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I mentioned before, and I’ll say it again:

Ss much as you may resent the fact that the Rangers are grinding away for a playoff spot, it does make for more compelling theater.

Seriously, what would you be doing now if the Rangers were riding high in the Atlantic Division, maybe even, as many expected, contending for the top spot in the Eastern Conference?

Diehards that you, many of you would still watch today’s matinee against the Bruins. But would you be so glued to the screen? Would you still have that nervous feeling in your stomach? Would there be as realistic a chance that you would remove one of your shoes and toss it in the direction of Marek Malik?

Make no mistake, this is not a way to excuse the Rangers for underperforming so far. They’ve dug themselves into this hole, and if they never emerge from it, this season will go down as a profound disappointment.

All I’m saying is it makes my job more interesting. And it adds a charge to what could otherwise be a forgettable game in the dull, gray days of January.


Marcel Hossa and Jason Strudwick are again the scratches today. Greg Moore, as you may already know, has been returned to Hartford.

More later…

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  1. Well done, Sam !

    You are so right ! I don´t want to have the Rangers atop, it would simply boring… I really like to see them in the hole, because it makes for heated discussion on this board…I definitly think you talk to the Rangers not flying high in order to have more response from the fans…

    Very smart on your part, Sam ! If they would loose 4-0 it makes easily for 100 posts…

  2. Sam, if we were riding high in the division and contending for top spot in the conference…that’s a position we are not too familiar with these last few decades. ;)

  3. well, 10 seconds into the game and my Merrell boot just bounced off the Sony! Good prediction, Sam!

    Special thanks to Tom Renney for starting malik off right away, and setting a good tone for the team. glad that Larry Brooks’ article calling for you to have some guts has impacted you deep enough to bench Malik; oh, wait…nope. There he is; out there, just floating, just holding…

    perhaps he’ll feed a nice one to Savard for us.

  4. remember the complaints about “bored” Devils fans, tired of winning 1-0 and 2-1 games?

    as said above, I would LOVE to be bored and see excellence, defensive responsibility and playoff hopes for more than a decade!

  5. Malik is one of those big arguments that it is so high posted here…Only about twenty seconds in the game, he was thrown in the box which accounts for ten post more per hour on this board…

    I am sure that Sam talked to him before every fifth game what he has to do….

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    That goal is just what they needed to turn this game around. They were getting killed, and the crowd was into it and everything. Now you can hear the Rangers fans, and Boston looks like crap.

  7. am I seeing things or do the rangers have a ton of own goals!!!!I know it happens but it appears to happen a lot more against the rangers.. kessel had no chance of scoring his stick was in the air and controlled by Mara..

    can the rangers get a big power play goal this yr.??

  8. For the most part these guys are clueless.
    Renney can’t get them to play together, they don’t even look like a team, other than the jerseys.
    Stupid penalties, lazy play…
    That is this seasons Rangers so far this season, and so far this game!

  9. the rangers are just to soft players are falling and being knocked down all over the ice, and thats twice now the rangers got beat with that pass through the middle for a breakaway

  10. It’s amazing how this team can NEVER learn to keep penalties down.

    How is it possible to take terrible offensive zone penalties EVERY game?

    What a confusing group.

  11. I still stand by what I’ve been saying and that is if the rangers are at the bottom of the eastern conference in points by the trading dead line I would trade as many of there veteran ufa’s as possible and build for the future.

  12. Same old S .. Gomez going in one on one what does he do pass to straka trying to make the ridiculous play..

    nice cross ice at the blue line pas by Jagr. At the end of the day this team cannot SCORE. That is the story, they have given up 2 goals and we nitpick every mistake defensively because they cannot score…

    this team is so frustrating… Can they score 4 goals on occasion????

    the power play if better would be a huge help but no, lets dance around the perimeter for 1 minute loking for the perfect shot that hardly ever happens…

  13. It’s really amazing to me that the islanders look more like a team than the rangers do, very surprising and very disappointing.

  14. Watching the Rangers pp is inhumane torture. Someone get the Aclu on the phone. Will Renney ever bench anyone for taking stupid or lazy penalties? Malik, Hossa, and Rozsival lead the world in them.

