Jagr: Get back to me on that one


I forgot to mention my exchange with Jaromir Jagr yesterday about his prediction for the final part of the season.

You may recall a year ago Jagr said the “Rangers’ fortunes coming out of the All-Star break rested largely on him”:http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2007/01/25/never-mind-the-new-guy. I approached him with notebook in hand asking if he had another proclamation.

Jagr smiled.

“I’m not going to say anything,” he said.

I persisted.

“I got to see how I feel first to make sure I can back it up,” he said.

OK, so not exactly Patton material. But at least Jagr wasn’t putting himself out there without reason.

Meanwhile, some notes:

  • Marek Malik, not surprisngly, is out tonight. As much as the Rangers might want to showcase him, they also can’t afford to not have their best lineup on the ice.
  • Tom Renney said yesterday that Ryan Callahan is back on the team’s radar, especially given his improved production down in Hartford. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Callahan back up by mid-February.

    More later…

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      Sahter included. Gut check to trade away Jagr, Shanny, and all other vets if we tank in Feb.

    2. We’re going to need another post-allstar run like we did last year…Last year, with trading for Avery and Callahan’s production and enthusiasm last year really brought things together…this year seems much more daunting as this team jsut seems off…what team hasn’t developed some kind of chemistry by this point?…well I guess the team that doesn’t make the playoffs…If we’re out of the playoff picture, which I doubt we will be, we may be scraping for the 8th spot, but we won’t be out of it entirely all year…but would you trade Shanny? Jagrs not going anywhere seeing that we’re playing in Czech Repub next year…we’ve won two in a row…but we need to win a bunch more in a row and do it convincingly looking like a team…watch a Ducks or Redwings game and suddenly you realize what chemistry looks like and that we don’t have it yet…whose fault?…Slats? Renney? Players?

    3. I’d say that’s about right for Cally. He’ll spend the right amount of time in htfd to ‘get his game back’ and be 100% healthy. His spark will hopefully help when he’s back.

      As far as who sits? It could be a rotating thing. Could be hollweg, could be shanny late down the stretch when he needs rest. We also have to hope we stay healthy otherwise.

    4. This revolving door of Dawes, Callahan and Hossa in and out of the lineup is getting old. Just let Callahan spend the rest of the season at Hartford. It’s not like he’s going to come up here and get more than 12 minutes a night playing on the third line. If he was going to get 2nd unit PP time or time on the 2nd line then it would be worth it but he should play out the season as a top liner for Hartford.

    5. Callahan will probably only come back if there is another injury, but knowing Renney, it will take two injuries since he will stick with Hossa first, unless of course Hossa is traded.

      I actually am surprised to see Malik being a scratch tonight because it would make sense for him to play because I imagine his value can only get higher after that incident, even though his last game was a good one.

    6. Step 1: Get rid of Malik, trade/waive whatever
      Step 2: Call up Hutchinson and develop a dangerous PP.
      Step 3: Require that the team listens to nothing but Slayer and Napalm Death
      Step 4: We win.

    7. Pretty funny Pavel.

      It’s both amazing and sad how much the play of this team affects my daily mood (especially mornings at work, eh?)…but F it, I’m in, kool-aid in hand.

      Here’s hoping for a nice 3-1 road trip (one step at a time).

      Go Blue !

    8. Zipay’s report says Prucha has his shoulder wrapped..perhaps, calling Cally up is for injury purposes. Also, if Shanny is getting tired or needs rest, I could see the possibility of Cally coming up. However, how many times has Renney said someone was on his radar and nothing really significant happened.

    9. I’m not kidding. This team lacks heart and passion. Try not to be full of adrenaline after listening to those bands!

    10. Doodie: “Gut check to trade away Jagr, Shanny, and all other vets if we tank in Feb.”

      Trade Shanny in his last year as a Ranger and last year in the NHL? That would be really, really low. Trade Jagr, hell yeah! In fact I would love trading the whole Czech clan for some North American players. Watching the Rangers over the years has only increased my dislike of Europeans as NHL hockey players.

    11. Alex,
      “Jagrs not going anywhere seeing that we’re playing in Czech Repub next year…”

      Boy I hope your wrong, it’s time to turn the page with jagr and his czech buddies. In a way I wish the rangers would tank the next few weeks so the rangers can become sellers and trade as many ufa vets as possible and build for there future. I just feel that there is a false feeling that the rangers are going to make the playoffs and go on this great run to the stanely cup.

