Another day of waiting


You may have noticed your loyal correspondent went AWOL for a day, this thanks to my “other gig as golf writer”:

Turns out I didn’t miss much, or plenty depending on your perspective. After their inspired performance against Montreal on Saturday, the Rangers lost all their momentum last night against Ty Conklin (a UNH Wildcat!) and the Pens and now find themselves again reeling as they prepare to host the Sabres tomorrow.

A telling detail: Renney did not oversee practice, and instead presided over a 20-minute video session afterwards. This meant a bunch of us were waiting idly in the Rangers dressing room with no one to talk to but ourselves. “You know things are bad when members of the press are holding a closed-door meeting,” Brendan Shanahan said upon emerging.

Among the storylines:

<li>Chris Drury facing his former Buffalo teammates for the first time. We asked Drury about that just now, but as someone who never says anything terribly incendiary — making him a great teammate but not so great a quote — he merely said he was focusing on the next two points.

<li>The return of Brendan Shanahan and maybe even Sean Avery. Both skated at practice today and Shanahan said he was fit to play. Avery first said he could probably use more time to heal, but in the same sentence said it was only mental and he’s ready to come back. Having not talked to Tom Renney just yet, it’s unclear what the coaches plans are for the wing.

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: Renney says both players are day-to-day and he’ll reassess their status in the morning. Shanahan, for what it’s worth, said he expected to return.

<li>The absence of Jaromir Jagr? OK, maybe that’s a tad premature. But I do know the Captain missed practice today and was then seen limping through the dressing room. Again, stay tuned to hear what Renney has to say.

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: “He’s sore, very sore,” Renney said of Jagr, who is fighting injuries in both his feet, one from getting hit and from blocking a shot. The Captain will also be a game-day decision.

<li>Brandon Dubinsky and Marc Staal were both selected to play in the Young Stars Game during All-Star weekend.

More in a bit….

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  1. hockeymanrangers on

    Well I will get this post started by saying the Rangers looked pathetic last night. Don’t care what you say for a team with all this talent they should not be struggling the way they are right now. Some body or something needs to happen NOW. Frustrated Ranger fan.

  2. Folks, we could be just fine without Jagr, definitely. But, I feel that we need a bruising power forward who can score goals and take it to the net. Cherepanov is going to be good, but he is definitely sort of a prucha like player and gets knocked around too easily. We need a player who plays like a young Keith Tkachuk or Cam Neely.

  3. Watching that game last night was the completely frustrating. I was at the Garden for Saturday’s game, and that performance made me think they’d finally turn everything around. But last night, they let the Pens walk all over them. No one was physical, and that’s all it takes to contain the two babies, Cindy and the troll Malkin. In the 3rd they finally did start throwing some weight around, but it was way too late, as usual. And I wish someone would stick up for Henrik when he gets a snow shower. It’s disgusting to watch them play like they don’t want to be out there.

    I hate when the games are on Vs…every other word out of emerick’s mouth last night was ‘crosby’. I wanted to smash my tv.

  4. Congrats to Dubi and Staal for being selected. They have an interesting 3 on 3 format for that this year. An I belive it’s only something like two 6-minute periods.

  5. I personally never thought for a minute that the rangers were a cup contending team before the season started but I didn’t think they would be this bad either. All I know is sather better not trade any of the rangers young players for more over the hill vets or I will be really mad.

  6. Eh, probably for the best that you brush up on your golf coverage, since that’s where the Rangers will be playing in 2 1/2 months or so anyway….

  7. They need to come out and play three full periods of hockey tomorrow night! A 60 minute hockey game? Wow imagine that!
    I hope that some sort of change happens between the team we watched lasted night and the team that needs to come and dominate Buffalo. I have faith! I hope Henrik is able to focus completely and play for his dad.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    “we should have gotten rid of Jagr and kept Nylander.”

    No, we should’ve kept Nylander and forgotten Drury.