  15. I said that the other day that shanahan is shot, that’s why that line is dead because there is no chemistry when you have shanahan who skates like he is wearing lead boots.

  16. They have seen some success after a few games when they park a big body infront on the PP and bomb away.

    Shanny has even said after one of those games that the team needs to continue to do that.

    There seems to be a failure to communicate, either between Coach to team or player to player.
    It’s not such a mystery what strategy is effective.

    Why can’t they execute, or atleast try?
    These games get more frustrating to watch as the season goes by and no solutions are ever implemented. Just more of the same from the same boring group.

  17. Thank God the Hobo linbe continues to get much more ice than the Dubinsky line. To be fair though the Dubinsky line has had a very quiet game.

  18. I’m getting to the conclusion that this is a dead team and I don’t care who is coaching this team. It’s getting close to cleaning house of the dead wood.

  19. Shanny does look slow but….he is one guy on team that does not need therapy sessions to shoot the #@$@ puck, plus he has 15 G so far.

  20. Shanahan has always been pretty bad skater. That is not the issue. The issue is he has nobody to get him the puck. Since he and Gomez were seperated he’s struggled. Drury has played with every forward on the roster and has had chemistry with none of them. Right now he is looking like an enarmous bust. 4 more years of him oy……..

  21. We are a mediocre team. Nothing more; nothing less.

    I so hope we trade Jagr for a young and rising star to a team that has real Cup dreams, but needs that sparkling piece.

    I think we lose him at the end of the season, regardless of what happens –ESPN and others are right: He is not THE man here and he does not like that.

    Some have posted that Renney has lost this team. I agree. We take lazy and dopey penalties without any fear of discipline.

    By the way, did you see where Malik was when Rosi got beat?

    Just completely unacceptable. Renney, of couse, will reward any Czech with lots of minutes. That is his way of bowing to Jagr.

    Imagine what it must be like to be Lundqvst. he must be soooo discouraged with the defense in front of him.

  22. Stuart,
    Agreed, the defensive mistakes appear so glaring when we can’t score. Our offense is terrible.
    And Mara did not score, its not his fault. The puck bounced off his skate. I can’t fault the Ranger defense.
    They play pretty good on most nights.
    If the offense would pick up the slack and start scoring, a puck off of Mara’s skate wouldn’t be a big deal.
    I hate to say it but Jagr appears to be soooo lazy on the ice.
    I thought this team was built for a Cup Run.
    This team can’t even beat the ok and bad teams in the league. I bleed True Blue but my confidence in this team is now like Jagr’s; I have little or non.
    Trade the dead wood at the dead-line, and start looking forward to next season.

    Stanley Cup Run….HA HA HA!
    Stupid Media…other than Sam, of course.

  23. And when Rozsy hooked Kobasew on PK and took a penalty; Atleast take the guy down to the ice.

    It would have been a penalty shot either way if he missed.

  24. graves9,
    that’s the problem, sather brought in drury and gomez to play with jagr and shanahan but it’s not a good fit. Sather needs to start building this team around drury and gomez and to get younger, no more over the hill vets, please.

  25. If sather was smart he would trade as many of the ufa vets as possible by the trading dead line and jagr should be the first to go. This is not jagr’s team anymore, time to go in a different direction.

  26. Malik took another wonderful lazy, I have been burnt penalty.

    Renney will reward him with more ice time, as Jagr just shot him that look that says, “back, you nothing of a coach; back into your hole. I run this team for my Czech buddies”.

    Larry Brooks: try another article questioning Renney’s ability to discipline and hold this team accountable.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate Malik so much. I swear to god, if I was presented with the opportunity, I might hit him with my car.

  28. Jagr has a no- trade contract so he’s going nowhere. If the team is out of the playoff race I’d deal Shanny, Rozsival, Mara among others. I think Malik has negative trade value so he’s going nowhere as well.