    12. Pavel – Hutchinson is an interesting choice, since he would have to go through waivers, as well, but I feel he won’t be claimed because he wasn’t on the Rangers roster at the beginning of the regular season, and I feel like he has less potential than Pöck, although at $300,000, or whatever half of his salary is, a GM may feel it’s a good chance to take to pick him up. Sather probably thinks it’s too much of a risk, so won’t do it.

    13. (repost)

      I feel something. I have a feeling the Rangers are going to fcuk up Carolina tonight. I feel this coming…It’s time. The rest of the season starts tonight. If this team wants a shot at the playoffs, it starts with a *statement game* tonight.

      We will come out strong as usual, and fall flat at the end of the first. *Something intangiable, ethereal, will be done/said in the locker room between periods and this squad will band together in a way that we’ve not seen yet.* What will ensue will be the first rupturing kernels of an Orville Redden*brah*cher explosion of buttery hockey flavors bursting in your mouths and on your faces. What will happen is Jagr will quietly come to the understanding that in order to be successful at this point in his career it is his responsibility to follow Gomez’s lead, and try to play his game, not the other way around. This begins tonight, and once it is a reality, things will fall into place.

      Carolina’s gonna get it’s bottom knocked out by New York City Hockey. *Keep your head up Cullen.*

      Remember, Salty told ya so.

    14. Salty – put the pipe down man.

      Although, you made a very good point. It would be awesome to see Jagr put his ego aside for the next 30+ games and play Gomer’s game.

    15. Who sits for Cally? … Hollweg … move Avery to Betts and Orr line so that we might get some offense and still be nasty …..
      If Malik is not going to play bring up somebody — Strudwick is NOT the answer …

    16. lol Sam… The idea that Strudwick (and Mara is debatable) offers more to the Rangers lineup than Malik is a joke. You are letting some of these clowns here convince you that Malik is much worse than he is.

    17. Malik will never be good for the Rangers because 1.) he lost the respect of the coach 2.) the team and 3.) the fans will always boo him. There’s nothing left for him but to LEAVE.

    18. Again, why sit Hollweg for Cally? Right now HBO should not be touched..Betts and Holly are playing especailly well….And I totally expect one of Prucha, Dawes, or Shanny to get hurt, traded (not Shanny) or falter and that’s where Cally will come in..But even with a full lineup and if and when the HBO starts to falter, you don’t replace Holly on that line…You replace the tripod Orr as the game gets faster and the fighting goes dowm..Hell, it seem like the only guy Orr has fought has been Wade Belak anyway (and lost 2 out of 3)….And Cally is a RW, no? That’s where he should play so he will feel most comfortable

    19. teacher's pet-ulant on

      You are letting some of these clowns here convince you that Malik is much worse than he is.”


      no, he is doing that by his own play and his own selfish actions. get a clue.

    20. Ahh, So I guess you are one of the same who cluelessly scream shoot on every powerplay? Yeah, you know hockey…

      Malik’s first pass out of the zone is far beyond anything what Mara and Strudwick show. Mara at least has a shot so there is some value there.

      Malik will put up some BRUTAL turnovers, but people just look elsewhere when he makes those smart, good plays 98% of the time.

      Go find another big Euro to hate. I’m sure the hatred will just move to Jagr when the first scapegoat is gone.

    21. “I’m sure the hatred will just move to Jagr when the first scapegoat is gone.”

      Obviously, you’re not a golfer. Jagr’s been taking just as much heat as anyone all season.

    22. The New York Mets got Johann Santana. Time for Sather to make a move to get me completely giddy!!!!

    23. Bring back Lohan on

      I’m starting to feel kinda optimistic here, someone must have slipped me some of that proverbial “kool-ade” as well. Im feeling the momentum building. First Michigan hires a new coach, then the Giants make it to the Superbowl. Now the Mets sign Johan. Its only natural that the Rangers make a run. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

    24. Tell me about. Things are looking up for NY sports right now. I just hope the Rangers stop playing tin man and approach this stretch of games with some heart!

    25. HOLY CRAP! Someone defending Malik’s play!

      I really don’t like baseball, I used to call myself a Yankees fan(as a kid), but grew tired of the sport. But congratulations to you Mets fans.

      Just be careful, they’re going to be built up like the Rangers were. Then with every game you lose you want to trade someone or fire someone.

