Ruff: Shanahan should probably be suspended


Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said Brendan Shanahan should be punished by the league for his from behind cross-check on Clarke MacArthur in the closing seconds.

“There should probably be a suspension on that last play,” Ruff said. “The league has to look at that. That was a definite attempt to hurt somebody.

“It was careless, reckless. You can’t have that happen. He could have a broken neck, a broken shoulder, a broken back. He could have a number of things. If he isn’t seriously hurt, he’s lucky.”

MacArthur isn’t believed to be seriously hurt — he left the ice on his own will — but Ruff was right: it could have been ugly.

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  1. soon as i saw the hit i said to myself, “oh man, lindy ruff is gonna whine about this one.” at this point he’s so predictable you can just tune him out. a penalty should’ve been called, but i’ll be shocked if there’s a suspension.

  2. Lindy Ruff does whine too much. This only looked bad because he went directly into the post. It’s not like Shanahan cross-checked him in the face. I can see where he’s coming from, but *come on!*

  3. I kind of agree with Ruff, although he is an a$$. I was talking to my bro when that happened and said that he might get suspended for 2. Not that it was a dirty play but the league is trying to crack down on those kinds of plays. Colin might just use Shanny as an example like he did Avery from the Toronto incident. Shanny knew what he was doing no doubt about it IMO.

  4. Sorry, kinda agree, the play deserves a look and possible game supension. I highly doubt Shanny intended to injure, but he’s responsible. Crosscheck from behind sometimes goes uncalled, but thats the one thing that really needs to go punished. Gotta be responsible for that type of thing.

  5. I don’t think there was intent to injure and really not that harmful of a shot. He was tryin’ to stop a goal scoring chance not kill the guy. The posts break away… it’s not like it was into the boards.

    On a side note…

    The passing tonight was unreal!!!

    That’s more like what I thought this team would look like. Even though Jagr, Gomez, Straka were held scoreless… the passing (and chances) were there.

    Now build on it!!!

    Go Rangers!!!

  6. I don’t think there was intent to injure but it was not a clean play by any means. Problem is, this season there has been very little “punishing” done to players who stand in our crease or crash the net. IMO it was nice to see someone get crunched that area. Finally someone “paid the price” for standing there, however I think he will sit a game because MacArthur could have gotten hurt.

  7. If Jagr is too injured, or too lazy, than he shouldn’t be playing. Not stripped of his C or traded, just sat down for a period or a shift or maybe even a game. He’s slow, he’s taking penalties and he’s a problem.

    Good two points.

  8. O come on
    He was skating fast and was on his way down shanny just helped it a little

    and if there was a rebound and the guy scored shannys head would be on the chopping block for not taking him out

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Billy, thats why you have to get good positioning on the guy, so to stop him from scoring you don’t have to foul the shit out of him.

    Personally, I hope he gets suspended for a game so he’ll get the rest. Same for Jagr, can they suspend him for sulking?

  10. Shanny is finallu starting to play with some snarl. Cheap hit, but the way Shanny has been shying from contact this season, I will consider it a step in the right direction. Every team in the league knows the Rangers are soft. That is why they go the net and into the corners without fear against them. This is the kind of play that will remind other teams that they still need to be aware.

  11. Spider from previous thread…I agree, I’m pissed at the shifts & ice time the DDP line got. Renney has gone way beyond getting on my nerves. He won by accident, not by coaching. But he thinks he was brilliant last night, patting himself on the back after the game. After loses he blames the TEAM. He’s not really a nice guy, no matter how hard he tries to come off as one. He’s a CYA coach, playing a con game. He thinks he’s slick. That’s not respectable, but look who his bosses & knick counterpart are.

  12. Soft is the understatement of the year. How does Mara not take the body on that last rush. Shanny gets one game as NYR never gets benedfit of the doubt from Mr. C.

  13. “Billy L
    January 16th, 2008 at 7:45 pm
    Hey Sam
    Are the Rangers practice’s open to the public ???”

    Billy – no. I inquired about this back in september. I was advised to check with the fan club to see if they would be running anything. The answer from them was a ‘no’ also. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that since Slats has taken over there have been any ‘open practices’.

  14. I can agree that shanny’s cross-check was CERTAINLY a penalty. I don’t think there was intent to injure though. I say that b/c I don’t think that shanny wanted the guy to go flying in to the post. You don’t want to stop the clock in your own zone with time almost out, he knows that.

    That said, I wouldn’t be too too surprised to see a 1-game susp. BUT, there have been many other fouls throughout the league this year that have been as bad or worse with no suspension. How about Steve Downie punching Blake in the face last week? No susp there. Ruff is the Boy Who Cried Wolf. He sends every game tape to the league.

