Frustrated? Angry? Confused? Talk to your doctor about….


…no longer watching the Rangers.

Seriously, it’s now readily apparent these final couple of months are not going to be easy. Look no further than last night’s brain cramp in Carolina.

But if only because I’m trying to figure it all out myself, let’s go with another Q-and-A today You should know the drill by now: Send me your questions about this befuddling team in the comments section below, and I’ll answer a group of them in a later post.

I have no crystal ball, no magic formulas, just my own take on what I’ve seen to date.

Until later…

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  1. This is a repost from the last thread:

    It is so frustrating to lose like we lost last night. I don’t know if it was just me, but after that first period they had me half fooled. Half fooled in to thinking that this team has been reading the papers and reading the blogs and realized what they need to do to win a game. More importantly, what they need to do to be a “Team.” This team battled together last night in that first period. We were by far the better team in the first period. Stuck up for each other, hell I even thought Jagr was going to fight someone. I sat on the couch and almost talked to myself and I said to myself, “OK Nasty, if we can play two more periods like this, maybe just maybe this team is going somewhere good.” I looked at my wife and said, “They are looking good hun, but I am pretty sure they can’t keep up this style of play for an entire game.” I said, “Carolina is going to go in to the locker room and discuss the period and then come back with a game plan and shove it up our a**.” She told me not to worry and that maybe the break was good for the team and they were all energized, I just shook my head. Sure enough they came out and make some stupid mistakes and sure enough they did come and shove it directly up our ass. Two of the mistakes, Tyutin and Girardi joining the rush or trying to make plays up ice when there was absolutely no reason to. IMO there is no reason for them to make plays up ice unless we are in the third period and now taking chances to make a comeback, or if the game is out of reach and we are just going on all cylinders. Those two brain farts aside, we could have won that game. But we didn’t, again. And until this team has some consistent scoring and a win streak, let’s not be passing the puck back once we have gained the zone, unless we are on the PP. Look, just look at what it leads to. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hockeymanrangers on

    How often does Sather talk to the players??? Is this something he does at all or occasional or what. And would the players speak up as to what they think some of the problems are, even if it means talking bad about somebody??

  3. Who makes the final/ultimate decision to call a player up from Htfd?

    Has anyone indicated which of the UFA’s may NOT be offered contracts?

    Is it still Pearn that works with the PP as he indicated back at that Q&A with the fans?

  4. Sam,

    Is trading Jaromir Jagr a real possibility? Would trading him really do anything for this team one way or the other? What kind of package would we even expect to receive for him


  5. Hey Sam,
    First time poster. You do a great job with the blog. Here’s my question: In regards to the Power Play, why have the Rangers been so predictable the last two years? I mean if I was coaching the other team I would just tell them to get in the shooting lanes and passing lanes, and its that simple because the Rangers dont move around on the PP. They stay in one spot and just move the puck around. I mean doesnt Tom Renney watch teams like Montreal and why they are so successful (they are constantly moving and making it hard on the opposing team). I mean our talent level is so much higher (supposedly) and yet we stand around and are way too predictable. Same goes for 5 on 3. If we could just put away a few goals here and there we would get so much more confidence to play 5 on 5. Another question is how exactly do Renney and Pelino share PP responsibilites? I mean does Pelino diagram plays only, does Renney put out the line combos? Any why are Shanny and Jagr out there together on the PP when we know that doesnt work? Thanks a lot Sam. I appreciate it.

  6. Sam,

    How many of the players on the team actually have a real set of ba*ls? And how many of them just have a mangina? I am just curious.

    Thank you,
    Warm Regards,
    The Nasty 1

  7. Why is it that the Rangers fail to generate quality scoring chances off the rebound? Basically all a goaltender has to do to beat us is stop the first shot, because we are unable to get to any loose pucks in the slot or generate any consistent pressure in the area around the net.

  8. Sam,

    Of course this time of year rumors are heating up. Two I have heard of, Malik on the trade block, but Sather wants a top 4 Dman, is this possible? and the other is Forsberg possibly signing with the Rangers, would this be worth it, would it really help or just hurt this team?

    Thank You.

  9. Sam, is it just laziness and the team not giving 100%… or is it, from what you’ve seen at the practices, a failure on the part of the coaches (whether it be system, motivation, etc.)

    Do you think a coaching change would help? Or is the frustration solely the players’ faults?