  9. Jagr’s limping around. “he’s sore”. I think Slats finally had enough and kicked him in the nuts!

  10. This is my prediction. We win tomorrow night, but it is going to be a real close game. Then we take Boston back to back games and split the two with Atlanta. That is my prediction. That is my hope. We should be able to win all of the upcoming games, but not with how fragile we are. So with all that said we go 4-1 over the next five. It’s possible and I know it sounds like a hell of a hill to climb, but I think we can. I also think Shanny and Avery will be back in the lineup for tomorrows game.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I just read your predictions and I have just one question. Have you been watching this team for the past month and a half?

  12. Might as well rest Jagr for a few games. Couldn’t hurt. Better that then have another Shanahan-like incident and have him out even longer.

  13. If Jagr goes out, we may find this team finding it’s true core. However, I do not think we are lucky enough to have him go down more than a game.

  14. Anyone that thinks Jagr going doqwn is good is smoking some serious crack. I guess nobody watched the game? How bout get on the defense? Mara takes a softt penalty then Malikenstein stands there while Malkin walks in on the goalie easily scoring. How bout nobody touches Crosby while he streaks through the ice while Girardi doesn’t cover Malkin. How bout Lundqvist not playing well again? How bout another boatload of dumb penalties. How bout the defense being as spot as toilet paper?It is too bad Kasparitis’ body broke down because the Rangers are dying for a dman like him. It is not like any of their dmen bother to throw the body. Pathetic. How bout Rozsival is there a dman more clueless in his own end? 43 shot wow I’m unimpressed. 95% of those shots were harmless shots from the peremieter. Nobody driving to the net. The pp is a national disgrace. Renney compunded the pp’s suckidude by placing Straka back on the point over Mara. The pk sure has sucked lately no mention of that? Hossa’s only reason for being in the lineup was because he was good on the pk right? I guess Renney will come up with a new excuse for him being in the lineup. ”I like his battle level” there it is. I can’t take too much more of the craptucular team.

  15. Nice showing by the Dawes-Dubinsky-Prucha line how long before they’re all sent down so Sather can bring in an Kurri-Messier-Anderson line? Jagr imo got stronger as the game went along. I would love to kick Jarkko Rutuu is the balls but it’s long been proven he doesn’t have any. Btb the Penguins fans may have supplanted Yankee fans are the biggest bandwagon fans in sports.

  16. I think Lundqvist was finally gaining confidence towards the end of the game. As to my experience in sports when a Captain goes out for a Single game it can be very beneficial for the team IF other plays can step up and play well to win and also gain confidence going forward. Also Jagr gets a much needed rest. Our D looked in shambles that first period. What was up with the defensive pairings?

  17. The young stars game was a digrace last year. What is the use of this game when all your young stars are already playing in the all-star game. I am shocked that nasty1 is predicting an upcoming Rangers win streak. It is not like he doesn’t predict one after every Ranger loss oh wait.

  18. Anyone catch that phallic-shape head emerick say that Benny was talking to Hank in the hallway after the 1st? I would love to know what they talked aboot, cause it worked (for 40min at least).

    Also, all you window-lickers who point to the coach, and only the coach for the problems we have, by your line of thinking, there’s nothing wrong with Hank either. It’s ALL Benny’s fault.

    January 15th, 2008 at 1:48 pm
    “Nice showing by the Dawes-Dubinsky-Prucha line…”

    Oh yeah, that goal they had…oh wait, they didn’t put up any points? That line was -1, no points, and 4pim. real nice game.

  19. Nasty – I’m in dude. We’re far from being out of it. Too much hockey to be played. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we look good, but we’re not done yet.

  20. graves9, you are the kind of guy who boos his team when you are at the game. You are the kind of negative prick that I would love to kick the absolute snot out of. I have gotten in to fights with other ranger so-called-fans at games. Don’t come down on me for trying to stay positive. I don’t say a word to you when all you do is bash this team.

  21. Exactly, I am not saying we are playing well, and I am not saying we are a great team that is going to win the cup. I am saying that all teams have rough spots and that this team will snap out of it, and I believe we will make the playoffs.

