Two-for-one special for Rangers: Kovalchuk suspended for Thursday, too


Gee, whatever discomfort Michal Rozsival might be experiencing thanks to the hit he took from Ilya Kovalchuk on Thursday, he still might think it’s worth it.

The Thrashers’ leading scorer was suspended for tomorrow night’s game after his from-behind hit on Rozsival on Tuesday.

Maybe this is the league’s way of ensuring Brian Leetch Night is a success….

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  1. I think he should get more; this goes back to the playoffs last year when he jumped Avery in game 3. It seemed premeditated to me. 5 at least.

  2. For some reason I thought he should get at least a one game suspension but something tells me he got the one game because Cambell didn’t want any bad stuff happening in the game on Leetch’s night.

  3. Eh, he got one game because it was a shady hit and he’s sort of a shady player. He didn’t get more because it wasn’t that big a deal. The NHL is only concerned with injuries and really bad PR. This had neither.

  4. whatever. either way Atl is such a pathetic team that it will be a rerun of last night. an easy win.

    can you imagine losing to the current decimated woeful sabres 10-1

    the southeast div winner may finish with fewer pts than the 9th place team, and get a free pass to 3rd. that is ridiculous.

  5. He should have been Koval-chucked till next week. Hope Avery makes the next trip to Atlanta–should be interesting. I hope we didn’t ignite a fire under the Thrashers? What is a Thrasher anyway? a) a french bird that gets caught in a noose by unsuspecting country-dwelling bohemian nymph-virgins. b)South’s answer to the Tazmanian Devil c)Hockey Team the Rangers destroyed in the playoffs last year who recently beat the Red Wings and may come smokin this time to destroy Leetch Night

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, Kovalchuk is second in both points and goals. So whatever you were thinking in calling him the NHL’s leading scorer, you’re mistaken.

  7. it is also why no one should trade for Hossa. he is a disgrace of a no-effort slacker. just look at his years in Ott when they had a good team, but could not even get past toronto in the 1st round every year because cowards like Hossa would disappear when the Leafs hit him once or twice.


    from Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province,

    “There are no deals out there,” Nonis said.

    “I think everyone is somewhat frustrated,” he answered before adding, “I thought there’d be more opportunity. I think everyone thought there’d be more opportunity. I mean, it’s almost February and there hasn’t been a major deal. When was the last time that happened? Probably never.”

    But it’s happened this year and while it comes as little consolation to Nonis, he’s hardly alone in this matter.

    The NHL is now roughly a month away from its Feb. 26 trade deadline and judging from commentary provided by GMs around the league, the market is currently deader than Arsenio Hall’s career.

    That’s bad enough. What’s worse is it’s not likely to spring to life any time soon.

  9. That’s because with the salary cap in place now it’s harder to make trades and also gm’s are asking way too much for players that are going to be UFA’s.

  10. Let him play tomorrow and then serve his suspension. Pour some meat on him and tell the 4th line to eat him alive.

  11. Good he deserved it!
    I’m sick of seeing those types of plays. It seems like there are more cheap, blindside hits this year.
    Frankly it makes me sick!

  12. “The NHL is now roughly a month away from its Feb. 26 trade deadline and judging from commentary provided by GMs around the league, the market is currently deader than Arsenio Hall’s career.”


    Do you think this might have to do with all the wasted trades from last year? I mean Islanders trade prospects and pix, get Smythe for a month then lose him anyway (payoff; 1st rnd loss) ditto Preds and Fosberg, Thrashers and Tkazcuk San Jose went as far as they did previous year and traded pick for Guerin-then lost him,and I think there were a couple of others.

    What do you think?

  13. kaspar- yes, I would not trade for anyone but players in their prime or younger years. that means very few offers, but so be it.

    the best way to build a good hockey team is to draft wisely, develop them properly, and put together a good homegrown team that is proud of and loyal to the organization, and schooled in a certain system of play.

    sort of a devils without the boredom.