      STOKED for the game LET’S GO RANGERS

    26. I got an email that NHL Center Ice Online is free for anyone who wants to watch until February 4th.

    27. I’m still more optimistic about the Rangers than the Mets. Ryan Church and Brian Schneider? That’s not gonna drive in the runs. Santana is great, but will probably take away from the other holes they need to fill. The Rangers, in my mind, have all the positions covered with good players, many just looked beat up and old right now. Hopefully, they will come around.

    28. teacher's pet-ulant on

      Ahh, So I guess you are one of the same who cluelessly scream shoot on every powerplay? Yeah, you know hockey…

      Go find another big Euro to hate


      no, moron. I have played and coached hockey for over 20 years.

      unlike you, I don’t support selfish a-holes who walk out on their team the first time they are scratched, and then refuse a handshake after a winning game to show his selfish petulance a second time.

      your defense of this piece of sulking crap tells us all we need to know about you.

      go find another euro to hate? one like you will do.

    29. These fights must be stemming from the Cullen incident last game. And here I thought Carolina would forget it. Silly me! Great KO by Orr.

    30. Rangers Fan — I agree with you and am in a minority …

      With the team as it stands Malik should be playing … Mara coughs up the puck more than Malik … Malik is having a bad year yet is a plus player … a plus player on a team that is not scoring goals … 29th in the league …

      Rosival and Malik work well together …play them together … if you are not going to play Malik have a plan B … Strudwick is NOT a plan B

    31. i’m a lil confused why avery just got thrown out. did they miss the part where walker almost decapitated gomez from behind, and gomez is in the penalty box? holy crap. this is out of control. good for jagr though for sticking up for his teammates.

      woulda been great if marc staal fought w/ eric staal, they were right near each other and almost looked at each other.

      why is gomez in the penalty box?!?!?!?!

    32. Here we go, gomez gets boarded, should have been a penalty and we get the penalties, refs love to screw the rangers this year, this is just unbelievable.

    33. NHL Referees Suck on

      I don’t understand what these guys are looking at. To call a penalty on Shanahan for crap like that but then not call an obvious hit from behind is why this league is still a joke and plays second fiddle to all the other major sports.

    34. teacher's pet-ulant on

      you are just as clueless. I notice you ignore completely the selfish actions of your little sulking hero. the other players you name do NOT throw hissy fits and walk out on their teammates when they are scratched , they are TEAM players, unlike mr. selfish MaGeek

    35. Wow, I’m surprised Avery wasn’t shown the gate for the game, especially with his reputatation. Maybe we actually have some unbiased referees here tonight.
      It’s good to see Prucha back with Jagr, for I think the first time this season.

    36. Wow, I don’t know what the refs are watching here. First the Gomez hit, now Prucha. And our great MSG announcers say “It probably should have been a penalty.” Thanks

    37. and two more missed penalties one thankfully against the rangers and brookbank should have been the instigator

      and now a bull shit diving call jesus christ

    38. Diving? The stick was at his chest and in his hands. Give me a f***** break. This is straight pathetic right now.

    39. That was an interesting period.

      If you throw out the penalty that should have been called on the hit on Gomer, and the one that marginally could have been called on Orr..that’s a wash. The one on shanny was b/s. And their bench is shortened. It’s not as bad as it could be at this point, we ARE up 1.

    40. And….as premature as it gets…after 20min…after a 4-day rest…Jagr looks like he gives almost 1/2 a sh-t! Take the rest of the game to glide around pal. But…no more dives, I don’t care what Joe Mic says.

    41. I wonder if that big ugly goon brookbank is going to try and fight orr again because if they do I think they are done for the night because that would be three fights and than carolina can start running ranger players. I big d$$k should have gotten an instigator for the second fight. These refs truly really are brutal. I still can’t get over how it was clear as day gomez getting boarded and no call and how avery gets f%%ked with 10 minute misconduct, the refs truly s$$k b##ls!!!

    42. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

      why the hell can’t these guys hit the net with a shot. They either miss the net or shoot AT the goalie

    43. Like I said in a earlier post, this team is not that good and it is time to turn the page with Jagr and the rest of his czech buddies and ufa vets. It is time to sell, sell, sell, sell at the trading dead line.

    44. I’ve come to the conclusion that even if carolina didn’t have a goalie in the net the rangers still won’t score a goal.

    45. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

      How can this team not be good with all the talent. I’ll say it again good hockey people raved about how good this team was going to be. The other thing they are always raving about is how stacked we are with young talent. I really don’t think that is the case either. The wolf Pack are JUST doing ok, they are not top in their league by any means.

