Today’s lesson: catching a pass


The ice at Madison Square Garden is notoriously uneven, although hardly the worst in the league, and not bad enough to affect other teams the way it affects the Rangers.

I don’t know how the simple act of catching a pass came to be such a problem for this team, but for a number of players, especially their defensemen, it has become a 50-50 proposition at best.

The funny part is Fedor Tyutin appeared to make the right play at the end of the first period when he used his foot to keep the puck in the zone. But he was still caught out of position when the Bruins started the other way.

And he was probably wishing he just fell on the puck outright when Henrik Lundqvist let in a staggeringly soft goal on the ensuing rush.

As they say, everything is magnified when the team is losing. And this is just one example.

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  1. Its amazing that NBC’s commentators made no mention of how that goal was Lundqvist’s fault. I mean, 2 on 2 rush, allowing a wrist shot goal on the stick side…weak.

    I love Pierre McGuire’s commentary. Kind of amazing to listen to him stick up for Jagr.

  2. nice no call on Chara, boarded Avery behind the net on a power play but no CALL.

    yeah call a minute hook or a boarding on dawes(I forget whom) what a joke..

    Again they cannot score, they dominated that period but got jack to show for it….

  3. Pierre McGuire also chimed in after no penalty was called when Chara hit Avery as opposed to when Girardi shoved Lucic, I believe, “Well Sean Avery was on the receiving end of that one” (to that effect) “and the referees don’t have much respect for him.”

    This is exactly what is wrong with the NHL and its officiating in particular. Rules should be rules, no matter who the offeneder or victim is. There needs to be objectivity in this game when it comes to the rules.
    Clearly, we have seen some referees with their own agendas at best. At worst, they are blind and have no business or merit reffing games at an NHL level.

    Kudos to Pierre for speaking his mind and calling it like it is-

  4. I never never never blame officials for taking games away from us. But the last 5 periods have been hard to think otherwise. Glad to see the commentary seeing it too.

    Toots didn’t have much of a choice but to kick at that puck. Couldn’t play it with his stick, only other choice is to let it go by, but probably woulda had the same result anyway. His game hasn’t been anything to speak of recently. Nor has Rozy’s…defensively at least.

  5. 0-1……

    Another day of dissapointment…it is simply boring through two periods, they didn´t seem to be able to put the puck in the net and Boston is not really a powerhouse…

    There is time for a change..It can not get more worse and the bad ice is not the reason for it….

  6. blueclue – totally. I hope you can’t find anyone to disagree. That’s what you get for bashing Canada when 95% of the officials are…Canadian.

  7. Beer me, there is time for another one…..The pain is so big seeing the Rangers, can´t hold on any more…

  8. they are getting beat by Tim Thomas. he is making the big saves. he is the league leader in save %, despite playing for weak team.

  9. Does anybody else have the urge to beat your television with a shoe whenever Mike Milbury talks? Ex-Boston Bruin is so damn biased when commentating. I just want to scream at him. The dumbass never even had a hat trick in his career in the NHL, he has no right to talk about Jagr or anyone. Ahh.

  10. We need a big 3rd period from our 3rd line. They seem to have the most flow tonite.

    I wonder how it would look throwing Gomez out on a line with Prucha and Dawes. Dubinsky is playing well and shows promise, but holds on to the puck too long sometimes IMO.

    Gomez dishing it out to Dawes for his quick shot and Pruchs standing infront to clean up (yes, Peter will get knocked on his keester 90% of the time, but it can lead to a PP)

  11. I usually hate the NBC broadcasts, but I am enjoying this one (minus the score)

    “And a pass from the unresponsive, unemotional Jagr”

  12. boy could the rangers come out any flatter than they did in the first two minutes of the third to give up a goal. The only thing left I am looking forward to this season is watching leetch’s number raised to the rafters, after that, who cares. Like I said, this is a dead team.

  13. The only way I will get in to this team this year if sather has the balls to clean the dead wood up and move forward to the future.

  14. When this team misses the playoffs, they can look back to this weekend as one of the reasons why.

  15. What’s hilarious is that a ref can’t beieve one of the shortest players in the NHL can elbow Chara. Haha.

  16. They should start the fire sale now. And I’d probably think about looking for a goaltending prospect as well. It’s not like Hank’s doing squat either.

