Malik on the block?


That’s what everyone’s suspected.

But “Larry Brooks has confirmation”: that Glen Sather is indeed shopping the lanky one around the league.

Word is Sather wants a top-four defenseman in return. Hey, why stop there? Why not throw in a first-round draft pick and a back-up goaltender as well?

No, I think Slats is going to have to lower his price just a tad. Or a lot for that matter.

More later…

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  1. I’ll take him! He can change lightbulbs in my house without a ladder, trim tree branches…I’ll trade slats an old fishing pole that I don’t use anymore.

  2. Mr Potato Head on

    I think what Sather trying to do is deflect attention off of the recent rift between player and coach, and remind potential buyers that Malik is a player who has been the top pairing defensemen here for over 2 years.

    Statistically, he’s played the role well, so why not use that as a barometer for potential return

  3. Aim high and get what you can. Glen Sather is a negotiator and we saw his method during the Avery arbitration.

  4. haha beer me! great post, it’s true he’s quite tall and probably not the worst handyman. i couldn’t care less if he didn’t shake my hand after cleaning my toilets.

    top 4 defenseman? wow. How would teams agree to tha if they know the guy is a healthy scratch, he’s not a quality defender, and he is a clubhouse cancer?

  5. IMO: Malik is a good player and a top 4 D-man. However, He got off on the wrong foot this season. Had many bad games and costly plays which turned the fans against him. In turn, he lost confidence and then disrepected his team and coach. There is no hope for him in a NYR sweater he has to go.

    He moves the puck well and plays good enough D like we saw Tuesday night. Once traded and playing in another city he will find his game of old and Slats could get something worth while for him.

  6. Malik because the whipping boy because of his costly turnovers in the playoffs last year. That carried over to this year and he definitely takes way too many penalties and skates to the penalty box with that confused look on his face and gently taps the boards with a one handed tap of his stick. It is so predictable. Just watch the next time he takes a penalty what he does on the way in to the box. It is almost as predictable as to what Jagr is going to say after a loss. You can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS count on him saying, “it’s tough to say,” or “It’s tough to tell.” At least Jagr has been playing better. I don’t hate Malik, but it is definitely time to send him packing. We can always remember him for his slick shotout goal against Kolzig and leave it at that.

  7. Only way we get a “top four” defenseman is if its a salary dump, we include another player who is actually good or we get a player who isn’t playing well for his team a la Mara, who is not top four defender by any means. Malik is simply not a great defenseman, so Sather must just be setting the bar high, though I can’t see anyone falling for it.

  8. That last post should start, Malik became the whipping boy….. And I will add that it is also because he is a pretty big guy and he refuses to take the body. If he took the body more he wouldn’t get beat so many times and have to take penalties. Simple as that. You go for a poke check and thrown your body in one direction, the person you are defending can easily go in the other direction and blow right past you. They teach that in pee wee hockey.

  9. “We can always remember him for his slick shotout goal against Kolzig and leave it at that.”

    Wow, I wish… unfortunately he has spoiled even that memory… although that is still probably the dirtiest NHL shootout goal to date.

  10. I know we all think Sather is an idiot, but even he cannot think that Malik would fetch a puck-moving d-man in return. He would have to combo Malik with Montoya or a 1st or 2nd round pick to get anything worthwhile in return. Malik on his own would probably only fetch a 3rd or 4rd pick and maybe a lower tier forward. Let’s face it, Malik is at best a 4th defenseman, and that might be giving Malik more credit than he deserves.

    The Rangers have some depth on their roster and in the AHL and they need to determine who is worth keeping and who can be used for trade bait. The Rangers don’t have much LW depth in their organization, though, and they are lacking a physical defenseman and a PP quartback on defense.

    Once they lock up Lundqvist, then they can start looking at trade options involving Montoya. However, I feel that it is imperative that by the deadline the Rangers aquire a reputable back-up goaltender that can be counted upon if something were to happen to Henrik like a long-term injury.

    The Rangers have depth at center in their organization with Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky and Betts on their current roster. They have Anisimov at center still along with some other young guys on the way.

    What moves do you think the Rangers will make as we move closer to the deadline?

    Wat’s on the wishlist…

    A backup goalie? A puck-moving defenseman to man the power play? A physical d-man to move some guys out in front of our own net (Brooks Orpik?)?

    Those are the areas of concern I see going into the stretch drive. It is unlikely that Malik alone would be able to bring back a player to fill even one of those needs outside of perhaps a backup goalie.


