Too many problems, too little time


Brendan Shanahan would never admit it, but the veteran wing’s problem of late seem to be two-pronged.

For one, he isn’t healthy. Although Shanahan said he “felt good enough to play” on Sunday, he also didn’t dispute outright the notion that he is having trouble skating. Hence, Tom Renney’s decision to limit the future Hall of Famer’s minutes in the third period.

The other problem is that Shanahan no longer has a center who can feed him the puck on a regular basis. He had that with Scott Gomez earlier in the season, but with Gomez now with Jaromir Jagr, and Chris Drury still struggling to find his game, the Rangers’ second unit has been invisible of late.

Migh Renney consider giving Brandon Dubinsky, again one of the Rangers best forwards on Sunday, a shot with Shanahan? Does the coach move Drury to wing so that Drury can focus on what he really is — a finisher rather than a playmaker?

Or does, as some have already suggested, the coach make the even bolder move of sitting Shanahan down for a spell in order for him to get healthy?

So many questions, so few answers. The Rangers are on the ice at 11. I wouldn’t expect any miracles. But I’m curious to see where they go from here.

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  1. Sam,
    I was at the game yesterday and the team looks awful. Their passes out of their own zone and through the neutral zone are terrible, but so is the rest of their game. They play with little to no passion and it doesn’t look like they work hard out there on the ice. Honestly, if Jagr is not scoring and Lundqvist isn’t stopping the puck, there is little Renney can do. But where I do place blame on him is the totally inefficient power play and the use of players in different situations. The one that bothers me the most other than the ice time of the 4th line is Shanahan on the PK–he is 39 years old, injured, and we need him to score goals–is there not one more forward, e.g. Dubinsky, who can skate decently, put their sticks in passing lanes and bodies in front of shots? PKing really is all about hustle and determination.

  2. your boy malik on

    omigod! I’ve suddenly become a Giants fan….what a dreadful weekend for the boys…I say sit the unhealthy and underperforming players….they’re not doing anything anyway….maybe Renney should take a night off too!

  3. When a team has a ton of talent and is underachieving, the problem isn’t personnel. The problem is a lack of leadership motivating the team to reach its full potential. Renney isn’t doing the job, and he’s got to go.

    Good article in the Post yesterday on MSG’s failure to recognize post 1994 Rangers’ history.

    An excellent point in the article: what the hell is w/ the stupid Billy Joel and Elton John banners that separate Messier’s banner from the 1994 banner? I HATE that. They shouldn’t be up there in the first place, let alone separating the Messiah from his greatest achievement.

  4. One at least my Giants are making me proud. But in my household hockey is and always will be the number one priority. This is making me and my family sulk so now I really have to ask what the heck this team can do. Will a trade work, I’ll be honest maybe it’s time to cut our loses and see what we can sell, and if we do, is Drury in our plans is this the kind of thing where he needs a year to get used to being here or is he Jari Kurri, Valeri Kamensky, etc. While he should be in his prime he is looking like anything but, all the intangible that people talk about with Drury are missing or gone. Maybe we could get something of great value for Jagr and Shanahan. Both I believe are UFA’s so the team that would want them wouldn’t have to worry about the contracts. Rozi would get a decent return. Who knows maybe making moves of this type would recreate the chemistry this team needs to win. Maybe there are to many guys that want to be the guy. AAAAHHHHHH I don’t even know what I just typed, plase God help the Rangers.

  5. PK is also about reading what the other team is going to do with the puck – something Shanny, Drury, Betts and Straka do well. I think we need to test a few younger guys on the PK as Shanny obviously is struggling and would be better if his minutes were in the lower teens for a couple of weeks while he recharges his batteries, maybe even a night off. Maybe they’ll bring Hossa in and drop Orr for a couple of games to take up Shanny’s PK place…?

    I don’t think we can criticize Renney for player’s poor performances, but he has to take some flak for the bad PP and not giving more minutes to Dubi/Prucha/Dawes when they clearly have the most jump right now.