  17. Didn’t see that there was a new post – I’ll repost my points.

    It’s interesting hearing such a negative view of the Rangers today, especially during the intermission, because we never hear anything like this on MSG. Dolan might come down and take their desk away!

    That Dubinsky line dominating shift might have been better if they took a shot before it went out of the zone.

    Really classy – “Let’s go Giants” chants

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if Renney is canned following this game. I’ve loved what the team has done the past two years, but with better players now, it’s like Renney can’t control them. I don’t even know anymore.

    That was a horrendous turnover by Mara.

  18. let’s hear the pollyannas try to bs their way thru this one now.

    goodbye Jagr, renney, malik, etc.

    you suck

  19. nice pass by Mara.. High percnetage pass.. my son is 10 and he would not make that pass.

    time for changes…. they need to eliminate Malik, hossa, try to get a real d man or call one up etc..

    the rangers stink…It is amazing..

    shanahan was no where today..

    NBC telecast is terrible. Can Milbury be anymore bias??His venom for the rangers and Jagr is a joke…..

    pathetic game.. AGAIN THEY CANNOT SCORE…..

  20. this is a bad team. zero everything.

    Ok. Dubi does seem to be getting better. Slats better hold on to him.

  21. I don’t like Milbury either (except for that decade that he was ruining the Islanders), but its tough to argue with any of his criticisms right now.

  22. SHANahan has been invisible lately and the PP is literally a shambles..

    I finally agree if they do not get a few new faces in here immediately the season is over and a crushing dissapointment…

    if this team does not make the playoffs it will be pathetic…

  23. 2 Tickets to Tuesday’s game, Sect 331 Faceoff circle.
    Under face.
    I just can’t get myself to watch this breed of hockey anymore-

  24. Milbury is a moron. He mentioned Boston should get rid of kessel.. the guy is 20 yrs old is a legit 30 goal scorer..

    yeah he is not steve yzerman, so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Couldn’t they show a little less non-effort on my 20th birthday? It’s like they try, but don’t go all out. They push hard to get the puck in the zone, pass it around a few times, then take an easy shot for the goalie. At least I have the Giants to look forward to, and if I had to choose one of my teams to lose today, I obviously would have picked the Rangers. Too bad the dads only got to see the team collect one point this weekend.

    At least Milbury is correct today, even though he is biased

  26. a team full of AHL callups, decimated by injury, sweeps the rangers when a playoff spot was at stake.

    if that is not a firing offense, I don’t know what is.

    goodbye sather, renney, jagr, etc.

    the media needs to quit being tools, quit sucking up to MSG, and start calling for heads to roll, just as they would for other NY sport teams.

  27. Milburry’s a goon. Has he ever won a Cup? He’s a bully with an inferiority complex and he sucks.


  28. The radio guys blamed Henrik on the first goal. At least someone is trying to honestly look at the breakdown of this team. No jump, no heart from the captain, terrible passes, no passion. They need to make some moves to send a message — scratch guys you make dumb plays or bad passes, pack Malik’s bags and get a bag of pucks for him, bring up a couple of guys from Hartford (even if they are outplayed, they will get some NHL experience and the scratches watching from upstairs can be embarrassed). Was at the Wolf Pack games last two night and though they lost both (one in overtime), D men Hutchison and Pock played extremely well with jump. Why the hell is Pock still on the outside looking in with this team?

  29. Milbury is never correct.. he signed Yashin to a 7 yr contract and traded Luongo for whatever..

    the rangers need to make some changes, not the insane changes you read on Blogs trade jagr etc, but changes now…

    Mara is what he is a avg d man at best… It appears there d is a little slow, and they need to get 1 more d men and either get a forward or 2 and get rid of this 4th line BS.. The 4th line is BS when a team cannot score goals, how can they have 1 line with 5 goals for the yr. play 10 minutes a game and take offensive zone gaceoffs????

    THey cannot……………………

  30. dubi is the rangers future besides other players like stal, dawes, callahan etc.., forget the over the hill ufa veterans. The rangers farm system is now in the top 10 best in the league. sather should dump all the veteran ufa’s by the trading dead line and build this team around the kids, drury and gomez, period. I’ve seen enough now and this team is dead.
    If possible I would trade, jagr, shanahan, straka, mara, malik, hossa, rosival. This would be the smart thing to do. I cannot believe that just by changing the coach that this team would become a good team. The rangers need to start building around drury and gomez because sather decided to go in that direction by signing them to long term contracts.

