Just as we suspected


Marek Malik is indeed on the ice for practice. We’ll see where that’s headed later.

Marc Staal, Scott Gomez, and Brandon Dubinsky — all of whom were in Atlanta for All-Star weekend — will meet the team in Carolina.

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  1. Seamus O Riley on

    Well, that is a shame. Soft Czech team continues……

    But, next year will be different.

    Gomez will be the Captain.

    He will enforce a defense first, devils’ like responsibility upon the players. Hank will love it. Our kids will develop. We will be sans the soft euros with the pretty passes.

    I think Gomez is a winner and as Captain, he will give us what the devil fans have had for more than a decade: teams that are always in the hunt.

  2. Great to see Dubinsky developing into a sold NHLer. Hopefully more forwards like him in the way.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Selanne is back with the ducks.

    Burke really pulled one over on the cap. Float your team through the season, and sign your best players to play half the season, fully rested and ready for the post season.

    I was hoping the Rangers would do that with Leetch last year.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Imagine if Shanahan didn’t play the entire season and just joined us now. He wouldn’t be totally spent.

  5. This Roger Clemens, I sit through half the season and then join a winner is b.s. and one more sad indicator of the direction of pro sports. It’s a freaking team. Even if it’s big business. Lame.

    F Selanne.

    Sam, without naming names, any sense of the team’s feelings about the Malikscapades?

  6. Seamus, how sweet and proper would that be?

    Unfortunately, Jagr will still be here, and will remain the captain. Once Jagr is gone, Chris Drury will be given the Captaincy, because he wins face offs, never drops his mouth guard, and knows how to show off his wrists. He also was on a Cup team once with a lot of incredible players, so he knows what it takes to lead teams to The Cup… (just not President’s Trophy winning teams)

  7. “Sam, without naming names, any sense of the team’s feelings about the Malikscapades?”

    This is exactly where that “controversial” term *locker room cancer* comes into play. Obviously the players will deny that it is a distraction, but when stuff like that goes on, you’ve got to assume it does noting to boost team morale. If anything, it underlines Renney’s softness and unwillingless to take command of his men, and in many cases this can have a domino effect in the room, players starting to question the coaching/eachother. *The fact that Gomez had to open his mouth and have words with Malik defines “locker room cancer”.* Now just imagine if Jagr decided he had to go to bat for his countryman in Malik and have his own words with Gomez… do you think that leads to the kind of on ice chemistry we are so desperate for?

    Belive me, no one “wishes cancer on Malik”, for some reason I think that’s what people think the *term* means. Malik is literally bringing a negative enegry to the locker room.

  8. I agree about blog as*holes. I would love to see Gomez get a shot at being a captain. I really like him. Why not right? He seems to really stay positive and knows what it takes to win. Even with the slow start he was still giving his all on every shift.

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