  6. IMO there is only two ways to go. Either Sather starts cleaning house by trading Jagr, shanahan, straka, rosival, malik, mara, hossa and bring in younger players and draft picks for the future OR REPLACE RENNEY!!!

    The easiest way to go obviously would be to replace Renney but there isn’t anybody out there available that i would want as a head coach of the rangers. The rangers are a big mess. I didn’t think I would be saying this after what I’ve seen the past two seasons.

  7. The more I try and analyze what is happening with the rangers is it appears drury and gomez’s styles don’t fit with shanahan, jagr’s and straka’s, avery’s style so there isn’t any chemistry. Drury and gomez are not going anywhere so do the math or Renney has lost this team.

  8. In regard to this past weekend’s games (Boston vs. Lundqvist), Renney needs to yank the “C” off of Jagr’s jersey and its time we see Renney sit out players who are not showing any signs of improvement. This team is dropping fast & is in DIRE NEED OF SOME LEADERSHIP & SCORING.As least Malik had nothing to do with yesterdays embarassment.

  9. It’s our destiny to continue to be bad.

    MSG might as well be Disney World. All marketing, all product, all show. No substance, no heart, no integrity.

    Never been so down on this team before in my life.

    I wish we never signed Drury. We got *so much* attention for signing both those guys, we got coined “cup favorites” immediately. Really bothers me. Drury is useless night after night, he was NOT worth all the attention. If we just grabbed Gomez we’d be flying much lower under the radar whatever position we were in… I can’t belive Drury has a no trade clause as well…. what the fuck…. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR….? Disgusting. And people still are saying this is our next Captain. Worst is they are probably 100% right. *Disney world will need it’s next Mickey once Jagr is done.* Drury was on a cup team in 2000 so I guess that qualifies him.


  10. Dave Schneider on

    Renney is obviously the problem; all of these players have been winners at prior stops, including Marek Malediction, who was something like a +38 in Vancouver one season. Renney, a.k.a. Quagmire, has horribly misused Drury since the opening puck drop of pre-season, and how he could question the teams maturity after a loss earlier in the season is beyond me. Quagmire couldn’t win with a loaded Canucks team, nor with Canadian Juniors and Olympic teams, and he’s not gonna win here – time to hire Schoenfeld as the coach of this team so we can have accountability for once – who cares if Jagr doesn’t like Schoenny; I don’t remember taking a poll…

  11. I know one thing and that is if this was Lou Lamoriello team he either replace renney with himself or find somebody who can.

  12. I really don’t know what direction this team is going to go in from here on out. I do think that Drury will be good for this team in the future. If you look at him in Buffalo he was playing with young players that played with passion and heart and gave it 100% every game. He has not really been given that opportunity here. He was shuffled around for the first few months. If you want to rip the amount he is making that is fine, but the guy will make it up over the course of the next few years. He has not done much to make any of us believe that, but I really think he will. He has shown flashes of it this year, but no where near consistent. I guess you can say he can been consistently inconsistent. Gomez has been the teams best player. We need a true top line D pair, which we haven’t had in a long time. I think that next year we need to have Gomez, Drury, Avery, Girardi, Staal, Betts, Hank, Prucha, Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan, and Tyutin on this team. We bring up a few more kids, maybe sigen a power forward or a sniper and a stud defenseman and we can build around that. Trading any of the above would be a mistake IMO. I think Prucha has value, but I also think he can be a big part of this teams future with real playing time.

    Do you all think Boyle is really a #1 dman? I think he might be, but then I have seen him play a few games and he look more like a #2 pr #3. If we could somehow land him and Phaneuf that could damn well be a top pair. Playmaking Dman and a down right nasty hitter. I don’t see it happening, but it would be nice.

    This was such a deflating weekend. I am sure we all kind of feel the same right now. They are making it so hard for me to be optimistic in any way. The Isles and Thrashers both lost though, so now we are back to scoreboard watching and having to depend on other teams losing. Pitiful.