  31. what Milbury said today was RIGHT ON.

    you can dislike the messenger all you want, but what he said today was 95% on the money.

  32. This team has to make a deal – any deal just to wake them up. This season is a gigantic failure in progress. Jagr needs to be wearing a different sweater next year. He ain’t no Captain.

  33. I am at a loss. I am speechless. I admit that I was wrong about going on any kind of a streak or picking up some valuable points. F this team right now.

  34. Wait didn’t Jagr say they were going to jump all over them today.
    Thankfully I had more important things to do today, did Jagr have any jump? He’s like a zombie.
    I also am only going to watch the Leetch ceremony then the tube goes off. This team does nothing to deserve my support.

    I have an idea, a possible way to send a message as fans.
    Go to the games, get drunk before hand and eat outside, then in the game…buy NOTHING so there is no sales from concessions.

    Also I haven’t been to a game this year yet cause of my work schedule and money. I’m not going to bother trying to get tickets this year and if someone gives me then they are going up for sale.

  35. This season is turning out to be a colossial failure and a complete embarrassment.
    Renney has lost this team. I’ve seem more action watching paint dry.

  36. the difference this year is that the lower teams in the conference are all much better than last year, such as Wash, Philly etc.

    so, even if you get past a certain team, such as Isles, you will have a wash or someone else moving in to take their spot.

  37. At this point, we’re gonna have to make the 6th seed to have a chance in the playoffs because that Southeast division is terrible as usual. I don’t expect getting any higher than that, since obviously a home round would be good, but I can only hope for 6th, and we probably won’t make that. Season is definitely not over, but the way some Rangers are playing, it looks like it is.

  38. the best thing to do is take a clue from Boston, and call up 7 or 8 AHL guys from hartford, sit out the biggest name guys on the rangers, and send a bigtime message.

    then see how they respond. if those big names grouse and quit, then get rid of them. if they come back playing harder, then you have accomplished the goal, and can separate the wheat from the chaff.

  39. And I will say this. My hat is off to the Bruins. The kids on that team played a perfect road game and capitalized on our mistakes. In both games there were long stretches that they owned us in our own end.

  40. ORR..Talented Mr. Colton Douglas Orr on

    Maybe NYR is trying to throw the season so they can get a 6th place spot. This is the first year i really wouldnt mind making 6th place.

    Jagr should get traded, his time is up. Renney is just a pussy, and i hate his guts. He’s to busy turning his fighters into fuggin pussies.

    For that alone i want Renney fired.

    We need to get rid of Jagr, im sorry, but the guy offers this team nothing. If this is his final year in the NHL, then it is one of his most pathetic, if not the most.


    I agree, lets trade Rozi for Campbell, and dump Malik and Strudwick, and bring up Sanguinetti.

    Campbell – Staal
    Girardi – Tyutin
    Mara – Sanguinetti or Sauer / Barank – Sanguinetti

    That sounds nice.

    Either way, today, i finally cut Jagr out of my “protect list”. I no longer care about him. Trade him Jessiman to the caps for Semin.

  41. way to come out with urgency in the third period. that was a pathetic effort. to let a team who you are competing with for a playoff spot, that is playing with so many injured player completely out play you for 2 straight games is inexcusable. that first goal was fully on lundqvist’s shoulders. that should not go in. even he has played very poorly the last 6 weeks. id still give him a contract extension but i would not mind it if montoya got some nhl time this year. mostly because they are going to scratch and claw for a playoff spot (which given the expectations is unbelievable to me) and i do not like the fact the valiquette will start 10-15% of those games.

    i heard the rangers signed chris drury. i havent seen him play yet this year. is he injured or something. please get back to me on that. but seriously he has been nothing more that a 7 million dollar blair betts this year. shanahan has aged 5 years over the summer and an additional since he hurt his knee. the 4th line is so inept at scoring its breathtaking. theyre tough guys who do whatever they can for a team but they are given way to much ice time by renney. jagr just cant seem to find himself without nylander, if it werent for the fact that they are opening in prague next year i would say that he would certainly retire after this season. regardless i do not think he will be traded. as bad as the rangers are the east in general is a piss poor conference and they will likely be on cusp of the playoffs from here on out. by trading jagr i think that sather runs the risk of demoralizing the team (not that hes a mark messier calibur captain but he still has a C on his chest) which would eliminate any chance of them making it into the playoffs.

