Malik trying to move on


OK, so here’s what we know:

We know Marek Malik skated today. We know he had a talk with Tom Renney and his teammates before practice and we know, by all outside indications at least, that the team is trying to put the events of last week behind it.

What we don’t know, of course, is whether this is all window dressing and that Malik’s days with the team are still numbered. Nor do we know whether he has been internally disciplined by the team. Neither scenario is much of a stretch.

Malik spoke for five minutes to a bunch of us. He said he was unhappy that his intentional snub last week, when he refused to shake Renney’s hand after Tuesday’s win, somehow was made public. But he said the whole thing was not about trying to disrespect anyone.

“The only thing I can tell you guys is my gesture or statement when I didn’t shake Tom’s hand wasn’t anything personal about anybody on this team, the coaches, the organization, or my teammates” he said “It was just my personal statement about my situation here. But it was not to disrespect anyone.”

Of course, that’s the way it was interpreted, so Malik may still have some work to do in winning back the affections of his teammates. But the defenseman did say he would play the part of loyal soldier moving forward.

“Obviously I’m not happy right now going in and out of the lineup,” he said. “But until I’m (not) going to be here or I’m done here or retire or get traded, I’m just going to do my best. I’m not going to be happy that I’m not in the lineup. But when I am in the lineup, I’m just going to work hard and play my best. And when I’m not in the lineup, I’m just to do my best for the organization and my teammates.”

Again, it’s all open for interpretation. It doesn’t do Malik much good to continue to voice his frustration, just as it probably doesn’t do Renney and the Rangers much good to try to downplay the incident as much as possible.

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  1. nasty – from the previous post. I agree with the gomer statement. I think out of everyone that puts on that uniform, HE enjoys it more than everyone. It says a lot about the guy. He really appreciates the history and tradition that goes along with it. That more than a lot of things shows some type of leadership.

  2. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Tom Renney is a spineless and gutless coward!He cintinuously makes decisions that undermine his own credibility.Even in Malik’s statement there is not a single once of contrition.If he is allowed to take the ice tomorrow than Renney will lose all semblence of respect as not only a coach but also as a man! What a disgrace.

  3. No way they should allow Malik back on the team after his latest divisive action & disrespect shown. What message does it send to the others? I haven’t been a fervent Malik hater like so many others, but after this he MUST be unloaded, especially since Renney kept looking out for him. Can’t imagine this escapade will help his marketability however.
    I too love Gomez.

  4. czechthemout!!!!! on

    According to one of the papers,one of the reasons this lockeroom zit was upset was that he was not credited with +on one of the rangers goals on tuesday and felt that renney or someone should have spoke put for him.That’s some team player they have there.LOL

  5. Total slap in the face if he is allowed to play immediately this. I was hoping for a strongly knit, united bunch coming out of the all-star break, ready to give everything on the run in. I can’t and won’t believe that allowing someone to disrespect the coach and organization in the way that Malik did can just be let off the hook so easily. NOT by his teammates….and certainly NOT by the fans who demand total commitment & professionalism when that sweater is pulled on. Where is the Ranger pride that the players certainly felt when standing up for their coach upon witnessing the locker room snub? If Tom wants to turn the other cheek fine, but he represents more than just his own feelings here.

  6. Bring back Lohan on

    I feel inspired…… Im gonna go up to my boss tomorrow and say “eff you d-head”, its time to take a stand. I love you Marek…

  7. Big flip,,, he did not shake hands … fine him .. whatever… move on … he did not miss practice or leave the ice or miss a plane or a bus to a game … much ado about nothing.

  8. IMO He will be traded soon…..The fans will boo him out of the building. He is going to make Tom Poti look like a fan favorite :)

  9. “It was just my personal statement about my situation here. But it was not to disrespect anyone.” – how can that be possible??

    Sam – *reture?* Do you mean *retire?* That’s an odd thing for Malik to say at this point.

    That’s cool that Gomez, Staal, and Dubinsky can spend extra time down South rather than wasting time traveling back to New York.

  10. I’d just like to say that I’m really ticked off that people trashed Cally in the earlier post. Yeah he got hurt, yeah he had a bad start, but this is one and a half years into his professional career. At his best, he’s a Tikkanen type player but faster.

