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It appears the Rangers are going through a Counting Crows phase based on their choice in workout music lately.

I’m OK with that. In fact, at one point the other day I asked what album they kept playing since I didn’t have it, and it turns out it was a mix left behind by Jamie Lundmark.

And you thought you had heard the last of that name in New York…

Meanwhile, Glen Sather has already been contacted by Colin Campbell about Brendan Shanahan’s hit last night. The league is reviewing it, so expect a decision one way or the other at some point today. Bear in mind it could just be a fine and not a suspension.

Shanahan himself wouldn’t dispute that the hit was at least worth a penalty. But what he took issue with today was Lindy Ruff saying the cross-check on Clarke MacArthur was “an intent to injure.”

“I’ve got no problem with Lindy Ruff saying it was careless and reckless. I felt bad about that,” he said. “But Lindy saying that it was an intent to injure is careless and reckless on Lindy’s part. I know he wants to protect his players, but I think he should know me by now. He played against me. He’s coached against me for a number of years. So while it was careless and reckless, him throwing it out that it was an intent to injure was a stupid remark.”


Jaromir Jagr took another shot to the foot last night, but was able to laugh about it today.

“The puck used to follow me around to my stick. Now it follows me to my foot,” the Captain said. “I should be a soccer player.”

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  1. Glad he can laugh about being the worst player on the ice last night. I’d like to slap the sh*t out of him.

    Atta boy Shanny. You know what’s up.

    haha – Jamie Skidmark. That clown.

  2. Gotta love JJ and his comments. If that was…say Hollweg getting hit by one of the Sabre players, the league what have done nothing. But since it was a Ranger who hit someone, something has gotta be done..Please….Ridiculous. Ruff should have bought up the 7 bilion hooks his team got away with or perhaps the disallowed goal that was clearly in the net. The win is a start. Props to that kid line they deserved more time on the ice than what they got…..I know your all shocked about that as am I. GO RANGERS!!!!!

  3. shanahan looked like he was wearing cement skates last night. He looks shot to me. The buffalo players were blowing by shanahan last night. I have this image in my head of him waving his stick at the buffalo players as they blew by him.

  4. Lindy Ruff is a bitter blowhard. He had the best team in the league the last two years and couldn’t bring ’em to the Finals. Now his stars are gone, his management team is awful, his players are injured, his team is tanking, and his time is up.

  5. Great sense of humor as always from Jagr! I know lots of fans (including myself) have been complaining about a lack of heart/desire in the past couple of months, so instead of listening to the Counting Crows, they should just blast Slayer. It would solve every problem.

  6. I am not happy with Jagr’s play lately, but let’s not pretend he’s an embarassment like Jurassic MNark Messier was in his second tour of duty here.

  7. hockeymanrangers on

    You know guys I wonder of Jag’s is hurting more than we might think. He didn’t look like himself skating last night. The one goal that Buffalo had they showed the replay a couple of times of him not being able to make it back on D. And a couple of other times it looked he was struggling to skate. Any one notice this???

  8. hockeyman – I’m not taking a shot at you here, honest. But if anyone didn’t notice they would have to be in a friggin coma! haha

    robz – thanks for reminding me about that ‘no-goal’ call. Hope slats mentioned that to Soupy when he called about shanny. I wonder why they only showed the replay once.

  9. Bring back Lohan on

    Couldnt make it back or didnt want to???
    Lindy Ruff was a tough player, why is he such a pussy now?

  10. Bring back Lohan on

    They wont make a big deal about the NO GOAL because Orr really could have avoided Miller. If you watch the replay the momentum of the cross check to Orr’s back would have pushed him towards the post and he somehow made a left turn. He kinda took advantage of being pushed from behind do give Miller a little “how ya doin”

  11. i dont think you can really argue the no-goal, orr plowed into miller, if orr hadnt hit miller the puck wouldnt have come lose and gone in.

  12. Being a long, long time Ranger fan is like having children.
    I can call my kids under achievers & even assholes.
    So watch it boys,

  13. bklynblue
    January 17th, 2008 at 7:59 am
    “He won by accident, not by coaching. But he thinks he was brilliant last night, patting himself on the back after the game. After loses he blames the TEAM.”

    “I think we all bear the weight of where the team is,” Rangers Coach Tom Renney said before Wednesday night’s game against Buffalo. “To be honest with you, I’m right at the front of the line. It’s my job to make sure that these guys execute the way they need to, with a certain level of emotion that’s attached to our game, that there’s a passion to play and a willingness to work within the framework of our game.”

    Should read up before you shoot your mouth off.