    every defensemen has regressed this year. remember 2 months ago when we were saying that marc staal look mature beyond his years. ditto for tyutin and girardi. rozsival is a shell of himself for the previous 2 seasons. strudwick is a warrior but he is just too slow to play in the nhl and its painfully obvious. mara has been playing well recently but that intercepted pass on the third goal might have been the worst play ive seen all year. and malik is malik, a human turnover machine who is unable to hang by rozsivals coat-tails this year.

    im not gonna bash renney. i do think hes part of the problem but people point the finger at him way too much. its easy to accuse the coach. in general. despite overplaying the HBO line, i think hes done a fine job these past 3 years.

    its just too disappointing for words.

  42. wrong. trading Jagr would LIFT the morale of the team. it would give them a better chance of making the playoffs, if they got a couple decent young players in return.

    don’t forget, the wash, caps were in the cup finals before they got jagr. after they got him they became a pathetic team with him sulking his way out of town. and now, after getting a good coach, they are on the upswing, WITHOUT Nylander.

    these circle jerks ruin the straight ahead, go to the net style that is necessary to win the the NHL.


  44. Billy C
    trading Jagr would demoralize this team? Have you been watching? I know you haven’t seen Drury, but I think its safe to say that the team IS already demoralized and dumping the sulking, sorry, dead man barely skating Jagr could very well be the thing that wakes up the rest, including Drury.

  45. Mike Dinglebury has to be the biggest retard to ever be born. Btw if there ever was a Franchise killer it’s him. It is not a big surprise he went after a big name Euro like Jagr. Funny how he won’t rip Drury or a broken down Shanny. Another fantastic game for Rozsival looked like he tripped on his own foot setting up the second goal. Don’t get me started on the first goal. You can wheel in a coarpse and he stops that Kobasew shot. I dunno what to say really don’t. Mara had a nice Bozosival special on the third goal. If Shanny is really that hurt sit him out a few weeks and call up the red hot Callahan to take his spot on the second line. The Dubinsky line as by far the Rangers best line. They had some shifts where it looked like they were on the pp. It was nice to see them be rewarded with a goal. Speaking of the pp it’s only 22nd in the league I would have thought it as much worse than that. I’m looking forward to Rozsival handing Kovalchuk and Hossa the puck on a silver platter. The Rangers players coaches, management and p.r must be thanking God for the Knicks.

  46. i dont get why everyone gets so mad at drury, the most points he has ever put up in a season was last year during a contract year and that was 69

    as a forward he does everything we can ask, third on the team in points, kills penalties, plays powerplays, wins faceoffs, battles in front of the net, i mean he as never been a high scorer, there is no way he is worth 7 mill a year but im that upset in his play

  47. I love how the jagr defenders will rip everyone else to try to rationalize their little hero’s pathetic play and pathetic leadership.

    no wonder nothing ever changes. just the type of fan that MSG mgmt. loves.

  48. So when is this team going to turn it on? Where are all the wise veteran fans who insisted the team was fine as it made no effort to fix problems early in the season? The same problems they have now?

    And this team must accept that lundqvist is not brodeur yet and get a legit backup, monty or whomever.

  49. How can anybody take Milbury serious. He’s a real A hole. The only thing he did good was to freek up the Islanders for many years. This Ranger team couldn’t check the little kids that play between periods. Let’s bench all the vets who play without passion. If Jagr, Lunguist, Shanahan, Straka,Rozsival, Mara don’t give a crap why should they play. Let’s go with the kids. At least they’re exciting to watch; I’m a Renney fan but I’m really started to wonder. How much longer can we go playing in a coma? Avery keeps saying that all the Rangers including himself are underproducung and should look in the mirror. It’s sad that sometimes a change has to be made just to shake things up even if its not justified(ie) players I wouldn’t want to lose in a trade, coach etc. Totally fed up.

  50. last time I looked he beat brodeur in every matchup this year.

    the rangers are the LOWEST SCORING team in the NHL. there are a couple teams with less goals, but they have played fewer games. in goals per game played, the rangers are the LOWEST SCORING team in the entire NHL.

    that ain’t the goalie’s fault.

