesting that the guy saying sign Foppa is a guy with a blogname of Pavel. Two of the bigger busts in Rangers history, as in guys who had all hype and barely any results, were Pavel Brendl and Pavel Bure.

    Pavel, why in God’s name would Foppa ever want to play here when he has history with the Flyers and the Avs? Give me one good reason…

  30. your boy Malik on

    Great post Sam…I don’t want a firesale or want to give up yet….many games, as you know, have been pretty boring, but I’m the optimistic type and always hope for a good game with good effort….last year’s run was way too much fun to give up now!

  31. I thought Bur played fairly well and didn’t cost us much. If I remember correctly, he was at least a point a game guy for us. Perhaps he fell into the dreaded “Holik zone”. The reason I wouldn’t call Bure a bust was b/c it was the pre-cap nhl. if he was eating up 7% of your cap space, that’s a different story.

  32. Bure’s knees were shot that’s why after a good start of his Rangers career it didn’t work out.

  33. Pavel Bure scored at a goal a game clip while he was with us, it was only a handful of games so you can’t call that a bust, especially considering the team he was traded to…Pavel Brendly, well yikes…

    I read that Sather hasn’t made himself available to the media in over a year…can you imagine if Brian Cashman did that what kind of media fallout there’d be…I hate Sather just for the fact the runs the organization yet you never hear or see him…wtf is his deal?

  34. Good post Sam,
    I think many of our post are more written more out of post game frustration than rational thought.
    Point is our division is tight, flushing this season does nothing our track record of first round picks isn’t exactly stellar.

  35. My only problem with the team making the playoffs is that means Renney and Co. stick around and that we will probably resing Jagr. Jagr, Shanny, Malik, Mara and probably Rosival should all be gone next year. if they can qualify for the playoffs and not trade any youth then fine, but I still think the best thing that could happen to this team is to get a new coach and lose the over the hill vets.

    As far as teams from the east, I actually think Montreal may be the best as they have the greatest depth and Ottowa will barely be healthy (ie Heatley and maybe alfredsson) and they lack the depth that the habs have. But ur right I am not afraid of the isles, devils, flyers, pens or caps.

  36. hockeymanrangers on

    I agree that it is to early to tank the season. You would think you could come to a point where mathematically figure out how many games left how many wins you need to make the playoffs before the trade deadline. I really can’t see us making out any better or worse selling b/f the deadline anyway. Just play the entire season out and see what happens, then see what you want to do. In my eys Forsberg would screw thing up rather than help us out. AGAIN we can’t seem to get the chemistry going with the players we have throw someone else new and it will really go to hell.

  37. Whenever I hear Forsberg called Foppa, I can’t help myself from thinking Fupa and my stomach turning.

    If you don’t know what “Fupa” is, simply google it.
    It’s not pleasant.

  38. Sam: I agree wholeheartely with your post …

    Any thought from Renney from having the same lineup in tonight? I would do that… play Valiquette with the caveat that he may get pulled if things do not go as well as last night … you need to go with what is working… same lineup.

  39. Bure did fine for us. It was the career ending injury he had in preseason that did him in.. I’d say 95% of his NHL goals were highlight worthy.. we got him for nothing, just like Jagr (gotta love poor teams).. and he was about 1.00 PPG with us.. not a bust at all..

    Foppa, if healthy, will be deadly for anyone.. the only leverage that the Rangers have to get him are: 1.) fellow swede Lundqvist and 2.) Drury (teammate on the Avs).. I think Philly will end up signing him, but I’m just imagining the possibility of a 1.00 PPG player (even when one foot works) playing for the remainder of the season.. we don’t need to trade youth/prospects for Blake and Sundin, who will return to their teams in July.. There is no risk with signing Forsberg.

  40. Hmmmm… last 2 games Malik plays in are shutouts …

    Hmmmm… last 2 games Rosival has played in that were shutouts he was paired with Malik and had a strong game as opposed to vs. Carolina where the defensive corps broke down …

    I am sure it was just a coincidence.

