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Credit goes to savvy veterans John Dellapina and Jay Greenberg for tracking down confirmation on the Marek Malik story amidst last night’s frenzy of activity.

So a player doesn’t shake Tom Renney’s hand and the coach ends up punishing him as a result. There are two ways to go with this:

A) This is professional sports. Renney shouldn’t take things so personally.

B) This is an inexcusable act of insubordination.

I’m leaning toward B, and not only because of this isolated incident. For one, this is hardly the first time that Malik has lashed out over his lack of playing time, even if his play has been, shall we say, less than stellar this season.

And secondly — and more importantly for that matter — Tom Renney is the last guy that Malik should be snubbing. The coach has been one of the defenseman’s most stubborn backers these past few seasons, and has time and again refused to say anything even remotely disparaging about him.

Bear in mind this is something many fans point to as a flaw of Renney’s. So for Malik to suddenly disregard all that is extremely short-sighted.

So where does this go from here? Good question.

Renney said things will be resolved internally, and as hard as this may to be to stomach, I could see that happening.

But I could also the team finally cutting ties with the maligned defenseman the next time a worthwhile opportunity presents itself.

Or make that if a worthwhile opportunity presents itself…

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  1. Probably the only way to get rid of Malik is to have him go sign and play in russia like Kaspa did so than his salary would come off the books. Lets face it, no gm wants this guy.

  2. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Not shaking the coaches hand does not equate to an empty locker. Maybe sitting out a few, but not an empty locker. There is more to it than this.

  3. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Not shaking Renney’s hand does not equate with an empty locker. Maybe sitting out a game or three. But it doesn’t make sense that his locker would be emptied over that. There must be more going on….

  4. I am definitely one who is down on Jagr this year for his bad play. he has picked it up of late, and the article in the paper the other day where is basically took the blame for where the team is this season and owned up to playing badly and everything. To me, it didn’t excuse his bad play, but it did make me happy to hear what he had to say. But, I only wish he said this a while ago.

  5. Sam,

    I have tried to have this asked before, but can you ask Renney why Prucha never plays in overtime? He really is not a defensive liability (at least not more than Jagr, Shanny, Dubinsky,etc).

  6. On Drury: He add no offense whatsoever. He is pathetic in shoot outs and his line does nothing out on the ice. Straka had to carry him all night.

    Dubinksy is maturing in front of our eyes, I love to see it. I actually thought he needed some time in Hartford earlier in the season when he was struggling, but boy has he turned it on.

    And of course Dawes doesn’t see the ice in OT. Instead Renney puts Shanny out there with Dubinsky.

    Dawes is so smooth with the puck. That pass to Rozival was a veteran, mature pass… no panic at all.

  7. hockeymanrangers on

    I heard this from someone else a week back or so. The Rangers MIGHT squeek into the playoffs this year but if they do, they won’t last long. I agree with this statment 100% their are too many good teams playing much better hockey than we are. Maybe things would look differently if we happen to sign a GOOD d-man, but even then I doubt we go far. I just can’t see us going very far at all with players and coaches we have. As far as Malik goes I am hearing they are talking to the Blackhawks. I really don’t have anything bad to say about Malik, I think he is just as good as any of our other d-men. I think our d-men are just average players none stand out as killer d-men. Someday Staal will probably be, he just needs more NHL experience. Ok those are my thoughts for today. I am looking forward to checking Dubinsky and Staal in the rookie game tomorrow night. My only hope is after the break the Rangers come out as a different team, I mean they really have to start kicking butt not just squeeking by these games by the skin of their teeth.

  8. For anyone to bash Drury it probably means they are not aware of the subtleties of the game of hockey. Drury is the one player on the ice that does all the little things to help the Rangers win. He is the consumate professional and though he doesn’t always end up on the score sheet or the Sportcenter highlights he is invaluable to this Ranger team.

  9. Sam, Renney was Malik’s biggest supporter. You and Dellapina were 2nd and 3rd though. You know I love you guys but you both have been neutral to slightly positive on a guy who maybe was a decent teammate according to many but his actions of late speak volumes of something of the opposite nature. Oh, and some joker on this blog named “hockeymanrangers” who thinks that Malik is as good as any other D-man we have.

    For the rest of us, this is just the coup d’grace of a guy who might have been OK at once, had some nifty passes and a once-in-a-lifetime shootout goal, but who was a big liability and NEVER played like his size dictated he should have.

    Hope he is gone and we can stop wasting our ink on him.

    Pete, Prucha was invisible last night. He could have not played a single minute and it would not have mattered.

    Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with the powerplay? 5 on 3 and maybe no shots on goal? How can the coaches support standing around like tripods and never moving. I don’t get that. They expect to pass the puck around the perimeter like 10x and magically a shooting lane will open up? Just pathetic. Any team playing us has to think, “Take penalties at any time. These guys have no powerplay.”

    The team looked so unmotivated as well. After Kovalchuk took the run at Rosy the other night, how come not a single body check or any act of aggression was put forth by the Rangers. WTF!

    I cannot tell you how lucky we were to get 2 pts.

    If there is no improvement, we will get destroyed by any team in playoff contention.

  10. Agreed Rmant, though he not having the best of seasons, what you say is true.
    Dubinski has turned it up, he seems to get better everygame, and he works well with Dawes who is also maturing before our eyes. He seems to have great vision and is calm under pressure. Sweet pass from Dubi, to Dawes to Rozi last night. A beautiful goal.
    Oh yeah I’m sick of Malik and his Sh**. Thats my comment on him.

  11. subtleties? are you kidding me? HOW ABOUT DRURY IS A NEGATIVE 13?!

    A TEAM WORST NEGATIVE 13. he plays like crap night in and night out. wake the hell up already, he’s not playing well and nor has he been. i’m so sick and tired of hearing people tell me that i don’t credit drury for the little things he does.

    drury, the one everyone claimed would be the better of the two signings this off-season, has been a colossal bust.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Rmant, you know who else does the little things to help us win? Blair Betts. Salary: 615,000. Drury’s Salary is 7 MILLION. We’re not paying him 7 mil to do the little things. The guy sucks. He makes his linemates worse.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Shesends, I definitely never thought Drury would be a good signing. Ever. So he scored that killer goal against us. Big deal. We should’ve kept Nylander.

  14. your boy Malik on

    I saw the Jagr wink……what a difference a win makes! Jagr actually looked like he was enjoying the festivities more than any other Ranger sitting on the bench last night. It’s hard to feel sorry for Malik now if this is all true.

  15. im not even going to get into the nylander thing but seriously. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE. i’m sick and tired of everyone praising drury. he’s been a waste of 7mil and completely worthless.

  16. I think any accusations that Sam was neutral on Malik are fairly misguided…either that or your sarcasm radar hasn’t been on while reading his posts this season and last.

    Even Dellapina stops just short of saying he’s the worst defenseman in the history of the franchise, jokingly of course, in his last post.

  17. but what do you guys except, drury never scored more than 69 points in a season, and that was in a contract year, he is never gonna put in the offensive stats

  18. RMANT
    “For anyone to bash Drury it probably means they are not aware of the subtleties of the game of hockey. Drury is the one player on the ice that does all the little things to help the Rangers win. He is the consumate professional and though he doesn’t always end up on the score sheet or the Sportcenter highlights he is invaluable to this Ranger team.”

    I watch Drury like a *hawk*, night in, night out. You’re out of your f*cking mind. INVALUABLE? *INVALUABLE?* HE’S MAKING *7 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR* for “Helping the Rangers win”… and you’re saying you pay him even more? It’s one thing to never score goals if the team wins anyway, but we’re not *winning* games.

    Emporer Drury has no clothes. I didn’t believe the hype before he got here, but now it’s been *proven* right in front of my eyes. Drury is not that great, he’s a utility player. He’s like a Blair Betts, sorry bros, it’s true.

  19. Folks, I understand the Drury bashing, I really do. But I really think we will see his value over the years. He is not a flashy player, he is not a HUGE point producer. I have not been in love with him either and I don’t think he is worth 7 Million. But I think he is a leader. But there were already leaders here when he got here. It is part of his game to be a leader and in doing that it makes him play better. He didn’t come over here and hump in to a new locker and try to take over. Shannahan and Jagr are here for that right now. I really believe that when those two players are no longer here, you will all see what the real Drury is all about. And don’t come down on me and bash me now for saying that. The guy doesn’t get praise from everyone around the league, players and coaches, and have a winning reputation throughout anything he has ever done and just all of a sudden lose it. He will be fine. I am salty and sour about how this season has gone also. But I am happy going in to the all star break with a little bit of a change going on within the team. And if we are going to win low scoring close games, and have to come from behind to do it sometimes, so be it. I will take two points however we can get them. I am not going to sit around now and find new things to bitch about though. These are the players that we have and are going to have. We need to deal with it. Especially as far as Gomez and Drury are concerned. Gomez has been out best player and Drury has been subpar. But neither are going anywhere.

