Wait, is there something going on here tonight?


Reasons you know there must be something going on tonight:

<li>There’s a big red carpet in the shape of a hockey stick sprawled out on the ice.

<li>The Rangers are all wearing No. 2 on the breasts of their jerseys.

<li>Sam Rosen was just seen practicing at center ice. Unless he’s the new center for Prucha and Dawes, he must be MCing.

<li>Rangers PR maven John Rosasco is wearing his 1994 Stanley Cup ring, which is roughly the size of a small car.

<li>Actress Susan Sarandon was milling outside the locker rooms apparently looking for her ticket.

<li>The media room is jammed with extra tables and chairs. Man, I know the Thrashers are a big draw and all….

<li>John Amirante was warming up in the bathroom.

<li>The Stanley Cup is in the building.


No news on the Marek Malik front, although speculation is growing that he’s on his way out. Tom Renney wouldn’t say much, but did say Malik was at the rink this morning for a meeting, but then left.

That could mean one of two things: that the coach told the defenseman he’s being dealt and Malik left; or the coach told Malik that he wasn’t playing tonight, and the defenseman stormed out like he did in Edmonton a few weeks back.

A third possibility is that Malik informed the coach that he is giving up hockey to pursue a career as a Broadway actor.

Stay tuned…

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  1. “A third possibility is that Malik informed the coach that he is giving up hockey to pursue a career as a Broadway actor.”


  2. “A third possibility is that Malik informed the coach that he is giving up hockey to pursue a career as a Broadway actor.”

    I told you, Sam. He’s The Monster in the musical adaptation of Young Frankenstein.

  3. I have never seen a Ranger treated as badly as Malik. I’m also speaking of fans and management as well as the press.

    He just had one of his finest games of the season. Look at all the blowouts when the Rangers gave up 5-6-7 goals. Malik was a scratch in all of them. I took note of all the break out passes he makes and gets us out of our end. He may not hit people but his style is with his stick and not his size and speed.

    I really feel bad for the way he is treated and hope he finds a better environment.

  4. Bobalink, I’ve seen it time and again. They did it to Rod Seiling, a perfectly fine defenseman, they did it to Malik, and they will do it again.

  5. I’m out of town…have NHL online, they are showing game..anyone know if they will show ceremonies??
    They showed Arbour Post-game ceremony


  6. I will NEVER say that Malik was a great player…he isnt…and his stats dont refelct his play properly positivly or negativly. However, I dont think he is as bad as alot of people make him out to be. Yes his skateing ability leaves him out of position at times. But he never panics, and usually made a good first pass. I would bet if he is moved the return will be more than alot of people think it will be. He is no allstar, but he is not a borderline AHL player like some make him out to be. I think, and have thought he is a good 4th/5th defender, and the Rangers used him above his ability, and used properly and with the right partner that long reach of him and good first pass could be an asset

  7. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    Hey I like it we can wear number two also. Am looking forward to the ceramony. Thank god for Center ice, otherwise I would be bumming big time. Lets just hope that overall the ENTIRE evening is a success. HERE’S TO NUMBER #2 SURE WISH I COULD OF BEEN THERE.

  8. You guys are just mean .
    I hope Malik finds a better place to play & I hope he’s happy where ever he goes.
    After all the abuse he’s taken, he deserves more as a human being.
    You guys are just mean !!

  9. you’re right. I MEAN every word I said about him.

    what kind of selfish prick walks out on his team in a huff because he is not playing that night. Malik, that’s who. you call that a team player?

    rod seiling would have NEVER walked out on his team in a selfish pout.

  10. Long time no post…but just wanted to say I’m SO freaking glad I got Dish Network, ’cause MSG looks great…

    now I’m just waiting to get MSG HD on here and then I’d be set.

  11. Wildcard – nice post … agree 100% ,,, he should be a #4 defenseman …Rosival is not even a #1 D …this is the Rangers weakness … no #1 or #2 D … Staal hopefully in the future …maybe even Girardi but not now …

  12. As far as a Broadway career, I’m sure the guy playing the Monster in Young Frankenstein could use an understudy. That aside, I don’t love Mailk, but I don’t hate him either, most fans got there expectations up after that circus shoot out goal thinking he could score, or by his size hoping he could be another Buekeboom. Neither are his game, when he is on though, he is one of the best positional defenseman in the East.

  13. Sam, since you weren’t in Edmonton, we never heard about the Malik-storm-out. Any info anyone gave you that you could pass on?

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