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Continuing on a topic we broached yesterday, there is growing momentum behind the idea that Glen Sather may be “looking for another top-tier center before the trade deadline”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2008/01/31/2008-01-31_decision_time_for_rangers_glen_sather-2.html whether it’s Mats Sundin, David Vyborny, or even Peter Forsberg (a personal favorite since Zip and I stockpiled him in our fantasy draft).

Consider me skeptical, not only because the Rangers are believed to be handcuffed by their salary cap, but also because their most pressing need continues to be on their backline.

Plus, there is this: if the Rangers admirably distanced themselves from their mercenary culture coming out of the lockout, then any sort of blockbuster move at the deadline strikes me as a troubling regression. You could make the argument that signings of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury fall into the same category. The difference is both those moves were made with the long-term in mind.

Now, though, a Forsberg or Sundin reintroduces the old Rangers notion that if a team full of stars is underachieving, the only answer is to go out and get more.


Now, that being said, I’m about to contradict myself. In the same story above, John Dellapina mentions the addition of another center may be a way to take some pressure off Chris Drury by moving him back to wing. I’m OK with that.

What’s interesting about Drury is that he more than adequately satisfies two important job descriptions of a center — taking face-offs, and serving as a down low presence in the defensive zone. But it is the role of playmaker — and finisher, for that matter — where Drury is clearly struggling.

It is quite possible that a move to wing would free Drury up to play a more unencumbered game, which he clearly needs at this point.

Either way, as much as heat as the guy is taking, and I’m hearing it more and more at games, you will never hear me bash Drury outright for the simple reason that the guy is so clearly trying to make a difference on every shift.

That’s not to excuse his lackluster performance so far. This isn’t Little League, after all (something Drury knows a little about). But it does mean cutting him some slack.

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  1. Drury bashers make my blood boil. The guy has been moved around all season by our past-his-welcome coach. Who has he played with this season: Injury prone Avery, 1 goal in 23 game Callahan, should-be-traded-to-the-west-because-he-sucks Prucha, AHL All-Star Dawes, and love-the-guy-but-he’s-getting-too-old Shanahan. Did I miss anyone?

    Put Drury on the wing with Avery and Shanny.. Avery made some beautiful plays early in the season.. keep Dawes – Dubi – Prucha together.. or better yet, move Dubi to center Drury and Shanny, and send Avery to center the third line… HBO is going to be overplayed anyway… can’t we just waive Hollweg and bring up Byers?

  2. Sam,
    I posted the other day that I had this bad feeling in my stomach that sather is going to trade our future away for a quick fix (rental player) and that would set the rangers back.
    It will basically destroy the direction that the team was heading in which was the correct direction by building up the farm system and building for the future. If sather does this than all that stuff was a smoke screen and nothing has changed in rangerland.

  3. Ibister Shot Survivor on

    I’ve loved the big fella and been a staunch supporter, but I really hope Jagr’s extension isnt activated, he’s gone next year, and Drury can relax and really play his game and take over some leadership roles.

  4. Please, please, please don’t go after aging, past their prime players Slats…please!

    Drury bashers look at box scores only.

    Pavel – without starting a ‘whole big thing’, you said ‘past his welcome coach’, then named 1/2 the offense as a problem also. Which is it?

  5. Beer Me!

    I’ll be honest. I think the troubles lie with both Renney and the players. Renney, because he juggles the lines WAY too much, and he doesn’t seem strict at all, and the players themselves, because they are professionals and are not adjusting. As he cursed at practice yesterday, he wants them to crash the net.. but do they crash the net? No. They play the same ineffective dump and chase (even on the PP!!!!) that is driving me to insanity.

    Jagr had 19 PP goals and 54 overall in 05/06.. then 30 last year.. and on pace for what 20 this year? Prucha had 52 goals coming into this season and he’s awful now.. Avery, Straka and Shanny have been injured and underperforming..we need an absolute SNIPER.

    I, too, fear that Slats is going to pull a bad deal.. I’d rather sign Foppa than trade anyone that isn’t Prucha, Callahan, Hollweg or Hossa. Foppa would most likely be injured and out for good, but at least he’s a UFA, ya know?

  6. ok, understood.

    Of all of those 3 players(above) I’d rather see Vyborny. Only b/c of his age. But I’d rather see a winger brought in. Looking to next year, with Gomer, Dru, Dubi & betts down the middle, I’d rather not disrupt that.