  20. Whoops, ha.

    He didn’t come over here and hump in to a new locker and try to take over.

    I meant that he didn’t come over here and jump in to a new locker room and try to take over.

  21. Prucha Hoo-Hah! on

    Speaking of empty lockers: Anybody know in which locker Leetch’s jersey was hanging? I read that it was hanging in between the lockers of Shanahan and Sean Avery.

  22. Nasty, I will admit I do think that may have a grain of truth to it about Drury. That in filing a certain role behind other leaders in Jagr and Shanahan, he’s struggles to see where he fits in right now. I mean that is my only hope. I *know* he’s not going anywhere, beleive me, not with this pussy organization that caters to “big name players”.

    Ever wonder why Colrado, Calgary, and Buffalo let him go so easily though?

  23. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    If you are upset with Drury making 7 million, then blame it on Slats. He has always been a 60 point getter who plays well in the playoffs. He is doing exactly that for us. It wasn’t Holik’s fault that the Rangers paid him 9.5 million either to be something he’s not.

  24. My wife deleted on the DVR the Leetch festivities before I could watch it …. Divorce papers are being drawn up as we speak.

  25. It makes no sense for the Rangers to keep Malik around, certainly not to play him. His confidence is gone, his skills are suspect at best, his attitude is terrible, and the fans already hated him before this story leaked. I’ve got no undying love for Malik, but seriously, how can he be a part of this team? And why, if he was benched, did he take his equipment? Sounds like it was packed by management for shipment…

    That win last night was a good two points, but it was a crap game. They got lucky. Atlanta played much better and the team played much worse. Blame it on the Leetch delay, but come on, their intensity only a few days after all that talk, was zero. Renney should see that in the first period, call a time out, and speak a few words…

    How did Staal miss that shot? Man these guys still have so much trouble hitting the net. And the power play? Ugh, might as well tivo it out of the way, nothing good will happen.

  26. I respect all of your opinions. I can’t say I agree with all of them, but I do know that all of us real ranger fans want the best for our team. With that being said, I am not saying that everything I say is golden or anything like that, it is just what I believe. I really do believe that about Drury and hope that about Drury. You can be a captain of a team and not be the best player on the team. I do think he has the ability to lead, when it is his turn. There were already leaders here. Plain and simple. I really think if he got here and Jagr was not here and Shanny still was, that he would have had a better year. But the year is not over and he also has not played a playoff game with us. Only against us, and look at what he did against us. I really think he will be a better player for us when he has that leadership role and can speak up in the locker room and make this his team along with Gomez.


    Sure, you may think money could be better spent somewhere else, but it’s how it is. Salary is simple supply and demand at the moment contracts are signed. Drury and Gomez were in the right place at the right time. They’re not going to suddenly be Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier.

  28. taaken from another site

    The Daily News has learned that when Renney went around the room to shake each player’s hand – as he normally does – Malik refused to extend his. Several players nearby immediately got in Malik’s face about the slight, their voices loud.

    The commotion got the attention of nearly the entire room. And when Malik still had not apologized as of yesterday morning, Renney sent him home, prohibiting him from attending the morning skate at the Greenburgh practice facility and, more significantly, banning him from last night’s game and the Brian Leetch number retirement festivities.

    “It was pretty obvious – a lot of guys saw it,” one Ranger said of Malik’s snub of Renney. “You don’t do that. And you can’t have that. If you do, you don’t have a team.”

  29. I liked the Drury signing over the Summer but my God has he stunk this year. He was totally invisable last night again. It is no coincidence that whoever plays with him usually plays their worst game. That was a fairly sluggish game for the most part last night. The Rangers pp is more torturous than water boarding. It sure looked like it was gonna cost em another game last night. The 5 on 3 couldn’t have been more pathetic. I don’t understand why Renney doesn’t replace Avery on the pp with Dawes. It was a very quiet game for guys like Jagr, and Gomez fought the puck all night. Mara looked like he was looking to join Malik in the Bermuda triangle that’s how bad he looked. Dawes and Dubinsky again came up big with their relentless forecheck. Poor Shanny looks like he’s skating in humus while trying to keep up with those kids. I don’t understand why Dawes wasn’t used in the ot or the shootout but it worked out anyway. Dubinsky and Dawes just have an inate chemistry they know where each other is at all times.I wouldn’t mind having Prucha put back on their line he fits better with em than Shanny does. Lundqvist was very sharp and looked real strong in the shootout. It was a very important two points tonight and they will have a very tough 4 game trip coming out of the break. They need to play better in the second half on the road if they are going to make the playoffs.

  30. Chris F Gomez after a rough October has been the teams Mvp on the other hand Drury has had no more of a hand full of good games this year.

  31. from Post:

    “Malik had stormed out of the arena in Edmonton on Jan. 5 after finding out he was a scratch, and has publicly indicated his bewilderment at intermittent lineup scratches. *Scott Gomez* laid into Malik for refusing Renney’s common congratulatory courtesy after a win in which Malik actually played one of his best games of the season. The defenseman met with the coach yesterday morning and was expected to again on Monday, when the Rangers reconvene after the All-Star break”

  32. czechthemout – I disagree with you about last night. Atlanta played much better, so what could the Rangers do? They didn’t make any big mistakes and pretty much held their ground, improving throughout the game after a slow first period. Using the fourth line after the goal is usually a good idea, since they’re not afraid to throw the body, which can keep the building alive, and they tend to keep the puck out of our net.

    The power play did look woeful again, though. I think Avery had a couple chances right in front, which he just missed, but it was bad aside from that. I can’t understand why at most one person is moving during the 5 on 3. The player with the puck has got to take advantage of all that room, along with having one or two other guys moving to whom he can pass it.

    I can’t understand why Betts is being used in overtime. I know he plays well defensively, but he can’t score, and probably can’t even feed Avery (or whoever was with him) to score. I was hoping at that whistle with about 90 seconds left that Renney would bring out Dubinsky with Jagr, or Dawes with someone, but he had to go back to Drury and Straka who showed nothing on their first shift. Meanwhile, of the players on the line that scored the goal, Dubinsky and Shanahan got one shift while Dawes didn’t play in the OT. What’s up with that? I was very unhappy with the way overtime was planned by Renney.

    I was hoping yesterday that Malik was already traded. but they didn’t want to announce it to overshadow Leetch night, but I guess that’s not the case; he’s just being a baby.

    Prucha Hoo-Hah! – Leetch’s jersey was in between Avery and Shanny, at least based on where they were standing.

    KeithG – what sucks about those new LCD rings also is that they took out the clock that shows the actual time of day. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying, especially to my dad who doesn’t have a watch or leave his cell phone on to look at the time.

  33. graves9 – Avery has actually impressed me on the power play, being willing to stand right in front of the goalie. I think he may have been the last player to score a power play goal for us, which was a really good one. I was also unhappy with the shootout choices and was hoping for either the whole Dubinsky line, or Dubinsky, Shanny, and Jagr. I don’t think Prucha was visibile enough in the game to go in this shootout, but I would have accepted him over Dubinsky, if that was the choice. Youre right about the games after the break. We’lll really know where the team stands then, although Carolina is really down right now, with less points then us.

  34. You can see the leetch thing on but you have to sit through esurance commercials

  35. I went to answer my door when the video tributes were on. The only one I saw was Jeter. I like Jeter but all I could think of when he said, “From one #2 to another”, was a giant piece of sh*t talking to another one. Ha.

  36. Prucha, If I understood the commentator correctly Shanny has Leetches’old locker and moved his stuff last night so they could display Leetche’s gear

  37. I seem to recall that Buffalo offered Drury the same amount to stay there but he said that he wanted to come to the Rangers. Obviousy they must think highly of him. With the right players he will regain his touch…don’t know if Renney has a clue how to do it though.

  38. Why is Dubinsky consistently our most noticebale player, and noticeable in a good way, not in a Malik way…is anyone sick of this season…I find the games aren’t exciting, if we win, it’s always barely, a 2-1 game where the offense has shown nothing optimistic, when we lose we look bad all the way around…and w’er so inconsistent that one game of good performances makes you say, “YEah, but wait until next game” and than game we’ll be shutout and booed out of our building…Lundquist said that he didn’t care that the Thrasher 2-1 game wasn’t a good game he just wanted to win, and I can understand that but Ranger fans are looking for something that says we’re ready to roll on a hot streak and look like a playoff team…so far nothing says that…I’ll watch every game but it feels like I’m just going to work.