  10. Is it possible that the rangers were totally over hyped and over rated before the season started!!!!

  11. Sam, I don’t believe they would every trade Jagr but they could fetch a decent draft pick/ prospect for Shanny. I have loved Shanny since I was a kid and he played for St. Louis but I sometime feel as much as they say they are the yin to the others yang that Jagr could be a more efficient player/ leader without him there. What do you think?

    Also when the season started I like all was on the “Drury Train” but I am back on my this S**t guy is over rated. i don’t care how clutch you are in big games it take 82 games to get to the playoffs so you can be “clutch”. Is Drury a Valeri Kamensky or do you think that he needs a season to adjust? Either way I don’t think I’ll ever love him.

  12. that guy who loves the Rangers on

    It has come very apparent as of late that the Rangers are surrounded by trade rumors. Whether it is about Sundin, Marian Hossa, Forsberg, Blake, Campbell, Prospal, or whomever, is their any truths for sure about this? Who do you think is truly on the trading block?
    Also, I was thinking about what would happen if the Rangers did go into a sell mode like they did with Leetch, do you think something like that could happen this season? If so who would probably be dealt in that case?

  13. Call up Callahan!!! We need his energy and his grit. Dawes has a great shot but that is it. He is a one-dimensional player.

  14. SAM

    Given Lundqvist’s play as of late, what do you think the chances are that Montoya ends up getting some sort of opportunity? What is your opinion on signing Lundqvist “long term” at this point? Also, do you think he really wants to stay behind an impotent team like this? He’s not making a very regal case for himself lately, and I’m personally very interested in giving Montoya a look before we just dish him away.

  15. The reason the Rangers can’t get over the top is because they only have good players not GREAT players.Dawes, Cally, Prucha, Girardi, Tyutin, Straka, Hossa, etc. are all good, but none are great. Dubinsky and Stall may be a little better than the rest, but none of these guys has the talent of a Datsyuk, or a Phenuef, or an Iginla or a Lecavilier that puts a team over the top. Wht does the PP suck? There is only one guy worth a damn on it-JAGR. The other teams just jump all over him, and watch the rest of the monkeys hump a football. The Rags had a chance to give the PP an identity by signing Sheldon Souray, but felt Drury was money better spent. I feel the Rags should be sellers in the next couple weeks. And I wouldn’t object to low ball offer to Ottawa for Emery either.

  16. The problem with the Rangers is simple. They play a dump and chase game but do not consistantly go to the net. Matter of fact they never crash the net. Against a team like the Hurricanes their defense gets exposed. There is not a single defensive that puts any fear into the opposing players, the veterans are slow and the young guys are prone to mistakes. Girardi is prime example of this.. On top of all of this, Chris Drury is invisible most nights, Petr Prucha has completely lost his hands, Martin Straka has not been Martin Straka and their 4th line never chips in witha big goal. Not to mention Hank looks average in the nets.. At the end of the day they don’t fully committ to playing 60 minutes and other teams right now realize that there will be opportunities to take advantage of their mistakes during the game.

  17. There is no doubt in my mind that the rangers should be sellers. If the rangers give up young talent and/or draft picks for any of the UFA’s (rented players) that will be out
    on the trading block, it will be a huge mistake and the rangers will be going back to the teams of the late 90’s early 2000’s. It is time to turn the page and get rid of Jagr and his cronies and all other ranger ufa’s. sather must start thinking to build around drury and gomez and not Jagr.

  18. on

    miserable game and I am deflated again. Part of the problem for a not so obvious reason is why Renney is so mildl and calm with the referees when we get the shortend of the stick. Granted, the second and third periods were complete brainfarts on how they scored but I thought we played a decent game and as much as I hate to blame anything on the refs I don’t think you can even begin to critique this game without overlooking the horrible non calls and stupid officiating. Avery got tossed which threw us out of our rhythm but the non calls on Gomez were stupid. Orr should have gotten a righteous penalty when he took someone down. The refs knew the importance of this game and they should have let them play the game but in a way where no cheap shots or stupid stuff was allowed. Jagr’s chance on a PP was eliminated because he dove after he tripped? When will Renney realize he needs to take a page out of the John Tortorella book – not all the time but once in a whole act as if the refs are stealing something from you and your team – get rid of the nice guy act and act like a coach who gives a shit and will let the refs know. I am sick and tired of Shanahan being the only one who says something to the refs most of the time – let Renney get off his high horse and maybe show some emotion – his team needs it and we’re tired of letting this nice guy act go on further. Look at the coach across the pond – Sutter – ever see one of his post game interviews where he holds everyone accountable. Makes the players ride their bikes after a poor performance? Come on, these are highy paid athletes and they are accountable, make them pay after brain farts and let the officials know they are stealing from us,

  19. Sheldon Souray is so overrated.Montreal’s power play hasn’t him at all.Souray has injured his shoulder once again in Edmonton.The shoulder will require surgery at some point in the near future

  20. Agreed on Souray. He has hardly played this year, and when he has his #’s are garbage anyway. Mtl’s PP is still the best in the nhl without him there. that all equals…and overrated and overpaid player.