    Any of those players brought in changes the game plan from looking to the future to the old ways…we all hated it. That goes out to all of you that own a Lafontaine, Lindros, Fleury, Kamensky, etc jersey. What were you thinking! haha

  7. If you know that you are getting a definite healthy Foppa I say ok fine, sign him. Because we don’t need to give up anything to get him and we can still get a dman. But we don’t know if he is 100% healthy or if he would even want to come here. I mean, who in their right mind that is coming back from such injury problems would want to come to the rangers? Ha. I guess we will see what happens.

  8. I read that he will notify the league at least a week or two before the trade deadline so GM’s can figure out their gameplans. So that’s about a week or two from now we’ll see if he’s coming back.

  9. There are many Rangers that are under performing,you can add Prucha,Straka and others who work there asses off every shift like Drury but are not producing the goods this season…

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Foppa hasn’t been healthy since his spleen ruptured game 5 (i think) of the colorado avalanche finals…downhill since then.

    Sam, Holik was also signed to a long-term deal like drury’s, didn’t mean it was a good deal though.

    As far as Drury – I do not understand why everyone is so down on him and his offensive production! The guy is a 40-60 point scorer. The last 5 years he has averaged 57 points on very good offensive teams (Buffalo and Colorado). Right now he’s on pace for 50 points on an anemic Rangers offense.

    THIS IS WHO CHRIS DRURY IS! And just because you pay him $7.35million doesn’t mean he’s going to start producing 80 points a year.

    I would like to see his +/- improve though, mean’s he’s getting beat more in the defensive zone than he’s beating team in the offensive zone. That’s bad for a center who’s winning faceoffs and the battles down-low.

  11. Beer Me! are you really Tom Renney in diguise? Either that, or you’re his big brother? The way you get miffed when we take some shots at him, it sounds like you actually think he is doing a good job.

    Aside from bringing us together last year (on the back of a goaltender that allowed less than 2 goals a game for the final 35 games last year) point out some attributes of Renney? I mean, things that really make him stand out.

    I could name about 12 flaws for every one of your attributes I am guessing.

    But just give me some ideas on his plusses please…

    I mean, I am guessing we have had more line combos to start games (I am not talking about adapting to injuries and penalties intra-game) than any other team. I don’t know the stats, but I am just taking a stab.

    And forget about his ability to adapt during games. Whatever he said during the 1st period intermission of the Carolina game, the team should have just done a George Costanza and done EXACTLY the opposite. I mean I would pay a lot to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room…for the comic relief alone.

    But Beer Me!, as they say on PTI, “Defend ya boy….”

  12. I’ll say it again: The Rags are the victims of their own success. Picked to finish last in the league after the lockout, they make the playoffs. Then again the following year. If the Rags missed the playoffs those seasons, Jagr would have been traded already for the pieces to truly re-build. There are two teams to compare the NYR to: One would be the Maple Leafs who continue to flounder with the vets and free agents. Or the Flyers who traded an injured Forsberg, drafted well, and really re-built. I think the NYR are at the crossroads. Let’s see which way they go. And how much influence will the Knicks miserable season have on the Rags decision. Will MSG tolerate another playoff -less summer?

  13. And another thing….on Peter Forsberg:

    He has played for Philly, now in 1st in the Atlantic, he played for Colorado, now in 6th in the Western Conf, and he NEVER played for the Rangers, not even in the playoffs now and maybe the team with the most talent playing the worst in the entire NHL. Your only motivation is to come back and make a run at the Stanley Cup.

    Why on earth would he ever think about playing in NYC alongside Shanny, Jagr, Gomer, and Drury who have done nothing constructive all season?

    Someone please answer me that one too….I am dying to hear this.

  14. I’m coming to the conclusion that in order for the rangers to win the cup in 94 they (rangers) had to give there soul to the devil. That devil is James Dolan and his right hand man is sather. At least I was able to see the rangers win a cup, it’s better than not winning one at all. As long as the devil owns the rangers/knicks this franchise will never win a championship. All the devil and his right hand man care about is bringing in over the hill once a superstar vet to fill the seats and to make the playoffs and that’s it.

  15. A healthy Forsberg is better than 99% of the NHL. He will only come back if he feels he is up to it.. and if he does, he’ll go back to the Flyers.

  16. Hey all, been away for about 5 days, my older brother passed away, who was a big time Ranger fan. I seen the loss to Carolina, watching half-heartedly. I actually would keep Avery and Jagr. I would get rid of, Prucha, Montoya, and Malik for a young stud D-man. We dont need aging veterans though Sundin is the only vet I would want right now. As far as Drury, He does the little things so i’m not sayin anything about him. Columbus was interested in Tyutin, if they gave us Klesla then we should do it. Heres hoping for a “W” tonight.