  39. Prucha Hoo-Hah! on

    NICDIP94: Thanks, so I thought. Of course, one of the yahoos here may take that to mean that Shanny cleared out his locker…

  40. drury being a team worst negative 13 isnt an opinion its a factual statistic. if he was as invaluable due to all the little things he does on the ice he wouldn’t be a freaking team worst -13. and as far as drury goes for being our next captain: i sure as hell hope not. i’d give it to gomer any day of the week over drury.

  41. Bring back Lohan on

    although you guys may be unhappy with Dreary’s point protection, you must admit he is getting really really good at manuvering that mouthpiece while cleaning off his visor. You just simply cannot argue it!

  42. Bring back Lohan on

    and someone commented about the way Gretzy looked. I mean that is one very creepy dude….Wouldnt let him watch my kids, or my dogs for that matter

  43. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on


    What I remember reading about Drury and Buffalo was that Drury agreed to sign an extension early in his last season with Buffalo. He waited several weeks but Buffalo sent him no paperwork. He was disgusted that Buffalo had apparently withdrawn the already agreed upon offer, without any communication, and instructed his agent to not accept any contract offer from Buffalo at all.

  44. OMG! Shanny cleared out his lokcer! I thought that was Malik. Where’s Shanny going?!


    Nasty 1 – I don’t think so, on Vedder.

    Drury did help win one game that I can remember by winning that faceoff.

  45. Seamus O Riley on

    His locker is cleaned out; that may say it all.

    He has his 2.5 million in US dollars and is set for life. I don’t wish ill upon him personally, just don’t want to see him play in a Ranger uniform. He bit the hand that fed him in Renney….Renney supported him even though his play was horrendous. He makes you feel sorry for him when you read how he is confused about boo’ing….maybe he just does not get it.

    Also, with the handshake, I agree that it is very unprofessional, but….I don’t know a thing about his culture….maybe it is manly to stand up and NOT shake someone’s hand there; but not here……

    Anyway, I hope he finds happiness, but just not on Garden ice.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, such a great leader that he couldn’t lead his president trophy winning team to the finals. Couldn’t even lead them to two wins in the conference finals.

    Hopefully cutting out the Malik cancer will have the same effect for us this year that cutting out the Aaron Ward cancer had for us last year. People point to Avery’s arrival last season as when we turned the season around, but check out our record once Ward was traded. THAT was the real turnaround. They were 4-3-2 with Avery and were riding an 0-2-1 streak before they dumped Ward. Not exactly tearing it up. They dumped Ward before playing the Canadiens on the 27th of Feb and went 13-3-4, starting with a 5-0-2 streak.

    Anyway, point is, hopefully dumping Malik will spark a similar run.

    PS, if it is true that Gomez was really in Malik’s face about the snub, that’s 100X more leadership than anything we’ve seen or heard from Drury.

  47. Gomer probably has less of a hard time getting in Malik’s face because he is new to the team this year. He does not have any kind of friendship with the guy. I love hearing that he did that though.

  48. Sam, you said that Tom Renney is the last guy that Malik should be snubbing but isn’t it Renney who ultimately decides who plays and who doesn’t. If he’s angry over lack of playing time Renney is the only guy who Malik should be angry with.

  49. Not saying that Drury couldn’t have done the same thing, but I was just trying to say that being new to the team, he doesn’t know Malik all that well. Like I doubt Jagr would get in Malik’s face.

  50. Best part of last night’s ceremony besides announcing Adam Graves # being retired was the “Potvin Sucks” chant.
    Leetchy was great.
    Any videos of this ?

  51. Buffalo clearly let Drury go without a fight.

    They also did not accept him as the sole “leader” of the team and he shared the “C” with Briere.

    I’m not saying Buffalo is a good/smart organization, but I think they we’re smart enough, smarter than us, to let Drury walk… the guy is worth $5M at an *absolute premium* and that is including attainable bonuses. $7M/per for this utility 3rd liner is an embarrassment to the sport and the organization. I want to see a list of all the players that have comprable deals… there are some studs out there that get paid half that and are 5 years younger. OH, but they were never on the 2001 cup team…

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “The Sabres and Mark Witkin, Chris Drury’s agent, did have contract discussions in the fall of 2006, and that the two sides both felt comfortable with a contract for Drury in the neighborhood of 4 years and 22 million dollars.”

    Apparently that was the contract Sabres and he couldn’t finalize. By the way, that’s $5.5million per year.

    Drury has been a waste. At the start of the season I was down on Gomez but he’s since found his game. Chris Dreary, although, has been one of the worst forwards for the Rangers. His passes are poor, if not resulting in turnovers. He shoots wide or directly at the goalie (glove save by Lehtonen and shootout attempt directly into the pad of Hedberg). And when I watch him on the power-play I don’t see him doing anything special. Perhaps the person who said the seniority of Jagr and Shanahan is impeding his chance to blossom is a little correct. But last night Drury looked like he was being dragged along by Straka. Straka was the only one with anything going for them.

  53. Nasty – Vedder? what?!? haha. that’s a negatory.

    Someone brought up the comparison of Drury and Holik. Exactly. I think those who relentlesly bash him did not know what they were getting. ‘Right place at the right time’. whoever said that is right. That’s why I hate seeing these insane 10+year deals. or even 5+ for that matter. There’s little motivation to perform unless in a contract year. Again with the -13 crap. If you want to look for stats to bash a guy, fine, but you have to look at more than just one to sound the least bit credible in your criticisms.

    The ceremony was awesome eventhough my seat was garbage. It’s the 2 points we needed last night, and now 5pts in the last 3 games. Rest easy fans, we’re headed in the right direction.

    I hope Malik is gone so bad. I have defended his character in the past(never his ability). I had a beer with the guy @ last seasons casino night, and it was a pleasure. But His time as a Ranger should come to an end. I’m sure this is Slat’s first priority.

    Not going to be around for any news this weekend as it is my brothers wedding. Enjoy the A.S. game everyone.

    oh…last thing. a big ‘ATTA BOY’ to gomer for putting malik in his place. Shows that you don’t need a ‘C’ or an ‘A’ on your jersey to be a leader.

  54. Bring back Lohan on

    Any word on Klee’s condition? when he took the puck to the face i thought avery was going to be penalized for being near an injured player. Hollweg would have gotten a major!!!

  55. Gomer probably has less of a hard time getting in Malik’s face because he is new to the team this year. He does not have any kind of friendship with the guy. I love hearing that he did that though.


    Did I miss where Drury and Malik were pals? I must have been out sick that day…

  56. “Right now it’s all about the wins,” Lundqvist said. “I don’t care if we play bad or if we play really good as long as we’re winning.”

    Amen Hank.

  57. I think seeing Buekaboom there last night made Sather realize what we are missing back on D. I hope a GM somewhere is looking for a big guy who is a good positional player with good outlet passes and a great +/- …….Don’t tell them he doesn’t hit anybody, loses focus and is slow as hell.

  58. Time for Sather to put a nice package together for a top flight blueliner and winger both with skill and grit. If Montoya is going to be packaged like I am hearing, they should really consider getting a bonafied backup in return so Henke can feel a little more sure that he can be human and miss a game or two without the bottom falling out. I think they have some good bait without giving up the farm ie. Malik, Hossa, Jessiman, Montoya, althought I think any deal sealer is going to begin and end with Prucha which should be the only hard pill to swallow.

  59. Salty, I guess you missed the very next post.

    January 25th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Not saying that Drury couldn’t have done the same thing, but I was just trying to say that being new to the team, he doesn’t know Malik all that well. Like I doubt Jagr would get in Malik’s face.

  60. Sather must be a good BSer by now ie. Malik just needs a change of scenery to refocus type of thing. Just send them his shootout goal from two years ago and change the date to last week…

  61. Well Nasty, It really seems like you were responding to this post from Doodie:

    “PS, if it is true that Gomez was really in Malik’s face about the snub, that’s 100X more leadership than anything we’ve seen or heard from Drury.”

  62. What’s your point exactly? Both Gomez or Drury could have done it. I am not sure what you are getting at.

  63. A.S.-break stat…..

    NY Rangers have the best home record in the Atlantic Div.

    5 points out of 1st.

  64. I find it funny that Gomer got in his face for two reasons:

    1) Like 3 days ago wasn’t he singing the praises of Malik as a good teammate and all that crap? In Dellapina’s article I think, when I was calling BS….

    2) That is probably more emotion and more physical than Gomer has gotten all year. Don’t get me wrong, Gomer is our MVP so far, but he could have more of a defensive presence by taking the body in our D zone.