  29. I could swear I’ve heard more “Let’s Go Rangers” chants during this game than most recent games at MSG.

    Great move by Jagr! Surprised to see Chara screw up like that. Maybe Malik’s penalty and the subsequent kill actually provided some momentum, though it was pretty nail-biting for two minutes.

    That was a pretty bad penalty by Dubinsky in the second that led to the goal, totally unnecessary to slash that guy.

  30. graves9,
    that’s not true, jagr was asked if he would except a trade and he stated that if the rangers approached him and told him they didn’t want him here anymore he would except a trade out of here, so he can be dealt.

  31. Imo Jagr has been one of the few with any kind of jump today. He did have a bad giveaway but otherwise he’s been fine today. I still believe he’ll have a big second half. It might be blind faith.

  32. Easy comrade Doodie, Malik so dopey he’s got 50/50 chance of getting hit by car any day, you don’t want to be suspect do you? (even if it rids team of him)….
    Or do you?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I think that no-trade issue is moot. I’m like 95% certain he doesn’t have the clause. I know Burnside reported it recently, but I think he is wrong.

  34. spider I swear I didn’t see a slash by Dubi. It seemed to be a phantom penalty at least according to Dave Maloney it was.

  35. I can’t believe how many times since the beginning of the second period that the Bruins players have broken through the defense.

    The first power play, they were doing well with two, sometimes three, bodies in front of the net. The second one, they couldn’t really get much going at all.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    What a surprise, they went right through the middle again against the Rozsi-Malik pairing!

  37. Ridiculous how no one is there infront of the net and Boston can get 3 whacks at the puck.

    What the heck can Lundqvist do on that play?

  38. Ranger Fan, 1968 on

    did you see Malik on that goal? on the replay, see him out of position, burned, and then far too slow getting back, needless hitting someone in the back with his stick. I think we are going to find that:

    a. Lundqvst is found hanging by a noose by his own doing;
    b. Lundqvst goes to jail for shooting malikenstein.

    I cannot watch this…..

  39. BBL...Bring Back Leetch! on

    I also didn’t see the Dubi slash.
    The officiating is as bad as the Rangers PP.

  40. Malik needs to be sent to the glue factory. Hopefully this summer the Rangers sign Boyle and waive buh-bye to Bozosival.

  41. Malik Grows Roots on

    Malik should wear a shock collar so he can be jolted awake before the forward passes him.

  42. Now, is wrong guy banned to Europe? Put me out there and maybe I get burned too but I never looked befuddled about it like this guy Ma-“leek”

  43. seamus O Riley on

    how can you miss it?

    Renney did what I said he would do back in the first period:

    hold NO ONE accountable for bad penalties and bad play.

    Mediocre team. That is all we are.

    I predicted, back just before camp ended, seeing how well some of our youngersters played, that we would finish first in our division.

    As things go, the hungry teams will duke it out for the 8th spot. We won’t be one of them.

    It did not have to be this way; not with all the talent we have in the Garden, and in Hartford. You have to put this more on the coach, then on Sather. We all hailed him for two great signings last summer; I was no different.

    I did not think that Renney would have chosen Hossa over Dawes after watching camp. I would not have guessed that Renney had the inability to learn from last year….I did not think he would bow to Jagr’s endless soft game of passing forever…
    I did not think Malik would be on the roster.
    I did not think he would bury kids the way he has.
    I did not think he would be so undisciplined when it came to dumb penalties.

    I never thought I would see Lundqvst yell at Jagr for blowing a shut out with his no defense first game. I WANT my goalie to WANT a shut out EVERY time.

    I never thought we’d see guys like Callahan make typical young bonehead mistakes and get BURIED by the coach, while guys like Malik and Hossa get free passes from the announcers OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

    I miss JD.

  44. seamus

    Don’t kid yourself, JD would be shilling like a mother for all the horror shows like Malik. No one did it better, I mean worse, than the Overfed Egotist

  45. And…what ever became of Pock? I used to crosscheck him in September now I never hear about him

  46. 5 minutes ago, this team looked like they were playing for OT or the one point.