  17. Rob Z. my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

    If Forsberg has any interest in playing for the Rangers then Sather has to make him an offer. Guys like Sundin and Vyborny will cost us draft picks and prospects. Signing Forsberg for the remainder of the season will cost us nothing but cap space. He’s still one of the greatest players in the league and he might be the one to get Jagr going again which would allow Gomez to center Shanahan and get him going as well.

  18. “Drury bashers look at box scores only.”

    This is about as true as saying “People still supporting Drury: look at past accomplishments, little league games, and big names stitched on jerseys”

    Sam may not “bash” Drury, but at least he recognizes that he’s been in a year long slump. You (beer me, at least) say “don’t judge by the score cards”. *I’m NOT.* I’m judging by what I watch everynight, and I see a player not making any substantial positive difference to speak of. You say don’t look at the score card and then you say “yeah well, look at his past stats, he’s on pace for the same thing”. If you actually watched Drury you might see that very little of the numbers he has put up have made much difference in a game. So you say “don’t look at numbers”, I won’t. I’ll look at chest high slap shot break away drury, I’ll look at blueline give away drury, I’ll look at Drury who can never hold onto the puck longer than 2 seconds, I’ll look at stonehands shootout drury, I’ll look at drury who perpetually looks uncomfortable, stuffy, and slow in the rangers uniform. IF I were “judging by numbers”, then you’re right, I wouldn’t have much argument. But I’m actually not, I’m judging a player who has made *glaring* errors on the ice, continually flubs defensively, etc. I look at Gomez and see *even more* flubs and errors, but he gets my pass because he is doing so much more along the way, digging deeper within to find the Ranger inside of him. God forbid we put some actual threats along side Gomez, willing to follow him into the zone and cut to the f*cking net.

    If you want to look me in the eye and tell me you are happy with what Drury has done this season, and that this is what you were expecting to get out of this player, we’ll both know that you are lying. And thats okay, I understand your obligation and the dedicated position you’ve taken with the team.

    Just don’t say “Drury bashers look at box scores only”, because thats not the case with this basher. I’ve watched both Gomez and Drury like a hawk all sesaon, and Drury has been relatively awful. Want to talk about stats, I don’t care if Drury scores 10 goals all year as long as they are important goals, as long as he works hard for them. His numbers, “low” as they are, are *generous* to the way he’s played as a Ranger. Maybe he’s being used incorrectly, but where I come from, and the way I learned the game, is that you can’t hold down a really good hockey player no matter what, and even less so with a real *leader*. You think if you put a guy like Rod Brind’Amour on the 4th line he’s not going to find a way to make a difference in the game? Adam Graves. ADAM GRAVES.


    Summary: NYC has exposed Drury for the hack he is.

  19. Drury has been a bust, but I am not sure if he is a hack. I mean everyone has a bad year. It happens. I am not washing my hands of him just yet. I would bet good money that he comes back and has a better year next year. And I would also bet that he would have a good playoffs if we make it. But the playoffs are a big IF and I don’t want to think about next year yet, because I want this team to somehow turn this shit around. I wouldn’t bet good money that that will happen but I want it so badly to.

  20. *Then again the following year. If the Rags missed the playoffs those seasons, Jagr would have been traded already for the pieces to truly re-build. There are two teams to compare the NYR to: One would be the Maple Leafs who continue to flounder with the vets and free agents. Or the Flyers who traded an injured Forsberg, drafted well, and really re-built. I think the NYR are at the crossroads. Let’s see which way they go.*

    Awesome post. So glad to see someone else seeing this picture, and recognizing that *sometimes you don’t want the team to squeak into the playoffs, LIKE RIGHT NOW*.

    If we ever meet, you’re drinking on me.

    ROB Z. I’m really sorry about your brother.

  21. Salty – To tell you the truth. As far as drury is concerned, I’m not going to defend his production. He is probably the one player on the team that it is the hardest to have patience with, but I’m hanging in there. I don’t like to use stats to define a player. And though I know you didn’t bring it up, I could care less what a guy makes.

  22. newman – i explained the renney thing, but my comment says ‘awaiting moderation.’

    don’t know why.

    I still don’t get how you could not want to see your team make the playoffs. with any roster.

  23. The end of Smith’s tenure and all of Sather’s tenure before the lockout has been making the team good enough to just qualify for the playoffs. And that is what I said yesterday has screwed this team because we never received high draft picks instead we always got the 10th-15th range. Sather has never been about rebuilding this team. If so he would have traded Jagr, Nylander and Straka right after the lockout and let all of our kids play. I for one do not expect him to suddenly see the light and truly rebuild this team.