    Generally speaking, how come no one on the team hits? These D men are more concerned with taking the puck than the body, that is a PROBLEM!

  65. Point = Doodie said Gomez shows 100x more leadership with that one move than Drury has shown all season, and then it sure seemed like you made an excuse as to why it was “easier” for Gomez to do it right after that. I see maybe you were reffering more to a Jagr, but it seemed like you were indirectly trying to say something, maybe take credit away from Gomez. Frankly I think it takes extra balls to do what Gomez did, being a new guy and being much younger than Malik.

    Regardless, Malik’s antics are *clearly* becoming a serious locker room issue….I’m very surprised this has gone on for so long.

  66. Just wanted to say how classy it was that Leetch made the Graves announcement. I was never a big Leetch fan but had the utmost respect for him and his abilities he just wasn’t one of my favorites. I idolized Messier but I did everything and I still do to play and be like Adam Graves. His choppy skating style, his toughness, the ability to wait and get beat-up in front of the net are all things I do because I watched him. I quite literally welled up like him and Messier last night when that announcement was made.

    I really hope that’s true about what Gomer did. He really is special and I think he really could be the next captain if he wants it.

    We really do need a Beukeboom type defensemen. Someone mentioned getting a D and a wing with skil and grit. I think it was Rob who had his dream package there. I right with that and for because of his lack of playing time I’d be willing to see Pru go and get a fresh start somewhere.

  67. I wouldn’t be suprised if the hold up regarding Malik being traded, is trying to squeeze Drury into the deal. Drury is impossible to trade with that salary, but could be shoehorned in with Malik, Montoya, Prucha for a big trade with a struggling team with an impending UFA. . . . .say. . . . Sundin/and prospect/picks?

  68. If we give up Sanguinetti to get Mats Sundin, I’m through with this organization. I would just not be able to bring myself to support the New York Rangers hockey club any longer.

  69. “trying to squeeze Drury into the deal”

    That would probably be the most “clutch” move all season, however, I don’t think theres a chance in hell.

  70. I’m with you Salty. If Sundin ends up a Ranger and we give up a package that includes Sanguinetti then I’m jumping ship with you.

  71. I don’t understand why Drury is taking so much heat here. The entire team is underachieveing. Drury is doing exactly what we thought he would. He’s not a goal scorer or a huge point producer. He plays smart defensively and will contribute a big goal here or there. He’s great on faceoffs and is a great penalty killer. Take him for what he is and realize that he’s not the second coming of Mark Messier.

  72. There is no way Chris Drury is about to be traded. None. Only way that happens is if his wife hates NYC andthe family wants out, and even if that were the case, no way they’re bound for Toronto. If anywhere, they’d go to SJ for Marleau, and even then I doubt Drury would remotely consider waiving his no-trade clause. Not to mention, giving that guy up would be a boneheaded move largely because he’s been used incorrectly all year. Drury scores all his goals by getting in front of the net and finding pucks and then finding holes in the goalie. Whether it’s via tip-ins or quick one-timers, that’s how the guy plays. When the Rangers have absolutely no threat of point shots (Mara is completely inaccurate and Rozival won’t shoot), and are too busy passing pucks around the perimeter and not getting pucks to the net, Drury is less effective. He’s a fundamentally sound guy, so he gets great position in front of the net for rebounds, tips and quick one-timers. Until the Rangers start using him that way and playing that way, hey can’t expect him to do much more than kill penalties and be a solid two-way player.

    Giving up on Drury after 3 1/2 months is completely absurd. Even if he ends up having a terrible year, you don’t think what was in this guy last year (I can think of 3 goals he scored against us in the Buffalo series off my head and all 3 of them were killers) is still there? Of course it is. I still want him on my team.

  73. Wait, is there really talk of dealing Drury. I think with free agents, for whatever reason, it takes at least a half a season for them to get going. I’m expecting big things from Drury and Gomez after the all-star break. The Rangers give up on guys too fast sometimes. I never liked the Cullen deal. A guy like Malik, I would not be sad to see traded.

    I might be in the minority but I was glad to see Neil Smith last night. I always liked him and thought he was a good GM. Too bad he traded away Zubov and never did make that deal for Shanny in 1996…and where is Christian Dube now?

  74. Smith said during the game that if it was the right fit and he was offered the Toronto job he’d think about it.

    He also said he’s a Ranger at heart and you have got to love that.

  75. I will and pardon my language, shit on the front steps of the Garden if they trade Saguinetti. As much as I find him to be kind of a bust and I was harping on him just the other day maybe Drury just needs a season here to get totally comfortable. I haven’t written off this season yet, but with all the 94 nostalgia the last couple of days you knew that team was special and destined for the cup. This team not so much. But hey you never know.

  76. I think we need to stop a few things to fix the PP. First off, no more 5 forwards on the 5 on 3. Set it up as follows:


    In fact, last nite, we shouldve used 2 separate units for it, instead of force feeding. Shanahan just can’t play the whole 2 minutes, and his shot isnt as heavy as it used to be. He scores goals now more on his quick release and accuracy. I wonder if the hardest shot on our whole team is Girardi’s. Dude definately worked on his shot over the summer.

    Second, stop with Tyutin on the PP. Hes a solid d-man, but Staal has more offensive ability then him, and it seems like every time we give up a sh goal, its Tyutin’s fault.

    Forwards on the PP:
    or alternate it with

    I read on Blueshirt bulletin the idea of getting Barret Jackman for Montoya and Malik, which sounds like a great trade for us. Think about our d-pairs after that.


    I wonder why Roszival and Tyutin havent tried playing together at all, that way Staal and Girardi could be a tandem, which would be our #1.

    Next year, if we get Jackman, then our d could be:



  77. Is it bad that there is a fraction of me that wants a Sanguinetti/Sundin deal to go down so I can jump ship right now with a clear conscience?

  78. I wrote this before and then I erased it and now that you commented again Salty I will say this….(goes for you too Rob L.):

    Don’t pull a Poopie Machetto on us please.

    If you say you will go if they make that deal, and then they make that deal, will you really be gone?

    I like reading your posts, for good info or for silly insights both, but if you say you will go and then you don’t, your words will lose credibility.

    Rememeber Doodie said he was giving up on the team and yet he is still here…

    And I definitely want to know when and where Hockeypuckz will do his dump so I can LMAO.

  79. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Smith got a nice round of applause from the crowd last night. He looked like he didn’t expect it and seemed genuinely touched.

  80. Thanks Rob L.
    So my theory sucks. . . . unless they are trying to talk Drury out of his clause (like they are to Sundin). Um. . . still sucks. I guess we gotta let Drury stay. I guess the only real deal will be Malik leaving. He is so low in value right now, he will be a waiver casualty at best.

  81. Western Canada Survivor on

    Alright so I am usually one of the more pessimistic, skeptical, angry, ruthless Ranger fans on this blog. I have been calling for Renney’s head since ’06 amongst other things.

    However, why all the hate with Ted Drury, I mean Chris? He is certainly not one of our biggest problems this year (coach, goalie lack of focus, power play, fourth line playing too much, lack of a puck rushing defenseman, lack of inspiration, etc…) Sure Drury probably makes too much and sure he hasn’t picked up the end of his bargain and sure he probably had an unmatchable career year last year. However, Drury has been put on 7-8 lines already this year and probably would work better on a wing-maybe with Dubinsky and Straka? Drury has yet to have a proper setup man this year too: Shanny is not a setup man; Greg Moore and Nigel Dawes? Nope; Jagr is a polar opposite; and the list goes on…Renney as you remember loves playing guys out of position (remember signing Matt Cullen as a power play specialist because of his great point shot and then never playing him at the point).

    Shanny said after the Boston debacles that lines were changed too much and that it was difficult to develop any chemistry. Drury is new, trying to fit in and can’t maintain any consistency because he has had no set line. Don’t get me wrong-for that $ and all the promise, he shouldn’t be a -12 and should have put in a few more goals, but certainly not one of our major problems (yes Gomez is also new and has scored, but he is a finesse player and will score anywhere).

    Two more points:
    Last night’s celebration was fantastic. Love how Leetch gave even Dolan a shoutout over Sather and love to see all the ’94 guys back-amazing that was almost 14 years ago. I don’t like how Mess and Leetch both made references to “What they wrote in the program.” This was indeed the $30 friggin dollar program they were talking about which I’m sure made quite a killing last night.

