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Even if your Rangers are sputtering, there’s still no shortage of compelling reading.

Among the topics:
<li>More news on the “Rangers plans to start next season in Europe”:, including part of training camp in Switzerland and an exhibition schedule against European club teams. For me, that means the start of “Operation Boss Suck-Up”. (Daily News).

<li>Chris Drury “talking about his first meeting against his former team tonight”: (Buffalo News).<li>Jaromir Jagr, Sean Avery, and Brendan Shanahan all “likely to play through injuries tonight”: (The Journal News).

<li>The New York Post also takes Tom Renney to task for being too soft on his players, but that link for some reason isn’t working.

More from the skate in a bit…

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  1. Well I will share anyway. I was in a car accident last year, actually it was on the way to the Philly game, the one that Shanny got his concussion. Ever since then my back has not been quite right. So I had to go to rehab and PT and the whole nine yards. I am not a HUGE guy, but I am in shape, and I like to max myself out at the gym, but I had to really take it easy and not do as much as to not do any further damage. I guess I got tired of doing weights that seemed so light. I pretty much was still in that mindset that I had to be one of the strongest guys in the gym. Fast forward to 2 months ago. I am at the gym doing decline bench and an older man bumped in to my bench and totally threw me off and I kind of shifted while I had 95 pound dumb bells in the air. I felt something kind of pop and it was very painful, I tried to stretch it out but nothing seemed to work. I went to my chiropractor who sent me to an orthopedist and I got an MRI. My L4 and L5 discs are herniated pretty badly. I was rehabbing and doing everything I was supposed to do and I felt pretty much better. So I went back to the gym and tried to go a little heavier than I was doing at PT and I felt OK. A little sore but OK. So 3 Friday nights ago I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my wife and I put my shoes on the bed before I put them on and she yelled at me to take them off. She said, “Idiot, take those off the bad, it is bad luck to put shoes on a bed or to walk on a bed.” I had never heard this before, but I laughed at her and told her that what she said was the dumbest thing I ever heard. So I then took my shoes off the bed and leaned over to put them on and I felt like what I thought was my wife stabbing me in the back, but it was one of my discs slipping out and my back locking up. I could not move. She thought I was joking and making fun of her, but then realized my situation and helped me to the floor. I seriously could not bend or move. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. I am now wearing a brace and trying to decide if I should have surgery. A brace and pain meds every days is getting annoying, especially being a 5th grade teacher. I thought the story was kind of funny, and I thought I would share. I don’t know if the shoes on the bed had anything to do with it, but I urge you all to not make the same mistake I did :)

  2. Thanks man, I am not trying to have a pitty party, but it has been a helluva a few months here. I don’t mind so much not being able to lift heavy weights anymore. It is more the little things that bother me. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old at home. The 5 month old (my son) is still tiny but my daughter is getting bigger and she like to run up to me when I get home from work. It sucks to be in pain when I left her up right now.

  3. Nasty….stop lifting weights you meathead.

    Try core exercises with little or no weight.

    Stop going to a chiropractor, those guys are charlatans.

    Pushups, situps, pullups, and dips are all you ever need whe combined with stretching and cardio. Think Herschel Walker.

    And why you are going back to the gym, after the injuries you had, and lifting any sort of real heavy weight is a question that even I cannot answer.

    Great article by Larry Brooks today in the Post.

  4. I know man, I was dumb about it. I am seeing an orthopedist now. No gym for me. Just stretching and PT things. I hate it.

  5. Here’s the link to the Post article.


  6. Thank you for the tips though. I bought an inversion table and I recommend it to anyone. It open you up and definitely helps with all of your joints and not just your back.

  7. Newman – I read Brooks’ article. I hate that guy, but just like posts here, I respect the viewpoint. Allow me to point out what ‘ol Brooksy was missing.

    Cally was sent to htfd, dawes has been back and forth, malik has been scratched for SEVERAL games, prucha has been a healthy scratch, mara…has been a healthy scratch, hossa has been a healthy scratch, toots has had less ice the last 2 games in the 3rd pairing.

    Players HAVE been held accountable. Maybe not the ones with an extra letter on their sweater though. I agree with his headline, but not much past that.

    Brooks like to stir up trouble and leave out the points that can contest his viewpoint. Like many of us I try to get as much info as I can and envy the writers who get to see and hear this stuff first hand. But his articles are often one-sided, leaving me with not much more info that some of the knuckleheads around here.

  8. Jagr and Shanny need to sit. Shanny played hurt against Philly, and look what happened? Buffalo has lost 9 in a row, so they are going to be desperate for the win (we tend to help out other teams’ losing streaks). Play Parenteau, Dawes, etc tonight, and let Jagr and Shanny rest up because you know they’re going to be out a lot longer if they play.

