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The stomach bug that had been roaring through Blog Headquarters of late seems to have finally gotten around to me. Either that or the MSG macaroni and cheese last night was not a wise choice.

The point is my weakened condition along with a never-ending golf assignment, is keeping me away from the Rangers for the day, and I don’t think anyone is going to complain. The esteemed Josh Thomson will hop over the proverbial boards for a shift by popping in for the Brian Leetch press conference at 30 Rock this afternoon, and then the plan is for myself and Rick Carpiniello to be on hand for the Brian Leetch banner-raising tomorrow night.

By then, I’m hoping to be back to close to 100 percent. I sure hope so. It’s been a tough couple of days.

But the only bright spot was your Rangers, who finally showed signs of life, and offered a respite from the monotonous “What’s wrong with you guys?” type questions in the process.

It was a convincing game on a number of levels, and yet anyone who’s been paying attention to this mysterious team this season knows better than to make it out to be anything more than one good night.

Meanwhile, as an aside, as good as Jaromir Jagr was last night, has there been a Ranger over the past few weeks who has played better than Brandon Dubinsky? Even when the team has been struggling, the rookie has been brilliant, and figures to only get better.

If you’re look for a bright spot out of a tough month, I’d start there.

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  1. This is a repost from last post:

    It just concerns me that it took so long for the team to “band together.” I don’t know. I mean I have been on teams that I have hated some of my teammates but I would definitely stick up for any of them no matter what. That is what a winning team is supposed to do. I hate when someone gets roughed up by more than one guy and the guys just kind of skate away. No room for pussified players on the team. Let’s hope we can build off of this and at least go in to the all star break getting 5 out of a possible 8 points. Isles won last night, Devils won. Our division is just about the hottest in the league right now. Except for us. A win tomorrow night and a loss for Boston puts us in 8th place. No reason to jump for joy but it is something.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    That win means nothing. Atlanta self-destructed. I’d like to see them do it against a team that is playoff bound.

    Dubinsky has indeed been very good. They should let him go in the shootout. He’s got two goals in two games off of two sweet moves.

  3. Quick story. I was at the game last night with a buddy of mine and we had the displeasure of sitting in front of two of the most loud and obnoxious people I have ever encountered. And this one guy had the catch phrase going last night, “There You Go!” I swear we started to count how many times he said it. This was in the second period when we started, so it must have been more than we got, but a two period total of 41 times. I am not kidding. To add insult to injury this one kid was so trashed that he spilled beer on my jacket. I kind of just ignored it, but when he went to the bathroom he left his jacket behind and the Nasty 1 got his revenge. I took a piece of my pretzel with mustard on it and ever so gently placed it in his pocket and in the other pocket a piece of my friends ice cream bar. Oh how sweet revenge is.

  4. Are we sure that it was Malik out there last night and not Paul Mara wearing Malik’s sweater?? The body was taken too many times for it to be Malik.

  5. I read on spector’s website that there were ranger scouts at the oilers-predator game last night. The ranger don’t play those teams anymore this year so it’s a possibility that the scouts were there looking for a possible trade match. The only
    player I could see as trade value for the rangers unfortunately is prucha since his name has surface in trade rumors the past few years. Since sather has made trades the past two season you would have to think he will make some sort of trade.

  6. Doodie Machetto,
    Totally agree, the thrashers lost the other night to buffalo 10-1, that should tell you something about the thrashers. Let me see this for the rest of the season and than I will be convinced that the rangers have turned the corner.

  7. Eklund reporting that Parise could be part of a deal that brings Phaneuf to NJ. IMO to part with Parise would be very foolish. I know they would love to have a Stevenesque player that they would be getting in Phaneuf, but I don’t know if I would part with Parise. The kid is a really amazing player. I guess the only knock on him is his size, but he makes up for it in speed and ability.