  14. BEER you should listen before you talk.

    “Should read up before you shoot your mouth off.”

    Did you watch or listen to the post game interview? All of a sudden it’s “I”, it’s been “they” especially after a loss. You can support him that’s fine, but don’t tell me what to do.Do you know what to do with your attitude ?

  15. This just in:

    The league is suspending Ryan Hollweg for the rest of the season for Shanny’s cross check at the end of the game. They said that Hollweg planned it on the bench and made Shanny do it. He is gone for the rest of the season. :)

  16. The league is suspending Ryan Hollweg for the rest of the season for Shanny’s cross check at the end of the game. They said that Hollweg planned it on the bench and made Shanny do it. He is gone for the rest of the season. :)

    It was a conspiracy, Malik was in on it as well!

  17. Bring back Lohan on

    yeah hollweg has such a bad reputation that he doesnt have to do much to get called. he will become less and less effective as that continues.

  18. Sam – Serious question here…

    Why don’t we read anything in the press pressuring Renney to ride his best lines more?

    Last night was a perfect example.

    Buffalo doesn’t have one line you have to be worried about, yet despite providing all the offense, the 3rd line got around 7-8 minutes. Dubinsky actually got 6. But the 4th line (which really isn’t even a shut down line, only in Renney’s mind) got way more. For a team struggling to score, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I also knew he’d abandon using that line on the powerplay once Shanahan got back, but over the past week that line has been our best.

    Why isn’t this thought process ever questioned…?

  19. A little blurb from the rodent to help answer the question:

    What makes their production so remarkable is that Dubi’s trio skated less than five minutes at even strength tonight and fewer than eight against Montreal when they also scored a pair. This is not only an indicator that they’re clicking… It also suggests Tom Renney is deploying them at select moments, against the enemy’s more vulnerable skaters. Let’s not overlook this wrinkle. I’m not trying to take anything away from the kids by mentioning this. It says more about Renney’s arranging of circumstances so as to give the kids their best chance to succeed.

    Prucha (named star of the game) also had (by far) the most power play TOI he’s seen all season – more than four minutes – either a reward for inspired play or for the purpose of showcasing him, if ya know what I mean.

    He also mentioned that the 3rd line has 4 of last 8 even strength goals.

  20. ohhhh….we touched a nerve did we? What can I do with it? I’m not sure. A little evidence to dispute your point got you in a bit of a tizzy? sorry, didn’t mean for a comment on a blog to ruin your day. I’ll let you go back to looking for one person to blame.

  21. BEER you got that wrong to, but that’s nothing new.They’ll be a Renney ring kissing parade , you should be in front of it. The DDP line had 3 shifts in the 3rd . You probably think that’s perfect. The NYR lose without them last night. But you already know everything, but not necessarily correctly. You are acting like opinions. Grow up son.

  22. :_( Don’t make me cry anymore. Please? Your words are hurting so so much.

    Anything else to complain about winning a game?

    Can an opinion be incorrect? Don’t let your head explode pondering that one.

  23. beer that’s what happens when you’re a kid, trying to act big. Now you have no answers , just slogans.

  24. Oh, so 30’s the new 14?

    Sorry everyone for carrying on this nonsense and being baited by a naysayer. It won’t happen again.

  25. BEER ME!!…Do not waste your time with that argument. Not worth it. Most of us understand and like your posts. I guess he missed the quote in the last thread from Rod Brindamor regarding players and coaches.

    Regarding that “no goal.” I thought it was waved off because he was pushed into the goal by Orr.

  26. Bklynblue and BeerMe!… at the swingset after school, bring your friends.

    Come on guys, can’t we all get along?

    I was just checking stats from last night (some highlighted here) and the total ice time for the 3d line was just ridiculous. WTF!

    Don’t give me that crap about deploying them at the right time so they could take advantage of vulnerable players and all that other crap.

    Renney is a lummox. Totally clueless!

  27. To get off the beaten path for a second here I see Hartford has won 4 in a row. They’ve gotten hot thanks to a new line that has underachieved pretty much throughout their pro careers in Jessiman-Korpikowski-Bouret line. It is funny how these three have really clicked. Maybe just maybe there is some slight hope for Jessiman after all.

  28. Sadly the Dubinsky line is really the 4th line at least that is how Renney is using em. Hey Sam how bout asking Renney about that lines lack of icetime?

  29. Beer Me, how old are you again? I’m guessing at least older than Sam. You seem to be one to get into quite a tizzy yourself, frequently chiding in on people with your passive aggression and taking shots at the intelligence of people with opinions that vary from yours.