  13. Schoenfeld was offered the job before Renney and declined. Is he ready to take it now? Besides him, who else would everybody want? Is Pat Burns available? I don’t know, but this team needs something done. It’s not too late to save the season but something has to change soon.

  14. How about firing the coaching staff, and naming Messier as the new Coach with Graves & Leetch as the assistants, & Mike Richter as the goaltending coach?

  15. I hope Renney’s answer is not moving Dubi to Shanny’s line…
    Yeah brilliant idea break up the one line that has been doing anything. The kids play hard and should be rewarded by increasing there ice time.
    I have an idea, sit Jagr on the Trade Block and move Drury to wing with Gomez.
    Come to think of it there really is no answer, we have need “answers” all season long and we have gotten nowhere.
    Have the players make up there own lines and go out and play.
    Put Renney on the Trade Block with Jagr and all the old farts, bring up Schoenfeld and some more kids and let them play. If nothing else it will be a fun rest of the season and the kids will get some much needed NHL experience that will prove to be price-less in there development

  16. Good post Nasty
    I think Boyle would be a mistake he’s always injured it seems. As far as Phaneuf I say go for it. I just don’t want anymore washed up vets. they need a Dman who is in his mid to late 20’s. Trade for youth.

  17. tomg – “The most logical thing to do at this point is to replace Renney.”

    I wouldn’t say ‘logical’. I would say ‘easiest’. I would say I wouldn’t be surprised to see him made a scape-goat. Like every Ranger coach in team history. Take Keenan out of the equation and you don’t have a good coach in the last 70 years. If winning a cup makes you a good coach, then there really hasn’t been that many in the entire history of the NHL if you consider all of the multiple winners. Is winning a cup is the benchmark for a good or successful coach? Its like buying a lottery ticket brining in a new one at this point. You have to have 100% from everybody to win. We don’t have it right now. We have 100% from 2 or 3 guys and it’s not every night we even see it. A new coach is a cop-out.

    We were pretty close to this point last season, and we didn’t bring in a new coach to make the playoffs and came a few sceonds away from advancing to the conf finals. All we did was bring in a player that gives us the personality we need to compete in our div and our conf. This is still a work in progress if you want to believe it or not. We’re still hunting for the players to finish off this team the way it is intended to be finished. Gomez and Drury may not look like they fit with the wingers they’re currently playing with, but it’s only another 30 games or so they’ll play with them anyway. To bash Drury is remarkably irresponsible. Over the next 5 seasons he will live up to his value. His track record shows positive signs.

    This franchise and we as the fanbase waited 54 years, what’s another year or two?

  18. Its funny, if you look at some other teams, they’re going to be scrambling to try to get there ufa’s signed. Us on the other hand, are just waiting for (most of) them to pack up there sh-t andwalk out the door.

    Hey I’d love Pheneuf too. But I woke up about an hour and a half ago. :)

  19. Beer Me,
    actually I stated in an earlier blog that there were two was two go, start trading the ufa vets for young talent or draft picks or to fire renney and than I did state the easier way to go would be to fire Renney. For what ever reason I than wrote that blog and used “logical” I agree was not the correct word.
    Drury and gomez are good players, it’s not there fault it’s just there style of play isn’t a good fit with the likes of Jagr, shanahan and straka. obviously we need to build this team around drury and gomez going forward. The jagr era is done in ranger land as I see it.

  20. Renney needs to hold the players accountable … How could Mara take his next shift after that awful give away that led to the backbreaking goal …. also Tyutin has to sit a game … his game has slipped … Powerplay stinks … that may be coaching … it may be time to change the coaching staff …

  21. Changing the lines around at this point = re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic



    Beer Me… good point about out UFA’s, hopefully it’s true. Although, I believe we could possibly end up seeing Jagr here next year, some how. Same with Marty. It’s the Rangers, this shit could happen.