    Since then, it looks like we’ve been short handed-

  47. The way the young boston players have been skating circles around the rangers with 5 minutes left in the third period I would be surprised if the rangers won this game. The only chance for the rangers to win will be the shoot out.

  48. Betts-Hollwig-Orr two shifts in last 1-1/2 minutes??

    5G 3A between them??

    I need to say it again

  49. That’s an awful interference call. How can you call that in overtime? Jagr wanted to get in front, Hnidy blocked him, and Thomas was right at the top of the crease.

  50. Utter bullshit call on Jagr. There was contact to Jagr before he went in to Thomas.

    These officials are trying to hand Boston the game-

  51. Hey! Malik cleared the puck!!! Oh wait, no that was his glove that came off…puck still in our end

  52. shootout time. Kessel is virtually unstoppable in shootouts. Hopefully Perucha is used in the shootout.

  53. “I thought it was over when Malik had the puck behind the net.”

    Yeah, me too. Over for us! That was close. Malik, for some ungodly reason was out there for about the last 90 seconds, since the whistle during the power play. WHY?!

  54. WickedWrister.
    Bad Reffing today.
    Try every F***ing game. I used to watch every game I could.
    Now just Rangers.
    The Officiating SUCKS!

  55. I’m telling you, either the refs are just really bad or they have it in for the rangers because I watch other hockey teams play and I never see the calls that I do against the rangers, it’s really getting past ridiculous.

  56. seamus O Riley on


    This was, perhaps, his worst game ever.

    5 seconds left. No one is there. Hold the puck you idiot!!

    IF THEY HAD SCORED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Lundqvst: Player of the game for the Rangers Oppenheimer Funds
    for Boston it was Marek Malik winning the Oppenheimer Funds Player of the Game award.

    Renney: beware the pen of Brooks tomorrow for this game. The only thing that will dull that pen is a win in the shootout….even then…..

  57. WOW.
    And to think, another game tomorrow.
    I can’t watch the Rangers 2 days in a row.
    I’m usu. not done puking!

  58. That was a really good move by Kessel – Lundqvist wasn’t ready for it.

    Tomorrow *is* a must-win, in regullation, since Boston still has two games in hand. I think Lundqvist will be back in there, since he played really well, even though he gave up three goals, and two in the shootout.

  59. I’m sure people will be blaming renney but lets be serious here, this is not a good team, period, I don’t care who coaches.

  60. Lundqvist was the only reason they even got a point. Disgraceful performance by guys like Malik and Rozsival. The team is incredibly frustrating to watch.

  61. how many times does that piece of crap Malik have to get beat down the middle, how many dumb penalties does he have to take, how many goals does he have to cost the team, how many games does he have to lose, before someone in the friggin media calls him on it, and asks Renney why he is not benched????

  62. Where’s beer me! to tell us what horrible fans we are for being negative? I bet he’ll blame Jagr for the loss.

  63. This game was all about the Ma-leaky defense, letting the speed of Boston pass them by because they were not in good position. How could they let that keep happening?

    I guess Nasty 1’s prediction is still true so far, now we need to win the next three, as he said we would lose one to the Bruins, I beleive.

  64. Lauren it was? Maybe for the Bruins. The ran circles around the Rangers in the third and ot.

  65. henrik played great…

    malik had a bad bad game but again ist strudwick better??? He is even slower…

    penalties and the ranger power play the same old story…

    again they got a damn point..

  66. they replayed that chara shot like 11 times, you still cant really see where it goes in.

    I believe thru legs, off inside bar

  67. rangers were outplayed by a bruin team with 7 guys out.

    if not for that horrible malik-like giveaway by dumbass Chara, one of the worst giveaways I’ve seen, they would have lost that game without the excitement and the point.

  68. Tomg if Renney benched players for taking penalties and dogging it. The players would learn their lesson. This way there is no accountabilty and it’s groundhog day game after game.

  69. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    The game and the season is on renney….. we have the talent to be successful.
    He has no feel for the team….