  22. Now, if I said that graves9 is a cool guy, who is well liked by everyone that surrounds him, and is having his door beat down by girls who want to date him, well then you can call me crazy or full of it…. :) Because that is exactly what I would be.

  23. graves9, before you explode, I am just joking, but damn man, you need to stop coming down on people for trying to be positive.

  24. After watching toward the end of last night game, maybe Chris Simon was right for trying to slice that jerk Jarkko Ruutu’s foot off, Ruutu is a punk and will always be a punk. The NHL Commission should give him a couple of games suspension for instigating a brawl with 5 seconds left in the game. The video tells it all

  25. Lundqvist rebound control was putrid. It is amazing how any Tom, Dick or Harry is out goaltending him right now.

  26. JAGR JAGR JAGR. Some of you are like broken records, its sad. Rest Jagr a few games. Lets get Parenteau up here and see what he has. We just suck right now, its that simple. The few bright spots continues to be that Third line and Gomer and Dru. Every night we show how much we need a dominant shut down D-man. Sather better do something quick or Broadway is gonna be dark come April.

  27. I understand everyone’s concern, but to just say right now that this team is DONE, is absurd. If they continue to play like they have been they are DONE. Things can be turned around. Hell, look at Atlanta and how they started the season, they are only a point or two behind us now. Points can be gained and the ship can be righted.

  28. If we were like 10 points out of 8th place there would be a HUGE problem, but we are a point out, 1 point.

  29. Yes but Nasty1 you gotta put down the bong when you think they will beat Buffalo, sweep Boston and split with Atlanta and get 8 out of 10 points in the next 5. I will take the under.

    Please, I’d love to be wrong. And, I’d love to have some of what you are smoking.

  30. I didn’t even see that fight last night. As soon as they got empty netter I turned it off.
    But you’ve got to love how much the Rangers get shafted on penalties every single game. Just before that faceoff there was a trip that started the first get together, and then Ruutu with a charge and instigator…and nothing’s made of it.
    God forbid it was the Rangers who charged and instigated something like this. The NHL would have their head along with a hefty fine for the team. And if it were Avery…

  31. one thing was obvious last night. look at the hustle and effort put out by the 2 pens kid stars. they are not only great talents, but they give 110% effort as well. and that is the problem with the rangers. their so-called star is a lazy sulker who does not give an allout effort very often.

    leadership by example. and when the example is lazy hooking penalties, or having to be coaxed and cajoled into taking a shootout turn, or sitting on the bench with his head down and ignoring his teammates is not the way to do it

  32. “Things can be turned around. Hell, look at Atlanta and how they started the season, they are only a point or two behind us now. Points can be gained and the ship can be righted.”

    yes, but they did it by FIRING their coach. Renney is a coaching god according to the media in NY.

    hah, what a joke.

  33. i hope the rest of the league was watching…because if they were, nobody is going to be giving roszival 5m after his excuse for defense last night.

  34. They can do it. I am saying that I think they can do it. They are capable of doing it. Not that they definitely WILL.

  35. the rangers can beat the sabres, they are in a real funk…maybe worse than the rangers….ryan miller has looked kinda crappy of late. the bruins maybe more of a challenge but i think we beat them was a shutout if i remember.

  36. Nasty1 – “save me a poke” That in response to your prediction.

    Nasty1 – I agree stay positive but still “save me a poke”

    Graves9 – You are like my dad. negative negative negative and then you will be the first one on line to get tickets when they make the playoffs. Just save your negativity for another blog but you do have the right to an opinion. Just relax on the verbal assaults of others.

    Graves9 – A game or 2 without the “Big Fella” right now cannot hurt and could just be a glimpse of the future with Gomez, Drury, Dubi and Betts centering the lines. Could change the game and take all the focus away from what now is JJ all time.

    IMO I hope he is out for a while because obviously he is unhappy about something. “Trade me right Fing now”

  37. yes, the rangers play well vs. the bruins and the sabres are in a bad stretch. so wins in the next few games are very possible.

    the spot to finish in is 6th, because you then play the winner of the weak southeast div. canes , atl, they are all very beatable in a playoff series. but facing Ott or Pitt, forget it.