    Drury… I hate to say it I just don’t see it happening. I don’t think it’s irresponsible to bash him, I think it’s irresponsible to give him a pass this season because of his “track record”. He’s had a lot of blown opportunities here, a lot that could have made a big difference in our current position, and thats WITH him playing poorly…. if he’d played like his “track record” suggests..we’d certainly be much better off than fighting tooth and nail for the 8th seed. I also feel in my heart that he seriously did not want to leave Buffalo, but when he was not given the offer he wanted he “settled” for NY. I theres reason to think otherwise, but reading between the lines, still leaves me with the impression that he’s sour about how Buffalo let him fly so easily…

    Believe me, I’d like nothing more than to see Drury make an impact here, but I first recognized him as overrated in that 2nd round last year… (I said it here many many times, when it seemed our options were between Gomez and Drury, that we should NOT go after him, but Gomez instead, and there are many archived posts to prove that fact)

    I saw this Drury bust coming a mile away, and I do not think Drury gets a pass by any means… if anything I think he needs another close look this summer… we could easily get 2 of him at $7M.

  22. Great Post KPH. Brooks’ article in the post was well done. This gross neglect of Ranger past history should be addressed in the very near future. Many players really deserve recognition; Howell, Park, Greshner, Bathgate, Rattele and even Wayne. We’re one of the original six.

  23. The Rangers are victims of their own success. If the Rangers didn’t surpass expectations and make the playoffs the last 2 years, there would be no need to bid against themselves for the services of Drury and Gomez. How did the Rags get these guys? They offered more $$$ than anyone else. Drury was WAY OVERPAID!!! Gomez was a better deal, and seeing how Nylander got greedy I completely support that signing. And Drury’s “no trade clause” is his ENTIRE contract. Who the hell is gonna pay that for a supporting player? He is good at a lot of things, but great at nothing (except face offs). Shanny is shot. They should trade him to Detroit for a pick just to get out of the contract. Jagr should be dealt as well. Let him re-sign here this summer. Trade him for a pick. Whatever. The Ranger kids are not that good. Stall and maybe Dubinsky are the only kids I would say are really good. Thats it. Sobering isn’t it? And I like and support Renney, but he is no longer the perfect fit for a rebuilding team that isn’t rebuilding. . . . .or a contending team that isn’t contending. . . . .or. . . . just have the mercy killing already. Shoenfeld should be the interim coach until. . . . . whenever.

  24. One thing they shouldn’t do is cater even more to Shanny, who looks done. Sit him. Let him get “healthy” or whatever. I don’t think Drury has been great, but he’s also been moved around like a dying television show. Renney’s done a bad job of organizing the team, motivating the team, playing them to their strengths and adapting to other teams’ weaknesses. All season long and for long stretches of the past seasons. Hate to say it, but he has to bear a huge portion of the blame for the collapse. He should be given the rest of the season to see if he can turn it around through motivation and a new, “we can win” system that rewards hard work and actually punishes lazy play. If he doesn’t win, he’s gone.

    And, yes, I’m sure that Messier and Graves and Leetch and Richter want to give up the lives they are leading now to take on what is probably an exercise in failure. “Come on, guys, tarnish your reputations!” That makes sense. And, even better, they all have so much coaching experience.

  25. haha – HANG IN THERE TONY!

    Salty – Yeah, I didn’t mean to say that I’d give him a free pass, but I can’t see holding him responsible for the teams woe’s. Nor renney, nor jags, nor any single player or coach. At that Q&A with the staff earlier this year, Pearn said he runs the PP, but still can’t hold him soley responsible. So many of our problems have been merely excecution.

    Tomg – see your point know. Much easier to do that, but it’s like flipping a coin at this point. But see your point.

