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The Rangers next four games (back-to-back, back-to-backs actually) are against two teams tied with them in the standings. Those games are important.

And to think, this insight is all free of charge.

Some notes:

<li>Brian Heyman reports from Rangers practice that Brendan Shanahan still hasn’t heard from the league.

<li>Curiously, the team is celebrating its first ever Dads Weekend, with players fathers in attendance today for practice and making the trip to Boston for tomorrow’s game.

<li>Henrik Lundqvist gets the start for tomorrow, but Tom Renney hasn’t yet made a decision about Sunday.

More later…

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  1. The Sunday start will depend on how the team and Lundqvist does tomorrow. I think Valiquette will get the first Atlanta game so Lundqvist can be fresh and sharp for Leetch Night.

    So how many times has Moore gone up and down this season? If I remember correctly, six, maybe seven. Defnitely no less than five.

  2. having this “Dads weekend” thing has got to be really hard on Lundqvist knowing his father is back in Sweden recovering from brain surgery.

  3. Is it possible that Peter (his dad) is far enough along in his recovery that he could travel to Boston this weekend and surprise Henrik? That would be great, but probably not feasable.

  4. repost…If you want to give Renney the credit than he has to take the blame, otherwise it’s BS. But in reality it’s the TEAM which he is a big part of, not separate from.

  5. I dont wanna be around for the day Sam Weinman retires and he puts up his last post…there wont be a “more later….” at the bottom…how sad

    Anyways – Sam, Jagr took a shot off the foot is he gunna be in for the next game?

  6. ..I’d like to add that i was asking out of curiosity about Jagr not because i think we need him…i see attacks coming after that post lol

  7. I’d like to point out that i was asking that question out of curiosity not because i think we need Jagr…i saw attacks coming after that post lol

  8. Because if Jagr sits Hossa plays? What kind of a maschosist wants to see Marcel Hossa play Hockey?

  9. I agree with the majority in terms of having Jags on the ice at all lately, and that day is closer than we think. But who would’ve thought you’d be saying that about a 600 goal scorer who’s ‘only’ 35? I mean, hell, Mess was 45 and put up 18 goals and 43pts his last year. Not to mention the leadership he provided.

    6 days to Leetch Night….stoked.

  10. yeah, Jagr is making 35 seem really old… sad thing is we all know he’s probably not really “done”, more likely just in another one of his prima donna slumps a la the Washington days. We’ve played his game, catered to him, and stroked his ego long enough though… me thinks its time to cash in on this mopey pony. Sorry big fella, it’s time for you to go else where.

    *Apparently you still can’t teach an old dog new tricks.*

  11. He didn’t provide any leadership in his second run here. The players weren’t happy that they had to play less while a washed up Messier got 19-21 minutes thanks to Sather being the coach. Hell Lindros was moved to wing so Mess can get his big minutes. Holik was brought in to be a shut down center but he wasn’t used that way because Messier was eating up minutes. Who can forget Mess being on the first pp units on the pk and pp. Sather played Mess more minutes in 2003 than he did in 1983. Messier only hung on so long so he can pass Howe in points. Mess always got off to a good start his second run here wore down by Thanksgiving and killed the team the rest of the year. I think he created alot of angst in the lockerroom because Sather refused to use him as a 4th liner and choices like Trottier and Low didn’t have the guts to cut his icetime. I don’t recall Messier backchecking hard once in his second tour. I love Mess for his first run but his second tour left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

  12. I don’t think Jagr is back to his primadonna ways. He is both banged up and frustrated. Last year at this time he was getting killed for not scoring and refusing to participate in shootouts. He then went on to have a solid second half and a good playoffs. I suspect he will do the same this year. If he doesn’t the team won’t make the playoffs obviously.

  13. Jesus Christ graves9.

    I’ve never heard anyone call themselves a fan and hate their team more than you. It’s almost impressive how much you hate these guys.

    I don’t have the time to look it up, but if I remember correctly, he lit up the scoresheet in December of his last season. And provided just about the only offense we had. That was many beers and many moons ago, so I can’t speak to specifics.

