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A lot of great stuff in the paper and online today, and wouldn’t you know it, none of it is by me. Among the highlights:

<li>Rick Carpiniello “delving into the special relationship between Brian Leetch and Mike Richter”:

<li>Josh Thomson on Leetch’s and others’ “thoughts heading into tonight’s banner-raising”:

<li>John Dellapina constructing an expert Blueshirt panel to “determine whether Brian Leetch is the greatest Ranger ever”: (what, no votes for Ozolinsh?).

<li>Larry Brooks drawing some evocative comments from Jaromir Jagr about the Captain’s “desire to stay in New York”: beyond this season, and on the criticism he’s received this season.
More from the skate later…

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  1. Those were probably the best quotes I’ve ever seen from #68. Why does it have to come down to this point for him to really say something of substance? Other than the all too familiar “I don’t know what to say.” Best Brooks article ever too…cause he didn’t say much! ;)

    All good stuff in the papers today about Leetchy.


  2. Interesting stuff in that Dellapina article too. I’m admittingly bias and would call Leetch the greatest Ranger. But all I really know of Ed Giacomin is from stories, old game tapes, and that Pro-File on msg. He was pretty dissapointed to be traded as well, and it’s obvious that the fans didn’t want to see him go. And the crowds response to his return says a lot too. #1 was also the first # to go up after so many great players never had the honor.

    But this day is for Leetchy. And today, he is the BEST Ranger.

  3. Where is everyone?

    I’ll just talk to myself…

    How are you Beer Me?

    Good, and you?

    You get the point….

    Leaving work early today to get to the Blarney for some wings and an Irish Burger. Gonna try to save some room for a bit of Ranch 1!!!!

    We’ve been waiting for this day for so long…can’t believe it’s finally here!

  4. Everyone thinks that the players with whom they are contemporary are the greatest ever. Leetch great? Yes. Greatest? No. (And I can’t wait ’til this stuff is over. A month of adulation of *anyone* just makes me feel overstuffed and vaguely ill.) Apologies for any typos now and in the coming days; nearly sliced off my index finger last night.

  5. I wish I was going tonight. Just couldn’t do it though. I will be watching from home. It will be a great evening.

  6. Come on Nasty – you know the website. Just by a single ticket and go! You’re running out of time!!

  7. I know man, but sometimes I have to take one for the team. I was on my way out to the game on tuesday and my daughter who is not 2 and a half thought she was going with me. She went and grabbed her rangers hat and her socks and sneakers and took me by the hand. I felt awful, so I don’t want to do that to her again. Having her has definitely softened the Nasty 1 a little. What can I say? I have a bunch of people coming over tonight, it will be ok. I went to messier night and richter night. I like Leetch more than both of those players but I will have to sit this one out.

  8. That’s awesome Nasty. Well enjoy!

    The Blarney Rock on W 33rd. Just past Old Navy. One of the greatest Irish ‘dive’ bars in NYC. IMO anyway.



    6-0 tonight! Let’s do it!

  9. Nasty 1
    January 24th, 2008 at 10:25 am
    She is almost 2 and a half, but she kind of understands the game already. Amazing!

    But does she understand the Rangers? Both of my kids now ages 38 (daughter) and 34 (son) are dyed in the wool Ranger fans. I have apologized to them on occasion for turning them into the masochists that “true” Ranger fans are.

  10. Ha, well she knows when I am mad because she punches the couch and she knows when I am happy because she pumps her fist in the air and runs in circles and sings the goal song.

  11. Repost from last entry…

    After news of the trade, I remember a news interview given by his wife in which she expressed both her and Leetch’s disappointment. Basically she said that Leetch would’ve agreed to almost anything to finish his career as a Ranger. (Read between the lines: shown the door with nary a second thought and should’ve been shown more respect by management as how the whole breaking-of-the-trade-news transpired.) That interview had always stuck with me. I don’t think its very often the wife comes out and speak openly and pretty candidly about the emotional impact of trade transactions. Usually it the standard, “We’re disappointed, but excited…YAY!” spiel. Without a doubt, Leetch (and Mrs. Leetch) was 110% purely disappointed.

  12. Anyone care to give an *accurate* Cliffs Notes on the Leetch trade? I was away at school when that all went down and missed the bulk of the story…I didn’t know if he wanted to go, etc..

  13. Sather traded him without even asking Leetch if he wanted to go. I think for all he had done for the franchise he deserved to at least be kept in the loop. He wanted to remain a Ranger for the rest of his career. He’s gone on record as recently as yesterday stating that he still holds ill feelings towards Sather for trading him.

  14. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and reading that stuff about Leetch just made me more pumped for tonight!

    Good stuff by Jagr. Lets hope he keeps up his good play.
    Sure I’ve ripped him but look what happened he played great the other night LOL ;)

  15. repost Salty,
    Sather traded away Leetch for, get this Maxim Kondratiev and Jarkko Immonen, a 1st rounder in 04 and a 2nd rounder in 05. Neither Kondratiev or Immonen did much as far a I know.
    In 04 we drafted Al Montoya and Lauri Korpikoski though I’m not sure which was the 1st rounder from the Leafs.
    And in 05 the Rangers drafted in the 2nd round Michael Sauer.
    I guess we have yet to see if the trade was actually worth it.
    In my mind, Leetch is one of the best offensive defensemen I have ever seen, and certainly is a Ranger’s Great.

  16. I loved Leetch as a player but we probably should have traded him well before and we would have gotten a lot bigger bounty. The trade that Sather made (like his other trades that year) was not that great in terms of players received. Saur and Korpikoski could still pan out but probably would have gotten a better deal if we dealt with a team that wasn’t from Canada.

    It is admirable though that Leetch wanted to stay in NY despite the team’s struggles, because I have heard Richter say that he would have loved to have gone to a contending team (imagine what we could have got from the Blues or Flyers back then) and he may have still been playing even today

  17. Leetch was great but I wished he came back after the lockout … If he REALLY loved the Rangers he could have come back and helped on the power play … we still need a quarterback … My guess is he did not come back because of Sather …

  18. Go NYR…I can answer that.

    John Thompson is about 6-foot-10, and the former men’s basketball coach at Georgetown. He’s now a commentator for the NBA on TNT.

    Thompson’s son, John Thompson III, is the coach there now.

    Hopefully, that clears things up.

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