    This game he played for the tie in regulation to a team we are fighting for points against. Then we ultimately get burned. He also played malik only 16 minutes but very shift his weaknesses are so glaring

  70. I agree Strudwick blows too. They need to either call Baranka up or make a trade for a competant dman.

  71. tomg

    Disagree. If Dave Lewis is still coaching the Bruins, this team with so many guys out of the lineup would have mailed it in.

    Tom Renney wants to be liked more than he wants to be respected. That is it in a nutshell. The Rangers simply do not fear losing as even semi-good teams do.

  72. just ask the media. Renney is the greatest thing since sliced bread. he can do no wrong. he has NEVER been criticized by the soft NY media. just call him free-pass Renney.

  73. the rangers only have 7 wins on the road tied with the kings and 1 more then tampa……

    the bottom line is they cannot score. they have the 3rd or 4th worst foals scored, that is the story……..

    malik played terrible but he is better then Strudwick as far as Baranka I have no clue if he is any good…..if they cannot score they need 1 more D man………..

  74. Yes, it was a good game. At least the ending was good. Perhaps I can say that because Henrik looked like he is back to form.

  75. dlb Brooks has gotten on Renney for the lack of accountability and the country club atsmpshere. Dellapina loves Renney and Sam can’t even bring himself to criticize Drury(who’s blown)So what makes you think he’ll get on Renney? I hope Brooks tears him a new one tomorrow in the Post.

  76. I think the beat writers are afraid that they will be banned from the Rangers locker room and not get the free grub they put out for them…screw it…if you watch the interviews with the players, they all sound alike anyway. I just wish they would blast Renney!!!!!!

  77. Disgusting display especially at the end of the game. I can take a lot, but I can not believe Malik was in for the end of regulation or in OT. But, I am still going to stand by my prediction and say we take the next 3 games. I was thinking it would have been nice for either Shanny to score in the shootout for his dad or Hank to win in the shootout for his, or both. Oh well. I agree with almost everyone’s comments that I just read, but on the bright side, we got 1 point. I puked a little in my mouth when Malik went to clear the puck and broke his stick and well we all know the rest. If the Rangers played hockey in a third world country there would be snipers outside waiting to pick off old number 8. I really hope he is not with us tomorrow, or ever again for that matter.

  78. seamus O Riley on

    I did not have a lot of respect left for Sam and Joe, but this was the bottom. They completely ignored Malik’s gaffes, over and over.

    Rosi had a terrible game. he is not going to be worth the 5 million people are talking about. Let someone else pay him.

    Renney will not discipline this team because he has lost them.

    We are about 2 huge punches away from being KO’d from the playoffs. We are in a hole now, but there is still time.

    Unfortunately, the only way to see a coaching change is for us to get KO’d from the playoffs.

    Let’s hope Brooks takes off the gloves tonight and writes Renney a new ***hole.

  79. Warning… negative comments below… do not read!

    One point isn’t a good thing when it’s against a team tied with you for the last spot and they have two games in hand. Sorry but that Bruin team was in bad shape coming in (just like Buffalo) and we let them off the hook.

    I am sick of the officiating and I’m sick of bad bounces and goals that go in off our own players.



    And we’re back to Hank standing on his head… but nobody can score a goal in the shootout and it’s over before it really even started.


    Pure and simple.

  80. at this point there is not big trade or coaching change coming so we are stuck to just ride this team out for the season

  81. reginald dunlop on

    that Kozari official is the same one who screwed up the illegal stick throwing call on drury last week…….he was putrid and then with devorski……..officiating is so inconsistent…….who knows what a penalty is anymore???? except they all get called on rangers….these two clowns shouldn’t be doing sam’s mens league games never mind the nhl…….

  82. ill tell you what sam i wont be watching the next game…not because im disgusted with them (which i am dont get me wrong)but because i swear to god as soon as chara slapped that shot past lundqvist i through my controller at my televison and its now broken.

    lets go giants.

  83. Stuart,
    There is no way in hell that Strudwick is slower than Malik.
    I’d rather have Struds in there.
    Malik is far worst…penalties, bad giveaways, and he skates like his bolted to the ground

  84. strudwick plays within his limitations, and does not try to do too much, and thus he does not make as many blunders as malik. he also will drop the gloves, whereas malik keeps his gloves in his purse.