    46. Staal Wart,
      sorry, I am just a extremely frustrated ranger fan. I have seen enough of this team, it’s just not that good and I think if sather had a clue he would realize it would be better for the rangers future if he dumped Jagr and his cronies and any other ufa vets on the team for young players and draft picks and build for the future.

    47. So not only can the team not score on the PP, they also can’t score on the odd man rush…

    48. I knew Renney should have played Malik tonight.
      Things are always so different when he plays

    49. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

      Suck it boy’s like someone said earlier, NO GUTS NO GLORY.
      I’m just glad it’s not me.

    50. Once a bad team, always a bad team. Every hockey writer in America is loving what a disappointing heap of junk the Rangers were in the first half, and so here they are to prove them all right. And this is the easiest game they’ll be playing of the next four.

    51. Peter,
      I was just thinking the same thing, wait until they play montreal, the canadiens are going to skate circles around our fast skaters like shanahan and jagr.

    52. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

      Ok Sather surprise us all, don’t get rid of Malik and get rid of Renny. Yea I like it.

    53. the fat lady is about to sing her song. say goodnight.playoffs? not with this crew. no coach can win with these nutless wonders.

    54. This team spends more time chasing the puck around the boards in the offensive zone…I could literally get up grab a beer go pee and come back and they are doing the same thing…
      I just don’t get it…
      Did’nt this team get a “talkin too” before our big 2 game win streak. What did they get drunk and party during the all star break. I mean they played 1 good period.
      Then the Canes made a few changes, and Renney has no answer. Just the same old shit. Renney my friends is being out coached again.

    55. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

      They shoot when they should pass.
      They pass when they should shoot.
      Then they either miss the net
      or hit the goalie square in the chest.

    56. well the rangers offense pick up right where they left off before the break, i only expect the same the rest of the way

    57. Doodie Machetto on

      “Doodie Machetto,

      where ever you are it’s time to SELL, SELL, SELL, SELL!!!!!!!!”

      If I were Slats, I would definitely be guagin interests from other teams. Not actively shopping, but hve an idea of what is available. I’d say from now until the Canadiens game on the 19th (10 games from now), if they don’t pick up at least 14 pts, I would use the week before the deadline to shop and sell like crazy.

    58. I love how people are talking about opening next year in Prague. Seems they’re already looking forward to next year.
      I couldn’t care less if they open there. It just means that for 2 nights I’m gonna have to watch a hockey game at 2am, which actually sucks.

    59. I say the same crap over and over. when a team cannot score why play a 4th line that really cannot score????

      Jagr plyed well but missed a goal with 20 sec left in the 1st period and they are so inept offensively that is it.

      Now for another day I have to listen or read the whines of idiots like Doodie etc. with there dream trades that will nevER HAPPEN.

      they cannot score and you have 3 forwards that really cannot score…hollwegg, orr, and betts work on a team that can score this team is the 2nd or 3rd worse in the legue in scoring, that is MIND BOGGLING.


    60. czechthemout!!!!! on


      agree.They need to go 7-3 in the next ten,if not it is time to SELL,SELL,SELL!!!

    61. Stuart, maybe talking about trades is the best way to cope with hearing the same crap over and over.
      Little variety never hurt, and it sure beats talking about this waste of a team

    62. if they miss the playoffs, they can play the whole friggin season in prague next year, for all NY will care.

    63. Their offense is offensive! No wait….I mean Canes give up like 4 per game right? If I see one more back pass during an odd man rush I will Straka my Prucha with a sharpened Rozival

    64. Doodie Machetto on

      Staal Wart, I’d shop every impending UFA except Rozsi and Avery (if they can resign him to something reasonable that acknowledges that he has two bad wrists).

      CTO, I’d also take 6-1-3.

    65. longtimerangersfan on

      I think I hear the “fat lady” singing! Could have gone to the game tonight but just couldn’t bring myself to do it…good move on my part.

    66. Wow, is this Groundhog’s Day already? It’s the same game every game…we’re down 2-1 for most the game then lose by that or some other score for the exact same reasons…all we need to hear is “I Got You Babe” right before the puck drops, unforunately eventually this season will run out, I wonder what players will be around to see it end…

    67. I was exchanging texts with my bro all game…here are some of the excerpts:

      Missing the net on 4 on 2s and just in general when you have wide open shots comes from lack of discipline and poor coaching.

      Straka, Drury, Prucha are invisible. The Rangers have two lines.