  51. people don’t get it. we know milbury is a jerk, and we know he was a terrible GM. but that does not change the fact that what he said today was right on the money.

  52. I live in Los Angeles and I’m not a Rangers fan. I’m a Kings fan, and anyone who follows hockey knows that’s quite unfortunate. But ever since Sean Avery was traded, I’ve followed this team and supported this team just enough to benefit my favorite player. I ordered Center Ice the day after he left L.A. and have been reading this blog as well ever since. I like to say that I’ve become a Rangers sympathizer because I watch all the games, I’ve become acquainted with all of the players, and I have some vested interest in the team’s success, though my heart lies with the Kings through and through. And sympathy seems like it has become the ideal emotion for anyone who even slightly follows this team, and coming from a Kings fan, that means a lot. As I watch the Kings day in and day out, through their horrendous efforts and their slipping winning percentage, I still feel that the Rangers are even more unfortunate. As a Kings fan, I have no expectations. I have learned over the recent years that no matter how promising a season might look, it’s all false hope. It’s pessimistic and quite sad but it’s always on the right track. So watching them lose 2-9 to the Predators or attempt to close a once 10-point gap between 15th and 14th in the West is heartbreaking yet expected.
    But to see the Rangers in 9th place in the East and LAST in their division, albeit only 8 points from the lead, is simply depressing. Chris Drury. Jaromir Jagr. Brendan Shanahan. Martin Straka. Scott Gomez. Not to mention the next tier of guys, the upcoming stars, and the checking support. To watch this team not score is simply depressing.
    So you go through the emotions: Sympathy. Depression. And then the final one hits, especially in a fan of a last-place team. Anger. The fact that this team isn’t succeeding only makes me think how selfish it is to have so many stars grouped in one building and not do a single thing with them. The Kings are led by a sophomore, a 23-year old who has found his scoring niche this year, an injured 25-year old, and a shoddy and inconsistent 25-year old and they have 23 more goals on the season than the Rangers. It puts a little into perspective really. And it makes for a fine line between sympathy and anger.

  53. I wasn’t trying to say lundqvist is to blame. But he is human – the 2nd goal was very weak- and the team and fans must accept that he can not be expected to carry this group singlehandedly or to play 75 games a year.

    Of course they need to help him by scoring but the Henrik cult must calm down. He will not win a cup alone.

  54. i have never ever ever been a jagr fan but i also have never ripped our captain UNTIL TODAY. He must go he must be sat something has to be done. forget the fact that he doesn’t score when is he going to take the leadership role. i honestly can say if the RANGERS do not take back to back wins over Atlanta they can pack it in. this is so pathetic they are the laughing stock of hockey. i can not even enjoy watching a single second of a ranger game. its actually making me sick.. we can sit here and blame Malik Prucha Henrick renney but the only person that should be blamed is our captain. he needs to wipe that stupid grin off his face and STEP UP take control of the team or they need to ship his ass somewhere else and give the C to another player.

  55. Lundqvist should tell his agent to take the first offer from another team,or go back to Sweden and play for a real team.

  56. if all the rangers get is a split with atl, that is not good enough. in fact, that is what atl is hoping for.

  57. This is Henrik’s team, he ain’t going anywhere.

    Liza; it’s not too bad to be a Kings fan. Yeah, it’s been a tough few years, but at least you got Kopitar who is going to be the new Jaromir Jagr in a few years, and Cammilieri and Froloz ain’t too shabby. There’s hope for the Kings; suck now but on 2011 you’ll be going to the Conference finals.

  58. say what you want about jagr. but the post-lockout rangers go as far as he can carry them. and as an outsider it seems as if the team as a whole likes him. even if they didnt, trading away a player of his skill and with his potential to take control of a game sends the wrong signal to the rest of the team.
    furthermore, as a fan, im not going to forget what he has done for this team that was a dead dog coming out of the lockout. im the first to admit he hasnt been up to snuff but quit simply i still have faith in him.

  59. what has he done for the team?? honestly ya he might have made it fun to watch for a little but what has he actually done.??

  60. Mike A – The future is bright but the present is unbelievably painful. Empty promises, that’s all it’s been for years. Hah, I actually came into this season thinking it couldn’t possibly be worse than last year. But the excitement is definitely there, it’s just hard to show it.

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