  11. Bet you he plays in every game on this road trip.
    Hopefully he plays well and showcases his “talents”

  12. Agreed, but just want to point out that slats didn’t say ‘puck moving’ per se. Unless you were just adding that yourself.

    A lot of top 4 dmen don’t even get PP time, with fwds manning the points. So there’s a variety of top 4 guys out there that play.

  13. Hey Sam,

    People have mentioned that Emery may be available because of his discipline problems with John Paddock, the Ottawa coach. Do you know if his disruption to the team practices was becasue he is no longer the starter or is there a personality conflict between he an the coach or organization?

    The reason I am saying this is because Sather always believes in reclaimation projects. If Emery could accept a role as a backup goalie, maybe play between 25-30 games a season, and if he could get along with Tom Renney, he would be a steal at the deadline as a permanent backup for Lundqvist. Renney is a players coach and generally the players love playing for him – he may be a good match for Emery as a coach.

    If Lundqvist suffered an injury God-forbid, Emery could come in and pick up the reins – hey he was fabulous last season as the de facto starter on Ottawa. It would also allow the Rangers to subsequently trade Montoya away.

    I think Sather should look into the possibility of getting Emery. It could be a steal of a deal, since the Sens want to get rid of him ASAP because of his behavior, plus Gerber has supplanted him as the starter in Ottawa. In addition, last summer and early this fall was when most teams who needed gaolies made their move (such as Fernandez to Boston, Biron to the Flyers, Toskala to the Leafs and Bryzgalov to the Coyotes). This isn’t as much of a goalie market from what I can see now in the NHL – so this may be worth taking a risk on.

    Any thought???

  14. Hopefully, Malik will realize that playing well these few road games is in his best interest in order to get moved somewhere else.

  15. Emery is not a good fit. He is a great athlete but his work habits and attitude make him a poor team mate. I’d rather have Ed Belfour personally.

    As far as Malik is concerned we ditched Aaron Ward last year and got back a much better Paul Mara. Ward was just as mistake prone as Malik (i think he scored 3 on lunqvist). I think Sather is right to hold out for a bit…lower the price if need be closer to the deadline.

  16. So I guess I will be absolutely rooting for Malik tonight.
    Hopefully he lays some big hits (hey I can dream)
    makes some nice passes
    some nice defensive plays
    and scores 2 goals (hey I can dream…right)

  17. I think the only hope of a top #4 d-man would be a similar deal to the Mara-Ward deal, arguably similar level players with different attributes.

    I’d be happy with a bag of pucks and some furry dice for the MSG Zamboni….

  18. Forget Emery. We don’t need another locker room hemroid. Moreso he makes 3.5mil thru the 09/10 season. I can’t see us having that expensive of a backup.

  19. Emery wouldnt work based on the ludicrous salary he’ll be receiving for the next few years…

  20. This is the best news I’ve heard all season…although..can we really get a top 4-dman in exchange for this slow waste of space?

  21. Please make this happen!
    And lets all hope the other teams in the league dont look into any of our messageboards…

  22. How sad it is they had interest from a West coast team this past summer and the Rangers balked.

    Now, I would now take a bag of pucks (game pucks though not practice pucks) and a new zamboni paint job for him.

  23. Guys, come on, we all think Marek Malik is a top pairing D-man, with great passing skills, a menacing physical presence and PP quarterback potential. He’s also a good guy to have in the locker room, and a natural leader both on and off the ice.

    That’s what we all think. Every fan thinks that. And it’s true. We’ve seen it. And we all think it’s unfortunate that his wife is demanding this trade because, lord knows, it’s not us. Because we love him. Blue’s in his blood.

    Really, I hope we never trade him because I don’t think any team could really offer enough…really…he’s pretty much the essential building block in our team’s chemistry.

    So, let’s hope he stays, right? Because, it would have to be a great offer for us to want him moved. Right? Because he’s a really, really good player…

    Hello? Is this thing on?

  24. You’re right Chris F. I will cry long and hard if, heaven forbid, someone swoops down and takes our stalwart D.

    The guy is money.

    Now onto other things….31 games left….I think we need at least 19 wins (or 38 pts) to get to the promised land.

    What thinketh you guys?

  25. Don’t worry, if anyone from the other 29 teams came here and read about how people hate Drury, they’d be laughing too hard and shaking their head too much to read any further.