      I kind of hope they lose the next 4 or, 6 of 8, or something, get far out of the playoffs and then Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Mara, and Malik all get shipped out and they bring up some rookies and let them the kids play.

      This team is poorly coached. They are heartless, gutless, and clueless.

      Where is the forecheck? Aside from Dubinsky and Dawes (nice game btw) I have not seen one real body check.

      The refs not helping matters. Gomez non-call was horrible. Shanny call to make it 5 on 3 was almost as bad.

      We beat ourselves with the awful Straka pass and then a total loss of defensive responsibilty on the 2nd goal. Who gives a sh*t about the 3rd goal, the game was over by then.

      Renney should be canned. That is the bottom line.


      The worst thing about all this is there is enough parity to cause them not to be eliminated until April. That sucks because it will be like the Chinese water torture. We will all sit here and say, “Oh gee, if we could just go on a 4 or 5 game win streak and beat a few teams above us, we’d be right back in it.” Inevitably we’ll win one or two games, a few other teams will lose, we’ll get within a few points and then just lose a few ‘must win’ games and that will be that.

      I don’t know what the hell the coaches say to these idiots between periods. In the first the NYR looked solid. It was like they went to sleep in the 2nd period. WTF!


    68. Avery is nothing. yeah he plays hard and skates well but the bottom line he shoots like the other Rangers and that is poorly. THEY OUTSHOOT THERE OPPONENETS MOST NIGHTS, OUT ATTEMPT THERE OPPONENTS MOST NIGHTS, BUT they cannot score ever…

      a 38 yr old guy leads them in goals scored with 16 for the yr.
      Jagr looks good skating around etc but he has 15 goals for the yr……….

      this is depressing how this team cannot score..

    69. A tell tail sign that the team is doomed should have been the changes to the lines that were made last week. Here it is, January, and Renney is still messing with the lines. Its just horrible.
      I’ll admit I really have liked Renney since the lockout, but I have officially signed off on him. I want him to leave. If you looked, as we all did, before the season at this team you would say, as we all did, this team is stacked and should be really good.
      However Renney can’t get the team to work. His system is pathetic, and obviously does not work, not well anyway. He doesn’t adapt well to in-game situations and it shows in his players.

      It does no good to bash the players. They are being forced to be what they are not. Perfect example:
      Avery on the first line. He is not first line material. He is 3rd line, 2nd at best.
      Drury is a 2nd line player who is skating with a snail on one wing and…on the other…I forget, the lines have been shuffled so much. He is a finisher paired with a finisher. No one sets him up.
      Prucha is in my book a 2nd or 3rd line player that should get lots of PP time. How the @#$% did Renney forget about his rookie year, and decide to change anything. It’s mind boggling.

    70. STAAL WART, not to worry when they open in Prague the games will be on at 1pm if they are 7pm games. If they are 1pm games the games will be on at 7am. They are 6 hours ahead. not terrible.

      As for the rest of this season. I am sticking around, not counting them out yet, but as we like to say “it is getting late early” or “is it time to panic?”

      I am with DM and Newman…SELL!! SELL!! SELL!!….bring up the pack.

    71. its ammazing everyone blames renney for the players inability to finnish. its the players. renney is constantly held responsible for the rangers problems but he cant stop the pucks or score the goals. our goaltending is not up to par and every scorer lost their touch at the same time. i’m not saying he’s the best coach but jeez who could win with this crew. sather needs to look at this long term. blow the team up and go with the kids. if we fail to succeed our draft position will be better and with the draft picks from the fire sale we can stock up the farm. we are not that good lets be real. you cant win games without stopping the puck and scoring goals. renney cant do either. the players need to take responsibility they should be ashamed.

    72. I don’t care what anyone else says, Hank simply isn’t the same and it seems mental. Every goal he gives up he stares at the ceiling, swings his stick. It’s as if he believes his own press about being one of the best in game, especially in one-on-one situations. He’s totally unfocused and easily rattled. Not good.

      And god this team sucks at scoring.

    73. you fools still satisfied with this team?? they’re awful..and Moronic Tom Renney is the main reason. FIRE THIS IMBECILE ASAP!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR SATHER YOU FAT TOAD?

    74. since last thurs, the only forward who has scored is Shanny, in the shootout to win that game and to open tonight.

      Renney has taken a team full of supposed proven scoring talent, and turned them into stone hands system robots.