  14. Everything I said in theat post was 100% true. His second tour was a disaster. I’ve never seen anyone as irritable as yourself. What in Gods name was there to love about the 98-04 Rangers?

  15. Beer me never stop pretending to be a better fan than everyone else. Btw I’m one of the few that defends Jagr while you defame him.


    I like the present farm system, in my opinion best since the Bathgate days, but that said, WHERE’S THE BEEF??? I don’t see any big bruising type players with enough talent to be a 1st or 2nd liner or rugged hitting defensemen. The talented guys they have are small in stature.

    OK, no Ovechkin, that’s tough to acquire, but HOW about coming up with a Corey Perry or equivalent once in a while? Think he has over 20 goals so far and hits like a mule. I think you’ll agree that our team is too soft physically and that needs to be changed if we are going to seriously compete for the cup.

  17. goal by Prucha on

    Lundqvist gets the start tomorrow? You mean there is a possibility of Vally starting on Sunday!! His worshippers might not get to see the KING!! :O THE HORROR!

  18. Sauer is a rugged hitting d-man, as long as he can stay healthy.

    Look, I know Jagr may be only 35 but you gotta remember, he’s been in the NHL since he was like 19, has played in how many deep playoff runs and International Tournaments over the years? Dude has a lot of mileage on his body and has probably played in more Int. competitions by this point than both Mess and Gretzky. He’s not totally done a la Marcel Dionne on Broadway, but he may be a very good supporting player these days. Only time will tell.

  19. lennynyr – But how many of those players can you find anywhere at the forward position? Granted, you want your skilled players to be able to hit, but there aren’t many “bruisers” overall in the league. Most of the time, they are the guys who stand in front of the net on power plays and get punished. Holmstrom in Detroit I would say qualifies for what you want, but I can’t really think of much else. Graves and Messier definitely fit that role when they were here, and Lindros tried to but he was too injury-prone, but those guys are hard to find. Of the teams in our division, i can only think of Downie, Roberts, maybe Guerin as fulfilling what you would like, but Downie has shown that he goes too far, and Roberts isn’t greatly talented anymore.

  20. I really hope the Rangers do the right thing and retire #9 at some point in the next couple of years. For all that guy gave on and off the ice, he deserves it. He was a hell of a goal scorer while always giving credit to others instead of himself. This years team could use a guy like Graves on it.

  21. even though it doesn’t look promising for the rangers to make the playoffs all the teams that are ahead of the rangers in the standings are losing tonight and Sidney Crosby got hurt in tonights game with a high ankle sprain and is out indefinitely. There is allot of parity in the east this year so anything could happen.

  22. I don’t think it doesn’t look promising. i think the Rangers are six points back of Pittsburgh and New Jersey, their record against anyone not named Ottawa or from the West is about 10 games over .500 and Pitt just lost their best player for over a month. I personally still think they have a shot – easily – at winning the division if they just show up and play hard for 60 minutes every night. Because honestly that’s been the problem all along anyway.

  23. TomG – this is the “good part”. Crosby around 4 weeks I saw, just happened so we’ll know better in a day or two.

    Spig – Holmstrom is for sure what you want. Another guy giving a nice home-town discount @ 2.25Mil thru the 2010. Then UFA…NY BABY!

  24. graves9 – Ithink the quality of your posts are more like Malik8 so could you pls change your signage. You’re defaming the name of a great player with your lack of any insight in your posts.

  25. Derf, it’s far more likely that we will lose Sam to a major NY daily than to retirement! I’ve been reading hockey writing for an awfully long time and I am sure that Sam has a stellar career ahead of him.

  26. I think graves9 is partly right. Messier did hang on way too long. The parallel to Jagr is natural, and maybe even Shanahan who doesn’t play with the same zeal as before colliding with Knuble.

    His take on Jagr is off though. Unless Jagr can pick up a step or two, he’s done. There is no acceleration at all. When a defender is not afraid that you’re going to skate around him, it makes it a lot easier to deny the Blue Line. Once in the zone he is still a horse, but he’s still too slow to create space for his shot.