    My guess is we get vborny (who won’t make much of an impact b/c he is mediocre) and we will probably give up malik and prucha or callahan or a dupont/pyatt type player. Vborny will stink and we still won’t make the playoffs. I would sign Forseberg only so we didnt have to trade any kids, but why the hell would Forseberg want to come play for the Rangers when there is a good chance we wouldn’t make the playoffs even if he was on the team. He is gonna go to a sure thing in my opinion, Detroit being the smartest move for him.

  24. Beer Me!: So you would be happy if we traded draft picks and young players for Sundin so we could qualify for the playoffs and lose to the Senators in the first round?

  25. absolutely not. i stated this a.m. that i do not want aging vets. why do you need sundin to make the playoffs?

    hey – can any of you see a long post by me @ 12:09????

    dont’ know why it’s awaiting moderation.

  26. Thank you all for the kind words. They are appreciated a ton.

    Imagine Foppa going to Detroit? Would they even have to play the playoffs. When he signed they would start engraving the Cup.

  27. i don’t think sundin would gurantee anything and our roster as is should be good enough, but this is glen sather we are talking about. he who acquired bure, kovalev and jagr in desperate attempts to make the playoffs before

  28. Detroit has the entire Swedish National Team. I watched Detroit Play last night, They are a sight. They give the goaltenders nightmares, as opposed to us where we make every goaltender look like Patrick Roy.

  29. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    We can all debate all our line combos and what needs to be done till we are blue in the face…. but here is the bottom line. THE TEAM IS GOING NOWHERE WITH TOM RENNEY AS COACH.

    He continues to overuse our fourth line and as long as that goes on we will not win. This is not a knock on any of the guys on the line who do play up to their ability mind you, they do not put themselves on the ice. If instead of 8-10 minutes a game that the fourth line gets it should be more like 5 tops. That ice can be redistributed to guys with offensive upside. Betts will clearly get more than 5 because he is a top penalty killer. It kills us that he is our only 4th liner that does kill penalties because then we are forced to overuse guys like shanahan who do not belong in that role. Also Hollweg in my mind is really a useless player at this point. Orr is our tough guy and must be dressed against division opponents(although NOT EVERY GAME RENNEY). Lets say you benched hollweg and replaced him with callahan, look at how much better our team could be. First off he is the same kind of player as hollweg with far more offensive upside. He does all the energy things that hollweg provides. Then you could doubleshift jagr for orr and suddenly a line of betts jagr and callahan could provide a little more offensive spunk.

    Another killer by renney is his constant desire to break up our forward units for the power play. What ends up happening is A. Our PP has no chemistry and gets embarassed and B. The next few minutes of even strength time are spent trying to put our normal lines back together. The reason the fourth line is tolerable at times is because they are the only ones who always take consistent shifts together.

    Any opinions guys or sam? I always read the blogs, but do not always post. I know I am a die hard ranger fan and alot of you are too and I am interested to see your feelings on my points.

  30. Mr Potato Head on

    Baloney. If Drury is feeling the heat, it’s deserved. He is trying to win just as hard as the next guy. If anything, he is getting cut too much slack.

    If it weren’t for his time on the PP, this guy would have numbers similar to Prucha’s.

    Slats, you acknowledged your mistake last year with Aaron Ward. Do the same and jettison Drury at the deadline. NYR has its 2nd line center, and its Brandon Dubinsky.

  31. TSN reports:

    The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired LW Prucha, D Malik, and C Dubinsky from the New York Rangers in exchange for

  32. awwww just kidding, I just wanted to see how many people would blow a gasket over Dubi being dealt.

  33. Spectorshockey.net is reporting that Rangers defenseman Marek Malik has reportedly been shot and severely wounded while hunting in the Pine Barrens in NJ. A local hunter thought he had found Bigfoot and just opened fire. More to come.

  34. I will go on record here stating if that idiot Sather trades Dubinsky I will not be a ranger fan anymore, you can only take so much of this bulls##t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been a fan since the late 60’s.

  35. Come on guys. Someone bite on one of these and either laugh or get all pissy at me. I don’t care. I am bored and nobody has posted in a while. Give a laugh or tell me off or something.

  36. I still don’t get how you could not want to see your team make the playoffs. with any roster.

    Because with this club, they look at making the playoffs as “good *enough*”.

    I personally don’t understand how you could want to see this team IN the playoffs. They don’t deserve it. Not a single player on the roster deserves to dress for a playoff game. Maybe Blair Betts does, poor bastard.

