Malik status a mystery


Well, we know one half of the equation: Marcel Hossa didn’t skate because of back spasms.

As for Marek Malik, that’s where things get interesting.

The often-maligned defenseman not only didn’t skate today, but his equipment wasn’t hanging in his locker (although his practice jersey was still hanging and pictures of his two sons were still taped to the wall). When asked where he was, Tom Renney would only say it was “internal matter.”

Renney wouldn’t say whether Malik was suspended, and when I asked whether Malik was being moved, Renney said, “No. He’s a Ranger, and it’s just an internal issue right now.”

Of course, being a Ranger now doesn’t mean he’s a Ranger in a few hours when a deal is completed. Or it could mean that he’s been waived. But that’s only speculation at this point.

For what it’s worth Malik has been scratched four of the last nine games, is set to make $2.5 million this season, and is a UFA at season’s end.

Either way, try to contain your excitement until we know anything definitive.

Stay tuned…

On to less pressing matters:

<li>There is the issue of timing to consider here. If the Rangers have a deal in place, they would be reticent to finalize it today given the significance of tonight. It also explains why Renney wouldn’t want to talk about it today.

<li>Malik’s absence means Paul Mara is back in the lineup. Should a deal be imminent, this may explain why Malik played on Tuesday and Mara sat out: Were the Rangers’ showcasing him?

<li>Unrest in the Rangers dressing room: Sean Avery was trying to talk a Rangers staffer into letting him bring extra guests to the Brian Leetch after-party tonight, only to be told they wouldn’t get in.

<li>Just a thought here: maybe the Rangers didn’t want a Malik giveaway to mar Brian Leetch Night. OK, that’s not nice…

More later…

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  1. See they can’t find him cause he’s buried beneath the ice…in Hartford,
    and to think after playing such a “good game” the other night.

  2. Sure sounds like he’s about to be moved, unless he was demoted to Hartford, which could be the meaning of the “internal matter”.

  3. I posted this in the previous thread.
    Do you guys think Leetch memorabilia will increase in price after tonight, cause if it is I’m buying some today.

  4. Malik possibly gone is the answer to most Ranger fans prayers. Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed.

  5. Ya it will increase! Of course it will. Buy now, although it’s already probably been marked up.

    Sort of related….I bought a picture of Mess the day before he was inducted into Hall of Fame. The next day I went back to the same store and the owner told me that pic would cost an extra $300-$400 if I bought it that day. Man was I lucky.

  6. maybe to try and make amends for trading leetch, slats is going to trade malik. The fans’ least favorite trade washed away by the fans’ favorite.

  7. “A Malik Giveaway” – depends on what you mean by that. It occurs to me that to get rid of him, the Rangers will basically have to give him away.

  8. I know I am in a minority but I do not want to see Malik go … I think Rosival plays better when paired with Malik … I believe Malik is better than Mara … and also is better than Strudwick … Malik breaks up a lot of plays with his stick … I am not saying to resign him, just that with this roster I like him and Rosival as a pair. By getting rid of him Rosival play suffers (as we have seen the past 3 weeks) … now at the end of the year, say goodbye to Mara, Malik and maybe Rosival and restock …

  9. Malik has been a steady performer throughout his career. Now that he is older, he is slowing down and being exposed. It is probably unfair that he is so maligned, but his play is obvious. Shoulder injury, bad teeth, old age, all finally caught up with him. Too bad we couldn’t just put KAspar in his spot. . . . . .

  10. Seamus O Riley on


    now THAT was funny!

    Let’s hope a deal is going on…2.5 mil off the CAP is nothing compared to the gaffes, giveaways, and holding penalties that we will be spared.

    Sam, see if you can find Lundqvst celebrating anywhere….that would be your best clue.

    I hope Mara steps up. He is making a lot of money and needs to give us his everything now..

  11. Everybody talks about Malik’s giveaways … what about Mara’s vs. the Bruins ??? and that was not the first time… Let’s face it – the Rangers D is suspect. It was supposed to be suspect and it is … what are the solutions? Acquire Niedermayer, Phaneuf, Pronger or Gonchar? Not going to happen … Rumor has it Zhitnik and Foote are available … Foote I would take… Not sure about Zhitnik … If they look to replace within we are in trouble … no one is ready on the farm as far as I can tell.

  12. No Malik sightings in Albany, NY, where the Wolfpack were in town last night to beat the Rats! Callahan looked good, one of the quickest on the ice.

