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Update, 12:30 p.m.: Marek Malik gets his first cheers in a while. But not for reason he relishes. He’ll be a healthy scratch while Jason Strudwick returns to the lineup.

You wonder how it’s possible a team that laments taking five penalties in a game on Wednesday goes out and takes eight three days later.

Is it possible that the message isn’t getting through? Or is it just that certain players (see: Malik, Marek) aren’t equipped to do anything about it?

Which one is worse is open for debate. But put it this way: neither are encouraging signs.

With that in mind, Jason Strudwick will skate in warm-ups today. Marcel Hossa is definitely a scratch.

Henrik Lundqvist is presumably getting another start.


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  1. malik sucks, i was at that game in boston yesterday and it was comical to watch how much indecision there is in his game.

  2. tomg -“Even if somehow they get in, how excited can you get as a ranger fan?”

    I can’t say I’d be estatic. However, it would be important experience for the young guys on the team. Once again we have another group coming up with minimal or no experience in the post-season. Eventually these guys will have some of those games under their belt and know what it takes.

    Just looking ahead.

  3. I’ve never been happier to hear Strudwick’s name called during a game because it means Maleaky is out, besides of course when Strudz scored that GWG in OT in Pittsburgh.

  4. shocking Milbury(moron) talking shit…

    he was a no talent bully and a terible GM..

    THe bottom line is the Rangers cannot score, maybe they should have shooting practice only..

    1 mistake 1 goal..Bottom line……………

  5. I hate to say this but this team reminds me of some of the teams between 1998-2004. They don’t give up allot of goals but they don’t score goals either which leads to no playoffs. I know, there going to get hot and make the playoffs like last year. I just don’t see it, maybe I’m wrong but this is a dead team. something needs to change. Take your pick what that might be but something has to change, either trades, new coach, something or the next few months will be boring in rangerland.

  6. You know, they say the definition of insanity is doing thesame thing over and over again and expecting different results. Time and again, the Rangers refuse to shoot the puck, refuse to get bodies to the net in front of the goaltender, and lose. It’s like they never learn.

    Then again, we all watch these games over and over and over again.

    They’re just a bad team. That’s all there is to it. Regardless of the players and how good they should be, they are not a good team at all. Again trailing an AHL team with over half the game gone. Tim Thomas is NOT a good goaltender.

  7. It’s interesting hearing such a negative view of the Rangers today, especially during the intermission, because we never hear anything like this on MSG. Dolan might come down and take their desk away!

    That Dubinsky line dominating shift might have been better if they took a shot before it went out of the zone.

    Really classy – “Let’s go Giants” chants

  8. NYCWickedWrister on

    This team is an embarrassment. I welcome the Let’s Go Giants chants. For once a team in New York that is actually delivering beyond expectation.

    Besides, what are you supposed to be happy with the Rangers for when they can’t beat a team sporting 2 lines worth of NHLers and part of the team has the flu??

    Let’s get those Fire Renney chants going!!

  9. NYCWickedWrister on

    And for everyone…we as fans complain about them not shooting the puck enough, but do you realize we outshoot the opoonent every game?? Other than yesterday’s Bruins game, we outshot every opoonent from the Calgary game until now.

    The problem is we don’t convert on the Power Play. In the new NHL, you need a good PP to be successful. That and Renney’s defensive strategy doesn’t give us any odd man rushes and we don’t have any defenseman who can effectively bring the puck up the ice on the Rush except Staal from time to time.

  10. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Renney is canned following this game. I’ve loved what the team has done the past two years, but with better players now, it’s like Renney can’t control them. I don’t even know anymore.

  11. We have a better chance of Renney quitting than him getting fired. His seat isn’t even getting warm yet.

  12. Tom Renney… Mr. Emotion

    They say the team takes the demeanor of it’s coach… nuff said.

    Not a single ounce of energy out of Renney. Not a word to the officials, not a peep out of him. Just sits there and chews his gum. Come on Tom, where’s the fire in the belly?

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