  85. Sadly my directtv was out for the first 2 periods, so all I can really comment on is the 3rd and forward. The goaltender int.(jags) call was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. And the ref had the best possible angle. Gamebeater in that juncture. Sounds like they were out to get us today. Can’t blame the officials all year though.

    Gomez tripping Malik was amusing. Staal falling down almost gave me a heartattack. Hank made more than one big save in the 3rd, just a couple short for the shootout. I haven’t really seen anything from toots to speak of in some time, he hasn’t really stood out yet. Not that he’s been playing too bad, but it’s easy to look good when Malik is in the lineup.

    How many people knew exactly where Shanny was going with that shot in the s.o.? Anybody that wears a Bos jersey isn’t allowed to answer…we know you knew.

    SAM – I know what you’re sayin. I know I would’ve watched either way, especially if my F’n DirectTv didn’t F-up. Stupid ass afternoon games. Hate it. Anyway, to expand on the thought…the 3 point system really changes things. There’s a good possiblity there could be a huge log jam for the last spot. More than that…our last 10 games are vs. the div. Including a possible 6pt swing vs pitt & NJ. Sick.

  86. Somebody mentioned 2003 – it looks JUST like that. They’re not good enough to be in contention for a realm playoff spot, but they win 1 out of every 3 just to always be within a short win streak of competing for the eighth seed. Honestly, if they’re gonna tank, tank already and get it over with. Or maybe they are…

  87. Does any of this really matter. At this point this team doesn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs. They are terrible!
    No emotion from our “leaders”. The fact that this is Jagr’s team is BS. This is Sathers and Renney’s team and they are embarrassing. Renney bows to Jagr…come on!
    Renney needs to demand some accountability on this team because since our great month of November this team has been painful to watch.

    They really can’t skate with any of the “ok” teams and forget about the good to great teams. They play 1 “good” game then 5 terrible games followed by 3 games that “we should have won but didn’t get the bounces” come on, what crap! If you play hard and smart, you create your bounces.

    This team seems to be so dis-organized, and hopeless. If this team lives and dies by Jagr…we’re screwed.

    I’m also sick of people ripping on Drury. I don’t care what anyone says, both Gomez and Drury were great signings, and they are just waiting for Jagr to get out of the way.

  88. Staal Wart
    “I’m also sick of people ripping on Drury. I don’t care what anyone says, both Gomez and Drury were great signings, and they are just waiting for Jagr to get out of the way.”

    I totally agree, sather needs to start building this team around drury and gomez. I actually hope the rangers tank the next few weeks so it will force sather to start dumping as many veteran ufa’s as possible and build for the future. I have seen enough of this team now and even if they made the playoffs there not going to go far. I definitely do not want to see rosival on this team next year, he is not worth the money that has been rumored that he will be asking for, no way.

  89. Quote of the year, for our twam, anyway:

    “I saw urgency and intensity in the last 25 games of last year,” said Avery, acquired by the Rangers last February. “That’s urgency and intensity. Not right now, not how we’re playing. I wish it were different, but it’s not.”

  90. There is no doubt the rangers need to go in a different direction and jagr and shanahan are not included.

  91. At least Strudwick doesn’t take as many penalties and plays smart defensively, and since he doesn’t do offense too much, he doesn’t have as big a tendency to get caught. Also, it would allow Staal to play more minutes, up with Rozsival.

  92. Tell me if I’m wrong but somewhere last summer the heart that our beloved Rangers exhibited for the last 2 seasons disappeared. I don’t know if that person was Jed Ortmeyer, Nylander, Weekes or Rachunek or a combo, but something somewhere changed. I don’t know if Jagr was mad Nylander left or what but this team is aimless.
    Tomg, in a way I agree with you and I almost wish this team would tank, even though I hate to say it.
    Every game my wife says, “HOW DO YOU WATCH THEM THEY SUCK, LIKE, EVERY GAME!” (Exact words and yes she is always yelling.)
    So I am starting to hope that they tank and dump all the unproductive old bodies out there. I love Shanny he plays with heart but he is old, and doesn’t have the stamina, I believe to lead by example. I’m sure he says the right things but does he have that “little more” to give, I don’t think so. Jagr same thing, he is just not putting himself in the right areas to be effective. Its like JJ is using an old play book and the opposing team knows where he is going and what he is gonna do.