    He’s a PP guy and he’s good at deflecting shots; now if the Rangers actually had a competent power play and actually sent someone to the net for the first time since like 1997, Callahan would have a lot more goals and chances. Dawes deserves PP time too.

    The DDP line gets 4th line minutes, and that’s what Cally got while he was up this year. The HBO line is nice, but there’s no purpose to it after this year because Byers has more offensive potential than Hollweg and or, and heaven forbid, he ACTUALLY goes to the net and screens the goalie on the PP.

    Cally/Byers/Anisimov are going to be good NHL players…patience.

    BTW, I really can’t stand Chris Drury anymore, I know he’s clutch blah blah, but until he proves he can play consistant, I’d rather watch Dawes/Cally/Dubinsky/Byers/etc. play in the NHL.

  11. Wow,
    Bash Malik fine
    But its pretty pathetic to bash, Callahan or Drury just lame…patience!
    Do you like the team or not? I’m so sick of it all
    There is a team across the river that is desperate for fans…Please go there!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah guys, Drury’s worth is in the playoffs that we won’t make, partly because of what a lousy player he is! So have patience!

  13. Drury is going to prove you all wrong, I just love how that just had to be revisited.
    Hey let me just throw “Drury” in the mix!
    Drury sucks BLAH BLAH!
    Man does that piss me off. What the hell did you expect. Alexander Ovechkin?

  14. Ah the Malik bashing bandwagon rolls on…

    As if Mara and Strudwick are somewhat free from reprisal?

    I’m certainly no fan of kicking a guy when he’s down. So the guy “stormed off into the Edmonton night” and didn’t shake Renney’s hand. I guess that’s reason for being exiled from the team.

    How about Renney, Drury, Jagr, Prucha, Shanahan, Straka and Avery as being somewhat responsible for the teams’ problems as well as Malik. Quit jumping on one guy for the problems of the team. The blame should be scattered around throughout the team, but hopefully they can turn it around.

    Drury has a bust so far, Jagr has not turned it on yet, Prucha has no production, Avery and Straka have been hurt all season and henrik has not been Henrik. Give me a break about one guy being the team whipping boy.

  15. Czech, do us all a favor and put your resume in to Sather, so we don’t have to look at this tripe

  16. @ staal wart.

    no. we didn’t expect alexander ovechkin. what we did expect is for drury, who is heralded as the guy who does all the little things right, to not be a team worst -13 midway through the season.

  17. So bash the entire team!
    I’m not paying Drury,so what do I care what he’s making.
    So he’s paid very well, deal with it! It actually makes the guy look smart.
    Bash Sather, he offered the contract, Drury just signed it, Heck if someone offered me that kind of money I’d take it.
    Bash the entire team, but leave out Gomez, Dawes, Dubinski, Staal, oh and Vally.

  18. yes, that’s sarcasm, you don’t play, you don’t coach, you don’t hire, you can’t change what’s going on, only the people involved can. Cheer them on or don’t follow the team. Either way, YOU then make a difference.


  19. I’m so sick of this but here goes.
    Who is Drury playing with…Shanny and now Straka. Ummm
    no where near the players that were with him in Buffalo.
    Straka…when not injured, should be playing with Jagr and before Straka he played with Avery…nuff said!

  20. I was enjoying the talk if Drury sucks or not. Where did you all go? To watch the State of the Union? There are enough a$$holes on this blog then having to listen to that a$$hole on TV.

  21. MikeA – Not sure what is worse, bashing youngsters or blindly over-rating them….Most people aren;t bashing Cally, just that they think, right now, he belongs in the AHL and needs more deveopment to make himn a better all around NHL player..Thsee are the people that are truly showing patience and will wait for Cally to be a conssitent player in the NHL—when he’s ready….

    As for Byers-Cally-AA, here’s hoping you are right…Would love to see them all make the NHL as a regular..And they all have a shot…But none are there yet, and it’s possible one of them will never be…As it is, the HBO line should not be touched this year as they are the best defensive line on the team and the hardest working by far..Next year is another story…Open competiton….

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “How about Renney, Drury, Jagr, Prucha, Shanahan, Straka and Avery as being somewhat responsible for the teams’ problems as well as Malik”

    fair enough. they all suck.