  15. Bring back Lohan on

    If anything our boy Rozi should be suspended a game. He gave the old flying forehand shiver. That was a flat out punch. On the game, last night I was not too upset with the ice time distribution in the fact that I do like having HBO out there with a lead. I think Jagr should have been benched for the combo of not getting back on the goal and his lazy ass once a game hook. Just 2 shifts with Dubi on the right wing of Straka and Gomer is all I ask. It doesnt need to be a big deal but it will get the point across.

  16. This is Rod Brind’Amour talking about Paul Maurice being on the hot-seat in toronto. Make of it what you will, thought I’d share.

    “As a coach, you can’t control the guys on the ice and what they’re doing,” added Brind’Amour. “Coaching at this level is no big secret. It’s the guys on the ice that have to produce. Unfortunately the way it works it always seems to come back on the coach — but it’s never the coach’s fault.”

  17. That play does deserve a game or two. I still love Shanny, though. How about Miller last night? He was fantastic!

  18. This is not related to this comment, but I would like Sam to explain to us or maybe ask Renney why he gives the 4th 13 minutes last night while our line that scored BOTH goals gets 7 minutes. I WOULD LOVE an answer to that.

  19. Bring back Lohan on

    Steve, he is going to tell you the same old story. Its because he is more confident that HBO will be more responsible defensively. And quite frankly, I am sure most of us are. I do believe that the “kid line” should get more time, but maybe it should be at the expense of the “big fella”

  20. Can’t resist chiming in on that one…haha.

    7min or 17min. They did there job. Maybe limited time is how they will be effective. Perhaps too much ice could hurt? I don’t know. But if 7min is all they got, they sure made the most of it. And I’m confident that if they can put 2 or 3 games together like that, they will earn more time.

  21. Shanny definitely should have been called. This is one of the things that drives me nuts about the refs. Jagr puts one arm on the defenseman and gets 2, Hollweg pushes a guy and gets 2. Sticks and elbows to the head go uncalled. Did you Renney whiners notice that Hollweg sat out a couple of shifts after his penalty? I just wonder why the stars dont miss some shifts after some stupid plays. Could Jagr loaf any worse on that back check on the 4 on 2? At least is was a win.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to admit I was very skeptical of having Dawes and Prucha on the same line because of how small of a line they are, but they’ve played well together. Dubinsky’s play has been elevated with them as well. Prucha is starting to regain that Petr Puck form, which is exactly what I was hoping from him when Shanahan, Straka, and Avery were out. He’s responded in a big way.

    Now it’s time to start getting Dawes and Dubinsky some PK work so that they can give some of our older PKers (Straka, Shanahan) a rest and make it so that we don’t need to carry dead weight for depth (Hossa), but instead use our youth (Moore). I’d say Prucha too, but I think he’s a lost cause in that regard.

  23. To everyone whining about how Jagr was too slow on the backcheck when Buffalo scored, rewatch the play and ask yourself one question, where was Marek Malik? This should all be directed at him, cuz he was all the way back almost in the neutral zone while Jagr was trying to cover the man who Malik blew his assignment on. Jagr was skating hard on the backcheck, just as everyone btch about how he never does, and for once he does it and people still whine about it.

    As for Shanny, come on people, this is hockey. You drive to the net, you pay the price. Too often does this team allow the opposition to go unfettered and unpunished for this, and I’m glad Shanny did what he did. He knocked him down, the same thing that happens to Drury five times a game, not nearly as bad as what happens to Prucha five times a game. I don’t see the league suspending him, because then they’d have to punish every crosscheck in front of the net, which they won’t. He wasn’t trying to knock him into the post, he was just trying to knock him down, which is what our defensemen should be doing. Instead, Shanny does it, and you people say he deserves a game? Support your team, would you? Don’t call for one of your own players to be suspended, especially in this case.

  24. Penalty, Yes. Suspension, no. Unfortunate he fell into the the goal post but that not an outrageous play. I was glad to see us finally HIT someone in front of Hank, for once, even if it was a penalty. The vast majority of the time, when Prucha & Drury are routinely cross-checked it doesn’t even get a penalty.
    We need one physical D-Man who will punish anyone standing around our net, & make it easier for Hank to do his job.

  25. No one was suspended for the elbow to the head that Prucha took in Minnesota. What’s so different about this?

  26. I like the chemistry that Dubinsky, Dawes, and Prucha have going. They are creating chances and starting to score some goals. That is definitely good news.

    Now all we need to do is get rid of Hollweg and call up Callahan to take his spot.

    Shanahan should have been given a 2 minute penalty, nothing else. Any suspension would be a joke. Guys get cross-checked on just about every shift.

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