  21. Sam,

    In my mind, Jagr is not the right player to be captain of this team. Given his personaity, would it be possible to remove the “C” from him and still have him perform as an effective player on the Rangers?

  22. What is more likely – Renney gets canned or Renney stays and Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Malik and Mara get shipped out?

    Are you of the opinion that since really 50% (at least) of an NHL coach’s job is to motivate his players and hold them accountable, and this team has far more talent than the one across the river (if you agree with that), that most of this really does in fact fall on the coach?

  23. VtRanger…Mark Messier could be captain of this team and the product you see on the ice wouldn’t change.

  24. Beer Me…responding to your question of players not hitting the net and how it’s the coaches fault:

    It is called discipline and holding people accountable.

    You ever play pond hockey? The reason why pond hockey is so great is because it doesn’t matter if they come down on a 3 on 0 breakaway because you all were loafing to get back. Who cares? You get the puck and you start out again coming back at them. Simple. No one to bench you. No one to get on you for playing stupidly.

    It seems like the Blueshirts are playing pond hockey right now. They all get paid OK. They all date hot chicks. They have a good life in arguably the greatest city in the world. They all skate around like they don’t care if they win or lose. There is no accountability. This comes 100% from the coach. You ever seen or heard of Renney raising his voice or getting loud for some players stupid play?

    Miss the net on a 4 on 2 where you take a slapper from 60 feet and I’ll rip your head off if you are on my team.

    Why doesn’t Renney do that? I am not asking for him to do it all the time. But I don’t want him to NEVER do it.

    The same way if we have a 5 on 3 powerplay and someone takes an unobstructed slapper from the point, which is the maybe the stupidest thing you can do. (I can’t tell you how many MORONIC fans in the seats are like, “Shoot it,” when one of our guys on the blueline has the puck in a 5 on 3. It f-ing kills me.) If that happened, you would all agree that there is a coaching issue. Missing the net on odd-man rushes, esp when it leads to a goal, is practically the same thing.

    If a guy like Keenan was in charge the idea would be, “I don’t care who you are, if you are not making smart decisions and not making it happen but are causing us to lose games, ride the frickin pine.”

    So do I think Renney is out there taking the shots on goal (and missing), no of course not. But in pond hockey I used to try all the spin-o-rama, between-the-legs plays because there was no recourse. I didn’t give a crap if they didn’t work. There was no coach to get on me.

    The Rangers probably had 10 odd-man rushes last night including a few 4 on 2s where they just acted like a bunch of uncoached pond hockey players.

    That was my point.

    And one other thing that someone mentioned earlier, how is it that it’s Feb 1st basically and we still don’t have set lines. WTF! That is 100% the coach.

  25. cwgatti, how do you explain the Devils, other than Brodeur there is no one on that team who is great…What they do have is a string of good coaches with a system that works.
    You would think after 50+ games Renney would change the
    system, you know, adapt to what other teams are doing, instead of forcing this supposed system down the players throats. Its become obvious to all of us that this system either DOES NOT WORK or the players just don’t like it.

    Sam, What are the coaches saying? Why don’t they adapt to the situations on the ice? It seems the game plan is poor at best and it shows almost every game.

  26. We need at least 100 points to make the playoffs.. the division is just too close right now! So that means what, 23 out of the 31 games have to be wins? I say we go into sell mode. Do whatever you can and get some top picks.

    Drury is a great leader, and Gomez is our top point guy. Build the team around them, not the Czech Republic.

  27. New Newman,
    I thought the same thing last night about the lines. It appears Renney changes lines like he is playing the craps table at a casino. I don’t understand that at all. I still think the rangers should be sellers though but since I’m sure sather won’t do that because Renney will tell Sather that he can get these guys going, blah, blah, blah and nothing will change. The easiest thing for sather to do would be to make a coaching change but that won’t happen either. I just got this bad feeling in my stomach that sather is going to make a stupid trade and trade young talent and draft picks for a rented player which IMO is not going to do a dam thing.