  38. I know I have recently started posting but I have been reading this blog for almost a year now. Graves9 do you really call yourself a fan? I have never met a fan as pessimistic, beyond pessimister, hateful to his own fans and team who have done nothing to deserve it other than being an optomistic fan. Are you serious?

    That is what happens in Philadelphia.

  39. Maybe losing Jagr for a game or two wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

    I know he’s a great hockey player but right now… it might be cool to see what happens when the team doesn’t have to watch him sulk and 4 other skaters don’t have to play Jagrball… or would it be Jagrpuck? I dunno.

    Either way I think he’s done after this year so what’s the harm in seeing this squad skate without him?

    I don’t think it could really get any worse.

  40. That last line I put in was to Richard and Beer Me!

    To Richard on his Nasty1 remark…..”Probably just a routine emergency. Stick a tube up his nose and I will be there in 3 or 4 hours.”

  41. Unfortunately, when the Rangers run into a hot team, that hot team is able to easily beat them because they’re hot. When the Rangers run into a cold team, they prove to be just the tonic that the cold team needs. I’d bet on losing to Buffalo and hoping to salvage points out of Boston and Atlanta. Of course, if Lundqvist doesn’t stop playing like the worst goalie in the league (which he is since early November), forget it.

  42. worst goalie in the league? hardly. tampa, LA, colo, Tor, etc. would kill to have Henrik right now

  43. Ok as I read thru this thread, I learned 4 things
    1. Every Ranger sucks…well right now anyway, and I agree
    2. Jagr’s is hurt. Last night watching him play I thought for the second time this season that it might be good for the team if JJ took one and had to sit a few.
    3. Nasty is trying to stay positive…which is good I guess. Thats one out of how many?
    4. Staal and Dubinski are headed to the Young Stars Game.
    Good for them, thats something positive.

  44. Oh yeah just to add, I’m coming to accept that we might get a good pick at the end of the season.
    Not that bad… and something positive to boot

  45. I find it odd (though not really) that a week ago Renney is raked across the coals for playing the 4th line against Tampa’s top line…

    Then last night he plays our top line against theirs.

    Same Result. A loss. It’s like he’s off by 180 degrees every game.

    If Renney would just pull a Kostanza and do the opposite all would be well (or at least not as horrific).

  46. Nylander is having rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder. He will be out for several months.

    Confirmed on Washington Post’s website.

    11 goals, 26 assists, team worst -19.

    Still wish we kept him?

  47. some insane comments mostly from nasty1 and Richard. I think it’s perfectly wonderful that you fight people in the stands that boo nasty. I also think anyone that wants to beat the snot out of someone being negative on a message board needs to spend some time in bellevue .

  48. Yes, Nasty 1 is staying positive and no, I am not smoking anything. I am on pain meds because I have two herniated discs in my back L4 and L5 to be exact. And it is hard to be a teacher and teach like this. So yes, as soon as I get home I pop some pills. Anyway, lesser teams have made the playoffs, so I think we will make it.

  49. Has anyone else had it with the 4th line or am I in the extreme minority? I mean, I like them and all, but what overuse. I don’t understand why the Rangers love Hollweg and Orr so much. What happens when Byers is given a real shot, and Bourrett too?

    I think it would be good for Drury to miss a game, he’s been playing bad lately.

    They’ll figure it out. I don’t think they’re gonna be on the brink of the Conference Finals like last season, but I have faith they’ll figure it out.

  50. It could have to do with the fact that this team missed the playoffs 7 years in a row made it two years and now is playing crap Hockey no? When the team plays well I praise em when they stink I rip em. I’m no p.r man or pollyanna.

  51. Not everyone graves9, just you. You absolutely suck. People make comments all the time. And it is fine to vent. But you do not say one positive thing. Ever. Even a few other a**holes on this blog think you are an a**hole. That speaks volumes to me.