    As great as the ceremony was, last night’s game was an abomination. The 12 hour yule log burn on Christmas Eve was more exciting than last night. How do you not get up for Leetch night?? Had we actually shown up, we could have buried them on one of our 4 power play opportunities in the first. This was the Atlanta Thrashers with their backup goalie in net and best player in the stands. Yes yes, I know we’re 5 points out of first and as MSG had on their bottom line last night, a whopping season altering 4-2-1 since the “5 game losing streak,” but we’re also still in last place with all of our division rivals having 2-3 games in hand.

    To summarize:
    Leetch Ceremony: Inspirational
    Drury: Give him a chance
    Last Night’s Game: Nyquil
    Rangers ’07-’08: Not winning with Renney behind bench.

  82. New Newman I’d do it right at the steps after you pass cosby’s so security could rough me up and then Sam could ask what they were doing and he would get roughed up to like those poor suckers who cover that crappy other team we share the garden with.

  83. PS- Not saying I want Sam to get roughed up just trying to be funny on an otherwise boring Friday.

  84. Nasty 1 11:48am Great post. Drury was definately one of the go to guys on the Sabres & he like other Rangers, living in Jagr’s shadow, find it hard to take leadership roles on this team. Some players are just hindered by being in the background.

  85. drury is not going to be traded. there is absolutely no way they’d trade a guy with his resume this early into his contract. i’ve really been giving him a hard time here and at a few other ranger related sites but i’m still hopeful that he’s going to turn this all around in a year or so. he might just need some time to get comfortable and say what you want about there being too many chiefs and not enough indians. i said that from day one, he very well might just not know his role.

    i think malik is in the same place aaron ward was in at this time last year. if anyone gets shipped out of here its going to be him. then again, i’m not expecting anything in return. ya know, the whole addition by subtraction saying?

    as far as needing a skilled winger with some speed and grit, that could very well be alex bourret. maybe not right this moment but i still have high hopes for him. …if he can only stay healthy.

    anyone else see our record on nights when we retire a player’s number? we’re going to have to win next year for graves just to hit .500

    oh, and if the rangers trade bobby sanguinetti i will never again watch or cheer for this team. i dont feel like the rangers are buyers or sellers just yet but i know that adding a player like mats sundin is a terrible move considering it would most certainly cost us some of the organizations most coveted prospects and all we’d be getting in the end is a rental player. no thanks.

  86. “Rememeber Doodie said he was giving up on the team and yet he is still here… Don’t pull a Poopie Machetto on us please.
    If you say you will go if they make that deal, and then they make that deal, will you really be gone?”

    1) Giving up on the team can mean a lot of things. I’ll go to bat for Doodie and say that he knew back when he said that, that the team was going nowhere. I don’t know that he said he was going to stop reading/posting here. Around the same time he said that though, I was having very similar feelings. There was obviously something very wrong with he team early on and for whatever reason, I had this digging feeling that nothing was going to get any better any time soon, and I think Doodie felt the same way. To be honest, it looks like Doodie, myself, and anyone else who has been naysaying since the start of the season were *absolutely right* about it all. Nothing has clicked like everyone kept saying it would. It’s not happeneing, theres are several major glitches in place.

    2) So, me saying, I’m jumping ship, done with the organization, etc, etc, etc doesn’t mean I wont read and post here. I’m obviously addicted to watching this trainwreck team. The difference is emotional investment. I can’t continue to put my heart behind this team when I don’t agree with a single thing that goes on in the organization. I’m hanging on by threads at this point, but not only is the organization a disgrace in terms of tradition and hockey class, it’s a disgrace on the ice, year after year, and there is just a lack of passion, tradition, and desire at its roots. It’s about money, not winning, and I have a problem with that. I’m a Ranger fan because they’re my home team and I grew up on them, but the older I get, the more disgusted I get with the way it all works in NYR year after year. Bottom of th efucking barrel players like MAREK MALIK blatantly disrespect the coach on numerous occasions, yet he still has a job as of right now. I can hardly imagine what a big name player like Jagr could get away with… actually, after this season, I’m getting a pretty good idea. If I was Renney and that useless cumsock Malik refused my handshake after all is said and done, I’d pull him out of MSG by the hair and tell security never to let him back into the restricted rangers area again.

  87. Sorry, I got off course there. Yes, If the Rangers trade their top prospect in Sanguinetti for ANOTHER AGING VETERAN, yes I will never cheer for them again. They’ve been trying that “business model” for f*cking ever and it never works. I can’t stand behind that anymore, especially after all these years of being promised a “rebuild”.

  88. Bring back Lohan on

    The best part of your post salty is that you said cumsock and then threw an * in f*cking. That is truly funny!!!

  89. agreed that drury isn’t playing nearly up to par, and he has been a “bust” up to now, but to say that he’s a checking line player and the same type of player as blair betts is a little ridiculous. the guy had 37 goals last year for a reason. And though we don’t see it yet, lets not forget it takes people time to adjust to new york. it’s a lil different here than in buffalo or colorado. take a look at (way out of left field, i know, but i think its the same mentality) beltran on the mets. horrible year first year, then back to the way he can play. also, the intangibles are where drurys game is. and everyone will come to appreciate his style and grit and heroics in the playoffs, i assure you.
    with regards to last night…..
    did anyone find it weird that there was absolutely no video tribute to leetch? no highlights, nothing. there might have been on tv but definitely not in the garden. it wouldve been nice to see some highlights, and god knows there are plenty.
    dubinsky is really starting to play and its awesome to see. he has speed, and he has hockey sense. im looking forward to watching him for a long time…

  90. Question- How many of the current Rangers ever played with Brian Leetch?

    Nice question. The answer is two. Jagr and Orr(with Boston).

  91. Western Canada Survivor on

    Tyutin actually played a couple of games with Leetch too, so its 3.

    Also there was a video tribute to Leetch before Sam emceed. However, no tangible gift from the Rangers organization, outside of a donation to charity of his friend who passed away in WTC (the ATV was from the ’94 team)…

  92. I heard that malik has agreed to a new contract with the hartford wolfpack.

    it was NOT a handshake deal.

  93. ORR..Talented Mr. Colton Douglas Orr on


    Lol i caught that too.

    Who cares what NYR is doing now. When and if they make the playoffs, thats all that matters, and how they play. Just like Gomer for the devs, he had a decent season, but barely scored goals, then in 10 or 11 games, he got half the goals he got during the season.


    I dont know where you get your info from, but the Sabs did put up a fight, they made the mistake of not signing Briere or Drury during the season, so they can focus on the season, and thats what screwed them in the end. Both players kinda took it the wrong way, but not persnoally. In the end Drury wanted to go to the place he always wanted to play, even though the Sabs offered the same amount, with less years, and Briere just decided to get greedy, he had a choice between Sabs big money less year, the Habs big money huge years, and Philly’s big money big years, and he chose Philly.

    Never the less, Drury isnt having a great year, but i dnot want him getting traded, and im still happy he’s on the team. Hopefully next season can be his breakout year as a Ranger.

  94. Rangers have only 7 wins on the road in 23 games. they have 17 wins at home in 28 games.

    the bad news. they have only 13 home games left, and 18 road games.

    so, if they stay anywhere close to their current pace on the road, they are in deep trouble.

    even if you give them 9 wins in the 13 home games, they would need to go about 11-7 on the road also to get in narrowly.

    only a much better effort than they have shown so far on the road, will get them in.

  95. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christ, why can’t I stop following this team?

  96. Peter…Tyutin played 25 games with Leetch and Valiquette was in 2 games with Leetch as well.

  97. Survivor,

    Rangers gave Leetch that sweet Harley…what do you mean no tangible gift?


    Haven’t seen you around at all lately, how are ya friend. I think you are mistaken about Sabres though… they let Drury go, it’s pretty much common knowlegde

  98. Doodie – you’re better than the disease reference. other ways to describe Malik without offending people.

  99. just thinking…
    the only time Malik showes a little balls (sorry) is against his coach and fellow teammates.
    Nice, real nice!
    No offense but get this piece of “doodie” out of here.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    LI Joe – He’s locker room cancer. It’s not meant to be offensive. In fact, it’s a common term to refer to someone who kills the locker room. No apology will be given.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    “No offense but get this piece of “doodie” out of here.”

    None taken.

  102. The organization keeps Malik around while Pock plays out the year in Hartford. He proved himself here last year. The more he played the better he performed. In a couple of games at Hartford that I watched, he did extremely well moving the puck, being offensive and defensive. HEY RANGERS – bring up someone who knows the game and don’t let him waste away in Hartford when we need him here!!!!!

  103. Yeah Mike, I agree. Pock has been with the Rangers for several years, has played in 60 games for them, and yet he has languish in Hartford while Malik and Strudwick take his ice time. That’s not right! Hopefully Malik’s departure will open the door for Pock.