  9. Nasty

    Tiger Woods advocates lots of reps with less weight and the way he looks bears out his training methods. I’m almost 64 and am actually, using his method, building muscle pretty much for the first time in my life. I’m retired now so have the time.

  10. Sorry to hear about your pains, Nasty 1.

    Funny, I also have a 2 year old and a 5 month old (along with a bad knee, torn meniscus) and it’s tough enough as it is.

    Hope you find a solution to the issue. I went to painkiller route 3 years ago and it did not lead to any good, if you know what I mean.

  11. Beer Me!

    While he has held a few players accountable, who has he held accountable besides the younger guys with the exception of Malik? What’s it going to solve benching those players, it doesn’t send a message at all to the team. Benching Nylander sent a message, not Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, or Hossa.
    Benching Jagr would send a message even if just for a shift or two. Benching Shanahan, Rozsival, Drury, Gomez. Those are the guys who have to take a few shifts off when they make a mistake. Sure scratch Hossa, but that’s only a small part of the problem. Everyone is making dumb mistakes, rookie, vet, and everything in between, it doesn’t matter.

    I usually can’t stand Brooks, but he’s spot on in this article.

  12. Beer Me

    I’m not a big Brooks lover either but Renney doesn’t hold the VETERANS accountable except for Malik and it took a loooong time ’til he did. The first time he sat him and played Pock for ONE GAME then that was the end for Pock. Now they can’t recall him ’cause of the waiver issue.

  13. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the pain killers. They are damn good though. Ha. And yeah, Tiger Woods. I thought they were going to announce his name in the Mitchell Report. The guy looks pretty jacked these days.

  14. Fantastic. Gomez in the All-Star game, Dubinsky and Staal in the young stars games, exhibitions and regular-season games in Europe next year. What a GREAT season this is turning out to be!!!!!

  15. Nasty, my wife had a similar problem after a game of field hockey and tried to treat it with physio and osteopathy but it kept re-occuring so in the end went to see a neuro-surgeon who says the only way to permanently fix her problem is a diskectomy.

    As for hockey, we need to start bringing it every night, instead of turning up with a bag full of excuses about injury, bad officiating, snake-bitten etc..

  16. I say every penalty taken you miss a shift. Any penalty taken that leads to a goal you miss the rest of the period. If you take two penalties in a game and both lead to goals you watch the game from the stands the next game. Ha, I know it sounds ridiculous but something needs to change.

  17. Back surgery scares the hell out of me. My mom had to get it done, in the same place that I am hurt and she ended up with a staff infection and now has her back fused together in 3 different places. The infection got so bad she nearly became septic because it almost worked its way in to her blood stream. Awful stuff.

  18. Sam’s quote
    “Jaromir Jagr, Sean Avery, and Brendan Shanahan all likely to play through injuries tonight.”

    Why why why why why why why why! They haven’t played all that well when they were healthy. Let some more “youts” play. We really ain’t got nuttin to lose.

  19. Nasty, Rod Gilbert had a spinal fusion early in his career and it didn’t hold him back too much. That being said if you can avoid it, good.

  20. Monday was the first game in a while that I can say they really played badly to lose the game rather than making a couple key mistakes and playing the rest of the game well. That is the most troubling to me. Henrik did play really well in the third. I think he has fallen under the spell of the rest of them that he only plays well for 2/3 of a game. Hopefully he will snap out of it.

    I think Emrick is a better announcer when he calls Devils games, but on Versus, it’s like he is told what and who to talk about during the game. And the overall production quality is worse because they don’t show enough replays. On the fourth line’s second shift, someone with a number starting with 2, probably Prucha, got a good shot off, but he called it as Hollweg who had passed it. Then VS showed the injury report instead of the replay. I wonder if Rosen got fed up with them or they let him go because Davidson was gone after the first year on OLN. BTW, that has to be the longest first minute of a game that I can remember; there were four or five faceoffs.

    Also, on the announcers last night – who was that horrible guy doing color commentary? He had a horribl accent, maybe from Boston. Both he and Emrick said the Penguins would be first in the division with a win (I believe), but they’re idiots because the Penguins have played one more game than the Devils, so they are still second.

    It’s funny how so many people complained when the Rangers were passing too much, but now the complaints are, essentially, that they are shooting too much. I got news for ya, better shots come from passing, but shooting can’t hurt. At least Conklin was playing well before the Rangers faced him and it wasn’t an anomaly

  21. The chiro gave me therapy and adjustments and that didn’t work. The orthopedist is giving me stim, and therapy and I am doing PT at his office. And taking pain meds and anti inflamas at the same time. Says to give it time and maybe it can fix itself. I am 30 so he said I have my age on my side but who knows right?