  28. tomg and New Newman,
    Not only does he change the lines, but they don’t make much sense. Avery on the top line? come on!
    Drury on the 3rd?
    The way these guys have been playing Jagr belongs on the 3rd line. He has done absolutely nothing that makes me believe he should be on the 1st line.
    Of late, Dubinski and Dawes should be on the first line. Whoever said Dawes has a great shot only is not watching the games i’ve been watching. He is also a good passer, and from what I’ve seen his Defensive game has come along since his last stint in Hartford

  29. Sam,

    Do you feel the non-hockey side of MSG/The Rangers becomes too much of a distraction for the players? I’ll admit that I don’t follow other teams’ off-ice activities, but it seems to me that the Rangers are always involved in some sort of dinner, or benefit, or public skate, or retirement ceremony.

    Is the hockey a secondary concern for management and ownership? Do you get the feel that the players are distracted more often than they should be?

  30. Doodie Machetto on


    Why can’t I stop watching this team even though they constantly disappoint me?

    I think this year has been the most disappointing since 92-93. Do you agree?

  31. Sam,

    I guess the frustration begins with the team not playing 60 minutes of hockey. The team last night looked slow and sloppy. Is Carolina that quick or are the Rangers just that slow? One Ranger in particular that look really slow and old was Brendan Shannahan. Is it time for hime to hang them up? Is it time to trade Straka and/or Jagr and go with a complete youth movement? At what point do we “abandoned ship?”


  32. Agree with the comment above that we don’t have any internal premier talent. The Russian could be that if he has the work ethic, butthe biggest problem going forward that we will most likely still need to sign a sniper as a free agent. The reason this is the case that in all those years when the Rangers missed the playoffs they never were bad enough that they got top 3 picks. The one year they drafted very highly they picked two guys who never panned out. Even if we were to trade guys like Jagr and Shanny, I am not that confident in Sather getting great packages. Look at his trades from the last time we were sellers. He only dealt with Canadian teams and the best prospect he got (Umberger) he refused to sign. The rest of the players are not around, except for Betts that is. I would still like them to be sellers as I don’t think this team would really be any worse if you removed Shanny and Jagr from the lineup. Hell, they could probably be better

  33. Is the hockey a secondary concern for management and ownership?

    Secondary is being *extremely* generous. Your questions are somewhat disjointed, I’m not sure if youre talking about Dolan, Sather, Renney, or the players….? But at MSG, winning teams is a very low priority. The Garden is already sold out everynight for years, its a non issue. FACT: Selling Drury jerseys is more important than Drury actually showing up to play.

    I don’t think the team is “not focused” on hockey. I think there are too many forces pulling in too many directions in the locker room and on the ice. You have Jagr’s men going E to W, You have Shanny’s guys going N to S, and then you have Renney telling everyone to play into this defensive system that I don’t think any of us actually understands yet, and even if the players understand it, it’s not working. You’re losing the dedication needed from Lundqvist. You’re losing the respect that Renney may or may not have ever actually had. It’s not about charity dinners, every team does that.

  34. Wow, there are some pretty good questions put out there. My question is:
    Do you feel it is the coaching system, the way the players utilize the system or a combo of both that is making the Rangers look like Hartford would give them a run for their money?

    ps-Who is going to be traded with Malik (I think it will be 2 or more players)

  35. Staal Wart,
    I agree with you on dawes, I was going to say something about the comment that poster posted about dawes because last night I saw him throw to big body checks where the guy went down on to the ice, so Dawes does have an edge to his game.

  36. Should I be fired?

    Also, in the meantime, how can I fix this team? I’m desperate here. I’m clearly in *way* over my head. Help!

  37. Sam,

    Is this team worse than the Knicks? And I mean at hockey.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Hank, since we have all assumed he would be the true premiere player on this team for years to come and he seems to have regressed. Physical? Mental? Merely a sign of the crapola in front him? Lack of backup competition?


  38. Doodie Machetto ,
    I think your disappointment is because allot of the media was predicting the rangers to be fighting for the top spot in the eastern conference and stanley cup. I wonder if Bettman sent a e-mail out to all media outlets asking them to over hype the rangers to help out marketing the NHL.

  39. Newman – I see your point, and agree with parts of it. Kinda busy at work today, so I have to make this short and hope it makes sense…

    The lines were mixed around a bit last night b/c of the penalty situations, not all of them, but the majority…as I saw it. Beyond that, the changes that were implemented before the a.s. break … worked. The same ones that started last night.