  8. Loved the effort, intensity, buzzing around the net, more hitting, lack of turnovers and FULL 60 MINUTE effort. Great goal tending by Atlanta kept our scores down. This was a great first step in raising our effort level, no doubt, but perspective is needed before we declare the crisis over. Atlanta was as WOEFUL as we have been of late, especially in allowing us to operate in front of their net with nary getting a hair out of place, & watching us outhustle them time after time. We must now show the same urgency against teams that offer some resistance.
    Malik even made some nice plays, & dare I say actually used his body a few times.
    IMO, Jagr has in fact been going to the net way more over the past few weeks & that’s why he has been getting points, although yesterday he played a much better overall game than he has been.
    If this team plays with 60 minute effort & urgency about winning every puck battle they are a top 4 NHL team. If not, they will continue to be a mediocre team scratching for the 8th playoff spot & certain first round exit. The goals will follow their effort, pure & simple. Drury appears snakebit, scoring-wise, but just like with Prucha, the effort is there & will start paying off. Dubinsky has a complete game & I believe will become a consistent scorer as well.Go Rangers.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, it’s funny. You and I butted heads last year, and this year we seem to be in agreement pretty often… I think I’ve probably come around to your way of thinking as opposed to the other way around.

  10. I would love for Prucha to play like Parise. Unfortunately he has not this year. For that reason I would definitely trade him in a deal for Phaneuf, but I am sure that won’t happen. Maybe Prucha, Malik, and Hollweg for Phaneuf and a pick.

  11. Atlanta was terrible last night. However that is out of the Rangers control. The Rangers did what they had to do. They went to the front of the net, they took shots (except for Straka in the 1st) they played with snarl, and actually looked passionate about the game. Of course, it all means nothing if they lose the next one.

  12. I can’t really see Pheneuf going anywhere. He seems to be Kennan’s type of guy anyway. And though they’re near the cap, and have guys to sign, he’s a priority there. I think it’s just more eklund nonsense to get his name heard again. and again. and again.

    Nasty – That was my jacket man!! “there you go!” haha jk.

  13. Nasty 1,
    Eklund is a moron, I wouldn’t believe any rumors he states on his website. That trade makes no sense.

  14. Pheneuf is worth waaaaay more than that. It’d be more like, Prucha, Dubinsky, and a 1st rounder for Pheneuf.

  15. Doodie Machetto,
    actually the only thing we butted heads on the past two season that I remember was about Hossa and we all know how that turned out. I never liked Hossa.

  16. If you guys really believe that you could get Dion in any deal that didn’t include Staal/Sangunetti, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

  17. I took a piece of my pretzel with mustard on it and ever so gently placed it in his pocket and in the other pocket a piece of my friends ice cream bar. Oh how sweet revenge is.


    I’m more proud of you than I am of the Rangers, thats awesome.

  18. Sam, that stomach flu hit me in the middle of last week and it sucked. But luckily I was back to normal in 36 hrs. Anyway, nice win last night but it’s hard to get too excited over a win against the Thrashers. They are still a horrible team that lost their leader after a boneheaded play late in the first period. Atlanta without Ilya is like the Rangers without Jagr, a team with absolutely no direction. Looking forward to tomorrow night when they raise the Leetch banner. I’ll be in Sect. 419 sitting in my $350 seat. Ridiculous but I had to be there after being at MSG for Richter and Mess.

  19. And agree about Dubinsky, someone said it last week, but he shows the most RAW TALENT that we’ve seen since Kovalev… you cannot trade him right now, to do so would be so foolish.

    How about Dubinsky’s father though huh? He looks likes like the biggest sleazeball ever, very Judd Nelsonesque. They keep showing him on TV and I can’t help but think of that guy getting arrested for something ridiculous.

  20. Ha, yeah, I was laughing my ass off all the way to the train. I know it would take more to get Dion, but one can dream can’t they?

  21. Andrew – sec 403 $375. Small price to pay to see #2 go up. I was at richter night & messier night, and Leetchy is my fav all-time. Had to do it.


  22. Nasty 1
    January 23rd, 2008 at 9:53 am
    Yes immature at the same time, but at that point I didn’t really mind.

    Do the kids you teach know that you post here and do they know your handle?

  23. Wow, I love the Judd Nelson comment, priceless. He definitely has the look of a guy who is just up to no good. Like you wouldn’t leave your kids alone with him or lend him money.

  24. No, the kids definitely do not know that I post here or my handle. No way. I am sure I would get a few High fives if they did though.

  25. I remember when I saw dubinsky play in the rangers first pre-season game after the strike, I wrote on this blog stating that I love this kid and couldn’t wait for him and other ranger young players to be playing for the rangers. IMO there is more to come. I forgot where I read it online but the rangers farm system as of today is rated the 8th best in the nhl. There is more exciting young guys to come.