  104. Not 100% sure – but I believe Pock would have to clear re-entry waivers to come back up. I don’t think he’d make it without being claimed by someone else.

    If you look back at Drury’s #’s, he’s only scored 30 twice, incl his career high’s last year. He’s pretty much on pace for his average of around 20 goals and 40-50 pts.

  105. I hope I’m wrong but Malik is supposed to meet with renney Monday. I can see them kissing and making up and Malik still on this team like nothing happened.

  106. What were people expecting from Drury? Include his two years at Sabres (hi-octane team for sure)he has averaged 22 goals a season…look it up. He is on pace for that here.He as never been one of these guys that wow people by dominating game. He goes to net, takes hits and scores garbage goals. check check check…it sounds like people were expecting, and now are acting like, he is a Pavel Bure-a dominating force that went belly up in NY. Its just not the case. He is what he always was.

  107. Comrade Beer me
    we post at exactly same time,, same thoughts. You know..great minds think alike about Druru

  108. haha – you speak the truth.

    Doodie – Other medical references for Malik…

    Hemroid, bunyon, kidney stone(ouch), ruptured testie, etc…


  109. GET RENNEY OUT OF HERE!!! HE’S THE REASON THIS TEAM HAS BEEN UNDERACHIEVING BIG TIME ALL YEAR! WAY TOO MUCH TALENT FOR THIS TEAM TO BARELY BE IN A PLAYOFF SPOT. WHAT A DISGRACE. Seriously, this team has played with their heads up their a.sses all year long, the special teams have been atrocious for a while now, especially the PP was has been a disaster since game 1. Tom Renney needs to be fired asap. This team isn’t going anywhere with that moron as head coach.

  110. I’m certainly not one that like’s to bad mouth players, but after watching most of the rangers game’s this season I don’t beleive Peter Prucha is an NHL player, not to say in the future, but not right now, hey I hope Prucha turns a new leaf and makes me eat my words, I think the rangers are better replacing him with a bigger body up front, any other thoughts?

  111. I feel like each day is Christmas, running downstairs to my computer each morning to check the blogs to see if Malik’s finally been traded.
    As much as he’s occasionally had me pulling my hair out, I’ve always hoped the big guy would turn things around and prove his critics wrong. I’ve always felt the booing has been counterproductive, and if having him on the team made Jagr happy, then at least I hoped Malik could find his game. However, it looks like the time has come to move on. I would be surprised if he’s still on the team coming out of the break. Renney’s given him plenty of chances, and if he wasn’t so childish, I’m sure he’d get plenty more down the stretch. Believe me, with his salary, Sather knows he could never get equal value, so a trade has always been the very last option.

  112. The whole Czech posse on the Rangers is really an interesting dynamic.

    After Leetch night, I spent an hour in the Green Room, which is where family of players wait and hang out, above the locker room.

    It was nice to speak with a bunch of the guys and get some pics. The only guys that I didn’t meet were Shanny, Drury, Mara, Staal, and of course Malik who was MIA.

    Anyway, there’s this couch right when you walk in and only the Czech players and families hang out in that area. It is extremely clicky. Rozsival and Straka are two of the nicest guys i’ve ever met.
    I asked Rozsy about Malik and he simply said,” nobody knows exactly what happened, honestly.”

  113. I’m not psyched about the Pock thing. He shouldn’t be left to die in the minors. If the team calls him up, and he gets claimed, oh well. If he doesn’t, cool, he gives us an option that is probably better. This whole fear of a claim is bad karma and pretty douchey.

  114. As far as Prucha goes, he would definitely benefit from putting on some weight however I believe his play has suffered because of how he is used. He is a player that needs to be on the power play all the time but this year(like last year) that has not been the case. Constantly switching linemates certainly does not help either. I think he would do really well with a center like Gomez but he has never really gotten the chance to play with a fast playmaker. Hell he started to look good with Dubinsky and Dawes but right away Renney switches him with Shanny. So until he is given a consistent chance on the power play, regular linemates who can dish him the puck and a chance to play in overtime (ie the coach showing confidence in u, he has only played a few shifts in ot his whole career) i dont think you can make a fair assessment.

    sorry for the longwinded response…just woke up

  115. Leetch night was really the bes Rangers experience i’e had.
    Since the game itself wasn’t much to watch, I hung out in the hallways of the suite area upstairs.

    Messier, Greschner, Graves, Mullen, Matteau, Richter, Domi were ALL very nice and approachable. Messier made me run with him while signing my jersey. Richter was great and Graves was the nicest Ranger i’ve ever met. Just awesome-

    I also met Leetch, but he was on his way downstairs for an interview, carrying his son and couldn’t stop.

    End of dream….

  116. Blueclue,
    That is very interesting that you stated that the czech players hang out in a corner and they are clicky. That would tell me allot about a rumor that the rangers locker room was divided. IMO I think the rangers struggles all year is a combination of chemistry and jagr and shanahan being past there primes. Yes Jagr has carried this team the past two seasons but now there is no more Nylander (czech) there with Jagr. I truly believe that the rangers would be better off in the future building there team around Drury and Gomez. I would not resign jagr or any of the veteran players that will be free agents next year and that includes Rosival. The best line that I saqw this year that had allot of chemistry was the Dubinsky, dawes, prucha line. I don’t care how many times renney changes the lines there is no chemistry with Jagr and Shanahan.

  117. I can see a very good line in the future for the rangers and that would be dubinsky, dawes and callahan.

  118. If sather makes any dumb trades where he trades our youth for a rented player I will be extremely mad because than the rangers organization will be back to square one before the strike.

  119. TomG

    Yeah, it did bother me in a way how ONLY the Czech players sat on that couch.
    Nylander, if I understand what you’re saying, is not Czech; he’s Swedish.

    But who knows what would have happened if he had stayed. I mean, he’s injured now pretty seriously and will be out for a long time.

    January 24th was also my birthday, so it was the best day I could’ve had.
    One other thing. I’m 5’10”, 195 lbs and standing next to some of the Rangers, I look huge.

    Strudwick, Valiquette, and Betts all seemed stunned when I asked them to sign my jersey…lol

  120. BlueClue,
    I’m bad, I forgot that nylander is swedish. I probably should have made the point that nylander was european like Jagr, not czech. My point is the rangers team has a mixture of young players from the farm, a player (shanahan) in my opinion who is shot and jagr getting there with his style not really complimentary with gomez, drury or dubinsky.

  121. Add this all up to a struggling team that will struggle to make the playoffs, that’s why if sather was smart he should just keep the team together for the rest of the season. If he can dump Malik, hossa for picks that would be great. If sather is going to make bigger trades it should be the rangers dumping Jagr and the rest of the veteran UFA’s for young talent and draft picks. People keep saying that the rangers should trade for a big forward or a big time defensemen, unfortunately to get those players right now you would have to mortgage the future, it’s not worth because the rangers are not a team close to winning a cup.

  122. TomG

    What I don’t understand about this team is that if Jagr is not the cornerstone of the future, why do I get this feelimg that even if we miss the playoffs, or go on a very bad streak, Jagr will go nowhere?

    If the youth along with Gomez and Drury is the future and their styles are the opposite of Jagr’s, then Jagr should be dealt to a contender to help us with the building process.
    I just know that it will never happen though because the name Jaromir Jagr is the main attraction on Broadway.

  123. I here what your saying but that approach by the rangers is the reason why through the late 90’s and early 2000’s why those teams didn’t make the playoffs. Bringing in a past his prime star on broadway to fill the seats. The CBA has now forced teams to build from within. That’s why sather traded as many players he could the season before the strike because he knew with the new CBA you would have to build from within. I don’t care how many ranger fans love Jagr, the rangers need to go in a new direction without Jagr and his czech buddies if you want to see this team win a cup in the next five years.

  124. The problem with dealing Jagr is no gm is going to give allot when they know Jagr will be a free agent. The rangers are better off holding on to him for the rest of the season. I would not resign him or the other ufa vets next year. There will be some good players in the free agent market next year. I’m not sure how much the rangers will have to spend because next year they have to sign lundqvist, giardi and tyutin.

  125. Agreed-

    When Jagr was brought here, there was skepticism, bit it was a sweet deal for a while because he produced well and Washingtom fotted half the bill.

    But now, something is clearly not right with him.
    I don’t buy that article with Larry Brooks when Jagr says he always gives 100%.

    It’s clear that he doesn’t. You clearly see a lack of emotion many games along with him taking the dumbest and laziest penalties.

    I did meet him a few days ago. He signed my jersey without saying a word to me, turned around, and when I tapped him on the shoulder to ask him something (we have a mutual friend in common) he didn’t even turn around to acknowledge my presence.