  52. You are a fair weather fan. You have to stick by your team even when they suck. You have to look for positives. I am not saying eat a piece of s*it and call it chocolate candy, but you are just one of the most negative people I have ever listened to. When you go to the water cooler at work do people run in the opposite direction? Or are you still in school and sit alone at the lunch table?

  53. Tim you’re right I wouldn’t pay Rozsival close to 5 mill. Some team hopefully not the Ranger will look at his 27 points and think he’s this great offensive dman. The Rangers should sign the far far superior Dan Boyle this summer.

  54. And what exactly did I say that was insane? Seriously? I am just curious. Is saying that this team can win 4 out of the next 5 insane? Not that they will, but that they can. Is that inane?

  55. I think Adam Graves would very disappointed to know that you were using his name and number.

  56. If I stuck by them when they missed the playoffs 7 years in a row how am I a fair weather fan? None of the teams I’m a fan of having winning histories. Stop with the personal attacks already. I love how you wanna place the attention on me being negative rather than the team. I wonder if you are a Rangers p.r man.

  57. the insane comments were how you fight fans that boo the team and that you wanna fight me because i’m negative, If that’s not insane then what is?

  58. Ha, I just said that this team sucks right now. So I am definitely not a pr man. I am a 30 year old ranger fan from NJ. The team sucks and needs to play better. End of story. You are a miserable negative person and I will attack you when you call comments that I make insane when they are anything but. Do me a favor when you are in the shower tonight. Can you make me two piece of toast while you are in there. I mean, bring the whole toaster in with you to save time. Please.

  59. Honestly, anyone who isn’t feeling like this thing is about to get really late really early hasn’t been rooting for the Rangers long enough. It’s just happened so much before that this is what you come to expect…

  60. because I’m negative you want me to kill myself and that’s not insane? Imo you should be banned from this site. You’ve got problems and i feel for you.

  61. I have been in 2 fights at the garden in the past. And it is because someone made a racist comment while they were booing Kevin Weeks. I don’t have any tolerance for that sh*t. As for you, I just don’t like you. I am done with this now. I am not going to back and forth with you about this anymore. I have said all I wanted to say now, and I feel childish now for ever getting baited in to this crap with you. I have been posting on this blog for a long time now, and people know that I make intelligent comments most of the time and that I am not quick to praise the team or to jump down their throats. They need to play better and they can play better. They can turn this season around and make the playoffs. Excuse me for trying to be positive.



  63. Ha, hilarious. I love it. I am wishing death and threatening huh? People don’t realize what sarcasm is. And I am sure graves9 is posting under another name now. Pathetic.

  64. You were probably just watching the news about Clemens and decided to use his name. graves9, you clever dog you. I like the spirit son.

  65. Woo Hoo Goooooooo Nasty 1.

    You rock brother. graves9 doesn’t know what he is talking about. You are the ultimate fan. See you at the Garden.

  66. everyone knows that the playoffs are determined by play in february and march. even if you play well all season (which we haven’t), a cold stretch in march could spell doom. frankly, if we’re not rolling going march into april, i’d rather not make the playoffs. the postseason is about who is hot, and if we’re not (like 06) we’ll be exiting early anyway.

  67. Sam,

    Any way to expand the number of comments seen per page, or have a skip to page # thing on lohud mobile? That would be cool.

  68. Tim, are you saying you’d rather we don’t make the playoffs ?
    Hot or cold, I’d like to see our team in the playoffs – period !!

  69. Dan Boyle is a BIG risk because of his wrist. Rangers already have one dude with a bad wrist (Avery).

  70. no of course i’d rather make the playoffs. but i’d much rather roll in like a ball of fire than fade in like we did in 05-06. i guess my intended point didn’t quite get there…we’re all rooting for our team to get hot in march, so as long as we don’t play ourselves out of it there is still plenty of season left.

  71. I just hit a guy who I don’t really like that much and another guy came after me so I just stood up for myself,” said Dubinsky, who fought Ruutu on Nov. 17. “After that, it was over and I was ready to end the game and he decided to do something stupid again.