  23. My problem with the HBO line is that when they’re out there so much, it’s playing not to lose, not playing to win. Hollweg also doesn’t hit consistently anymore, only when Renney benches him. Even Blair Betts who can score 10 goals a year is on pace for 5 if he’s lucky.

    Alright, am I harsh on Drury? Def. I expect more. If he’s not playing well, give him less ice time. Look, I’ve been a fan of this team since 1988 when I was a little kid, and not to sound arrogant, but the Rangers power play has sucked since 1997 because they don’t do what most regular teams do and have a guy stand in front of the goalie and screen him a la Adam Graves. It’s pathetic, especially when they have the guys who can do it.

    Maybe Drury will play well, and I hope he does because i’ve liked him up to this point in the NH, but this version of the Rangers is very fragile with 5/6 of the top 6 F’s being so inconsistent. I’m real happy with Dubinsky and Dawes, but they’re both first year players and you can’t expect them to bail the Rangers out every night.

  24. MIkeA -Your problem with the HBO line makes no sense to me..If they are shutting down the other team’s top lines, and they have been, they are doing a huge job and freeing the rest of the team to just put the damn puck in the net in the other 48 minutes…These are the lines that have been failing most of the year…The HBO line has been money..Where I agree with you is when Renney continues to play them too much when we are down—that makes little sense unless the team is skating around with it’s thumb up its’ arse, which does happen…

    And Bull crap Hollweg doesn’t hit much anymore…The NHL stats show quite the contrary and so do my eyes…Does he go for the big smashing hit like he used to? NO, because you can’t do that when you are going up against the best wingers in the league..It’s hard enough just staying with them…..He hits when he can an has been doing a great job defensively….NOw, if we had another decent two-way line and the HBO line was used as a typical 4th line (which it isn’t) then they should hit more…

  25. Look at the schedule in February- three weekends with back-to-back games, one set on the road and, one set at home and one split between home and Florida….that’s a rough month, also considering there are only five home games (out of 12 total games)….

  26. Don`t get me wrong….
    There`s not only a malik-problem. Who found out that he refused to shake hands with tom ????very internal!!!
    It don`t matter if we see marek until feb.28th or the rest of his stint with the rangers, (hope not)but this is not a playoff season. To much cooks….
    Shanny, straka, jags, drury and gomez-who is/was the real leader this season?
    Gomez is the one you have to built a team around…
    Not jagr. If one person is the hole organisation,(i miss my nylander-and stracenza have to play with me-and I want more czech guys in my locker because I´m the big C) thank you, good night !!!!!!
    Trade jagr for the best you can get.
    Shanny and straka are done after this season.
    As is malik !
    Try do get deals done for sean and henk.
    Forget to trade for vyborny, he is homesick, but try to trade for steady typs like klesla,maybe a type like b.jackman.
    And hey…there are some guys like parenteau and bourret on the farm.

    …and one question…why did the rangers scout the sharks?…jagr for cheechoo, drury for marleau?

  27. Drury will be fine. He’s 50 games in to a 5 year contract. He’s actually pretty close to his career pace at this point. Take away the post-lockout seasons and you have the same Chris Drury we’ve always seen. If his contract makes you expect more goals then that’s on you, not him. Relax, there are problems beyond Drury scoring 30+ goals.

    And Cally…he’s right were he should be at this point. His game needed some fine tuning. If we can get the same Cally we had last march, he’ll stay. But where his game was before he was sent down, you can’t honestly say it looked good. He’ll be back, when the time is right. That’s up to Shoney and Slats. They watch the games.

  28. I would not be surprised if Malik plays tonight and then the next 3 games and is gone before the Rangers home game on the 5th of Feb. There is no way Malik plays on MSG ice as a Ranger after what he did and has done over the last month. The smallest hiccup from him and the fans will crush him. However, if he plays the next 4 games like he did last Tuesday then all bets are off and who knows what Mr. Softie will tell Slats.

  29. anybody see the Posts article about the Malik implies teams actually want Malik, but don’t agree with Sather’s terms…

  30. The following time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my option to read, but I truly thought youd have something fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you would fix in case you werent too busy in search of attention.

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