  13. For the love God and all the saints and angels in heaven…can we please not have the name “Malik” mentioned on the day we’re honoring BRIAN LEETCH?? LOL

    As for memorabilia…I picked up a huge poster of the moment the Rangers won the Cup, Mess jumping, Leetch and Richter arms raised, crowd erupting….I paid about $700 for it a few years ago and it’s been framed since. Always curious about value, I inquired around the time of Mess’ jersey ceremony and I was offered $900 for it. Few months later…I was offered $500.

    Curious what it might go for now, with Leetch’s number going up. But I don’t think I’ll ever part with the picture. It’s got Mess, Graves, Leetch, Richter, Larmer, Lowe, Zubov, Anderson, MacTavish and Kovalev’s signatures on it…

    Classes up the bedroom. Hehehe

  14. II know I had mentioned a few weeks ago that the Blackhawks were looking for a veteran defensemen and I had posted why not Malik. I could see the Blackhawks making this trade because the hawks would only probably have to give up a low round pick.

  15. someone has to know what’s going on with malik.

    no equipment in the locker = he’s being traded (but where / when?) or waived.

  16. Koffy, I honestly can’t believe you are sticking up for Malik.
    Are you a member of his family. I honestly would rather have Struds in than Malik. And no matter how hard I look I can’t find much that would ever make me want him in the lineup.

  17. Oh wait… there was a good moment by Malik
    He scored that game winning shoot out goal… 2 YEARS AGO!!

  18. I would figure if Malik is gonna be traded the Rangers are probably gonna have to take back a comparable contract back. That is unless the team they’re dealing with has a good amount of cap room.

  19. I am wondering if a potential deal is with either Nashville or Colorado, as apparently NYR scouts were in attendance at their game last nite…Maybe we are trading for Lilles? or maybe Zidlicky? or Jed Ortmeyer??? I really have no clue, but something sounds fishy…Also, isnt there a roster freeze in effect shortly because of All-Star Weekend?

  20. KOFFY
    “I do not want to see Malik go”

    Truly, completely, utterly *precious* statement.
    This is the same person calling me an idiot yesterday.
    Please stick around fella, we *need* entertainment like you around here.

  21. Does anyone know who the other commentator with Sam is? I remember hearing his voice but I can’t remember his name.

    I can’t help but feel pity for Malik. Yes, his play has been costly and yes, he is a millionaire, but with all the slack and boos he’s gotten lately from the Rangers’ fans, it’s sad to realize that he is still some woman’s husband and some children’s father.

  22. Seamus O Riley on

    If Malik is indeed traded and Renney was talking poker, I will feel less badly about his intellect for praising Malik’s play….

    let’s see.

    Anyone read the Post about Larry Brown’s dealing with MSG? It makes you feel, just a bit, for Joe Mich and Al’s shilling.

  23. I could see a trade of:

    Malik(2.5 mil) and either Hossa(0.78 mil) or Prucha(1.6 mil) for Zidlicky(3.35 mil)…Wouldn’t be the worst thing to have happen. Then D pairs could be:


  24. Whatever happened to Sal Messina? I haven’t seen him on MSG for ages. Also, didn’t Emile Francis used to be on MSG, too?

  25. sal messina? more like whatever happened to SAL DIVITA of nba jam fame.


  26. Strudwick over Malik — not over the long haul … maybe for a spell … no one wanted Strudwick .. he was playing over in Europe … Struds is good in the room but he should only play to spell one …Struds is -2; and Malik – who has not had a good year is +1; Struds is a MINUS 46 for his career; Malik is a POSITIVE 130 for his career. Granted +/- is a quirky stat but when it is that widespread it means something.

  27. Zidlicky? Are you serious? He has no defensive skills either. and the Rangers should stop getting back former players in trades.

  28. They are starting to sell the Leetch Programs outside the Garden. $30 a piece and they are about the same size as the Messier Program.

  29. red light retired to florida i believe. he joined them on some telecasts when they played the panthers down there, i seem to recall.

  30. Salty

    I just think your thoughts on Jagr are asinine. Jagr still stirs the Rangers drink. To rip on him when he is one point off of the team scoring lead at 36 years of age is ridiculous.
    You talk about him being a bad captain. Interesting on Brian Leetch night, how were the Rangers when Leetch was captain? They sucked. Leetch was bad. -36 first year as captain… minus every year he was captain.