    As disgusted as you are with this team right now, if you want to not be feeling like this at this point next year, you’d better *cross your fingers and pray to all that you find holy that we continue to sputter out* …. that is the only possible way we lose Jaromir Jagr, and even then, it’s no guarantee. As of right now, I see him coming back and putting a wrench in the gears of this team finding a better way to win games. That’s why you could wan’t to see your team completely miss the playoffs. The fact that people are arrogant enough to not be grasping this concept boggles my mind. Making the post season by the skin of your teeth just for the sake of it after a year like this where everything is *clearly wrong* is such absoulte masturbation. Playoffs do not equal success, Renney should have been shitcanned without a second thought after the Rangers blew the Atlantic Division in ’06. Do I need to paint that picture again for anyone? I obviously have plenty of “color commentary” to spew.

  37. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    dubinsky isnt going anywhere… dont worry.

    WE NEED TO GO 0-3 on the rest of the trip so renney can go and our run can start with schoenfeld or whomever behind the bench

  38. “Renney should have been shitcanned without a second thought after the Rangers blew the Atlantic Division in ‘06.”

    That had nothing to do with Jags going down in game 1 in an mvp year? Or Hanks helmet being too tight or whatever caused the headaches? nothing to do with that?

    I like dubinsky…I’ll even buy his Maple Leafs jersey when he’s dealt there! haha No, seriously, don’t trade this guy.

  39. Like I posted earlier, I’m starting to think that in order for the rangers to win the cup in 94 the rangers had to SELL!! there soul to the devil and that devil is james dolan with his
    right hand man sather. The devil just wants to sell seats and just make the playoffs as he laughs all the way to the bank, man I’m in a foul mood. I wish the rangers were in a foul mood tonight and take it out on the flyers. God only knows how much i hate philly town period and the flyers, more than the islanders.

  40. Drury bashers only look at the boxscores? Are you kidding me? I watch every freaking game and he’s played like shit. Drury has been fine at faceoffs and the rest of his game has been horrendous. It is amazing that two weeks ago Prucha looked like he was getting hot 4 goals in his previous 6-7 games and all of a sudden he’s pulled off the line with Dawes and Dubinsky as well as off the pp. Since having to play with the invisible Drury Prucha has fallen off. I saw someone blame Jagr for Drury stinking it up are you kidding me?

  41. Western Canada Survivor on

    Well guys cheer up…According to Zipay, Professor Renney has Malik and Valiquette in tonight with Mara out–a winning formula against our first place rivals.

  42. Boy I wish Nicky Futiu was playing tonight, best ranger enforcer, jeez, Domi looked good on leetch’s night, he still looks like he can kick a@@, I rather see domi on the fourth line than hollweg!!!!


    Maybe these guys need to take a let’s just have fun approach, play some hot dog’n pond hockey. It would probably be more fun to watch then what we have been watching. And who know maybe they will start winning.

  44. Did Renney not watch the tape of Strudwick skating in humus and quicksand? Good lord. I guess Renney is going with the George Costanze approach do the opposite of what makes sense and hope by some fluke it works out.

  45. Western Canada Survivor on

    Oh and Salty…I’ve been saying all year that Renney should have gotten the axe in ’06–putting Jagr on the PK down 5 in Game 1 against the Devils was singlehandedly one of the worst coaching moves I’ve ever seen.

  46. Holmstrom is one guy, and he might be the best in the league, at parking himself in front of the goalie and getting shots off, at all costs. He takes a beating, and still he plants himself there and does what it takes to win. It really isn’t too much to ask of someone on our team to do this. If you are strong on your skates and a strong player who doesn’t get knocked off balance easily and you have even a decent pair of hands???? I mean come on now.

  47. That was a brutal move no question. I wouldn’t have fired Renney after the ’06 playoffs. I think he did a nice job during the second half of last year and he coached circles around Hartley in the playoffs.


    And I also say that if we don’t make or go anywhere in the playoffs they really need to look at changing the coaching situation. I mean if Renny can not make a run at it with these players how will he ever come close with young players that need MORE nourishment than these vets.

  49. since it was my quote I am obligated to respond…I guess.

    I’m not going to defend Drury. Nor will I bash the guy the way he’s being bashed. It’s been resolved that we all know he isn’t going to score 90pts b/c he makes a lot of $. He hasn’t scored the clutch goals we’ve seen … against us. But I’m not ready to run the guy out of town or blame him for our woes. The same way I’m not done with this season.

    Look at it this way, Matteau is a garden legend b/c of 2 goals, in the playoffs. That’s it.

    I know some of us enjoy trying to get a rise out of each other, but I’m getting bored with it. We pick a different guy to tear apart each week. Really pisses me off. In the words of David Putty, “Gotta support the team”. (nevermind what team he was referring to)

    Newman – did you ever see my response to the ‘renney in disguise’ thing? It still says awaiting moderation and I don’t want to repost since it’s a long explanation.