  26. they’d be laughing too hard and shaking their head too much to read any further.


    yeah, laughing about how NYR continues to try to “buy the cup” only to have big name players come here and bust.

  27. any chance Sather could lure Forsberg here for the remainder of the year? It might be worth a shot. His health is obviously an issue but there’s no doubt he would help the team.

  28. Since Renney sent Malik home on Thursday, they should have at least suspeneded him for that game and taken away his game check, but they probably didn’t.

  29. Rob L…..Are you for real?

    Forsberg is an injured old man who couldn’t play a whole season last year (17 games to be exact) and barely might be able to play 10 games this year. Another marquee name well past his prime and VERY injury prone.

    Exactly what this team doesn’t need, IMHO.

  30. I was so proud and excited to watch Dubi and Staal in the young stars game. I am very excited for the future of this team. I can see Dubi being a captain one day. It is just funny when you look at him though. He has a mans body and a 10 year old face. Maybe he should grow a beard or something if he can.

  31. I’m afraid all these personnel issues will be moot if we can’t figure out a way to deal with the apparent puck shortage.

    I’ve suspected all season we were lacking a bag or two, but I don’t mean pucks.

  32. if forsberg comes back he is only willing to go to a select group of teams, and the rangers are not one of them

  33. Blue Bleedere Bleeder on

    Malik was heartily booed long before last years playoffs. For a guy as big as he is he just brings back memories of another behemoth who refused to play the body…Willie Huber. So if the price is right (a used athletic supporter) I’d make the trade in a heartbeat!!!

  34. It would be just like the Rangers to go after Forsberg – a once great player whose best days are long behind him that they would have to pay a fortune to.

  35. Malik straight up will yield something similar to him, too slow , soft, & mistake prone for the New NHL . To get an upgrade on D Sather will have give up more than Ma-leak.

  36. It would be just like the Rangers to go after Forsberg – a once great player whose best days are long behind him that they would have to pay a fortune to.



    Oh how I yearn for a team that can somehow take on the model/structure of a NJD or DET… a team that is worth the emotional investment, a team that makes you really proud once in a while.

  37. Truth be told, dropping Malik *could be* the magic bullet to get this team going. Exorcising this demon could make a big difference on and off the ice.

  38. Newman – soooo true…. Our last 10 are all divisional. And as of now, only 5 points separates the 5 teams. It ain’t over till 4/6.

  39. I rarely post here, but felt like it is the right time to mention that I work for one of the other 29 teams and have been spying in on all of your comments. I plan to offer Sather a discount parking pass and a coupon for a free hotdog at my concession stand….for Malik.

    Just kidding about the spying, but serious about the parking pass and free hotdog. An offer like that will not last long

  40. The only way you get a Top Four defenseman for Malik is if you throw in Montoya and a lower level prospect/draft pick.

  41. Dudes.

    I feel something. I have a feeling the Rangers are going to fcuk up Carolina tonight. I feel this coming…It’s time. The rest of the season starts tonight. If this team wants a shot at the playoffs, it starts with a *statement game* tonight.

    We will come out strong as usual, and fall flat at the end of the first. *Something intangiable, ethereal, will be done/said in the locker room between periods and this squad will band together in a way that we’ve not seen yet.* What will ensue will be the first rupturing kernels of an Orville Redden*brah*cher explosion of buttery hockey flavors bursting in your mouths and on your faces. What will happen is Jagr will quietly come to the understanding that in order to be successful at this point in his career it is his responsibility to follow Gomez’s lead, and try to play his game, not the other way around. This begins tonight.

    Carolina’s gonna get it’s bottom knocked out by New York City Hockey. *Keep your head up Cullen.*

    Remember, Salty told ya so.

  42. anyone hear any rumors about trading for marian hossa? i heard something somewhere on the radio about preliminary talks, but don’t know who was involved or anything….anyone know?

  43. Just saw an article on ESPN’s website on the top 25 tradable players at this years deadlines. As always, the Rangers were linked to just about every defenseman that might be available. What I found more interesting was the article mentioned goalie Mathieu Garon on Edmonton – he has played awesome this season including shootouts. He makes $1millon compared to Roloson’s $3million, so they said that Garon might be trade bait and the Rangerrs may look to securing Garon to fill their backup goalie role – I would be totally down for that deal. garon is relatively young and is pretty good and can play consitently and get on a streak if need be.

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