    Aftersome back and forth and more of your signature passive aggresion last night you preciously challenged me to name some “substantial changes” I’d like to see, which I did. I read the posts in the following threads and you were the one crying about how you hate “tirades of DRASTIC moves”. (January 16th, 2008 at 6:43 pm)

    Listen gary, if you don’t wanna hear it, don’t challenge someone to write it up for you and then bitch about it. NO one *thinks* these things will actually happen, but I still personally would like to see something like that. DRASTIC times call for DRASTIC measures, it’s just too bad we support this joke organization that has zero nutsack under the belt. Win or lose, I’d be really proud if the organization made some moves that showed they are not going to stand for losing streak and mopey captains. Instead we remain the laughing stock of the league, struggling to hold a playoff spot and win against the most pathetic teams.

    Please recognize that I like you and enjoy points you regularly make on the blog, as I’m sure many other people do as well, but you are not an authority on right and wrong in rangers hockey. Please stop trying to play that role man, it’s obnoxious and people are starting to notice. Curious, are you a big Dubya supporter? I get that impression.

  30. Salty – These boards are made to voice opinions, we both know that. I think we both know that when an opinion is voiced, there will often times be a response that some may not like, but at the end of the day there still just opinions. There’s no right or wrong here. But unfortunately there is overflowing ignorance.

    I also don’t know what ‘gary’ means there.

    I’m not playing a popularity contest here, my opinions are always based on facts, or quotes from around the league. If that’s portrayed as an ‘authority’, it’s on the part of the reader, not the writer. Facts are facts.

    Speaking of that, I do want to make a final retort of the ‘drastic’ moves. This team has NEVER turned a midseason coaching move into a successful season. THAT’S a fact, yet it’s still getting attention. I’m done with that subject if you are.

    And I take the “W” comment as an insult. But I’ll give you a pass. I don’t think that anyone can draw a political connection to passion for a hockey club.

    I do find myself taking a deep breath sometimes at some of the comments I read here, and I’m starting to realize that it’s only b/c of the amount of time, effort and heart I put into the franchise. I feel like there are only a few of us who defend them instead of tear them down even after a win. Still don’t get that.

    Lastly, We’re still not the laughing stock. That title belongs soley to the Maple Leafs. If you can imagine, that organization is a bigger mess than NY. And nearing our drought of 54 years, with no signs of improvement in sight.

  31. oh, was the gary thing a bettman thing? that’s an insult too! watch it! (tongue in cheek)

  32. Ok win, with the kid D D P line leading the way. They deserve more ice time.
    Funny how they won the game with almost no ice time. They should get 15+ minutes a game.

  33. Fruity Cupcake on

    Yeah and the league changed the scoring on the Hollweg goals as well :-) Soupy said he didn’t deserve them.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “Anything else to complain about winning a game?”

    Yeah, it was only one. Even the Knicks have won 3 in a row. And we barely won, against the coldest team in the league. 10 in a row they’ve lost (including us), and we STILL almost dropped the game. EVERYTHING IS FINE! NO NEED TO PANIC! WE HAVE TWO WINS IN OUR LAST 8 GAMES, STANLEY CUP, HERE WE COME!!

  35. Understood, Doodie. B\y the same token, winning streaks and good runs are put together 1 game at a time. And last year’s 17-6-6 stretch was not marked at all by the Rangers dominating other teams on the scoreboard, but by consistently winning just like they did the last 2 out of 3. Which (2 of 3) is a start….

  36. Hey Sam,
    if the puck follows Jagr to his feet
    then ask him if he can try directing the puck
    into the net like a soccer player….
    (as long as its not a distinct kicking mtion)

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Peter, we were actually not that bad last year. We lost most of those games because we couldn’t keep a 2 goal lead. This time, we’re getting our asses kicked, we’re lazy, and no one on the team is consistently good.


  38. Let me revise that “Bob” English.

    Nice way to look at it Peter, 2 out of 3. Doodie?….

  39. Did you guys hear Nylander was done for the season? Maybe I missed the entire conversation about it, but strange how some of us, me included, may have been second guessing his departure, but are we second guessing it now? (knocks on wood Drury and Gomez stay healthy)

    Parade of penalties in the 2nd. Adam Mair, who I’ll take on my team any day of the week, drills Tyutin at the end of the period, no response. That snake in the grass Ruutu hits Dubinsky at the end of the game, no retaliation on Ruutu. Nothing in the press, nothing said by Renney. The guys has zero emotion.

    Honestly, I was going to write about this last night but hardly had the strength nor the care after listening to Sam and Joe shill for the Cablevision cronies last night.