    Stinks that seeing Jags next year is still a possibility. I fear it too. True that the team needs to be built around Dru and Gomer. But until jags and shanny(love him though) are gone, the team cannot progress in the direction it needs to. I think I can see Straks fitting with Gomer, based on speed alone, and though his play hasn’t been anything special since coming back from injury, I don’t think he’s done. I also like the fact that marty likes to sign 1 year deals to motivate himself.

  26. If anyone on this team deserves to be bashed…it’s Chris Dreary. I don’t give a rat’s ass what he did for other teams…he’s playing for the Rangers now, the team he “grew up rooting for”…and all he’s shown us is he’s good at faceoffs and some defensive play, which puts him on par with Blair Betts. With the exception of a handful of games he’s been dismally ineffective and invisible. Let’s not even mention how the word “passion” seems alien to him…he’s more concerned putting his mouthpiece in his glove than actually driving to the net. His “track record” consists of a few big goals…well, guess what? Stephane Matteau scored a few, too. And he sucked in the regular season. Just like Chris Drury is sucking for the Rangers. Now…how exactly is he going to get BETTER as the years go by? Drury not only doesn’t deserve a pass…he deserves to be ripped on a daily basis until he looks in the mirror and asks himself if he’s comfortable with taking so much money for so little return.

  27. b Salty

    Although not a fan of the vulgarity in your post, I do agree with your post 100% regarding “Disneyland”.

    I think the culture at MSG is just not conducive for sports or something. It’s just a show on ice, there’s no real emphasis on winning, just giving everyone a show, and this year’s show is bad right now.

    However, I think it is also a reflection of how professional sports have become, especially basketball and hockey. It’s all a show. Outdoor hockey games, games in Prague, Puerto Rico, wherever, it’s all about show, all about money, all about new viewers, all about sales, all about bottom line.

    There’s no personal relationship with the owner and the player are MSG. It’s all the bottom line and results, no relationship or connection. This team doesn’t hit any more, they don’t fight, they don’t get in your face, they don’t initiate, they are the ones on the ice, getting crushed into the boards and being intimidated with no consistent response. And why should they when all each of the players is merely a line item in some ledger somewhere representing a cost.

  28. Exaggerated or Unfulfilled Expectations as I posted earlier. The acquisition of both Drury & Gomez did not reap immediate success. They somehow are just not working out. The problem here is that these two ingredients, in fact, did not make a better recipe. The chemistry of our team was altered. Bring back Ortmyer who would stand in front of an 18 wheeler for the team. Jagr, Lunquist, Shanahan & Avery are still the teeth of this team and they’re just not getting it done.

  29. Chris F., I agree with you
    Chris F.-And, yes, I’m sure that Messier and Graves and Leetch and Richter want to give up the lives they are leading now to take on what is probably an exercise in failure. “Come on, guys, tarnish your reputations!” That makes sense. And, even better, they all have so much coaching experience.

  30. Renney’s playbook has the players passing & passing & passing & passing & passing & passing, just don’t shoot the puck toward the net.

  31. I think Drury is having a rough year because the team is just not gelling. Shanny, Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Callahan and Henrik have all had mediocre seasons and Avery has been hurt and things have gone poorly for the Rangers this season. I think Drury will have a great second season once some players are gone and there is a younger core around them.

    But what bothers me is there is no fight in the players. It’s just “hohum, another loss, oh well, at least I got my $1 million condo to hang out in tonight” The only ones who seems to show any semblance of passian for the sweater is Avery, Dubi, Hank, Girardi and Staal.

    I mean how much more of this crap can a hockey player take before he picks a fight with the other team just to show your fans you care.

  32. vogs – nice post. Can’t disagree with that. The nightlife and surroundings of nyc doesn’t help matters either. Never has.

    cjp. “If anyone on this team deserves to be bashed…it’s Chris Dreary.”

    come on now, unless he changed his # to #8, someone deserves it more!

