Malik to skate today


That’s what I hear, at least. I’ll confirm at the rink.

Whether that means the defenseman wasn’t disciplined internally remains to be seen, but the Rangers may end up keeping that under the wraps.

More later…

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  1. I read a few days ago that Malik was going to sit down with Renney today and air out there differences. Obviously they have kissed and made up, so much for accountability.

  2. Sam – This has nothing to do with Malik, but, if you’re ever bored enough, could you poll the players and have them name the three best – and worst – visiting locker rooms.

    It’s mostly silly, but it could be interesting. :)

  3. tomg – you must really know something we don’t with that comment. Why don’t you let sam know too.

  4. So he does something unacceptable, they hang him out to dry to a fan base that already hates him, and then they put him back in the lineup? Lord knows his game will really solidify as soon as the garden faithful see him out there next time…

  5. My take: They are actively marketing Malik to a team or 3. They want to make this whole thing look smaller than it is to downplay the “bad apple” press that he will guess.

  6. Beer Me!!!,
    all I know is according to sam “Malik to skate today” means malik will be back out on the ice and that tells me that Renney and malik must have worked out there differences, that’s what I know.

  7. Doesn’t Malik realize that there are teams in European countries that really want his services as a waterboy, orange slice server

  8. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Well, the team is going on a 4 game road trip. Now would be the time to showcase him without subjecting him to a hostile garden crowd.

  9. Wow Renney is a wimp. The guy has set a world record in hissy fits and nothing much happens. How bout Senile Sather waking up from his cake induced coma and trading Malik? I bet he’s dreaming of drafting another Al Montaya or Hugh Jessiman. I’m kidding I’m kidding. Speaking of Montaya he’s lost his starting goaltender job to undrafted free agent Mika Wiikman.

  10. TOMG – I’m stopping while there’s a chance here. Take from sam’s comments whatever you want. Twist them however you please.

  11. The Rangers have a huge four game trip and they can’t afford to throw a mistake prone and immobile dman out there as either a showcase(he’s been in the league ten years teams know what he can do) or because as Renney says he’s a wonderful and caring man. Malik is good for two hooking penalties a game and with two teams with great pps in Montreal and Philly coming up he shouldn’t play.

  12. Also, IF Malik plays tomorrow night, it is an executive decision by Slats no matter how you slice it. Renney may tell Sam and the rest of the guys one thing, but you don’t get anything back for a guy that everyone bashes and sits in the stands. Think about it. He HAS to play if he’s being dealt.

  13. Beer Me!!!,
    there’s nothing to twist accept for you twisting my b@@@$!!.
    What’s up man, tell me whats really bothering you, I’m a understanding dude. It appears I hit a bad note with you??

  14. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when 5-9 Gomez was really laying into 6-6 Malik. Must have been fun tot watch.

  15. Beer Me, if they play him, his horrible play will only down his market value…if he had any to begin with. The game has passed this guy by. He’s too slow for today’s game.

  16. tomg –

    Sam said:”Whether that means the defenseman wasn’t disciplined internally remains to be seen, but the Rangers may end up keeping that under the wraps.”

    you said: “Obviously they have kissed and made up, so much for accountability.”

    I say: How can you draw that conclusion? But I’m not really asking, cause I don’t want to know.

    anonymous – He has to play to be shopped. (and his last game was better than we’ve seen in a while) Scouts come to watch games of players who are available. They really don’t care about what kind of suit he’s wearing. Also, I’ve never defended his speed or ability.

  17. Also, my final thought on the Malik thing (b/c matt is right((above)) and he isn’t worth it anymore)… Whatever Renney says this afternoon on the issue should be taken with a grain of salt. If he comes out and says ‘that guy is a horrible player who disrespects his coaches’ then you better not expect slats to be able to dump this waste of $. If he says something along the lines of ‘we have an understanding, and the guy really cares…yada yada yada’, there’s at least some chance of him being dealt.

  18. “Whether that means the defenseman wasn’t disciplined internally remains to be seen, but the Rangers may end up keeping that under the wraps.”

    Regardless, in my opinion (which is of course of no consequence in itself), if Malik skates with the rest of the NYR today, he was not disciplined nearly enough. What needs to be recognized is that this behavior trickles down (or “up” in this case) to the rest of the players under Renney. They see the useless player in Malik giving the coach serious lip and largely getting away with it, what message does that send guys like Gomez/Drury? What about the younger guys? What does that tell your “talent” they will be able to get away with when they are unhappy? Wowzers.

    What I’m not understanding is why he needs to be “traded”… why can’t he just be given Kaspardized into oblivion? Kaspar was never as bad as Malik, and Kaspar was LOVED in the locker room… $2.5M is a small price for the organization to swallow in this situation, unless I’m missing something?

  19. If we are to trade Malik then he has to play and play well. That is really the only way we’re going to get anything of value in return.

  20. Salty– his cap hit is just under a million bucks from this point of the season. I think I read that in the post. So is we “kaspardized” him to the minors they wouldn’t even have to eat that much.

  21. Why send him to the minors when he could be dealt for a draft pick or be bundled in a deal for someone worthwhile. It might happen that way.

  22. The only thing we can hope Malik will start doing is to hit on a regular basis, and HARD! That is the only area I see him able to make himself useful to a team and to stay in the nhl.

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