    “What an effort by Orr!”
    “What great speed by Hollweg”
    “Great stick check by Miller”

    and then there’s the Sabres fellas

    “No excuses”
    “The big guys aren’t getting it done”

    The Rangers have no one willing to pay the price from the physical perspective at defense nor do any of their top 6 forwards have the ability to take matters into their own hands. Shanny is just a bit to old to be playing that game. Avery is small. Jagr, Gomez, Drury, Prucha, Straka, Dubinsky, Dawes, Hossa, no umph there. I’m not knocking these guys, I just think this team has no physical attribute which other teams fear, and until we have that we won’t go anywhere.

  40. It is pretty safe to say that the next 4 games could really make or break us making the playoffs. Atlanta and Boston are probably the two teams that we are going to be battling for the 7 or 8 spot.

  41. BeerMe
    Whether or not a “midseason coaching change” has ever changed a season befor eor not does not concern me. It’s narrow to eliminate that as an idea because it hasn’t worked before. The pieces are different. Aside from that, I’m not worried about the rest of this season. It’s shitcanned as far as I’m concerned, a true nightmare. I would like to see a a new coach brought in NOW just to ease any potential break in time that would come in september. You seem to think I expect a new coach to come in and everything to turn around on a dime. I don’t expect that, in fact, I’d be prepared for another rough season while the next coach tries his hand at the job.


    -Gary was just a blind stab at your name.

    -Maple Leafs? Did they sign two MAJOR free agents after a 2nd round exit and get coined conference finalists by almost everyone in hockey? Only to shit the bed with a locker room full of talent and experience? Truthfully I don’t know, I don’t keep up with them at all.

    -I like Rod the Bod and think he’s one of the last old school hockey guys in the league, but his take on a situation in a locker room that isn’t his own means very little to me. Sure it makes for a great little soundbyte, but Brind’Amour saying “It’s never the coaches fault”…am I missing something? Where is the connection with Brind’Amour and the Leafs? Did they just keep asking around the league until they got an answer they could print from someone? Serious question.

    -The W question is more about blind faith than actual politics. You say “I don’t know why I’m one of the only ones praising the team after the win”… maybe it’s because everyone else admits a shitty win when they see one. I’m not gonna be happy squeaking by teams on 10 game losing streaks, not with this team, sorry. As much as I love America, I can’t just close my eyes and defend someone who I believe is driving it into the ground. The same goes for the Rangers. Maybe if I didn’t care it would be easier to turn a blind eye to the disgrace that is going on right now. Last night it dawned on me that this season is officially a nightmare, and it is a way waaaaay different situation than last year was.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Statsny went down for 3 weeks. Colorado must be panicking for offense. Now is the time to pull the trigger on a deal if we were to try and trade our guys.

  43. Blind faith? perhaps. Loyalty? complete. I don’t bail till the mathmatics prove it’s over. I guess that separates the way we look at the team, and probably all sports for that matter. I see and understand your points and opinions. That said, I think I’m done debating what you or I think is right or wrong.

    ‘rod the bod’. good stuff. I don’t remember if I included the link to the article or not, and I don’t even remember where it was. But the real quote that got my attention in it was that he believes that’s the best coach he ever played for. I’m not even about to go look up all the coaches he’s played for, and I wouldn’t look so in depth at that comment if it wasn’t from a seasoned vet like rod. I don’t even really like the guy, but appreciate his style of play. Anyway, Maurice is a players coach much like renney. The parallel I’m trying to draw there is that there are several coaching styles that work…and win. 9 years he spent coaching that franchise, and when the right mix of…players…were there they won.

    I don’t think I need to continue to defend Renney anymore. It’s obvious that I think it’s the players opposed to the coach. In 99% of instances. And I will certainly admit when I see a mistake, as does he.

    We good on this?

  44. Doodie Machetto,
    Who are the rangers going to trade?. The only players I would trade are the veteran ufa players. At this point the rangers are not a cup contending team and IMO making a trade isn’t going to change this situation. The rangers should either just ride out the season or make minor trades by trading there ufa veteran players and build for the future.

  45. Beer Me We’ve always been good :)

    Finished? That’s another story. Do you really believe 99% of the “it’s the players”? Then, why is there even a coach? And for 1 little percent, you sure seem to back that 1% relatively strongly considering how little importance you say you believe it holds…no?

    Do you think New Jersey Devils winning is based 99% on the players they have? If so, what has gotten into those players to drive them? I don’t think it was DJ Karel Raccoon’s mixtapes.