  41. They seem to play like a more stingy team when Valiquette is in goal. Maybe its because they know he cant make those highlight goals like Henke. I would stick with what worked and go with the exact same lineup including Valiquette, maybe this would also lite a fire under Lunquist to get things in gear.

  42. Let’s not get crazy thinking Valiquette is the answer. I think Starting Valiquette tonight would do more to hurt Lundqvists confidence than to light a fire under him.

  43. koffy, I know there was some humor mixed in there, but I actually went through the ‘avery factor’ thing with Malik before. The findings weren’t as as lop-sided as with Avery, but they were pretty close. It’s just one of those stats that you could make a case for with lots of guys. Ya know?

    Be sure to take the poll…

  44. yeah, I say you start Hank tonight. I’m going to look too far ahead here, but next weekend we play IN philty again and the next day in washington. So do you go with the theory that worked last night? Now you can add a shutout to the idea that Vally can play in philthadelphia. And it’s back to back again. I guess we’ll have to see how the week plays out. BUT…it is possible that a week from tomorrow we could be playing for 1st/div and 2nd/conf. How’s that for a 1/2 full glass?

  45. Beer Me!..Avery is going to run away with that poll. Hollweg shouldn’t even be on that list.

  46. I think the “reason” why people might want this team to tank is because they are sick of Jagr mailing it in every night, like he did last night vs. Philly.

    I have all the respect in the world for Jagr, but he doesn’t give it 100% game in and game out. Is he a HOFer? Sure is, but he has slowed down significantly this season. Last season he started flying around this time. I was his biggest supporter and like having him on the team, but he has got to pick it up and start producing every game if the Rangers are expecting to go anywhere.

    If he’s not going to, then I want to see Ranger players on the ice that are willing to pay the price to be a Ranger.

    Unfortunately, this season, our favorite players of the last two seasons have had sub-par years, Shanahan and Jagr, who both might be out of gas.

  47. VOGS – the ‘reason’ you gave is a fair assessment I think. I agree, though some will add to it that the other ufa’s are likely to be moved as well if the team tanks.

    I don’t think Jags is out of gas. I think he is completely capable of putting up another 100pt season before he retires. I say ‘capable’ in a physical way. But I don’t think he has the desire to do it anymore.

  48. Sometimes all a team needs is a boost of some sort or a lil change in personnel that makes all the difference. look at what sean avery did to us last year….i’m not saying that forsberg is sean avery but adding a player like that on a prorated contract for the rest of the year isn’t the worst idea. it’ll give everyone confidence, playing injured last year he still had a point a game, and lets face it he’s one of the best players (healthy) in the world. so why not?

    i completely agree with you. we’re all talking big after one game, but it really doesn’t mean much. if we can build on tihs game and put a nice stretch together then we’ll see what the rangers were really all about. i’m personally looking forward to it.

    great post! the rangers are just as good as every team in the eastern conference and who knows what could happen if they put in a good stretch run…they’re a dangerous team when they play their game..

    Lets go rangers! big game at the rock tonight…

  49. An unnamed GM said that FUPA is looking for a deal for the rest of this year and next year. It was on Dreger’s blog on tsn(sorry, no link. Go find it yourself!)

    So that changes my mind back to my original thought….we should pass without a doubt.

  50. It is interesting that the guy saying sign Foppa is a guy with a blogname of Pavel. Two of the bigger busts in Rangers history, as in guys who had all hype and barely any results, were Pavel Brendl and Pavel Bure.

    Pavel, why in God’s name would Foppa ever want to play here when he has history with the Flyers and the Avs? Give me one good reason…

    Well the last thing we need is Foppa but Bure was really good when he was here. He just screwed up his knees the year after. Had he been healthy could you imagine the Jagr/Bure combo? haha.

    Anyways I’m not really the biggest supporter of Jagr, but when he doesn’t get a point, that doesn’t mean hes not trying. I hate how people think he just decides to play hard and doesn’t. Sure maybe he did that on Washington, but the guy is almost 36 and is pretty beat up. Hes got issues with his groin and hip flexors, maybe he can’t do everything he used to be able to do. But one thing I dont see is him not trying.