    Well said and very well done Brandon. This is the main problem on the NYR. Not enough of Dubinsky’s style Which represents the way hockey mentality is supposed to be.

    Rangers . Stand up for yourselves. Like the 21 year Dubinsky does. If you don’t know how to stand up for yourselves. Please leave the team

  72. Wow missed a harsh day on the blog lol

    With Jagr – im not one who cheers when hes good and boos when hes bad…he is Jaromir Jagr. Its easy for Rangers fans to say “trade jagr” when 2 years ago at this point of the season u were willing to do anything for him. Jagr, along with Renny and Lundqvist were the trio that sparked a new look for this franchise. We would not be here today, Gomez and Drury wouldnt want to play for this team, and Henrik might not be in talks of a long-term deal if it wasnt for what he did with Jagr.

    NOW – does that mean we hang onto him until retirement? Absolutely not – no free passes. Sure, there are guys like Hasek, Linden, Lidstrom, and all these other old farts still playing. But its because Hasek is still arguably a top 5 goalie, Linden is the canucks top penalty killer, and Lidstrom is Lidstrom.

    Jagr is not Jagr anymore…he doesnt skate the same, he has no dominance on the puck, hes not the threat he used to be. He doesnt have that presence on the ice that he usually does. He has been putting up points but his goals look like garbage and his assists have been lucky – its not how he used to get them.

    AND THAT IS OK. We can move on. He can go to another team on good terms. This is not a family, this is a sport and a business. JJ loves playing here and doesnt want to leave – but he also knows that he is one of the highest paid players in the game and he is working under one of the greatest GMs the game has ever seen – and if he doesnt do his job, he will be asked to leave. There are plenty of places that wud love to have him and places that NEED him. SO if a trade is the answer for the Rangers, for Jagr, or for the people who will take his place – so be it.


    But guys — stop saying “TRADE JAGR…GET RID OF JAGR….JAGR SUCKS” like hes Theo Fleury or Eric Lindros. The guy turned the franchise around…and all of you know it. Im not saying keep him here…but show some dam respect for him

  73. wow I learned today the rangers need someone like cam neely. really insightful..

    also the rangers can trade jagr if he doe not get it together… they do not need to pick up his option for next yr. he will not make his #’s..

    also some of the citizen gm’s think they should sit Jagr!!!! Yeah sounds like a winning idea sit him instead of guys like hossa, orr, hollwegg, and everyone except GOmez sounds like a brilliant idea.

    yeah the season is over.. also the rangers should get marain hosssa now.. relly and why would atl. trade him?/They are in 1st in there division(which is by far the worst in hockey)…

    I have a way to fix the Rangers.. GUys like jagr, henrik,prucha, drury, avery(alot of talk try shooting the puck on net), and others need to play to there ability, they do not need to play superhuman just up to there ability and this team is a top 4 in the eastern conference team.

    the east stinks… again pitsburgh plays guys like adam hall, laroques, orpik, and others and are winning because Crosby is carrying the team on his own.

    Jagr has 13 goals, henrik hs a 86% save % over the last 5 weeks…..Pick it up…..

  74. Rangers outplayed Pens last two periods by alot and were working hard & operating in front of the net and generated plenty of good chances, just ran into the hottest goalie in the league. Even Jagr scored again from in the crease where he needs to keep working.
    Crosby & Malkin were amazing to watch. Great talent, work hard & Crosby does not back down.
    Henrik only at fault on the Great top shelfer by Malkin, by being too deep in the net and allowing him to see too much net whike being in so close, Versus announcers criticized defense for playing the pass * allowing Malkin to walk in from the side but Hank had the shooter the whole way, just too deep to take away a good angle.
    I think Hank was screened on the long slap shot.
    On Malkin Tip in off Crosby shot got that dribbled thru Hank, defense allowed Malkin to blow by, unscathed. That was a disgrace. It would be nice to have a more physical presence in front of Hank.
    I wonder if the team, & Jagr would be better off with Shanny as Cap, & Gomez with the A. Gomez is a joy to watch & takes a beating to make plays.
    Time’s running out but I think they can be a good team before it’s done.