    Jagr is no Messier as captain but is better than Leetch was as captain.

  31. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Obviously Malik is on his way to Hollywood, so he can chase his dream of playing Lurch in the Munsters movie.

  32. yeah, Malik did not, but should have gotten a minus every time he got beat, took a lazy penalty, and they got scored on while he sat in the box. if those were the rules, as they should be, he would be a friggin minus in his career.

    and for your info, pal, the rangers have a hell of a lot more talent now than they had when Leetch was captain. there is no comparison.

  33. Fruity Cupcake on

    Thirty BUCKS? Good Lord Stanley, Mess’s were overpriced at 20.

    Yes, Red Light retired and does pop up when the NYRs are in Florida.

    As a person, I feel bad about Malik, too. Not because he’ll be gone, but because we fans were so harsh to him. Maybe he’ll get a fresh start out west. The timing is crappy, too.

  34. “You talk about him being a bad captain. Interesting on Brian Leetch night, how were the Rangers when Leetch was captain? They sucked. Leetch was bad. -36 first year as captain… minus every year he was captain.”

    If you’d been around here longer you’d probably know my thoughts on Leetch… great player, awful captain. Too timid/quiet to truly inspire a band of men. My feelings are the same for Drury, from what I’ve seen of him in Buffalo and now here.

  35. Koffy: “2 members in the Malik fan club … his wife just signed up … oops, she just pulled out !”

    If only Marek’s father did 32 years ago…

  36. Hey Mort, I used a similar line Saturday afternoon when Malik made that stupid play with five seconds left. My wife nearly spit soda out of her nose! :-)

  37. Joe

    I disagree. Not including this year with Drury and Gomez the Ranger talent level is/was low the past 3+ years … Straka only plays well on a Jagr team, i.e. with Nylander .. Dominik Moore, Hollweg, Orr, Betts, Ortmeyer, Rachunek, Jason Ward … Rangers had better talent back then… maybe worse coaching but definitely better talent.

  38. Fruity Cupcake on

    And Sam, tell Sean to throw his own party for Leetch this weekend. Then he can control the guest list. Sean, I love ya man, but get over yourself. You were never Brian’s teammate, what to speak of your new NYC friends.

    Back to the Malik watch…..

  39. “My wife nearly spit soda out of her nose!”

    I could keep the “lines” going but I’ll refrain…and keep it to myself… ; )

  40. Funny how sphincters like Ecklund would have ZERO info on actual rumors and happeneing like this current Malik situation…. I’d love to put that guy out of a job, useless pink sock he is.

  41. Koffy,

    First of all Rosival has looked terrible all year with Malik. He has only looked decent when playing with Staal

    Next the fact that Jagr is one point off the scoring is pathetic. He is hear only to score and he hasn’t been doing it.

    Third when Leetch was captain the team was terrible. Every “star” we had was too old and or named Nedved. The year we had Bure and Kovy together we had better talent but terrible coaching and mediocre defense and goaltending.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Koffy, I don’t know if I’d say the Rangers have “more talent” now – if they do, they’re certainly not showing anyone that. The days of Ortmeyer, Moore, and Prucha (seeing more than 6 shifts a game) were much more productive because they had players who worked harder.

    Now all they have is more ego’s and drama. I’m not so sure I’d put Chris (minus-13) Drury into the category of elevating this team’s offensive ability. On the contrary, he took powerplay time from Prucha (who had scored 52 goals the 2 years prior)…and what has Drury done with it exactly? I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out.

  43. Rangers had better talent back then… maybe worse coaching but definitely better talent.


    oh really? if the talent was so great, then how come they did a complete firesale and started over? huh?

    yeah, they had the great chris simon too. what a team.

  44. Koffy, you new here? I thought we’d all agreed to dispense with the +/- statistic a long time ago since it means zilch, zero, squadoosh.

    I gotta say, I agree that Jags has seemed lazy and taken too many penalties and has maybe lost his “A” game. But all this talk about the Captain thing is ridiculous. That isn’t done for the fans, it’s for his team and his teammates. To suggest we have any real idea on Jagr, or more importantly today, on Leetch’s ability to lead a pack of men, is ridiculous. We don’t live in that locker room. Jagr does. Leetch did. The players around them knew them, knew what they put into each game, off and on the ice, and knew how they led. I don’t believe that anyone wears the C without the approval of his teammates. And that’s what matters. The C isn’t for fans, nor do we know what it means per player who wears and his colleagues.