    These last couple games, Jagr has played very well. Even last night he didn’t have a point, but he was crashing the net and willing to take the contact and the beating in front just to try to score a goal. I don’t know if its because he knows hes not scoring and is trying new ways to score, or if he feels its best for the team, but those who say Jagr isn’t trying or doesn’t have the desire must be kidding themselves.

    And we can’t say this team should tank right now. Maybe in a couple weeks if we look like we’re doing the same thing of being inconsistent, then sure I can understand that. Problem is we don’t know anything about this team. You can’t even compare it to last year because we were playing awful and then had a complete turn around. This year we’ve been hit or miss but never had a real extended streak of awful or great play. Some games they look like a last place teams and others they look like the best team in the east. So I think we should keep these players because even if we do tank, what makes us think we are getting great young talent in return?

  51. Mr Potato Head on

    Good post, Sam.

    I get frustrated when I read the SELL SELL SELL posts. The East is WIDE open this year, it’s not like we have to go up against the 80’s Isles to make it out of the Conference. Look at the Oilers, they were an 8 seed a couple of years ago, and were one game away from the Cup!

  52. Jonny D…why did Brendan Shanahan sign here? He had history with the Red Wings. That argument won’t hold up it court.
    Some players know what it would mean to win in NY for an original six team and want a chance to do that.

  53. mr. head, potato that is – EXACTLY!! So would you…say that it can’t hurt to make it into the playoffs, regardless of seed and 1st round opponent? I’m only asking cause I want to see who agrees with the notion that making the playoffs is never a bad thing.

  54. Salty/Beer Me! – The Red Wings were the last O-6 team to win, in whatever year they last won, I’m not looking it up.

    I’m surprised Tootoo or Ruutu aren’t on that best pest list, definitely in place of Hollweg, but Avery will run away with it, especially on a Canadien website.

  55. ahhh. thanks pig.

    ruutu should be on the biggest a-hole list. screw that friggin guy. I hate him. If not for the instigator rule, he’d be a dead man.

  56. did you actually watch the games that Nashville played? well I did, on center ice, and they were WORSE after acquiring forsberg than before they got him last year. he messed up the lines, the chemistry, and most of all, he showed that he was rusty and washed up from injuries.

    they said last night he would likely go to the flyers, and so let them have him, he did NOTHING last year for the preds in the playoffs. they went out meekly in the first round.

  57. tomg,

    Excellent post. This team has been unable to sustain any kind of momentum or (in the immortal words of Tom Renney) gain ANY traction. None.

    They had a big series against Boston and flopped.

    Then they win 2 straight against sub-par Atlanta and everyone thinks it’s the big turnaround.

    Then they flop to the Hurricanes after taking a 1-0 lead.

    It’s totally hit or miss.

    Win tonight and Sunday (maybe throw in Tuesday) and MAYBE we can start thinking about this year not being a complete disaster.

    Otherwise last night was just the Flyers coming back down to earth.

  58. “I think it was the team that won the year after that.”

    BWAK! We were both wrong BeerMe! I even thought it was us too after i saw your post and had a “duh” moment, and even then I was still off….

  59. This post clearly identifies the back and forth we’ve been dealing with internally.

    I don’t think anyone here is misguided enough to think this team right now is much of a Cup contender.


    I think it’s a bit premature to start swearing off the season.

    These two points indicate how easy it for fans to oscillate their viewpoints.

  60. haha – that’s what we get for not doing research. I admitting did not practice what I preach right there.

    Call it hit or miss hockey, and as always, anyone can find a stat and base a theory on it, well here’s one for ya….

    The rangers are 4 – 2 – 1 in their last 7 games.

  61. according to the announcers last night, Renney and the coaches and mgmt were screaming and threatening and pleading and warning the players that time was short, and if they did not start winning and playing hard last night, that sell could be the watchword.

    thus, it says that this team was just floating along, giving as we suspected a halfhearted effort, and it really says volumes about the shitty non-existent leadership of Jagr, who could not light a fire under a pool of gasoline as a captain.

  62. hahaha you ALMOST had me.

    My brain just worked so fast you have no idea.

    I noticed that the link was too short first, then I was like ‘why the hell would anyone leave det. or why would they change anything’? Then I was like…oh, HE posted that.