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I said it during the offseason. Drury is not that good. I don’t know why everyone was on his jock, and I still don’t unerstand it. We should’ve signed Gomez and kept Nylander. And don’t give me the “see, he’s out for the season” BS, becaue if he were playing here, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the game he had gotten hurt in. But now we’re stuck with Drury, for 7 years. That NTC means nothing. With his salary and his contract length, he isn’t going anywhere anyway until the final year of his deal. And if we’re lousy that year, he’ll waive the clause to go to a contender. So, I don’t even give a shit about that.

    So we’ve made our bed and now we have to lay in it. Some suggest stripping Jagr of the C. Who do we give it to then? Shanahan? He’s been nothing but selfish this entire year. Take a pay raise and try to disguise it as a pay cut. He’s got nothing left and will (or at least should) retire at the end of the season. Give the C to Drury? Even though he’s the heir apparent, we saw how his captaining skills got his team CRUSHED by the Sens last season, even though they were such a great team. Avery? First, he is not mature enough to lead. Second, *If* he is here next season, what’s he good for, 40, 50 games? Let’s face it, the guy is damaged goods right now. Gomez? I’m not sure he’s ready for that. He’s played with some great captains, but I think he has enough pressure on him already to carry the team’s offense without worrying about being the captain. And none of the defense is worthy. So stripping Jagr isn’t gonna do shit.

    Some mention firing Renney. I’ll admit that I’m an advocate of that just because I’m at a loss as to what else can be done at this point to right this collosal screw up of a season.

    If we’re still this bad at the deadline, trade Jagr to San Jose, Shanny to Detroit, Straka to St. Louis, Malik to the moon, and Mara to anywhere that would have him. We should look to add power forwards, shut down defensemen, PP specialists, and draft picks. No players over 26 (except for the shut down defenseman, those usually take longer to mature as players). During the offseason, we sign a back up goaltender that can actually challenge Hank for his job if Hank continues to play like crap.

    BTW, in terms of our long term success, I could not be happier that he has started to play like crap because it means that we will be able to resign him for less. Imagine if he still had his numbers from before his slump? It would have taken at least 8m per. Now we might be able to get him for even as low as 6.5.

    Some people were talking about Phaneuf. Forget it. He’s staying in Calgary. It’s almost as ludicrous as the people who suggested we sign Ovechkin. It’s not happening. They’ll resign him.

    Let’s hope they figure it out quick, because if they keep playing like this, we could be out of contention by the time the Super Bowl comes around.

  34. Doodie – good post. Though under the circumstances, I think drury was the better signing. Nylander wanted no less than 5 years. Making him 39/40 at the end of the contract. We know jags won’t be around that long, so what would’ve been the point? But THIS year, it’s easy to say now that Nylander would’ve worked, but Slats was pushing more for the long term.

    What I like best is that you spread out and had valid reasons why things wouldn’t work (‘c’) instead of spewing out ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ with no explanation like so many posts we read here.

    Drury is 5 years. and Pheneuf may get one of those ridiculous 35-year deals or whatever owners are shelling out this week.

  35. BTW – doodie, you said back in Dec. that you gave up on this team. You are truely a glutten for punishment. Can’t take your eyes of this car-wreck huh? lol

  36. Doodie, that could be *the* post of the season. We are clearly on the same page besides one point, the C.

    I still think it belongs on Shanahan. There is a message that needs to be sent to the team and to the rest of the NHL, that you can’t do what Jagr is doing and maintain your position as the Captain. Shanahan is old and washing up, but his leadership is there. Say what you will about the money, he’s as true a Captain as there is in the league.

    Still don’t want to give it to Shanny? Then you have to offer it to Henke. I know it looks funny but I’m dead serious, and this team looks goddamed pathetic right now so they really have much more to worry about than looking funny with a goalie captain a la Belfour.

    Without Lundqvist we are drowned long long ago. I think you make him this offer, if not only as a reminder of his importance to the organization, but also as a sign of trust and support. He has carried this team to their few wins this season, he’s far more deserving and qualified than any other Ranger.