    And Sam, if this Malik thing is not a trade, you’re in hot water. I know you’re cautious, but you’ve raised a lot of hope…

  45. Bring back Lohan on

    As far as a search for a solid stay at home hard hitting defenseman, what are you’re thoughts on Garnet Exelby? He hits, plays w/ an edge, only 26 years old, probably not too expensive….. After tonight hed have to change his Jersey Number, but I think his style is exactly what I need. Granted I havent watched him closely enough to really tell you how good he is. Any thoughts???

  46. honestly i think malik has been sent to hartford. it makes sense for why his locker would be empty. he would’ve more than likely had to take that stuff with him if he was reassigned. i think he’s been sent to hartford and is going to be re-called just so a team can pick him up on re-entry waivers for half his salary.

    i just don’t see anyone trading anything for him.

  47. Bring back Lohan on

    Also, have a question, I want to get a Staal jersey. Any thoughts on whether he’ll change his number?? I believe he has had different numbers through juniors so he isnt married to 18. I bet he will take #8 tomorrow….. Wishful thinking perhaps…In all seriousness, dont you guys think he will change like Girardi and I should wait?

  48. Just a couple thoughts here:

    I went to the game between the Wolf Pack and the Albany River Rats up here in Albany last night. I was looking forward to seeing Montoya play for the first time, but Miika Wiikman played and surprised me with a 1-0 shutout.

    The line of Callahan – Byers – Anisimov was easily the best line on the ice. You could easily see that Callahan had more NHL experience than anyone else. He looked great. Bourret scored on the PP – a great “through the box” pass by Parenteau for a quick shot and goal. Moore didn’t really look like he would be their leading goal scorer. Pock (I thought he left for Europe) looked very solid. Overall, Hartford was just bigger and more dominant than Albany. Good game all around.

  49. Prucha Hoo-Hah! on

    Ryan –

    It’s not really cool to keep touting your own blog, man. Especially since it could use some meat on the bones, if you know what I mean…

  50. Joe:
    It sounds like you are disputing that the Rangers had more talent 1997-2000 than they did since lockout till now. Look at the players then:
    Gretzky, Lafontaine, Kovalev, Kevin Stevens, Graves, Ulf Samuelson,Richter, Fleury, Lindros, Nedved, Marc Savard,Beukeboom, Tikanen,Kevin Hatcher, Kamensky …

    That is talent … However, Leetch could not get the group to play … they underachieved … no way the talent was better after the lockout.

  51. only player in that list above (besides Richter) that was in their prime was kovalev and he was traded in 1997. I mean the rest of those players were all washed up and I can’t believe you included Hatcher and Kamensky

  52. give me a friggin break. talent IN THEIR PRIME.

    what you listed was a bunch of guys with one foot in the hockey grave during those years. at the very end of their careers, and it showed.

    why not add lester patrick and frank boucher while you’re at it?

  53. Koffy, we finally agree. Leetch could not get those guys banded together.

    *SHESENDS* Whats this Mark Recchi talk?

    f0rk teh *l1nks* brahseph(ine?)

  54. what you listed was a bunch of guys with one foot in the hockey grave during those years. at the very end of their careers, and it showed.


    Exactly… Leetch did nothing to help motivate them/elevate their game… who’s to say a Great Leader wouldn’t have shaped up at least a few of those guys into hockey players?

  55. Does anyone have that link for tickets for tonights game. BEER ME! and NASTY1 gave it ealier I just can’t find it. Help!!!

  56. Bring back Lohan on

    I ask a couple of decent question IMO and get ignored, SHESENDS speaks gibberish and gets all kinds of respnses. Maybe I need to make less sense……. Uckfa hatta

  57. the mark recchi talk spurs from some moron on the rangers message board.
    he claims malik is being sent to atl for recchi – my question: a) why the hell would we do that? b) we could’ve signed him on re-entry if we wanted to so why now?

    obviously its a joke…

    but i really do wonder where we’re sending malik and who’s going to be sent with him if anyone at all.