    75. We need to trade for one or more of:
      JM Liles, Rob Blake, Dan Boyle, Brian Campbell, Brad Stuart and quickly. Personally i like Liles or Campbell and i think we could get Liles without giving up too much.

      At the moment our forwards and defensemen are not working together and making schoolboy errors. I would start bringing Hossa in the lineup for Orr as often as possible to give us a more reliable checking line.
      Other than that we’re a bit handicapped unless we start giving up draft picks or players like Dawes/Callahan/Baranka/Bourret etc..

    76. jj
      January 29th, 2008 at 11:21 pm

      Love the post. Who was that moron that said missing the net was renney’s fault? what? wtf? huh? hahaha unreal.

    77. oh newman…that was you? were you drunk when you said that? can you just explain that part to me. You seem to be insightful most of the time. But that one blew my mind. How is missing the net a coach’s error? would you rather them pass back and forth then carry it around the zone till they give it away, like the good old days?

    78. Doodie Machetto on

      “I don’t care what anyone else says, Hank simply isn’t the same and it seems mental. Every goal he gives up he stares at the ceiling, swings his stick. It’s as if he believes his own press about being one of the best in game, especially in one-on-one situations. He’s totally unfocused and easily rattled. Not good”

      I couldn’t agree more. That’s why they should have an actual backup instead of Steve “I can’t believe I’m in the NHL” Valiquette.


      it just drives me crazy to see the HBO line out there in the last 7 minutes of the game i just dont get it. Dawes skated his ass of last night sit the hbo line and double shift the guys who are actually trying..

    80. jj who broke up the DDP line, the players? Renney is just as responsible as the players. His decisions affect the outcome.

    81. It’s the coaching staff’s fault, plain and simple. 51 games in, and you do not have a functioning PP, bull!

    82. hockeymanrangers on

      The players need to speak up and tell the truth to the powers to be what the problem is. Even if it means talking BAD about their coach if he indeed is what the problem is. We have enough vets on this team they should have some very good ideas as to what the problem is. Maybe Sather needs to come out of his upstairs office and talk to the team. MAYBE???

    83. “I don’t care what anyone else says, Hank simply isn’t the same and it seems mental. Every goal he gives up he stares at the ceiling, swings his stick. It’s as if he believes his own press about being one of the best in game, especially in one-on-one situations. He’s totally unfocused and easily rattled. Not good.”

      I thought he was supposed to have contract by now. Looks like Sather waiting to see if Hank is who we all thought he would be. He’s not gonna get a big contract the way he has been playing.
      Might it be time to try Montoya?
      A little competition never hurt anything.

    84. Sam,

      What do you think of the Forsberg rumor that’s being mentioned by a certain “rumor expert?” Does it have any legs?

    85. Another uninspired game. Jagr looked strong. Hank is becoming lost. Malik is better than Strudwick, so play him or trade him. I feel bad for my friend who flew down to see the game last night. I don’t care who gets traded or fired, this team needs a change right now.

    86. It is so frustrating to lose like we lost last night. I don’t know if it was just me, but after that first period they had me half fooled. Half fooled in to thinking that this team has been reading the papers and reading the blogs and realized what they need to do to win a game. More importantly, what they need to do to be a “Team.” This team battled together last night in that first period. We were by far the better team in the first period. Stuck up for each other, hell I even thought Jagr was going to fight someone. I sat on the couch and almost talked to myself and I said to myself, “OK Nasty, if we can play two more periods like this, maybe just maybe this team is going somewhere good.” I looked at my wife and said, “They are looking good hun, but I am pretty sure they can’t keep up this style of play for an entire game.” I said, “Carolina is going to go in to the locker room and discuss the period and then come back with a game plan and shove it up our a**.” She told me not to worry and that maybe the break was good for the team and they were all energized, I just shook my head. Sure enough they came out and make some stupid mistakes and sure enough they did come and shove it directly up our ass. Two of the mistakes, Tyutin and Girardi joining the rush or trying to make plays up ice when there was absolutely no reason to. IMO there is no reason for them to make plays up ice unless we are in the third period and now taking chances to make a comeback, or if the game is out of reach and we are just going on all cylinders. Those two brain farts aside, we could have won that game. But we didn’t, again. And until this team has some consistent scoring and a win streak, let’s not be passing the puck back once we have gained the zone, unless we are on the PP. Look, just look at what it leads to. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

    87. Let’s see a link to the Forsberg rumor. I could really do without that pidgeon footed wonder. The last thing this team needs is another big name letdown on the books.

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