    Then he complains about how fans are down on him.
    Way to win over the fans, Jags-

  126. Why would you hold on to him till next year.
    If we deal him now to a possible contender(we are not contenders), then you atleast get SOMETHING in return to help rebuild. Jagr, as a rental, WILL bring back a decent younger player, along with a decent draft pick.

    Holding on to him and letting him go next year will bring us nothing.

  127. official announcement on

    Rangers open regular season 2008-2009 in Sazka Arena Prague..

    The New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lighting will open the regular season 2008/09 with back-to back games at 18000 seater Sazka Arena on Saturday October 4 and Sunday October 5th…
    Another two teams will play the same dates overseas when the Ottawa Senators facing off against the Pittsburgh Penguin at the 15000 seater Gluben Arena in Stockholm…

  128. I’m thinking that sather made the trade for jagr at the time because it was a good deal to make because the rangers would only have to pay half the salary and sather figured by trading away most of the aging stars the rangers would need to have a star who still had something left to draw people to the garden while he rebuilds the farm system. That’s why he brought in Jagr’s cronies so the rangers could be competitive while he rebuilds.

  129. Blueclue,
    “WILL bring back a decent younger player, along with a decent draft pick.”

    It’s not that I wouldn’t do it, I don’t think there is a gm out there that would mortgage there future for a rented player.

  130. “Rangers open regular season 2008-2009 in Sazka Arena Prague..”

    If that means bringing back jagr and his cronies than ranger fans are going to see the same boring hockey they have seen this year.

  131. official announcement on

    Rangers preseason in Berne Switzerland !

    The New York Rangers spent parts of preseason in Berne / Switzerland when they will be playing in the Victoria Cup an international tournament featuring the winner of the European championscup and an NHL venue. These game will take place in 16700 seater Arena Allmend in Berne Switzerland…Mettalurg Magnitagorsk beat Sparta Prague earlier this month to qualify for the event….

    During the lockout in 2004 A NHL team of lockout stars including Brendan Shanahan and former Ranger Tone Amonte played to 7-6 against SC Berne….

  132. I disagree,

    Jagr to the right team along the fianl stretch would have an enormous impact to the right team. Sharks, Minnesota, Calgary, Vancouver for example.

  133. BlueClue,
    I agree what you are saying, I’m not disagreeing with you. From what I have been reading on the internet about how it appears this year gm’s don’t want to give up young players and picks for rented players.

  134. Need some help here…earlier in the year I had plans to go to the Canes/Rangers game at the RBC Tuesday (I live in NC now)but don’t know if I want to go and waste money. I’m on the fence. What do you guys think? I’ve always gone to the games here but now…….

  135. tomg,
    “It’s not that I wouldn’t do it, I don’t think there is a gm out there that would mortgage there future for a rented player.”
    what do you base that statement on…
    the fishsticks last year gave a TON for a rented Ryan Smyth who everyone knew was not going to stay…or at least they should have known.
    who the heck wants to play with them?

  136. Staal Wart ,
    I guess you didn’t see the whole statement but in that statement I stated that I read on several hockey websites that the rumblings are that gm’s don’t want to give up draft picks and young talent for rented players, that’s where I base that statement on.

  137. Staal Wart ,
    I think it was spector’s website I had read that it’s hard to make trades this year because gm’s were asking way to much for rented players. I think now that the rangers are scheduled to play in Sazka Arena Prague.. that probably means sather is going to keep Jagr and his cronies which IMO is a big mistake but than ranger/knick fans should be familiar with poor management decisions.

  138. Enough with this Drury trade crap.He’s not being moved at all…….
    So stop it with the moronic trade ( I”m not even gonna call them rumors,rather idiotic thoughts).

  139. On Hockeybuzz they are saying Rangers are a player in Sundin sweepstakes…the blog has all these Leaf fans saying “Cherepanov and this played or that player-Staal, Montoya,etc”
    But, its only Ecklund and he had me with 12 team before I go to St. Pete

  140. “Enough with this Drury trade crap.He’s not being moved at all…….
    So stop it with the moronic trade ( I”m not even gonna call them rumors,rather idiotic thoughts).”

    nobody in the past 10-15 post have mentioned anything about trading drruy!!


  141. Spector claims the Rangers have some interest in Blake.
    I wonder who would be moved.

    He also mentions that Oli Jokinen might be available.
    I think he would be perefect for Broadway.
    Would send Prucha, Malik and a pick packing to FLA if Oli is available.
    Montoya is of no use to them now that they have Vokoun.

    I know i’m dreaming…..

  142. Rumors actually have us sending Malik and Prucha to Chicago for Cam Barker. Other rumor has us after Hossa the Greater (as opposed to his brother the lesser) but I’m not sure why they’d want to add more scorers since it would seem to make no difference. We have a ton of guys who can allegedly score yet get no goals.

  143. so do you guys make all these rumors up (I’m sure lots of you do ) if not where do you see them.I’m on lots of sites and i’ve never seen a word about most of them.

  144. Peter,
    “Rumors actually have us sending Malik and Prucha to Chicago for Cam Barker.”

    This trade makes sense because chicago wants a veteran defensemen and they have wanted prucha since last year and prucha is expendable becasue we have callahan.

  145. Doodie – re the cancer comments – you’re a big boy and this is America. I just had more respect for you than that but I’ve been wrong about people before. just because a few times an idiot writes it in an article does not make it correct. it’s not about defending Maik – I hope he’s traded yesterday but I also know the next victim of the fans wrath is right around the corner.

  146. cam barker?

    damn. that’s not too bad. i’d send pru and malikenstein to chicago for him.

  147. Seamus O Riley on

    Gomez is the future captain:

    next year:

    young, fast, defensive-minded and no nonsense. Trust me. I only hope Renney is not around to mess things up.

    Gomez knows what it takes to win “boring” hockey. He does not need to put on a show. Drury is a winner. Next year, Shanny retires, Jagr traded or goes to Europe and it becomes Gomez’ no nonsense team of defense first…he will bring Devil know how with him and stop all this pretty passing, no hit, Czech clique nonsense, and make winners our of the young kids like Staal, Dubi, Callahan (yes Callahan) and Greg Moore, if not traded, will fit right into that scheme of play. Dubinsky is going to come in 10 lbs heavier.

    Rosi for 5 mill, take a hike.

    We will be a much tougher, responsible team. We will lead the league in fewest penalty minutes. We won’t be a high scoring team, but we will be a winning team.

  148. Hey Sam, Love your articles, and blog. Huge ranger fan with season tickets in my family in section 403 since the old garden. I had some comments on the all star game (which are going on as I type) but I am too annoyed to not vent to someone.

    I figured in year 2 (or whatever it is for oln/versus doing the all star game) they would have figured some stuff out, but this telecast is like a community access news show in terms of production.

    The first event, the obstacle course, well the various camera angles were horrible. We missed most of the 2nd leg of the competition where the guy shoots into the little net via saucer pass(dumb dumb dumb).

    Then someone had the bright idea to change up the fastest skater competition, one of the few things the nhl all star game has gotten right over the years. They managed to mess up who won the various legs, pitting brian campbell in the finals instead of kovalchuk (and how can it be called the fastest skater competition when the fastest skater is not participating (GABORIK!)

    As I type the elimination shootout challenge is going on, and again they dropped the ball on the camera angles. They are following the skater behind, and thus obscuring the view, only showing the normal shootout view on replay.

    I can only imagine how things are going to be later in the telecast, but I just wanted to know your opinion. Is it too much to ask for some professional production value for a major leagues sports all star game? I used to love it and now its becoming increasingly difficult to watch.

    Thanks keep up the great writing and reporting.

  149. yeah they’re doing a terrible job at this. the youngstars game was certainly the highlight and even then they managed to ruin it by showing extended highlights during play.

  150. The changes to the skills comp are so retarded esp. the speed skating…just pathetic.
    Boy is the NHL grasping a straws.

  151. Anyone else just hear Rick DiPietro (through a microphone not turned off on Versus) say he re-aggrivated a hip injury on a Marion Gaborik break-away? Not thought I’m routing for someone to get hurt…but that could be pretty big…

  152. Ryan-I looked at your blog,i thought it was ok. There’s just alot of bitter angry people here. If Sam doesn’t want you to promote it here i’m sure he will tell you himself.

  153. Hey Ryan
    I think the blog is good. Its something different with so many different opinions and covering the games and news. Not many people do both. Just dont promote it all over here man. Its good though.

  154. salty I’m ashamed I root for the same team that a fool who posts what you did earlier tonight. it takes all kinds but I’m done with you.

