Is Malik in Renney’s doghouse?


OK, so maybe Marek Malik isn’t going anywhere….yet.

The story circulating on the great No. 8 is that, angry over his scratch on Thursday, he refused to shake Tom Renney’s hand following Tuesday’s win.

Seeing how this is not a way to win back the affections of your coach, Renney presumably told Malik his services would not be needed Thursday night against the Thrashers.

While he wouldn’t discuss the issue further, the coach did say he expected everything to be resolved internally.

I suppose we’ll see on that part….

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Maybe Malik is taking a vacation. Hard to imagine someone not getting along with Renney. I guess Marek feels he is being picked on. We got our hopes up for nothing. Brad Park, Harry Howell, Ron Greschner, Jeff Beukeboom, Brian Leetch……not a bad group of defensemen.

  2. Chicago Daily Herald ran this item, “East Coast rumors continue to link the Hawks with soon-to-be-traded Rangers defenseman Marek Malik, even though general manager Dale Tallon says he is looking for a power-play quarterback type.”

    Robert Lang would be nice.

  3. Seriously, if this is just Malik acting out against Renney, they need to do something about it right now. SUPERSTARS don’t get away with these kind of antics! We are talking about MAREK MALIK!

    So fitting that this all went down on Brian Leetch night… the man who gave his heart and soul on the ice every night, who bleed red, white and blue.

  4. None of us truly know what goes on behind the scenes, however Malik’s insubordination towards Renney seems misguided. Renney is the one who defended Malikenstein when the garden boo’d the crap out of him last season. Renney stuck by him through last season’s gaffes AND the post-season run. He inserted him into the lineup as he could and longer than most other coaches would have. He was a detriment during the Sabres series and his play has not gotten any better.

    He plays his second solid game of the year (he did have 3 assists on Opening Night, but also 2 defensive lapses that game) and feels entitled to rub it in the coach’s face? Get rid of this cancer and get rid of him NOW.

  5. Someone said they are retiring Gravy..?

    Does this mean i’m no longer allowed to put it on my sunday roast dinners?

  6. f malik.. he so bad.. can we get a defenseman that can actually clear out the front pls..

  7. At one part I feel bad for Malik for having the title of the Black Sheep of the Family but then there is the other part where you can not believe how this guy actually made it to the NHL.

  8. Black Sheep, yeah he’s out gettin high, and drinking and coming home too late.

    Problem is, he’s still coming home.
    Koffy you still gonna defend him.
    Malik is the sulking baby.

  9. Mort – you’re a fool for using the c word to describe a person other than a terrorist (and sports guys no matter how pitifull are not terrorists). I’m sure you have other words in your vocabulary than using a word that is offensive in the context you used it.

  10. LIJoe, I’m with you. I saw my partner through six cancer operations; whatever Malik may be, he’s not that.

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