    The problem with holding players accoutable for missing the net, is that it’s our “scorers” that usually miss and take most of our shots. And if you take them off the ice your left with guys who miss the net more than they hit it anyway. We outshot them last night something like 35-24. Shooting wide wasn’t our problem, it was out D & goaltending. I’m going to include in the ‘D’, all of the fwds not backchecking. Ok, once by shanny.

    And I love keenan as much as the next guy, but he never won sh-t before ’94. And nothing after. The leadership there(mess & co.) made up for any shortcoming that keenan may have been responsible for. You never noticed them cause the players would pick up the slack. And that was a well assembled team. Two things Renney doesn’t have at his disposal. And as far as yelling at the refs…It hasn’t done Ruff any good and Torts’ team is horrible. I’ve also NEVER NEVER NEVER seen a ref say ‘Ya know what? You’re right. No penatly, come out of the box’. It accomplishes nothing.

    I’m not excusing him, and never have 100%. But I still don’t see a coaching change making THIS group of players cup champs.

    oh yeah..that was real quick. HA!

  40. Sam, Do you think Glen Sather will trade away part of our future in order to ensure a playoff spot?

  41. I dont understand all this talk out there about us getting Forsberg, last time I checked he could barely skate and is probably one ankle slash away from never walking again. I am in agreement with this blog that we should be sellers and build for next year.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Who will be preparing Jagr’s retirement party…
    A)Scott Gomez (likely to succeed Jagr as the ‘premier’ player on the Rangers topline)?
    B)Good buddy, Martin Straka?
    C)Ted Leonsis (who stills pays $4million+ for Jagr to play on an opposing team)?
    D)The Rangers organization, who are actually in combined retirement party mode, both Jagr and Marek Malik? Details to follow but they project a Bryant Park celebration on the nite the Rangers lose 6-1 to local rival. Or,
    E)None of the above. Team Omsk is actually planning the “Jagr, Welcome Back!” celebration.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  43. Hey Sam

    What is up with Lundqvist? Has the King been dethroned? Also, do you think that Jagr’s lack of production has something to with his option year(84 points, win first round)?


  44. I hate this Forsberg crap too, and have not heard NY mentioned in any reliable facet. It’s all message board garbage.

    From what I’ve heard is that Philly is the place he’ll probably wind up, or DET to join all those other swedes.

  45. Ya know…we also hit 2 posts in a 3-1 game. Way too late to talk about not getting bounces, but sh-t happens.

    Sam – did you hear Jagr say “Just say we suck” in the locker room last night as Zip reported?
    Where you even in Carolina?

  46. “Has the King been dethroned?”

    Someone else would have to step up for this to be official. And I’m starting to get curious. Honestly, as great as it would be for Henke to be the *mega star* that we all bought into…. I’m starting to have serious doubts about him. He has *proven* to be very inconsistant. He plays on polar opposites. He’s either amazing or awful, very little in between. In a way it might almost be better to have someone who is “consistantly very good”, as opposed to “awesome one night, sucks the next”. We shouldn’t ever have been relying on him as much as we do either.

    Why THE HELL do I care about this stuff?
    Oh yeah, it’s a diversion from the the slings and arrows.

  47. Sam

    Should the Rangers not make the playoffs this year, which is becoming an increasingly large possibility, do you see Tom Renney being fired? Also do you think the Rangers will make a move for any of the bigger names (Sundin, Hossa, Campbell)?

  48. Salty – we have no choice but to care. It’s in our blood.

    We’re so close to where we were last year at this point it’s crazy. But the problems seem so different. No? How could this be?

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Correct me if I’m wrong (I saw pieces and hilights of the game), but didn’t Lundqvist get scored on 3 plays which were essentially 2-on-1’s…all 3 of them?

    I’d like to see him stop everything too, but here’s a news flash. THE RANGERS CAN’T SCORE EITHER!!! The Rangers only scored 1, so was Hank supposed to win last night in a shootout or shutout?

    Hank is good, he’s not God. He needs some help from defensman (not allowing odd man rushes) and from the offense who could only put one in last night. You can’t blame your goalie when he gets a 1 goal margin EVERY night.

  50. I’m not giving up hope until we are mathematically out. But it is so damn hard to deal with this team on a consistent basis.