  155. Joe, you’re one of those people that makes long island look bad/dumb. Sorry fella.

    That said, the term ‘cancer’ obviously triggers something with you. Although you display a chimp-like reaction to the word (see: not considering actual context in any way, only making the assumption you’ve been conditioned to), I do wish you/family/friends only the best of health. Cancer is a nasty illness and I would not wish it upon anyone. Some one very close to me has been battling breast cancer for quite some time.


  156. Jagr and Gomez:

    I think these two have plenty of chemistry. Not as much as Nylander and Jagr did, but they haven’t been playing together that long. What is missing is that third piece on the line.

    These two will have to gut it out and hope Dubinsky’s line can contribute, which is certainly asking a lot of the kid, but who knows, I’ll root for him. I think it is painfully obvious that Drury will add no offense and IMO has been a killer for this team this season.

    However, I believe the Rangers will see some addition by subtraction over the summer. Hossa, Shanahan, Malik, Jagr, Straka, Mara, Strudwick, Rozival & Prucha will most likely be gone.

    Coming back will be Henrik, Avery, Girardi, Tyutin. The Rangers will instantly become a much faster, quicker and more north/south team and will be able to compete better each night.

    Staal, Sanguetti, Tyutin, Girardi, Pock, UFA on defense. Young, and therefore the Rangers may keep Rozival.

    Gomez, Callahan, Drury, Dubinsky, Moore, Dawes, Avery, Betts, Hollweg, Orr, Anisemov, UFA or two is our offense.

    I wouldn’t be averse to Jagr coming back for one more season either. Although I don’t think he’d sign a one-year deal and I don’t think the Rangers should offer him more than one and because of this he’d most likely retire or sign elsewhere.

  157. no news here on Dubinskys and Staals performance?

    Pretty happy about them doing well

    the future looks even brighter !

  158. LI Joe – locker room cancer is a term that is used for someone bad for the team in the locker room. Maybe its origin is from the disease, but it really has nothing to do with it now. Maybe someone close to you had cancer, but I don’t understand why you’re offended by this use of the word.

  159. The point is to prevent teams from sending players to the AHL in the first place. It was put in by the NHLPA. Stupid for ownership to agree to it.

  160. Peter – I think it’s worked more of the other way, preventing teams from calling players back up. That’s stupid if that’s the reason they put it in. I wonder after all this time if Pöck really would be claimed by somebody else. If Malik’s salary is off the cap, then having Pöck claimed at half-price wouldn’t be as big of a deal, except for next season.

    Is Sam on a golf assignment for the Buick today? Does anybody have Malik updates?

  161. there really isnt much to cover at the buick today, just the typical same old with tiger up by 8 heading into the final round

  162. spiderpig – I guess that explains it all. if people can’t understand why that phrase offends and should not be used what more can I say. when you all get older and lose people to that drad disease maybe you’ll understand. meanwhile I’m done with the fool above.

  163. Hey Sam

    I think that our team’s looks bright for the Blueshirts. After seeing Staal and Dubinsky in the YoungStars game, I am excited about the long-term future of this team.

    Say what you will about Glen Sather, but he and his staff have stocked the cupboard with lots of talent and picks since coming on board in 2000. One could say he was forced to move in that direction due to the salary cap or the failure of the team in their prior approach of buying players. And remember, it was under Sather’s drafting team, that we drafted some of the cornerstones of our team now and for the future:

    Lundqvist (205th overall, 7th Rnd, 2000 draft)
    Prucha (240th overall, 8th Rnd, 2002 draft)
    Dawes (149th overall, 5th Rnd, 2003 draft)
    Dubinsky (60th overall, 2nd Rnd, 2004 draft)
    Staal (12th overall, 1st Rnd, 2005 draft)
    Tyutin (40th overall, 2nd Rnd, 2001 draft)

    Regardless, the Rangers are now one of the top 10 organizations (#8 according to “hockeys future”‘s website) in the league in terms of depth and breadth of good young talent in the system. Who would have thought prior to 2004 that the Rangers would have rookies playing and making the team consistently since ’04?

    Take a look at the possibilities:










    Other Notable Players – Byers,Bourrett, Korpikoski, Dupont and Pyatt

    I assume that within the next season or two the following players will be gone due to retirement, free agency, or trades:


    In looking at our team, players in the system and other factors, I have identified some team needs, many which have been mentioned before, namely:

    -a defenseman who can be the QB of our Power Play (Roszival has done a tremendous job in his time with the Rangers, but this is till a major need – just look at our team PP numbers. I know it is wishful thinking but we need someone like McCabe, Blake, Kaberle, Pitkanen, etc.)

    -a defenseman who can bang the body and move guys out in front of our own net (ala Jeff Buekeboom -Brooks Orpik might be a good fit if the Pens would be open to a trade – especially to a team within their division such as the Rangers. Orpik would also be cheaper than a Jovonoski potentially)

    -as far as forwards are concerned, our organization is light and weak on left wings. In our system, after Dawes we have Korpikoski and Byers.

    -finally, in goal, it is pretty much assured that once the Blueshirts tie up Lundqvist to a long-term deal, that Montoya will be dealt (he is our biggest trading block right now). Valiquette plays admirably as a backup, but if Henrik goes down with a serious or long term injury – Vally isn’t someone I have confidence in – a 30yr old NHL journeyman backup. We need a proven and dependable backup, bad.

    Let me know what you think of some of my assessments.



  164. Moore didn’t show that much when he got called up…not saying he never will, but I expected him to make a case for himself and he never did…and Prucha? Man, 30 goals rookie year, 20 goal sophmore, and now he’ll be lucky to 15 goals…I don’t know what you do with him…I’d like Rosival to stay if he didn’t play like alittle girl…everytime there’s a physical confrontation on the ice he backs down like it his job…with Jags, he really doesn’t fit in after this year very well unless we go out of our way (which is what we do) to have players he likes…if we’re not in the mix come trade deadline, and we could get some good talent in return, I say do it…but not just a prospect someone who can play right now…

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    LI Joe, I have lost loved ones to cancer. I’ve also broken my leg. Pretty painful. Doesn’t mean I won’t say “break a leg” to someone who is about to perform on stage.

    Get over yourself.

  166. Pretty good All-Star Game tonight. Great saves and great goals. I just wish Gary Bettman didn’t have to talk for so long. That’s the least amount of boos I’ve heard at him in a while, but it could just be the product of being in Atlanta. I actually understand what he’s saying about being cautious with doing so many interconference games because the attendance records they claim could be coming from games inside the division, which I gather would be more popular than playing a team from another conference. Everyone will be watching it next year when eight division games are swapped out for interconference games.

  167. LI Joe – i’ve lost my father and grandfather to cancer, both at a young age, i have no problem with the use of the word in that context – get over yourself.

    All-star game looked OK. I still find it hard to ne interested for 60 minutes when there’s no hitting or fighting.

  168. I know there just rumors but why would the rangers mortgage there future by giving up a first round pick and there young talent for a rental player, it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not like the rangers are one or two players away in having a chance to get to the stanely cup, hell, this team will be lucky to make the playoffs.

  169. TOMG,

    I read that article and no where do I see the Rangers looking to off load any youngsters or interested in much that is out there. Did I miss something or are you only speculating on what could happen??

    The Rangers came up a few times with the only plus being that Malik might have been moved but the club denies all such comments and rumors.

    As Renney said last week the fix will come from within. IMO maybe one move with Prucha/Montoya for the big D man. IMO I would throw in a pick this year with the depth we have in the farm system.

  170. Richard,
    in that article it clearly states that the kings want young players and a number one draft pick for blake and this is what teams are asking for in these rental players.

  171. richard,
    “The Toronto Sun reports that Kings GM Dean Lombardi wants a player, a prospect and a first-round pick for Blake.”

    I didn’t say the rangers were going to off load anybody, just stating what teams want for these rental players.

  172. TOMG,

    I read the same and agree with you 100%. By no means should the Rangers brass do anything with our players under the age of 22.

    The other teams want more for the future but this is the Rangers and so many times in my 35 years the NYR have cashed in thier future. Please not this year.

  173. I have said this many times in the past few weeks. Either the rangers stay put in what they have and make a minor deal or two or if they are still struggling a month from now I would become a seller and trade jagr and as many as there veteran UFA’S possible for young players or draft picks to teams that feel there one or two players away from making a serious run at the cup.

  174. Rob Blake is just the kind of defenseman that we DON’T need. He’s a bigger and slightly more talented version of Tom Poti. Let’s leave him in L.A. and look to get a #6 defenseman to replace Malik or Strudwick. The top 2 defensive pairs are going to be fine.

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