  50. He doesn’t take nearly the beating he used to take before the lockout. He used to get crosschecked and piggy back guys in front ala Graves in the 90’s. The new rules of not being allowed to crosscheck or battle in front has made him a better player and will ensure he’ll last longer. Prucha is willing to stand in front but doesn’t get pp time anymore.

  51. sure, if we miss the playoffs, a coaching change could benefit the team. But at this point of the season, it’s old-school, ‘typical’ ranger brass. I’d like to think we’re trying to get away from that.

    Holmstrom is the shiznit. Drafted him in the 3rd rnd in fantasy draft. nasty.

  52. I agree with you on that. And Prucha will battle in front and maybe has better hands than Holmstrom, but Holmstrom is definitely harder to move. It takes a lot for him to go down.

  53. I didn’t expect 90 points or anywhere close. I expected him to be one of the better two way players. As it turns out he has been the exact opposite. I have no issue with Jagr getting ripped my issue is that Drury gets a free ride from some in the media and even a couple of posters for being much much worse than Jagr. As far as Matteau after he had a terrific playoffs in 94 I thought he was gonna be a solid 20-25 goal guy for a long time here. As it turned out he had an awful 94-95 season and struggled mightily in 95-96 as well before being traded for Momesso.

  54. Rob Z., thoughts and prayers going out to you and the family!

    No one answered my question about why Foppa would ever come to NYC given where he has playedn and where all the teams in question are?

    Beer Me!, just give me a few attributes of Renney that make him a good coach. Just a handful…I can’t go back and find the old thread. Besides, if there so many of them they should be easy to rattle off.

    On the Drury thing, he has been misused. I would play him on the PP in front of the net. I would tell him that anytime the puck is in the offensive zone he should just camp in the slot. Why on earth he is ever around the perimiter is beyond me. That is not where he is most effective.

    But overall has he been a total bust? Not so sure. He makes good plays. He knows where to be a lot. He has playoff experience. He has leadership qualities. I am not saying hoist the Cup because of Drury, but I am also not saying chuck him overboard….yet.

    His results this year have been sub par but not a major reduction from his career numbers. I cannot write him off just yet because I think he deserves some slack for his environment changing from Buffalo to NYC. That is enough to impact anyone, even though he grew up 1 hour outside of NYC. Also, Lindy Ruff seems to be a better, more passionate coach than Renney. That last thought is pure conjecture but I thought worth mentioning.

  55. graves – I don’t know if I totally followed the jags/dru thing. But in comparison, I’d say that neither one of them are playing to their capabilities, kinda equal in that respect.

    And not so much directed towards you… But I could really give two sh-ts about the media’s opinion. I read for the quotes and the news. I like coming here cause Sam does a great job with being up to the minute. The ‘if I were GM’ stuff is b/c he’s a fan like us. Which makes it more fun here. But if he doesn’t want to say jagr sux, or drury sux, I could care less. And that goes the same for all the columnists or beats, they’re trying to sell papers.

  56. newman – the comment was from 12:09 today…this thread. screw it…I’ll repost here…..
    From 12:09….
    Newman – I am not Renney in disguise, though I’d love the paycheck, but would never take the job. I think it’s far too tough to go through and try to pick out positives when your team is hovering around .500. But if you transplant ourselves back 2 years ago, you’d find plenty.

    That’s where my loyalty originated from. Though I do NOT give 100% credit…He took/lead a team/organization that had lost it’s direction and gave it a destination and delivered to us a team we were proud of. We had no (formal) captain, not much leadership to speak of other than a journeyman or two, and meshed some vets with some youth and did a fine job with it. Sure, Slats brought the players in, and it was in part Renney’s assessment of them as the Director of Player Personnel. Which is another reason I say stay the course with him. He’s seen the majority of the players that are coming up for many years now, when they were just teenagers. If this is to the the Future Blue, then that’s the guy you want. I certainly would not mind seeing Shoeny behind the bench, but he’s turned it down…he’s smart. You normally don’t get ripped on in the Asst GM’s office.

    Further, to speak to an off-ice point, I remember hearing Gomer and Dru both state that Renney coaching was part of the reason they signed in NY. Much the way highschool football players select colleges. (in part)By the way the school(or in this case organization) represents itself, how they will be coached/trained, and the facilities. If we are to obtain attractive UFA’s in a salary cap world, it takes all of those things. Playing/living in the greatest city in the world doesn’t hurt either, but that’s not my point here ;) B/c a lot of guys can’t handle it.

    Lastly, I am a fan of the way he treats his players. To his own admission sometimes to a fault. But I admire his ability to identify hockey players as people. Not just a center who makes $10mil this season. His views on what it means to be a Ranger, that it means more than photo-ops(looking at you avery), or big pay-days, or the glitz and glamour of NYC, etc.