  26. Damn, I hate looking stupid and eating my words. I predicted that we were going to beat buffalo, win one against Boston, and take both against Atlanta. Boston ruined my prediction. If we only could have hung on on Saturday. Oh well. If we win tomorrow night I would have almost been right.

  27. Even *Sam Rosen* knows this game means nothing alone and they have to sustain it longer. But the Thrashers also beat Detroit 5-1 recently. Like Waddell said, they must play better against better teams, and teams they don’t respect, like the Rangers probably, they play badly against. So I would guess they play better on Thursday, but hopefully without Kovalchuk. He must have something against us. I’m still concerned about the power play and don’t think Tyutin should be there, but he did well at even strength last night.

    New Newman – It looked like almost a full moon last night, and according to this, it was!

    Nasty 1 – The guy probably didn’t even realize the stuff was in his pocket until this morning, or if he felt it last night, thought he did it himself somehow.

    Beer Me! – Sam probably got Mac n’ Cheese in the writers room, or wherever they gather, not in a public space.

    I just want to take names of who still has hope (before last night’s games), besides me, just in case they go on a run. I think it was Beer Me!, Tony in AZ, and the Nasty 1, and probably a couple of other less regular posters. :)

  28. Yes sir, I still have some hope, we are too close in points to other teams to not have hope. We have played so bad, but we are 5 points behind Philly. It is not out of reach. But they HAVE to play like that played last night. They HAVE to!

  29. Like you wouldn’t leave your kids alone with him or lend him money.


    Not in a million years. That goatee doesn’t help his cause either. Also, hasn’t anyone told him fathers weekend is over? I think he and Nigel’s dad must “enjoy the city”.

  30. Kovalchuk is full of s@@t, rosival never turned his body, he was facing the boards the whole time and Kovalchuk new what he was doing, besides boarding it was a charge and he left his feet. Kovalchuk deserves a one game suspension.

  31. Yes, I’m a believer!

    “game means nothing alone”. No, it terms of the standings, it didn’t do much for us other than keep us close. But it means something in terms of players identifying what it is they need to do on the ice to win games. There’s nothing negative about a win when everyone comes out healthy.

    I guess SAM wasn’t reading our discussion about the delicious Ranch1 chicken fingers! They should change the name tomorrow night to Ranch2. get it? yes, lame, I know.

  32. Trading Dubi would be completely stupid move. But with our track record…well nvm.
    Nasty1, That is awesome! I’ve done stuff like that, and boy does it feel good. I learned it from my father.
    We where in Philly going to some museum and some guy took the parking spot we had been waiting for. So my father, after finding another spot went back and let the air out of all of the guys tires.

    Anyway it was a good game last night, but I also am not going to over react because its only one game.
    But on the positive side, we play the Thrashers again tomorrow so we could get a 2 game win streak going and build our confidence.

    Isn’t it out that we play the Thrashers 2 games in a row at MSG, whats up with that?

  33. i have hope for sure, but lets see this kind of play on a nightly basis and especially against a decent team. I still want the team to trade jagr (even if they were in a playoff position) but I realize that with the trade deadline so early, the odds of that happening are slim to none. I just hope we don’t ditch any of kids.

    And if I were the Flames I would never trade Phaneuf unless the Caps were to offer Ovechkin.

    And as much as I like Dubinsky (met him at a party a few years ago real chill kid) his talent level is nowhere near Kovalev, but thats not a bad thing as very few players(if any) are as talented as Kovy yet many players outperform him on a regular basis

  34. If Kovy is talented but gets outperformed on a regular basis that would leave me to believe that he is not as talented as people think.

  35. I like Dubis ability to carry the puck and along the boars. Now he is starting to get more confident and develop a scoring touch. He could develop in to a nice power forward for us.

  36. No matter how crappy ATL played, the Rangers played like the team we all thought we would see when the season started. Hopefully it wasn’t a one night thing and they can build on this.

  37. Staal,

    Have to disagree there as I don’t think there is a better stick handler or passer in the league, but as we all know he is prone to have mental lapses and still lacks a great finsher on his line.

    I think there can be difference between talent and scoring, some players just find a way to score even if they don’t have the greatest skills a la Adam Graves

  38. To me dubinsky and Kovalev are two completely different type of players. I don’t no why there getting compared two one another. All I can say is we had Kovalev and he did score that most important goal for us in the 6th game of the semi finals against the devils and that was about it. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Also there have been rumors that the cnandiens are shopping Kovalev so that should tell you something about the guy.