  46. I was speaking directly to the problems with the NY Rangers this season. Didn’t mean in general.
    Renney hasn’t changed much in the 3 seasons of being the teams head coach. Why did Jags put the puck in the net more often the past 2 seasons? Why did Hank look so dominant the past 2 seasons with the same head and goalie coaches? It’s obvious to all of us that those 2 guys in particular aren’t performing the way we’ve seen. And the #’s speak for themselves. Renney was a players coach from day 1, the team made the playoffs in season 1, advanced to the 2nd round season 2. And we all know how close that was to becoming round 3. This season isn’t over yet. Call it blind faith, call it anything you please, but it ain’t over. The injuries haven’t helped, nor have the plethera of bad calls by the officials. But I believe as professional athletes they need to play above the officials and tribulations they face along the way. It IS the staff’s responsiblity to make the players believe that. But it’s also the leadership of the vetern players.

    UGH. I thought I wasn’t disputing this anymore. I just gave myself the finger.

  47. matt. incredible. He knew it was all on him. Did you see how it all played out?

    3:2- left on the clock, CLB up 3-2. Nash takes a penalty. 3-3. Comes out of the box and makes one of the most creative plays we’ve seen this year in the NHL. And never gave up on the play. sweet moves.

  48. it was funny because he used the same move on both of the coyotes defensmen, just made them look stupid

  49. It’s Renney’s decision to keep running the powerplay as such and to keep letting Jagr go unpunished for taking stupid hooking penalties. It is his choice to give the 3rd line such minimal ice time. Once the players are physically on the ice it is up to them, but a strong coach would tell them not to always defer to Jagr (ie Rosival, not to take dumb penalties or face being benched. And it is also no coincidence that it is gonna take a great run for the the rangers to make the playoffs for the third year in a row.

    Renney has gotten away with his idiotic personel moves and “system” in the past because Jagr, Henrik and last year Avery carried the team. It seems like it’s gonna take a similar effort from someone as Renney is not gonna suddenly start controlling his players instead of being friends with them

  50. I think we need to go back to the old school NHL rules when a penalty really was a penalty. Let them clutch and grab a bit. Hell, the refs are not going to ever get the new rules right.

  51. For those that missed it….

    “It just seemed like the puck was on a string,” Nash said. “I made a couple of dekes and the puck just stayed with me. Pecs made a nice pass up and it was a 1-on-2. We had three guys back, so I figured I might as well try something.”

  52. “Renney hasn’t changed much in the 3 seasons of being the teams head coach. Why did Jags put the puck in the net more often the past 2 seasons? Why did Hank look so dominant the past 2 seasons with the same head and goalie coaches?”

    Agreed! I have always thought he was a poor coach since we “slipped on that banana peel” back in heading into the ’06 playoffs, shitting the bathtub and missing the Atlantic title by 1 point. We’ve come to a crossroads now where there is [zero/very little] debating it though. Clearly the teams success came from a handful of players, not Ziggy Stardust back there. With those players gone or not producing right now, the coach has been fully exposed as a fraud. Why continue on with him? He’s been given more tools than *most* others and has completely failed at his job without Jagr and Lundy being his golden heroes.

    I like Renney. I like Dubya. Seem like nice fellows. I’d love to go out boozin with those guys. I’d go out sarging with those guys any night of the week. But I don’t want them in control of things as important as my country or my team. They have done a really poor job so far.

  53. We’ll know if Renney is truly a dope if he changes the lineup from last game. They looked as good as they could for only getting two goals. I would endorse taking Malik out, even for an extra forward because the other five defensemen have proved they deserve ice time, and I think they could handle it. If we play a team with a really good power play, or one of our old guys needs a slight rest, putting in Moore or Hossa would be a good choice I think, filling in whereever necessary.

    Yes, I know it would never happen unless we had a lot of defensemen injured.

  54. I was just watching _SportsCenter_ to see the Nash play on TV. That was sick! Good thing Bryzgalov wasn’t in net because he’s more talented than Tellqvist and could have stopped it. Andrei Kostitsyn made a similar play last night, going between three guys to get through to the net, but nothing compares, obviously.

  55. This just posted by Zipay…BIG news…jk

    Greg Moore has been returned to Hartford.

    With Shanahan and Avery back, it’s a numbers game. Moore was having an All-Star season with the Wolf Pack, and needs to play rather than be scratched here.

    I liked what little we saw of Moore: his size and skating.

  56. BeerMe….Did Moore have a shot on goal? Did he really hit anyone? I am not saying he was a disaster out there, but the team needs more than just a fresh pair of legs….

  57. If you want to give Renney the credit than he has to take the blame, otherwise it’s BS. But in reality it’s the TEAM which he is a big part of, not separate from.

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