    So my admiration for our coach goes a bit deeper than the standings. I will give him the benefit of the doubt when lines are introduced, or questionable decisions are made. But I have never, nor will I give him a free-pass when obvious errors are made. And if you look around long enough after a decision has gone awry, you will see the admission of fault in a quote somewhere, if you don’t…stop reading The Post. haha. Hope that explains it.

  57. NY – Brandon Dubinsky and Petr Prucha (NY Rangers) were traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Defenseman Brian Campbel.

    J/K. Nasty, that was fun!

    A statement if I may.

    We don’t often agree here, and we don’t have to. But there’s no question that we are fans of one of the greatest sports franchises. And by getting pissed off somedays with what we read here only shows (me) that, agree or disagree, the passion we have for the team is astonishing. So I guess ‘thank you’ is in order for keeping the passion at the highest level. I’m outta here for an afternoon of boring-ass meetings. 60min+ tonight!


  58. “That had nothing to do with Jags going down in game 1 in an mvp year? Or Hanks helmet being too tight or whatever caused the headaches? nothing to do with that?”

    Late response, but apparently I do infact need to repaint the picture in which we were *1 point* away from clinching the Atlantic Division Title with what, 10+ games to go in the season and we couldn’t pull it off. Renney couldn’t shake his reccesive teste back out into his bag in time to get his team pumped up to even TIE one of those games? Against the likes of the shitty flyers,pens , and islanders?? A TIE would have done it and they choked on it. I *wasn’t even* referring to that playoff entry, I personally can hardly count that series, I’ve tried to bury getting swept by the devils in the first round DEEP down. However, some people look at merely qualifying for the playoffs as a success, and they swallow down the actuality that that team should have and could have ended that sesaon with a much bigger bang than that creamy wet fart. So no, I don’t blame Jagr’s injury, and I don’t blame Henke’s injury. Jagr wasn’t injured in those last 10 games.

  59. Western Canada Survivor on

    I can appreciate why people side with Renney, but I will still say I’ve been down on this guy since pretty much Day 1.

    Let’s start with the simple fact that a team with Dom Moore, Marcel Hossa, Martin Rucinsky, Blair Betts as a second line center, and Tom Poti supported Jagr/Straka in ’05-’06–my point is that it was so easy to win. It was the year after the lockout and EVERYTHING was a penalty, plus nobody had figured out how to kill penalties or defend because of the new rules. It was no coincidence that we started to lose once refs stopped blowing their whistle everytime Jagr got hooked. I like Prucha, but it was also no coincidence that a 5’9” forward scored 30 goals that year–nobody could get touched without a penalty call. There were also absolutely no expectations that year–so for those reasons I always HATE the argument that Renney brought this team to credibility.

    Last year was a near collapse and this year we’ve looked even worse, but we have a chance because the NHL East is just as bad as the NBA east.

    Tom Renney is a Juniors coach. If we we’re going for a youth movement-great, I’d have patience, but when you sign Drury and Gomez after signing Shanny a year before, you are going all out for the Stanley Cup and you need a coach who knows how to do the same-not the guy who’s moment of glory was with the Kamloops Blazers in 1991.

  60. OK. I agree with a some of your points.

    I will come back with this: He got us to where we are but cannot get us to where we want to go.

    The collapse at the end of the 06 season was abhorrent. Last year was a truly exciting and fun filled run. How much was Renney and how much was Lundqvist and Avery? (I am exaggerating by giving props to just those two players, but you get my point.)

    The real issue is, are we seeing continued progress and a real gameplan being put to work? I just don’t think I can answer yes to either of those.

    Renney should be sh*tcanned if we don’t make the playoffs this year. In fact, if we don’t make it to the 2nd round he should be sent packing. Some might even say if we don’t improve on last year and win 2 rounds, he should be canned, given the talent we have. But maybe that is a little too harsh.

    Sadly, if Isaiah Thomas can do what he did and get an extension from Dolan, I don’t think Renney is going anywhere regardless of the results.

  61. Western Canada Survivor on

    Might I also add, that I am extremely embarassed that I root for a hockey team which has internal issues because a player doesn’t shake the Coach’s hand.

  62. ok, i have 3min before my 2:30.

    newman- Unfortunately we don’t know what the future holds or what changes really effect a season’s outcome. And as I’ve said, if we miss the postseason I can’t say I disagree with a change behind the bench, but I can only hope every single player on the roster returns with NO changes. No one can make this team a winner.

    salty – I didn’t realize you were referring to the reg. season. I’d restate myself, but I can’t right now. sorry.