    Gomez can’t even take a penalty shot without giggling. I love the guy, I really do, bu I don’t think he’s got any captain in him. He’s just one of those nasty hockey kids who still nuts himself thinking about being in the NHL from time to time. We need more guys like him, who are excited to have the *opportunity* to skate at home under the Garden lights.

  37. the most points drury ever scored in a year is 69, so why should we expect him to score, i do agree it is retarted that we pay him 7 mill but what do people expect him to do, he plays two way hockey, kills penalties, blocks shots, wins faceoffs, and battles in front of the net, that is what chris drury is, not a 40 goal 90 point guy

  38. Salty:

    Good point on Gomez.. just a kid who can’t believe he’s getting paid to play a game, just goes out and has fun. Although I think he’s more of a leader and is not as carefree as we might suspect.

    On Shanahan – he sure has trouble getting up and down the ice. Should be relegated to the PP unit more often and shouldn’t be the one expected to score all the goals. He agreed to a restructuring of his contract so the team could sign some players and I would never call him selfish.

    Jagr, Straka, Avery, Hossa, Callahan, Shanahan, Prucha and Gomez were expected to score goals and provide leadership, that has seemingling evaporated in front of our eyes. Instead the offensive “slack” has been picked up by Girardi and Rozival on defense. We figured Nylander’s 70 points or however many he had were to be picked up by Drury and Gomez.

    This has so far just been one downer of a season. Just a complete meltdown offensively for all of the forwards (minus Gomez) on the team. Couple that with a poor stretch by Henrik, who desperately needs a backup the team can trust, and we’re in the position we’re in, which in the long run, ain’t that bad a situation considering how lousy we have been recently.

    This team is by no means “down and out”. Just because a team is hot going into the All Star Break (Pittsburh, Washington, Devils, Boston, etc…) does not necessarily mean they will be after the break. Let’s not give up all hope.

  39. “Great,” this idea that by switching D combos and forward lines this team will jell and start winning. Hey – how about this team is carrying SEVEN DEADBEATS, and needs to get them all the hell off Broadway!

    1. Valiquette
    2. Malik
    3. Mara (Christ, what a lost weekend that was, for this lame-brain.)
    4. Strudwick
    5. Orr
    6. Hollweg
    7. Betts

    Far better replacements are waiting in the wings – IN THE RANGERS SYSTEM, and picking up some over 30 D-man for a couple kids is NOT the answer, Sather. We know you “just want to make the playoffs to protect your job, actually winning a Cup in a couple years is beyond your myopic vision.

  40. I’ll just say thi sand then I’ll try to focus my attention elsewhere as this is just getting absurd.

    I continue to watch this team because quite frankly, it’s one of the few things I do besides work. Since about 15-20 games into the season, it was clear something was *severely* wrong. Even the games we won in that Nov. stretch, were *bad games* that showed very little promise. I would much rather see games lost but that showed a team on the verge of finding themselves. This team hasn’t even *flirted* with chemistry all year, and that is truly depressing. I’m a Ranger fan because they’re my home team, but man what an absolute joke of an organization. If only I were from anywhere else I would understand and hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. What an absolute disgrace to the sport, from the bottom to the top. We got Jagr, Shanahan, Drury, Gomez, Straka, Avery, Lundqvist. Look at the Flyers. Look at the Devils. Look at the Bruins. The Islanders have more drive, heart, and soul in their 4th line than we have across the board. *Those* are real hockey teams. The New York Rangers are one of the single biggest jokes in sports (besides the Yankees). Even the Knicks are finding a way to win games.

  41. Aren’t goalies forbidden from wearing the C?

    Not to mention, I don’t think Hank deserves it. This season he’s played worse, been more inconsistent, been more emotional and had at least one instance of whining publicly.

    If anyone on this team gets the “c” aside from Jagr or Shanny, it should be Straka, who I still believe hustles every night. Guy’s a hard-nosed pro.

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