  58. I guess I am one of the few that feels badly for Malik and don’t believe he is getting what he deserves. Poor guy, it must be awful playing for two season straight with all that booing, I have no doubt that facing that each and every night would mess with a guy’s head and feel it’s quite appropriate that he would have checked out mentally like he obviously did. He must have relished the away games by the end here, at least he didn’t have to hear the fans at those. For the record, I truly don’t believe that he was the embodiment of “sucks” that so many think he is, I think he just couldn’t handle being beat down day after day. I wonder if the guys in the locker room treated him as poorly as the fans did, I have a feeling they did to at least some level and that must have made the situation all the worse for him. I hope he has alot of luck where ever he winds up playing.

  59. Leetch was too quiet and introverted to be a captain. I thought so at the time. he was not a rah rah type guy, or a stare you down type guy like messier.

    I always thought he was an “A” type guy. assistant captain.

  60. a captain can only do so much with the players around him. I don’t think Leetch was a great captain but what was he supposed to tell some of those players to make them any better.

    Gretzky: don’t be old
    Hatcher and Fleury: don’t do drugs and sleep with hookers
    Lafontaine and Lindros: don’t get concussions
    Ulf: be more than a goon (after all we traded Zubov to get you)
    Nedved: Grow a pair
    Kamensky: Get lost

  61. Staal has been quoted as saying if it werent for Shanny he’d still be wearing 14 and that he should have been allowed to wear it anyway since “Shanahan is kinda old and stuff”… but also didn’t want 41 cause its a “goon number” and thats not his style. Said he’d add the 1 & 4 from his former 14 to make 5 but Girardi the mook is taking it and 4-1 would be 3 and Rozsival the merkin alreadly has that.

    He’ll probably wear number 76 according to reports out of Sudbury, so I think its safe to order that.

  62. Malik made history here for his shootout goal and for his unique way of giving up the puck.
    Maybe under different coaching he can become a solid D, but not here….

  63. Malik should have channeled his issues with his opinion of himself vs. the fans and coach by bringing passion and dedication to making himself a little better each night. Instead he moped about and buckled under the pressure. I’ve seen 16 year olds handle pressure on the ice better than that, making it a point to prove their critics wrong, or make themselves stand out when they felt they weren’t getting the credit/recognition they deserved. I’m sorry that Malik has embarrassed himself to the extent he has in NY, for sure. He absolutely took a mental beating here, without a doubt.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was told he was scratched again tonight (after playing pretty well on tues) and really lost it and got reprimanded.

  64. all the malik sympathizers are coming out of the woodwork.

    my final words to malik=don’t let the door etc…..

    don’t worry. some stupid team will take him and watch him do his bullfighter routine, yell ole as they blow by him.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    If he’s traded to a team we play over the rest of the season, I bet he assists more of our goals than he did while he was on our team.

    good riddance!

  66. Bring back Lohan on

    Salty, I would think he should be a single number. I think 8 makes the most sense no?

  67. John Dellapina reports Malik hasn’t been placed on waivers so he’s not being demoted to the minors.

  68. Maybe he had another hissy fit when he found out he wasn’t going to play tonight so Sather sent him to Siberia.

  69. Any chance that Malik has been told he’s being traded, but that Hossa has not, and that they’re both going to be reunited with Marian Hossa after tonight’s game?

  70. Zipay thinks Malik will be traded tomorrow. That seems to make sense to me, as this is our final game before the all-star break.

  71. (Dupuis has been a Ranger KILLER on ATL, He has scored on us a LOT with them, and seems to play very well against us… I sometimes wonder if we should have kept him… Bourette could still be anothe mega-bust)

    “Salty, I would think he should be a single number.”

    Brah, I would think he should be whatever he wants thats available… I persoanally would actually like to see him take a random high number like 76 and “make a name for it”… but my opinion means jack… Staal should wear whatever he wants…

  72. when I asked whether Malik was being moved, Renney said, “No. He’s a Ranger, and it’s just an internal issue right now.


    yeah, kind of like my ulcers when he gives away the puck

  73. Seamus O Riley on

    Rosi was far better with Staal than with Malik because he did not have to stay at home and babysit Malik….he got into the play, he took some risks…he is a different player with Staal.

  74. Marek Malik has been arrested for giving away Heath Ledger’s prescription pills like he gives away the puck. too soon? Anyway Senile Sather better pull the trigger before the other teams Gm sobers up

  75. Rosival is a minus player playing with Staal … just an fyi .. Pete – Joe … I am glad we had jason ward and Jeff Ortmeyer in their prime after the lockout than Fleury or Gretzky …. good point you are right … better talent on post-lockout Rangers …….. ‘scuse me while I puke !

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