    on the other hand I love the kids, AND I can put up with the mistakes. How fun is it to watch Dawes, Dubi, Staal, Girardi and others make the young guy mistakes and learn from them. Its awesome! and I make them so much fun to watch.
    I’m looking forward to the next 5 years to watch Gomez, Drury and Lundqvist lead this team…hopefully to Lord Stanley’s Cup

  93. I detest the Flyers but I’m rooting for them to beat the Icelanders tonight. That way if the Rangers pull their heads out of their collective rear ends and beat the B’s they’ll move up to the 7th seed. Jar has 43 points in 48 games that’s still nearly a point a game for a guy having a subpar season. I personally think he’s been far far better than Drury. Who really has not had chemistry with any of his linemates this year.

  94. czechthemout!!!!! on

    More disapointment from this”team”.Let’s put this in some perspective.We played the Providence Bruins+5 NHL regulars today and still lost!Coach genius again wanted to force feed the HBOHHH line today but was never able to get a match against the bruins top line.In his warped mind,he probobly thinks that he won,but all he did was keep his top three lines from attacking a far inferior team today.But this is typical of Renney.His team never dictates the pace or style of game and no one other than the kids is ever held accountable up until Malik was earlier this year.

    Also,the officiating today was simply dispicable.But I will say this,good teams make thier own breaks,bad ones bitch and moan about bad Breaks and bad luck.

  95. long suffering fan on

    The blame for this mess starts with Sather. It’s eight,nine years and counting, bad drafts, bad free agent signings, bad trades. No accountability. Ownership sucks. Too many small guys up front, no real hitters on D. Yes there have been some bright spots but mostly dissapointment. Sather thought that we could ride Shanny and Jagr with Gomez ,and Drury into success. One year too late. Time (again) to rebuild. I would drive Snowshoes Malik to the airport if and when he gets traded, or cut. He is the worst. Maybe we can get something for Straka too. J.D. turns the Blues around in a year, Donnie doing well in PHX. Sorry for being negative, that’s the way I see it.

  96. This has been Marek Malik’s worst game as a New York Ranger. He has played poorly before, but this one took the cake.

    Every bad penalty, and every bad mistake was rewarded by Renney with more ice time.

    when you see your SLOWEST player on the ice for a 4 on 4 overtime, you KNOW you have a “I Am Sam, 2: Still Tarded” for a coach.

    sorry but that had to be said.

    Renney has got to go.

    Anyone dumb enough to play my husband during OT is got to be nutz

  97. salty

    drury’s track record for leadership is awesome, do not let 2/3 of a season on a new team (being misused for the better part of it as well) make you forget about his accomplishments and ability to lead at any level.

  98. Rangers 2007-08 Season, Exaggerated or Unfulfilled Expections, or maybe both; that is the question. We’re running out of time.

  99. Great post Czechthemout “His team never dictates the pace or style of game and no one other than the kids is ever held accountable”. I don’t care how many points Jagr gets in a game, his line is dreadful in the defensive zone and they’re constantly receiving stupid penalties. Malik is awful and just has to go. Sloppy team defense getting caught back that badly allowed the Bruins 3rd goal. Not enough desperation. Don’t know how much longer this team can wait.

  100. there were WAY to many bad passes

    they were flubbing passes , passing to the other team…

    not clearing the zone…at times it was if the puck weighed

    50 lbs

  101. time to unload the soft eurotrash players and get some North American grit.

    these “pretty pass no score” games are even making me sick.

  102. I attended today’s game in Boston and here are some observations:

    1) Team did not take to heart Renney’s words about bad penalties. Malik right off the bat, Mara in the third and Dubinsky’s penalty in the second led to goals. On the Mara interference call, the referee closest to the play did not call anything!! It was called by the ref close to center ice.