  22. I am a Chiropractor, and I’m just curious as to what specific technique was used. There are so many different techniques.
    I also never understood why do PT if things are still messed up? you have to fix the problem before you strengthen the area.

  23. I can’t totally agree with ‘take a penalty, miss a shift’. A lazy penalty (see: jags) vs. say a roughing penalty are 2 different things. The lazieness shows that the heart isn’t there. A rough shows that the heart is there, but the brain is not. It’s circumstantial.

    The debate whether to blame the players or the coaching staff is rhetorical.

  24. Yeah, my chiro is my cousin. He is good. Just been treating me for a while and suggested I see the ortho.

  25. Chiros are quacks. No offense to anyone. Go see an MD, not some dude who will “adjust” you. A joke.

    Beer Me! LTRF said it well. No vets have been held accountable with the exception of Malik (who REALLY blows). Sending Callahan and Dawes and the youngsters down is silly, IMHO.

    I mean at this point, those rookies couldn’t do much worse. And we sure as hell couldn’t lose many more games.

    Remember when Jagr was skating back to the bench (against the Caps I think) and the puck went through his legs, some dude on the other team picked it up, beat the D, and scored? In the press conference after Jags was like, “I didn’t see the puck.” That was such a load of shite, especially when the camera showed him look down as it went throuh his skates. He shoulda been benched once for being lazy and then again for lying about it.

    Against the Flyers a few games ago he hooked a dude at mid-ice instead of moving his legs. Bench the piece of crap. Make a statement.

    Hossa has taken like 4 crap penalties in the last 3-4 games. Bench his ass. Sit him for a period or two. IMHO, benching someone during the game speaks louder than pre-game because the teammates notice it and the bench gets short. Teammates hate this!

    Bring back Callahan or give Parenteau a shot or bring up one of 3 or 4 other rookies that I am sure all you guys can name, to take his spot. Make a statement.

  26. I love Brooks article by the way. Sure it may be one-sided, good. Should he have gone on to say the only punishments he’s dealt are to non – impact/young players. The point needs to be made that Renney is running the team like he’s got a soft pink flower in his trousers.

    Hats off to Brooks. Needed to be said.

  27. It is helping a little, but I still am very uncomfortable during the day and have some trouble sleeping at night. I don’t like taking medicine but I am now because it helps me sleep. I can’t take pain meds during the day because I am a teacher, but I am trying to do everything to help. I even sit on one of those balls you use to stretch on rather than a chair.

  28. Staal Wart…my brother is an orthopedic surgeon (went to med school, specializes in knees and shoulders, licensed doctor, with diplomas and everything!) His partner is a licensed, board certified MD who is a back specialist. Right, I have no idea.

  29. I used to get bad headaches before I went to my cousin and I no longer do. I do think chiropractors help.

  30. New Newman,
    That is the problem, you my friend have been fooled into thinking that MD’s are the only answer. Sure take the pill, cut out the part, go under the knife. Thats the answer for everything.
    Open your mind man!
    I’m not competing with MD’s they do their thing drugs, surgery, etc.
    I do my thing its not the same.
    Problem is you seem to think I’m encroaching their profession and I’m not
    Chiropractic does work! You just haven’t done any research as to why, and your starting from a position that we are quacks.
    Frankly you sound ignorant.

  31. Spiderpig
    I’m with you on the VS coverage. I was most disappointed with Emric. He is full of alot of good hockey knowledge but anymore he just talks too much. When watching a hochey game I’m really not interested in the geographay around Pittsburgh. Who cares where the new arena is going and what church is staying. It was also quite obvious that Melkin & Crosby do a good job of finding each other on the ice. I really didn’t need the I90 analogy exercise. Once in a while the play by play and color guys need to just shut up and let the viewer watch. You were quite right about the replays or rather lack of. Unforunately the best thing about VS is the HD picture.
    I’m with whoever said that these beat up veterans take the time they need to really heal. There are kids that can play and they are fun to watch. vets having to step in for a couple of games and then sit out again because they came back too soon just break up the rythem for everyone. I applaud the fact that they want to play, but is it the smartest way to go about it.

  32. Staal Wart….you must win a lot of patients by calling people ignorant.

    Most of the surgeons I know, including my brother, usually talk people out of surgery. Idiots with no brains are talked into unnecessary surgeries.

    In fact, I had a herniated disk and my bro prescribed a set of exercises and stretches to avoid having surgery.

    You have an inferiority complex man.

  33. On the subject of Emerick….how annoying is, “There are 115 seconds left in the period…”

  34. New Newman
    I don’t remember calling any prospective patients ignorant, unless of course you are coming in.
    Got an opening at 4:00.

    And yes Emerick is so annoying,
    “Chris Drury the Boston University product” ahhhhhhhh!
    “the puck got caught up in the paraphernalia…” blah blah
    so annoying he should just stick with the Devils.

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