  39. Sure Pete that is all good, but there are many players I’d rather have on my team other than Kovalov. Yes he is a good player, but there is a lot of other players who are more talented. For one, Gomez is also an incredible passer, who only skates through the opposing teams defense once. Kovalov would stick handle through five players then turn around and stickhandle through them again. That always pissed me off and is the main reason Kovy was never one of my favorite players.
    Graves on the other hand. He had heart, some talent and alot of hard work. He played like the Dev’s players do. Not the best players but due to work ethic they stand out. Personally I’d rather have another Graves on my team than Kovy.

  40. Nasty 1

    I love it man-
    There always seem to be a handful of nutjon fans at the game who think they know it all.

    What you did is right up my alley.
    Guy who lives beneath me in my building is a moron who
    bangs on his ceiling at night if my wife walks around in high heels.
    He had the balls to ring my doorbell at 12:30 am and start yelling throught the door, waking up my 2 year old.

    Later that day, I got this powerful fart spray from my younger brother and let out a 30 second stream under his door. Some people just have it coming to them.

  41. Quoted in The Post:

    “I think everyone felt we were the better team tonight,” said Henrik Lundqvist, who recorded his seventh shutout. “We never gave them a chance to feel good about themselves.
    “We wanted to win more than they did.”

    They should go into every game feeling this way — that’s how they would win. Heads up, Tom Renney, it’s on you to get them there confidence-wise.

    Go Rangers.

  42. Yeah, payback can definitely be a bitch. I like to kill em with kindness and then get them when they least expect it. I love seeing the expression on their face if I am so lucky to and I love wearing the shit eaten grin when they realize it was me. It is kind of where my handle on here comes from. My friends gave me that nickname a long long time ago.

  43. Yep, Lundqvist is tied for most shut-outs but has dropped considerably in all other catagories. Gotta pick it up now and be the goalie we all know he can be.

  44. ChrisF – well, maybe one by one…
    (from zip)
    It also was a breakout game for Fedor Tyutin, who had gone 19 games without a point; the defenseman had three assists for a career-high three points. “I had a little talk with [coach] Tom [Renney] this morning and he made me feel more confident,” Tyutin said. “He’s a great motivator.”

  45. btw – anyone see that toots interview after the game? That guy cracks me up. He’s like a bobble head!

  46. I ran into Dubay and Dawes’ dads last night at Scores. Rangers, as bad as they have played, must feel pretty good about their position in the conference standings. I would love for them to finish 7th to play the Newark Debutantes in the first round.

  47. Doesn’t surprise me that Dubi’s dad was at Scores. Not one bit. Ha. Was he beating a girl and snorting coke off her a*s? He is the kind of guy I can see sitting in the corner with a toothpick in his mouth scheming up a big nasty plot.

  48. The only way Phaneuf gets traded is if.. aw heck, it won’t happen. He’s a franchise defenseman, and unless you’re getting a parise, white + two first rounders in return, it’s a horrible trade.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Tied for most shutouts yet 10th in GAA and 23rd in s%: that paints a model of inconsistency.

    being 10th in GAA and 23rd in s% also tells me that our defense is better than we give it credit for.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Tsn is reporting that the Flames have traded Phaneuf to the Rangers in exchange for Malik, Strudwick, and Hollweg.

    In other news, I’m dreaming.

  51. Doodie – good point about those stats.

    On a larger scale, it just goes to show that when people pick certain stats to praise someone or trash someone, it’s usually driven by an agenda. And they start digging for exactly what they’re looking for.

  52. Doodie my heart rate went up for like 2 seconds until I read Hollwegg and Struds and Malik…
    You got me LOL

  53. yeah i agree there are definitely a lot players you take over Kovy (i will always follow his play tho since he was so instrumental in winning in ’94 and his absence probably costs us another cup in ’97)

    Dubinsky has great potential just needs to finish more which should come with time