    2) Malik and Rosival were awful. We joke a lot about Malik and he is not as bad as Ranger fans make him out to be, but this afternoon he was putrid. Rosival can’t let Kobisew get behind him when he is killing a penalty. He and Malik were a step slow all day.

    3) Rangers had trouble with Bruins speed through the middle as the B’s kept driving to the net and the Rangers were left reaching and behind.

    4) Avery scored a goal, but was very quiet and did not use his body. Rangers did not hit enough and did not play like a desperate team the way they did against Buffalo. Boston seemed to want the game more.

    5) Jagr was very quiet in the first 2 periods, but was great in the third.

    6) Did not think that was interference on Jagr in OT?? Did not see a replay. Looked like he was pushed into Thomas.

  103. When the shootout was instituted, I said there would be problems if the big guys started taking slappers at 15 feet. Chara could have ended Henke’s season if he were to glove that puck. According to Don Cherry, another game with Phanuef and Souray devolved into the same thing with one of the shots going at the goalies’ head.
    keep an eye on this.

    I have been saying it from day 1: Shanny is washed up. Which isn’t so bad in and of itself, but the Rags take a cap hit next year for that stupid contract of his. For every guy that cries about Dawes being out of the lineup, they better look at this deal and answer their own questions as to why he is out of the lineup.

  104. Hank played great. Kept us in a game we were totally outworked & outplayed.
    So many penalties caused by trying to stop guys who were just blowing by us all day. No pride, no intensity, no hitting, no sense of urgency. Even If they somehow squeak into the playoffs, they are facing a first round slaughter unless the above things change NOW.

    Watched the game on the NESN broadcast on my center ice package and they had the BEST CAMERA POSITION i’ve ever seen for all the power plays, a wide angle shot from directly behind the goal. Wow, you could really see every option & every play developing & see how the goalie was reacting at the same time. Great STUFF.
    Also nice not having to hear SAM say “the Rangers are skating well” as he says constantly.
    Gomez is a joy to watch, & after one of the periods I saw him being the last guy off the ice, encouraging each teammate as they headed to the dressing room. Too bad our CAPTAIN doesn’t do stuff like that.
    No CONSEQUENCES for constant careless giveaways for anyone! Hank got us a point we didn’t deserve.

  105. First of all that was interference on Jagr. It was a stupid play by Jagr who was obviously not going to get to the front of the net prior to the shot getting there and he tried to squeeze in between the goalie and the defenseman.

    Jagr makes terrible decisions to put his team down plenty of times and he doesn’t learn.

    Just a terrible play by a veteran and captain to put his team down by a man in OT. Jagr gets no calls. None. He was hooked and held by Chara in the crease late in the game and got no call. But I’ll say this, Yzerman, Messier, Sakic and Crosby would never have been called for a penalty there, just like Shanny wasn’t the other night for his crosscheck.

    That being said, this team has 50 points, with 34 games to go. If they win 20 of those games they will make the playoffs. Going 20-14 with this team should be possible.

    They make a move at the deadline by getting a Jovanowski or another bruiser on the blueline and a tough forward the Rangers could be in a good spot for the playoffs. There isn’t a team in the east, other than Ottawa, that is really that much better than this team, when they play like they can.

    And the Caps aren’t one of them.

  106. 90 points will not get them in. I’d say 95 or 96 minimum. They just have to play better. They can do it. They just won’t.

  107. Vogs…Jagr was skating in front of the net. The only reason he made contact with the goalie is because the defenseman knocked him into the goalie. It should have been a Ranger powerplay. Blaming Jagr for that play is just flat out wrong.

  108. Even if somehow they get in, how excited can you get as a ranger fan? The team has two over the hill aging vets in Jagr, shanahan. A pair of bad defensemen in rosival and malik. I’ll be the first two admit that there is allot of parity in the eastern conference so anything can happen but there has been a trend with this team they way they play for most of the season and I haven’t seen a change for the better. If we are seeing and saying the same thing a month from now than it is what it is not very good hockey.

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