Malik and Hossa not on the ice for skate


Easy there.

It could be nothing, but at least worth noting.

More in a bit…

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  1. Hopefully they were eaten by some unknown monster that preys on people who think they are hockey players.

  2. hockeymanrangers on

    Oh! I bet I know what’s going on, instead of Leetchy being honored tonight they are going to honor Malik and Hossa, so they gave them they day off to write their speeches. Yea that’s the ticket yeaaaa that’s it.

  3. Malik couldn’t make it back from his performance in Young Frankenstein. He replaced Shuler Hensley as the Monster.

  4. tony – don’t really have one. just search ‘leetch night’.

    Off to the train station! Enjoy the ceremony everyone!


  5. What ever happened to the days when Renney was the biggest Hossa fan in the world? Last year Hossa was in the lineup no matter what. I guess he has given up on him?

  6. Hossa is hurting according to Zipay..and Malik is just not there. If we traded him, fine but we better have NOT given up any of the young kids…

  7. Do you guys think prices on Leetch memorabilia will increase after tonight, cause if it is i’m buying some today.

  8. From Spector:

    Steve Zipay reports NY Rangers defenceman Marek Malik, the target of boo-birds at MSG this season, could be on the move. His equipment wasn’t in his practice locker, and head coach Tom Renney declined to confirm if Malik was being traded, saying his absence was an internal matter.

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