  63. 1st round draft picks

    New York Rangers 7
    Player Team Drafted By Year Drafted
    Scott Gomez New Jersey Devils 1998
    Marcel Hossa Montreal Canadiens 2000
    Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguins 1990
    Paul Mara Tampa Bay Lightning 1997
    Brendan Shanahan NewJerseyDevils 1987
    Marc Staal New York Rangers 2005
    Martin Straka Pittsburgh Penguins 1992

    -Ironically enough, the Red Wings, who have the best record in the NHL (38-10-4) have the fewest first-rounders on their roster. That’s a testament to quality scouting.

    -Thirteen franchises can claim the majority of their first-round players as players they drafted on their own. Six teams are split 50/50, while the other 11 have mostly other team’s first round picks making up their roster.

    -Of the 248 first round pick currently in the NHL, only 117 (48%) of them are with the teams that drafted them.

    -The Penguins have the most of their own first-round picks in the fold with seven.

    -The Flyers have the most from other teams with 10.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Last night was a fluke, but Nigel Dawes isn’t.

    I also think we should ride Valliquette until he has a stinker. It’ll put Henrik is his place, teach him to stay focused.

  65. Y’know, thinking about it. I’d take Chelios for a playoff run.

    I mean put him on the blueline with Strudwick for serious veteran dominance/leadership, y’never know! Forsberg + Chelli and POSSIBLY scooping up Sundin… I mean you could just put them out there with no game plan and let them play.

    MAybe we can get into the playoff swith this line up.
    I mean guys were only 16 wins away from the cup.





    MAREK “The Family Man” MALIK

    We could almost definitely make the playoffs with just a few small additions. Notice whos missing…see ya guys~!

  66. “Last night was a fluke, but Nigel Dawes isn’t.”

    Agreed. Very excited about him actually.

    Doodie, did you see that Sam called the likes of us “Sophisticated Supporters”? ; )

  67. I like that offense, but the D….you need to add Blake and Campbell.

    I think if we traded all of our picks, montoya, anisimov, cherapanov, byers, sauer, pyatt, prucha(who you left out, I know). It’d just be a matter of going through the motions, then we get a parade!

  68. I’m amazed that people seriously would want Forsberg…I don’t care what names are available…you learn a thing a two after 8 years of noplayoffs…we got the two biggest names in free agency and look where we are, struggling…let’s go sign Lindros, trade for Holik, see what Valeri Kamensky and Theo Fleury are doing…Mess looked in good shape at the Leetch’s banner night, put a jersey on him…we have who we have, maybe a small trade is made….but this it it, either we do it with who we have, or we don’t it all, then we make changes at the end of the year.

  69. D? As in *Defense*?


    who need that shit?

    We got a *system*, baby.

    ::breathes steam onto fingernails and polishes them off on my front my blueshirt::

  70. some Ranger deadline deals over the years


    March 10, 1987 – New York Rangers obtain C MARCEL DIONNE, LW JEFF CROSSMAN and Los Angeles’ third-round choice in 1989 Entry Draft (later traded to Minnesota – Minnesota selected C MURRAY GARBUTT) from Los Angeles for C BOB CARPENTER and D TOM LAIDLAW.

    March 24, 1998 – Dallas Stars obtain C BRIAN SKRUDLAND, RW MIKE KEANE and New York Rangers’ sixth-round pick in the 1998 Entry Draft (C PAVEL PATERA) from New York Rangers for RW TODD HARVEY, LW BOB ERREY and Dallas’ fourth-round pick in 1998 Entry Draft (LW BOYD KANE).

    March 18, 2002 – New York Rangers obtain RW PAVEL BURE and Florida’s second-round choice in 2002 Entry Draft (C LEE FALARDEAU) from Florida for D IGOR ULANOV, the rights to D FILIP NOVAK and New York’s first (later traded to Calgary – Eric Nystrom) and second-round choice (C ROB GLOBKE) in the 2002 Entry Draft.

  71. SAMMY?! Is the team practicing today or what? Or do they think they’re good enough not to practice anymore since they beat up Philthy last night?

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