  14. Next trip to ATL? Rangers are done with ATL for the year after tomorrow unless there’s a playoff matchup.

  15. dlb,
    Actually the best team that draft’s well and develops there young talent is the Detroit Red Wings.

  16. dlb
    couldn’t agree more with your comparisons with Devs and Wings.
    This is why I liked the culture Renney/Slats were developing last two years(Prucha-Tyutin-Henrik-Duby-Callahan-Staal-Dawes-Girardi-) and why I wanted to stay the course with this management team until my nerves and faith were severley tested last few weeks. I wanted and hoped Rangers were building their own long term “culture” (like Detroit and Devs)
    Do you think they are? and…
    Those other teams have had constants at GM but Devs had very heavy turnover at coach. Is Renney the guy to lead them over the hump…if not this year then next? I guess thats the burning questions..are they developing a winning culture for future and is Renney the man to lead them?

  17. tomg- yes, but they have also done their share of grave robbing too

    Hasek, chelios. rafalski, etc

    the Red Wings have by far the best front office in hockey. they have about 5 guys who have more hockey smarts than any one guy in most teams f/o

  18. kaspar- no, I don’t think Renney should be anything but a personnel director.

    he tries to handcuff a player to his system, rather than use a more suitable system to his players.

    I would rather see a good drafter like Tim Burke of SJ Sharks be the Ranger GM. then you would be sure to get good young players.

  19. Speaking of cultures,I didn’t read evrything that happened but was it true the Leafs passed on Scotty Bowman?? A team that hasn’t appeared in finals for 40 YRS will not give control to a guy with 9 rings??
    If its true, Ranger fans can thank God not to be Leaf fans…and one last thing…what is Wacky Milbury doing as an analyst on NBC (USA) and TSN( Canada)?? This is like having Willy Loman giving business advice, Britt being a role model or A-Rod teaching “team building”
    I love how he brags about Ranger fans hating him…doesn’t he realize that Milbury running Isles was best thing that ever happened to Ranger fans? (outside of Messier and Kaspar acquisitions that is)

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    “I didn’t read evrything that happened but was it true the Leafs passed on Scotty Bowman?? ”

    He passed on them.

    “I wanted and hoped Rangers were building their own long term “culture” ”

    Why? you were one of the first victims!

  21. Spider
    I speak better, taking English classes and will be in next Leonardo DiCaprio movie

    I have not met a culture I fit into yet man!

  22. Hi Rangers fans. I love it when I get a chance to talk to you all, like the good old days.
    I wish I had a blog back then.
    Anyway, I just blogged about “Brian Leetch night”: And I wrote about the special relationship between Mike Richter and Leetch for The Journal News and tomorrow.
    Please let me know what you think. Enjoy the ceremony.
    –Rick Carp

  23. hey rick,

    i always enjoyed your writing, it’s good to see that you have a blog as well. i’ll be checking that out more regularly. and i’ll be sure to check out the richter/leetch article.

  24. Bring back Lohan on

    I doubt that Kovalupchuck would have been suspended if ATL wasnt playing the rangers tomorrow night. I dont think it has anything to do w/ Leetch night either. They just dont want a top player to get the shite kicked out of him so why not protect him with a suspension. Sam, you wouldnt have gotten sick if they had ARBY’s at the game…..

  25. Thanks, Beer Me

    I am from St. Louis (20 years ago)–where once I met Red Berenson, The Plager Brothers (3), Frank St. Marseille, Phil Goyette, and of course, Al Arbour–all who played for the Blues when they were getting trounced in the early seventies by Derek Sanderson and the B’s from Beantown in the finals of the Cup (after the West-East split and formation of many new teams).

    Glad to see JD moved to St. Lou but I miss him in NYC calling games (sometimes mis-calling them) for Tex’s Team.

  26. Alright guys I have an issue of life and death (I assure you it is). So I am going to the Devils/ Canadians game tomorrow night here in Newark. Am I going to get murdered by Devils fans if I wear my Lundqvist jersey to the game?

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