  54. That as the type of effort we were all clamoring for. They dominated from the first puck drop. They forechecked hard they got on the Thrashers Putrid defense quickly. Yes we all know it’s one game and the Thrashers looked like dead men walking and they lost Kovalchuk because of his own stupidity. I think that’s the biggest difference between Kovalchik and Ovechkin, Kovachuk can be thrown off his game Ovechkin can’t. Jagr played like a man possesed last night(possesed by Mike Dinglenury’s stupidity?) Jagr drove to the net much more than he usually does. He used his size to create offense down low. Gomez and Avery were fantastic as well. Gomez skates and passes as well as anyone in the Nhl. Avery added alot of grit and good speed he seemed to have a good effect on Jagr. Drury imo played his best around game as a Ranger. He was smart with the puck and drove hard to the net all night long. He had good chemistry with Straka and Prucha. I swear when Straka had the breakaway I still thought he was gonna try and drop the puck back looking for a teamate. He does that way too much. Dawes and Dubinsky had very solid games using their speed to create good chance. That Dubinsky goal was sweet as hell. Dubi’s skill level has been a revelation this year. He wasn’t the only young player to play very well. Tyutin had one of his best games of his young career. He threw some massive hits and moved the puck much more confidently than he usually does. I wish he’d play more like that. Marc Staal was terrific as well. He as matched up against Hossa most of the night and used his stick smartly and threw the body shutting him down nicely. Lundqvist had maybe the easiest game of his career. I was worried that when it was 2-0 and he had not faced a shot that he might give up a weak goal and let Atlanta into the game thankfully that didn’t happen. He made a nice save or two late in the first. The pp continuing to suck is the only thing you don’t like about the game. The game as a near carbon copy of game 3 of last year’s playoffs except Lehoten was pretty good last night. You gotta figure Atlanta will come much harder on Thursday(how can they not) I suspect Kovalchuk won’t be suspened so he’ll be a big threat. When’s the last time the team won to in a row? Hopefully Thursday we’ll find out.

  55. Dubi reminds me more of a poor mans Rod Brind’Amour rather than a Kovalev. Considering Kovalev has been a big underachiever most of his career I’d rather Dubi end up being a poor mans Brindy.

  56. I think Dubi, skates and plays like Lecavalier, before you jump all over me, I know this is a far stretch but he skates with his head up, has decent size and obvious good moves. He’s very young and I know Vinny is in another realm altogether but Dubi reminds me of a poor mans Lecavalier.

    I just wish they would keep him with Dawes, who is smart with the puck, makes good passes and finishes well, and he also is young. Maybe he is the next St. Louis. *crosses fingers*

    Anyway it’s going to be great to watch these guys develop.

  57. Ecklund at hockey buzz is a joke. Dion Phaneuf is getting traded no where.. The guy is 23 or so and is a monster…

    Ecklund just says any BS he can find.. THe Rangers should only trade the crap they have or guys in the minors.. Prucha plays hard, is 25, and has been productive at times over the 3 yrs. here.. The guy is 25 and plays hard…….

    again the Rangers will have to play better in my opinion with what they have any trades will be low profile moves..

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Maybe I’m dreaming, but I swore someone wrote that the Rangers defense is better than we give them credit for. Wow, that’s amazing….I’m flabergasted. Haha.

    Let’s not compare the # of odd man rushes or breakaways allowed by this defense (better known as Rozsival and Malik) to the rest of the league’s average or to the # of quality scoring chances the Rangers get in return. I think that would tell you how much credit the defense deserves. Hahaha…ummm. Yea – not much.

  59. Staal Wart I agree with you about Dubinsky. All he needs to do is gain some strenght because he tends to get knocked off the puck pretty easily. He could be dominant in a few years with some more experience and strength.

  60. HEY – Good News!

    I saw that Alissa Milano is going to be hosting some events at the A.S. Game this weekend. Someone in PR knows the deal. nice.

  61. He is a pretty big kid. He can become a real bruiser. And hopefully he can learn to fight a little better.

  62. I think it’s hilarious that, again and again, the posters here suggest trades that are essentially the Rangers giving up guys that suck, sometimes like 5 of them, for a great player. What don’t you people understand?

  63. The absolute happiest I’ve ever been to see a player moved was Mark Hardy. I hated that guy so much you have no idea.

  64. hockeymanrangers on

    Here here to Dubinsky’s play, I would swear at times it looks like he has a string attached to the puck. He skates through traffic and it ammazes me he still comes out with control of the puck. At this point now I actually don’t want any one traded as much as take a look at the coaching. If some of this stuff is true about Renney trying to make players something there not then MAYBE this is some of our problem. And his statements after the Boston game was pretty sad. I don’t know but a team with all this talent and the expectations of A LOT of real hockey people it is surprising that we are not on top of the division coasting at this point. As always just my thoughts as of today. And as I said in the previous posting, if the Rangers think they got their game back just b/c of last nights game, they better think again. I swear that had to have been one of the worst games for ANY NHL team to have played. The midgits coould have beaten Atlanta last night LOL.