  63. Whoever said above that everyday there’s a new player we bash is right on.


    Because this is a TEAM. Every single player on that team is responsible for the position they’re in… including the coach. Every player is underachieving this year, not just Drury.

    If Slats goes out and gets another center I’ll be shocked. I mean I know this guy knows more about hockey than I do (hope so anyway) but to think a center is the answer sounds like a total shot in the dark.

    I dunno. Maybe I’m just depressed but there seems to be sooooo much wrong with this team. Where do you begin?

  64. TSN just reported that the Rangers traded Dan Girardi and Petr Pruhca to L.A. for Rob Blake and Jason Labarbera.

    sorry just had to follow the trend…

  65. Rob Z, sorry for your loss. I lost my younger brother 5 years ago, we always had a blast at Rangers games. Anybody who uses the term “rags” doesn’t belong leaving posts here. The team definitely needs a change, so lets not panic until it is done. Nobody wants Slats to get back into his old habits. I’m with Beer Me…Let’s go Rangers!!

  66. Can you provide a link? I can’t find the article. This cannot be true. If it is we got screwed.

  67. Western Canada Survivor on

    My last Renney knock of the hour:

    “I think New Jersey tomorrow night and in Montreal on Sunday lends itself to Henrik, and Steve has played well in here (38 saves in his Rangers debut, a 3-1 win on March 27, 2004), the one time he was here with us anyway,” said Tom Renney. “He’s looked good when he’s played, so there’s zero concerns about that. He’s big guy and he takes up a lot of the net, and Philadelphia’s a physical team.”

    So because the guy played well in Philly 4 years ago, Renney thinks he’s fit to play the first place team tonight. This guy talks so far out of his you know what.

  68. That’s fine as long as they didn’t trade Girardi. We have to keep to the youth movement.

  69. and what the hell does the fact that Philadelphia being a physical team have to do with starting Valiquette in goal? Does he really think having Valiquette in goal will somehow negate Philly physical play?

  70. HA! You know I actually laughed too when I read that. However, if you look into it a little more, and (yes) you have to twist it a bit. (you know me, looking for a positive here) At least he has some type of history in the bldg. Hank’s only played that one game in Newark and it was a win. So if hanks not playing back to back, you want vally to start in philly.

    as reported… mara out and malik in …. Let’s say you HAVE to dress Malik b/c scouts will be in the bldg to see him play, and it comes from Slats that he MUST dress. I think I’d rather have Struds in the lineup vs. a physical philly team than Mara. I like Mara, but given the circumstances, he takes a seat. Think he’ll still shake Tom’s hand?

  71. carmine sperto on

    hey sam

    too bad the players dont show the same emotion on the ice as they did in the locker room when malik blew off renney.
    and speaking of renney, what is he doing going around the clubhouse shaking the players hands after one win. what a wimp. get a coach in here with some backbone. let shoenfeld
    takeover, he may light a fire under this complacent bunch of underachievers. renney is being tuned out and the players do no fear him and his well dressed staff.

  72. I think Shanny, Drury and Gomez may have thought Renney did a great job coaching the team to the playoffs first year after the lockout, from the outside. Unfortunately in reality Jagr and Henrik were the reasons we got there as stated above. Do you think Drury has liked the way he has been used, do you think Cullen liked never playing the puck on the powerplay even thought that is one of the big reasons they signed him here? You think Prucha likes getting minimal ice time (and zero ice time in overtime) two years in a row after he scored 30 goals as a rookie? He seems to want to be friends with these players and he has clearly become attached to them. That is ok to a point but when he starts bringing up in press conferences that Marek is a great guy who he’d love to have as his neighbor (until recently I presume) he is crossing the line. A coach has to put the entire team’s interests before the interest of any single player or his feelings towards a player. Renney has not done that or we would still not be catering our entire power play to Jagr. He has repeatedly said that Pearn and him have told the players all year to crash the net on the pp and regular strength. And yet why then with 30 games left does he still have to be yelling this at his players? The players have clearly been ignoring him and his staff. If I was the coach I would be benching players who ignored direct orders. If my boss kept telling me to write a report a certain way and I never did, do you think he’d keep telling me or get rid of me?

    Renney is lucky he works under an inept gm and an even worse owner. Any sane owner would have fired sather, renney (and thomas) by this point

  73. Mr Potato Head on

    I hope Malik gives Renney a jumping high five after the game just to shove it up the media’s *** who have thrown gasoline onto Malik’s fire.

  74. the only thing malik should get is a one-way ticket out of town.

    a team morale disrupter. a problem off the ice, and a big soft pylon on the ice.

    his sulking selfishness is plenty enough to shitcan him asap

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