  75. Trade Jagr. He was great 2 years ago, really great. Now he’s bringing this team down with him along with his buttbuddy Tom Renney.

    Rangers won’t be a contender for a long time regardless. I can’t believe how this season has been pissed away.

    I really hope we don’t make the playoff and perpetuate the *illusion* that Tom Renney has had great success coaching the team. It’s bullshit. Jagr and Lundqvist have carried him here. When those two are off thier game, Tom Renney is stuck with nothing but his soft willis to show for himself.

    Wake up Ranger fans…. there is no light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon with Jagr and Renney at the helm.

  76. I spent some time going through tons of blogs, comments, and articles of our beloved blueshirts. There’s an obvious separation of where blame is being directed for underacheiving to this point of the season. There are those who believe it’s over with 30+ games remaining. There are those that believe(though not many) we’re a sure bet to still make the playoffs eventhough we currently sit in 9th place.
    Then there are those that believe it is possible to make it into the 2nd season if we get the goaltender that fans have chosen as their “king”, our captain that has his name on the Art Ross trophy a few times, and our supporting cast that has shown in the past that they know how to play with determination and that no goal is unacheivable.

    While you may think there is NOTHING we here on a beat writers blog, comments section can do about, there IS.

    I’ve attended hundreds of Ranger games, have held season tickets in the midst of the longest playoff drought in franchise has ever seen, and I don’t think that the fans in attendance have ever been so unsupportive than they are this year.

    It’s unavoidable that NY fans of any sport (not unlike other cities) will always have their ‘whipping boy’. The one that we’re comfortable making what should be the best experience of their professional career the worst. Yet they still walk away saying that it was a ‘great experience’.

    So back to what we CAN do about it. Put as much passion as you do into booing someone out of town as you CAN into being the ‘7th man’. Something I personally haven’t seen inside the walls of MSG since I don’t know when. Forget Dolan, forget Slats, forget the coaching staff for that matter. The players on the ice(or field) in any sport respond to the support, or lack thereof, of their fans.
    Last time I was at a game I heard a guy selling cotton candy on the other side of the building. Depressing.

  77. Salty and Graves9 = you both are the most pessimistic people on this blog. We all know the team is in Dire Straits but we (bloggers) still believe as true Ranger fans that we can turn this around, it is not late yet. If no turn so be it and things will be delt with when the time comes. It will be disappointing with the names on this team and we all would be pissed.

    I am sure a lot of people on this blog are pissed but they still believe. If this continues and we are where we are in the middle of March then I will throw in the towel. Until then keep positive.

    You guys constantly say this tema sucks this and that. The difference is we all do it but come up with logical or attempt to think of ways to make it better besides trading Jagr, however if we can get something for JJ do it. What would you guys do in this position?

  78. I’m not trying to be negative here but I’m starting to wonder if lundqvist isn’t as good as we thought. I’ve noticed allot this year that he gives up juicy rebounds and is terrible when trying to handle the puck. This is just an observation. We all knew going in to the season that the rangers weakness was there defense. If the rangers are going to turn this around they are going to need good goaltending.

  79. beer me, i think the problem a lot of fans are having is the expectations that were put on the team this year. after last year’s playoff run and the offseason signings, there’s a ton of frustration with our current standing.

    but by no means is this over. we saw in 2nd and 3rd period that this team (even minus avery and shanahan) is still capable of playing responsible hockey.

  80. Nasty1 – No problem. Sorry to hear about the back. Good luck with that. Save me some pain killers. ;-).

  81. Thanks man, it has been rough. I miss being 18 and not having to deal with crap like this. Makes me feel really old. I thought I was getting better and I leaned over to tie my shoe and my back completely locked up. After I think about it the whole story was quite amusing. If any care to hear I am more than happy to share.

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