  65. Everybody praising Dubinsky today. And that’s good. But go read Blueshirtbulletin and check out who he’s praising.

  66. And 107 or 118 bucks for a seat in the 300s is like a raw d*ck. You just can’t beat it! HA. Sorry, I had to.

  67. “I ran into Dubay and Dawes’ dads last night at Scores.”


    *Also*, anyone comparing Dubi and Kovalev directly are *clearly* not “getting” the comparison. It’s not about styles of playing, it’s about “raw talent” present which can come in any number of forms. Kovalev was an *amazing* stick handler but lacked in other areas and never matured into much more for us. Dubinsky, in his first season, while is not AS GOOD of a stick handler as Kovy per se, seems to be able to make up for it in other areas, such as physical play and a finishing touch is starting to come to the surface. Maybe that was unclear, maybe some people are just dense. I know one person is, whoever it was that claims *”Salty thought Jagr should be scratched in favor of Marcel Hossa”* or whatever…I obviously never said or thought that. However, there are definitely several players I personally would have replaced Jagr with on the first line *going into* last nights game. No question about that!

  68. Nasty that site is awesome… I’d be very tempted to pull the trigger on one of those if I didn’t just buy a new laptop.

  69. I hear you man. I am having people over tomorrow night to watch on the hi def big screen. You are all invited!!!!! Ha. I wish I could do it folks. I’d even invite you graves9. We’ve had our differences, but I give all rangers fans a chance.

  70. I hope someone scoops up those tickets. Have a good rest of the day. In teacher time the work day is over. Off to the lawyer to sue the sh*t out of the lady who caused the accident that has my back all jacked up.

  71. I am having people over tomorrow night to watch on the hi def big screen.


    Thats great although unfortunately our friends at MSG are not presenting the game on the regular Hi Def channel, it will be on MSG2 instead. Ridiculous, I know.

  72. For the record I’m just trying to give people heart attacks. Obviously Leetch Night is getting all the hype it deserves.

  73. Nedved both times around was the worst player in my opinion even when he was scoring, though Poti and James Patrick weren’t much easier to watch. I don’t think I ever saw Nedved take a slap shot during his time with NY and he certainly never hit anyone.

  74. Did Leetch have a press conference this afternoon? Anyone have a link to the transcript or video feed?

  75. Seamus O Riley on

    Richard wrote:
    Richard January 23rd, 2008 at 10:01 am
    Are we sure that it was Malik out there last night and not Paul Mara wearing Malik’s sweater?? The body was taken too many times for it to be Malik.>

    Richard, if you listened to Sam Rosen, you heard Malik take the body. Turn off the sound and I saw Malik take a penalty that was not called. He simply grabbed the sweater of the guy and collided. IT was clearly holding, but uncalled. Sam got excited and raised his voice about it….

    Malik made so many bad passes but only once did Sam/Joe say a thing. Atlanta seesm to be falling apart.

    Also, the game showed ANOTHER reason why we must let youth play and NOT trade away youth for vets.

    Trading Vets for youth sounds good to me, especially if we get something great for Jagr rather than losing him for nothing…

    we need to go about 22-11 the rest of the way out to make the playoffs. That is how big our hole is. Joe said we need to play .700 hockey rather than the .500 we have played all season.

    Of course, some teams could implode and allow us in, but…

    We should not have been in this position in the first place.

    Renney should have had Jagr with Gomez all season and told Jagr to shut up and play and he will do his own coaching, but that is not Renney, at all.

    He benched Malik after a horrible game and said that Mara has elevated his game. So, he then benches Mara and plays Malik with Rosi, making rosi having to babysit and stay home to watch malik not get lunqvist in a jam.

    Even a win is hard to watch when you see those horrific passes in front by Malik because you KNOW that Renney will continue to play him and it WILL continue to cost us….so frustrating.

    Did anyone read about Larry Brown and the MSG nonsense? It confirms the sports illustrated article of paranoia.

  76. Leetch was on with *Mike and the Mad Dog* of all people. It was a pretty good interview, though. It will be on the WFAN site if it’s not there already. Don’t have a spot for the press conference, but would be a good bet if there was one.

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