  27. parity is the watchword this season.

    there has never been an NHL season with so many teams up and down, losing at home, so close in the point standings, so much still in it so late in the season.

    the lockout and new CBA may have been tough medicine, but it has unquestionably delivered one thing for sure, unparalleled parity in the league.

    just look at the crappy ranger teams of 98-04 to see how unlimited payrolls did nothing good for them.

  28. DoodieMachetto on

    Lenny, I really agree with you on that front. I’ve said it all season long that if the Rangers swung a trade, the only thing I would accept is a large, physical, power forward. Perry is a great example. Now, granted, they won’t be able to trade for him, but I think we do need to trade for someone like him if we are to stand a chance of winning the cup at some point.

    Let me think about it for a little bit and I’ll come back with a trade suggestion for someone who will fill that role.

  29. I was watching Jovo go apes**t v. Vancouver recently. I believe the Rangers are gonna finally pull off this trade. He is exactly what the Rangers need. This could be a trade that has similar effect as the Avery trade a year ago. I know his contract is a burden, but I think those rumors earlier in the season are going to resurface.

  30. DoodieMachetto on

    Jagr to San Jose for Steve Bernier, a defenseman (either Rivet, McClaren, Carle, Vlasic, or Ehrhoff), and a first and fourth round pick.

  31. DoodieMachetto on

    Maybe 2 defensemen, but you get the point. Bernier is that guy that we need, and I feel for the right price he could be had.

    Ryan Clowe is another choice, but since Jagr and Shanny are both RWs, I picked Bernier (Clowe plays LW). Also, Clowe isn’t as good of a finisher, and so the return would have to include more than what I suggested for Bernier (extra defensemen, higher picks, maybe even another forward like Goc to replace Betts)

    Also, to make the deal work, they’ll probably want to dump some salary in the form of Cheechoo, who has been nothing but a collosal disappointment for this season, but he could always discover his game or be traded away, bought out, demoted, etc.

  32. DoodieMachetto on

    San Jose is dying for scoring, especially for a wing that can click with Joe Thornton because Cheechoo has been terrible. I think they might actually go for it if it were offered to them.

  33. Renney on Leetch:
    “He could play today. He could play today and help us”.

    HAHA. Sad but true. :)

  34. From ESPN- “The Ottawa Sun reported the Senators, Rangers, Flyers, Sharks, Canucks, Canadiens and Red Wings will be in the hunt if Waddell decides to deal Hossa.

    The Sun said the Thrashers are going to need to get at least one player [and possibly two] who could help them right away and possibly a prospect and a first-round draft pick.”

    So, Jagr, (insert young player(Prucha?)), and a first rounder for the better Hossa.

  35. Spooky….then go somewhere else. What did you expect a Ranger blog to be? This team has underachieved all year, of course people are going to bitch.

  36. Spooky…then go somewhere else. What did you expect to read on a Ranger blog? This team has underachieved the last 2 months. People are going to bitch about that.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr is worth more than Hossa in a trade, so that would be silly.

    Besides, that Ottawa Sun article is probably written by Bruce Garrioch, who is a wild rumor mongerer, almost as bad as Eklund at hockeybuzz, and in my opinion worse because he is a reporter for a newpaper. There is nothing that suggests that the Rangers would e interested other than the fact that they aren’t playing as well as they want. Lastly, they wouldn’t give up all of that for someone who has choked in the playoffs his entire career.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, with Crosby out, Pittsburgh is dead in the water.

    Now if only Brodeur, Briere, and DiPietro would go down too, we’d be in business!

  39. Doodie Machetto,
    “Now if only Brodeur, Briere, and DiPietro would go down too, we’d be in business!”

    Man if that happens than it’s the rangers year for sure!!!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    You know who would be a good D that we might be able to trade for this year? Barret Jackman in St. Louis. Only problem is that they wouldn’t want our vets, they would want our youth, and JD would know exactly which players to take.

  41. Rob L.-I guess i thought some of you could behave like you had a brain. I should have known better. I mean really what was i thinking.

  42. oh great people are talking about Hossa and Jovo again. I just might have to give this hockey stuff up after more than 40 yrs if we get that desperate and foolish.

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