  51. ThisYearsModel on


    Why won’t Renney use Shanahan the way Detroit used him? Why on earth is he ever on the PK? Why does the 4th line get so much more time than the 3rd line, given the problems scoring goals? It seems that Renney’s use of players is often foolish. Also, When will Henrik return to form? He looked like a rookie on the last 2 goals last night.

  52. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Lundy needs a viable back up. Hate on Weekes all you want, but at least when he was here there was the possibility of him playing several games in a row if Lundy was playing poorly. With Valli, no matter how well he plays, Lundy will always get the next game. All that being said, its tough to point the finger at the goalie when the odds are that the Rangers are only going to score once in any given game.

  53. You know who I feel bad for? The player(s) that get traded TO the Rangers. Not for the reason(s) you may think. But b/c most fans will look to them to be this years ‘avery factor’. And it’s not easy to change a teams direction like that.

  54. Montoya needs a shot! Despite being anti-University of Michigan I think the Rangers need to get him up here. Vally has not proven to be a solid backup and therefore not deserving of any playing time. Montoya needs to see some NHL action and why not while this team is in a state of disarray. Maybe I’m hopeful that he can come in a play well enough to win a few close games for the team but more importantly I’m hoping that him showing up and possibly playing well can light a fire under Lundqvist to get him playing like he did in years past or even to the level he was at in the first month or so of this season.

  55. The funniest comments are the ones that state “I feel like I’m watching the same game over and over.” It’s called bad hockey. There’s no “one thing” or even “two things” that need to be fixed.

    1. Team cannot score
    2. PP cannot score
    3. PK cannot kill penalties
    4. Goalie cannot stop pucks

    What the hell else is there? NOTHING is working for this team, not a thing. And it appears to be getting worse, not better. When it’s everything like this, it just has to be the coaching. Or the players. Or both. :)

  56. Sam

    Why can’t Renney just stick with set lines for a bit to give them time to jell?
    What’s with the all constant line mixing and second guessing?

    There’s a reason why guys like Drury and Prucha have been so ineffective and I think that the linemate issue is it.

    If Renney hasn’t figured out by now how to line up all this “talent” we have, then he should be shown the door.
    It boggles my mind how this organization could stand for this.
    If a large reputable corporation were to have a CEO that was not performing up to par and making the comapany suffer, he would be canned for a new chief.

    Rangers fans deserve better than this. We’ve been loyal and patient, but enough is enough!

  57. The only players held accountable on this team are the ones who don’t shake the coaches hand after a win.

    Sam – is there anything more to this Malik story it just seems like we are not hearing everything?

  58. DEFENSE DEFENSE………….. Why don’t they go over the videos of the first 15 games of the season and see what they did then and compare it to what they are doing now.

    I have to go out and by a new remote because of them I should send the bill to Renney. (LOL)

  59. Many of these questions undoubtedly show that the fans are passionate and knowledgeable about their team and hockey in general.
    I don’t have a question; I simply would like to suggest that Tom Renney follow Sam Weinman’s lead and have an identical Q&A with the fans on I wonder why events like this never happen? Is it because Tom is used to giving the same repetitive, clichéd lines to the media that are never really specific and don’t really answer the question?

  60. Sam:

    What would you do if you were Sather?

    The past 2 months the officiating has been atrocious – do the Rangers file formal complaints? Do the refs ever get disciplined?

  61. G2D2

    They did a Q&A with the fans in person a month or two ago. I know for fact at least one person who has posted here on occasion got picked to ask questions (Margaret Hurley). She asked WHY they don’t keep someone in front of the net, Renney the Snake, along with Pearn responded that that is one of the things they spend the most time on in practice but it hasn’t been able to translate in games (something like that, some fork tongued answer).

    The little bit I saw of that made me hate Renney more than I ever did before, just gave me such a piece of shit impression. like, “yeah, I’m just gonna entertain these worm fans with bullshit answers because they don’t really know anything or GET the game”.

    Newsflash Renney: You may “know more” about the game but you’re also missing the big picture here.

  62. Hey Sam, Been reading for a while now, never wrote in till now. I understand that our PP is struggling and nobody is quite sure why given the players we have on our roster. I don’t have a problem with Renney switching up the units from time to time to try and find a solution but why is Prucha not given a real shot at a permanent spot on one of the 2 units? He has shown he can score on the PP both as a rookie and last year. Heck, he even put 2 in against Toronto but now we have Sean Avery, the offensive juggernaut, on the PP? I don’t understand it.

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